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Chapter 48: The Brahman Behemoth

After passing through the blue portal, they had found themselves in a place that was surrounded by misty mountains, waterfalls and floating land masses. There was no sun but the whole area was bright.

Feng Minyue took a look at the surroundings before saying, “The spiritual force here is really strong. We can actually cultivate here…”

Ye Jing was astounded, “We are in the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth now?”

Xuan Danfeng gave a soft laugh, “Welcome to the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth. It is probably not what you are expecting.”

Ye Jing asked, “Where is the labyrinth? I thought that we are supposed to be in a maze?”

Xuan Danfeng giggled softly, “We are in a maze. The entire Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth is a massive maze with untold treasures that are scattered throughout its levels. Right now, we are probably standing on a floating land mass itself…”

She pointed at one of the thousands of floating land mass in the sky, “Did you see that? It may look small but it is actually further than you think and it is a land by itself. So it is not advisable to fly there on your own even if you have a flying mount. In order to escape or go to the next level, we have to find a similar portal. Blue portal will take us to the next level while a green portal will take us back to the outside.”

Feng Minyue said gently, “You seem to know a lot from someone that have never been here before. Moreover you don’t seem surprised at all.”

Xuan Danfeng pretended not to hear her comments and instead she turned to ask Xiaofang, “You are Xiaofang? I’m sorry that we didn’t get a formal introduction. Do you want to take a rest first?”

Xiaofang shook his head even though he was looking very pale, “No, I’m fine.”

Ye Jing knew that he had virtually sacrificed his own internal strength to revive Fan Yuqing. She felt bad that he had to piggyback Fan Yuqing but she was also envious because Fan Yuqing was gripping him tightly and she was looking so serene in her sleep…

Xuan Danfeng formally introduced herself as she smiled cordially, “I’m the Lofty Snow Palace, Palace Mistress Xuan Danfeng. It is rare to meet such a promising rare talent such as you.”

Feng Minyue was not slow either, “I’m the Heavenly Fragrance Princess Feng Minyue. From now on, the Heavenly Fragrance Villa will hold young hero in high regards and welcome you to visit. You may also disperse with all formalities and just address me as Senior Minyue.”

Xiaofang replied wearily, “My respects to Palace Mistress Xuan and Senior Minyue.”

Ye Jing was smiling weakly as she watched them. Earlier in the Golden Clans Congregation, they were obviously treating Xiaofang as though he was invisible. Now that they saw that Xiaofang had an immortal sword and had the healing focus ability, their attitude towards him had completely changed. Suddenly Xiaofang had become a rare talent and a young hero in their eyes…

Ye Jing asked as her eyes admired the breathtaking scenery around, “How many levels are there in the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth?”

Xuan Danfeng smiled patiently, “There are rumors that there are six levels altogether. But no one knows for sure. The highest level that the patriarch clans had reached in the past was only the third level and that was already considered to be one of the better results. The last round that the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth had opened, the patriarch clans had barely made it to the second level.”

Ye Jing smiled weakly, “Don’t scare me like this. You sound as if this place is so dangerous…”

“It is dangerous,” Xuan Danfeng said. “Although we don’t have the advantages of numbers but we are mostly superior fighters here. So we shouldn’t have an issue.”

Ye Jing and Feng Minyue were looking at each other nervously. It may be easier for Xuan Danfeng to say so because she was a saintess.

Xuan Danfeng chucked softly, “Please don’t think so much, alright? There is always a first time and the first time into the unknown is always a little nerve racking.”

Suddenly Xuan Danfeng whispered cautiously as she broke in a cold sweat, “Wait! Don’t make a move and be quiet…”

She quietly took a leap up the rock ledges before she took a glimpse on the other side.

Ye Jing was secretly alarmed because she could sense a powerful presence that was approaching on the other side of the mountain. The powerful presence was monstrous but it was also strangely moving extremely quietly.

When Feng Minyue saw Xuan Danfeng and Ye Jing solemn expressions, she knew that something was up and did not dare to make a sound.

Suddenly there was a weird profound darkness that covered everything in darkness in the vicinity. There was also a terrible oppression that threatened to devour all life in the area…

Xuan Danfeng was trembling with fear as a monstrous draconian head appeared along the outline of the mountain ledge that she was hiding. The distance between them was extremely close and after what seemed to be like eternity, the monstrous draconian head finally departed.

Xiaofang, Feng Minyue and Ye Jing had turned completely pale at the sight of such a powerful presence and they were still shivering with fear as they collapsed weakly against the mountain walls.

As for Xuan Danfeng she had suddenly dropped like a fallen bird from the rocky ledge above…

Ye Jing gasped and quickly caught her in mid-air. Xuan Danfeng was as white as ghost and she was covered in cold sweat. She muttered, “This is so embarrassing. I may have peed in my panties…”

Feng Minyue had stumbled weakly to their side as she gasped softly, “What is that monster?”

It was obvious that ‘monster’ was completely out of their league to fight…

Xuan Danfeng muttered while still in Ye Jing’s hold, “That is the Brahman Behemoth …it is the Divine Lord and ultimate existence of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth …and extremely rare to be encountered. This monster is beyond classification. Once you have provoked it, it is total annihilation. There are three instances in the history of the patriarch clans that detailed such an encounter with it. It always ends up in a disaster and so far, this monster is considered undefeated.”

Ye Jing nearly cry when she had heard her, “It is not so rare an encounter or we are just plain unlucky. This place is too horrible…”

Xiaofang suddenly said, “It is lucky that we are in a small group. If we are in a big group then this monster would have seen us and it will be disastrous for us.”

Ye Jing, Xuan Danfeng and Feng Minyue slowly nodded…

Xiaofang was right. If they had come together with the patriarch clans and had encountered the Brahman Behemoth in the vicinity, they would surely end up getting exterminated by it.

He said, “We should go in the opposite direction of where the Brahman Behemoth is going. That should be the wiser option.”

“You know…” Ye Jing tried to force a smile, “Maybe that monster is guarding a saint treasure. We should at least investigate the vicinity.” Somehow when Xiaofang suggested that they should be going to the opposite direction, she could not resist saying the opposite. It was because she knew that Xiaofang had always been overly cautious.

Xuan Danfeng said weakly, “Forget it. It is not worth losing our life. We ought to find a shelter and regain our strength first. Let’s look for a cave first.”

All of a sudden she had spotted a bright light in the distant horizon, “What is this light?”

All the others had also spotted the sparking light as well.

Because it happened to be on the other way that the Brahman Behemoth had gone to and because they were also curious, they decided to check the strange looking light.

Ye Jing said quietly, “This light is too obvious. Surely the Brahman Behemoth isn’t blind?”

Xuan Danfeng shook her head, “It can only mean that this light is part of this realm and therefore the Brahman Behemoth isn’t too concerned about it.”

That was the only explanation…

In a short while, they had quietly found the source of the strange light. It had originated from a levitating object between two ravines.

Xiaofang swiftness movement skill was not poor and he could consider himself as having an exceptional level with it. But compared to these three maidens, they were like breezes as they leapt from ledge to ledge effortlessly.

Even if he was not carrying Fan Yuqing, he knew that they were still better than him. He had thought that once he had reached the Traverse Divinity, his lightless skills would be superior to most.

He had not known that the Heavenly Fragrance Villa was renowned for its swiftness skill, the Fragrance Wonderful Steps which was highly acclaimed to be the number one swiftness skill in the celestial realm. As for the Lofty Snow Palace, their Floating Snowfall was the number one lightless skill in the celestial realm.

But of course, none of their swiftness or lightless skill could be compared to Ye Jing who seemed to be able to hop at least twice as further as and higher than them, stunning both Feng Minyue and Xuan Danfeng…

Now the four of them were looking at the strange object that was between the two ravines and they were mystified. There appeared to be no monsters around but this strange levitating object seemed to be protected by an invisible barrier. As soon as there winds or any disturbances, a visible blue barrier could be seen.

Feng Minyue asked, “What is that object?”

Xuan Danfeng observed for a while before she said quietly, “It may be a heavenly relic or even better, a rare sanctorum relic. Regardless what it is, from the light that it is generating, this seems to be a heaven-step grade. Moreover it may even add an inertia barrier as an added bonus.”

Ye Jing and Feng Minyue were grasping excitingly. A heaven-step Heavenly Relic can be forged into a superior grade heaven-step divine sword while a sanctorum relic is able to augment the divine power of a divine sword and even improve upon its grade!

Xiaofang said quietly, “It is definitely a sanctorum relic. I’ve seen it before.”

Everyone was looking at Xiaofang in astonishment, “You have seen it before? When?”

Xiaofang said, “Hm, I saw my mother displaying it and showing it to me in the past. So I am sure. I have also seen a heaven-step heavenly relic before…”

He looked at Ye Jing as though he was trying to say, “That heaven-step heavenly relic had been made into your divine sword…”

Ye Jing understood immediately when Xiaofang had glanced at her and the divine sword that was with her since they were linked together through the Dual Cultivation.

“So that is a sanctorum relic,” Xiaofang firmly said.

A sanctorum relic was ten times even rarer than a heavenly relic and was rarely found. It was highly coveted upon in the celestial realm…

Xuan Danfeng smiled weakly, “I didn’t think that it is time for us to talk about the loot distribution. There are four of us here and only one sanctorum relic. Moreover that is a heaven-step sanctorum relic. There is no doubt about it that this sanctorum relic is extremely precious.”

Feng Minyue asked quietly, “So you want it?”

Xuan Danfeng smiled, “I do want it. Does anyone of my sisters want to compete with me for this sanctorum relic?”

Ye Jing gave her a wink, “Only a fool will say they won’t be interested.”

Feng Minyue smiled, “So how do we propose who will get this sanctorum relic then?”

All of them were thinking of using this sanctorum relic to enhance their divine swords…

Xiaofang suddenly said, “I must get this sanctorum relic. If not, I won’t be able to defeat the two old freaks from the Devil Isle. Moreover this sanctorum relic is actually guarded and it won’t be easy to get it.”

“It is guarded?” Ye Jing scanned her perception around but she did not find the presence of any denizens in the vicinity. “I don’t sense anything…”

Xiaofang said quietly, “Do you remember the Brahman Behemoth earlier? It is guarded by it. I can sense its aura here. Even though it appears to have gone far from here, the minute that someone disturbs the sanctorum relic, the diminished light will alert it and given its huge size, it will be here in an instant.”

He had analyzed the situation for all of them to visualize.

Feng Minyue muttered, “There is no way we can fight that thing…”

Xuan Danfeng shrugged her shoulders, “That thing is even stronger than the two old freaks…”

If it means they had to provoke that Brahman Behemoth, they would rather not take the sanctorum relic. After all, they valued their own lives.

Xiaofang said, “May I try? I have a way…”

Before anyone and even Ye Jing could even stop him, he had piggybacked Yuqing to the ravines below. But he had stopped short of the invisible barrier.

Ye Jing muttered, “I hope that he knows what he is doing…”

Feng Minyue purred, “He should at the very least put Sister Saintess Yuqing down first…what if he endangers her…”

Xiaofang had unsheathed his divine sword as he simply stood near the inertia barrier for a while. All of a sudden, his divine sword was emanating with light and the intensity of the light kept increasing until it matched the light sparking light of the sanctorum relic.

Suddenly Xiaofang had whirled his divine sword into a spinning sword as he displayed his Flying Sword Technique and he had knocked the levitating sanctorum relic to his hand while replacing his divine sword in its place.

Then he quickly leapt back to where they were with a grin, “Let’s run as quickly as possible! The fake divine light won’t last forever.”

Ye Jing stared at him with her big eyes, “What did you do? How come your divine sword can glow so brightly?”

Even Xuan Danfeng and Feng Minyue were staring at him in bewilderment!

Xiaofang slowly explained as they ran together, “I’ve used my healing focus ability to purify my divine sword’s spiritual core to elevate it temporary to the level of heaven-step quality…”

“Waaa?!” Ye Jing was astonished. “You can use your ability in such a manner?”

Xiaofang said sheepishly, “I have suddenly thought of it. I didn’t know I can do that either. It is just a sudden inspiration but I thought that may just work.”

All the maidens were rendered speechless by Xiaofang…

Xiaofang had newly attained to the Traverse Divinity. At this state of divinity, his sense of perception with his healing focus had also increased tremendously. Because of his enlightenment with the Traverse Divinity, he was able to gain such an inspiration all of a sudden.

Even though Ye Jing and Xiaofang were both at the Traverse Divinity, their perceptions were shaped in two totally different directions based on the skills that they often used. For Ye Jing, it was her divine sense and evading ability while for Xiaofang it was his healing focus and sword skills.

Feng Minyue smiled faintly as she looked at Xiaofang, “A divine sword in exchange for a sanctorum relic. I must say that it is really worth it.”

Xuan Danfeng smiled weakly, “At least Xiaofang won’t be getting any loot for a while since he has already claimed his.”

Ye Jing laughed softly, “Why is that I can tell that Sister Danfeng sounds a little ‘sour’?”

Xuan Danfeng scoffed before she chuckled, “That is because I really am. Such a precious treasure and it slips from my hands!”

As the four of them disappeared over the mountain ledges, there were chorus of jovial laughs from the three maidens.

“I’ve never known that partying with all of you can be so fun…”

“Same sentiments here!”

“It won’t be funny if we all died together later…”


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Chapter 47: Inside the Labyrinth

When Ye Jing regained her consciousness, she was startled to see that she was in a glassy glade. Next to her were Feng Minyue and Xuan Danfeng. They were looking at Xiaofang who was treating Fan Yuqing who was lying on the ground.

Fan Yuqing was convulsing and coughing blood even as Xiaofang was jabbing her with long silver needles to stabilize her condition.

From the look of it, her internal injuries were not light and it was as though she was coughing her organs out…

When Ye Jing saw the scene, she was freaked out.

Finally after a while, she asked quietly, “What has happened?”

She had passed out and did not see the final fight between Fan Yuqing and Xiao Shuai…

She had suddenly noticed that Feng Minyue was actually crying and even the eyes of Xuan Danfeng were watery as they watched the scene…

Xuan Danfeng muttered, with trembling lips. “Saintess Yuqing…Sister Yuqing…she saves us all…but she had burnt her life force to fight with Xiao Shuai…” She was too incoherent to continue…

Feng Minyue covered her mouth as hot tears streamed down her cheeks, “She could actually escape alone but she took us all with her. If not we will be under the bestial hands of those two old freaks now…”

Ye Jing was stunned. She had actually saved all of us?!…

She had suddenly realized how little she had really known about this Fan Yuqing. Was she not the Golden Mask Devil Goddess that had once terrorized the entire celestial realm?

Even if Fan Yuqing could not defeat the two old freaks, surely she had no problem escaping on her own. Why did she risk her life for their sake?

Even her eyes were now brimming with tears as she prayed silently, “Xiaofang, you got to help her. Please don’t let her die…”

Xiaofang was sweating heavily and he was fully concentrating on treating Fan Yuqing.

Xuan Danfeng was saying, “It is no use. You can’t use your internal energies to treat her. This will only prolong her suffering…”

Ye Jing said softly, “It is alright. Xiaofang, he has the healing focus ability. If there is anyone in the world that can treat her then it is him.”

When Xuan Danfeng and Feng Minyue had heard her, they were so startled that they were staring at her; it was because even though they had heard of this special ability but they had thought that it was just a myth and a mythical ability.

Feng Minyue’s lovely eyes were staring at Ye Jing, “Is that really true?”

Ye Jing nodded with a soft sigh before she asked them, “Why did the two of you join in the duel earlier?”

Both Feng Minyue and Xuan Danfeng were looking a little flustered. It was because they had realized that even though their cultivation level was higher than Ye Jing and Xiaofang, they were actually of little help…

Feng Minyue said slowly, “I did say that my life depends on Saintess Yuqing. If she has any mishaps then my life is as good as gone anyway.”

Xuan Danfeng nodded and said with a faint smile, “I have thought that we are sisters so sister, I am just trying to help the other sisters.”

Both Ye Jing and Feng Minyue were looking at her intently. It was because they really did not believe in her.

Xuan Danfeng smiled weakly, “Alright. I admit it. It is not so much on sisterhood but it is more on the pride thing. If I did not join in the duel and if you guys had won then I will be inviting future ridicule. Then my reputation as a saintess will be at stake. Are you happy with my answer now?”

Ye Jing said, “Now that sounds more like it.”

Xuan Danfeng said quietly, “I really did not expect that old freak Xiao Shuai to be so formidable. Even with the five of us attacking him at the same time, he is still able to hold against us so…”

Xiaofang breathe deeply as his lips stammered, “I’ve stabilized her condition. Her internal injuries are really serious. She has not totally recovered from her last injuries and now it has worsened…”

Her last injuries referred to the time when he had found her in the cave.

Ye Jing scolded herself, “I shouldn’t have been so stingy with my soul jewels and should have given her freely when she had request for it…”

Xiaofang was very pale and his whole body was trembling. It was obvious that he had used up a lot of his vital energies to treat her.

Ye Jing said gently to him. “Xiaofang, please take a rest first.”

She turned to ask Xuan Danfeng and Feng Minyue, “Sisters, where are we now?”

Xuan Danfeng said weakly, “You may not believe it but we are inside the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth now.”

Ye Jing was startled, “Huh?! Isn’t the portal supposed to be sealed? How did we get inside?”

Xuan Danfeng said, “I don’t know exactly what has happened but I saw Sister Saintess Yuqing pulling us inside the portal. When we are just inside, the portal resealed again and she had collapsed.”

Ye Jing took a quick look at her surroundings. They were surrounded by tall trees and the skies here looked exactly like the outside. She muttered, “Are we really inside the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth?”

Knowing that this was the first time that Ye Jing and Feng Minyue had been to the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth, Xuan Danfeng explained, “The Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth is inside a vast spatial space. Some say the exact location may well be in the Great Beyond Realm. When we pass through the portal to the inside, we will be teleported to a random location within the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth. Got it?”

Ye Jing and Feng Minyue nodded together but they were taking quick glances at each other.

Xuan Danfeng seemed to know what they were thinking and said hastily, “Look I’m not that old. Stop looking at me like I’ve been here before. I’ve heard it from the others as well.”

Feng Minyue smiled faintly, “I seem to recall from my protégé master that the two of you had a little quarrel over the distribution of some loot in the previous opening of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth.”

“Maybe your protégé master remembered it wrongly. After all, she is no longer around anymore.” Xuan Danfeng said weakly. “Anyway, since we are already in the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth, we should start making plans to survive in it. It is not a place for the weak or the faint-hearted.”

Ye Jing asked curiously, “Since we’ll be randomly taken to a different location, so how are it possible for the patriarch clans to be in the same group?”

Xuan Danfeng smiled, “When you first enter the portal, there will be a rippling effect. As long as everyone enters the portal before the ripples disappear, we will all end up in the same location.”

“That’s interesting…” Ye Jing commented.

Suddenly Fan Yuqing was roused from her inanimate state as she gripped Xiaofang, “You…you have saved me once again…”

Xiaofang said gently, “It is nothing compared to what you did to save all of us. Thank you. You should rest more. You are still feverish…”

Fan Yuqing muttered weakly, “Are they all alright?…”

Xiaofang nodded, “Everyone is alright. Don’t worry. We’re all inside the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth now.”

Fan Yuqing nodded lightly before she slipped back to what was before while muttering, “Xiaofang…Xiaofang…”

Xiaofang was feeling really awkward and his back was burning. It was because he knew that Ye Jing, Feng Minyue and Xuan Danfeng were watching him closely.

Feng Minyue asked, “Are…are they a pair?”

Ye Jing quickly said, “Of course not!” she could not say out that actually she and Xiaofang were actually a pair…

Xuan Danfeng muttered, “It seems that our Sister Saintess Yuqing here has some feeling for this young man here. A high level saintess will actually like a low level cultivator here? This is unheard of. Moreover she is the bride of that Young Master Yuan Chengzhi.”

Feng Minyue said quietly, “This young man is really likeable. Moreover he has already divine harmonized with his immortal sword. In the entire celestial fraternity, I am afraid that he is one of the few worthy men that are around for the leftover saintess.”

Xuan Danfeng was immediately flustered, “What do you mean by leftover saintess? There are plenty of golden celestial maidens that are also leftover. Don’t tell me that you also like him?”

Feng Minyue lowered her glances, “He belongs to our Sister Saintess Yuqing. I wouldn’t think of contesting after him. Moreover, not everyone is attracted to the alpha males.”

When Ye Jing had heard their conversations, she was really upset in secret but she had to pretend otherwise.

Even Xiaofang was shocked when they had suddenly discussed about him. He quickly said, “Saintess Yuqing is a noble maiden. You folks shouldn’t have talked behind her back. Moreover she is just expressing her gratitude. Don’t forget that today is also her wedding day to Young Master Yuan. It is not a good thing to taint her reputation.”

Ye Jing nodded and she added, “Xiaofang is right. If you are all so free to gossip, why don’t we check the place out first? Xiaofang, carry Saintess Yuqing…”

Feng Minyue and Xuan Danfeng took a glance at each other in secret. They had wanted to lighten the tense atmosphere by teasing Xiaofang but all of a sudden, it seemed that the atmosphere had grown cold. Neither Ye Jing nor Xiaofang seemed particular happy…

Xuan Danfeng quickly said out loud, “Right. Let’s us go check the vicinity first.”

The Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth was not what Ye Jing had initially expected it to be. She had thought that it was a maze like dungeon. But now they were talking a stroll in the rather peaceful woods.

Xuan Danfeng smiled when she noticed that Ye Jing and Feng Minyue were rather tense so she said, “This is just the perimeter of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth. We are now at what is called the safe zone. So there won’t be any dangers.”

Ye Jing smiled weakly, “You should have told us earlier…” She was really freaking scared since this was the first time that she had stepped into the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth. She had certainly heard that it was one of the most dangerous places to visit and for safety sake, it was better to go in with a large number.

There were only five of them and one was considered to be invalid now.

She asked, “Do we really have to go into the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth? Is there any way out of here? Or we can stay in the safe zone?”

Xuan Danfeng shook her head, “The only way out of here is inside the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth. There are portals inside that will take us out of here. As for staying in the safe zone, this is out of question for two reasons. The first reason being we may not know if we are being pursued. While the perimeter of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth seems incomparable vast, the interior is even more so and will be safer from our pursuers. The second reason is that there are powerful lightning roaming above us. The longer that we remain in the safe zone, the frequency of the lightning and the lightning strikes will also increase. So it is actually safer inside the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth than outside.”

Ye Jing sighed, “And you call here the safe zone….”

“I only mean that it is safe from the desolate monsters of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth and don’t mean the elements.” Xuan Danfeng protested softly.

She looked at Feng Minyue and Ye Jing, “I have never expected that I will be walking with the two of you in such a situation like this.”

Feng Minyue said quietly, “Same here. A lofty saintess of your status will never bother with two golden celestials of the bottom three patriarch clans.”

Xuan Danfeng smiled, “Actually I have already heard of your cold forbidding nature. I don’t expect that we may even exchange ten words with each other but we did. Don’t get me wrong. I do know that the Heavenly Fragrance Villa has always been quiet.”

Feng Minyue said, “I take it as a compliment then.”

Xuan Danfeng shrugged her shoulders as she glanced at Ye Jing as though she was saying, “Told you so. The Heavenly Fragrance Villa is really hard to conversation with.”

Feng Minyue suddenly paused in her tracks and asked, “So, are we really sisters? Or it is all a fake?”

Ye Jing and Xuan Danfeng had also stopped in their tracks as they looked at one another…

Ye Jing smiled faintly, “I really do not mind. After we had just fought together, I can feel a sense of camaraderie. But…” she looked at Xuan Danfeng, “But Palace Mistress and Saintess Xuan is of a higher status than us.”

Xuan Danfeng smiled weakly, “Hmph! This saintess here is kinda of feeling quite useless in that earlier battle. If not for Sister Saintess Yuqing, even if I have ten lives, it is still not enough.”

She lowered her eyes, “Sister Jing, Sister Minyue. If you do not mind a useless sister like me, then you can address me as your Elder Sister Danfeng.”

Ye Jing beamed, “Elder Sister Danfeng!”

Even Feng Minyue was smiling, “Elder Sister Danfeng!”

Xiaofang did not say anything and instead he was on the alert while watching over the surroundings.

Xuan Danfeng smiled melancholy, “Thank you sisters.”

Ye Jing asked curiously, “You sound sad. You should be happy right? Why are you sighing?”

“Nothing…it is just that I am worried about my protégés that are outside. Many of them have followed me for many years and I don’t know what will happen to them.”

Ye Jing and Feng Minyue were equally disturbed as well. Their protégés were still outside and their fates were still unknown…

Feng Minyue said softly, “No one really expects the Devil Isle to turn up and they are actually so formidable. I’ve thought that the Devil Isle is just a mythical place.”

“There are three martial consecrated places in the celestial realm and it is where you can find many of the lost martial divine skills. These three places are like the martial libraries of the celestial realm.”

Feng Minyue, Ye Jing and Xuan Danfeng were startled and the one who had just spoken was Fan Yuqing. She had just regained her consciousness on Xiaofang’s back.

Xuan Danfeng had a surprised look, “This is the first time that I’ve ever heard of this before. How do you know this?”

The Lofty Snow Palace was a middle tier patriarch clan and had considerable information network in the celestial realm. If she had never heard of this then Ye Jing and Feng Minyue would not know either.

And from Ye Jing and Feng Minyue startled expressions, they had indeed not known of it.

Fan Yuqing smiled weakly, “I’ve heard you calling each other sisters so intimately. Does it include me as well?”

“Of course!…” All three of them replied almost at the same time.

Fan Yuqing forced through a smile before she said weakly, “My martial skills are partly from the Melancholy Valley. Now you know my secret.”

The Melancholy Valley!?

The Melancholy Valley was also one of three celestial consecrated places in the celestial realm…

The three celestial consecrated places were the Melancholy Valley, the Devil Isle and the Goddess Palace…

Feng Minyue asked almost incoherently, “You’re really from the Melancholy Valley?”

That was also the question that Ye Jing and Xuan Danfeng had in mind…

Fan Yuqing smiled and shook lightly, “My elder sister is from the Melancholy Valley. She taught me some of my martial skills and I had learnt how to cultivate from her.”

Ye Jing was astounded, “You really have a sister?”

Fan Yuqing nodded weakly, “Are you surprised?”

Ye Jing smiled weakly. She was truly surprised. She really did not think that the Devil Goddess had an older sister and her older sister was actually from the Melancholy Valley. Since she was such a badass then surely her older sister would be even more badass than her?

Fan Yuqing coughed a few times before she said weakly, “These two old freaks are really the true disciples of the Devil Isle. They have several epitome divine skills that can make them instant powerhouses in the celestial realm. But that’s not the most frightening part. Each of them is equaled to two peaked sacred saints.”

Each of them was equaled to two peaked sacred saints?!

Everyone was shocked to hear that.

“That is because they are ancient celestials and have cultivated an additional cultivation method that basically doubled their cultivation strength.”

Ye Jing suddenly remembered that the Saintess Yi Si had told her that once she had cultivated the mundane celestial practice to the Ascend Divinity then she would be equaled to two golden celestials. That would only mean that the two old freaks had already mastered the mundane celestial practice. No wonder that Xiao Shuai was so hard to be killed. They were fighting against two peaked sacred saints…

Feng Minyue was startled, “You mean that Old Man Xiao Shuai is not only a peaked sacred saint but he is like two peaked sacred saints? The five of us were fighting against two peaked sacred saints…”

Xuan Danfeng was smiling weakly, “No wonder their level of power is so absurd. We have thought that there are only two of them but their martial powers are actually equaled to four peaked sacred saints. No wonder everyone got thrashed by them so easily because we have all underestimate them…”

Their conversations were so interesting that even Xiaofang was suddenly paying attention…

Fan Yuqing muttered weakly, “They are not totally invincible.”

Ye Jing, Feng Minyue and Xuan Danfeng could only smile weakly, not daring to comment. Maybe to Fan Yuqing who was a peaked sacred saint, she may think otherwise but to them these two old freaks were like terrible monsters.

She said, “Sister Jing, thrust your sword to the ground. Use only 50% of your martial strength.”

Ye Jing was curious why she had asked her to do so but she did as she was told anyway. She unsheathed her divine sword and thrust her sword into the hard ground underneath them.


And her divine sword went two feet into the ground.

“Now pull your sword back and use 100% of your martial strength.”

Ye Jing did as she was told and this time her divine sword went slightly more than two feet but fell short of even three feet.

She was stunned…

Fan Yuqing explained weakly, “You may have used 100% of your martial strength but your martial power may not necessary be doubled. Every little inch into the ground saps away the martial power due to resistance. The deeper you thrust into the ground, the more martial power is required. They may have doubled the martial strength than us but it does not mean that their martial powers are also doubled. In the end, you still very much need to depend on your willpower to win and all your fighting experiences to dismantle their moves. Got it?”

Xiaofang was stirred and his eyes were beaming, “I got it now! They may be stronger than us but it doesn’t mean we cannot win them.”

Fan Yuqing smiled weakly as she closed her eyes, “I’m tired…”

Ye Jing, Feng Minyue and Xuan Danfeng were all smiling bitterly as though they had the same conclusion that this was easier said than done!

Multiple streaks of lightning suddenly appeared in the skies above and furious thunderclaps were heard a second later.

Xuan Danfeng quickly said, “We need to hurry. If we get caught in this thunderstorm then it won’t be a good experience. Moreover, the lightning here are several times stronger than in the celestial realm.”

Ye Jing and Feng Minyue nodded as they hurried their steps.

It was not before long that they had spotted a large blue portal in the woods.

Ye Jing could sense strong energy emanations that were coming from this portal, “Is this the gateway to the inside of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth?”

Xuan Danfeng chuckled, “Smart. So let’s go in.”

Ye Jing panicky said, “You’re sure that it is safe to go in?”

Xuan Danfeng whirled her sleeves with a soft laughter, “Then Sister Jing, I take it as though you have decided to take your chance with the thunderstorm.”

Ye Jing said halfheartedly, her eyes darting between the skies and the portal. “I take my chance inside. It seems better than getting drench by the rain or strike by the lightning…”

Even Feng Minyue said softly, “Let’s go in. I am afraid of the lightning…”

Xuan Danfeng gave a soft clap, “Good! Let’s go in now!…”

When she had said that, a furious purple lightning had suddenly struck a nearby tree and causing it to explode upward in flames.

Ye Jing and Feng Minyue did not need more prompting as they quickly dashed for the portal…

Xuan Danfeng took a glance at Xiaofang, “They’re really afraid of lightning…”

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Chapter 46: Five vs. One

Xiaofang was already in his combat stance as he faced Xiao Shuai cautiously when Ye Jing had suddenly flashed next to him with her divine sword, astonishing all the onlookers including Xiao Shuai with her startling swiftness movement.

“Did you see that?…”

“She can actually traverse so quickly in just a few quick steps…”

“That divine sword that is in her hand, it is a superior grade heaven-step divine sword…”

“Xiaofang, I will fight alongside with you.” Ye Jing said as she landed gently after flashing next to him.

Xiaofang was startled, “Jing’Er, you…”

Ye Jing laughed softly, “You didn’t think that you are the only one that wants to get back our Little Fenghuang, don’t you?”

Then she smiled alluringly at Xiao Shuai, “How about the two of us fight you together? Are you game enough?”

Xiao Shuai smiled coldly, “The more the merrier. It seems that I may have evaluated the Holy Consort wrongly. Your lightness and swiftness skills are at the epitome level. I am only glad that my trophy has decided to deliver herself to me.”

Immediately there was a rainbow halo that was around Ye Jing’s divine sword, further startling the onlookers!

“She has actually divine harmonized with her divine sword as well…”

“Isn’t the Holy Citadel City the weakest patriarch clan? They actually have such celestial experts…”

“That Xiao Shuai isn’t even afraid of taking the two of them together…”

Xiao Shuai was smiling, “So what are you waiting for?”


It was Saintess Fan Yuqing as she appeared next to Ye Jing and Xiaofang with a faint smile, “I can’t have the two of you have all the fun.”

She turned to smile enthralling at Xiao Shuai, “Did you just say the more the merrier? May I join in the duel? Saintess Fan Yuqing pays my respect to senior!”

Xiao Shuai was roaring with laughter, “Of course I do not mind. But don’t say I don’t warn you first. Even if you are the most beautiful goddess in the entire realm, I will be equally ruthless. Where is your sword?”

Fan Yuqing smiled, “I have no sword.”

That was a lie. She had stolen Beitang Ying’s divine sword but it was really not a good idea to take out the divine sword so she lied. Moreover, her fingers and palm skills were actually more superior to her sword skills.

Ye Jing whispered to Fan Yuqing, “Why are you here? Didn’t you just surrender?”

Fan Yuqing whispered back, “Didn’t you surrender as well? Listen up. This old man is a master swordsman. Don’t get too close to him if you value your own life…”

Xiaofang looked at Fan Yuqing at the same time and muttered, “Why did you…”

But their whisperings were suddenly interrupted by the Heavenly Fragrance Princess Feng Minyue who had also appeared next to them with her sword, “Do you mind if I join as well?”

Fan Yuqing looked at her, “You’re courting your own death.”

Feng Minyue smiled, “If you are dead then I won’t be able to obtain the Rainbow Saint Pill. Then isn’t that as good as dead?”

She turned to ask Xiao Shuai, “Did you just say the more the merrier?”

Xiao Shuai was smiling, “As long as it is a beauty then I don’t mind.”

“What about me then?” It was the Palace Mistress Xuan Danfeng. She too had flashed into the middle of the congregation. “Am I considered a beauty?”

Xiao Shuai was looking lustfully at them, “I have the four most beautiful maidens in the celestial realm competing to fight against me. What a surprise, what a surprise.”

Then he turned to Han Shaodong and said, “Brother Han, after I’ve defeated them then they are my trophies. Remember our agreement!”

Han Shaodong coldly said, “You are truly lucky today. I have nothing left to say!”

Ye Jing was truly startled that even Xuan Danfeng had decided to join them in the duel. So she whispered to her, “Aren’t you afraid of death?”

Xuan Danfeng smiled but said firmly, “My sisters are all fighting against this demon here. If I don’t fight for my chance with all of you today, I can imagine my humiliating fate later.”

Ye Jing was smiling weakly, “Sisters indeed…”

Fan Yuqing whispered, “It is too late to back off now. Don’t get too close to this old freak. Did you see his belt? That is his foldable waist sword and his sword scabbard actually contains three thin swords…”

Xiao Shuai was secretly alarmed that this Fan Yuqing could actually spot his secret swords and he reminded himself to keep a close watch on her. There were two saintess opponents among the five, Saintess Yuqing and Saintess Danfeng. The two of them were the most dangerous among the four maidens. As for Dugu fang, the fact that he had an immortal sword in his hand made him the most dangerous.

But he was not in the least worry at all. Soon he would be able to take the immortal sword as his own as well as having four heavenly maidens as his trophies, leaving nothing to Han Shaodong. When he had thought of that, he was secretly delighted.

It was because he and Han Shaodong had an agreement to split the battle trophies accordingly to their deserved fights. Now that someone was willing to give him an immortal sword and these four heavenly maidens had decided to battle against him, naturally they were his battle trophies now and he would not need to share with Han Shaodong later.

Everyone in the congregation was in an uproar as they saw the sight of four heavenly maidens grouping up together against Xiao Shuai.

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi was panicky for the safety of Fan Yuqing who was going to be his bride but he lacked the courage to join in the battle…

Xiao Shuai was smiling, “Interesting. What shall I do with an immortal sword and three divine swords after the battle has ended?”

Xuan Danfeng and Feng Minyue were both clan leaders of their respective clans and both clans were also the patriarch clans of the righteous celestial clans. All the patriarch clans had at least one divine sword in their possessions and that was usually their clan heritage divine swords.

Ye Jing laughed softly as she secretly glanced at Xiaofang, “Maybe you won’t win…”

But when she had said that, she had already flashed next to Xiao Shuai to deliver an attack which was expectedly blocked by Xiao Shuai. But instead of being knocked backward, Ye Jing used the rebound force to lift herself upward as she exploded several sword bursts onto Xiao Shuai!

Xiao Shuai was secretly startled as he dispersed her sword bursts, “Her swiftness movement skills are indeed incredible.”

This was actually Ye Jing opening move that was meant for Xiaofang to ready his sword stance to attack Xiao Shuai.

Indeed Xiaofang did not disappointed Ye Jing at all and he had mustered all his martial power into a powerful momentum strike that was aimed straight for Xiao Shuai…

When Xiaofang swung his sword, the air around him exploded thunderously and multiple blinding after glows could be seen along its path of traction.

When Xiao Shuai raised his sword to block the attack, the impact was so great that the ground beneath them had sunk and exploded outward, sending earthen pebbles to fly in all directions!

Xiao Shuai was lifted from the ground and he had tumbled ten steps from where he was!

While Xiao Shuai was not injured, he was startled by the might of the immortal sword that had forced him back like a tidal wave as he thought, “Is he only a low level cultivator? His martial strength is in the sacred saint league!”

When he had just touched the ground, Xuan Danfeng, Feng Minyue and Fan Yuqing were not slow either and they had quickly encircled Xiao Shuai from all sides and in the next instant, they had displayed their clan most epitome techniques!

Xuan Danfeng had displayed her Soaring Ice Phoenix swordplay and the Fallen Snowflakes swordart while Feng Minyue had displayed the Fragrance Heaven Sword Stances.

At the same time, Fan Yuqing was behind Xiao Shuai as she raised her fingers to stab him but he seemed to have eyes on his back as he simply swung his sword in a reverse direction to block her attacks. This immediately caused her fingers to come into contact with his martial power charged sword and she was sent flying backward.

Instantly Xiao Shuai had counterattacked by drawing the thin sword one after  another that was in his scabbard into a flying sword technique against Feng Minyue and Xuan Danfeng, instantly breaking their sword attacks in a flash.

Feng Minyue reacted quickly by raising her sword in a defensive posture but the martial force of the flying sword was so great that she was sent flying dozens of feet away and she had ended landing flat on the ground.

Xuan Danfeng had caught the flying sword with her divine sword but the martial force of the flying sword was so great that she was forced to slide tens of feet backward before she could steady herself. When she tried to muster her martial strength again, she coughed out a bout of blood as she dropped to her knees.

A third flying sword was drawn out from Xiao Shuai scabbard and was aimed at Ye Jing but the flying sword seemed to pass harmlessly through her by a hairline and Ye Jing was flashing her sword at him in the next instant.

Xiao Shuai stepped hurriedly back because he had realized by now that Ye Jing’s divine sword seemed to be capable of draining his martial power. Her divine sword was an extreme negative sword that could dissipate energies around its wielder, making sword energies and martial forces to lose its effectiveness around her.

All of a sudden the air exploded again as Xiaofang had displayed the Flying Sword Technique and his flying sword was like a lightning vortex that was suddenly upon Xiao Shuai!

Xiao Shuai did not dare to be careless as he raised his sword and scabbard to absorb the explosive charge of the immortal flying sword. There was a furious thunderous explosion upon impact and Xiao Shuai was pushed tens of feet backward before he yelled with all his martial force as he deflected the immortal flying sword aside!

Suddenly Xiao Shuai had coughed out blood and his sword had disintegrated!

Fan Yuqing did not give him any respite; she was immediately upon him with a flying palm strike as she flashed toward him.

There was a thunderous explosive impact as Xiao Shuai had reacted just in time to receive her palm strike with his palm. Both were sent flying off at the same time, coughing out blood at the same time!

Actually Xiao Shuai was equally formidable with his sword and unarmed martial skills. So when he was sent flying back by Fan Yuqing, he was totally caught by surprise as he thought, “Her profound strength is actually at the peaked sacred saint level? I have misjudged her. Moreover she has the martial power that exceeds the sacred saint level. I must quickly dispatch of these fries before she can recover…”

Fan Yuqing smiled weakly as she collapsed on the ground. Earlier when she had used her finger stance to attack Xiao Shuai, she had purposely used only a fraction of her martial power to deceive him. But when she had changed her finger stance to a palm stance, she had displayed her entire martial power with the Heavenly Heretic Divine Skill. She had thought that her Heavenly Heretic Divine Skill was invincible but today she had met her match…

She silently said, “I have done my best. Now it is all yours now…”

Xiaofang had dash forward at Xiao Shuai with his spare divine sword but Xiao Shuai had suddenly drawn out his a foldable sword from his waist, “Kid, are you thinking that I am now weaponless? No wonder you are so strong and quick. You have reached the Traverse Divinity? Unfortunately you are still far from able to defeat me. If you have at least reached the Seventh Sense Divinity, you will be able to recall your immortal sword. But you won’t have a second chance now…”

When he had said that, he had suddenly struck through Xiaofang’s defenses with his left hand and sending Xiaofang to cough out blood as he fly through the air!

Ye Jing was horrified, “Xiaofang…”

She flashed and caught hold of him, “Xiaofang, are you alright?…”

Xiaofang said weakly before he lost consciousness, “I…I’m sorry…I am still not strong enough…”

Ye Jing said quietly, “It is alright. You’ve done your very best. Leave it to me.”

She walked in front of Xiao Shuai and her eyes were watery, “You are indeed formidable.”

Xiao Shuai smiled, “It seems that you are the only one that is left now. I must say that the result surprises me. But if you surrender to me, I will make sure that I will grant you my special favors as my consort.”

It was true that he was a little surprised because Ye Jing seemed to be the weakest among the five but she had evaded every single of his attack and had slashed him continuously. It was as though she could predict his moves…

Ye Jing hummed coldly as she waved her sword, “You don’t seem to be as formidable as earlier.”

Xiao Shuai laughed coldly, “That is because some of you are much more formidable than I’ve expected. But now there is just only you. I can sense your fear. Why don’t you just surrender like what you did earlier? If not, what are you waiting for?”

Ye Jing smiled weakly, “Yes I am really afraid of you. So why don’t you attack me? I know that you are waiting for me to attack you while you react accordingly. In this way, you are able to replenish your martial strength faster than me while I will exhaust my martial strength faster. So I am staying put and will wait for you to make your move first.”

Xiao Shuai smiled coldly as he thought, “This lass is smart enough to know my stratagem. However it is still pointless because in terms of martial level I am still her superior.”

Ye Jing waved her sword as she danced further away from Xiao Shuai, “If you don’t make your move then I will take it that you have lost…”

It looked almost comical and the thousands of onlookers were thinking that Ye Jing was making a fool out of Xiao Shuai on purpose.

The truth was that Ye Jing was purposely buying some time for Fan Yuqing and Xuan Danfeng who needed a little more time to make their recovery. With her divine sense ability, she could sense that Fan Yuqing had already normalized her breathing and that her profound strength was rapidly recovering. As for Xuan Danfeng, she had just stabilized her condition and was now regulating her vital energies.

Xiao Shuai was upon Ye Jing in an instant as he displayed dozens of strokes in a blink of eye, “You didn’t think that an old man like me will be able to move this swiftly?”

But to his surprise, all his strokes were quietly evaded by Ye Jing as though she knew the directions of his sword strokes!

The thousands of onlookers were startled that Ye Jing seemed to be able to move like a phantom as she narrowly evaded one attack after another with impossible agility that was so unbelievable that it defied logic. She was not just dodging but was making one attack after another.

Xiao Shuai and Ye Jing were both moving like phantoms as they battled each other, executing hundreds of strokes by now.  Xiao Shuai appeared to be the superior fighter; he was attacking more while Ye Jing was evading more.

After another two hundred stokes had passed, Ye Jing was faltering because she had almost exhausted all her internal energies. She cursed herself for being so lazy and not cultivating her profound strength more…

Xiao Shuai quickened his attacks and with a powerful martial sweep, he had knocked Ye Jing down, causing her to crash thunderously onto the ground!

With Ye Jing martial aura dissipated and her golden body shattering under the martial power of Xiao Shuai latest attack, she coughed out blood and was left convulsing on the ground…

Just as Xiao Shuai was smiling over his victory, Fan Yuqing had suddenly got up and she was standing with one foot on the hilt of Xiaofang’s immortal sword.

She bit her finger and let her blood dripped on the immortal sword, “Xiaofang, let me borrow your sword for a little while…”

Suddenly she had seized the immortal sword into her hands, stunning all the onlookers…

Once an immortal sword had been divine harmonized by a celestial practitioner, it was impossible for any others to wield it as the immortal sword would reject all others except for its owner. Even if the owner was dead, it would take a lot of efforts to remove the aura of the previous owner from the immortal sword. This was the same for divine swords as well.

If Xiao Shuai was startled by the earlier act, he was even more startled that Fan Yuqing had raised the immortal sword high up above him in the next instant in a dazzling display of the ‘Heaven and Self as One’, as the entire earthshaking divine power of the immortal sword came crashing down upon him!

The ‘Heaven and Self as One’ sword stance could only be used by super exponents that had reached the peak of their cultivation level, combining their state of divinity with the awakening of the heavens sense with the sword as one to unleash the full potential of the power of their swords.

Even a peaked sacred saint like Xiao Shuai was unable to awaken the heavens sense. In reality, this was a lot more difficult and only a few geniuses were able to enlighten with the heavens sense.

When the sword aura of the Stellar Lights immortal sword came down upon Xiao Shuai, there was a brilliant flare of thunderous explosion that shook the ground so violently that the entire vicinity was actually shaking nonstop as though an earthquake had occurred.

When the dust and debris had cleared, Xiao Shuai was covered with blood and his sword was broken. He muttered weakly, “This…this is impossible…to think that the celestial realm has such a super exponent such as you. Hahaha, now you are suffering from the backlash of handing an immortal sword that is beyond your strength to handle…”

Fan Yuqing was ashen as she coughed out a mouthful of blood, “You are such an old freak. Why don’t you die yet…”

In that attack, the both of them had completely exhausted all their martial power…

Han Shaodong had suddenly made his move toward Fan Yuqing!

It was because he had no intention of making this duel a draw. No matter what happened today, the Devil Isle would only be the victor!

Fan Yuqing could see that Han Shaodong was making a move toward her. Therefore she mustered the last of her reserve strength as she picked up Ye Jing, Xiaofang, Xuan Danfeng and Feng Minyue as she dashed toward the towering sealed portal of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth…

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba stammered, “Wait! The portal won’t be opened until the constellations are aligned together…”

But when Fan Yuqing was near the sealed portal, she spat her blood onto the portal and suddenly the dark portal began to glow a bluish light and she had passed through the portal. When she had passed through, the portal was returned to its original dark state.

All the onlookers, including Xiao Shuai and Han Shaodong were stunned…

It was impossible for the portal to open before the constellations are aligned…

But this Saintess Yuqing was able to cause the portal to open briefly so that she could slip in. Everyone was filled with disbelief and astonishment. She had wielded an immortal sword that had belonged to another, displayed the ultimate sword stance of the ‘Heaven and Self as One’ and entered the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth prematurely…

Noisy commotions broke out almost immediately!

“Is it because Saintess Yuqing is the high priestess of the Heavenly Temple?”

“Did you see that? Saintess Yuqing has fought Xiao Shuai to a draw.”

“Isn’t this a duel between them? Why did that Han Shaodong intervene all of a sudden? That is cheating!!”

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba took a look at his son Yuan Chengzhi and whispered solemnly, “Chengzhi, your new bride is not just a normal level sacred saint. Judging from her strength, she is also a peaked sacred saint. When I am gone, please look for her with the ‘Eternal Heavens’ immortal sword. If there is someone that can revive our clan from the Devil Isle then it is going to be her.”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi was stammering, “Father, we have not lost yet. There are still so many of us. There is only one Han Shaodong that is left. If we all attack him together, surely we will able to win the day!”

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba was sighing, “It is no use…we have already lost…Do you really think that there are only two of them from the Devil Isle?”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi was stunned as he stammered, “There are more of these devils…”

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Chapter 45: Immortal Sword ‘Stellar Lights’

Xiao Shuai laughed as he stepped into the middle of the congregation with Han Shandong, “As long as there is anyone here that can defeat either one of us then we shall leave this place immediately. You can pick either me or my brother Han Shandong here. But if you lose then swear fealty to the Devil Isle!”

Then he shot a look at the congregation and finally at Grandmaster Yuan Tianba before he gave a broad grin, “So who will be first?”

Zhou Hai immediately stepped forward as he shouted courageously, “I will be the first then! I am Elder Zhou Hai from the Divine Sovereign Clan!”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi immediately whispered, “Elder Zhou, please be careful…”

Immediately there were great shouts in the congregation cheering for Zhou Hai and people were even praising his courage. It was because his renowned had further increased with his recent duel with Beitang Ying.

Xiao Shuai smirked coldly, “You? Are you fit?”

Zhou Hai said coolly, “Are you looking down at me? I may be only a golden celestial but I am a veteran of many battles. Even if you are a sacred saint, I’ve no fear of you!”

Xiao Shuai smiled coldly, “What bold words. You may pick an opponent.”

Zhou Hai pointed at Han Shandong, “Then I will pick that old man. He doesn’t use a sword?”

Xiao Shuai replied coldly, “He prefers to fight with his bare hands.”

Zhou Hai said, “But I always prefer to fight with my sword.”

Han Shandong laughed as he stepped forward, “It doesn’t matter to me. Use whatever you want then.”

Zhou Hai smiled as he unsheathed his sword, “Very well then.”

Even though he was smiling, he was trying his best to keep his calm. After all, he knew that he was fighting against someone who was on the sacred saint level. But after one had attained to the golden celestial level, the cultivation level was less helpful in a fight. Rather, the specialty of one’s martial skills played a huge part. He was confident of his Divine Sovereign Force which he had newly attained to the 7th rank. This divine skill of the Divine Sovereign Clan was stronger than most of the martial aura in the celestial realm and that was the main reasons why the Divine Sovereign Clan was ranked in the top 3 patriarch clans.

He said, “Since you are an elder and as well as a Sacred Saint, shouldn’t you be graceful enough to give me an advance of three strokes…”

All of a sudden an outburst of martial power had enveloped around Han Shandong as he raised his hand. In that single instant, the air around them had exploded furiously and Zhou Hai had been sent flying through the air as a silhouette of a big palm could be clearly seen at the instant of the attack.

Everyone was stunned…

“Isn’t that the lost martial divine skill, the Big Dipper Hands?”

Zhou Hai was left moaning on the ground. Although he still had a little strength to fight but he refused to get up. The attack had broken through his golden body and if he continued to fight then he would surely be killed…

Therefore he shouted weakly, “I yield!”

Now the expression on Grandmaster Yuan Tianba was even more solemn. He was a peaked golden saint and had attained to the 8th rank of the Divine Sovereign Force. But in front of such a formidable opponent, he had little confidence. Therefore he could only continue to wait. Secretly he cast a look at Grandmaster Yun Zongheng as though he was trying to say, “We need to co-operate to drive away these malicious stars. In order to do so, we need to deploy a wolf pack tactic to exhaust their strength!”

Han Shandong laughed jovially, “Indeed that is the Big Dipper Hands. Anyone else wants to fight with me?”

An old man jumped out and shouted, “I am the Tang Yiren of the Three Saint Sword Elders and I hailed from the Celestial Sword Clan. I will like to challenge you!”

When everyone saw that it was Tang Yiren that had stepped forward, they were delighted. Tang Yiren was an intermediate stage Sacred Saint and he had a fearsome reputation in the celestial realm. At the same time he was also the most formidable fighter and the only sacred saint among the Three Saint Sword Elders.

Han Shandong said indifferently, “I’ve heard of the reputation of the Three Saint Elders. Why don’t you fight me together?”

Immediately Elder Xiahou Bang and Elder Ran Tianyou had stepped out with their swords. Together they were more formidable because the three of them could display the Three Saints Sword Array, a deadly sword formation that enhanced their attacks by more than doubled!

“I’m Xiahou Bang!”

“I’m Ran Tianyou!”

Tang Yiren, Xiahou Bang and Ran Tianyou immediately arranged themselves into their Three Saints Sword Array while Han Shandong merely sneered as he gently put his foot forward and there was a burst of strong martial force that was enveloping him and those nearby immediately felt dizzy; it was because this martial force seemed to be sucking their life force away!

The Three Saint Elders, Grandmaster Yun Zongheng, Grandmaster Yuan Tianba and many of the experienced celestial exponents immediately turned ashen. It was because they had recognized this divine skill to be the Divine Rejuvenation Force which could dissipate their martial forces and replenished one’s martial power.

In theory, this old freak Han Shandong here could never exhaust his martial power against a weaker opponent. Even though he did not have a weapon in his hands but all the martial skills that he was displaying was the epitome divine skills of the celestial realm!

Han Shandong yawned, “What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for me to attack you?”

Tang Yiren immediately flashed to attack him and he was followed closely by Xiahou Bang and Ran Tianyou. Before they had closed their distance with Han Shaodong, they had already attacked with their sword energies!

Han Shaodong smiled coldly, “I’m afraid that your sword energies are too weak against my Divine Rejuvenation Force.” He raised both hands and there was a thunderous thunderclap as two gigantic outline of a palm appeared in front of the Three Saint Elders, instantly exploding against them and sending the three of them to crash backward with a thunderous impact onto the ground!

Xiahou Bang and Ran Tianyou were instantly killed while Tang Yiren was grievously injured.

Tang Yiren struggled to stand, “I have…not lost…yet…”

All of a sudden he had coughed out a bout of blood and immediately lost his consciousness! He had been struck headlong by the power of two Big Dipper Hands. Even though he was a formidable sacred saint but the power of two Big Dipper Hands combined with the martial power of the Divine Rejuvenation Force were simply too much for him to absorb.

Everyone was stunned for the Three Saint Elders of the Celestial Sword Clan had just lost like this, in such a casual manner!

Immediately everyone went into stunned silence and was even afraid to speak for now they had known why the Ancient Ascension Sect, the Thousands Fragment Sect, the Divine Moon Manor and the numerous dark celestial clans had chosen to submit to the Devil isle. It was simply because they had no other choice!

Han Shandong looked at the congregation coldly, “Anyone else?”

But no one dare to step forward!

Han Shandong seemed to be a little disappointed, “Why are you looking at each other like this? There are eight patriarch clans around here but yet there isn’t any worthy opponent that is willing to step out? It seems that the Ancient Ascension Sect has more spine than anyone of you. We had more than ten duels before the Ancient Ascension Sect submitted.”

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba was secretly looking at the other seven patriarch clans for help. This concern the life and death of everyone here. Most of the sacred saints from the eight patriarch clans were in seclusion and did not attend the congregation. He was desperate now!

Grandmaster Yun Zongheng was stunned that the renowned Three Saint Elders could be defeated in such a casual manner that he was trembling now. Even though the Celestial Sword Clan still got eight other golden celestials but in a duel, this was simply not enough…

The truth was that Tang Yiren, Xiahou Bang and Ran Tianyou were the powerhouses of the Celestial Sword Clan in this congregation and the rest of them were not their equal. So when they were defeated, the spirits of the Celestial Sword Clan were broken immediately…

Grandmaster Yun Zongheng thought, “As long as we can survive the day then there is still hope. The Celestial Sword Clan still got two sacred saints who are currently in seclusion. They will be able to defeat these two old freaks…”

Even Grandmaster Yuan Tianba was also thinking of the same, “If we can survive through to this day then we can seek the help of Ancestor Yuan. For our sake, he will surely come out of reclusion to aid us…”

Han Shandong was now mocking everyone, “Are there more challengers? Don’t tell me that there are no more heroes from the eight patriarch clans? If not, then I’m assuming that the righteous celestial clans have all decided to submit? What do you say Grandmaster Yuan?”

Grandmaster Yuan was ashen as he stammered, “Of course not.”

Suddenly he pointed at Xuan Danfeng, “We still got many heroes. For example Palace Mistress Xuan Danfeng of the Lofty Snow Palace, she is a top sacred saint fighter.”

Xuan Danfeng was startled when Yuan Tianba had suddenly pointed at her and even highlighted the possibility that she was willing to fight for everyone. She secretly cursed, “Darn you, Yuan Tianba…why don’t you fight them yourself….”

“That’s right, we still got Palace Mistress Xuan Danfeng. She is also a sacred saint.”

“We still got a hope!”

“I have heard that the martial skills of the Lofty Snow Palace aren’t weak…”

“Today we will be able to witness the epitome skills of the mysterious Lofty Snow Palace…”

Xuan Danfeng was smiling weakly. It was obvious that she did not want to fight against these two old freaks. Even if it was a one to one, she had no death wish to do so. She had just witnessed how effortlessly Tang Yiren who was at the intermediate stage of the sacred saint level getting whacked. She was at the initial stage of the sacred saint level only…

She forced through a fake smile and looked at Grandmaster Yuan Tianba, “I have heard that your new daughter-in-law is a high priestess of the Heavenly Temple and she is also a sacred saint. Why don’t we see the martial skills display of Saintess Yuqing so that it can serve as an eye-opener?”

When Fan Yuqing heard her, she cursed her silently. “You want to be my sister but at the most crucial moment, you have chosen to put me into the frontline…”

Actually even if Xuan Danfeng did not point her fingers at her, there were already many celestials that were having the same thoughts as her. After all, there seemed to be only two sacred saints that were left now, the Saintess Yuqing and the Palace Mistress Xuan Danfeng.

Fan Yuqing smiled weakly, “Why don’t sister fight first?”

Xuan Danfeng was smiling weakly too, “I am afraid that my martial skills are nothing compared to the martial skills of the Heavenly Temple.”

Han Shaodong was looking at Yuqing curiously as he said, “You are a disciple of the Heavenly Temple? Good! I will want to have a taste of your martial skills!”

Fan Yuqing immediately pointed at the startled Ye Jing, “I am not. She actually is the real disciple of the Heavenly Temple. Am I right, my dear Sister Ye Jing?”

The stunned look that was on Ye Jing was too obvious as she stammered, “Uh, me?! Fan Yuqing you…”

Originally, she had planned to wait it out and to watch the duel as it progressed. It was because she was either a sacred saint or a formidable fighter. All of a sudden Fan Yuqing had pointed a finger at her out of the blue and declared that she was a better representative.

Han Shaodong smirked coldly as he appraised Ye Jing, “It shall be you then. Draw your sword.”

Ye Jing immediately protested, “I surrender. I have just reached the level of golden celestial. I think it is better for my two saintess sisters to spar with you.”

Everyone hearing Ye Jing was stunned. They had never expected her to surrender so quickly, without even a fight.

Han Shaodong returned his glance at Fan Yuqing, “Doesn’t matter. You shall be my opponent then. Your martial aura seems to be stronger and I have never fought with such a peerless goddess before.”

Fan Yuqing immediately said, “Shameless!”

But Ye Jing knew that she was also referring to her. Who ask you to point at me in the first place…

Fan Yuqing said slowly, “It is really not befitting to fight while I am dressed in my fine wedding gown…”

Han Shaodong smiled coldly, “After I have stripped you naked then you won’t feel that way anymore…”

Fan Yuqing suddenly said, “I surrender. You win! I don’t mind conceding. After all I am from the Holy Citadel City. My sister has already surrendered so there is no point for me to continue.”

Everyone was stunned that the Saintess Yuqing had suddenly surrendered while Ye Jing was cursing her for blackening the name of her clan…

Ye Jing was stunned as she whispered to Yuqing, “If you don’t fight her, then we all will be their slaves…”

But Fan Yuqing ignored her and said aloud, “I am sure Palace Mistress Xuan won’t surrender without a fight. It is already so sad enough that the Holy Citadel City has surrendered without a fight. Surely the Lofty Snow Palace has more reputation that that. I have heard that the Lofty Snow Palace has always been vicious to the evil doers. Hopefully I may be able to see a display of that today.”

While the drama between them was going on, Heavenly Fragrance Princess Feng Minyue was secretly thinking. “Are they really sisters? They seem to be at each other throat…luckily I am not involved…”

Xuan Danfeng was smiling bitterly, “Do I really need to fight…”

Then she lowered her glances and said, “I surrender as well.”

Again, everyone was stunned. Three times in a row, their side had surrendered…

Han Shaodong laughed jovially, “What is it? There are none that is from the side of the righteous celestial clan that is willing to fight with me?”

Suddenly a young lad walked slowly out to face Han Shaodong and Xiao Shuai, “I will try.”

Ye Jing, Fan Yuqing, Feng Minyue and all the others were stunned for the young lad was none other than Xiaofang!

Ye Jing immediately cried out, “Xiaofang, come back! He is too dangerous for you to handle. Your cultivation level is a piece of shit. Come back now!”

When Han Shaodong saw Xiaofang, he began to burst out laughing nonstop. “What is this? The latest challenger is actually not even a golden celestial?”

Xiaofang said politely as he looked at Xiao Shuai, “I will like to challenge him instead.”

When Xiao Shuai saw that Xiaofang had wanted to challenge him, he was bursting out loud with laughter as well. He asked in jest, “How old are you kid?”

Xiaofang replied, “I’m 17.”

When everyone heard that Xiaofang was only 17, they really could not believe their ears. At the same time, they were all feeling shameful because they had lacked the courage to fight these two old freaks.

Even Li’Er and Chu Yunfeng could not believe that Xiaofang would challenge Xiao Shuai on his own and they had turned ashen immediately!

There were even some nasty noises in the congregation;

“Get lost! Don’t disgrace yourself and us!”

“Even the Holy Consort has surrendered and now a mere protégé of the Holy Citadel City has decided to be a dead hero to savage whatever left of the pride of the clan? What a joke!”

“Hahaha, this is just a 17 year old kid.”

“He is going to die in just a blink of an eye.”


“He is trying to be a hero but he is a stupid one!”

Heavenly Fragrance Princess Feng Minyue was clearly shocked as she gasped softly when she saw that this refined handsome young lad had suddenly walked to the middle of the congregation to face Xiao Shuai.

Even Fan Yuqing’s eyes had flinched a little…

Xiao Shuai said to him, “You are a young fool! Hurry and return to your mommy. I don’t want to waste my strength to kill you.”

Xiaofang said with an unafraid expression, “If I can defeat you then you will give me the heavenly decrees?”

All of a sudden Xiao Shuai stopped laughing and in fact his face had become extremely solemn as he asked, “How did you know about the heavenly decree?”

The killing intent that was from Xiao Shuai had suddenly intensified to a frightening level!

Xiaofang asked, “So do we have a deal?”

Xiao Shuai hummed coldly, “That will depend if you can really defeat me. Draw your divine sword.” His sharp eyes had already seen the unsheathed divine sword that was at his side.

Xiaofang slowly reached to his jade belt and a silhouette of a beaming sword could be seen materializing. When it was fully materialized, everyone could see that it was a sword that was glowing with the eight elements array. The aura of this sword was suddenly imposing that everyone could feel there was a sudden suppression that was almost suffocating.

“This is an…immortal sword!”

Suddenly there were several excited shouts and stares from everyone!

Immortal swords were so rare that very few people had actually witnessed one and there was now one that was right in front of them…

Even though the immortal sword that was in Xiaofang’s hand was just a low grade half-step immortal sword but it was superior to the best divine swords. Moreover, it had a special array that was being imbued into it that strengthened all the area aspects and abilities of its wielder!

Li’Er gasped and looked at Ye Jing, “Isn’t he…”

Even Chu Yunfeng was startled as his jaws dropped. It was not because Xiaofang had an immortal sword but because there was a masked man that had saved the Holy Consort a year ago. He had not expected that the masked man was actually Xiaofang and now he finally realized why the Holy Consort had always treated him so much better than anyone else and even appointed him as an elder…

Palace Mistress Xuan Danfeng and many others could be heard muttering, “He has actually possessed an immortal sword. This is so unbelievable…”

Heavenly Fragrance Princess Feng Minyue was so startled that she took a few steps forward…

Fan Yuqing was really astonished to see that Xiaofang had an immortal sword but she soon calmed down, “He has too many mysteries on him…”

Xiao Shuai was startled but he was soon smiling, “Unfortunately that is not enough to defeat me. It is not easy to divine harmony with an immortal sword than a divine sword. You will need to be at least a sacred saint and at least three hundred years of cultivation with it…”

All of a sudden there was a bright rainbow halo that was radiating from the immortal sword and it was resonating with a low hum that was heavenly to the ears. The rainbow halo and the resonation of the sword was a sign that the wielder had divine harmonized with the sword.

Xiao Shuai was stunned, “He has actually divine harmonized with his sword?!”

Xiaofang said quietly, “My sword wants me to tell you that her name is Stellar Lights.”

Xiao Shuai growled as he brandished his sword, “Kid, what is your name?”

Xiaofang replied, “My name is Dugu Fang.”

Xiao Shuai asked solemnly, “Do you know Dugu Yuehua?”

Xiaofang answered, “She is my mother.”

Xiao Shuai nodded slowly, “Very good. So you’re her son…then you are worthy to fight me.”

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Chapter 44: The Devil Isle

Fan Yuqing mused to herself, “Yuqing, by marrying Yuan Chengzhi, you will have repaid this great favor to Ye Jing and Xiaofang. I am someone that will repay goodness with goodness and evil with evil. Ye Jing, you just don’t know me well enough. From now on, Fan Yuqing is dead and the Devil Goddess will take over.”

No one had ever seen her without her golden mask because she had purposely intended for her true identity to be her pure ego. All the badass things that she had committed were under the name of the Devil Goddess. Her true identity was extremely precious to her and today, she would use her true identity to repay Ye Jing…

Now she had no way to return to her good nature self.

Her plan was actually simple. Fan Yuqing would marry Yuan Chengzhi and on their grand occasion, Yuqing would be snatched and killed by the ‘Devil Goddess’. This will cause Yuan Chengzhi to lose his bride forever and from this day onward, the Golden Mask Devil Goddess will be her new identity.

“I am back to my pitiful and alone self again. Do you know that in this world, no one will pity you?” she said silently as she lowered her glances.

The silhouette of her mother burned brightly in her memories as she said to her five year old self, “Do you know that in this world, no one will pity you. You can only depend on yourself.”

Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted by Young Master Yun Xinghe who had suddenly shouted drunkenly, “Saintess Yuqing is my bride! She is not going to marry anyone else especially Yuan Chengzhi!”

Throughout the congregation, Yun Xinghe had been drinking himself silly. Finally when he had heard the wedding proclamation of the Saintess Yuqing, he had totally lost his cool and he was now ranting from the bottom of his heart.

Grandmaster Yun Zongheng immediately slapped him hard and ordered his protégés, “Get this rascal behind and don’t let him be an eye sore!”

He turned to say to Grandmaster Yuan Tianba, “I apologize for my son’s rudeness!”

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba was thrilled secretly. Yun Xinghe had embarrassed himself in public and this would only cause the reputation of the Celestial Sword Clan to go downhill. Pretending that he was magnanimous, he smiled broadly. “Don’t put that into heart. It is normal for young people to be bothered with the matter of the hearts.”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi was waving his fan with a grin. He too, was gloating that Yun Xinghe had degenerated himself in this manner. It seemed that this blow to him was really heavy.

When Ye Jing saw that Yun Xinghe had been reduced into this state, she was a little sad. After all, they were now somewhat acquainted with each other and had spent many weeks on the road together.

All of a sudden Grandmaster Yun Tianba expressions had suddenly changed as he stared at the scene in front of him and the thousands of shocked celestials were also looking at the same direction; the dark celestials had gathered in their thousands all across the plateau and leading them was a monstrous Sword Centipede, literally a 9th rank devious beast!

“If you want to host a wedding, why didn’t you invite us?” A thunderous shout echoed throughout the vicinity. The bearer of the shout had come from one of the two old men that were walking in front of the Sword Centipede.

As everyone strained their eyes to identify these two old men, most have a blank expression on their faces. However they could spot the banners of the Ancient Ascension Sect in the ranks of the dark celestial clans and they were shocked!

The old man on the left had a short white beard while the one on the right had a long grey beard. Both had golden eyes but none of the celestials could actually identify them at all.

“Did the Ancient Ascension Sect join with the dark celestial clans? Why are they in their ranks?”

Ye Jing sharp golden eyes could pick up the protégés of the Ancient Ascension Sect and they were looking haggard as though they had just been in a fight. Where were all the elders and leaders of the Ancient Ascension Sect?

The short beard old man was roaring with malicious laughter, “Who is getting married? Why aren’t we invited? If that is the case then we may as well snatch the bride. Hahaha.”

The longer beard old man laughed out loud as well and his martial voice could be heard clearly by everyone.

These two old men really had profound martial power and judging from their martial shouts, they were definitely at the Sacred Saint levels.

Xiaofang whispered quickly to Ye Jing, “Jing’Er, these two old men are dangerous. I can feel their killing intent even from here.”

Ye Jing nodded slowly. Her divine sense had already picked up their killing intents. She joked, “I think that Sword Centipede looks more dangerous. If we are not careful, we will be ripped apart by its multiple sword legs. I really don’t want to go near that thing.”

Yu’Er was shrieking with great alarm when she saw the giant sword centipede monster. Let us run, let us run!

Ye Jing smiled weakly to Yu’Er, “You can’t even fly now. How do we run…”

At this moment, Grandmaster Yuan Tianba shouted powerfully. “So the dark celestial clans have finally decided that they no longer want to play second fiddle to us and want to seize the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth for themselves. Do you think that we are afraid of you? If you want a battle then I, Yuan Tianba will definitely grant you a battle that you will never forget and will regret!”

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba words seemed to have a calming effect and instantly the thousands of panicky celestials were calmed and began to laugh. They had more than a hundred thousand top exponents and more than a hundred super exponents that were at least the golden celestials level, so why should they be afraid of a mere 9th rank devious beast?

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba smirked coldly, “And what do the dark celestial clans want? Surely you don’t come here to for the fun of it. And who are you?”

The short beard old man laughed jovially, his malicious voice resonates clearly throughout the mountains.  “Yuan Tianba, Yuan Tianba. I am Xiao Shuai and this is my brother Han Shaodong here. Together we are known as the Twin Malicious Devils of the Devil Isle. We are of course here to subjugate you as servants of our master in the Devil Isle.”

The entire congregation immediately broke into noisy pandemonium!

“Devil Isle?!”

“Isn’t this one of the three consecrated places of the celestial realm?”

“The legendary Devil Isle actually exists?”

Even Grandmaster Yuan Tianba was slightly disturbed and his eyes were flinching!

Xiao Shuai the short beard old man clapped his hands in an explosion gesture. Immediately a golden celestial and two crimson celestials came into view. From all appearances, they were injured and walked with unsteadied steps.

But everyone was gasping. It was because many in the congregation had recognized that the golden celestial in front of them was the Ascension Master Tie Nansen, the Thousands Lord of the Thousands Fragments Sect Duan Yizong and the Divine Mistress Qi Meixue of the Divine Moon Manor!

Ascension Master Tie Nansen said weakly, “Today is the greatest humiliation of the Ancient Ascension Sect. Firstly I like to apologize to all the heroes of the celestial realm. The Ancient Ascension Sect has submitted to the Devil isle…we are now on the opposing sides now.”

Thousands Lord Duan Yizong said almost immediately with a woeful expression, “The Thousands Fragments Sect has submitted to the Devil Isle as well!”

Divine Mistress Qi Meixue lowered her disheveled countenance, “The Divine Moon Manor has also submitted to the Devil Isle.”

When they had said that, the entire congregation was so startled that everyone was looking at each other for answers…

On a closer look at the dark celestial clans, a majority of them looked extremely tired and were even wounded. It was as though they had experienced a terrible battle!

But how two old men and a single devious beast could have subjugated the powerful Ancient Ascension Sect, the Thousands Fragments Sect, the Divine Moon Manor and hundreds of the dark celestial clans at the same time!?

This was too mind blowing and was almost impossible to believe!

Celestial Sword Clan Grandmaster Yun Zongheng was also stunned. The Ancient Ascension Sect had the most number of golden celestials and they were the number one powerhouse of the righteous celestial clans and they had actually submitted to the Devil Isle who had only two fighters?

The number of golden celestials, sacred saints, supremacies and monarchs from just these three celestial clans were already more than forty. If the demised Scarlet Heretic Sect was included the number of super exponents would be more than fifty!

This was too shocking to everyone that was presented!

Everyone was now talking nonstop and was extremely nervous. It was because a battle was unavoidable today!

“Are they the one that had destroyed the Scarlet Heretic Sect?”

“Even the three major powerhouses of the celestial realm have surrendered to the Devil Isle?! What is going on?”

“I hereby look down on the Ancient Ascension Sect! They are supposed to be the number one righteous celestial clan of the nine patriarch clans and yet they are the first to have surrendered!”

“Did these two senile old men just say that they are here to subjugate us? What a joke. We have Grandmasters Yun and Grandmaster Yuan here, as well as a number of sacred saint exponents on our side. These two senile men are courting their own deaths!”

“Forget about the sacred agreement. The battle between the righteous and heretic celestial clans are unavoidable inevitable. We should take this opportunity to wipe them out of the map!”

While the commotions were going on, Fan Yuqing had quietly said to Li’Er. “Come to me to your Holy Consort side. You should be protecting her. It seems that today is going to be a crazy day.”

Li’Er could only nod as she stared at the chaotic scene. Many of the celestials had already unsheathed their weapons to brace themselves for a battle with the dark celestial clans!

Fan Yuqing was secretly delighted as she thought, “Maybe I can even shift the demise of the Scarlet Heretic Sect to the Devil Isle. They had come at really an opportune time. What’s more, maybe even my groom may be killed today after all he is the young master of the host after all. Or I can even plan for own death in the ensuring confusion…”

She was already planning for her own contingencies!

Xiao Shuai grinned coldly, “The three of them are smart to have submitted to the Devil isle. So are the hundreds of leaders that are behind me. Why don’t we have the Divine Sovereign Clan and the Celestial Sword Clan to take the lead in surrendering to us?”

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba laughed jovially, “If you are joking then I will let it pass. If you are willing to leave this place then I will promise that I won’t pursue you. But if you insist on behaving in this outrageous manner then don’t blame me for not being a good host!”

Xiao Shuai laughed as he looked at Han Shandong, “So the answer is a big no then. Very well then we will have to exterminate these ants ourselves.”

Han Shandong stroked his long beard, “Indeed Brother Xiao Shuai. So let’s us join hands then.”

Immediately there were strong killing intent that enveloped the entire vicinity and this killing intent was so frightening that many of the celestials were actually trembling!

No one had ever sensed such terrifying killing intent in their lives before!

Xiaofang was also trembling, “They really mean to kill anyone that opposes them…”

Ye Jing was thinking, “They are from the Devil Isle? Didn’t my Ancestress Ye say if I can get the Heavenly Decree from them then I can have my Fenghuang back? But they really look so formidable…how do I defeat them?”

Heavenly Fragrance Princess Feng Minyue was looking nervously at Palace Mistress Xuan Danfeng and Holy Consort Ye Jing, “I really have an uneasy feeling about this…”

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba shouted, “Whoever can get the heads of these two insolent old men shall receive handsome rewards from the Divine Sovereign Clan as well as a share of the loot of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth!”

“Handsome rewards?!”

“Share of the loot of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth?!”

Immediately hundreds of exponents from the congregation began to brandish their swords as they charged at the two old men and the giant sword centipede!

They were like an unstoppable tidal wave once the attacks had attacked!

The hundreds became thousands as the frenzied charge motivated more and more exponents from the various celestial clans to seek glory and blood!

But strangely enough, none of the thousands of exponents from the dark celestial clans made a move as though they were just speculators…

As the thousands of exponents charged into to the two old men, the giant sword centipede began to tower protectively over the two old men and began to use its hundreds of sword legs to attack the attackers, sending many into demise almost immediately.

The sword legs of a 9th rank devious was stronger than most precious swords and could even pierce through even the protective martial aura of any celestial practitioner that had not attained as a golden celestial. Needless to say, it soon turned into a bloodbath as hundreds of exponents were killed in just a few instant!

As for the dozens of exponents that were able to approach the two old men, they were immediately cut down by the sword energies of Xiao Shuai and the powerful martial palm force of Han Shandong! And this included five golden celestial exponents!

These two men and the giant sword centipede were not just waiting to be attacked, in fact, they were moving forward slowly, creating a long line of bloodbath that was now creating a panicky scene among the thousands of exponents from the hundreds of celestial clans!

Ten of thousands of exponents had charged into the two old men and the giant sword centipede and thousands were killed or wounded in just a short while. When everyone witnessed such a scene, they were scared out of their wits and began a general retreat in the next instant, tramping over the many wounded that were lying helplessly on the ground!

“This Sword Centipede is too formidable!…”

“Over a dozen golden celestials lie dead now…”

“Why aren’t the super exponents of the patriarch celestial clans helping yet?”

“They are only using us as a canon folder to test the strength of these two old men…”

“We can’t even injure that Sword Centipede in the first place. That is a 9th rank devious monster! Moreover all the golden celestials are fighting the two old men and not the Sword Centipede…”

The attacks had suddenly become a chaotic retreat that blamed the patriarch clans for their losses!

As thousands of exponents withdrawn from the fighting, thousands more were retreating!

No wonder the exponents from the dark celestial clans were standing their ground. What they were facing was what they had faced earlier!

There was simply no need for them to be involved. These two men and the Sword Centipede were more than enough to take care of the small fries. It did not matter what were the numbers. As long as they could not field a single sacred saint to combat them, it did not even matter how many golden celestials were sent to their deaths for they were fighting two peaked sacred saint monsters!

Xiao Shuai laughed as he picked sword after sword from the fallen and sent them flying in all direction, instantly killing or splitting dozens into halves as the flying swords totally ignored the weak martial strength of the defenders!

The attackers were horrified by the killing power of Xiao Shuai and they had found out that they had now become the defenders…

Han Shandong had just crashed the skull of a peaked golden celestial and threw him up to feed the Sword Centipede, “This is for your nourishment.”

Xiaofang was looking at his sword when he had seen the flying sword of that old man that was called Xiao Shuai as he thought, “His flying sword technique is exactly the same as mine but his is more refined and powerful. He is…really from the Devil isle…”

Xiao Shuai laughed jovially, “If the righteous celestial clans have a death wish then we shall gladly grant it to you. But isn’t it the time for the patriarch clans to send forth their champions to duel with us instead of sending ants to fight with us?”

Hundreds of celestial leaders were suddenly looking at Grandmaster Yuan Tianba for a respond…

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba was suddenly looking solemn but he said bravely, “That is right. There is no need to involve the innocents. The leaders of the righteous celestial clans will battle with you directly instead.”

Xiao Shuai laughed jovially, “You have chosen a smart choice. Naturally I will be more merciful then. After all, I don’t want to lose any of my newly acquired slaves.”

He was immediately sweeping his glance lustfully at Fan Yuqing, Ye Jing, Feng Minyue and Xuan Danfeng and they could even feel his glances piercing into their hearts!

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Chapter 43: The Golden Clans Congregation

The Nuer Mountains consisted of more than three hundred mountain peaks. But even then, it was really crowded with the clan banners of hundreds of celestial clans that had camped in its vicinity.

Hundreds of celestial clans numbering more than two hundred thousand had gathered on a plateau that was surrounded by dozens of lofty mountain peaks.

Today was the first day of the Golden Clans Congregation.

At the side of the mountain was a giant dark sealed portal that led to the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth and it was main objective of all the clans that had gathered today.

Unlike the past Golden Clans Congregation which was more neutral, there was an air of open hostilities between the righteous celestial clans and the dark heretic clans.

It was because the Scarlet Heretic Sect, a major dark heretic clan had all its leaders massacred overnight!

The Divine Sovereign Clan was the host of this Golden Clans Congregation.

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba had taken the seat of authority in the middle of the congregation. It was also the seat that was closest to the giant dark sealed portal.

Around him was Young Master Yuan Chengzhi, Elder Zhou Hai, Elder Jin Lei, Elder Yuan Xiao and others.

Their moods were naturally quite jovial and for good reasons. Today was the day that Young Master Yuan Chengzhi would marry Saintess Yuqing!

Ye Jing and her retinue had taken a seat at the golden section since she was from one of the nine patriarch celestial clan.

Almost all the celestials were looking in her direction, astounded by her peerless beauty. This was the first time that Ye Jing had appeared in front of the celestial clans meeting. Not only were they looking curiously at her but she was also looking curiously at everyone at the same time!

Grandmaster Yun Zongheng, Young Master Yun Xinghe, Celestial Yun Chen and many others were also presented. The mood at the Celestial Sword Clan side was a little ugly because Young Master Yun Xinghe had recently lost a duel with the Divine Sovereign Clan.

Ye Jing saw that she was not the only female leader among the patriarch celestial clans. The Heavenly Fragrance Villa was led by the Heavenly Fragrance Princess Feng Minyue while the Lofty Snow Palace was led by the Palace Mistress Xuan Danfeng. Both were also beautiful ladies.

When their eyes met, she smiled at them.

Heavenly Fragrance Princess Feng Minyue looked gentle and had a quiet demeanor. The protégés of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa were all females since their cultivation methods were not suitable for men. Like the Holy Citadel City, Heavenly Fragrance Villa was one of the bottom three clans.

As for Palace Mistress Xuan Danfeng, she had cherry smiles all the time as she greeted everyone and was talkative. She seemed to know everyone and her seat had a lot of people rushing to offer her a toast.

The Ancient Ascension Sect was inconspicuously missing and had not arrived yet. It was well known that the Ancient Ascension Sect was the leading celestial clan in the celestial realm for most of its history. That they were late was only too normal for the Ancient Ascension Sect had its own rivalries with the Divine Sovereign Clan.

It was obvious to most of the celestials that the Ancient Ascension Sect was bitter that the host this time round had fallen to the Divine Sovereign Clan again.

There were also hundreds of clan leaders and their retinue that had gathered at the silver seats. The ‘silver seats’ referred to the clans that were actually uninvited. But the tradition of the Golden Clans Congregation was such that any clan could come if they were aware that the Golden Clans Congregation was taking place. The patriarch clans would not intervene as long as they were the ones that had entered the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth first.

This was actually a cunning stratagem. The hundreds of celestial clans presented was a deterrent against the hundreds of dark heretic clans that had gathered in the vicinity as well. Since the Scarlet Heretic Sect was now powerless to lead the heretic celestial clans, it was likely that the Thousands Fragments Sect or the Divine Moon Manor was now leading the heretic celestial clans.

Under the strict rules of the Golden Clan Congregation, the three major heretic celestial clans would assign the golden seats if they choose to come. Sometimes they did come but usually they would prefer to setup their own congregation nearby.

The entire place was full of top exponents from the hundreds of celestial clans. Because Ye Jing had a golden seat, she was surrounded by a dazzling number of golden celestials and sacred saints. She had never seen so many high level celestial practitioners in her life before.

Ye Jing was carrying Yu’Er who had metamorphosed into a red hen and she was accompanied by Chu Yunfeng, Xiaofang and a hundred protégés that were stationed around her.

As for Li’Er and a dozen female protégés, they were in the blue sedan behind to help with the wedding preparations for the Saintess Yuqing.

Ye Jing whispered as her eyes flashed at the colorful sights of the congregation, “Xiaofang. I can’t believe that this congregation is so massive. There are so many top celestial experts around. It seems that our retinue is the smallest here.”

Xiaofang nodded but his eyes were looking intently at the sealed portal of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth that was as large as a seven-storey pagoda. He was more excited for the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth than the congregation.

Ye Jing had suddenly caught sight of Yuan Chengzhi and he was approaching her. She whispered, “This man just can’t wait…”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi was smiling broadly as he approached, “Your Holy Consort, where is my Yuqing…I mean the Saintess Yuqing? Today is our…”

Ye Jing smiled faintly, “She is at the sedan behind me. When it is time for you to make the announcements, she will surely appear. You are missing her already?”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi laughed jovially, “That is only naturally. Is she happy with the betrothal gifts?”

Ye Jing smiled, “My sister offers her thanks to you. You are indeed generous. She is pleased with your gifts and is looking forward to the marriage announcement.”

“You are the Holy Consort Ye?” a beautiful voice called out to her. It was the Palace Mistress Xuan Danfeng who had suddenly approached them with some of her protégés.

Ye Jing smiled faintly, “Greetings to Lofty Snow Palace, Palace Mistress Xuan. I have long heard of your renown. You are the number one heroine in the celestial realm.”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi quickly bowed with his hands, “Palace Mistress Xuan. Divine Sovereign Clan Yuan Chengzhi pays my respect to you!”

Xuan Danfeng laughed jovially, “Who has never heard of the name of Young Master Yuan Chengzhi? I have heard something. I wonder if that is true. I’ve heard that today you are going to marry the sister of the Holy Consort Ye?”

Actually by now, everyone had heard of Young Master Yuan Chengzhi impending marriage. It was because everyone knows that Young Master Yuan Chengzhi and Young Master Yun Xinghe had fought over a beautiful woman. The details were sketchy but the outcome of the facts was largely confirmed.

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi laughed jovially, “That is true.”

Xuan Danfeng smiled as she looked around, “I don’t see the bride yet.”

Then she smiled at Young Master Yuan Chengzhi, “I have heard that the bride is a beautiful saintess. That is so surprising. Truly, this is really an extraordinary affair. Such a disparity in cultivation status is really the first.”

Ye Jing could feel her sarcasm immediately. Young Master Yuan Chengzhi was only at the Immortal Celestial level while Saintess Yuqing was at the Sacred Saint level. That was a full two realms apart and moreover, the status of the Sacred Saint was extremely lofty.

Xuan Danfeng herself was an initial stage Sacred Saint and she was extremely proud of this fact. She could not imagine herself marrying a lowly cultivator. If she is a Sacred Saint then her groom must also be on the same level or higher than her. Therefore she was really curious who this Saintess Yuqing was.

Yuan Chengzhi smiled weakly, “We are in love, that’s why.”

Xuan Danfeng smiled wryly, “Oh? I have heard that you have ‘won’ her in a bet against Young Master Yun Xinghe.”

Yuan Chengzhi was flustered as he quickly bowed with his hands, “Junior will speak to Palace Mistress Xuan later. I need to attend to some important matters first.”

Xuan Danfeng smiled when he had left as she appraised Ye Jing, “You are indeed beautiful. It seems that Heavenly Fragrance Princess Feng Minyue is now no longer the number one beauty in the celestial realm now…”

Feng Minyue seemed to have sharp ears as her gentle voice floated to them, “I don’t mind at all.” She had displayed the divine whisper to convey to the two of them.

Xuan Danfeng laughed, “She has indeed sharp ears. We are so far away yet she is still able to hear us.”

Ye Jing was astonished by Feng Minyue extraordinary sharp earing. It was because the whole place was actually quite noisy and it was impossible to pick up a meaningful conversation if someone was not actually nearby.

Unknown to them, when Feng Minyue saw that Xuan Danfeng was talking to Ye Jing, her curiosity was piqued and she had purposely used all her profound skills to eavesdrop upon them!

Ye Jing smiled weakly, “My sister is prettier than me. You will know when you have seen her.”

Xuan Danfeng laughed softly, “You mean the Saintess Yuqing? I am really curious about her. I’ve heard that she is high priestess of the Heavenly Temple and that you have met her when you had ascended to the Heavenly Temple. This is really a remarkable feat. I have once tried the heavenly steps but I cannot even get past to the 300th steps. I wonder what your secret is.”

Ye Jing said coolly, “I have practiced an intricate heart formula that is called the Purity Hearts. Maybe that is why.”

Xuan Danfeng smiled as she pondered, “That is interesting. It must be a really formidable heart intricacy skill.”

“I apologize for my rudeness for interrupting your conversations earlier,” Feng Minyue had quietly approached them. Her lightness skill was indeed superb.

As she approached, she took a glance at Xiaofang. But he was totally indifferent and his attention seemed to be the sealed portal that was behind them. Feng Minyue felt a little hurt in secret. It was because she was the recognized beauty of the celestial realm and also a peaked golden celestial of lofty status.  There were hundreds of high ranking celestials that were courting her and yet she did not even want to take a glance at them. But this refined young man here who was not even a golden celestial did not even take a single glance at her…

Feng Minyue said gently, “I think we can forego the introductions already. I am curious about the Heavenly Temple as well. My limit is just slightly over 600th heavenly steps in the past. I’ve thought of taking the heavenly steps again after this congregation.”

Xuan Danfeng muttered weakly, “600th heavenly steps are really an insane feat.”

But it was entirely not surprising to her. It was because Heavenly Fragrance Princess Feng Minyue was largely unstained by the affairs of the celestial realm and she spent most of her time in seclusion.

Feng Minyue said gently, “Your heart must be really pure in order to ascend to the Heavenly Temple. If the Holy Consort Ye does not mind, we can address each other as sisters.”

Ye Jing was startled by her sudden request. She had actually known of the renown of the Heavenly Fragrance Princess for her beauty and grace was like a heavenly fairy.  In fact, she had long idolized her and wished that she was as capable as her. She nodded eagerly, “Why not? That is my wish as well!”

Feng Minyue smiled gently as she hugged her, “Sister Ye Jing.”

Ye Jing answered, “Sister Minyue!”

This sudden turn of event caused Xiaofang to look at Feng Minyue out of curiosity and even Elder Chu Yunfeng was startled as he took a look at Xiaofang.

Now Xuan Danfeng was looking a little awkward as these two juniors had suddenly become sisters. She smiled weakly for the very first time and lost her air of superiority, “The three of us are the heavenly fairies of the celestial realm. Now that the two of you have become sisters, I am feeling so left out.”

Her intention was plain and did not need to be spelt out.

Feng Minyue smiled, “If Sister Ye Jing does not mind, we can include you as our sister.”

Ye Jing was actually delighted to be acquainted with the Heavenly Fragrance Villa and the Lofty Snow Palace so she said without hesitation, “Of course I don’t mind. It is my honor to have two such wonderful sisters. Sister Xuan!”

Xuan Danfeng was really happy that she was not left out, “Sister Ye Jing, Sister Minyue. It seems that this trip is not in vain after all.”

While they were talking, almost all the celestial clans were secretly looking in their directions. It was because for the three most heavenly maidens to be in the same place and were laughing together was really such a wondrous sight.

They were surprised that even the usually frosty and forbidden Heavenly Fragrance Princess Feng Minyue was actually smiling and the beauty of her smile immediately melted the hearts of many of the celestials who were secretly looking at her.

Suddenly the gossips of the congregation were slowly replaced by, “Look over there. Isn’t that the Heavenly Fragrance Princess, the Palace Mistress Xuan and the Holy Consort Ye? They are actually together…”

“What a wondrous sight. They are like three heavenly fairies that have descended from the immortal realm…”

“Look at that…someone has stepped out of that blue sedan behind them…and she is dazzling…”

“That is Yuan Chengzhi’s bride?”

“It is…really a rare flower that is planted on Yuan Chengzhi that cow dung…”

Fan Yuqing had just stepped out of the blue sedan with Li’Er and her small group of retinue. She was smiling lovely as she said, “Sister Ye Jing. Why didn’t you tell me that you have two more sisters out of the blue? Shouldn’t you at least inform your elder sister about it so that I can be mentally prepared?”

When Yuqing had appeared, the noise in the golden section had suddenly died down, followed by the curious looks that were in the silver section. It was as though her appearances could kill off thousands of noises.

Yuqing was dressed in an exquisite red wedding gown with golden phoenixes embroidered onto it. She was like a dazzling peerless goddess that had suddenly stepped into the mundane realm and her smiles were so heavenly striking that almost all the celestials were stopped dead in their tracks as they looked with stunned awe in her direction.

When Xuan Danfeng saw Yuqing, she could not believe that such a peerless maiden could exist. At first she had thought that this Saintess Yuqing may not be so beautiful after all or else she would not have lowered her status to marry Yuan Chengzhi. Now she had finally realized why Young Master Yun Xinghe and Young Master Yuan Chengzhi had fought so bitterly over her.

Even Feng Minyue was grasping softly as she put her hand over her mouth as she stared at the Saintess Yuqing, “That…that’s your sister?”

If they were heavenly fairies, then this sister of hers was a heavenly goddess!

“Hello, sisters. I am Fan Yuqing, ex-high priestess of the Heavenly Temple.” She smiled at Xuan Danfeng and Feng Minyue.

Xuan Danfeng found herself stammering as she looked at her, “Hello dear sister…”

Even though she was a Sacred Saint but this Saintess Yuqing’s aura was even more profound than her. She forced through a smile, “I’m Lofty Snow Palace, Palace Mistress Xuan Danfeng. I wonder what the current stage of your cultivator level is now?”

Yuqing laughed softly, “You can say that I am a peaked saintess.”

Peaked Sacred Saint!!

Xuan Danfeng and Feng Minyue were startled. Peaked Sacred Saint was virtually at the top of the celestial pecking order and commanded the highest respect in the celestial ream!

Xuan Danfeng smiled faintly, “Then may Sister Yuqing please guide me in the future. I’m only at the initial stage of the Sacred Saint level.”

Feng Minyue gave a courtesy half bow as she said gently, “Alas, I am just a peak golden celestial that is trying to attain to the Sacred Saint level. Unfortunately, even that half-step is too hard and my star may even fall from grace. Sister Yuqing, I am glad to be acquainted with you. I’m the Heavenly Fragrance Princess Feng Minyue…”

She paused for a while before she looked at Yuqing with a pleading look, “I have heard that Sister Saintess you have given out a Rainbow Saint Pill just a few days ago. If you, if you…have another spare Rainbow Saint Pill, I will like to purchase directly from you…”

Then she emphasized, “At any price that I am able to afford.”

When Xuan Danfeng heard her, she was a little startled. Now she finally realized why the usually cold and forbidden Feng Minyue would be so outgoing today. That was because she was now on a half-step into the Sacred Saint level. If she failed then her star would descend and that would be the end of her. She naturally did not want to die. No one really wants to die…

Saintess Yuqing smiled, “I do have another one. Really at any price?”

Feng Minyue had an excited look on her countenance as she said firmly, “At any price.”

Saintess Yuqing said in jest, “Even if I want you to be my servant, you will do it?”

Feng Minyue was shocked when she had heard her. She lowered her gaze and said gently, “If Sister saintess wants me to be your servant then I have no regrets doing so.”

Ye Jing and Xuan Danfeng were startled that the lofty Feng Minyue was willing to be a servant just for the Rainbow Saint Pill.

They were not Feng Minyue and they had no idea how desperate her situation was now.

But Xuan Danfeng did understand her. She remembered when she was first overcoming to the Sacred Saint level, her odds was just 10%. It was a do or die situation. When she had finally overcome to the Sacred Saint level, her mood had changed to the jovial mood that everyone was accustomed to now. It was because she was so overjoyed to have overcome her life and death barrier that her emotional state had completely improved.

Saintess Yuqing asked, “What if I ask you to marry Yuan Chengzhi in my place. Will you do it?”

Feng Minyue nodded slowly…

Saintess Yuqing smiled, “Let’s talk about that later. Today is my wedding day and I ought to pay my father-in-law a visit first.”

And she had walked over to the seating positions of the Divine Sovereign Clan.

When Yuan Chengzhi saw Yuqing appearing from the blue sedan, he almost jumped and he was smiling to his father and elders as though he was saying. “There, there! I told you so! Your good son has landed a good wife!”

When Grandmaster Yuan Tianba saw the Saintess Yuqing, he was stunned at her peerless looks. When his son Yuan Chengzhi had told him that he was not going to marry Ye Jing anymore, he was quite upset as they had already lost two divine swords to her.

Even when Yuan Chengzhi and Elder Zhou Hai had described to him how perfect the Saintess Yuqing was, he had not believed them.

In fact he had replied quite sarcastically, “There is no way a saintess will lower herself to marry you. There must be a trick somewhere.”

Yuan Chengzhi had replied, “Absolutely no tricks. She has totally idolized me. Compare to that Yun Xinghe, I’m 100 times better.”

Now Fan Yuqing had slowly walked with Li’Er to the front of Grandmaster Yuan Tianba as she greeted, “My respects to my father-in-law. Your daughter-in-law Yuqing pays my respect to you.”

Along the way, she had secretly glanced at Young Master Yun Xinghe and Celestial Yun Chen. The faces belong to the Celestial Sword Clan was extremely bitter…

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba roared out in laughter, “My good daughter-in-law. From now on, you are part of the Divine Sovereign Clan!”

It was obvious that he was very pleased with this new daughter-in-law.

Then he rose and displayed the Thousand Mile Resonant as he said aloud, “Today is not just the inaugural day of the Golden Clans Congregation but is also a grand day for my son Chengzhi and his bride Yuqing!”

The entire congregation was in an uproar as everyone began to talk at the same time after hearing the announcements.

“The Divine Sovereign Clan Yuan Chengzhi has lucked out in marrying such a heavenly goddess…”

“Yuan Chengzhi probably has a lot of good karma in his past life…”

“Such a heavenly match…”

“I wish I was Yuan Chengzhi…”

Ye Jing was thinking, “Does she really want to marry Yuan Chengzhi…” Now she was feeling bad that Fan Yuqing had chosen to sacrifice herself for her sake…

She sighed further, “There is only one flaw in this entire plan. Someone has to be sacrificed and that is you.”

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Chapter 42: Aftermath of the Massacre

“Haven’t you heard?”

“The Sacred Lord Beitang Ying and her twelve hall masters are all dead…”

“There is a massacre in the camps of the Scarlet Heretic Sect last night…”

“What!? Who did it?”

“Who else but the Celestial Sword Clan!!”

“Only the Celestial Sword Clan has such a deep enmity with the Scarlet Heretic Sect…”

“I have heard that Beitang Ying had recently caused Young Master Yun Xinghe to lose his face in front of the Divine Sovereign Clan…”

“No, that when you are wrong! I have heard that it is the Golden Mask Devil Goddess that did it!”

“The Golden Mask Devil Goddess? Isn’t she dead a long time ago?”

“She is a legend. A legend never dies…”

“What is the level of her martial skills? She can actually massacre all the masters of the Scarlet Heretic Sect?”

“Including Beitang Ying, that a total of thirteen supremacy level celestial experts…that is simply impossible for a single person to accomplish…”

“She must have a secret divine skill…”

“She practices the Heavenly Heretic Divine Skill…”

Since morning, news of the massacre had spread like wildfire throughout the entire Nuer Mountains!

Hundreds of celestial clans that had their camps in the Nuer Mountains had heard of this terrifying massacre and there was a sense of fear in the atmosphere as the name of the Golden Mask Devil Goddess was being spread like wildfire.

Ye Jing had also heard of the news and she was shocked to hear of Beitang Ying demise.

She immediately barged into Fan Yuqing chamber in a quiet rage and saw that she was braiding her long lusty hair, “You seemed to have already recovered your strength. Are you the one that killed Beitang Ying?”

Indeed Fan Yuqing had. When she had realized that Xiaofang had the healing focus ability, she had pretended that her inner core injuries were much more severe. On the pretense of receiving treatment, she had actually taken the opportunity to refine her spiritual inner core. Not only had she regained her peak strength but her cultivation core was even more refined than before!

Fan Yuqing smiled at herself in the mirror, not bothering to turn around to look at Ye Jing. “Since you’ve already known who I am, why even bother asking me?”

Ye Jing said coldly, “Beitang Ying may be a trash person but there is no need for you to kill her. Didn’t you say that you want to enter into seclusion? Look at what you did. Now everyone knows that the Golden Mask Devil Goddess is still around!”

Fan Yuqing scoffed softly, “This doesn’t affect my seclusion plan at all. No one knows who the Golden Mask Devil Goddess is except for you. I have thought that you should be smarter than this than to confront me.”

Ye Jing smiled coldly, “Yuqing, Yuqing. Or I should I say Fan Yuqin. With your intelligence, surely you have already suspected that I am not that gullible to believe your fairy tales. I have saved you because I’ve actually pity you in the cave.”

Fan Yuqing froze and there was a killing intent in her eyes, “Pity me? You’re not afraid that I will kill you?”

Ye Jing smiled bitterly, “I am really afraid. But if you want to take my life, I’m sure that I won’t be standing here now.”

Fan Yuqing said coldly, “Your life has to wait until my wedding to Young Master Yuan.”

Ye Jing had suddenly sat down near her and she had lowered her glances, “You are really going to marry Young Master Yuan? For real?”

Fan Yuqing said indifferently, “He is the scion of the Divine Sovereign Clan. It is any maiden wish to marry someone like him.”

Ye Jing said, “Except that you are not that someone. I am sure that you have a lot more lofty ambitions than that. Is he going to be your next victim?”

Fan Yuqing just looked away, refusing to answer her.

Ye Jing sighed softly, “Actually, I’ve expected you to be discreet and keep your identity under wrap. I never expected that you will do such a thing as that. That is the most irrational thing to do.”

Fan Yuqing smiled coldly, “That isn’t the most irrational thing that I had ever done. The wasting of my potential that had caused me two centuries of miseries was the most irrational thing that I’ve ever done.”

Ye Jing said gently, “That and this are two totally different things. But I still don’t understand why you will do such a thing, especially when your wedding is approaching in a matter of days.”

Fan Yuqing turned to look intently at her, “What if I tell you that I hate the Scarlet Heretic Sect, will you believe me?”

Ye Jing had a surprised look, “Why is that so?”

Fan Yuqing smiled coldly, “I have long wanted to kill Beitang Ze for his impure dual cultivation art. Before I could do that in the past, my star had fallen. Now that I have seen Beitang Ying and her entire Scarlet Heretic Sect, do you think that I will let them live a day longer?”

Ye Jing did not know what to reply to her answers. It was because her answers had astonished her. After a long silence, she said slowly. “I take back my words. You did right. It is about time that this heretic dual cultivation art were to disappear from the celestial realm.”

She got up slowly and when she reached the exit, she whispered. “I really don’t understand what kind of a person you are. Just because you hate the Scarlet Heretic Sect, you won’t even hesitate to massacre them even though you got no feud with them.”

When Ye Jing left, Fan Yuqing tilted her head and said softly to herself. “I don’t even know what kind of a person I am. I am just a bad person…”

Her eyes had suddenly flashed and she saw Xiaofang entering the room. She smiled coldly, “Didn’t your Holy Consort tell you never to visit me ever again?”

Xiaofang just stood there for a minute before he asks solemnly, “Are you the one that is responsible for last night massacre?”

Fan Yuqing hummed coldly, “You are here to admonish me?”

Xiaofang said, “You really the Golden Mask Devil Goddess…”

Then he said quietly, “So you have completely recovered. That’s good. I just have a request that I hope that you will accede to it.”

Fan Yuqing said as she stared at the mirror, not bothering to look at him. “You want me to spare Ye Jing?”

Xiaofang nodded slowly before he said firmly, “Yes!!”

Fan Yuqing rose up from the dressing table as she folded her arms, “Only if you promise to do three things for me then I will spare her life.”

Xiaofang stammered, “What three things?”

Fan Yuqing said, “I haven’t thought of it yet. Is her life not worth three things from you?”

Xiaofang said slowly, “I will not kill anyone or harm anyone for you.”

Fan Yuqing smiled wry, “Fine.”

Xiaofang was startled that she had agreed almost immediately so he said quickly, “Or any other bad things as well.”

Fan Yuqing was amused but she said, “That is fine as well.”

Xiaofang heaved a soft sigh of relief, “Then that is a promise then.”

Fan Yuqing hummed coldly, “Remember what you have promised…”

Then she saw that Xiaofang had raised his palm in front of her, “What is this?”

Xiaofang smiled, “You got to clap my hand for the promise to be effective.”

Fan Yuqing found herself raising her palm as she gently touched his palm, “This is childish you know? You are just like a kid.”

Xiaofang grinned, “I am only 17.”

Fan Yuqing was startled, “You…you are only 17?”

Xiaofang replied, “That’s right. But I’ve grown up now.”

Fan Yuqing was in disbelief, “And you are already an Immortal Celestial?”

Xiaofang answered indifferently, “That’s right.”

Fan Yuqing smiled faintly as she sat down again, “Ye Jing and you really make a good match for each other. You may go now.”

Xiaofang said, “Wait. Can Saintess Yuqing promise not to tell her about what we have said today?”

Fan Yuqing nodded slowly, “I won’t. Now go.”

Xiaofang bowed with his hands, “Thanks!” And he had left the room hurriedly.

When he had left the room, she hums a tune to herself. The tune was slow and melancholy…

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Chapter 41: Beitang Ying Intentions

Beitang Ying was resting in her tent as she took out the Rainbow Saint Pill to admire. This was her trophy from the hands of the so called righteous celestial clan. With this Rainbow Saint Pill, she could easily breakthrough to the Monarch level. Indeed, this was a most precious divine pill. No wonder it could even be called a ‘Saint Pill’. It would be centuries before she could even use this Rainbow Saint Pill.

“No,” she thought. “I may even end up losing this divine pill to the peaked golden celestials and peaked supremacies that wants a breakthrough. Even though I am now the Sacred Lord of the Scarlet Heretic Sect but I have lost the protection of my brother forever. Even that Duan Yizong is not trustworthy at all. The way he is making eye contacts with that Demoness Ye Jing already tell me that he just another petty fellow.”

Earlier today she had visited the camp of the Holy Citadel City to make some troubles. She was also interested to know what the duel was about. When she saw that the prize for losing was this Rainbow Saint Pill, she had changed her mind and decided to take it for herself.

But that was not the main reason why she had seized this pill. It was because she was expecting someone tonight…

“Ye Jing, whether Yun Xinghe believes you, it doesn’t matter to me at all. The shadow of doubt has already been planted in his heart…Hehehe…I don’t know why that golden mask maiden wants to frame you. Two can play the same game and I am just playing along as well. It seems that you have made plenty of enemies already.” muses Beitang Ying.

“As for Young Master Yun and the Celestial Sword Clan…”

She knew that Young Master Yun Xinghe and the powerful Celestial Sword Clan would not just let it pass so easily. But she did not care. After all, the Celestial Sword Clan had always viewed the Scarlet Heretic Sect as its main enemy and there were plenty of enmities between the two clans.

It was just that Young Master Yun Xinghe was foolish enough to trust her because he could not trust his Uncle Yun Chen either.

Nuer Mountains was really crowded in recent days. More than two hundred thousand celestial practitioners from all over the celestial realm had already arrived. That included the ten thousand protégés of the Scarlet Heretic Sect and its twelve hall masters.

Even if Grandmaster Yun Zongheng will bring his entire forces to her camp, she would not fear him. But there was only one person that she feared the most and that person would soon arrive in no time…

A shadow was cast into the tent as an ominous voice said oppressively, “It seems that you have been expecting me…”

Beitang Ying looked up and saw that an enthralling golden mask maiden had walked inside the tent, “I guess that all my guards are all killed by you?”

The golden mask maiden hummed coldly, “You call those guards? They are not even fit to be a watchdog.”

Beitang Ying had already picked up her sword, “I have already guessed that you will come tonight for this Rainbow Saint Pill.”

“Hehehe,” the golden mask maiden scoffed coldly. “You shouldn’t have taken this pill in the first place.”

Beitang Ying said coolly, “If I am not wrong then you must be the Golden Mask Devil Goddess, am I right?”


“Because only the Golden Mask Devil Goddess can make a proud man like Celestial Yun Chen kneel before him,” Beitang Ying said slowly.

The golden mask maiden mocked, “Since you are expecting me, why you didn’t put better guards around? For example, your twelve hall masters?”

Beitang Ying asked unemotionally, “Do you feel that it is too easy so that is why you are feeling a little uneasy?”

The golden mask maiden laughed softly, “That’s right. I have even walked three big rounds around this camp just to be sure that there are no tricks that are coming from you.”

Beitang Ying hummed coldly, “Tricks? Even if I have the heaven defying boldness, I will not dare to offend the Devil Goddess.”

The Golden Mask Devil Goddess said extremely coldly as she lifted her fingers, “But you already have! I have always been vengeful for my enemies. Say your goodbye…”

Beitang Ying had slowly knelt down before her, her eyes were cold and her body was stiffed. “I know that you are not that Demoness Ye Jing. You are the true Devil Goddess. In this world, you’re the strongest. I beg you to take me as your disciple.”

Without lowering her fingers, the Golden Mask Devil Goddess said. “Oh? The most powerful leader of the dark celestial clan will actually kneel down before me? This is really interesting.”

Beitang Ying said slowly, “Because only you are worthy of my respect. Only you can help me to avenge my brother’s death and bring the Scarlet Heretic Sect to greatness. As my master, naturally you will also be the new Sacred Lord of the Scarlet Heretic Sect. We have thirty thousand protégés for you to take charge of and all the resources of the entire clan for you to use for your lofty ambitions.”

The Golden Mask Devil Goddess laughed softly, “This sounds good to me. All the resources of the entire clan for me to use at will. This sounds like what I used to have two centuries ago. There is no one that does not fear me.”

Suddenly her voice was cold and the oppressing aura that she had released was suffocating, “Sorry I can’t help you avenge your brother because he is stupid and foolish. There are four places that one shouldn’t meddle freely even if you think that you are the most powerful person around. The Tranquil City is naturally one of them. As for the other three, they are naturally the three consecrated places of the celestial realm. Therefore you have made a mistake in kneeling before me.”

All of a sudden the Golden Mask Devil Goddess had flicker her fingers and before Beitang Ying could evade the attack, her left shoulder had been struck by a flicker of piercing light and a crackling sound could be heard!

Beitang Ying was shocked as she raised her divine sword just in time to parry the second finger flicker that was aimed for her head, “You…you’re crazy! You don’t want a chance to be the most powerful lord of the celestial realm?…”

Before she could finish, the Golden Mask Devil Goddess had changed her finger stance to a palm force and sent her flying backward with a tremendous crash!

The Golden Mask Devil Goddess laughed, “Child, you are not fit to kneel before me, much less become a disciple of mine. Yun Chen is worthy but you? If I am not careful then I may die in your hands anytime.”

This time Beitang Ying dared not afford to be careless as she could sense the strong killing intent that was from the Devil Goddess; she mustered all her martial force as she hastily got up from the ground…

But in that next instant the Devil Goddess was already upon her as a dozen heavy blows had forcibly struck her on her chest and head, instantly shattering her golden body and cracked her skull!

These oppressing attacks were simply too swift and too irresistible to even defend!

Beitang Ying stared in blank air, not believing what had happening. It was as though her martial protection was like paper in front of the oppressing blows as she fell onto the ground again…

The Golden Mask Devil Goddess hummed coldly as she bended over the semi-conscious Beitang Ying, “You have thought too lowly of me. That is your first mistake. I don’t need your clan resources. I have plenty of wealth in the banks of the Tranquil City. You cannot imagine the wealth that I’ve amassed over the years. Two, your entire sect is too filthy for a noble lady like me. I detest your sect impure dual cultivation arts. Even if the Celestial Liege did not finish off your brother, I will kill him sooner or later. Three, I let you know a little secret of mine…”

She bended low and whispered almost incoherently, “The Celestial Liege is my uncle…won’t I be guilty of disrespecting my elder if I were to help you avenge for your brother?”

When Beitang Ying heard her, her eyes were staring with disbelief and shock. She wanted to scream but her mouth was foaming blood, she wanted to move but she was immobilized. Even though the Devil Goddess was speaking softly, she was like the goddess of death and in the next instant, she would take her life away. Therefore she was also trembling nonstop with a great fear of her!

“Four, you dare to play a trick on me and even try to seduce me with unimpressive temptations. You are really trying my patience!…”

Beitang Ying stammered out with her last breath, “Before…I die, can I…have a look at your face?”

The Golden Mask Devil Goddess hummed coldly as she crushed Beitang Ying’s heart with her fingers, “You are not fit to see my face.”

She then muttered, “They should be here any minute now…”

True enough, the twelve hall masters of the Scarlet Heretic Clan had rushed into the tent with hundreds of protégés!

“What is happening?”

“She has killed our Sacred Lord?!”

“Who are you?!”

The Golden Mask Devil Goddess hummed coldly, “Good, you’re all finally here. Today I am going to purge your impure dual celestial arts from the face of the celestial realm…”

All twelve of the hall masters were all at the Supremacy level but when this golden mask maiden began to speak, the oppressing aura that belongs to her was so overwhelming that they were all trembling and felt as though their movements were restrained!

One of the twelve hall masters suddenly stammered aloud, “It is her…I recognize her mask…this is the Golden Mask Devil Goddess!”

Another of the twelve hall master had completely turned white, “I remember her voice…it is really her…she is not dead yet…she has returned…”

One of the twelve hall masters immediately turned around to flee but the Golden Mask Devil Goddess had suddenly flashed past him with the Crimson Fury which belonged to Beitang Ying and a brilliant flash of light had slashed him awkwardly onto the ground!

In the next instant tens of protégés were sent flying backward, landing dead or seriously wounded by her multiple sword bursts that were flying in all directions!

She said coldly into the hearts of all the onlookers, “I only want the lives of the twelve hall masters. The rest of you, if you value your dear life, flee as far as possible…”

One of the twelve hall masters forced out his voice, “Brothers! She is only one and we are many…” Before he could finish, he was dead as his throat was pierced by the brilliant halo of the Crimson Fury!

“What!?…she has divine harmonized with the divine sword that belongs to our Sacred Lord…that’s impossible…”

One of the twelve hall masters hastily shouted, “What are you all waiting for? Hurry and attack her together!

The Golden Mask Devil Goddess cold commanding voice could be heard echoing in everyone’s heart, “He is right. So what are you all waiting for?”

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Chapter 40: Sly upon Sly

Now that Beitang Ying had the attention of everyone, she said with a faint smile. “If someone schemes in the broad daylight then sooner or later, their schemes will be uncovered. Yesterday while I am taking a little stroll in the mountains, I happen to overhear an interesting conversation between the Holy Consort and Celestial Yun Chen. It seems that the Holy Consort is asking Celestial Yun Chen here to lose the duel today. How interesting. And oh yes, I even saw the Celestial Yun Chen kneeling in front of her.”

Celestial Yun Chen turned ashen as he immediately shouted, “Rubbish! What rubbish are you talking about?”

Saintess Yuqing was smiling. It was because she had already detected the presence of someone in the vicinity after she had told Yun Chen to lose the duel on purpose. The main reason why she had asked Yun Chen to lose the duel was just to take back her Rainbow Saint Pill from him later.

So that intruder that she had sensed was this Beitang Ying. It seemed that this Beitang Ying was really good in her stealth for she had failed to detect her presence initially. The instant that she had detected her presence, she purposely whispered in a low voice, “Ye Jing, you are so smart…”

She had purposely made it audible enough for the intruder to pick up!

To her, it did not matter if her conspiracy with Yun Chen was found out so long as no one suspected that the Golden Mask Devil Goddess and Fan Yuqing was the same person. That was why she had framed Ye Jing…

Ye Jing was looking at Beitang Ying with a perplexed look, “I really don’t know what you are talking about. I am not even on talking terms with Celestial Yun Chen. It is highly improbable that I can ask him to do anything.”

Even Celestial Yun Chen was humming coldly, “If you think that you can sow distrust between Young Master Yun and I, then you are greatly mistaken. No one will believe in you.”

Beitang Ying looked coldly at Young Master Yun Xinghe, “You don’t believe me?”

Young Master Yun Xinghe hesitated, “This is indeed hard to believe. It is only your side of the story.” But secretly, growing doubts had been formed in his heart…

Beitang Ying looked at Saintess Yuqing, “This is the bride that everyone is fighting for? She is indeed a beautiful goddess. So is Celestial Yun Chen taking your place to fight someone from the Divine Sovereign Clan?”

Elder Zhou Hai said coldly, “Indeed. And his opponent is me!”

Beitang Ying had overheard much of the conversations within the tent with her sharp ears before she barged in and she was just making sure that she had heard correctly.

She smiled, “Then that’s easy. Let me take the place of Celestial Yun Chen to fight for the Celestial Sword Clan against this elder here.”

Elder Zhou Hai said coldly, “This elder name here is Zhou Hai!”

Beitang Ying looked at Yun Xinghe with a cold smile, “So what do you think? If you trust your Uncle Yun Chen, then you may only lose but if you are willing to place your trust in me then I can promise you a victory. What do you say?”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi immediately said, “This is a duel between two righteous celestial clans. When did it become the business of the dark heretic celestial clan to interfere? Moreover you have slandered the good name of the Holy Consort. Who knows what your true intentions are?”

Beitang Ying smiled coldly, “If Demoness Ye Jing wants the Celestial Sword Clan to lose then all the more I want the Celestial Sword Clan to win this duel. Or are you afraid of me?”

Beitang Ying was indeed a formidable fighter and there were very few people in the celestial realm that would dare to provoke her. Moreover with the demise of Monarch Beitang Ze, she had taken his place as the new Sacred Lord of the Scarlet Heretic Sect.

Young Master Yun Xinghe knew that Beitang Ying was an Intermediate Stage Supremacy and that she possessed the Crimson Fury, a high grade earth-step divine sword. Elder Zhou Hai was an Intermediate Golden Celestial which was her equivalent but he had only a high grade earth-step precious sword.

If Beitang Ying was willing to fight on his side then his victory was almost ensured…

Young Master Yun Xinghe smiled, “I don’t doubt my Uncle Yun Chen or the Holy Consort. So what if we were to lose? We will still get a nice reward for it. However since the Sacred Lord is here today and has the interest to fight then I should at least accommodate you a little and allow you to fight Elder Zhou Hai. What do you think?”

Celestial Yun Chen tried to protest, “But she…”

Young Master Yun Xinghe said coolly, “Let her try. I have complete trust in you Uncle Yun Chen. But since she is already here, we should at least allow her to vent a little. Moreover, I have faith that the powerful Sacred Lord of the Scarlet Heretic Sect will not disappoint her clan either.”

Beitang Ying was known for her haughtiness. Therefore he knew that she would fight using all her best. As for his Uncle Yun Chen, he was beginning to doubt his loyalty!

Beitang Ying smiled coldly as she displayed her Crimson Fury Divine Sword, “Young Master Yun is indeed a smart man.”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi angrily said, “You are asking a dark celestial to fight in your stead? This is simply too ridiculous!”

But Elder Zhou Hai had already displayed his formidable martial aura and his entire body had turned golden and shrouded him in a burst of golden animus, “Young Master Yuan, please step aside! I won’t disappoint you!”

When Saintess Yuqing saw the formidable aura that was being displayed by Elder Zhou Hai, she could not help muttering. “The Divine Sovereign Force is indeed impressive. From the look of it, this Elder Zhou Hai has already mastered to the 7th rank!”

Beitang Ying dare not be careless as she quickly displayed her crimson aura to overcome the overwhelming suppression aura that had come from the Divine Sovereign Aura!

Elder Zhou Hai laughed as he charged forward with his sword, “Good, good. I’ve always wanted to test the divine skills of the Scarlet Heretic Sect!”

Beitang Ying did not hesitate either and had lifted her sword at the same time, “I will like to see the trash skills of the Divine Sovereign Clan!”

When they had clashed, the shockwaves of their sword strikes were deafening and everyone could feel that the air was heating up furiously by their martial energies.

As Ye Jing lifted her divine sword to destroy the stray martial force that had come too near to her, she could not help muttering, “Will they destroy the tent?”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi, Li’Er, Elder Yuan Xiao and Chu Yunfeng had hurriedly moved further away for they could hardly maintain their steady steps…

Xiaofang was staring with astonishment at the sword stances and strokes that were being displayed by Elder Zhou Hai and Beitang Ying. To him, he was just watching the most impressive fight of his life and he was watching with excited eyes.

All of a sudden, Beitang Ying found an opening and swung her divine sword against the oppressing aura of the Divine Sovereign Force but it seemed to have absorbed most of her martial power and what was left was unable to harm Elder Zhou Hai.

Elder Zhou Hai laughed aloud, “So what if I don’t have a divine sword in my hands?”

Beitang Ying hummed coldly as she raised her palm with her left hand, “Do you dare to receive the might of my martial power then?”

Elder Zhou Hai laughed jovially as he raised his palm, “Who is afraid?”

There was a thunderous clap that exploded all their martial forces outward, causing a double deafening shockwave that rippled throughout the tent and all of a sudden Beitang Ying shadowy form was seen flying backward!

Elder Zhou Hai was delighted, “My martial power is also stronger than you!”

Beitang Ying looked haggard as she picked herself up weakly, “I must admit that you are stronger than I. Therefore you have won the duel.”

Young Master Yun Xinghe was shocked as he exclaimed loudly, “The duel is over just like that? You can’t just give up like this!”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi was also startled, “She concedes defeat? That’s impossible. Surely she should have some secret martial skills that she has yet to use?”

Even Elder Zhou Hai was stunned, “Uh?! I am just warming up…”

Ye Jing was also stunned as she thought, “Where the blood…”

Beitang Ying said weakly, “What so surprising about it? It isn’t a life and death duel. Since Elder Zhou Hai has the superior martial skills, so naturally I have to concede. Am I not right to say so?”

She turned to look at Saintess Yuqing, “Why are you staring at me like this? You should be declaring the result of this duel outcome, am I right?”

Saintess Yuqing looked intently at Beitang Ying before she said gently, “Beitang Ying has conceded. Therefore Young Master Yuan side has won.”

Beitang Ying smiled as she reached out her hand, “And where is my reward?”

Saintess Yuqing gently dropped the Rainbow Saint Pill into her hand…

Young Master Yun Xinghe was startled, “You can’t take this Rainbow Saint Pill. This belongs to me! This is clan property…”

But Beitang Ying had already gleefully left the tent!

Almost everyone said at the same time, “She had purposely lost the duel…”

Saintess Yuqing was trembling lightly as she thought hatefully, “This Beitang Ying has appeared out of the blue and has taken my Rainbow Saint Pill. This is so unbelievable and unforgiving.”

When Ye Jing noticed the chaotic fluctuations that were came from Saintess Yuqing, she almost wanted to burst out laughing. She could almost guess what had happened. Somehow, Saintess Yuqing had sought the help of Celestial Yun Chen to lose this duel and then when he did, the Rainbow Saint Pill would be returned back into her hands again.

But somehow the most unbelievable thing had happened right before the Saintess Yuqing’s eyes and that her precious Rainbow Saint Pill was ‘taken’ away by Beitang Ying.

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi was patting Elder Zhou Hai as he said excitingly, “Elder Zhou, I will definitely ask my father to reward handsomely. And thank you so much for giving me such a good bride! Hahaha.”

Elder Zhou Hai was jovial, “Young Master Yuan, congrats on getting yourself such a heavenly goddess. You are really making me so envious!”

Elder Yuan Xiao and Elder Jin Lei were also laughing jovially together. After all, their side had won and deserved a celebration.

The expression that was on Young Master Yun Xinghe was extremely bitter as he said coldly, “Let’s go!”

Celestial Yun Chen replied solemnly, “Yes…”

When Young Master Yuan Chengzhi saw that Young Master Yun Xinghe had left the tent, he rubbed against his palms and said elatedly to Saintess Yuqing, “Uh…so when will our big day be?”

Saintess Yuqing said with a faint smile, “Naturally as fast as possible. You may announce it on the day of the Golden Clans Congregation, in front of all the attending celestial clans.”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi laughed delightfully, “That is my original intention as well. Then the day of the Golden Clans Congregation will also be our wedding day?”

Saintess Yuqing nodded slowly, “That’s right.”

Then she smiled enthrallingly, “You ought to start preparing the betrothal gifts now. After all, I am a ‘Saintess’ and your betrothal gifts should fit a ‘Saintess’.”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi smiled broadly, “I will see to it now. I won’t disappoint your saintess. It will be grand, I can assure you…”

Ye Jing was deep in her thoughts and she got an ominous feeling. She suddenly had a scary thought, “What if she decides to run away and won’t the Holy Citadel City be intertwined into it?”

Saintess Yuqing was all smiles, “It’s my great honor to be with such a great man like Young Master Yuan. I should call you Chengzhi in the future and you can simply address me as Yuqing. What do you say about this?”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi was laughing jovially all the way, “It’s good. Yuqing then…my dear Yuqing…dearest Yuqing…”

Beneath the smiles of Saintess Yuqing, she was actually still cursing Beitang Ying loudly in her heart, “Since you have dared to cross me, I make sure I return ten times the payment to you…”

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Chapter 39: Rainbow Saint Pill

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi was in a jovial mood as he stepped into the camps of the Holy Citadel City. When he had heard that Ye Jing had requested for him for help, he hurriedly mustered 1000 of his clan protégés.

When he had heard that Ye Jing was in the vicinity, he had wanted to pay her a quick visit. But when he had heard that Ye Jing was in the company of Young Master Yun Xinghe, he had burned with rage and put his plans on hold.

Ever since he had returned to the Divine Sovereign Clan, he had been thinking of her and regretted the missed opportunities.

Along the way, he cursed Young Master Yun Xinghe nonstop. “How dare he try to steal my bride so openly and how dare he openly oppose me!”

He had never expected Ye Jing to request for his help. It must be that he had made quite a good impression on her and that she had now regretted her choice. Moreover, compared to the scumbag Yun Xinghe, he was a lot better.

The protégés of the Holy Citadel City seemed to be expecting him and they were greeting him respectfully as he entered with Chu Yunfeng who said, “Our Holy Consort is expecting you. Please follow me to the main tent.”

When he reached the main tent, he was startled to see that the protégés of the Celestial Sword Clan had already gathered outside.

When Chu Yunfeng saw his expression, he said. “Young Master Yun Xinghe and Celestial Yun Chen are also inside.”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi growled softly, “Elder Yuan Xiao, Elder Zhou Hai, Elder Jin Lei, please go in with me.”

Elder Zhou Hai and Elder Jin Lei were both Golden Celestials of the intermediate stage. Both were middle age and looked younger than Elder Yuan Xiao. It was obvious that they had reached the level of Immortal Celestial at a younger age than Yuan Xiao and were much more talented.

Chu Yunfeng said respectfully, “Young Master Yuan, Celestial Zhou Hai, Celestial Jin Lei, Elder Yuan Xiao, after you. Our Holy Consort will be here shortly. We will inform her of your arrival. Please take a rest inside first.”

When Young Master Yuan Chengzhi had entered inside, he had immediately seen Young Master Yun Xinghe. He greeted coldly, “I wonder what winds have brought you here.”

Young Master Yun Xinghe was startled when he suddenly saw Young Master Yuan Chengzhi entering the tent. He answered coldly, “I am visiting my bride-to-be.”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi mocked him, “What a joke. Everyone in the celestial realm has already known of my impeding marriage to the Holy Consort. So who is your bride?”

“Young Master Yun Xinghe, Young Master Yuan Chengzhi, you have both arrived.” A clear and alluring voice floated into the tent as Ye Jing walked into the tent with Li’Er and Xiaofang.

Today she was even more stunning than before. Immediately Yun Xinghe, Yuan Chengzhi and all their elders were looking at her. They could not believe that such a heavenly maiden could have existed and their hearts were all melted by her alluring appearances.

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi thought that she was even more breathtaking than the last time that he had seen her. It had only been just a few months but now her presence had an added glamour that was forbidden.

Elder Zhou Hai could not resist muttering, “Brother Jin Lei, do you remember Celestial Yuehua? I’ve thought that ever since I’ve met her, there would be no others that can compare to her peerless beauty.”

Elder Jin Lei muttered, “Yes, Celestial Yuehua is indeed like a heavenly goddess. She can indeed be comparable to her. Both have their little charms. There are only two worthy goddess in my entire life. Now she is the third.”

Elder Zhou Hai asked, “Who is the other one?”

Elder Jin Lei laughed, “Haven’t you heard of the Golden Mask Devil Goddess?”

Elder Zhou Hai sneered, “No one has ever seen her face before! So how do you know she is a peerless goddess?”

Elder Jin Lei laughed, “Just her enticing figure and her mesmerizing voice is enough to imagine a lot of things…”

Ye Jing nodded gently at Young Master Yun Xinghe and Young Master Chengzhi, “Welcome to my humble abode.”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi immediately pointed at Young Master Yun Xinghe, “Is this scumbag threatening you in any way? Don’t worry, I will soon take care of him!”

Young Master Yun Xinghe smiled coldly, “I can’t be bothered with a lowly celestial like you. I doubt you dare to fight me yourself. So that’s why you have brought your elders along? How low can you get.”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi hummed coldly, “It is only a matter of time before I breakthrough to the golden celestial level. When that time comes, I hope that you don’t run away!”

Young Master Yun Xinghe laughed as he bended over, “Are you kidding me? When you reach the golden celestial level, I’m afraid that I will be already a Sacred Saint!”

Ye Jing said gently, “Young Master Yun, Young Master Yuan. I hope that on my accord that you don’t spoil the friendship that is between the two of you. After all, the two of you are two of the most respectable young masters of the current celestial fraternity and have a boundless future.”

Young Master Yun Xinghe and Young Master Yuan Chengzhi said almost at the same time, “Who is a friend of his!”

Ye Jing said gently, “I hope that for my sake, the two of you will be able to put aside your differences. After all we have a common goal in the upcoming Golden Clans Congregation. Surely we don’t want things to get ugly and tear apart the amicable relationships of the patriarch clans. I, Ye Jing only have your best interest at heart.”

Her voice was alluring and it sunk into the hearts of both Young Master Yun Xinghe and Young Master Chengzhi.

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi asked as he stared coldly at Young Master Yun Xinghe, “I’ve come because I thought that the Holy Consort needs help from this Young Master Yun Xinghe who is forcing you to marry him.”

Ye Jing said gently, “This is undeniable.”

Young Master Yun Xinghe muttered, “This…surely Maiden Ye Jing…”

Ye Jing looked quietly at Young Master Yun Xinghe and said gently, “Young Master Yun, it is best not to address me by my name directly. After all, I’m the head of a patriarch celestial clan and I’m considered your elder. However in terms of cultivation level, you are my senior. So I’ve utmost respect for you.”

She added, “I have indeed asked Young Master Yuan to be here to help me. It is because I really can’t marry you, or anyone of you.”

Both Young Master Yun Xinghe and Young Master Yuan Chengzhi were both stunned as they asked at the same time, “Why is this so? Is there anything that I did that displeased you?”

Even Elder Yuan Xiao, Celestial Zhou Hai, Celestial Jin Lei and Celestial Yun Chen were all startled as they all looked at Ye Jing for an answer…

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi was about to mention his gifts of two divine swords when Ye Jing said in a low voice, “I really appreciate the generosity of Young Master Yuan and also admire the heroic gallantry of Young Master Yun. Both of you are the finest men that I’ve ever known…”

When Young Master Yuan Chengzhi heard that she had appreciated him, his heart began to flutter as he thought. “I didn’t know that she has such an appreciation for me. If I’ve known earlier, I would have put on more earnest effort in courting her…”

Young Master Yun Xinghe was also thinking and his heart was fluttering, “She admires me…I am a hero in her eyes? I am one of the finest men that she has ever known…”

Getting praised by such an astonishing beauty like Ye Jing in front of everyone was such a good feeling that Young Master Yuan Chengzhi and Young Master Yun Xinghe could not resist the smiles that were in their faces!

Ye Jing said gently, “But I promise the two of you today that I will give you a satisfied answer today. The day that I’ve ascended to the Heavenly Temple is also the day that I don’t belong to anyone. It is because the person in there that I’ve met made me swear an oath to serve the Heavenly Temple…”

When Ye Jing had suddenly mentioned the Heavenly Temple, everyone interests were suddenly aroused!

Ye Jing thought wryly, “The day that I don’t belong to anyone. I will leave it up to your interpretations! It is better than lying about an oath of celibacy. After all, I still want to marry Xiaofang in the future.”

Now that she had aroused everyone attention, she continued. “I have a sworn sister that I’ve acquainted in the Heavenly Temple. She is here now and is free to marry anyone as she is no longer serving the Heavenly Temple. Therefore I will like to propose that she substitute my place to marry you here. After all, she is my dear sister and her graceful beauty is not lesser than mine.”

Young Master Yun Xinghe immediately spotted an ugly face, “Holy Consort, this may not be a good idea. No one can replace your position in my heart…”

“I’m not one who chases after a pretty face but in this world, is there anyone that could possess your peerless beauty?” asked Young Master Yuan Chengzhi as he shook his head.

Ye Jing seemed to disregard their complaints and said gently, “Why don’t you take a look at her first? Sister Yuqing, may you please come over here?”

Yuqing quietly walked into view and she carried a faint smile as she looked at everyone with her bright golden eyes…

She was like a peerless goddess that could instantly melt the hearts of anyone that had caught sight of her. To say that she was simply beautiful was really an understatement. There were no others that were as perfect as her. Her eyes were like the mesmerizing stars and her small rosy thin lips were extremely enticing to look at. And her figure was only too enthralling and her looks were extremely spellbinding.

When she gave a faint smile, all the men’s hearts jumped up as though she was smiling for them alone!

Even Xiaofang got a jolt when she made her appearance and he suddenly remembered that he had seen her naked…

Everyone that saw her was stunned into awesomeness and could not believe that such a peerless goddess had actually existed in this world…

Even Li’Er and Ye Jing who had only seen her just recently were startled. It was because she had simply requested for some cosmetics, accessories, decent clothing and a bath before she had made her entrance. Her transformation was too astonishing…

Ye Jing thought, “She is as beautiful as the Heaveness…”

When Young Master Yuan Chengzhi saw her, he was so stunned that he dropped his fan…

Even Young Master Yun Xinghe was so astonished at her peerless beauty that his entire body was trembling nonstop…

Elder Zhou Hai muttered, “I think I just saw the fourth goddess of my life…no, my first goddess…”

Elder Yuan Xiao, Elder Jin Lei and Celestial Yun Chen were all trembling as the radiance of her enthralling beauty were like a flood that was threatening to overwhelm their willpower!

Young Master Yun Xinghe stammered, “This is…”

Ye Jing smiled gently, “She is my elder sister Yuqing. I’ve just mentioned her name and yet you’ve forgotten so fast.”

Young Master Yun Xinghe stammered, “Yes, yes. So she is Celestial Yuqing?”

Ye Jing laughed softly, “My sister has a higher cultivation than me naturally. She is a Saintess!”


Everyone was shocked that this goddess here was actually at a higher celestial level than them…

Immediately everyone began to feel the pressure of this exalted Saintess that was in front of them. If she was just a golden celestial, everyone would feel more at ease but a Saintess was a different matter. Only 4% of the golden celestials could ever cultivate into a Sacred Saint. The exalted position of a Sacred Saint in the celestial realm is unshakable and to be respected.

Young Master Yun Xinghe thought miserably, “I should have brought Elder Tang Yiren here. Now I feel so inferior standing in front of her…”

Saintess Yuqing smiled faintly, “I have heard good things from my Sister Jing for the two of you. Indeed, both young masters have the bearings of heroes and the spirits of dragons. I must say that I am really impressed and astonished. This is way better than I’ve expected.”

Young Master Yun Xinghe and Young Master Yuan Chengzhi were immediately flustered and they were absolutely delighted with her praises.

“Not at all!”

“Saintess Yuqing heaps too much praises on me…”

“I’m glad that I’ve not disappointed…”

Saintess Yuqing laughed captivatingly but she soon sighed regretfully, “I guess that I am the one that is not worthy. Originally my good sister has wanted to matchmake me to one of you as she knows that I’ve just left the Heavenly Temple and has no one to depend upon.”

When she suddenly sighed, everyone could feel deep regrets in their hearts and a gentle breeze seemed to have penetrated through to them, giving them an equal sense of regretful heartaches for her.

Ye Jing smiled, “Don’t worry sister. My Holy Citadel City has no lack of talented protégés that can fit your status.”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi quickly bowed with his hands, “Of course not. I am the one that is least worthy of your grace. If Saintess does not look down upon me, I will like to take you as my…” He had stammered and could not muster enough strength to say the word ‘consort’.

Young Master Yun Xinghe was shocked that Yuan Chengzhi had taken a march on him to declare his intentions that he quickly let out, “You can depend upon me to take care of you in the future. I am willing to take Saintess Yuqing as my consort!…”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi was flustered as he stared coldly at Young Master Yun Xinghe, “You!…you…”

The reason why they had now suddenly changed their minds were because their evaluation of Ye Jing’s sister had suddenly changed for the better.

One, Saintess Yuqing is a Sacred Saint level cultivator.

Two, Saintess Yuqing is really a peerless beauty.

Three, Saintess Yuqing hailed from the Heavenly Temple. She may know some cultivation shortcuts and valuable information about the immortal realm.

Four, they are already thinking of savaging her in bed…

Ye Jing thought miserably, “These men are like lecherous wolves. The minute they saw someone prettier, they have forgotten about me. But that’s alright. I can’t wait to get rid of her anyway. As long as she is around, my Xiaofang will not be safe…”

Saintess Yuqing shifted her mesmerizing eyes to ponder while Young Master Yun Xinghe and Young Master Yuan Chengzhi were left breathless with anticipation…

Finally she said as she nodded lightly, “Um…both of you are so sincere and such fine choices. I’ve no idea who to choose actually. Why don’t we let a duel decide the outcome of this dilemma?”

When she had said that, Young Master Yuan Chengzhi had immediately turned ashen. It was because he was only on the level of the Immortal Celestial.

Young Master Yun Xinghe was smiling because he was on the golden celestial level. In terms of martial strength and cultivation level, he was stronger. Even if Yuan Chengzhi had the advantage of having superior strokes and secret profound arts, he would not fare well against his golden body.

Once a celestial practitioner attained the golden body, the stamina loss would be halved of the Immortal Celestial level. Moreover the golden body would also make a celestial practitioner invulnerable to most weapons and grants accelerate healing.

Young Master Yun Xinghe smiled, “That’s a good idea.”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi stammered, “I…”

Saintess Yuqing smiled, “We have to make this duel fairer. At the same time I don’t want our two young masters to come to blow and have any injuries. Why don’t we let your elders take your place to fight?”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi was suddenly relieved and he was smiling, “That’s a good idea. I am all for it.”

Young Master Yun Xinghe said, “I am all for it too…”

As he said that, he secretly shot a look at Celestial Yun Chen as though he was saying, “Uncle Yun Chen, this concerns my future. Do not disappoint me!”

Saintess Yuqing pointed at Celestial Yun Chen, “That would be you taking the place for Young Master Yun and…”

She took a look at Young Master Yuan Chengzhi who had three elders with him…

“Not you,” she pointed at Yuan Xiao before looking intently at Elder Zhou Hai and Elder Jin Lei. “Which one of you will be the challenger?”

When Yuan Xiao heard this heavenly goddess said to him that he was not qualified, he was greatly ashamed that he had not cultivated to the level of a golden celestial that he hung his head low…

Elder Zhou Hai laughed nervously, “This old man will like to test the skills of the Celestial Sword Clan as well as to show off my own martial skills in front of this beautiful saintess today!”

Celestial Yun Chen was nervous but it was totally for a different reason. Throughout the appearance of the Saintess Yuqing, he had stolen many glances at her.

No matter how he looked at her, her voice and aura were totally different from the Golden Mask Devil Goddess. Yet they had shared the same heart stopping enthralling figure…

The voice of the Golden Mask Devil Goddess was deep and commanding. In her presence, there was always an oppressing aura that was hard to shake off. But this Saintess Yuqing here radiated an amicable and soothing aura.

He thought, “If this Saintess Yuqing isn’t the Devil Goddess then how did she know that there is a duel today?”

The Golden Mask Devil Goddess had said to him yesterday, “Yun Chen, tomorrow there will be a duel. The reason why I tell you in advance is because you will be the one that will be fighting…”

She chuckled softly before continuing, “Nothing much except that I will like you to lose.”

Back then Celestial Yun Chen had thought, “Why did the Devil Goddess wants me to lose a duel?”

But now he had realized that the Devil Goddess had wanted Young Master Yun Xinghe to lose and to let Young Master Yuan Chengzhi to win…

Saintess Yuqing smiled wryly, “I am taking my younger sister place to be married off while the two of you will be fighting for your young masters. This will be a most interesting duel and a fair one.  No matter what is the result of the duel, I hope that both clans will continue to be the best of friends and continues to support each other, alright?”

Young Master Yun Xinghe and Young Master Yuan Chengzhi immediately nodded their approval but secretly in their hearts they wanted to kill each other and screwed each other as much as possible.

Saintess Yuqing laughed softly as she took out a multi-colored pill, “This High Priestess of the Heavenly Temple also declares that the loser of this duel will get this Rainbow Saint Pill as a reward.”

All of a sudden the jaws of all the onlookers almost dropped to the ground and there was stunned silence as everyone stared at the Rainbow Saint Pill with a covetous look!

Even Ye Jing was so stunned that she cursed her silently, “I thought that she says she has nothing left…yet she still got such a divine pill with her?! Why didn’t she gives it to me when I saved her life?!”

The Rainbow Saint Pill had an incalculable value because this divine pill was capable of propelling a peaked golden celestial into overcoming the barrier to attain as a Sacred Saint!

Only 4 out of 100 golden celestials could hope to become a Sacred Saint and this divine pill could increase the odds tremendously!

It was said that there were only nine of these legendary divine pills around. Most were consumed, hidden or lost throughout the centuries. These legendary divine pills were said to be bestowed by the Goddess Isa to the celestial realm as her great favor to worthy celestials.

Ye Jing of course did not know the origins of the Rainbow Saint Pill because her celestial history was truly an epic fail. If she had known who the Goddess Isa was, she would surely remember that the Goddess Isa was also the true ruler of the Tranquil City.

Celestial Yun Chen, Elder Zhou Hai, Elder Jin Lei, Elder Yuan Xiao, Young Master Yun Xinghe, Young Master Yuan Chengzhi, Elder Chu Yunfeng, Li’Er and Ye Jing were all staring at the Rainbow Saint Pill. Just this legendary pill alone was worth more than the entire treasures of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth…

Only Xiaofang was unmoved. It was because he grew up in the mountains and had no idea what kind of a divine pill that was. But even if he had known, he would also be unmoved.

Saintess Yuqing lifted the Rainbow Saint Pill high up for everyone to appraise as she declared endearingly, “This shall be my gift to the loser.”

Elder Zhou Hai muttered, “Such a precious gift to the loser is unheard of. The loser may well be the winner…”

But secretly he knew that being the winner was still the best option. It was because the winner will be able to get High Priestess of the Heavenly Temple herself. Goodness knows how many heavenly secrets she got. Moreover, she may have other saint treasures as well.

Of course this was just an assumption that the treasures that she got could rival the Rainbow Saint Pill in the first place…

The reason why he had said it loud was to try to shift the mindset of his opponent into making a wrong choice. Before the duel had started, the psychology battle had already started!

Saintess Yuqing laughed jovially, “That may be true. Since I am already a Saintess, this divine pill is of no use to me. By donating out this divine pill, this will keep everyone happy, am I right?”

Young Master Yun Xinghe and Young Master Yuan Chengzhi said almost at the same time, “Right, right…”

Celestial Yun Chen was thinking, “No wonder the Devil Goddess wants me to lose? Is it because she already known of this in advance?”

Saintess Yuqing smiled as she looked at Ye Jing, “This is a token of appreciation from my Sister Jing as well. I hope that everyone remembers that.”

“We will…” Young Master Yun Xinghe hastily said.

“Definitely…” replied Young Master Yuan Chengzhi with utmost firmness.

Saintess Yuqing smiled, “Then let the duel begins.”

Elder Zhou Hai and Celestial Yun Chen gave a bow with their hands as they slowly drawn out their swords…

Li’Er whispered to Chu Yunfeng, “Who do you think will win?”

Chu Yunfeng whispered, “The Celestial Sword Clan is renowned for its excellent swordplay while the Divine Sovereign Clan is famed for its martial forces. It is really difficult to say. Elder Zhou Hai is definitely more experienced while Celestial Yun Chen has more latent potential…”

At first Ye Jing was disinterested in the duel result because the result was not her real concern anyway. But she was really interested who would get the Rainbow Saint Pill…

“Hold it!” An attractive purple eye maiden had suddenly barged in as she flung two protégés out of the way when she had entered the tent!

Ye Jing was startled when she saw her, “Beitang Ying! How dare you barge into my camp just like this!”

When Beitang Ying saw Saintess Yuqing as she entered into the tent, she was startled as well for she had never seen anyone as beautiful as her. It was so surreal and as though she had just stepped into a picturesque scene. She was even more shocked when she saw the Rainbow Saint Pill that was being held by Saintess Yuqing…

She thought, “Isn’t this the Rainbow Saint Pill?”

She had seen it in the celestial alchemy canon in the past so there was no mistaking it…

The tens of protégés that were trying to stop Beitang Ying were stunned when they saw Saintess Yuqing and forgot that they were trying to stop Beitang Ying.

Beitang Ying quickly regained her composure and pointed her sword at Ye Jing, “This duel is a fraud! Young Master Yun, will you be interested in hearing some juicy details?”

Young Master Yun Xinghe frowned unhappily, “Beitang Ying, you dare to barge into the camps of the righteous celestial clan on your own. Are you courting your own death? I know that you blame the Holy Consort for your brother’s demise but there is a limit to my tolerance.”

Beitang Ying smiled coldly, “Do you think the likes of you can even stop me? I go wherever I like to go. Maybe you may change your mind and reward me later after I tell you this. Your uncle here, I am afraid that he is in cahoots with this Demoness Ye Jing to cheat you. So the result of this duel has already been predetermined.”

Young Master Yun Xinghe stared coldly at Celestial Yun Chen, “Uncle, is that true?”

Celestial Yun Chen had an ugly expression on his face as he said solemnly, “Of course not.”

Beitang Ying smiled as she looked at Ye Jing mockingly, “Demoness Ye Jing, you didn’t think that your scheme will be unraveled by me, am I right?”

Ye Jing smiled faintly as she thought miserably, “Why is it that every time I have met her, I will surely have a terrible headache. She is really my nemesis…”

Saintess Yuqing took a secret glance at Ye Jing before she smiled at the intruder, “You are Beitang Ying? What proof do you have? I must say I am shock by your sudden intrusion. What do you mean by this duel is a fraud? It is not a terrible nice thing to say.”

Beitang Ying smiled mysterious as she looked at everyone, “Luckily I have stopped the duel in a nick of time…”

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