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Chapter 5: The First Real Battle

With a mighty shout, Yi Mu has charges into the shimmering portal of the black pyramid monument and he is the first to do so!

It is because Setsuna has hesitated for a little while as she seems to ponder. She has reached the very top first but Yi Mu has managed to overtake her!

Setsuna gasps after him, “Wait!”

But it is already too late!

The brilliant stellar of light stuns Yi Mu as he enters through the portal. When he has recovered from his numbness, he has found himself in a large underground cavern!

He is not the only one; he is merely the first one to recover from entering the portal.

That is because on the ground are six others.

Without scanning their names, he has recognized Setsuna among the six!

He murmurs, “She is here as well? Oh silly me, she has to. She is just next to me when I enter the portal. But shouldn’t there be more than six?”

Before he can ponders more, the six players that are on the ground are all beginning to stir!

He notices that there are three female players (Setsuna, Lena and Sion) and three male players (Cid the Legendary, Draco the Fair and Only Winner).

As everyone begins to stir, they are all looking cautiously around them as they ask. “Where are we?”

Yi Mu smiles wryly as he rubs his nose, “It appears that we are in the Araphel Underground Citadel now.”

Although he appears to be looking at everyone but he is actually secretly looking at Setsuna, closely observing her very little actions.

But he soon notices that the other two girls as he says to himself, “Wow, they are attractive girls. It seems that I am in luck.”

Draco the Fair immediately says, “Isn’t this saying the obvious?”

He begins to say assertively as he stared at everyone fiercely, “It is obviously that we are all in a strange place. If we want to clear this game then we must form a party together. And to form a party, we must have a leader, a strong leader. And I am that strong leader that the party needs.”

After saying, he draws his sword and slams it on the ground with a mighty force!

He smiles confidently, “My attack is 28. So is there anyone who is stronger than me? Also my Attack Affinity is an A and I am an Attack Type.”

Yi Mu smiles weakly and says, “My Attack Affinity is a D. Naturally I am not superior to you.”

Cid the Legendary says, “Naturally we need a strong leader so you have my vote to be the party leader.”

The Only Winner says, “Wow, that is so impressive. I have only a B for my Attack Affinity. I am more like a Defense Type. My Defense Affinity is a B so I guess that I can be the party defender.”

He smiles to the ladies, “So what do you say?”

Lena smiles cutesy, “That is just wonderful. With you guys to lead us we will not have to worry anymore!”

Sion takes a glance at Yi Mu before she nods lightly.

The Only Winner smiles at Sion as he says, “So I take that as a yes. How about you Setsuna?”

Yi Mu already knew the answer to it. If there is any chance to party up and especially at this early stage, it will be an advantage to the new players.

So he turns around and says, “Good luck guys! I will be on my way now.”

Setsuna appears to be startled and calls up after him, “You’re not joining us?”

Because she is Setsuna or else he will simply ignore it, he pauses in his track to answer. “I have always been the solo player and like to explore this game on my own. Also, I am a bad team player, you know.”

With that he picks the path to the right, from the three options that he can see in front of him and begins to walk hastily!

He knows that these guys will not bother to call after him. Why should they? They have three ladies for themselves and moreover, he knows that he is not exactly friendly.

But that is the way he is.

He is a solo player and for that, he does not want a party leader lording over him nor did he want to be anyone leader.

Just as he has taken two more twist turns, he has heard a petite shout behind him. “Wait!”

He is startled and he quickly turns around, surprise to see that it is Setsuna!

She is smiling and says gently, “What is wrong with you? Why don’t you party up with the rest of them?”

Yi Mu notices that she is alone and is surprised, “You didn’t join them?”

She heaves a soft sigh and shakes her head, “I don’t really like those guys. So I have decided to follow you.”

Yi Mu is startled by her answer, “Huh? You don’t like them? Maybe it is a little too early to decide. It is safer to be in a party.”

She smiles and looks keenly at him, “Then why didn’t you join them?”

Yi Mu immediately protests, “That is because I have always been a solo player. Moreover, I like a little freedom to explore things on my own without anyone telling me not to, in my own pace.”

She raises her eyebrows to express her displeasure, “You don’t want me to join you or you don’t like me?”

Yi Mu smiles weakly, “It is not that…”

She says coyly, “Then let me join you if that is not the case. I won’t meddle with you.”

Yi Mu asks cautiously, “Why do you want to follow me?”

She locks her eyes to him and says, “Why? Are you thinking that I am after your loot or your precious treasures?”

Yi Mu quickly answers, “Of course not. But I am horribly weak now and you’re such an attractive lady…”

She smiles alluringly, “Or maybe you are in luck today. Cos I have decided to follow you. Maybe I have found you attractive and so that is why.”

Yi Mu groans, “Why is that the way I am hearing it, this sounds so fake.”

She pauses for a while and her expressions become solemn, “You really want to know the truth?”

Yi Mu nods warily, “Naturally.”

She begins to flush lightly before saying, “This may sounds ridiculously but do you know that this is not the first time that we have met?”

Yi Mu is startled before he recovers his wits to chide her coolly, “I don’t remember seeing you before.”

She looks a little disappointed, heaving a long sigh. “This is to be expected. After all, you have only appears in my dreams.”

Yi Mu is a little annoyed by now and did not enjoy being play a fool by others so he says, “Excuse me, I have to go now…”

All of a sudden he is alerted to shrieking sounds as six goblins begin to leap down from the boulders around them!

He quickly shouts as he draws his long sword, “Ambush alert!”

With a powerful swing, he has struck the nearest goblin two times as two damage numbers begin to pop up, “10, 9!”

He smiles faintly to himself, “My damage numbers look pretty pathetic…”

Then he notices that Setsuna has also drawn her long sword and has cut down a goblin with two swift damage numbers, “12, 14!”

At the same time, she has also cries out. “Divine Light!” as beams of light strikes down another goblin with 60 damage!

Yi Mu is startled by her quick reaction as he thought, “She is able to activate a spell and attack at the same time?”

Three goblins have begun attack him from all sides!

As he attempts to dodge their attacks, he found himself flipping and evading at an amazing speed!

All the goblins have missed him!

He is flabbergasted and overwhelmed by excitement as he thought, “I have never thought that I will be able to be so flexible in my movements. This is so amazing!”

He only needs to dodge in a direction that he desires and his body seems to move on his own. He wonders, “Is this computer assist? But it feels like this is my inherent ability and I have never feel so natural before. This is simply not real. How can such a wondrous and complex technology exists? Or I am just dreaming?”

All of a sudden a goblin has landed an attack on Setsuna, slicing her back!

Setsuna cries out in pain as she retaliates with a critical strike on the attacking goblin’s head, causing it to disintegrate into nothingness!

At the same time Yi Mu has also dashes to her side as he swings his sword to smash another goblin into nothingness!

Setsuna gasps as she murmurs an incarnation, “Heal!”

Immediately there is a faint green glow on her as the wound on her back begins to heal!

Yi Mu is startled as he thought, “She can use healing magic?”

Setsuna regains her striking composure as she flies past him to deliver a death blow to the nearest goblin, murmuring to him. “Don’t get careless!”

Yi Mu blocks an incoming attack and cut down another goblin as he shouts aloud breathlessly, “Who is the careless one!”

She flickers her sword as she fends off another attack, glancing over to him with an appreciate smile. “You!”

Before long, the battle is quickly over and the two of them are panting breathlessly as they lean on the wall.

The system announces: You have leveled!


Yi Mu mutters weakly, “It is finally over. Are you alright?”

Setsuna looks at him quietly before she says, “Yep, thanks!”

She inhales before continuing, “It seems that I have the better speed but you have the most amazing evade. You have also done the most kills despite the fact that I have made the most number of attacks. You hardly even need to fend. This is most astonishing. It is like a game hack or something. And my reflex is an A and I take all three tries to even roll that.”

Yi Mu smiles wryly, “Thanks for telling me your stats. My Reflex Affinity is SS. Maybe that is why.”

Setsuna appears to be startled as she looks at him curiously, muttering. “Really?”

Yi Mu looks at her with amusement, “Hey! Don’t look at me like an odd ball. I know that you have a Speed Affinity of SS.”

Again she is startled as she asks quickly, “How did you know this?”

Yi Mu sighs softly, “My Speed Affinity is a S but you have managed to overtake me. If you are not a SS then tell me how you could have overtaken me?”

Setsuna appears to be more startled than she was earlier, “You have another S? Do you that if we have a SS then our other Affinity will be lowered drastically. I have made a calculation. It is entirely possible to get a A for all the Affinities but is extremely hard. That is a balance build. But if can get a S or a SS then we will have several B and C which is really very bad.”

Yi Mu nods and says, “Yes that is true. I have noticed that as well. Guess I got lucky with the bonus allocation.”

She nods as well, “That has to be the only way it is possible. Even then, that bonus allocation is entirely random. Your luck is pretty good.”

Yi Mu smiles, “So and so. Say, the class that I have chosen is the Arm Synergy. What about yours?”

She sweetly replies, “I have chosen the Spiritual Synergy. My Magic Attack is slightly higher than my Physical Attack. So I guess that is why I have chosen this class.”

Nodding, he smiles wryly, “That is interesting. But I wonder about your other stats.”

She nods and says tenderly, “I don’t mind telling you…”

He quickly adds with a devilish grin, “I mean your vital stats…”

She immediately pouts her lips as she looks at him, flushing shyly. “Why you little lecher! If I know that you are that type of a person, I shouldn’t have followed you! I have thought that you are a good person!”

Yi Mu shakes off the dust on his robe, lifting his sword to his shoulder as he turns around. “Oh well, good bye then!”

Setsuna imitates him with a knowing glance as she turns around, “Oh well, good bye then!”

Both of them did not take a step further as they wait.

Without turning his head, Yi Mu asks. “You are not leaving yet?”

Setsuna answers shyly, “I have thought that you want to leave already. Go on, be the solo player that you want to be. I shall not bother you anymore. After all, I can take care of myself.”

From the tone of her lingering sweet voice, Yi Mu knows that she is only making a tease and that she does not really want to leave.

So he says with a regretful tone, “Alright, I surrender! I throw the gauntlet. I am a little lecher. So let’s us be on our way then?”

Setsuna laughs softly as she turns around with a playful wink, “Say sorry then!”

Yi Mu shrugs his shoulders as he heaves heavily, “Sorry, sorry, sorry. Happy now?”

Setsuna walks to him and gives him a sudden hard kick which causes him to yelp aloud, “That is better now. This teaches you the next time not to ask a lady on her vital stats, got it?”

Yi Mu replies shyly as he looks into her eyes, “Got it…”

In that instant, he knows that he is already smitten by her…

He is flexible enough not to become the inflexible solo player that he once was.

Maybe it is more fun to party with someone that he likes?

What a fun adventure and game that this is going to be!

He immediately asks, “So, are you single or unavailable?”

Setsuna looks at him shyly, “So what do you think?”

He mutters, “I don’t know…”

She lowers her head to say shyly, her flushes more evident. “I am single but unavailable. So don’t you think of chasing my skirt!”

Yi Mu grins and says, “As long as single, nothing is unavailable for too long.”


Ch5 End

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Chapter 4: The Three Goddesses of Judgement

The atmosphere is getting tenser and tenser every minute!

“Is this some kind of a joke? If it is then it is such a bad joke!”

“I have thought that this kind of thing will only happen in anime and in science fiction stories…”

The Goddess Celestial Alice heaves a melancholy sigh, “Many of you won’t be able to make it back but this sacrifice of yours is a necessary justification to the greater plan. So take courage if you want to survive.”

As she says that, there are rumbling throughout the city!

And everyone can see dozens of black monuments rising like a pyramid from different parts of the city and every of the black monument appears to have four entrances at the end of the pyramid steps!

Yi Mu can see that the black monument that is nearest to him is numbered 7 and there is a black reflective entrance in the middle.

He could not see what is beyond the reflective entrance.

The Goddess Celestial Alice says, “The rules are simple. Make it to the 10th floor of the Araphel underground citadel then your bravado will be extolled in all the heavens. Your divine redemption for achieving this feat will be that of an eternal life as an immortal practitioner and your name will be sung in the exalt hall of the Seventh Heavens for all eternity.”

Yu Mu is perplexed, “Eternal life? Immortal practitioner? She can’t be serious? Or are we still in-game? This is part of a quest dialogue?”

But somehow he is electrified by her enchantingly voice and did not doubt her.

However he is not the only one and the thousands of players are already looking at her with anticipation for further answers!

The Goddess Celestial Alice says, “You can enter the Araphel Citadel via any of the twenty-eight constellation ways or choose to remain here in the city. On each level there will be a floor boss that is more powerful than any of the denizens that you may encounter. So be warned. However the braves shall receive their deserved rewards. Naturally the first one to clear the floor boss will receive the best rewards. Note that once a level is cleared, there is no return to the lower level and an opened level will remain passable for only twelve hours before it is sealed again.”

Yi Mu is already looking at the black pyramid monument that is in front of him as he strategizes in his mind, “I cannot stay behind to wait. It is because while those are first take the most risk but they may very well be the finest players and they have the best chance to succeed. Moreover, I think that this is still a game or else why did they designate a safe zone for the players? For all we know, this may very well be a joke. We are all here to experience the gameplay so there is no reason for me to stay behind.”

The Goddess Celestial Alice lifted her translucent robe and jumps on her crimson phoenix as she says coolly, “Good luck brave adventurers.”

And the crimson phoenix becomes a streak of stunning crimson light as it disappears upward!

Yi Mu is already on the move as he rushes to the stairs of the black pyramid monuments with many others!

In that single instant almost everyone is caught in a mad rush toward the nearest black pyramid steps!

Many in the maddening crowd are shouting excitingly, “The game has started! The game has started! The fun has begun!”

For a moment the situation did not seem to be as tense as before and everyone is actually excited.

To many, this has to be a quest line and not to be taken seriously!

Moreover there are nearly a hundred thousand players!

Yi Mu is naturally one of the first to ascend the stairs; it is because he has a Speed Affinity of S. He smiles wryly as he resolves to himself, “I want to be the first to storm the Araphel Citadel then the other players will know that I, Yi Mu is the best player!”

All of a sudden he was a little startled to see a beautiful girl leaping next to him and in the next instant she has already hopped to the steps in front of him!

Yi Mu is startled for several reasons.

Firstly, she is really stunning and because the program makes use of facial recognition for the players, he knows that it is how she looks like in real life.

Secondly, he did not see her coming and her movement speed exceeds his own!

He mutters to himself, “If I got a S for Speed then she must be a SS…is it even possible? I got a SS for my Sixth Sense so this may not be entirely impossible.”

He catches sight of her name that flashes on top of her as he muses, “Setsuna. So that is her name. I wonder what’s her age? I will remember your name. Hope that we can party someday.”

He did not think much of it as there are at least dozens others that are rushing at the same time. His objective for now is very clear; be one of the first to explore the Araphel Citadel.

He is actually a solo player and did not like to party with the others.

He brandishes his long sword high and swings it as he shouts excitingly, “Out of my way! Out of my way! I am coming! Hooray!

There are many similar shouts and cries of excitements!

Elsewhere on a high platform that is overlooking the city, there are three heavenly maidens that have gathered.

One of the heavenly maidens is the Goddess Celestial Alice and the crimson phoenix that is behind her is stretching its flaming wings with a mighty shriek!

The other heavenly maiden is the Goddess Xiang and she is asking the other heavenly maiden, “What is wrong, Asura? You are not yourself today.”

The Goddess Celestial Alice smiles, “Our Goddess Asura seems a little out of focus today.”

The Goddess Asura says quietly, “Nothing. It is just that I have a familiar feeling today. Can it be?…”

The Goddess Xiang yawns softly, “You are thinking if your bloodline is here among the players? That is impossible. You very well know that your son perishes in that battle. I was there and I am so sorry for arriving late.”

The Goddess Asura nods, “I don’t blame you. That is his destiny and he is immortalized as a hero. Because of that I am content that he will be reincarnated in the Celestial Realm as a saint. Someday, I will be able to see him again.”

The Goddess Celestial Alice says imperturbably, “That’s so and so be it then. That is part of his heavenly tribulation. One day in the heavens is a hundred days down below. While there is plenty of time for them but time is running out for us here.”

The Goddess Xiang nods melancholy, “I wish we don’t have to do it but we do need as many fighters as possible for the upcoming battle with the Desolate Immortals.”

The Goddess Celestial Alice replies, “The whole earth is now corrupted by their reliance to technology. Very few saints are able to ascend to the Celestial Realm now and most are not the fighter types that we are looking for to ascend to the Immortal Realm. We have never expected that the Desolate Immortals have such a far reaching influence on the affairs of the mortals.”

The Goddess Asura says quietly, “Because of this, we are now empowering the mortals with our divine strength. What they did not know is that they are all chosen to be first of the new immortals that will be chosen in this manner.”

The Goddess Celestial Alice interrupts unemotionally, “They are the first and the last. We have come up with this in desperation before the last mortals can be genetically modified by their food or by their technologies. Also, we must be extremely cautious about this experiment.”

The Goddess Xiang asks, “You mean that there are agents or bloodlines of the Desolate Immortals here?”

The Goddess Celestial Alice has lifted her fingers rapidly and says, “Indeed. Look at my calculations.”

The Goddess Asura sighs softly, “But we have no other choices, do we?”

The Goddess Celestial Alice nods, “A little over a year ago, the mortals have advanced rapidly in their knowledge and have begun to detonate their atmospheres, oceans and earth with thousands of atmosphere nuclear testing, swaying the pillars of heavens and causing the great mountains of the Celestial Realm to rock.”

The Goddess Xiang interrupts unhappily, “I was away for a little while and it still baffles me why they are destroying themselves in this manner!”

The Goddess Celestial Alice replies, “They are experimenting with their newfound powers, desolate powers that can be used to destroy the Three Known Realms.”

The Goddess Asura says, “Do you need me to destroy the mortals? Their technologies have no effect against us. I don’t mind sacrificing myself even if the Great God Pangu disallows it. No matter what is going to happen next, we must let the Great God Pangu become the future Universal Ruler. Only then can peace prevail in the heavens.”

The Goddess Celestial Alice looks at the Goddess Asura coldly and says, “Forget about it. You know that it is already too late. Before you can really act, the Divine Wrath will destroy you first. How many nations can you destroy before the Divine Wrath destroys you? There are dozens of nations with destructive potential and their lethal arms are all over the earth.”

The Goddess Xiang moves her fingers rapidly and says to the Goddess Asura, “The great cleansing of the earth will soon starts all over again. This isn’t the first time that the earth will be destroyed but is already the fifth time. Let the Divine Calamity handles it. You very well know that this will happen soon. Or are you missing the present earth?”

The Goddess Asura lifts her divine staff the Symphony of Destiny and whispers softly, “Yes, I am in love with the present earth and I don’t want it to be destroyed.”

Ch4 End

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Chapter 2: The Tutorial Goddess

Yi Mu finds himself walking in a golden hall with beautiful arc and he begins to wonder, “What am I?”

As he asks that, an endearing heavenly maiden has suddenly appeared in front of him with a bright light and says. “Welcome to the Tutorial Hall. I am the Goddess Eris, one of the tutorial goddesses in charge of guiding noobs like you…”

Yi Mu is immediately offended and interrupts, “I am not a noob! I am actually the best player in the Guardians Online!…”

He pauses immediately and murmured, “Stupid me. Why am I arguing with an AI?”

The Goddess Eris hummed coldly, “Newbie then if you prefer. I will make no apologies to you. So your nickname in game is Yi Mu. You arrogant brat. I have played the Guardians Online as well and I have only lost to Yi Jian Duo Qing.”

Yi Mu stares blankly at her as he blinks his eyes several times, “You have played the Guardians Online too?”

The Goddess Eris stares blankly at him and suddenly smiles, “Erm, I have searched through your personal data…”

Yi Mu asks curiously as he blinked his eyes again, “Nowadays the AI is so advanced that it can interact so well? If it is like this then the NPCs in game must be really so fantastic!”

He is literally jumping for joy as he makes a victory dance, “An excitingly gameplay experiences. That is the promise! I am really experiencing it now! Hooray!”

While he is dancing with excitement, The Goddess Eris is furious typing in mid-air on a translucent panel and she was suddenly gasping, “Your MAST ID really matches Yi Jian Duo Qing!…”

Yi Mu laughs, “Of course I am Yi Jian Duo Jian! Someone has already stolen my nick so I am forced to use another now. Alas, it is so cool. I am actually interacting with a tutorial NPC now…”

The Goddess Eris growls, “Tutorial Goddess. I am the Goddess Eris. You should prostate before me if you know what is good for you or else I will beat you up!”

Yi Mu laughs it off, “The feeling here is so good. Even the tutorial NPC feels so alive and lively. Now that I am in the tutorial, is there anything that I need to know?”

The Goddess Eris blinked her eyes before she mutters, “Right, the tutorial.”

She composes herself to say coolly, “Well rookie, listen up! You are about to embark on your greatest adventure yet. I see that you have chosen the Arms Synergy.”
As she speaks, she taps on a menu <Initializing Status>.

Yi Mu can feel a wave of excitement as panel of his own status begins to pop up all around him!

New status begin to pop!

Name: Yi Mu
Level: 1

Primary Attributes
HP: 825
MP: 600
Skill: 34
Magic Aptitude: 22
Attack: 11
Magic Attack: 14
Agility: 6
Morale: 8

Special Affinity Types Bonus
Speed S:
1) Add 4.3 Initiative
2) +20% Attack Speed
3) Skill Cooldown reduce by 50%
4) True Evade Chance up 1%

Sixth Sense SS:
1) Less 27 Damage.
2) Double rate to hit.
3) True Evade Chance up 1%
4) Triple rate to evade.

Yi Mu mutters, “So this is my real status? I think I am amazing cool!”

The Goddess Eris growls softly, “Really amazing. Much better than most of the users out there. Now equip this sword. It will add on 5 attack to you.”

Yi Mu nods and he transfers the new sword.

System Pop Up: New Attack Status: 11 -> 16

Yi Mu is laughing, “It is amazing cool. My attack is now 16. Is it high?”

The Goddess Eris looks at him and smiles wryly, “It is low. Everyone starts with base 10 Attack and you are only 1 point better than the poor average players.”

Yi Mu stops smiling and mutters, “Crap! This is demoralizing.”

All of a sudden he looks at her and asks, “Hey, aren’t you supposed to be my patron goddess or something? Why are you demoralizing me?”

The Goddess Eris hummed coldly and says, “The server highest <Attack> is now at 30. Do you know that you actually belong to the bottom 5%.”

Yi Mu blinks his eyes and he wants to faint immediately, “Bottom 5%!”

He quickly says, “Never mind. Can you guide me to the skills?”

It is because he has suddenly found the skill menu and he is literally jumping with excitement as he begins to tap on it!

There are basically three skill tabs on it; Arms Synergy, Weapon Skills and Guard Skills.

He notices that he has 5 skill points to distribute.

He taps on the Arms Synergy and see that it is a skill tree with three branching skill; Mana Weaponry, Amplify Armor and Shield Mastery.

It seems that after unlocking the branching skills then he will be able to see the next skill. But until then, it is not possible.

So which skills are the best?

He takes a quick look.

Mana Weaponry
Description: Charge up the weapon with mana energy and hit the target with a mighty force.
Level 1: Boast 100%. +1 Critical.
Damage 11-14.
MP: 10
Cast Time: 1
Cooldown: 10
Type: Active, Single Target, Melee/ Range.

Amplify Armor
Description: Raise self defense force.
Level 1: Raise all defense by 10 for 10minute.
MP: 10
Cast Time: 1
Cooldown: 10
Type: Active, Single Target
MP: 50
Cast Time: 4
CD: 4

Shield Mastery
Description: Raise the block%.
Level 1: Add 1% Block.
MP: 10
Cast Time: NA
Cooldown: NA
Type: Passive
MP: 50
Cast Time: 4
CD: 4

Yi Mu smiles weakly to himself, “Hmm. It seems that I have to learn Mana Weaponry first. It is because it is my only offensive skill at the moment.”

The Goddess Eris is smiling as she says, “Check your inventory later. You have a starter equipment such as shield, sword, armor, boot and gauntlet.”

Yi Mu nods and he was looking at the <Weapon Skills>.

There are three and is formatted in the same way as the Arms Synergy; Basic Melee Skill, Basic Bow Skill and Basic Magic Weapon Skill.

Tapping on the Basic Melee Skill, it reads. “+3 Damage/level when using sword and mace weapons.”

Tapping on the Basic Bow Skill, it reads. “+3 Damage/level when using range weapons.”

Tapping on the Basic Magic Weapon Skill, it reads.”+3 Damage/level when using Staff/Wand.

And on the bottom, it reads. “For every 10 Skill Points invested in Weapon Skill, It gives a 2% chance to trigger the same attack skill once more.”

Yi Mu’s eyes are already beaming as he exclaims, “So I cannot rely on just my class skill alone. I have to determine which areas that I want to specialize first. I can choose to multi-specialize but it will only make my main class weaker. I can choose to be stronger in offensive or defensive with the weapon or the guard skill. But in doing so, I won’t be able to advance further in my main class. The designs here are really cunning but I like it. That only means that the other players will be equally cautious and won’t be able to gain an early advantage. Most of them will be trying out and testing their skills.”

He has already decided in his heart to forfeit the guard skills.

The Goddess Eris smiles, “You are not so dense after all.”

Yi Mu laughs, “Of course I am not. I am a pro player, you know.”

The Goddess Eris smiles and says, “And so our tutorial will begin. It will only be a simple tutorial before I teleport you to the town. I see that you have already a sword in your hand. Are you ready to know how to fight?”

Yi Mu nods and says, “I am ready!”

The Goddess Eris nods and says, “As you can see, you have already invested one skill level in your Mana Weaponry.”

Yi Mu interrupted with a growl, “I didn’t say that I will learn that first…”

The Goddess Eris says nonchalantly, “Well, it is the system default. You don’t have a choice. I need to teach you how to use your skills.”

Yi Mu smiles weakly and replies, “Oh well. I guess that is alright then. So how do we begin the tutorial now?”

The Goddess Eris claps her hands and a big gray wolf has suddenly spawned in the golden hall and is charging at him with a terrifying howl!

Yi Mu lifts the sword high and says, “Gosh, this wolf is so big! This is so much fun and the realism level here is simply too awesome!”

The Goddess Eris yawned softly, “Don’t be afraid to charge into the monster wolf. This monster wolf can only deal you 1 damage and you have 825 HP to play with. If you are afraid then you can play with a bow later.”

Yi Mu immediately protested as he waved his sword before charging headlong at the monstrous gray wolf, “I didn’t say that I am afraid!”

He has immediately engaged the monstrous wolf.

Instinctly as he swings his sword, he is able to see his suppose damage range <Physical Damage: 6 to 7, Average DPS 7>.

It seems that he is faster than the wolf and he has already made two quick hits with his sword, dealing 6 damage and 7 damage for a total of 13 damage!

The Gray Wolf’s HP Meter begins to reduce by 1/5!

He is shouting with excitement, “Heavens! It is so fun!”

The Gray Wolf begins to pound at him.

Yi Mu can feel the sheer weight of the Gray Wolf that is upon him but instinctively, he has moved out of the way. It is like there is a force guiding him and that his reactions are being taught by a supreme being!

He is startled, “This is so amazing! I have never known that I can evade and move in such a manner!”

The Goddess Eris takes a lingering look at him from behind him before she says coolly, “That is because you have SS for your Sixth Sense. The system will interrupt and guide you when you are attacked, correcting your movements for you.”

She pauses briefly before saying, “Hey, hey. It is time for you to use your attack skill.”

Yi Mu turns his head and asks, “So how do I use my attack?”

The Goddess Eris says, “You just need to repeat your skill name. It is as simple as that.”

Yi Mu says, “Oh? Oh let me try. Mana…”

All of a sudden, he finds himself incarnating rapidly. “Mana Weaponry!”

His sword has suddenly turns blue and a powerful blue bolt has shot forth, striking the gray wolf with a 12 Damage indicator, vanishing it into nothingness!

Yi Mu is blinking his eyes as he touched his mouth. “Did I just mutter so fast?”

The Goddess Eris smiles, “That is because the incarnation time for your Mana Weaponry is only 1s. The system will speed up for you. If you use a skill with a slow CT like the Amplify Armor which has a CT of 4, it will take 4s to cast. The system will automatic slow down for you even if you are able to incite at god speed. Get it?”

Yi Mu smiles weakly, “Got it.”

All of a sudden there is a system message <CONGRATULATIONS! YOU HAVE LEVEL UP! YOU ARE NOW LEVEL 2>

There is a pop up <All secondary status improved, +10 HP, +10 MP, +1 Attack, +1 Magic Attack, +1 Skill, +1 Magic Aptitude, +1 Agility, +1 Morale. +2 Skill Points>.

Yi Mu exclaims excitingly, “I have leveled up!”

He is so excited that he simply grabs the Goddess Eris and has hugged her in his embrace!

The Goddess Eris is flustered as she gives him a slap, “What are you doing?”

It is a hard slap and Yi Mu’s HP meter immediately dropped by 600!

Yi Mu gets a shock and he is muttering, “Why is your slap so powerful? Did I see what I am seeing? Did I just nearly get kill by a tutorial NPC?”

The Goddess Eris says coldly, “That is a tutorial goddess in case you have forgotten. Now be gone!”

There is a bright light around Yi Mu as he is being sent away to the newbie town.

The Goddess Eris is left flustered and she is touching her bosoms but she is soon smiling slyly, “No matter. You are going to die soon. So have fun. You have humiliated me in the past and from now on, I am going to humiliate you.”

Ch2 End

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Chapter 1: The Immortal Realm Online

Chapter 1: The Immortal Realm Online

Year 2077.

Yi Mu is overjoyed!

Literally jumping for joy!

This is the happiest day of his nineteen year old life!

He is literally jumping for joy as he rushed home with a package that he had just collected from his nearest postage service!

He is singing and whistling the name of the content that is in his heavy package, ‘The Immortal Realm Online’, developed by Asmodian Systems Technologies.

This is an inverse virtual reality massively multiplayer online game, IVRMMOG that promises to deliver the best gaming experiences to the online player, bring gameplay experiences to another level!

Not only that, just it is limited to only a hundred thousand players worldwide and those hundred thousand players must be the top tier players with a developer or publishing recommendation!

He is currently the top 10 player, actually the top player in Guardians Online, playing a fighter. However he was actually proficiency in all the classes as well!

He was now speeding back to his home and in the next few minutes he will be home!

All the chosen beta players must login within the next six hours to receive a special starter bundle. Exactly what is the starter bundle, the game developer did not mention and instead it was mentioned as something great and mysterious, creating a huge hype in the gaming community!

He has reached his home now, slamming the door hard after him as he rushes upstairs to his room!

He is the only child and he has stayed with his paternal grandparents. That is because his parents are working together in the other province.

He shrugged his shoulders when he recalled his father and grandfather telling him that he is the 33rd descendant of Yi Ping, a mythical hero and that their line of lineage for some unknown reasons has only a male descendant.

He smiles faintly to himself, “This must be longest unbroken single line in history then!”

Now that he has reached his room, he immediately tears off the heavy package while hitting his computer screen to type rapidly with his left fingers to message all his friends, “Heya! I have got the package now and will be entering the Immortal Realm Online soon!

Will share later with you guys!”

His attention is quickly distracted to a black Inverse Reality Helmet and he quickly put it on, ignoring the rush of congratulation messages that are on his monitor.

He flicks the switch on the side of the black helmet, “So this is new MAST, Massive Asmodian System Technologies. I can lay my hands on it…”

He has no need to read the activation manual, having already memorized the activation procedures from the tube channel of the Asmodian Systems Technologies!

He wastes no time to get into the game!

He takes a deep breath and let it go as his surrounding turns pitch black!

All of a sudden there was a bright light.

And a digital feminine voice resonates, “Welcome to the Immortal Realm Online! Congrats for being a beta player. I am the Goddess Xiang. Now I am going to instruct you on how to play…”

When the bright light has dimmed, Yi Mu finds himself walking in a spatial room and in front of him stood a smiling and revealing beautiful maiden in white with a beautiful intricate golden frame mirror in her hands.

Yi Mu is looking at his hands and he was gasping, “Waa, this is all too real! I can see myself and my movements are all too real. Is this really real?”

He notices that he is now wearing a white and blue tunic.

He looks at the maiden in white and mutters to himself, “She is so beautiful. Alas, all the guides in the games are all called goddesses. This is too old. But she is indeed gorgeous. Too bad, I am unable to interact with her.”

The maiden in white looks at him for a while, “You have a familiar air from someone that I have known. I wonder, I wonder if you are of his bloodline…”

When Yi Mu heard that, he smiles. “That sounds like an old scripted conversation.”

The maiden in white smiles alluringly as she holds up her mirror, “Look!”

Yi Mu is startled; he has the same exact features as before!

The maiden in white explains, “It is because MAST has facial recognition abilities. Other than your facial structures, you are able to change your eyes and hair colors, hair length and clothing textures.”

She smiles enchantingly, “Of course, you have the option to give yourself a new name to display in-game.”

Yi Mu is already nodding excitingly with every new info that is updated to him as an interactive wall with multiple panels begins to flash in mid-air just in front of him!

He mutters excitingly as he already starts to play with the interactive panels with his fingers, “So this is the selection screen! But where are the classes? I want to choose a matching color to my class. Wait a minute. Where is the class selection?”

The maiden in white smiles and winks at him, “You must generate your stats first. The Immortal Realm Online has a unique character generation system for you to roll your stats. However, you can only reroll up to 3 times and you must select the final outcome. You cannot choose to revert back to the last roll if the new outcome is not desirable to you. Thereafter it will be reflected in your attributes in-game. Then you can choose your class.”

Yi Mu rubs his hands as he says excitingly, “Of course! Without knowing my exact rolls, it is unwise to choose my class first. After all, I may choose a class that goes funny with my stats!”

He immediately says excitingly, “Can I roll my stats first?”

It is because all his attention and excitement are on this unique character generator!

The maiden in white smiled gently, “Naturally you can.”

Immediately a panel with a pop up in front of Yi Mu!

Yi Mu immediately presses the roll and his eyes are already beaming as the stats begin to pop up one by one!

Main Attributes
Strength: 23
Magic Strength: 18
Constitution: 31
Stamina: 6
Dexterity: 16
Spirit: 14
Fighting Affinity: 35
Intuition: 10
Charisma: 25
Physical Beauty: 27

Affinity Type:
Attack Affinity: C
Defense Affinity: C
Speed Affinity: D
Sixth Sense Affinity: B
Spirit Affinity: B

He is stunned. It is because he has never expected to see so many rows of attributes and what are these affinity types?

It seems that he has a high of 35 yet his is only a C!

It is the first time he is actually nervous!

The maiden in white smiles and says, “The main attributes are your inherent potential. Stats above 30 will grant you a special exceptional attribute. For example, above 30 Strength will give you 1 base attack modifier while above 30 Constitution will give you more HP. A high Fighting Affinity or FA will give you exception skill. This will increases the speed of your skills acquisition. As you can see, this status that you have rolled means that you have exceptional HP, Skill and persona. Your affinity types are more inclined toward Six Sense Affinity and Spirit Affinity, meaning that you have high perception and morale. Got it?”

Yi Mu’s heart is now pounding hard!

He is exceptional bright and now that she has explained it, he is really excited. But he has one question so he asks, “So for affinity types, A is the highest?”

It is because he wants to aim for the highest affinity!

The maiden in white answers with a smile, “No, it isn’t. SSS is the highest. But it is strictly impossible. With a little luck, it is possible to get a S. If you got a S, it is maybe possible to get a SS with the aid of equipment. These stats are controlled in-game and you will be playing based on your affinity types.”

Yi Mu nods and asks, “It seems that the affinity types are more important. Then what about the main attributes?”

The maiden in white smiles, “Naturally the main attributes affects your affinity types! No matter how you roll, you will get 150 stat points. The system is fair to all the players. The system in turn will calculate your rank for your affinity types.”

Yi Mu quickly asks excitingly, “It is so awesome! I have never seen anything like this before. This is simply so challenging! Can I know which of the main attributes affects the affinity types?”

The maiden in white smiles and says, “This is strictly forbidden. You have to figure out yourself and make your choice first. When you are in-game, you will figure out your stats. After all, there will be a tutorial.”

Yi Mu smiles weakly and grumbled, “When I am in-game then everything will be too late for regrets.”

The maiden in white smiles and says, “Now open your special beta bundle package.”

Immediately a panel with a bundle package appears.

Yi Mu suddenly remembers that he is supposed to get a special beta bundle package as a beta player and he is immediately excited again!

The maiden in white smiles, “As a beta player, the system will randomly generate 10 extra points to distribute among your main attributes and 10 extra points to distribute among your affinity types as talent points. This is only opened for the beta players and will give you a further advantage.”

Yi Mu is excited as he looks at the bundle package that is in front of him. His mind is racing fast as he thinks, “I can understand why the attribute system is so complex now. Everyone will be unique. We are all creating our unique characters here. Gosh, I must really pray hard. This is completely random and I got only three chances to roll my stats. Moreover the special bonus stats are also random. This is already challenging me to the limits. But at the same time, it is also damn fun…”

He presses the panel as he thinks and the system begins to roll visually in front of him!

+10 modifiers to Fighting Affinity
+10 hidden talent points to Speed Affinities

The maiden in white stops smiling and exclaims, “This!…”

Yi Mu is surprised by her reaction and asks, “What happens?”

The maiden in white smiles back and says, “Nothing. Your rolls are too extreme to be true. This has never happens before. Look at the change in your stats now.”

Main Attributes
Strength: 23
Magic Strength: 18
Constitution: 31
Stamina: 6
Dexterity: 16
Spirit: 14
Fighting Affinity: 35 -> 45
Intuition: 10
Charisma: 25
Physical Beauty: 27

Affinity Type:
Attack Affinity: C
Defense Affinity: C
Speed Affinity: D -> A
Sixth Sense Affinity: B -> S
Spirit Affinity: B

The maiden in white smiles and says, “So do you want to keep this roll or reroll? Don’t worry, you have all the time to decide.”

Yi Mu quickly checks his stats and he begins to think to himself, “My sixth sense affinity is now S but my Speed affinity is only a A even though I have received 10 talent points to it. I guess that my dexterity is too low so even if I have received an extreme bonus, it is still so useless. But I got a S for my sixth sense and she has mentions that S is indeed very rare to obtain.”

He has suddenly realized that most of the other players will not be able to gain much even if they have bonus stats. It is because it is random and it depends on the players’ ability to judge their random rolls. Luck is the key in this case…

The real question is, should he rerolls or not?

If he rerolls then he will lose his rare S!

Even before he is in-game, he is already caught in a dilemma and he is eager to get in-game!

Finally he says cautiously, “I have decided to reroll.”

It is like he has lost half of his confidence!

The maiden in white says, “Please select the option at the bottom then.”

Yi Mu nods and presses the option at the bottom.

Immediately his new status is flashed.

Main Attributes
Strength: 25
Magic Strength: 16
Constitution: 29
Stamina: 19
Dexterity: 12
Spirit: 35
Fighting Affinity: 25 -> 35
Intuition: 31
Charisma: 6
Physical Beauty: 10

Affinity Type:
Attack Affinity: C
Defense Affinity: C
Speed Affinity: B-> S
Sixth Sense Affinity: A
Spirit Affinity: D

Yi Mu smiles weakly. He still gets a S but this time it is the Speed Affinity but his Sixth Sense Affinity is now a A. It is like he is only doing a switching.

The white in maiden asks with a smile, “So do you want to use this status or to reroll?”

Yi Mu smiles weakly as he ponders, “This is really my last chance. I still got a S. It is already not bad at all. I mustn’t be too greedy…”

But what he is thinking is opposite of his actions as he is already pressing the option!

He murmurs with a weak smile, “Alas! Now I really need some ancestor luck!”

The panel begins to flash:

Main Attributes
Strength: 7
Magic Strength: 18
Constitution: 19
Stamina: 9
Dexterity: 22
Spirit: 30
Fighting Affinity: 34 -> 44
Intuition: 32
Charisma: 11
Physical Beauty: 23

Affinity Type:
Attack Affinity: D
Defense Affinity: D
Speed Affinity: B-> S
Sixth Sense Affinity: SS
Spirit Affinity: D

There is a short silence as he stares at the panel.


He gets Sixth Sense Affinity SS and Speed Affinity S!

But he is soon startled to see that the rest of his affinities are a D!

Attack, Defense and Spirit Affinity are all D!

What can he do except to smile weakly to himself?

That is because he cannot reroll anymore!

The maiden in white murmurs slowly, “You have actually got a SS…”

Yi Mu smiles weakly, “But I am super weak in the other affinities. I guess that I can only pick the thief professional now. I got a decent Dexterity of 22. What a skillful thief I am.”

The maiden in white quickly regained her composure as she looks blankly at Yi Mu for a while before she says, “First remember to pick a name before you proceed to pick your class.”

Yi Mu heaves a soft sigh as he keys, “Yi Jian Duo Qing (Sword of Many Loves).”

There is a beep sound and the system announces, “The name has already been taken. Please choose another.”

Yi Mu is furious as he exclaims with stumped voice, “What!? That is the name that I have been using for the Guardians Online. Who is the imposter?!”

The maiden in white smiles serenely, “Please choose again.”

Yi Mu regains his composure with another sigh, muttering. “Never mind.”

He soon types, “Li Mu.”

He is impatient to play the game so he decides to use his very real name. There are a hundred thousand beta players and most of the popular catchphrase names will already be taken.

This time the system announces, “Your name has been register!”

The maiden in white seems to look curiously at his name and she is muttering, “Hmm, Yi…Mu…this is your real name?”

Yi Mu smiles weakly, “That’s right. A nobody like Li Mu definitely has no takers.”

He quickly presses the next option to select his class.

The maiden in white smiles, “It seems that you have decided to select the default character setting. You can still press the back button to select the setting before you confirm your class.”

Yi Mu smiles weakly, “I think the default character looks cool enough.”

The truth is that he is all too eager to look at the classes and to get started!

The classes begin to flash in front of him one by one:

He is astounded and murmured, “These are the classes?”

At the same time, his excitement level reaches a new height. This is a game that he has never experienced before and playing something so unique really get him to fire up!

The maiden in white smiles, “That is right. You can call it your character synergies. Unlike the other games that you may have experienced, the classes here develop your potential even more or complement your weakness. For example, if you are a Speed Type and choose Magic, you can be a that can do multiple casts or move fast. Alternatively, if you are an Attack Type, you can be an attacker type in all the classes that you have chosen.”

Yi Mu groans unhappily, “Crap. In all the games, the Attacker Type is the most offensive and most powerful. There goes my build already…”

But he is already tapping on the various classes.

Intuitive characters have better danger sense and sixth sense. Their instincts are sharper than any.

Characters that specialize in Natural Synergy have much more better physical attributes and endowed with inherent talents.

Arms Synergy is the art of enhance weapons and armors, amplifying their use.

Esper Synergy is a field for Characters that specializes in defensive magic and long range attacks.

Characters that have the ability to synergy their own spiritual energies, able to magically heal and inspire the others.

Magic Synergy Characters are capable of drawing much more powerful destructive magic energies.

Yi Mu taps curiously on Natural but there is no further info. So he asks, “I can’t see the skills?”

The maiden in white says, “No, you can’t. That is forbidden until you have reached the game itself. Even then, you can’t get to see your full list skill because it is a competitive gameplay and your opponents’ skills will be hidden from you.”

Yi Mu nods and he ponders, “Hmm, that sounds right. So even if we all choose from the same Class Synergy, my opponents may not necessary knows my skills. On the other hand, I know even less of the other classes. That means that gathering information of the other classes and the others in-game is really important.”

But he is soon muttering, “My attack and defense surely sucks. So I have to rely on my speed and my sixth sense. I can choose Natural or Arms to complement my weakness. Or I can choose Spiritual to be a support.”

With a weak smile, he presses the Arms option and says. “I have decided.”

The maiden in white smiles and says, “I, the Goddess Xiang will now blesses you. May your new journey be brighter than light, be as glorious as the sun!”

And the surrounding begins to glow brightly!

Yi Mu is already sighing because it seems that he has a bad start, resigning himself to a fate of being a support. So he mutters, “What is the use? I need a super weapon.”

The maiden in white asks, “I can grant you my Heavens Sundering Mirror. Best of wishes for your adventures and may your name be immortalized in the Immortal Realm!”

The sundering light glows even brighter and Yi Mu finds himself being pulls away to a vortex!

Ch1 End

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