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Chapter 48: This is a Fifth Rank Desolate Beast?

A group of cultivators were battling a monstrous denizen that looked like a jelly fish. Its many tentacles had already slain more than a dozen and severely wounded dozens.

The situation was not good for this group of cultivators and their morale was already lost.

This fifth rank desolate beast was the Hundred Eyes Beast and it had suddenly ambushed them when they had approached and caught them totally by surprise.

Although this group had two formidable fourth realm experts in their midst but this Hundred Eyes Beast was an upper tier fifth rank desolate beast that was very close to be called a sixth rank desolate monster.

At this moment, Ling Chong and Fairy Ling Xiu were both making a gruesome stand against this monster.

Ling Chong had turned to his sister to say, “Little sister, I’ll cover your retreat. Quickly get the hell out of here please.”

Ling Xiu stubbornly replied, “Brother, you’re the only scion and hope of our father. Our Flying Armament Sect can’t do without you. It is better than I stay to cover your retreat…”

A middle-age cultivator shouted to them as he struggled with his wounds, “Young master, young mistress! Let this useless steward here cover your retreat. I cannot allow the two of you to come to any harm or I will really let old master down!”

“Steward Luo! You are my father’s right hand man. I can’t allow you to sacrifice yourself for us.” Ling Chong said desperately as he evaded the attacks of the Hundred Eyes Beast.

This Hundred Eyes Beast was towering and was three times as tall as anyone. The most deadliest aspect of this monster was its dozens of tentacles that were flashing and whipping in an area of effect around it, making it extremely hard to even get past to it.

In just a short while, their group of forty cultivators was already down by more than half!

This was a monster that they could not hope to overcome. There was nothing left to do except for a slow retreat.

If it was not because of the stubborn resilient fight that was put up by Ling Chong and Ling Xiu, as well as the three third realm cultivators that were in their party, the number of casualties would have been even greater.

All of a sudden a wicked tentacle had reached out for Ling Xiu and just as she thought that it was impossible to evade the attack, a tall and fine looking young man had suddenly appeared out of the blue and had raised his beaming sword to severe the attacking tentacle.

Fairy Ling Xiu gasped softly as she had recognized Lu Qingyun as she thought, “This is him?! He is also in this vicinity?”

At the same time a beautiful maiden had also pulled Ling Chong out of harm’s way and threw him to the back as she displayed a couple of defensive swordplay to deflect the attacking tentacles.

Ling Chong was startled as he looked at the beautiful maiden that had just saved him He thought, “Who is this lovely maiden? She is with the Heavens Ridge Villa too?” He had of course recognized Lu Qingyun and assumed that she was also a protégé of the Heavens Ridge Villa.

To him, the suddenly appearance of a beautiful maiden that had saved him was like a beautiful angel that had descended from the heavens and it was deeply embedded into his soul. In fact, Ling Chong had now completely fallen in love with her and was eager to know her name.

He asked quickly, “Maiden, may I have my benefactor name?”

But Lie Xingyuan was too busy fending off the attacks of the Hundred Eyes Beast to take notice of him…

But Ling Chong did not mind at all as he quickly joined hands with her to help fend off the dangerous tentacles of the Hundred Eyes Beast.

As for Lu Qingyun, he was startled that he would encounter a fifth rank desolate beast here and he did not dare to be careless. Therefore he quickly whispered to Yan’Er, “Yan’Er, I need your help to raise my aura to your highest level. We’ve only have one chance!”

Yan’Er replied delightfully within his inner spiritual sea, “I am ready master!”

Lu Qingyun had immediately mustered the golden roc flame in his left hand. This golden roc flame was actually Yan’Er and with a flip of his fingers, the golden roc flame had merged with his aura.

He was preparing to use the third stage of the Flaming Crimson Sword, the Supreme Burning Sword. His sword had already turning a flaming hue.

He was of course able to use the third stage of the Supreme Burning Sword without the aid of Yan’Er but he had felt that that may consume his profound aura by quite a bit and may weaken him considerably. Moreover with Yan’Er helping him, he would be able to double the martial power of the Supreme Burning Sword as he could focus all his martial power into his sword rather than splitting his profound strength between his sword and aura.

The Hundred Eyes Beast was not a fifth rank desolate beast for nothing. It had immediately sensed that Lu Qingyun was a threat and it began to attack him with six of its tentacles!

Ling Xiu shouted panicky to him, “Look out!”

But Lu Qingyun moved quietly into the midst of the attacking tentacles with precision as he cleaved off four of the tentacles quite effortlessly with his sword.

In the next instant, he was already in a direct confrontation with the Hundred Eyes Beast and had swung his flaming sword and crimson aura into the body of the Hundred Eyes Beast.

There was a brilliant flare as his sword exploded across the body of the Hundred Eyes Beast as it rolled over with a thunderous impact onto the ground.

The unbelievable thing had happened. The Hundred Eyes Beast was dead in the next instant!

Everyone was in awe of Lu Qingyun. He had actually killed the Hundred Eyes Beast with his powerful sword art.

Ling Chong was gasping with shock. This young ‘senior brother’ of the Heavens Ridge Villa was actually so formidable? From the strength of this sword art, his profound strength seemed to be matched that of a fifth realm expert except that he had no golden eyes…

He had of course misread Lu Qingyun’s strength as he had the aid of Yan’Er who had doubled his martial power as she acted in place of his profound aura.

“Is he a fifth realm expert or close to one?” he muttered with disbelief in his eyes.

Even Fairy Ling Xiu had thought so too when she saw his strength and she was gasping with astonishment and flushing with shyness.

Lu Qingyun was secretly sighing as he had killed the malicious Hundred Eyes Beast. It was because he had suddenly lost his profound strength, “It seems that although Yan’Er is able to aid me to double my martial power but she is actually using my inner spiritual sea as her strength. Because of that, I end up using three times the usual profound strength that is required for this sword art. Alas, I didn’t think of that…”

Fairy Ling Xiu had quietly interrupted his thoughts, “Our profuse thanks to Fellow Cultivator Lu for aiding us. If it isn’t for you, it will be extremely disastrous for us.”

Lu Qingyun smiled awkwardly, “Not at all. I’m just passing through.”

Fairy Ling Xiu asked, “Where is your group? They are in this vicinity too?”

Lu Qingyun nodded, “My party is just nearby. In fact, we have a nasty encounter not too long ago so I am just scouting around.”

Fairy Ling Xiu smiled sweetly, “Luckily you are around. You…you’re really impressive.”

Lu Qingyun laughed weakly, “Not at all. The Hundred Eyes Beast may be tired from the fighting and I am just taking some advantage.”

Ling Chong greeted politely with bowed hands, “Brother Lu, you are too humble. My sister is not one who praises another so easily. In the future, you are free to come to the Flying Armament Sect anytime and I will be sure to give you a grandeur welcome!”

Fairy Ling Xiu had a slight flush as she looked at her brother. Her watery eyes were as bright as the moon and she was renowned for her beautiful eyes.

Even Lu Qingyun could not help taking a look of two at her beautiful eyes.

Ling Chong smiled as he asked Lie Xingyuan, “May I know maiden’s name? I am really grateful for you for saving my life. Look at me, I’ve forgotten to introduce myself. My name is Ling Chong and this is my sister Fairy Ling Xiu.”

Lie Xingyuan gave him a faint smile, “Lie Xingyuan. I am just an ordinary protégé and personal attendant to senior brother.”

Ling Chong and Ling Xiu exchanged a quick startled glance at each other. They were quite surprised that she was only an ordinary protégé with her skills. She was not a core protégé? Moreover she was an exceptional beautiful maiden and she was a personal attendant of Lu Qingyun.

This caused them to feel a little envious of Lu Qingyun.

Fairy Ling Xiu was secretly disappointed. It was because she had heard of the rule of the Heavens Ridge Villa. With such a beautiful maiden by his side, it was hard to believe that Lu Qingyun had not touched her at all.

Although she was very beautiful and ranked in the top twenty beauties of New Empyrean City, there were also many unranked beauties. The top twenty beauties were all beautiful cultivators of some importance and that was why they were ranked. If Lie Xingyuan had any background, she would surely be ranked as well.

Even Ling Chong was secretly sighing. He had thought that Lie Xingyuan was the most beautiful maiden that he had ever met and when she had saved his life, his impression of her was deeply entrenched in his heart.

He did not know that from now on, he would never forget about her and she would occupy an important place in his heart…

Fairy Ling Xiu forced herself to smile and said to Lu Qingyun, “You are a peaked fourth realm cultivator? At first I’ve thought that you may be a fifth realm expert but you do not have any golden eyes. Surely your cultivation strength has already reached the fifth realm and you may be overcoming to the fifth realm soon?”

When a cultivator reached the Fifth Realm Golden Celestial Level, they would have golden eyes and even their profound aura would radiate a faint golden.

Because fifth realm experts were rare, they were highly respected everywhere in the Celestial Realm. It was the wish of every cultivator to be a golden celestial one day for only a cultivator who had attained the fifth realm would have extreme life span that could measure more than a thousand years.

Lu Qingyun replied awkwardly, “Actually I am only a third realm expert.”

Fairy Ling Xiu, Ling Chong: …

This was too unbelievable! He was only a third realm cultivator?!

They were both fourth realm experts but their martial strength were so much weaker than him…

Lu Qingyun smiled weakly, “Since we have a camp nearby, will you like to join us for the night? It will be good for some protection.”

Ling Chong nodded as he looked at the heavy casualties and the wounded around him. He counted twenty odds protégés out of forty that were remaining, “Thank you for your hospitality. Then we shall not decline.”

He secretly stole a glance at his sister Ling Xiu and expecting to see a look of disapproval or displeasure. It was because he knew that his sister did not like to mix with the other celestial clans. But instead, he found his sister to be smiling sweetly and even to the point of idiocy at Lu Qingyun…

Lu Qingyun said, “I have an unreasonable request. Actually my experiential mission is for us to kill a fifth realm desolate beast so that we can complete our mission. Erm, can this…”

Ling Chong immediately knew what he was asking for and said, “No problem. You can take this desolate beast back as proof. Actually we are just on an exploratory mission to gain some experiences so we don’t have any kills missions.”

Lu Qingyun smiled with relief, “That’s great. Thank you!”

Even Lie Xingyuan was smiling. That mean that they had now completed their experiential mission and would all be returning home. She really did not want to stay a day longer in this dangerous place!

But at the same time she was also secretly looking at Lu Qingyun with a flush look. It was because she was also in awe of him. Did he know that he had just performed a startling feat by slaying a fifth rank desolate beast?

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