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Chapter 219: Trial of the Water (3)

The Island of Greed looked just like an ordinary island and it did not look like a big island from the ship but when the cultivators had landed on the island itself, they had realized how wrong they were; the island is actually a big island and it even has its own mountain ranges!

Altogether, there were around sixth cultivators and the dark robe cultivator had also picked up five more cultivators along the way.

Bai Qianfeng whispered quietly as she said. “It seems that this ship is just like a spatial space and that this dark robe cultivator can actually exist in multiple places. Or else I cannot explain why we can’t hear or see him after we are onboard the ship. Moreover, how did he manage to pick up this many cultivators in such a short time?”

Ji Yuan was forced to agree with her. It was because he had been thinking of the same thing as well!

Between landing on the Island of Greed and their arrival on this ship, only a short time had passed.

Even more surprising when they had landed on the Island of Greed, there were around a hundred other cultivators that were already on the island!

“Um, so we’re not the first then.” Ji Yuan and many of the other cultivators commented almost at the same time.

As the cultivators on board the ship reached the beach, they were quickly greeted by most of the hundred cultivators that were presented.

Ji Yuan naturally knows that these cultivators were all trying to make an effort make some friends and to guard against the sudden changes that would happen during the trial later.

Many of the cultivators were looking for other cultivators from their own fraternity; this was all too natural. After all, it was easier to trust someone from their own fraternity than a complete stranger from the other fraternities.

Ji Yuan saw four cultivators from the Desolate Celestial Fraternity; three men and one woman. However they were all looking quite pale and did not seem eager to approach him.

“Maybe they are shy or they did not know me?” Ji Yuan rubbed his chin.

“Maybe they are planning to kill you instead?” Xiang Li offered a suggestion as she chuckled softly in his soul sea.

Ji Yuan turned slowly to look at Mu Wan’Er, recalling what she had told him earlier.

“Maybe.” He muttered.

“But good luck to them.” He laughed as he looked at Shui Xisi, Ling Feiyue, Little Princess and Bai Qianfeng.

He is not anxious because he is being surrounded by four great saintesses that can each kick another cultivator’s ass quite easily. These four great saintesses are all power cultivators with their own unique divine arts.

If he did not have an immortal-step divine sword in his hands, he really cannot say that he can stand on an equal term with them now.

Mu Wan’Er was alluring enough to catch the eyes of the many cultivators here. There were also many beautiful females around but behind Mu Wan’Er were four most peerless maidens and they were too eye candies for the majority of the male cultivators.

Therefore they were the secret focus of many.

Ji Yuan was also a really most handsome cultivation and he had a charming and roguish grin that many female cultivators like. And the most important reason of all, he was a beardless beautiful cultivator. Therefore he too, had caught the attention of many female cultivators who were all eager to know who he was.

The dark robe cultivation who did not alight from the eerie ship echoed his voice to everyone. “The first trial of this island starts now. In front of you is a sky bridge. Cross that sky bridge and you will pass the first trial of many. If you wish to turn back or have no desire to take the trials, you may stay here for the time being.”

Most of the 150 cultivators were in high spirits as they all turned inward into the interior of the island.

As Ji Yuan moved with his group into the interior, he was somewhat startled to see that the four cultivators from the Desolate Celestial Fraternity remained rooted on the ground. It was as though they had no wish to take the trial!

But as Ji Yuan was eager to take the trial, he only paid a scant attention to them.

These four cultivators from the Desolate Celestial Fraternity all had their heads lowered and were trying their best not to look into the eyes of Ji Yuan and his group.

Only when Ji Yuan and his group were out of their sight, did they heave a soft sigh and they were all muttering silently. “I have never seen Ji Yuan…”

Ji Yuan, Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue are the talking point of the entire Desolate Celestial Fraternity. Everyone knows how beautiful Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue are and even if they did not know who Ji Yuan was previously, they all know him as the guy that had won the heart of the number one great beauty Xue Qianxue who is the idol in almost all the men’s hearts, including the unorthodox cultivators.

Although Ling Feiyue’s great beauty is also on par with Xue Qianxue but not many orthodox cultivators would dare to openly woo her because she is an unorthodox cultivator. Moreover, she has rarely appeared in front of fraternity at large and is usually in disguise.

These four cultivators certainly know who Shui Sisi and Little Princess are as Shui Sisi had been stirring a lot of attention in recent months with her stunning visits all over the Desolate Celestial Fraternity. As for Little Princess, she had kept no secret of who she is after she is with Ji Yuan.

Moreover, she is really an astonishing seductive maiden that filled many men with lusts; there are few men that did not want to know who she is.

Bai Qianfeng’s great beauty is no lesser than Ling Feiyue, Xue Qianxue or Little Princess but no one really knows her name or origin as she has kept to herself.

After a short time, beyond the forest canopy of the beauty, Ji Yuan and his group had followed the rest of the cultivators to the other side and they had come to a deep chasm in front of them that had split the ground into two.

On the other side of the chasm were two portals; one blue and one green.

The blue portal will take the cultivators to the next trial while the green portal will remove the cultivators from the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth.

But few cultivators were eying the green portal as this was only the first level of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth. This was too early to call it quit.

In front of the chasm was a bridge that was made of ropes.

Although the winds were fierce but it would pose no trouble for the majority of the cultivators.

Ji Yuan rubbed his chin as he muttered. “It is so simple?”

Shui Xisi immediately said to him. “We should cross the bridge now in case it is cut by the others.”

Ling Feiyue nodded as she exclaimed quietly. “I agree too.”

But Ji Yuan quickly whispered. “Wait. Don’t go yet.”

Shui Xisi, Ling Feiyue: ???

Mu Wan’Er, Little Princess, Bai Qianfeng: ???

There were many cultivators that were having the same thoughts as Shui Xisi and Ling Feiyue. Therefore they were all rushing for the rope bridge now.

The first one to cross would be safe!

Almost immediately, one hundred cultivators were all crossing the rope bridge at the same time!

When everyone was halfway across, a cultivator was grinning behind them as he suddenly cut the rope bridge with his sword, sending one hundred cultivators that were in front of him to plunge down the deep chasm!

Instantly, there were loud screams as over a hundred cultivators plunged down to the river underneath the deep chasm.

Most would probably not die from the plunge but no one know where they would be washing to next…

Ji Yuan was stunned. “What the heck…” He had expected an evil cultivator to cut the rope once he was across the chasm but he had not expected that the evil cultivator would wait at the start point to cut the rope!

That evil cultivator was quickly killed by the fifty cultivators that had not crossed the bridge yet, including a palm strike from Little Princess who was enraged that he had caused everyone to fail their first trial and waste their time.

Now they had to find another trial in the vast level one Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth again!

“So we have all failed the trial…” Ling Feiyue was smiling bitterly. “And we have not even begun yet.”

Ji Yuan walked quietly to the edge of the chasm as he examined carefully before he said quietly. “No, there is another way across this chasm.”

Although he had said it softly but the rest of the cultivators were all suddenly looking at Ji Yuan as they asked curiously. “What is it?”

Even Bai Qianfeng, Little Princess, Shui Xisi, Mu Wan’Er and Ling Feiyue all had a bewildered look on their countenances as they could not figure out what way was Ji Yuan talking about?

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