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Chapter 97: Perfect Revenge

Three days later…

Fan Yuqing had purposely bumped into Celestial Liang Ni along a walkway and she smiled brightly at him, “Celestial Liang Ni, what a coincidence to meet you here.”

Liang Ni was startled to meet Fan Yuqing along the walkway and was surprised that she was looking at him with such an amicable smile. He lit a slow smile, “It is really such a coincidence. Why are you here?”

Fan Yuqing shyly lowered her glances, “Saint Liu Wucheng is giving a lecture about the Way of the Heavenly laws (Dao/ 道) in the Purple Scripture Palace. The lecture had just ended. It is really enlightening.”

Liang Ni was pleased to be talking to this number one peerless beauty and he was captivated by her humble voice. Could it be that this Saintess Yuqing was not the Devil Goddess and her associates? Maybe this was a good time for him to find out and maybe even befriended her.

He laughed, “I am surprise that for a highly attained peaked saint like the Saintess Yuqing will still be interested in comprehending the Way. Surely as a high priestess of the Heavenly Temple, you got more to lecture to Saint Lin Wucheng rather than the other way round.”

Fan Yuqing inhaled softly as she smiled affectionately, “I’m afraid that you are wrong. There are endless comprehensions and interpretations to the Heavenly Way. Although I may be a saintess but I have not yet ascended as an immortal. That is my shortcoming. As for my comprehensions of the Heavenly Way, I think that even you are superior to me.”

Liang Ni was suddenly flushing as he laughed, “Saintess Yuqing, you must be pulling my leg, am I right? How can I be superior to any saints?”

Fan Yuqing gave a gentle smile as she looked earnestly into his eyes, “There are few cultivators that train both their body and spirit at the same time and you are those few. It is not as easy as you may think. Many consider the body training as a distraction or just a routine physical training to be fit. But you…”

She lowered her glances again as she slowly said, “You are really well build and strong. It is very likely with your current cultivation of body and spirit that you will be a saint or even be an immortal in the future. I am the one that ought to be ashamed of myself.”

Liang Ni was extremely happy that he would be receiving such high praises from a saintess and moreover she was even a peerless beauty. All of a sudden he felt that Mu Huiyin may have misunderstood this Saintess Yuqing. She did not look like she was in cahoots with the Devil Goddess or the Goddess Palace. He thought, “Huiyin must be jealous of her beauty. All women are like that.”

He quickly said, “Not at all. In fact, I have deep admiration for you. I mean, you are really beautiful and keen to learn. Surely your state of divinity has surpassed many others.”

Fan Yuqing gasped softly as she looked up at him, “You mean it? You really admire me?”

Liang Ni grinned, “That is for sure. Now I regret not getting to know you during the banquet.”

Fan Yuqing gasped shyly, “I have great admiration for you during the banquet too. If Celestial Liang Ni doesn’t mind at all, this saintess will like to seek your instructions on the body cultivation.”

Liang Ni laughed heartily, “I don’t mind at all. You can just call me Liang Ni instead of being so formal. ”

Fan Yuqing smiled shyly, “You can address my name directly as well. Liang Ni, are you free now? Shall we go to the Ascension Dreams Pavilion for some tea and small chats?”

Liang Ni nodded and laughed, “Of course I am free. As long as Yuqing wants me, I am always free for you.”

He was secretly thinking, “What luck. She seems to be interested in me. I can even take this opportunity to bang her and give her an unforgettable memory in body cultivation.”

As they walked away, Yuqing asked. “Does your body cultivation have a name to it?”

Liang Ni laughed as he noticed that there were many envious looks from the passersby as he got hooked with the most beautiful maiden in the fraternity, “I practice the Thirteen Extreme Body Tempering Martials. If Yuqing is interested I can even impart a few secret training methods to you.”

Fan Yuqing gasped softly, “This is too gracious coming from you. When can we get start?…”

Liang Ni was laughing jovially as he began to plot of ways to trick her into bed, “Like I say, I am free anytime for you. How about tonight?…”

“Saintess Yuqing?” A handsome young looking man muttered.

Fan Yuqing and Liang Ni saw that it was Grandmaster Yun Xinghe and he had a really ugly expression on his face.

Grandmaster Yun Xinghe waved his clan protégés aside as he asked, “Saintess Yuqing, where are you going? Can I join?”

Fan Yuqing sighed softly, “Not today. I am busy.”

Then she looked happily at Liang Ni, “Shall we go now?”

Liang Ni laughed, “Yes sure.”

And they left behind a disappointed and heartbroken Grandmaster Yun Xinghe who continued to stare at the blank air as he muttered, “Saintess…Yuqing…”

Liang Ni was pleased that the Saintess Yuqing would actually reject Grandmaster Yun Xinghe. This only reinforced his belief that he was more attractive than Yun Xinghe to her.

Unknown to Liang Ni, this was part of the setup that Fan Yuqing and Ye Jing had thought of to get back at Mu Huiyin and Liang Ni. After following Liang Ni for three days, they knew that he would spend the night at Mu Huiyin room before departing before dawn to cultivate for an hour in the back mountains of the Unmoving Mountains. Therefore they picked a convenient excuse and timing for him to chance upon Fan Yuqing.

As Fan Yuqing and Liang Ni walked away, Xuan Danfeng and Feng Minyue who were quietly looking nearby nodded at each other.

They quickly rendezvoused with Ye Jing who said to them, “Mu Huiyin has just finished grooming herself and will be taking a walk. Usually she will meet Tie Nansen, Liang Ni and Qin Tianming. Sometimes Xiaoyao Zi will join them. This is the place where you will likely to chance upon her halfway. Now we need to find an opportune timing to land a hit.”

Feng Minyue and Xuan Danfeng quickly nodded. They knew the route only too well and had already familiarized with it.

Mu Huiyin was quite upset this morning. It was because there was no sight of Liang Ni at the morning tea session. She was not worried about him. In the current fraternity, there was only a few that could really kill him and moreover he was in the safe haven of the Ancient Ascension Sect.

She muttered, “Why didn’t he tell me that he is not coming for the morning tea session? This is so unlike him.”

Just a few hours ago, they were still entwisting in bed together and then he had left for his morning meditation. When he had left, he was still saying that he would be at the morning tea session. But look what happen now?

Just when Mu Huiyin was walking with great frustration through the courtyards of the Ancient Ascension Sect, she was startled to hear the voice of Feng Minyue and Xuan Danfeng floating along the walls, “My dear Sister Minyue, it seems that your Saintess Yuqing has finally found someone that she likes. I even saw them walking together this morning. This Celestial Liang Ni is just so fortunate.”

Feng Minyue replied gently, “Ever since Sister Saintess Yuqing had first caught sight of Celestial Liang Ni, she has been restless. She has really dropped into the ocean of love. Do you know where they are now?”

Xuan Danfeng chuckled, “I saw them heading to the Mythical Lake of Endless Love where the Ascension Dreams Pavilion is.”

Mu Huiyin was stunned as her body shook uncontrollably. She could not believe what she was hearing. She had to find out if that was true.

She hurried her steps to the mountain peak of the Mythical Lake Endless Love. In no time she had reached and was soon gasping with disbelief…

Fan Yuqing was smiling to Liang Ni, “You have a strong body. May I touch your chest?” Ye Jing had flashed the light of a mirror as an indication that Mu Huiyin had reached and this was only the second part of their plan.

Liang Ni laughed, “Of course you can.”

As Fan Yuqing shyly touched his chest with her finger tips, she was looking lovey-dovey at his eyes as she tiptoed to meet his gaze. All of a sudden she gasped as she fell into his embrace, “Ai, I have…accidentally tripped.”

Liang Ni took advantage of the situation to hold her slim waist as he laughed, “No problem at all. I am here to catch you.” He even put the other hand on her butt as he let his fingers accidentally roam the back of her soft curves.

This scene was caught vividly by Mu Huiyin as her beautiful body began to grow cold. All these years she had given him so much and even her body had belonged to him. Even though she was his master and he was his disciple, she had never despised him at all. Although they had never wedded but every night she was like his faithful consort in the bed chamber.

She suppressed her tears and turned away with a broken heart, “Liang Ni, how can you do this to me…”

After Mu Huiyin had turned away, Ye Jing flashed the mirror to indicate that the third part of the plan was completed.

Mu Huiyin was in a daze as she walked slowly to the guest residence that was specially arranged for her to stay.

Soon, she had returned to her room. Immediately after she had closed the door to her room, she began to sob uncontrollably while wailing, “Liang Ni, you’ve promised me that if you can have your master as your lover then in the future you will not look at another maiden again. You are such a big liar. I hate you…”

As she wept, she began to walk tearfully to her bed in the inner chamber. But what she had seen stunned her and she sobbed even more uncontrollably; there was a pile of poop on her bed.

She wept as she collapsed weakly against the wall, “Who is the heartless fellow that did this to me…everyone is bullying me…all these years, I’ve been helping the righteous clans to fight the evil doers…is this my just deserts? Heavens…why must this happen to me…”

That heartless fellow that did it was actually Xiaofang who was acting on the fourth part of the plan. Xiaofang had thrown the poop while Gong Nanyan had kept a lookout.

Mu Huiyin did not know that because she had bullied Fan Yuqing at every turn and even setting up an ambush for her, this was Fan Yuqing way of exacting revenge on her.

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Chapter 96: Danfeng Humiliation

Ye Jing, Fan Yuqing, Xuan Danfeng and Feng Minyue were looking at one another in a room. They were all looking a little awkward and not knowing what to say.

Xuan Danfeng inhaled deeply, flashing a quick smile as she said weakly, “You know what? I am perhaps the most innocent among the four of us. So sisters, anyone mind telling me exactly what is going on? I don’t like to be kept in the dark, you know.”

She looked a little tipsy. That was because she had been drinking the whole night at the banquet. There were many men at the banquet that were toasting drinks to her. It was not wrong to say that she was the most popular person at the banquet. She was like a natural socialite who enjoyed the flirts of others.

It was unusual for a patriarch clan leader of her standing to mingle with people of lower standing. But Xuan Danfeng mingled with everyone else from young masters to elders of the various clans. She was extremely popular. Even after toasting her, there were many men that refused to go and lingered around her.

There were few in the Nine Celestial Fraternity that dared to make an enemy out of Xuan Danfeng. Her loyal fans were basically everywhere. Even Mu Huiyin could only keep her disdainful look for Xuan Danfeng to herself.

Xiaofang had just entered the door and he was startled at the silence. He quietly said, “Maiden Nanyan will be watching outside.”

All of a sudden he was flushing. It was because he could not help but stared at Xuan Danfeng’s white curvy bosom…

Fan Yuqing was the first to break the silence, “Xiaofang, who is this Maiden Nanyan? Is she trustworthy?”

Xuan Danfeng chuckled softly, “Of course she is trustworthy. She is not only my favorite disciple but is also a close aide of our Sister Ye Jing.” She could not resist a wild sneer as she smiled, “They are even dating!”

When Fan Yuqing heard her, her body began to limp coldly as she trembled a little but she coldly smiled, “Is that so? It’s none of my business.”

Then she looked at Ye Jing, “You should be the one that need to be worried.”

Ye Jing giggled softly, “Why should I be? I don’t like him at all.”

Xiaofang: …

Fan Yuqing coolly said, “Actually I was only teasing him back then. I don’t have that kind of a younger preference.”

Xiaofang: …

Xuan Danfeng looked at everyone with some perplexity, “So sisters, we…are not enemies, aren’t we?”

Feng Minyue said, “If we are enemies then we won’t be having a talk here.”

Xuan Danfeng smiled, “Then who will start the talk first? I think all of you owe me a good explanation am I right?”

“Let me start first then.” Ye Jing said as she inhaled a soft sigh.

She exhaled slowly as she said slowly, “The reasons why I’ve become the Goddess Envoy are to help to avert a forthcoming dark divine calamity.”

Slowly she began to recount her reasons for doing so but she omitted the premonition of her death. She had only shared with Gong Nanyan and no one else.

Fan Yuqing nodded slowly, “I’ve already guessed so.”

Xuan Danfeng was staring at Ye Jing, “I’ve heard of this deadly dark calamity that reversed the order of the laws. It had once happened in the lower realm and nearly wiped out all the celestial clans there. That is probably why no one from the lower realm is able to ascend to our realm anymore.”

Ye Jing wanted to tell her that the main reason why the lower realm was sealed off was because of the cultivation methods but she resisted the temptation to say it out. It was because it was really hard to explain it without talking about the involvements of the immortals.

Xuan Danfeng smiled at Fan Yuqing and Feng Minyue, “So I hope that you are not upset anymore with Sister Ye Jing for the offense against your clan?”

Feng Minyue replied coolly, “I am never upset with her.”

Xuan Danfeng smiled weakly, “I have heard that the Heavenly Fragrance Villa has issued a death warrant for her and offering a high bounty for Sister Ye Jing.”

Fan Yuqing smiled as she looked at Feng Minyue, “Let me explain. That is actually just a pretense. I’m sure that Sister Ye Jing already had more than a hundred death warrants on her head. One more from the Heavenly Fragrance Villa doesn’t make any difference, am I right?”

Ye Jing nodded as she inhaled softly, “That is true…”

Xuan Danfeng smiled weakly, “Then you almost have me fooled. I have thought that you have a great enmity with each other.”

Fan Yuqing smiled and suddenly her countenance became solemn, “Actually we are also working on the same common goal to avert this dark calamity. Do you know that I’m the Devil Goddess?”

It was a sudden bombshell upon Xuan Danfeng…

Xuan Danfeng smiles were suddenly frozen as she looked blankly at Fan Yuqing. Then she stole a glance at Ye Jing and Feng Minyue who returned a light nod as they met her glaze.

“This is not possible. It is a joke right?” Xuan Danfeng said awkwardly with a forceful smile.

Fan Yuqing giggled softly, “Have you forgotten how I have hung you upside down in the past and touched your entire body?”

Although Xuan Danfeng white face did not have any colors but her ears were burning red as she said with an awkward expression, “You…”

Two centuries ago, Xuan Danfeng was only an upper golden celestial and had not become a saintess. That incident happened after a banquet. She could not even remember how she had offended the Devil Goddess…

Xuan Danfeng frowned unhappily, “You know that is the greatest humiliation of my life. May I know why you did that to me?” All doubts had dispelled from her mind now that Fan Yuqing was the Devil Goddess. “You have chosen a bad timing to disclose this to me. Now my mood is spoilt.”

She had attended a banquet that was hosted by the Devil Goddess back then. After the banquet had ended, the Devil Goddess had suddenly seized her when she was drunk and hung her upside down a tree…

Fan Yuqing simply said with a hint of flush, “I was just a little envious of the attraction that you are getting. That is all.” She paused for a while before she said, “And a little envy of your assets and wonder how it feels in my hands.”

Xuan Danfeng was totally speechless but she soon lit a smile, “Well since you are willing to admit it then I shall forgive you. Don’t ever do that again. If you want to touch me, you can always come to my room.”

Feng Minyue muttered, “Sister Saintess Danfeng, can you be a little discreet here? We have a man here.”

Xuan Danfeng laughed softly as she looked at Xiaofang and saw that he was flushing with a red face at a corner, “I wonder if Xiaofang likes to touch your big sister here too?”

Ye Jing growled softly, “Sister Danfeng, this is a little unbecoming of your status as a clan leader. Leave Xiaofang out of your jokes.”

Xiaofang said with a weak smile, “It is alright. I don’t mind…”

Ye Jing growled with a soft purr, “Of course you don’t mind. That is because you really want to touch her.”

Xiaofang protested sharply, “Of course not!” His ears had turned really red when he had said that.

Feng Minyue was giggling while Fan Yuqing was laughing softly as she said, “Alright, let’s not tease him anymore.”

All of a sudden Fan Yuqing became solemn as she stared intently at Xuan Danfeng, “Now that you know who I am. You got two ways out. Either you join us or you die.”

Xuan Danfeng looked at everyone as her tipsy body sway, “You…can’t be serious…by joining us, you mean join the group of the Devil Goddess?”

Fan Yuqing snorted lightly as her beautiful eyes turned from Xuan Danfeng to Ye Jing, “I am serious. You will join me as well, as my deputy.”

Ye Jing protested immediately, “No way. I am on a mission for the Goddess Palace. How can I be your deputy?”

Fan Yuqing said firmly, “I am not asking for your Heavenly Decree. You don’t think I do not know? You can keep it and get your rewards later. Do you think that you are a better leader and planner in this great battle?”

Ye Jing muttered with disbelief, “You are a better leader than I? I just saved you from an ambush…”

Fan Yuqing growled, “That isn’t relevant to my superior leadership capabilities, you know.”

Ye Jing suddenly remembered that her godmother the Confession Lady had told her that Yuqing was too lonely in the world and had asked her to help her. After some thought, she looked at her and said, “Alright then, so what our next plan?”

Xuan Danfeng interrupted, “Hey, hey. You are asking me for two choices just now and then you are suddenly talking to Sister Ye Jing…”

Fan Yuqing turned back to Xuan Danfeng and smiled wryly, “You don’t have any choice in this matter. You are with Ye Jing. Now that she is joining me, so you are joining us as well.”

Xuan Danfeng sighed softly as she tapped her head, “How come I have a headache all of a sudden?”

Ye Jing asked curiously, “Since you want us to join, you must have a plan? Tell us about it.”

Fan Yuqing slammed her palm on the table as she proudly proclaimed, “The first part of the plan is to look for that Mu Huiyin and exact vengeance on her.”

Feng Minyue: …

Ye Jing: …

Xuan Danfeng asked, “Huh? What kind of a plan is this?”

Fan Yuqing answered with a soft laugh, “Revenge plan.”

Then she said, “Xiaofang, go get Xuan Danfeng’s disciple in first. Since she is part of Ye Jing’s group, we should at least get to know each other first.”

Xiaofang said quietly as he left the room, “Her name is Gong Nanyan.”

Fan Yuqing frowned lightly after Xiaofang had left the room, “Thanks for reminding me…”

Xiaofang soon returned with Gong Nanyan as he said, “I’ve brought her in now.”

Gong Nanyan performed a curtsy as she entered, “Protégé Mistress, everyone. Gong Nanyan greets all my seniors.”

Feng Minyue nodded and said gently, “Sister Danfeng, I didn’t know that you have such a lovely disciple. Why didn’t you bring her to the Nuer Mountains that time?”

Xuan Danfeng laughed softly, “That’s because I don’t want her to steal all your limelight.”

Gong Nanyan asked, “I wonder what my seniors want from me?”

Fan Yuqing said slowly as she appraised Gong Nanyan, “Indeed you have a superior beauty and is not beneath my Sisters Ye Jing and Feng Minyue here.”

Gong Nanyan looked at Fan Yuqing and said, “Saintess Yuqing must be teasing me. How can I compare to Saintess Jing and Minyue here. I am still lacking their charms.”

Fan Yuqing laughed softly, “Not so lacking when you have already hooked Xiaofang. Your charms will further increase when you have cultivated to the sacred saint level.”

Gong Nanyan lowered her eyes and she was a little afraid. It was because she had heard that Xiaofang had rejected Fan Yuqing previously. Was she settling a score with her?

Fan Yuqing seemed to know what she was thinking and said casually, “Don’t be afraid. From now onward, forget about the formalities between us. We are one group now. You will all listen to my commands.”

Gong Nanyan was startled as she quickly looked at Ye Jing and Xuan Danfeng who nodded in return.

Xuan Danfeng could not resist heaving a soft sigh, “Poor me. I didn’t even have a choice…”

Ye Jing was smiling, “Before that, can we know what going on at the banquet first? It seems that our Sister Saintess Yuqing is pretty annoyed after the banquet.”

Fan Yuqing: …

Xuan Danfeng said almost incoherently, “These lecherous men…they offer me toast after toast…”

Feng Minyue smiled, “It seems that Sister Saintess Danfeng is a little drunk to explain. Let me do the sharing then. It is like this…”

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Chapter 95: Yuqing Vengeance 

Late at night after the banquet had just ended…

Fan Yuqing cursed softly as she dressed herself in black and put on a black veil, “I’m going to make this Mu Huiyin pays for her impertinence.” She was now dressed wholly in black except for her beautiful golden eyes.

Feng Minyue murmured softly as she shook her head, “Sister Saintess, it is too dangerous. You should stay in your room. Your opponent is a saintess and that Liang Ni seems like a formidable fellow even though he is only a golden celestial level cultivator.”

Fan Yuqing nodded as she smiled wryly, “Indeed. That Liang Ni is indeed a formidable fellow. I will say that even you won’t be his match.”

Feng Minyue reached out her tender white hand and caught Fan Yuqing’s slim waist, “Don’t go please. This Mu Huiyin seems to know your weakness very well…”

Fan Yuqing chuckled softly behind her black veil as her eyes twitched, “Don’t worry. I will be back soon. I just want to teach her a little lesson. I just can’t stand the way that she keeps pinpointing at me during the banquet. This is so infuriating! I am just going to throw poop on her bed then I’ll be back.”

With that she had exited the room via the window.

Feng Minyue sighed softly as she looked forlornly at where she had exited. Her feelings for Fan Yuqing were really complex. She was willing to help her to bear the burden of becoming the Golden mask Devil Goddess and even partake in her secret schemes. But did her Sister Saintess Yuqing really understand what she really wants from her?

Fan Yuqing had quietly reached the residence where Mu Huiyin was and was now quietly observing from the roof top for any movements.

The starry heavens above were beautiful and there were more stars that could be observed from the Unmoving Mountains than anywhere else. That was why the Unmoving Mountains was also called the primary mountain of the Nine Celestial Fraternity.

Fan Yuqing muttered softly as she recalled this one time opponent of hers, “Mu Huiyin…”

This Mu Huiyin was from the Listening Rhythm Pavilion, a celestial clan that was actually located in the Unmoving Mountains. Although it was a small celestial clan that had no more than ten protégés, it had a long and illustrious history. It was even part of the Ancient Ascension Sect in the past and even today, it was closely allied with the Ancient Ascension Sect.

Mu Huiyin and Liang Ni were actually a couple and not just any ordinary companion. Not many in the celestial fraternity were actually aware of it. But Fan Yuqing knew of their forbidden master and disciple secret.

As she crept and secretly watched at the rooftop, she was half-expecting to find Liang Ni in her room and they were entwisting their lustful bodies together. However, this was not the case.

The candle lights of the room were burning brightly and the lone shadowy figure of Mu Huiyin could clearly be seen behind the thinly veiled curtains of the room.

Fan Yuqing thought, “Oh? She is actually alone. That Liang Ni isn’t in her room? Tonight must be my lucky day…”

All of a sudden she was alarmed when she sensed someone moving silently behind her.

With an extremely quick agility, she had already flashed quietly into the darkness but her pursuer was also quick and was following her.

Fan Yuqing could not believe that there was someone that could match her speed. Just as she was coldly calculating her next steps, the intruder whispered. “Sister Saintess Yuqing, wait for your Sister Ye Jing.”

Fan Yuqing stopped in her tracks and laughed softly, “Oh? I wonder who that is. So it is Sister Ye Jing. So what happens to your eyes?”

Ye Jing smiled as she pulled off her veil, revealing her pearly white teeth. “I tell you later. Sister Saintess Yuqing, you shouldn’t have come here.”

Fan Yuqing giggled softly as she pulled off her veil, “If the notorious Ye Jing can be here, why I can’t be here? How do you know that this is me?”

Ye Jing smiled faintly as she whispered, “I can sense your faint aura. You should know by now that my senses are pretty sharp.”

Fan Yuqing smiled, “Indeed. So you want to fight me here? The Devil Goddess versus the Goddess Envoy?”

Ye Jing shook her head as she whispered, “Do you know that there is an ambush waiting for you? That Mu Huiyin has conspired with Liang Ni, Qin Tianming and Tie Nansen and they are waiting inside for you.”

Fan Yuqing frowned lightly, “Don’t tell me that you have been spying at them the whole night?”

Ye Jing nodded, “That’s right.”

Fan Yuqing sighed softly, “It seems that they know my weakness all too well…”

Ye Jing smiled, “Don’t worry. They don’t know your true identity yet. I have overheard them saying, if the Devil Goddess is hiding in the banquet hall then she will surely seek out Mu Huiyin after the banquet had ended. For now, they are only suspecting you.”

Fan Yuqing smiled wryly, “To think that I’ve almost fallen into their carefully laid trap.”

Ye Jing laughed softly, “You seem to have made some powerful enemies. Why don’t we talk first? In my room?”

Fan Yuqing looked deeply at Ye Jing before she quietly nodded. Giving a soft sigh, she said. “Let me get Feng Minyue too.”

Ye Jing nodded slightly as she whispered, “I get Xuan Danfeng too.”

Fan Yuqing exhaled a sigh before she asked, “So how is Xiaofang? Is he well?”

Ye Jing smiled wryly, “Well, he just had a bad fall but he will be alright. A fall is nothing to a golden celestial. Moreover even if he had a fall, with his healing focus ability, he will surely be fine.”

Fan Yuqing could not resist a smile, “Why is it that I have this feeling that the fall is caused by you?”

Ye Jing chuckled, “That because it is really caused by me. Come with me.”

Fan Yuqing whispered after her, “Wait. Let me get Minyue to join us too.”

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Chapter 94: The Treacherous Banquet

In the banquet hall, the Ascension Master Tie Nansen had just finished toasting the celestials of the Nine Celestial Fraternity as he said, “We are so honored for everyone to come here today.”

Then he raised his voice mightily, “To our victory against the Devil Isle!”

Divine Lord Xiaoyao Zi sighed as he interrupted, “Although we are here against the Devil Isle but shouldn’t we discuss plans to handle the Goddess Palace and the Golden Mask Devil Goddess as well?”

When he said that, there were quite a number of mutterings from the attendees. It was because the Goddess Envoy Ye Jing and the Devil Goddess had attacked their clans in recent months, causing them to suffer grievous losses.

Divine Lord Xiaoyao Zi stood up and said with an ugly expression, “As many of you have already known, my Divine Dream Monarchy was first attacked by the Goddess Palace and then by the Devil Goddess. I have not only lost my celestial clan inheritance the Divine Dream Sword but also our Thousand Year Nirvana Fire Pill to the Devil Goddess. Eight of our golden celestials as well as numerous protégés of the Divine Dream Monarchy are still nursing their injuries. Therefore, I plead with the Ascension Master for justice against the evildoers!”

There were numerous calls for blood and vengeance.

“That’s right!”

“We can’t let these evil deeds be done over with. We must exact vendetta for our clan honor!”

“Ye Jing and the Goddess Palace are too much…”

“The Devil Goddess is too outrageous….”

“I was almost killed by the Devil Goddess…”

When Ascension Master Tie Nansen saw the mood of the attendees, he replied without hesitation. “Naturally we have to take care of the Devil Goddess and Ye Jing as well…”

There was a soft laughter from Xuan Danfeng, “I do agree that Ye Jing and the Devil Goddess are both threats but how do we find them? Unlike the Devil Isle that is already on their way here with an army of dark heretic clans, we have absolutely no idea where they are. How do we act against an invisible foe?”

Ascension Master Tie Nansen smiled weakly, “This…”

Xuan Danfeng glanced at everyone, “Or anyone here has a good opinion on how we should fight against the Goddess Palace and the Devil Goddess?”

Elder Zhou Hai of the Divine Sovereign Clan spoke out as he secretly glanced at Yun Chen and Lin Wucheng, “The Devil Goddess is not someone we can belittle. Have you all forgotten what had happened two centuries ago?”

Mu Huiyin of the Listening Rhythm Pavilion curled her lips as she said coldly, “What is so scary about this Devil Goddess? She may be formidable but she is still defeated by me. It is just that I’ve never expected that she will still dare to make a comeback after all these years. She must have a death wish!”

A golden celestial who was seating next to her laughed as well, “If she dares to come then this time we will make sure that she leaves behind no bones.” This golden celestial was heavily build and was bigger size than anyone else in the hall. His name was Liang Ni and he practiced the Thirteen Extreme Body Tempering Martials. He was well known to be a companion to Mu Huiyin.

Fan Yuqing frowned lightly as she looked at him. He was also one of those that had forced her to jump off the cliff. His Thirteen Extreme Body Tempering Martials was impervious to all her unarmed arts. Even his protective profound aura was twice as strong as a peaked sacred saint and he was mostly impervious to weapons as well. This guy was really difficult to deal with…

All of a sudden Fan Yuqing got a slight shiver when she noticed that Qin Tianming the prodigy kid had been staring at her since she had arrived. It was like there were no others but her in the hall and that he was waiting to swallow her up, leaving nothing but bones behind.

Mu Huiyin suddenly curled a sly smile as she looked at Fan Yuqing, “I have heard that the Saintess Yuqing had fought hard against the Devil Isle. Not only is she a beautiful saintess but she is also a heroine. Let me give you a toast.”

Fan Yuqing gave a faint smile as she returned a toast but she was secretly cursing her, “You are so beautiful as well. I wonder how I should I address you?”

Mu Huiyin smiled, “You may address me as Saintess Huiyin. Look at how careless I am, I’ve forgotten that Saintess Yuqing is from the Heavenly Temple and isn’t familiar with many faces here. I wonder if the number one heroine in the fraternity will be able to advise us on how to cope with the Devil Goddess and your former Sister Ye Jing?”

Fan Yuqing smiled weakly, “I dare not advise my seniors recklessly. I am only here because of the invitation of the Ascension Master and hope to lend my puny contribution against the Devil Isle.”

Mu Huiyin laughed softly, “Is that so? That’s wonderful.”

Then she looked at everyone, “I do have a suggestion to deal with Ye Jing. Does everyone like to know?”

Ascension Master Tie Nansen laughed, “If Saintess Mu Huiyin has an idea that we will certainly be glad to know.”

All the celestials in the banquet hall were now looking at Saintess Mu Huiyin with eager anticipations and loud mutterings!

Mu Huiyin smiled, “It is really simple. We all know that Saintess Yuqing here used to be a former sister of Ye Jing. Why don’t we spread a rumor that Saintess Yuqing has taken her consort mother to the Ancient Ascension Sect? Then we can lure Ye Jing out.”

Fan Yuqing, Xuan Danfeng and Feng Minyue: …

Divine Lord Xiaoyao Zi asked, “But we have heard that Ye Jing is cruel enough to destroy her own clan. How do we know that she didn’t kill her consort mother when she destroyed her clan? And why should she even save her consort mother from us?”

Mu Huiyin laughed softly, “Do you think that it is such a coincidence that Ye Jing will destroy her own clan just before she becomes a Goddess Envoy? I say that it is more likely that she does that to protect her family. As far as I’ve known, she is extremely close to her birth mother and will never hurt her.”

Fan Yuqing was silently cursing, “What a despicable plan. First she makes use of my name to create an irreconcilable difference between Ye Jing and me then she uses the Ancient Ascension Sect as her foothold. This is really killing three birds with one stone.”

Ascension Master Tie Nansen was praising loudly, “This sound like a good plan and no harm trying…”

Fan Yuqing smiled and said, “Since this involves me, may I have a word first?”

Ascension Master Tie Nansen smiled broadly, “Naturally. Maybe Saintess Yuqing can even improve upon the idea.”

Fan Yuqing gave a faint smile before she sighed, “I don’t oppose to this plan but you mustn’t use my name in this matter.”

When everyone had heard her, they were startled and were muttering the ‘why’ question.

Even Ascension Master Tie Nansen and the various patriarch leaders were looking at her curiously. It was because they had all thought that this was a workable idea to go along with.

Fan Yuqing explained softly, “I don’t mind my personal reputation. After all the Goddess Palace is our common enemy as well but I can’t allow the reputation of the Heavenly Temple to be sullied like this. Not only will the Heavenly Temple be displeased when they got word of this, I will also be severely punished by the Heavenly Temple. Therefore I can’t go along with this. Moreover, Ye Jing may have already considered about this fact and may not believe the rumor.”

She then smiled at Saintess Mu Huiyin, “It is far simpler to say that her consort mother is captured by Saintess Mu Huiyin and Celestial Liang Ni. After all, the credits belong to them for thinking of such a wonderful idea.”

Xuan Danfeng laughed, “I totally agree with this.”

Feng Minyue nodded, “I am in agreement with that as well.”

Grandmaster Yun Xinghe who had wanted to get into Saintess Yuqing good books clapped his hand on the table and said aloud, “I agree with Saintess Yuqing.”

Fan Yuqing was actually appreciative of Yun Xinghe as she returned a smile to him. This caused Grandmaster Yun Xinghe to be extremely delighted…

Divine Lord Xiaoyao Zi who was desperate for any ideas to get back at Ye Jing said, “Let’s do it then.”

Ascension Master Tie Nansen nodded and said aloud, “We shall spread the word to bait Ye Jing then. If she doesn’t come before the congregation with the Devil Isle then we shall execute her consort mother.”

The majority of the attendees began to praise Tie Nansen and Mu Huiyin for initiating the plans to deal with Ye Jing.

While everyone was in praise of the plans, Fan Yuqing and Mu Huiyin were staring coldly at each other…

Divine Lord Xiaoyao Zi raised his voice to ask, “What about the Devil Goddess? She is a major threat two centuries ago. What shall we do to deal with her? Have you forgotten that we once live under her shadow two centuries ago?”

When he had mentioned the Devil Goddess, the expressions on many of the clan leaders were ugly. Many of them had suffered in her hands two centuries ago and quite a few of them had also suffered in her hands in the recent months.

Everyone was muttering with their own discussions…

“The Devil Goddess is as much as a threat compare to the Devil Isle and the Goddess Palace…”

“While we are fighting openly with the Devil Isle, there is an invisible dagger on our back…”

“We ought to remove this looming threat…”

“I wonder who the Devil Goddess is…”

“For making her comeback, is she more formidable than in the past?”

Mu Huiyin smiled, “The Devil Goddess is even easier to be dealt with.”

Everyone was startled as they looked at Mu Huiyin, “Is it?”

Mu Huiyin laughed softly, “Although the Devil Goddess is formidable but she does have one major weakness. That is, she is too easy to be taunted. All we need to do is to issue her a taunting challenge and she will surely come. For example, we can have Saintess Yuqing issuing her a challenge for a duel right here at the Unmoving Mountains. If she doesn’t come then she is just a cowardly bitch.”

Fan Yuqing: …

Feng Minyue: …

Tie Nansen thoughtfully said, “Come to think of that, you are right. There weren’t any challenges that the Devil Goddess would not take in the past. It is because she thinks that her martial arts are peerless in the fraternity. We can have Saintess Yuqing to issue the challenge…”

Fan Yuqing almost exploded from rage within her as she cursed silently, “This Mu Huiyin, why is that all her actions are directed at me?!”

Tie Nansen smiled as he looked at Saintess Yuqing, “I wonder if Saintess Yuqing is willing to help us in issuing the challenge?”

Fan Yuqing said coldly as she gave a light frown as her eyes twitched, “Am I the only celestial expert around here? I have heard that Saintess Mu Huiyin had fought with the Devil Goddess in the past. She probably knows her weakness more than me.”

Mu Huiyin smiled, “That won’t do. Saintess Yuqing, you may not know this. The Devil Goddess has a rule that she has set and that is she won’t duel with anyone that she had defeated before. Unfortunately for me, I had once lost to her in a one to one duel.”

Tie Nansen sighed, “That’s right. If not, I would be the first to challenge her right away!”

Fan Yuqing smiled weakly as she cursed herself for such a stupid rule. But she quickly replied, “In that case, I will help.”

Mu Huiyin laughed softly, “If the Devil Goddess dares not even turn up to fight the Saintess Yuqing then I would say that she does not deserve any respect from us anymore.”

Fan Yuqing: …

Tie Nansen laughed jovially as he offered a toast to Fan Yuqing and then he raised his wine goblet to everyone, “If we are united then nothing can oppose our righteousness! A toast to all the heroes and heroines of the fraternity!”

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Chapter 93: Outside the Banquet Hall

When Fan Yuqing was musing that Ye Jing would be courting her own death if she dared to come to the Ancient Ascension Sect, she and Gong Nanyan were already hiding out of sight from everyone as they quietly observed those that had entered the banquet hall.

Ye Jing was smiling weakly, “There are so many celestial experts that have gathered here. I guess that we don’t even need to show up and the Devil Isle will be promptly defeated.”

Gong Nanyan corrected softly, “There is still the Golden Mask Devil Goddess. We don’t know who she is and what her purpose is yet. She has been rampaging through the Nine Celestial Fraternity and causing a lot of troubles in recent months. Maybe she was sent by the Devil Isle to create havoc.”

Ye Jing smiled bitterly as she thought, “It is better that I don’t tell her who the Devil Goddess really is.”

She knew that Fan Yuqing was the Devil Goddess. It seemed like she was the one that had provoked Fan Yuqing to become the Devil Goddess after she had stormed the Heavenly Fragrance Villa.

They had already been at the Ancient Ascension Sect for several days now. It was all too easy for them to sneak inside with Xuan Danfeng’s protection. There were simply too many celestial practitioners that were visiting the Ancient Ascension Sect and it was impossible to check every carriage.

Once they had got in, Xuan Danfeng had secretly arranged a few rooms for them by registering them as ‘leadership’ of the Sky Sword Pavilion. There were four rooms that they had taken. The Celestial Liege and the Confession Lady shared a room, Luo Bihua and Li’Er shared a room, Xiaofang and Chu Yunfeng shared a room while Gong Nanyan and Ye Jing shared a room.

With Xuan Danfang’s amicable personality, the stewards of the Ancient Ascension Sect was only too eager to please her every request.

In the past few days alone, Ye Jing was secretly startled at the astonishing number of highly attained celestials that she could sense with her divine sense. Because of that, she did not even dare to step out of her room.

Now that there was a banquet that was being held in honor of all the important leaders of the righteous celestial clans, Ye Jing felt that this was a golden opportunity for her to take note of the possible celestial experts that were making their appearances here.

Fan Yuqing was the last person to enter the banquet hall. Before she had entered the banquet hall, she had titled her head with a faint smile in the direction that Ye Jing and Gong Nanyan were hiding. This little act had startled them for they had thought that they were seen by her.

But Ye Jing quickly shook her head, “At our distance, it is impossible for her to see us. This is supposed to be the best position to spy without getting seen.”

Gong Nanyan whispered, “She may not see us but she may know that our direction may be the best position to watch the banquet hall. Some people have this type of innate ability to find the best position. This Fan Yuqing, she is really beautiful. I doubt that there will be any men that can reject her advances.”

Ye Jing laughed softly, “Well there is. Our Xiaofang has previously rejected her advances.”

Gong Nanyan: ….

As they continued to watch the banquet hall for some time, Xiaofang had also leapt next to them as he bended over on the tree top.

He asked as he squeezed between the two of them, “I wonder what they are discussing in the hall?”

Ye Jing could feel the warm that was from Xiaofang as he grabbed onto her waist to keep his balance.  Ye Jing was flushing lightly as she snorted lightly, “Stop squeezing. There isn’t space for you here.”

She was not the only one that Xiaofang had grabbed. He also had his other hand on Gong Nanyan’s waist as he tried to balance himself. This caused Gong Nanyan to flush lightly as well.

This tree was tall, almost 20m in height. Xiaofang’s lightless skills were not as good as Gong Nanyan or Ye Jing. If he had not attained the Traverse Divinity or practiced the Floating Snowfall which was the lightless skill of the Lofty Snow Palace, he probably could not even climb up this tall tree that had little branches except for the top.

Xiaofang innocently replied, “I can squeeze in. I’m thin enough.”

Ye Jing sighed softly, “That isn’t the point…”

Even Gong Nanyan was nodding lightly but either of the two maidens had the heart to actually tell Xiaofang to shoo off.

Xiaofang asked again, “Hmm, what do you think that they are discussing?”

Ye Jing replied softly, “Nothing good for sure. Probably how to deal with the Devil Isle, us or the Devil Goddess. What else.”

She then asked, “How about the formation arrays here? Have you found a way to break it?”

Xiaofang smiled bitterly, “It is exactly as you’ve said. Many of the defensive and offensive arrays here are etched within the palace premises. Even if I can reach the array core, I don’t think I can break it without causing a lot of disturbances. Moreover these places are all heavily guarded. I was almost discovered. Luckily, I move away quickly enough.”

Ye Jing smiled faintly, “You don’t need to break the array core. You can try to dismantle the spirit array with some skillful manipulation.”

Xiaofang grinned, “Jing’Er, I am not a master of arrays. Even if I am a master, this won’t be easy. Also studies of arrays may take decades and I am young. Why don’t you do it? You have better spirit sense than me.”

Ye Jing laughed softly. That was actually a tease from her. Of course she knew that it was impossible for Xiaofang to dismantle the formidable large sect arrays of the Ancient Ascension Sect. Even if a grandmaster of array was here, it was certainly impossible for him to do so. It was because the sect arrays of the Ancient Ascension Sect were the result of the improvements and accumulations of all the most powerful celestials over the thousands of years.

Xiaofang knew that Ye Jing was only teasing him and that was why he was grinning.

Ye Jing rebuked him with a smile, “Waaa, you even know how to talk back to me nowadays. Where did you learn it from? Don’t tell me you’ve picked up all these badass behavior at the Lofty Snow Palace?”

Gong Nanyan had a slight flush as she whispered, “Sister Jing, you are teasing your sister again. He…he is already a badass guy even before he had come to the Lofty Snow Palace.”

Xiaofang protested weakly, “I am not…”

Ye Jing laughed softly, “He is a badass even before I’ve met him. Sister Nanyan, be sure you don’t get cheated by him in the future. I’ve already dug myself a hole with him.”

Gong Nanyan: ….

Xiaofang: …

Xiaofang tried to change the topic, “It seems that this time round it won’t be easy for the Devil Isle. No matter how I see it, there is no way for them to handle such overwhelming odds. I’ve heard that even the two reclusive guardians of the Ancient Ascension Sect have also returned to lend a helping hand.”

Ye Jing nodded, “Yes, they are indeed formidable. There are many renowned legends about them. Even Fan Yuqing is also in the banquet hall. It won’t be easy to handle them.”

Xiaofang asked curiously, “She is also here? Where is she?”

All of a sudden he froze for he noticed that Ye Jing and Gong Nanyan were looking at him with a weird look.

Gong Nanyan said icily, “You seem particularly interested in knowing where she is. Your ex-lover is inside the hall now. She is indeed lovely. I’ve heard that you have rejected her advances in the past.”

Xiaofang immediately protested, “No, that is not what I mean…” But before he could finish, he was kicked down from the tree by both Ye Jing and Gong Nanyan.

Ye Jing could be heard saying as he fell down with a hard crash, “Men are like animals…”

Gong Nanyan agreed heartily, “Especially young men that aren’t eighteen.”

Just as Xiaofang was about to climb up the tree again, Ye Jing remarked. “He is going to climb up like a monkey again.”

Gong Nanyan sighed, “His hands are more like flurry spiders to me…”

Xiaofang had a weak smile on his countenance as he whispered desperately, “Let me up alright? If I am caught then I will pinpoint them to you….”

“No honor at all…”


“You are not allowed to come to our room tonight…”

Xiaofang: …

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Chapter 92: Patriarch Clans Meeting/ 宗门大会

The Unmoving Mountains was the most majestic of all the mountain ranges in the entire Nine Celestial Fraternity. There were more than ten celestial clans were situated in the three hundred mountains of the Unmoving Mountains and the most powerful of these celestial clans were the Ancient Ascension Sect.

The Ancient Ascension Sect was now buzzing with activities.

Almost all the major clans were in attendance at the Unmoving Mountains, some were even here three months earlier that the six months deadline.

As all the patriarch clans had already gathered at the Ancient Ascension Sect, the Ascension Master Tie Nansen who was also the clan leader decided to hold a banquet for the Patriarch clan leaders, leaders of the celestial clans and all the Golden Celestials that had gathered.

The mood of the banquet was actually jovial compared to the depressing mood that almost everyone had felt before they had arrived at the Unmoving Mountains. It was because there were many celestial clans that had fallen victims to the Devil Isle, the Goddess Palace and the Devil Goddess.

As many as three hundred thousand cultivators had gathered at the Unmoving Mountains. Among them were at least three hundred Golden Celestials. Out of these three hundred over Golden Celestials, there were at least ten Golden Celestials who had attained to the sacred saint level.

With such a formidable strength that had gathered here, no one believed that a repeat of what happened at the Nuer Mountains would happen again. Moreover, deadly formations and arrays had already been arranged at the premises of the Ancient Ascension Sect. If the Devil Isle did come then they may be courting their own deaths.

At least, that was what everyone was thinking as their depressing moods become jovial again.

One of the hottest topics that everyone at the banquet was discussing was that the Holy Citadel City was no longer a patriarch clan anymore and had even quickly fallen into a third rate small influence. As a matter of fact, several second tier celestial clans that were formerly in her domain was now fighting to be elevated as a first tier patriarch clan to replace the Holy Citadel City.

When everyone had discussed the Holy Citadel City, they would surely discuss Ye Jing with either a hateful or a pitiful expression.

“She has a peerless beauty that can surpass the Heavenly Fragrance Princess Feng Minyue. Unfortunately she has chosen to betray the patriarch clan alliances and had even destroyed her own clan to join the Goddess Palace as the Goddess Envoy.”

“We’ve thought that she is a heroine when she helps us to deal with the Devil Isle…”

“Maybe she is jealous of the beauty of the Saintess Yuqing?”

When everyone talked about Ye Jing, they could not help talking about the Saintess Yuqing and her many feats that were performed against the Devil Isle.

“Although the Saintess Yuqing comes with Ye Jing but I’ve heard that she is actually the high priestess of the Heavenly Temple. Therefore she is not involved in any of Ye Jing’s despicable schemes.”

“This Saintess Yuqing is not only a Great Saintess but her beauty is also like a heavenly goddess. If you can just have a look at her then you know that it is not just her extraordinary beautiful looks alone that is so mesmerizing but there is something divine that is emanating from her that made her stood up…”

“But you know that the Saintess Yuqing had rejected Young Master Yuan Chengzhi and she herself was rejected by Dugu Fang…”

“What? There is actually a fool that will reject the Saintess Yuqing…”

When everyone was talking about the Saintess Yuqing, they could not help discussing about Dugu Fang, the young lad who wielded an immortal sword.

“I wonder what his actual background is…”

“Do you remember that there is a masked man that makes a commotion in the Holy Citadel City nearly two years ago? He had appeared with an immortal sword as well. They may well be the same person.”

“At first I’ve thought that Dugu Fang is on our side and isn’t involved with Ye Jing. But I am so wrong. Have you heard what happened at the Divine Dream Monarchy? She was trapped by the Celestial Annihilation Star Array and would be done over with if it was not his appearance. He had actually saved Ye Jing. If they are not on the same side then this doesn’t make sense at all…”

There were many other gossips as well like how the Golden Mask Devil Goddess had made her comeback after she was missing for 200 years. There were some debates whether the current Golden Mask Devil Goddess was actually the real one or just an imitator.

Another hot gossip was that the Devil Isle had consolidated all the dark heretic clans under a single rule and was now moving toward the Unmoving Mountains with an unprecedented might.

Regardless, a final battle between the light and the darkness were inevitable!

The Ascension Master Tie Nansen was now raising his wine goblet in a slow gesture as he toasted the eight patriarch leaders that were seating the nearest to him, “Leaders of the patriarch clans, the Ancient Ascension Sect is glad that you are all here to lend us a helping hand. We shall avenge the humiliations that we have suffered and cleansed it with the blood of our enemies!”

The two most important patriarch leaders that he had toasted first were Grandmaster Yuan Tianba of the Divine Sovereign Clan and the newly appointed Grandmaster Yuan Xinghe of the Celestial Sword Clan. These were the leaders of the upper patriarch clans.

Next were the Divine Lord Xiaoyao Zi of the Divine Dream Monarchy, Palace Mistress Xuan Danfeng of the Lofty Snow Palace and Grandmaster Lu Shi of the Heavenly Path Manor.

The expression on Divine Lord Xiaoyao Zi was dark as he returned a toast to the Ascension Master Tie Nansen compared to the cheerful and amicable countenances that were on the Palace Mistress Xuan Danfeng.

Tie Nansen could not help but took a few glances more at Xuan Danfeng and even returned a cool smile at her. Even when he had turned his head away from her, he was still recalling her vixen smiles and her exposed snowy white curved bosoms.

As for Grandmaster Lu Shi, he had a fierce look and looked formidable but Tie Nansen actually despised him in his heart. It was because he did nothing and contributed nothing when he was at the Nuer Mountains. This guy simply wanted all the respect but he was reluctant to risk himself.

Next he offered a toast to the Heavenly Fragrance Princess Feng Minyue from the Heavenly Fragrance Villa and to the Holy Lord Qian Ni of the Great Righteous Manor.

His eyes quickly glanced over the Holy Lord Qian Ni. There was nothing holy or righteous about this Qian Ni. There were also no contributions from him while they were at the Nuer Mountains. As a matter of fact, he was one of the first to surrender too. But he was at least tolerant to him because the Great Righteous Manor was one of the smallest patriarch clans.

His toast lingered for a while when he was glancing at Feng Minyue. It was because she was the renowned number one peerless beauty of the Nine Celestial Fraternity. Although Feng Minyue had vibrant colors on her countenances and there was an invisible glow on her that made her enticing to men, she was too lofty and icy.

When Tie Nansen raised his wine goblet to her, she merely fluttered her eyes while raising the wine goblet. There was not a word less or more from her. Compared to Xuan Danfeng, they were like the heavens and the earth. One was so warm and one was so icy.

But still, he could imagine how beautiful her moans were if he was able to bed her.

Tie Nansen smiled at Feng Minyue, “I have heard that the Saintess Yuqing has come with you on this trip. She isn’t here with you?”

Feng Minyue answered coolly, “Sister Saintess Yuqing is a little shy for such a big occasion. Moreover, she is just an autonomous celestial and this is a leadership banquet for all the celestial clans.”

Tie Nansen quickly said, “As long as they are Golden Celestials and clan leaders, they will surely be invited. This banquet will not be the same without Saintess Yuqing attending.”

The eight hundred clan leaders and Golden Celestials that were presented were all muttering aloud and lamenting that the Saintess Yuqing was not presented.

Feng Minyue gave a soft sigh before she said indifferently, “Then may I request that my Sister Saintess Yuqing has a seat next to me?”

Tie Nansen roared with laughter, “Of course! Look at me. This is a great oversight. I have forgotten that the Saintess Yuqing is actually an autonomous celestial.”

Xuan Danfeng laughed softly, “Although I may not be as close to my Sister Saintess Yuqing as my Sister Saintess Minyue here, she is after all still my close sister. She can have a seat next to me…”

Grandmaster Yun Xinghe could not help adding, “I welcome the Saintess Yuqing to have a seat of honor next to me.” After Yun Xinghe had lost to Young Master Yuan Chengzhi, he had not forgotten about the Saintess Yuqing. Now that he had taken the seat of power, he felt that perhaps this time round she was now more willing to accept his love. After all, he was now like an ascending dragon and the domain lord of hundreds of celestial clans.

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi who was seating next to Grandmaster Yuan Tianba was smiling bitterly but he did not say anything. It was because he had already found the love of his love and that was Jiang Shufei. At this moment, he was thinking of her as she waited in the room for him. As this was a leadership banquet, therefore only the clan leaders, important figures and Golden Celestials were invited.

Although Young Master Yuan Chengzhi was not a Golden Celestial yet, he was after all still the young master of the powerful Divine Sovereign Clan and therefore he was invited to this banquet.

“No need. I can sit with Sister Saintess Minyue.” It was the Saintess Yuqing. She was now standing at the entrance as her alluring and mesmerizing eyes looked at everyone in the banquet hall.

Immediately everyone was gasping at the sight of this heavenly goddess that had suddenly appeared. It was as though she was looking at them simultaneously, causing men and women to become flustered. How could anyone be so divinely beautiful?

“She is finally here…”

“She is none other than the Saintess Yuqing…”

“She is a Great Saintess. Her cultivation level is that of a peaked sacred saint!”

“She is simply too breathtaking…”

Although there were many that had recognized her previously, they could not help thinking that this was actually the first time that they were seeing her and they were all staring at her whether they like it or not…

Even Zhou Hai, Yun Chen and Lin Wucheng who had only recently met her for the Devil Goddess feast were all looking at her as though this was their first time seeing her…

Fan Yuqing giggled a soft laugh, “What? Why is everyone looking at me like this? This saintess here pays my respect to everyone. Please accept my apologies for coming late. My name is Yu 雨for rain and Qing 晴for clear sky. After the rain, there will be sunshine. This is the meaning of my namesake.” Her original name was actually Yu 羽for feather and Qin 亲for intimate, meaning as intimate as the cozy feathers.

When Fan Yuqing had seated herself next to Feng Minyue, almost all the men were feeling hot as they stared at the company of Fan Yuqing, Feng Minyue and Xuan Danfeng.

There were many who were in the banquet hall that was thinking; if Ye Jing was presented then this would really be the gathering of the four beauties of the Nine Celestial Fraternity!

Xuan Danfeng was smiling delightfully, “My dear Sister Saintess Yuqing, it is so great to see you here. Where have you been for the past several months?”

Fan Yuqing was smiling angelically, “Sister Saintess Danfeng, I have been wandering for the past few months. So how have you been as well?”

Xuan Danfeng laughed, “I’m good.”

What they did not know was that Fan Yuqing had discreetly swept her glances through all the celestial experts in the banquet hall. There were indeed many crouching tigers and hidden dragons presented. Many of them had forcefully exited their secret seclusion to aid their clans in this final battle with the Devil Isle.

She could actually identify half of them such as Ancestor Yuan from the Divine Sovereign Clan, Qin Tianming the prodigy kid from the Spirit Banner Clan and Mu Huiyin a Great Saintess from the Listening Rhythm Pavilion. These celestial experts may not necessary be from the patriarch clans or had a leadership position.

She was particularly cautious of Qin Tianming the prodigy kid from the Spirit Banner Clan. Although Qin Tianming was an 800 year old sacred saint but he looked like a young lad. In fact, he looked no older than Xiaofang. This mean that he had attained as an immortal celestial at a young age and his potential was actually quite profound. The older the look of a Golden Celestial, the lower their potential was.

It was not to say that Fan Yuqing, Feng Minyue and Xuan Danfeng were the most beautiful here. Mu Huiyin was equally astonishing in her beauty. Moreover she was also a peaked saintess that had long entered seclusion.

There was a hint of hatred in Fan Yuqing’s eyes as she looked at Mu Huiyin. It was because 200 years ago, she was one of those that had chased her down the cliff after she was mortally wounded by Celestial Yuehua.

In 200 years, the cultivation level of many of her enemies had actually grown!

Fan Yuqing was musing, “Ye Jing, Ye Jing. If you dare to come here then you are simply courting your own death!”

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Chapter 91: Road with Xuan Danfeng

The Unmoving Mountains was where the most powerful of the nine patriarch clans the Ancient Ascension Sect was situated. From their base at the peak of the Unmoving Mountains, the Ancient Ascension Sect extended its influences over hundreds of celestial clans that were within its domain of influence.

At this moment the Lofty Snow Palace was leading tens of celestial clans from her domain into the vast domain of the Ancient Ascension Sect. The number of protégés that had gathered together numbered twenty three thousands.

Usually when such a number was gathered near the domain of a rival clan, it would only mean a war. However this time, the Lofty Snow Palace was being cordially invited to gather as many celestial experts as they could to aid the Ancient Ascension Sect.

A beautiful and stirring lady in white was leading this large group to the Unmoving Mountains. She was none other than Xuan Danfeng the Palace Mistress of the Lofty Snow Palace.

At this moment she was laughing jovially with the twenty clan leaders of her domain as they traveled on the road together. Although she had many things to worry within her heart, she did not allow it to show. That had always been her style of handling her issues. Secretly, she was anxious for her protégé disciple Gong Nanyan and wondered where she was now.

The many lecherous clan leaders were looking at her beautiful and full curved figure when all of a sudden a slim and beautiful maiden in light blue had approached gracefully. She was very white, just like Xuan Danfeng. When she was neared Xuan Danfeng, she raised her golden eyes to address Xuan Danfeng, “Protégé mistress…”

All the clan leaders were startled by her sudden appearance. This maiden was extremely beautiful and like a forbidden fairy. Although they had been on the road for several weeks with Xuan Danfeng but they had never seen her before. A beautiful golden celestial like her would certainly be unforgettable.

But when she had suddenly addressed Xuan Danfeng as protégé mistress, most of the clan leaders were actually able to guess her identity fairly quickly.

It was well known that Xuan Danfeng had five direct protégé disciples and there were two female direct protégé disciples that had already become golden celestials. They were her first protégé disciple Song Feixian and fourth protégé disciple Gong Nanyan.  They knew what Song Feixian was like for she was traveling with them. Therefore this should be Gong Nanyan, Xuan Danfeng’s fourth protégé disciple.

Xuan Danfeng was delighted and she suppressed her heartfelt emotions when she saw Gong Nanyan, “Nanyan, where have you been?”

Gong Nanyan gave a quick faint smile as she gave a half bow courtesy, “Your disciple is well. Protégé mistress, I have some matters to discuss with you.”

Xuan Danfeng chuckled softly as she waved at the twenty clan leaders, “See you all later.”

When they had departed together, they literally took off in a flash. This caused a sensation among the clan leaders as they sighed regretfully at the low accomplishments of their swiftness movement skills.

Gong Nanyan said gently as she walked with Xuan Danfeng, “Xiaofang and Ye Jing are waiting ahead. We have been waiting for protégé mistress to reach this vicinity before we make contact.”

“Nanyan, wait.”

As Gong Nanyan paused in her tracks, Xuan Danfeng embraced her within her folds. “Child, how have you been?”

Gong Nanyan returned a tighten embrace, “Your Nanyan is good. Protégé mistress, I miss you so much…”

Xuan Danfeng laughed softly, “So have I. It is good that you have found Ye Jing. Did Xiaofang or anyone bully you?”

Gong Nanyan shook her head, “No one bullies me. I am really good. Sister Jing treats me really good.”

Xuan Danfeng smiled fondly, “That’s good. I was actually worried about that part but now I can put that to the rest. It is not easy to share the same man, especially when he is so outstanding. In the future, you may have some competitions.”

Gong Nanyan nodded, “Sister Jing is really surprised that I am with Xiaofang. She had thought that it would be protégé mistress.”

Xuan Danfeng laughed softly, “Honestly speaking, I was tempted to like Xiaofang. But I really can’t.”

Gong Nanyan asked quietly, “Why not?”

Xuan Danfeng smiled, “Your protégé mistress is such a beautiful lady. Naturally I belong to the entire Nine Celestial Fraternity. Before my title of the number one beauty of the Nine Celestial Fraternity was taken by Feng Minyue, I had countless number of suitors from all the extreme ends of the fraternity.”

Gong Nanyan laughed lightly, “With or without that title, protégé mistress is still ever so popular. I have noticed earlier that some of the clan leaders are looking lecherous at you. It is as though they want to swallow you whole.”

Xuan Danfeng gave a sly smile, “They are all so good and wonderful. Sometimes I don’t know who I should choose. Therefore I rather have the entire forest than a single tree.”

Gong Nanyan smiled weakly, “Protégé mistress must be joking with me.” Then she asked, “About this…Third protégé brother Yu Degang…”

Xuan Danfeng said, “I know that you are trying to plead with me for his behalf. Nanyan, you are too soft. I had already laid waste to his cultivation core and had expelled him from the Lofty Snow Palace.”

Gong Nanyan sighed softly and there was pity in her golden eyes…

Xuan Danfeng said coolly, “You don’t have to feel pity for him. He may think that I am just an old fool and tried to hoodwink me but it is only because I had closed one eye to his many outrageous activities over the years.”

Gong Nanyan nodded slowly…

Suddenly Xuan Danfeng let go of Gong Nanyan as she could sense that the presence of others approaching rapidly in their direction.

It was actually Ye Jing and Xiaofang that had arrived.

When Ye Jing saw Xuan Danfeng, she happily smiled. “Sister Danfeng, you have finally arrived!”

Xuan Danfeng was smiling jovially too, “My dear Sister Jing, look at the disturbances that you have caused. I’ve heard that you even wreck Sister Feng Minyue’s place. Lucky you didn’t come to wreck my place or it will be difficult for me to help you.”

Ye Jing laughed, “Luckily I did not. If not, I won’t dare to even approach you for your help.”

Xuan Danfeng looked at Ye Jing and smiled, “This help that you are requesting, let me make a guess first. You want to disguise as my protégés and sneak you into the premises of the Ancient Ascension Sect?”

Ye Jing giggled softly, “Sister Danfeng, you are so smart. Before I have even asked, you can already guess my intentions.”

Xuan Danfeng heaved a soft sigh as she looked at Ye Jing, Xiaofang and Gong Nanyan, “Do I have a choice in this matter?”

Ye Jing shook her head with a cunning smile, “You are going to be our accomplice no matter what happens today.”

Xuan Danfeng laughed slyly, “Then hurry and show me all the celestial treasures that you have taken. I am particular interested in some of the celestial treasures like the Snow Lotus and the Angel Feather.”

Ye Jing giggled softly, “Sure I will. But let me make it clear first. I am not going to give you…”

Xuan Danfeng interrupted with a soft laughter, “What? I have already given my favorite disciple to you, how can you be so stingy with me?”

When Gong Nanyan had heard Xuan Danfeng, she was flushing hotly as she looked shyly at Xiaofang and Ye Jing, “Don’t…listen…to my protégé mistress…”

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Chapter 90: Ye Jing Heavenly Decree

The first time that Yu’Er had transformed from a red bird to a phoenix in front of Luo Bihua and Gong Nanyan, they were startled that the red bird that was constantly following Ye Jing around was actually a large phoenix.

Ye Jing laughed softly as she introduced, “This is Yu’Er, my contract divine beast. Isn’t she beautiful?”

Gong Nanyan was astonished that Yu’Er was able to transform herself, “Indeed, she is so beautiful.”

Ye Jing smiled, “She is a seven rank saint phoenix already. That why she is able to transform. But it has to do with her strong bloodline too. Not all phoenixes are able to transform. Yu’Er is really a rare phoenix.”

Yu’Er began to shriek aloud, “Of course I am special!”

Ye Jing laughed as she said, “She is saying, she is a really special phoenix.”

Luo Bihua was astonished, “Master Teacher, you can communicate with Yu’Er?”

Ye Jing giggled, “Yes, somehow I can understand Yu’Er. Maybe it is because we are bonded since we are young.”

Ye Jing and her group began the slow move toward the Unmoving Mountains. They were taking a longer route because all the hundreds of celestial clans were gathering there for a showdown with the Devil Isle.

Ye Jing had sent Yu’Er to scout ahead of them when they were on the move so that they could have prior warning and hide themselves. Now that they were in the central regions of the Nine Celestial Fraternity, Ye Jing did not want her enemies to know her whereabouts.

After a few days, Gong Nanyan finally decide to ask the curious question that she had in her mind when Ye Jing, Xiaofang and her were along in the mountains as they looked for a path through the mountain ranges.

“Sister Jing’Er, you have said that you are tasked to avert a deadly divine calamity for the Goddess Palace. I can’t believe that the Goddess Palace has only sent only two sacred saints to help you to finish your mission. Isn’t it a little too underwhelming for such a monument mission?”

Even Xiaofang could not resist saying, “I feel that the Goddess Palace can contribute more but it seems that they did not want to.”

Ye Jing laughed softly, “Actually I did ask them before but they cannot intervene directly.”

Gong Nanyan asked curiously, “Why so? It seems that the Goddess Palace is as formidable as the Devil Isle. Don’t they have more sacred saints in the Goddess Palace to aid you? Even more golden celestials are alright as well.”

Ye Jing heaved a soft sigh, “Actually the Goddess Palace is much weaker than you think. They can only enlist two to aid me.”

Gong Nanyan was startled but before she could say anything, Xiaofang had jumped in to say with a stunned expression, “I don’t believe…”

Ye Jing suddenly lowered her voice to a whisper, “Do you believe that immortals can exist in our world?”

Gong Nanyan shook her head, “According to the celestial laws, it is difficult for an immortal to descend to the celestial realm again once they had ascended. If they can descend to the celestial realm then I think the entire balance of the celestial realm will be upset. We don’t know how strong an immortal is except that they are once peaked sacred saints.”

Ye Jing said, “Actually it is exactly as you have said. They have the strength of the peaked sacred saints plus a little stronger due to their advance state of divinity and immortal cultivation methods. I have actually met a few of them.”

Gong Nanyan was gasping slowly as Ye Jing’s words began to sink in, “You’ve met the immortals?”

Ye Jing nodded, “When I had climbed to the top of the Heavenly Temple, I had met the Heaveness and she had even made me her successor.”

Gong Nanyan was startled as she said, “The mystical Heaveness actually dwells in the Heavenly Temple? Didn’t she ascend a long time ago? I have once climbed the heavenly steps of the Heavenly Temple but I didn’t make it…”

Ye Jing smiled, “I know. They told me that you are actually one of the possible candidates to be the Goddess Envoy because of your accomplishment in climbing the heavenly steps.”

Gong Nanyan was stunned, “I am also one of the possible candidates for the Goddess Envoy?”

Ye Jing nodded, “That’s right. But in the end, they decide to choose me to do this no thanks mission.”

Gong Nanyan smiled weakly, “I don’t understand why the Heaveness who is a champion of the good will wants you to create so many disturbances in the celestial realm? She can do it herself, am I right? Or is it because their strength is restricted in the celestial realm and they cannot act freely?”

Ye Jing patiently explained, “I don’t know if they are restricted but this deadly divine calamity that is soon to happen is the Dark Divine Descendant where the lawful divine laws will be suppressed and the chaotic divine laws will reign supreme for a time, favoring the dark celestial cultivators to ascend to the immortal realm. When that happens, the dark celestial cultivators will get stronger by slaying the other celestials.”

She sighed softly, “This is actually the worst of all the dark divine calamities. If only we can avert this then the celestial realm will have peace for a long time.”

Gong Nanyan looked at Ye Jing blankly. She did not know that Ye Jing has carried such a heavy weight upon her shoulder. She was not only racing for time to save herself but she was also racing to save the celestial realm.

Xiaofang was stunned too. It was because Ye Jing had never told him before. Finally he knew the reason why she was wreaking havoc.

Ye Jing lowered her beautiful eyes before adding quietly, “The immortals are no longer the lawful beings of the celestial realm anymore and can no longer uphold the lawful divine laws. They will only hasten the coming of the Dark Divine Descendant if they do intervene.”

Gong Nanyan gasped softly, “I never know that there are immortals in the celestial realm. It is no wonder that we rarely catch their glimpse. If there is one bad immortal that can descend down the celestial realm, then it will be disastrous for us.”

Ye Jing laughed softly, “I have actually asked that question too. The hidden immortals will handle the rogue immortal so we don’t really need to worry too much about it. The dark immortals do intervene from time to time but they will only do so indirectly in order not to incur the wrath of the other immortals.”

Gong Nanyan and Xiaofang had gathered very close to Ye Jing as they waited for her to share more to them…

But Ye Jing simply gave them a faint smile, “You know, I am actually not supposed to tell anyone about this.”

When she saw their pleading eyes, she sighed softly. “We’re going to gather all the hatred, killing intents, malevolent aura and the negative dark emotions to a single place. What next, I really do not know yet. It is because the heavenly decree that I got from the Goddess Palace has not revealed the text yet. Got it?”

Xiaofang stared at Ye Jing, “Jing’Er, you actually got the heavenly decree already?”

Ye Jing nodded lightly, “The day that I’ve decided to become their Goddess Envoy is the day that I got the heavenly decree of the Goddess Palace.”

As Gong Nanyan listened, she was more and more mystified. “What is this heavenly decree about?”

Ye Jing said casually, “I will say that it is a command from the heavens above indicating our permissible next moves. It is not only the Goddess Palace that has the heavenly decree but the Devil Isle also has one.”

She gave a sheepish look at them before she smiled, “Our mission is really simple. Seize the heavenly decree of the Devil Isle by defeating them at the Unmoving Mountains. Then it is done.”

Xiaofang blinked, “Sounds easy enough but who will do it?”

Ye Jing and Gong Nanyan responded by looking intently at Xiaofang with innocent and angelical smiles that could melt Xiaofang’s heart…

Xiaofang muttered miserably, “Did I somehow dig my own hole?”

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Chapter 89: The Devil Goddess Feast

This was just a small town in the central region of the Nine Celestial Fraternity. A nearby influence which was a third tier celestial clan of the Ancient Ascension Sect had actually controlled this place. This was a place where even the cultivators would shun as the spiritual force in this part was most ordinary. Naturally, there were not many cultivators in this as well.

But on this day, a peerless maiden had suddenly descended upon this place. She was someone that made all the beauties pale in comparison and her look was unforgettable. Everywhere she went, men and women would look in her direction as they wondered who she was and marveled at her divine beauty.

Although there were many bold men in the town but none dared to stop her for her name and a date. It was because no matter how enticing she was, her golden eyes marked her as a Golden Celestial. Therefore her celestial title may be a Celestial or a Saintess. Even the overlord of this place had to bow down to his knees if he were to see her.

This divine beauty was none other than Saintess Fan Yuqing. She quietly entered a tavern and had reached a private room on the third storey where three others were waiting quietly.

As she entered, they greeted her. “Saintess Yuqing.”

These three were Celestial Yun Chen of the Celestial Sword Clan, Celestial Zhou Hai aka Elder Zhou Hai of the Divine Sovereign Clan and Saint Lin Wucheng, elder of the Ancient Ascension Sect.

Yun Chen was the first to ask as he whispered softly, “The Devil Goddess and Maiden Beitang Ying, they are not here?”

Fan Yuqing gave an alluring smile, “The Devil Goddess doesn’t like crowd places. As for Beitang Ying, it is never good for a dark celestial to show up in the territories of the righteous celestial clans. I will be representing them today.” She then said, “This feast is prepared for just the three of you, so just enjoy.”

Zhou Hai laughed jovially, “With Saintess Yuqing to accompany us, the three of us won’t be lonely.”

Fan Yuqing smiled slowly, “I won’t be staying for too long. The Devil Goddess has asked me to thank everyone for your concerted efforts in creating havoc in her name. Well done.”

Lin Wucheng was stammering, “We…actually did nothing that is praiseworthy…just some small fries here and there…compared to the Devil Goddess herself, it is really nothing at all. I have heard that even the Divine Dream Monarchy had recently been attacked by the Devil Goddess and they had suffered a grievous loss.”

It was hard for Yun Chen and Zhou Hai to believe that Lin Wucheng was actually an Intermediate Saint because he looked really timid and was always stammering.

Yun Chen nodded with a dark countenance, “I’ve heard of that too.”

Fan Yuqing smiled coldly, “Don’t worry. They are still alive and kicking. We merely taught them a lesson by taking away their Divine Dream Sword and the Thousand Year Nirvana Fire Pill. They had actually found the remnants of the Celestial Annihilation Star Array and had even used it.”

Yun Chen was startled, “I have heard that this Celestial Annihilation Star Array is powerful enough to even…kill an immortal…”

Fan Yuqing nodded, “They won’t be able to use it anymore. We had completed destroyed the array core of the Celestial Annihilation Star Array. They had probably found it in a lost ruin or in the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth. We didn’t expect them to have found such a formidable celestial array.”

She was smiling as she looked at Lin Wucheng, “Saint Wucheng, how are things going at your Ancient Ascension Sect? They must have already planned quite a number of stratagems to handle the Devil Isle, the Goddess Palace and us, am I right?”

Lin Wucheng stammered, “Right…although the celestial arrays are not as powerful as the legendary Celestial Annihilation Star Array, there is one celestial array that you must be careful. It…is…the Hundred Celestials Killing Array.”

Fan Yuqing smiled slowly, “Not bad. This Hundred Celestials Killing Array is probably more lethal than the Celestial Annihilation Star Array.”

Lin Wucheng asked, “You…are…not afraid?”

Fan Yuqing chuckled softly, “Naturally I am not. That’s the Devil Goddess problem, not mine. I am on the side of the Ancient Ascension Sect, remember? I am your heroine in your fight against the Devil Isle. Anything else?”

Lin Wucheng said slowly, “There are many Great Saints and Great Saintess that will be coming to aid the Ancient Ascension Sect as well as numerous Golden Celestials. Many of them wield formidable artifact treasures and weapons. You…must…be careful…”

Fan Yuqing nodded slowly as she ignored Lin Wucheng for now, “How about Yun Chen and Zhou Hai?”

Yun Chen replied, “Things are not that great on the Celestial Sword Clan side. Celestial and Grandmaster Yun Zongheng had failed to make the breakthrough to the sacred saint level. His…star had fallen. Third Young Master Yun Xinghe is now the new Grandmaster of the Celestial Sword Clan. Other than that, there is nothing much to report.”

Fan Yuqing nodded lightly, “That is most unfortunate.”

Then she looked at Zhou Hai, “What about you?”

Zhou Hai was grinning as he admired Fan Yuqing at such a close distance, “Grandmaster Yuan Tianba had given up on a breakthrough ever since Ye Jing had taken the Nightingale Divine Pearl. Ancestor Yuan has exited his seclusion and will be aiding the Divine Sovereign Clan at the Unmoving Mountains.”

Then he whispered, “Grandmaster Yuan Tianba has entrusted the Eternal Heavens immortal sword to Ancestor Yuan. He won’t be easy for the Devil Goddess to beat.”

Fan Yuqing nodded. Anyone with an immortal sword in their hands was not easy to beat. That was why she had lost to Celestial Yuehua 200 years ago.

She said gently, “Enjoy the feast and goodbye.”

Lin Wucheng stammered, “Wait…please hold…does the Devil Goddess…has any instructions for us?”

Fan Yuqing turned back with a smile, “Nothing. For now, you can cease all your activities. We already got the impact that we wanted to create. She says you are all her loyal subjects and thank you.” Then she had exited the private room.

Lin Wucheng was sighing…

No one could know what he was thinking. Ever since that day when he had seen Fan Yuqing, he had recognized the same hairpin that she had used 200 years ago and the way she braided her hair, there was a distinct pattern to it. He had noticed her even when she was wearing a mask that day. He had thought that the Devil Goddess was in their midst. When it was revealed to be Fan Yuqing, he could not believe it. He was convinced that Fan Yuqing was the Devil Goddess herself even though the ‘real’ Devil Goddess had also appeared…

Zhou Hai was laughing jovially, “Since this feast has already been paid for, why don’t we enjoy ourselves before we meet again at the Unmoving Mountains?”

Yun Chen was smiling weakly, “To think that the three of us who are from the top three patriarch clans are actually the moles of our celestial clan.”

Zhou Hai laughed, “Isn’t that good? Before that, we don’t know each other but now we are all sitting here as friends. It is a pity that the Saintess Yuqing isn’t here to feast with us or to drink with us. She is someone that I will very much like to bang…”

All of a sudden Lin Wucheng had attacked Zhou Hai with a blow, causing him to quickly take a few steps backward.

Zhou Hai was startled, “What are you doing? Aren’t we on the same side?”

Lin Wucheng frowned with displeasure, “Leave the Saintess Yuqing alone from your dirty discussion or I won’t be polite with you.”

Zhou Hai muttered, “Don’t get so work up. I am only joking. Saintess Yuqing is like every man’s wet dream. I am really joking. I naturally won’t have the courage to touch an aide of the Devil Goddess. Alas, if you don’t believe me, I can even swear a blood oath to the heavens!”

Yun Chen had also stepped in between Zhou Hai and Lin Wucheng, “Cool it. We are all on the same side.”

Zhou Hai looked at Lin Wucheng, “I don’t know about you but I am 100% loyal to the Devil Goddess. That is because she is a great benefactor of mine, having saved my life from my enemies a long time ago. Why do you think that I will be willing to risk my position at the Divine Sovereign Clan to do some reckless thing just because the Devil Goddess wants me to do this and that?”

Lin Wucheng was startled, “The Devil Goddess is also your benefactor?”

Yun Chen was also startled, “My great benefactor is also your benefactor?”

Then all three of them were laughing at the same time as they started to take the wine flasks and poured into each other cups as they said together, “Tell me about it.”

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Chapter 88: Divine Moon Manor

For several months now, the Devil Isle had made the citadel fortress of the Divine Moon Manor as their main stronghold.

At this moment, Han Shaodong was brutally ravaging the Divine Mistress Qi Meixue in a private chamber.

Qi Meixue looked at him hatefully, “Why is that you are never gentle with me? Just because I am a dark celestial and you are a golden celestial?”

Han Shaodong replied coldly, “I am never gentle with my toys.”

Qi Meixue slapped him hard on his face, “Then you should go and look for the many beautiful palace maidens here instead of looking for me every night.”

Han Shaodong frowned lightly, “Is that the hardest slap that you can muster? The others are unfit to be my toys. Only you are.”


Qi Meixue hummed coldly, “You seem vexed today. Is it because of the Goddess Palace or the recent troubles that are caused by the Golden Mask Devil Goddess?”

Han Shaodong frowned when he had heard that. It was because she had struck the arrow at the crux of his heart.

But he did not reply her, instead he was scoffing, “Did you think that I am a fool? Why did you follow us? Don’t tell me that you are here to lend us your aid or you are hoping that we will impart some divine skills to you?”

Qi Meixue said coldly, “Master Han Shaodong, you think too lowly of me.”

Han Shaodong stopped what he was doing as he caught her by her naked waist, “I have never thought lowly of you. Not once. You can first answer me where did you go last month.”

Qi Meixue replied coldly, “I did tell you that I am doing ancestor worship in the mountains, didn’t I?”

Han Shaodong was smiling bitterly, “And I don’t believe you at all. You may think that you have concealed your tracks well but I’ve been following you. I have never expected that the person you are meeting will be the Devil Goddess.”

Qi Meixue gasped as she went ashen, “You…”

Han Shaodong was suddenly laughing coldly while Qi Meixue was shaken to her core.

Qi Meixue was trembling as she asked slowly, “Now you know my secret, what do you want with me? Torture me?”

Han Shaodong stared blankly at her, “All these years that we are together, you are actually secretly meeting this Devil Goddess?”

Qi Meixue answered sarcastically, “What do you think, Master Han? Did you think that I am meeting a man?”

Han Shaodong heaved a heavy sigh, “You have never allowed me to touch you. Naturally I have thought that you are not…”

Qi Meixue spat coldly, “Not a chaste maiden you mean? I have never allowed any other men to touch me.”

Han Shaodong asked, “Then what about now?”


With another cold look, Qi Meixue said. “After 200 years, you are finally back and your identity is actually that of the Devil Isle. I am really surprised by you. You have never treated me as your confidant and have never told me anything. Since you are keeping your secrets, why can’t I have my own secrets? So what do you want to do with me now?”

Han Shaodong replied as he got up slowly, “Nothing.”

Qi Meixue asked with great perplexity, “Nothing?”

Han Shaodong said as he put on his robe before he walked off, “Nothing means nothing. There is nothing to explain about nothing.”

As he reached the entrance, he said. “Meixue, I’m sorry. All these years, I have thought that you are seeing someone. 200 years ago, I was hunting for the Golden Mask Devil Goddess. When I have received reliable news that she was dead, I have to return to the Devil Isle. I have no other choice. When I have returned, you are suddenly the Divine Mistress of the Divine Moon Manor so I have thought…I know that I have hurt you when I have barged into your camp so reckless that day…forgive me…”

With that he had left the private chamber, leaving Qi Meixue to stare blankly in the air…

Qi Meixue bended her head as she sobbed softly. If she was given the choice between the Han Shaodong and the Devil Goddess, which side should she chooses? She really did not know…

The Devil Goddess was her benefactor while Han Shaodong was someone that she had greatly admired in the past…

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