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Chapter 109: The Dream Trial (3)

When Yuan Ji woke up, he was back in his chamber again and were surrounded by Yan’Er and Chengxi.

No, wait!

Yan’Er is now Qiu’Er.

And Fairy Ye Chengxi?

He stared at Chengxi and muttered, “Erm, you are my other consort Su Xiaoxiao?”

Su Xiaoxiao lowered her golden eyes and said bitterly, “My lord doesn’t remember your Xiaoxiao anymore…”

Yuan Ji woke up with a big headache before he turned to them and said solemnly, “From today onward, I am going to reveal to you a heavens’ secret. So pay attention!”

Qiu’Er and Su Xiaoxiao were both startled as they exchanged a perplexed look with each other, blinking blankly.

Xiang Li quickly warned Yuan Ji from his soul sea, “Restraint from lying. Remember that you are here to temper your soul! This life is just a passing transition and is not important! Don’t take things too seriously here or you will fall to your heart demons…”

Yuan Ji said to the two maidens, “Qiu’Er, your real celestial name is Shangguan Yan. From today onward, I shall call you Yan’Er. Xiaoxiao, your real celestial name is Ye Chengxi and from today onward, I shall call you Chengxi. When we are alone together, this is what I will call you.”

Xiang Li: …

He is really not listening…

The Abyssal Null Goddess was startled. He is already trying to screw himself so fast?! He doesn’t seem to know that he can’t change a thing here or there will be bad consequences. He is creating more inner demons for himself…

Qiu’Er, Su Xiaoxiao: ???

But they quickly answered, “Yes, my lord. I’m your Yan’Er. I’m your Chengxi from now on.”

Yuan Ji laughed jovially as he patted his chest, “Now it is much better.”

Then he turned to them and asked, “The two elders earlier, what are their names?”

Shangguan Yan shook her head sadly. Her lord must have lost much of his memory. When they had discovered him after his recent breakthrough, he was lying flat on the ground and must have suffered a terrible repercussion on his head.

But she quickly replied, “They are Elder Qianyu Fen and Elder Mei Yiling.”

“Which one is Little Princess and which one is Yuxian?”

Shangguan Yan, Ye Chengxi: ???

Yuan Ji smiled weakly, “Which one seems to hate me the most?”

Ye Chengxi replied quietly, “We are all from the same clan. I don’t think Elder Qianyu Fen hates you. Please don’t say that.”

Yuan Ji rubbed his chin and said, “Does she always say that she wishes that I’ll regret the day that I were born?”

Ye Chengxi was startled when she had heard him but she slowly nodded, “But Elder Qianyu Fen is always like this. There is no need to take this to heart.”

Yuan Ji sighed, “She is Little Princess, alright…”

Then he silently said: the other one must be Yuxian then…

With a grin, he said to Chengxi and Yan’Er. “Tell me everything about Elder Qianyu Fen and Elder Mei Yiling.”

Yan’Er asked him with a concern look, “You can’t remember?”

Yuan Ji nodded, “My memories are a little weak lately. Please tell me everything again so that I can remember.”


Soon Yan’Er and Chengxi began to tell him everything that they had known about the two elders.

Elder Qianyu Fen was actually adopted as a baby by the previous protégé grandmaster. It was rumored that she was actually the daughter of a powerful heretic cultivator that the previous protégé grandmaster had killed. When she had grown up, she often had ties with the other heretic cultivators.

Because of this reason, the present Sectarian Master Zuo Bufan had often quarreled with her over this and their relationship was very bad.

As for Elder Mei Yinling, she was Qin Tianwen’s direct protégé master and had doted on him. She looked a little displeased earlier when Yuan Ji had tried to cripple her core protégé without giving any reasons. Her usual relationship with Zuo Bufan was not good and also not bad. But it seemed that it would turn bad soon.

When Yuan Ji heard them, he was shaking his head with a sigh.

Then he asked them about Qin Tianwen and Zhang Min cultivation realm level.

“Zhang Min she is already a second realm peak master practitioner level. She is indeed a genius. As for Qin Tianwen, alas, even though he is a year older than Zhang Min but he is only a first realm middle practitioner level. His talent is just so and so.”

Yuan Ji frowned silently. He is probably a third realm enlighten celestial level now because he is trying to hide his cultivation level from the rest. Plus the fact that his heaven-defying cultivation art enables him to fight opponents that are one realm higher, he is equal to a fourth realm immortal celestial level.

What if I were to steal his cultivation art?

So he said, “This Qin Tianwen must definitely be the one that kill…”

All of a sudden he spurted out golden blood…

“My lord! Are you alright?” His two consorts were panicky asking after him.

“Qin Tianwen has a heaven-defy…” All of a sudden Yuan Ji coughed out golden blood again.



The Abyssal Null Goddess sighed and she was shaking her head; This idiotic master. He doesn’t even know that he cannot reveal future knowledge without suffering a backlash. Now he finally knows the power of backlashes and my sufferings. Didn’t he hear what Diviner Mo Ming had said? The cultivation cheat is only known to the MC.

Yuan Ji was muttering bitterly, “I think I have coughed out enough blood for the day. Let me rest for a little while…”

Yan’Er and Chengxi nodded as they left him to recuperate.

When they were gone, Yuan Ji had immediately got up and he was soon on the prowl in the Divine Clarity Clan as he tried to get himself familiar with his new surroundings.

“Hm, I am an initial half-step saint?” He examined his soul sea and he was frowning unhappily. I am back to square one again…

Xiang Li interrupted his thoughts, “Where are we going? Shouldn’t you recuperate first?”

Yuan Ji replied, “Although I am a half-step saint. I am still a seventh realm saint. This tiny amount of blood can be quickly recovered. As for where we are going, of course we are checking the grounds first.”

He quickly came to a forest within the outer courts of the Divine Clarity Clan. The main reason why he had suddenly stopped was because he had spotted Qin Tianwen with a young maiden that was around sixteen.

As he took a closer look at the young maiden, he saw that she was really an astonishing beauty at such a young age and that she was really adorable looking.

But he was soon rendered speechless. It was because this young maiden looked like Xue Qianxue!

He was raging with anger now. Don’t tell me that Zhang Min is actually my Qianxue!

Then Nangong Jiu is Ling Feiyue??!


Zhang Min was now gasping with shock as she stared at Qin Tianwen, “You are back alive?”

Qin Tianwen was smiling, “Little junior sister, you did not expect this, am I right?”

Zhang Min took a step back, “But your cultivation realm level is so weak…”

Qin Tianwen was laughing eerily, “You and the other senior brothers have looked down upon me and trampled on my pride. You have even conspired with my two other senior brothers to lure me to the experiential mission so that you can kill me there. Do you think that I do not know about it?”

Zhang Min was stammering, “So what do you want?”

Qin Tianwen laughed as he took out a bamboo slip, “This is your message to the other two senior brothers. What if I show it to my master and to the other elders of the clan? Do you think that they will spare you?”

Zhang Min: …

“I have never expected that behind your lovely and cute looks, you actually have the heart of a devil!” Qin Tianwen pointed out as he grinned lecherously.

Zhang Min raised her head to say coldly, “My other senior protégés are just trying to protect me against you. Since day one, you are already looking lecherous at me and you have even tried to peep at me when I’m taking my baths. Do you think that I do not know about it?”

Qin Tianwen hummed coldly, “That is because you are too pretty and that is why I am giving you an opportunity to display yourself to me. Look at you, you are as haughty as ever. I’m sure you know what the sectarian punishment is for trying to kill a fellow protégé, am I right?”

Zhang Min trembled lightly as she said weakly, “So what do you want?”

“Tonight at the third watch, come to the small hut at the Drifting Pavilion. We are going to have some fun together. Let me warn you first. Do not try anything funny or you will surely regret it.” Qin Tianwen chuckled before he walked off, leaving a tearful Zhang Min behind.

Yuan Ji had immediately unsheathed his sword as he shouted loudly, “YOU SHALL NOT GREEN ME!!! DIE, you SON of a BASTARD!!!”

But instead of words, his golden blood spurted out and he had landed with his face onto the muddy ground.

Yuan Ji was disgusted and mad at the setting. Tonight his Qianxue would become Qin Tianwen’s woman. How could he endure something like this?

Xiang Li tried to comfort him, “Erm, this is not real. Just endure and move on. He has the MC’s golden halo plus you have chosen the ‘Cunning and Ruthless’ setting, there is no way you can stop him. Every time you try to stop him, you will spurt blood. This is only a minor backlash. The major backlashes will be you striking by lightning or suffering some crippling calamities that can cause you unable to move even your little finger.”

Yuan Ji bitterly said, “Nobody can green me. I shall GREEN this Qin Tianwen instead!”

Xiang Li smiled weakly, “You sound like you are already getting into the role as the hypocrite Sect Master Zuo Bufan and you will probably fail to stop this Qin Tianwen.”

Yuan Ji: …

“Tonight we shall assassinate Qin Tianwen.” Yuan Ji said firmly.

“You will not succeed. Why don’t you give it up?” An enchanting voice said.

“Xiang Li, you don’t believe me?” Yuan Ji frowned.

Xiang Li muttered, “I didn’t say that. It is someone behind your back who had said that.”

Yuan Ji turned around and was stunned to see a most peerless maiden with long silver hair and golden eyes looking at them.

He was soon gasping, “What an astonishing ravishing beauty. Why is that I found you so familiar? And who are you?”

“You really can’t remember me?” She asked icily.

All of a sudden Yuan Ji was startled, “You…are that maiden in that crystal coffin?”

Even Xiang Li was startled. But she quickly said to Yuan Ji, “Don’t panic. She isn’t a ghost. All the people here are from your memories. Therefore it is not surprising to find a person here that looks like her. Find out first what her role in the Dream Trial is.”

The peerless maiden replied with her enchanting voice, “I’m Bai Qianfeng and I am also your friendly spirit fox. This is my human form after I have successfully cultivated for a thousand year.”

Yuan Ji stared blankly at her. He had certainly heard of stories of powerful spirit beasts assuming the forms of humans. But that was only in stories. Maybe in this Dream Trial, things were a little different?

“Erm, you are my Xiaobai? Bai Qianfeng is Xiaobai?”

Bai Qianfeng nodded, “That is right. And I’m also your friendly Trial Helper to give you a helping hand.”

Yuan Ji was startled, “You are my friendly Trial Helper? Then why don’t you appear sooner?!”

Xiang Li was also startled, “We have a Trial Helper to assist us?”

Bai Qianfeng rolled her eyes. That is because I can’t stand your idiotic actions anymore.

But she quickly smiled and said, “The real Xiaobai is unable to transform into a human form. Only in the Dream Trial can you see me in this form.” She had said that to cover her tracks.

“Make sense.” Yuan Ji was rubbing his chin as he pondered. But he was soon frowning. “How do I exit this trial? I can’t stand this trial anymore. This is the stupidest trial that I’ve ever challenged.”

Bai Qianfeng replied, “You can’t exit the trial until you have completed it.”

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

“Somebody please kill me…” Yuan Ji was muttering.

“You can’t commit suicide or be killed by anyone other than the MC too.” Bai Qianfeng said. “And you can’t kill the MC too. Before your time is up, the MC will not try to kill you so give it up.”

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

“This is as good as not telling me.” Yuan Ji muttered unhappily.

Bai Qianfeng hummed, “Alright then I shall go away.”

“Wait!” Yuan Ji panicky said. “Tell me what should I do? I am extremely miserable here.”

“I can’t tell you what to do. You are the one that is taking the trial to overcome your inner demons. Not me.” Bai Qianfeng said nonchalantly.

Yuan Ji expressed out a disappointing look and he began to sigh heavily. “I really cannot allow my Qianxue to be green by him.”

Bai Qianfeng said, “You need to understand the basic rules of the Dream Trial first.”

“Yes, I know. I can’t kill the MC and he is protected by a MC’s golden halo. He is invincible.” Yuan Ji muttered.

“Not true.” Bai Qianfeng said. “The MC is able to kill anyone that is one realm higher than him. Therefore you can’t send anyone that is two realms higher than him without getting any backlash or heavenly intervention. Therefore when he is at the sixth realm level, he will be able to kill you.”

Yuan Ji: …

“Thanks for telling me this bad news. I am so grateful to you.” Yuan Ji said with great sarcasm.

“You are welcome.” Bai Qianfeng said nonchalantly.

Yuan Ji: …

“If you want to save Zhang Min tonight, you need to find people that are killable by the MC in order to affect things. You can’t intervene because your realm level is too high.” Bai Qianfeng said casually.

All of a sudden Yuan Ji’s eyes began to light up and he was suddenly smiling at Bai Qianfeng, “So there is a bug!”

Xiang Li said weakly to him in the soul sea, “But you have no capable fighters that are low level to affect the MC.”

“There are also a few things that you must know too.” Bai Qianfeng added. “You cannot expose the MC’s secrets to anyone. You cannot attempt to kill the MC before your time is up. You can oppose the MC but you need proofs of his actions or there will be a backlash against you and no one will also believe you.”

Yuan Ji clapped his hands, “That is easy! As long as I have proof of the MC’s evil deeds then I can save Qianxue! Erm, I mean Zhang Min.”

Bai Qianfeng nodded, “Smart.”

Then she was giggling.

“Why are you laughing?” Yuan Ji asked her curiously.

Bai Qianfeng chuckled, “Because you have chosen the Ruthless and Cunning option, good luck trying to find the MC’s weakness. He will definitely cover his tracks perfectly well due to plot armors. That is actually the highest difficulty setting. If you had chosen the Dense and Naïve or the Smart and Streetwise setting, you may have a chance to outwit him. But with your intelligence, forget it.”

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

“He shall not green me!” Yuan Ji firmly said as he clenched his fists.

“He will definitely be able to green you for sure.” Bai Qianfeng said nonchalantly. “By the way, because you have also chosen the Cunning and Ruthless setting, he will not only green Zhang Min and Nangong Jiu from you but he will also ruthlessly green your consorts and everyone else. This is really the highest level difficulty for you to overcome your inner demons. Therefore I will suggest that you calm yourself down and treat it as a dream. If not your inner demons will multiply.”

Yuan Ji immediately said with great indignant, “No! He will not green me. I will GREEN him INSTEAD!!!”

Bai Qianfeng: Keep dreaming…

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Chapter 108: The Dream Trial (2)

When Yuan Ji opened his eyes, he found himself lying on the bed with a big headache.

“Where am I?”

“We are in the Dream Trial now!” A beautiful voice was giggling to him.

He was startled as he suddenly recalled that he had seemingly dropped into a bright light after he had stepped into the golden door.

“We? Who is talking to me?”

All of a sudden Xiang Li had appeared by his bedside and chuckled, “It is me, your Xiang Li!”

Yuan Ji was super delighted to see Xiang Li. “How come you can enter the trial with me?”

Xiang Li chuckled, “Maybe it is because we share the same soul sea so I can transmigrate with you.”

Yuan Ji laughed heartily, “That is right. You and I are one actually. This is great news. Then I won’t be lonely at all.”

Xiang Li chuckled, “I’m not the only one.”

She pointed to Xiaobai who was lying next to Yuan Ji.

Yuan Ji turned around and was even more startled to see Xiaobai. He blinked his eyes a few times to make sure that he was not seeing the wrong thing. “I can understand why Xiang Li is here but Xiaobai? What is going on here?”

He saw that Xiaobai still had her spirit collar around her. “Is this still my Xiaobai?”

All of a sudden Xiaobai put her paw on his chest.

Yuan Ji laughed as he patted her on the head, “She definitely looks like my Xiaobai. Maybe this MC has a spirit beast that is also the same as my Xiaobai. Haha.”

The Abyssal Null Goddess rolled her eyes, “Idiot! I’m your Xiaobai!”

She had actually extended her soul force together with her divine sense beyond the golden door to enter with Yuan Ji at the same time. Unlike Yuan Ji, her real body was still outside the Dream Trial and had temporary fallen asleep.

The reason why she is able to transmigrate her soul using her divine sense is because she is an immortal goddess that has already completed her soul tempering. There are no ancient celestial cultivators that can transmigrate with their souls. Only a superior immortal can do something like this and it is an easy feat for the Abyssal Null Goddess to accomplish.

Earlier when the Abyssal Null Goddess had overheard about the functions of Dream Trial, she was immediately delighted. It was because she could also cultivate here to regain her soul sea. The celestial cultivators did not have the ability to do something like this because their state of divinity and even their golden bodies are incapable of doing so.

But she is a desolate immortal and an immortal goddess!

Therefore if she cultivates here, her spiritual sea will also increase, amidst a slower rate. Even without her physical body, she could still cultivate spiritual force with her soul and even form a body here.

“This Dream Trial has better to be a long trial with plenty of years so that this goddess here can fully replenish my spiritual seas and regain my profound strength!”

That was why she had entered the trial with Yuan Ji.

Yuan Ji was absolutely delighted that he had a chance to be in a one billion high grade spirit stones trial. This does not happen just to anyone and he is one of the lucky fellows.

“Alas, no wonder my Qianxue is so pure and lovely. She had already partaken in this Dream Trial in the past and had cleansed her soul.  I love you so much Qianxue for pleading with your great-grandfather to let me take part in this trial. Haha…”

Then he spotted a mirror. “I wonder how I look like in here?”

So he started to examine his face and saw that he was quite dashing. “Not bad. I am quite pleased with this setting…hehe…”

All of a sudden he froze on the spot, “Where is my beard?!”

“Wait. Don’t panic yet. Maybe this body is still a youth and has no beard. That’s it. Haha.” Yuan Ji chuckled. “Well, soon I will get back my beautiful long beard…”

Xiang Li was startled as she could sense his emotions. “Don’t tell me that you are only here for your beard and not for your soul tempering?”

Yuan Ji laughed aloud, “I can do both at the same time. Imagine this. The greatest cultivator in the world is also the cultivator with the most beautiful long beard ever. Haha!”

Xiang Li and the Abyssal Null Goddess were rolling their eyes. They had never seen Yuan Ji this happy before. And he was laughing nonstop.

Secretly they were both thinking, “I hope you will never get back any beard, beautiful or not.”

All of a sudden there was a knock on the door, “My lord, are you awake?”

Xiang Li quickly disappeared into Yuan Ji’s soul sea.

Yuan Ji was startled by the familiar voice and he answered, “Who is that?”

An extraordinary beautiful maiden with a quiet demeanor had suddenly stepped humbly into the room and she was carrying a tray.

When Yuan Ji saw her, he was completely stunned. “Yan’Er? Why are you here?”

Indeed, this extraordinary beautiful maiden really looked like Shangguan Yan.

“My lord, you are mistaken. I am your consort Qiu’Er.” She sighed softly, “This Yan’Er must be a beautiful maiden from the brothel, am I right to say so?”

Yuan Ji stammered, “Qiu’Er? You are Qiu’Er and you are my consort?”

How come the story setting seemed to be wrong somewhat?! I thought I will have two consorts and they are called Zhang Min and Nangong Jiu?

“Of course I’m Qiu’Er and I’m your dear consort.” Qiu’Er smiled sweetly.

All of a sudden she gasped as she stepped closer to Yuan Ji. It was because she had spotted a nine-tail spirit fox behind Yuan Ji!

“This is…”

Yuan Ji laughed, “Don’t worry. This is Xiaobai. I’ve found her by the roadside and have adopted her. She is a friendly spirit fox.”

The Abyssal Null Goddess: Roadside…

Qiu’Er heaved a soft sigh of relief but she was still eyeing Xiaobai with a fearful look. “Be careful my lord…”

Yuan Ji chuckled, “I have the MC’s golden halo. Don’t worry about me my dear. Haha.”

“MC’s golden halo? What is it?” Qiu’Er asked curiously.

“Erm…heavens’ secrets. If I reveal it, my life span will be shortened.” Yuan Ji pretended to say. He quickly asked, “You say you are my consort? How many consorts do I have? Two?”

Qiu’Er smiled, “My lord is finally sober now. Yes, my lord indeed has two consorts.”

“Then the other one is Zhang Min…”

All of a sudden Qiu’Er was gasping, “My lord! You mustn’t say that! Zhang Min is our core protégé and she is only sixteen! Although she is a little beauty but you should not have any designs on her.”

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …


“Then the name of my other consort is Nangong Jiu?” Yuan Ji asked weakly.

Again Qiu’Er was gasping, “No, my lord! She is the Little Demoness Jiu of the Heretic Cultivators. How can she be your consort? Your other consort is Su Xiaoxiao!”

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

“Then who am I?” Yuan Ji was smiling bitterly. He felt his head going into a big spin.

“You are our Sect Master Zuo Bufan ya! Have you lost your memory due to the fever?” Qiu’Er expressed her deep concerns for him.


I am the badass villain Zuo Bufan who will later die a most horrifying death?!!

Yuan Ji was completely stunned. Someone please tell me this isn’t supposed to be happening?!

I am not the MC??!

That means that I don’t have any plot armors or MC’s golden halo…

Yuan Ji was shocked beyond words. He muttered, “At least, I can still grow my beard here. This is a small comfort…”

Qiu’Er sighed softly, “My lord, you are still thinking about your beard? Ever since you have your breakthrough and lost your beard during your bodily transformation, you have been yearning for your beard. Qiu’Er understands your pains but I hope that my lord will be able to pull yourself together and quickly recover your health as soon as possible.”

I have no beard here too?

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

What sort of a stupid setting is this transmigration?!

All of a sudden Yuan Ji had spurt blood!

“My lord!” Qiu’Er was panicky as she was by Yuan Ji’s side immediately. “My lord! Are you alright? Don’t scare me please…”

Yuan Ji did not know whether to laugh or cry now. He wanted to get out of this trial ASAP!

He got a feeling that he was being completely screwed by Diviner Mo Ming.

Yuan Ji shook his head weakly, “Get me Qin Tianwen. I want to erm…talk to him for a little while.”

All of a sudden Qiu’Er was looking panicky, “Alas, so you have already known…”

Yuan Ji asked, “Know what?”

“My lord is only pretending not to know. Very well then…” Qiu’Er inhaled deeply before she said, “Qin Tianwen had gone for a short experiential expedition with two older protégés. But alas, the two older protéges were all killed by the desolate beasts and only poor little Qin Tianwen had made it back alive.”

Yuan Ji frowned. “Is that so?”

A little while later, Yuan Ji had dressed up in his robe and was in the hall with Qiu’Er. He was informed that two elders of the Divine Clarity Clan would also be presented.

When he reached the hall, he saw that the two elders were already presented. When he saw them he was stunned.

These two elders were actually Little Princess and Jian Yuluo!

There was a tear in his eyes as he muttered, “Little Princess, Yuxian…”

Before he could greet them, a young voice had greeted him coolly. “Your disciple Qin Tianwen greets protégé grandmaster!”

He turned and saw that it was a young man who was around seventeen. He looked extremely harmless and had a righteous face. Unfortunately, he looked a little ugly…

He is Qin Tianwen?

This young man was actually quite fat and he looked like his best friend Guo Taiming…


“You are the only person that is back from the experiential training?” Yuan Ji asked unhappily.

Qin Tianwen answered fluently, “Yes. I am heavily injured too. But alas! My two poor senior protégé brothers have perished while they are covering my retreat. Junior here is too weak! I am so ashamed of myself! I try to retrieve back their corpses but not even their bones have remained!”

Yuan Ji had suddenly remembered that he had chosen the MC setting as the ‘Cunning and Ruthless Character’.

Therefore he knew that this Qin Tianwen must be lying and had actually plotted against his two older protégé brothers. So he raised his fingers forward to display his sword energies, “Stop lying! How dare you kill your two protégé brothers! I am going to cripple your cultivation!”

All of a sudden before he could fully display his finger sword energies, he had spurted golden blood!

Qiu’Er and the two elders were all alarmed and they had quickly surrounded him, “Protégé grandmaster, are you alright?”

Qiu’Er panicky cried, “My lord must have suffered a relapse from his recent injuries again. His recent breakthrough isn’t that smooth sailing and he had even lost his beard…”

Yuan Ji was too stunned to say anything. It was not because of what Qiu’Er had said but because he had finally realized that the MC’s golden halo was too powerful for him to hurt him…

He was lamenting loudly in his soul sea to Xiang Li, “SOMEBODY, please GET ME out of THIS STUPID TRIAL!”

Xiang Li said weakly to him, “You can’t. Don’t forget that you may lose your Undying Fighting Spirit state of divinity. Then how will you be able to fight the Old Master of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace?”

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

“Therefore you have to endure through the entire trial.” Xiang Li smiled weakly at him. “Remember this is to help you to temper your soul and to help you to get rid of your inner demons.”

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Outside, Ling Feiyue was sighing softly. “It is alright. At least Ji Yuan is protected by the MC’s golden halo. He won’t come to harm…”

Diviner Mo Ming smiled weakly, “I don’t think he is the MC though. His soul sea is too impure to be the main MC.”

Ling Feiyue, Xue Qianxue: …

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Chapter 107: The Dream Trial (1)

The next day, Yuan Ji, Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue followed Elder Mo Bei to a nearby floating island.

This floating island had a formidable defensive array protecting it and there were several strong profound signatures of several saints on this floating island. However these saints stayed away from their sights so they could not exactly see who they were.

Elder Mo Bei said coolly to them after they had all landed, “You can tie your Spirit Crane here.”

With that he had led them to a hidden white cave in the dense forests.

The interior of the white cave was actually extremely spacious and it was actually a beautiful hall that was laid with celestium slabs and the walls were all polished to a bright white.

This was actually not a cave at all but a secret cultivation hall!

They followed Elder Mo Bei to a beautiful passage with many intricate runes on the walls before coming to another grand hall.

Inside this grand hall which was equally splendor, Great Saint and Diviner Mo Ming was sitting in front of a gigantic golden cauldron which was filled with millions of high grade spirit stones.

Around Diviner Mo Ming were six golden saints.

Xue Qianxue whispered to Yuan Ji, “They are all elders of the Mo Clan and are at least the middle-tier seventh realm sacred saint level. Be respectful to them.”

Ling Feiyue was looking very startled.

She knew that the Mo Clan was a powerful celestial clan but she had always thought that it was weaker than the seven major orthodox clans, the five major unorthodox clans and the three heretic palaces. But it seemed that she was completely wrong in that.

The number of saints in this place was not lesser in numbers than any of the patriarch clans of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity!

In fact, it was stronger than her own celestial clan.

Elder Mo Bei said solemnly to Yuan Ji and Ling Feiyue, “I am bringing you here because we trust you. Do not tell anyone about the Dream Trial or anything what you have witnessed today.”

Yuan Ji and Ling Feiyue immediately promised him with utmost politeness.

They knew that it was all because of Diviner Mo Ming and Xue Qianxue that they were allowed into their consecrated ground.

Yuan Ji had never expected that Xue Qianxue would have such a formidable background. It was no wonder that the Celestial Orthodox Sect was so unwilling to brand her as a traitor. Branding her a traitor would mean offending the Mo Clan at the same time.

Moreover Diviner Mo Ming was a well-known great saint that lived for a very long time. How old he was? He was actually more than ten thousand years old!

He was so old that he was no longer looking young and had started to age. Soon, he would be attempting his immortal ascension.

Diviner Mo Ming smiled when he saw them, “Qianxue, come over here.”

Then he turned to smile at Yuan Ji and Ling Feiyue, stroking his beautiful long white beard while doing so. “The two of you come over here as well.”

Yuan Ji had a look of envious when he saw Diviner Mo Ming stroking his beard in front of him. I missing my beautiful long beard already…

As Yuan Ji walked over to Diviner Mo Ming, he greeted everyone. “Junior here pays my respect to all the seniors here…”

Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue also did the same as they followed Yuan Ji’s lead.

One of the elders smile at them, “We are inferior to you. Among us, only our Great Patriarch had the lucky occurrence of encountering the Nine-Stage Purple Lightning Tribulation.”

The rest of the elders were also laughing jovially too.

“Qianxue, we are really proud of you. Haha.”

Qianxue smiled coyly, “Alas! I have the guidance of my elders to thank for. How can Qianxue says that it is my own efforts? Moreover I had also once taken the Dream Trial with everyone’s help and had overcome my life and death tribulation to become a saintess.”

The elders were all very pleased with Xue Qianxue’s reply and they were all in a good mood.

Diviner Mo Ming was also laughing heartily as he pointed at the golden cauldron in front of them, “Ji Yuan, do you know that today you will be burning one billion high grade spirit stones?”

When Yuan Ji heard him, he wanted to faint on the spot!

This golden cauldron actually had one billion high grade spirit stones in it!

He muttered to Xiang Li in his soul sea, “Darn! I don’t want to take this trial anymore. Just give me 1% of the one billion high grade spirit stones and I can shake my leg in cultivation retirement now.”

But he was only joking.

So he replied politely, “I thank senior for your grooming. But what is this Dream Trial all about? How long will it take? I know nothing about it.”

Diviner Mo Ming laughed as he pointed to a sealed door behind him, “The entrance of the Dream Trial is actually just behind me.”

Yuan Ji turned to look at the beautiful golden gate that was behind Diviner Mo Ming. “So this is the entrance of the Dream Trial?”

Diviner Mo Ming said solemnly to Yuan Ji, “The Dream Trial is actually a tempering of the soul force of the cultivator. The seventh realm sacred saint level is also known as the soul level. It is easy enough to temper the energy and the spirit level. All you need is a little time and enlightenment. But the soul level is the most difficult to temper. The longer a cultivator lives, the weaker is the soul.  It is because the longer a cultivator lives, the more inner demons will be cumulated hence it will result in a weaker soul level.”

Yuan Ji nodded quietly as he completely agreed with that. The reason why he had not attained the Natural Instinct yet was because he found it difficult to merge his energy, spirit and soul perfectly as one. If he could temper his soul then there may be a chance that he could achieve the Natural Instinct as his state of divinity.

“Therefore the Dream Trial is a trial that may help you to overcome your inner demons and hence, strengthen your soul.”

Yuan Ji gulped as he said silently; this costs one billion high grade spirit stones to trigger. I got a feeling that some immortal cultivators have played a joke on you…

“Actually I don’t have a lot of inner demons and my soul is actually quite pure.” Yuan Ji smiled confidently. He even pointed at Xiaobai and said, “Look, I can even attract a spirit beast to follow me. This shows my soul is actually quite pure.”

Diviner Mo Ming used his divine sense to check Yuan Ji’s soul sea and he was smiling weakly. The result was actually quite unexpected…

Yuan Ji Inner Demons Victories: 999+

Yuan Ji Pure Soul Victories: 99

“This Ji Yuan got too many inner demons and his soul is actually quite impure. The number of times that he had also sworn on his soul sea to tell a lie is also appalling…” Diviner Mo Ming had a weak look on him as he smiled awkwardly at Yuan Ji before he cursed him silently. “Darn him. He just corrupted my divine sense with his impure soul…how is it possible for him to survive a Nine-Stage Purple Lightning?! It must be the pureness of my Qianxue that had helped him…grrr…”

Yuan Ji had a triumphant smile as he always believed that his soul was quite pure. After all, he was a gentleman of the sword and has always followed the honor code of the martial spirit with great zeal.

Diviner Mo Ming thought, “I have better not tell him this or else he will get a huge setback…”

So he smiled, “There is no limits to cultivation. This Dream Trial will only take a day to complete. However before I tell you the details, I need to talk to you about the conditions. Only if you are agreeable to the conditions then we can proceed with the Dream Trial.”

“Alright.” Yuan Ji said immediately. This was entirely reasonable for them to ask for the conditions. After all, this Dream Trial would cost them 1 billion high grade spirit stones.

Diviner Mo Ming hesitated for a while before he said slowly, “Firstly, you will owe the Mo Clan a big favor and in the future if we require assistance from you, you must help us no matter what. Secondly, you must not harm the interest or hurt anyone from the Mo Clan ever. What do you say?”

Yuan Ji was a little startled. It was because the two conditions were reasonable and actually did not require him to do anything for now. He was actually half-expecting the conditions to be like finding a ten thousand dragon lotus spirit root for them below the desolate mists or in the trials. Undertaking attempts like this may even cost him his life!

Moreover since he will be losing his life soon in two weeks, he got nothing to lose too…

So he replied with a little surprise, “Only two conditions? That’s all?”

Diviner Mo Ming smiled, “Yes, only these two conditions. If you agreeable to it then swear by your soul sea.”

Yuan Ji nodded and immediately made an oath to his soul sea.

Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue were also looking relieved that the conditions were actually such a simple thing. They were actually mentally prepared for some difficult or near impossible conditions to fulfill.

Diviner Mo Ming said gravely to him, “Ji Yuan, you ought to respect your soul sea. Your soul sea is a little impure at the moment. Don’t recklessly swear by your soul sea for no apparent reason and don’t lie to your soul sea.”

Yuan Ji was about to protest when Xiang Li said inside his soul sea. “He is right. Your soul sea is quite impure. It seems that you have sworn by your soul sea that you have not peeped at Xia Jiajia but actually you did. And that is not the end…”

Yuan Ji smiled awkwardly as he said to Xiang Li, “Heh. I thought that is some harmless thing…”

Diviner Mo Ming was now saying, “This Dream Trial has the power to temper your soul. It is a godly artefact that our Mo Clan had found in the ancient past. However, how successful your soul tempering will be, it will depend on your determination.”

“The time in here will also flow 10,000 times faster than the outside flow of time.”

Yuan Ji: ???

“Erm, what is this trial exactly? This trial will make me grow older by 10,000 times you mean.” There was a sudden frown on Yuan Ji’s countenance now. “No thanks. I’m out.”

He knew there must be a catch somewhere.

Divine Mo Ming laughed jovially, “Oh no. You won’t grow old at all. In fact in this Dream Trial you will transmigrate into a dream to live another life as a cultivator. You will have a second chance to replay your cultivator life and be a better person.”

Yuan Ji was startled, “Is there such a thing?”

Even Ling Feiyue had a startled expression…

“Transmigration?!” Yuan Ji was suddenly quite excited.

He had certainly read stories about it. There are actually many transmigration stories around. Whether it is stated or not in the stories, all transmigration stories teleport the character into the body of another person to live a second life.

However, whether the transmigration stories state it or not at the ending, it is always a dream and is not real. It is because for transmigration to happen, a false reality like a dream has to happen first. There are rumors of powerful ancient cultivators that can cultivate the transmigration state to temper themselves but it mostly only exists in stories.

Yuan Ji was suddenly rubbing his chin and grinning excitingly, “Tell me more.” He was actually thinking of growing his new beard in his next persona! Muhahaha! He really could not contain his excitement now.

Although Yuan Ji tried his best to hide his excitement, Diviner Mo Ming could still see through him and warned him. “Remember, this is a trial for your soul tempering and you have only this one last chance. So please make the full use of it.”

Yuan Ji said with a delightful chuckle, “I will definitely make the full use of it! Quick, when can we start?”

He could not wait for the trial to start now!

The sooner the better!

Faster, old man!

All of a sudden Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue had a bad feeling when they saw the delightful look that was on Yuan Ji. They could not finger what was wrong but the feeling was ominous…

Diviner Mo Ming returned a light frown at Yuan Ji before he said, “I need to tell you about the details of the Dream Trial first. Only after I have finished then we can begin.”

Yuan Ji chuckled sheepishly, “Oh? Haha!”

Ling Feiyue said to him gently, “Yuan Ji, you look a little excited. Calm down first, alright?”

Yuan Ji laughed, “I just love trials. That is why…” He was already thinking of a dozen different ways to grow his beautiful beard back and could not wait for a second longer…

Diviner Mo Ming said slowly, “The MC in the Dream Trial is Qin Tianwen. In this life he will have two peerless maidens as his consorts, Zhang Min and Nangong Jiu. Zhang Min is actually his junior protégé sister while Nangong Jiu is the Young Mistress of the most powerful heretic clan that seeks to unify the fraternity.”

“The MC will also have a secret cultivation method as a cheat that no one knows that can defy the heavens, allowing him to fight opponents that are a realm higher with ease. Not only that, practicing this secret cultivation method will ensure that his soul sea will be twice as vast as a cultivator of his same level.”

Yuan Ji was smiling wryly to himself as he listened on with beaming bright eyes. Awesome. This is too awesome! This is the first time I have such a heaven-defying cultivation cheat! And I even got two peerless maidens as consorts too. Haha! Fate is too kind to me!

“The MC will be bullied by his fellow protégés and he will have Zuo Bufan who is a hypocrite as his protégé grandmaster. But eventually he will triumph over his fellow protégés, become the greatest cultivator in the world and kill his master who is actually the main villain.”

Wah! Even the ending is created so beautifully for me already. Yuan Ji was truly delightful when he had heard about the outcome.

Diviner Mo Ming deepened his voice to say to Yuan Ji, “Remember this well! The MC is protected by plot armors and MC’s golden halo!”

Yuan Ji chuckled. I know, I know. This is a soul tempering trial. I shouldn’t abuse the MC’s golden halo.

Diviner Mo Ming said, “Now you have to select the options for the MC. This will affect the result of your soul tempering.”

“A dense and naïve character.”

“A smart and streetwise character.”

“A cunning and ruthless character.”

Yuan Ji chuckled, “Of course I choose the cunning and ruthless character. It is more realistic this way.”

Diviner Mo Ming nodded, “A good choice.”

“One more thing.” he added, “Because you are transmigrating into a dream, you won’t be able to bring anything with you. You have to depend on the cultivation items of that world.”

Yuan Ji laughed, “Actually other than my divine sword, I have nothing valuable to bring over. So this isn’t a problem. So, when can we start?”

Diviner Mo Ming pointed to the golden door behind, “You can enter through this door to start the Dream Trial while we activate the trial from here. Please remember all my warnings…”

Yuan Ji had immediately bolted into the golden door as though he was rushing for his reincarnation.

Xue Qianxue was looking very anxious. “Patriarch Great-Grandfather, do you think that Ji Yuan has misunderstood the trial or something?”

Diviner Mo Ming blinked his eyes as he stroked his long white beard, “Did I erm…miss anything and forget to tell him?”

Ling Feiyue said weakly, “Maybe you have said it too quickly and forget to emphasis to him…”

“That’s right. I forget to remind him not to change any of the endings or there will be serious consequences.” Diviner Mo Ming suddenly remembered what he had left out.

Immediately Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue rolled their eyes and were stupefied.

Ling Feiyue panicky said, “Ji Yuan, he never follows the convention…alas! Why didn’t you tell him just now? This is the most critical warning…call him back…”

Divine Mo Ming smiled bitterly, “The trial has already started…”

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Chapter 106: A Goddess Musings

Under the silver light of the full moon, a most enchanting maiden with long silver hair was bathing in the cold streams of the mountains. Her looks were extremely peerless but was also extremely lofty. After all she had styled herself as the Abyssal Null Goddess, a Great Desolate Goddess.

Her eyes were melancholy as she muttered softly, “Maybe not great goddess yet…almost…”

In the Immortal Realm, the female Immortals have their strict immortal rankings and no one can cross that boundary. They are ranked according to their immortal strength; fairy being the lowest ranking, follows by Sagess, Goddess and Great Goddess. Over 70% are actually fairies. Therefore a Goddess like her is actually a superior immortal.

But now she had degraded herself into a mere spirit beast without her former strength.

Lost and got her celestial sword utterly destroyed…

She even earns herself a slave collar for invoking her immortal powers unnecessary and for failing to kill a mere celestial.

Now she even had to acknowledge this unruly celestial as her master.

If the other immortals were to know, she would definitely be the butt of a long immortal joke. As a matter of fact, she had already made immortal history by doing so.

She had an influential background, being a goddess from the twelve most powerful citadel clans of the desolate immortals.

She had wanted to weep but her pride kept her from doing so.

He had used her as a head pillow, a fluffy pillow, his bath towel and among many things.

Touched her and kissed her everywhere…

She was rendered speechless many times from Yuan Ji.

How she had wished that she could slap him or kill him.

But because he is her master, she cannot even harm him without first having a backlash. Killing him is also impossible because the slave collar will kill her first. Forming the intentions even without any actions will result in a minor backlash and voiding her of her profound strength.

When she had sent the celestial sword to indirect kill him, she had already suffered a backlash and used up whatever little profound strength that she had cumulated.

Love him like a family?

Protect him?

Fat hope!

Suddenly she pursed her lips, “Actually he isn’t that bad. Just lecherous. Why did he force me to watch his show? This is so mean…”

“Tonight he is probably doing the same…”

“Why did I hate him for doing that?”

“I am no longer interested in his humiliations?”

“This isn’t his humiliations. Humph! He is just showing off in front of me…”

Then her soft eyes began to look into the heavens dreamily, “Actually he isn’t so bad looking plus he had overcome a Nine-Stage Purple Lightning Tribulation. This feat is actually quite impressive and he is already marked to be an immortal figure in the future.”

“Mmm, maybe he can be an ally?”

But she was suddenly splashing the waters angrily, “This idiot is going to die in two weeks’ time from his duel! What a stupid idiot. Why don’t you hide in a cave and cultivate for a thousand years instead? When you have become a great saint, this goddess here may even be gracious enough to bestow upon you some immortal practices. By then my desolate strength will have also recovered. Together we will overturn the Celestial Realm upside down and storm the thirty-three heavens of the righteous immortals!”

“Xiaobai! Xiaobai! Where are you?”

All of a sudden she was gasping softly. It was because she was completely naked!

She quickly jumped out of the waters and released her profound aura to dry herself completely before morphing into a nine-tail spirit fox as she landed softly on the dry ground.

“Why is he so quick today?” She was gasping silently.

Yuan Ji laughed when he saw Xiaobai, “There you are, Xiaobai. Come over here. I was looking everywhere for you.”

The Abyssal Null Goddess immediately leapt into his strong arms and saw that Yuan Ji was sighing heavily.

She was suddenly curious what was going on. “Why is he sighing so heavily?”

So she used her paw to comfort his chest.

Yuan Ji saw her gesture and smiled, “Xiaobai, I guess that only you and Xiang Li are my only true confidants. Haha.”

Earlier when he was looking for Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue, he saw that they were in the company of Elder Mo Bei. All three of them did not look the least happy at all.

As a matter of fact, Xue Qianxue even gave him a little rebuke, “What did you say to the protégés of the Mo Clan? Why are they so hardworking in their cultivations all of a sudden?”

Yuan Ji had laughed, “Isn’t that a good thing?”

Xue Qianxue said unhappily, “Not when many of the eight year old maidens to sixteen year old maidens are all saying that they want to become your consorts and concubines in the future.”

Ling Feiyue even added a gentle rebuke, “Yuan Ji! Is that how you got your two core protégés Shangguan Yan and Fairy Ye Chengxi into your bed?”

Yuan Ji: …

Elder Mo Bei added bitterly, “You are wanted by all the orthodox cultivators in the Orthodox Fraternity now and yet your class is all telling their parents that they all want to be a hero like you and they all want to follow you to be your protégés. It more like a villain like you, am I right? What exactly did you say to them?”

Because Yuan Ji could not explain clearly, he quickly found an excuse to run away for the night.

“Where is Xiaobai?! Excuse me! She may be eaten up by some desolate beast. I got to find her…she may be in danger…”

Elder Mo Bei suddenly said to Yuan Ji as he halted him, “Wait! I’m also here to tell you that Great Patriarch has agreed to let you use the Dream Trial. But there are conditions. He will let you know tomorrow.”

Xue Qianxue was startled and she was clapping her hands delightfully, “This is so awesome…I so happy…”

Ling Feiyue asked her curiously, “What is this Dream Trial about?”

Even Yuan Ji was a little curious.

Xue Qianxue sighed softly, “Tomorrow you will know. It is the greatest cultivation secret of the Mo Clan. I have made an oath not to reveal the details. But trust me, this Dream Trial will be extremely useful for our lord Yuan Ji…”

Back to the present;

Yuan Ji was now holding onto Xiaobai, “Well, everything will be fine by tomorrow. Tonight, you shall sleep with me.”

The Abyssal Null Goddess looked at him and nodded shyly…

The Abyssal Null Goddess was smiling bashfully, “He isn’t so lecherous after all…”

All of a sudden Yuan Ji saw the crystal clear streams in front of them.

With a grin he said, “Maybe I shall take a cool dip first.”

With that he had stripped himself naked very fast.

The Abyssal Null Goddess gulped when she saw his full vanity.

Yuan Ji laughed as he stepped into the streams, “Come on Xiaobai, don’t be shy. It is time for you to take a bath!”

The Abyssal Null Goddess muttered silently. I have just taken my bath…

But nevertheless, she followed him into the cool streams.

Xiang Li had popped up in visible view and was hovering above them with a melancholy look, “We are not turning back? So no show tonight?”

Yuan Ji said with a chuckle, “Yea. Unfortunately. I will tell them that it takes me the whole night to find Xiaobai. Haha.”

With another grin, he added. “Let them calm down first. Relax Xiang Li. There is always next time.”

“Not in two weeks’ time…” Xiang Li muttered.

Yuan Ji: …

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Chapter 105: The Model Cultivator

Soon they had left Diviner Mo Ming’s abode with Elder Mo Bei.

Usually when people know what their future demise is, they will be extremely demoralized.

But not Yuan Ji.

He was because he still stubbornly believes that he had a fighting chance.

He had always taught his favorite and leading protégé Ye Chengxi never to give up. If you do not try, how do you know?

Yuan Ji did not have any double standard on this. Moreover he is also fueled by his undying fighting spirit.

He was actually thinking, “Maybe Diviner Mo Ming did not try hard enough because he was not willing to expend more spiritual force in the divination. After all, he is trying to preserve his soul sea for his eventual ascension as immortal. Therefore he did not take into account the terrain, weather and my divine state to give an accurate reading.”

“That must be it…” After feeding himself the ginseng chicken tonic to psycho himself, he felt very much at ease already.

He really got a strong heart!

After praising himself, he was back to his usual self again.

Ling Feiyue asked him, “You…are really not anxious about your forthcoming duel?”

Yuan Ji grinned, “Of course not. The Diviner Mo Ming has actually dropped me a hint that I won’t die.”

“Oh?!” Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue exclaimed with surprise at the same time.

Yuan Ji pointed at Xiaobai and said, “Didn’t he say that I have an affinity with Xiaobai? If Xiaobai isn’t a divine beast yet then I surely won’t die!”

Ling Feiyue muttered softly, “I don’t feel that way…”

“My great-grandfather didn’t say Xiaobai will become a divine beast at all.” Xue Qianxue said weakly.

Yuan Ji smiled at them, “If the hint is so easy to pick up then it won’t be a heavens’ secrets. Haha.”

The Abyssal Null Goddess muttered silently; I am a fake spirit beast you know. So I can never become a divine beast…

Yuan Ji picked up Xiaobai and said to the two maidens with a grin, “Trust me. Our Xiaobai will surely become a divine beast in the future.”

The Abyssal Null Goddess: …

Elder Mo Bei said to Yuan Ji and his group, “Since you have to wait for a day more before Great Patriarch can answer you on your request, why don’t you give an instruction or two to the young cultivators first?”

Yuan Ji had no issue about it so he agreed immediately.

Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue had no issue about it as well as they nodded.

“So what is your cultivation specialty? Alchemy, herbs, pills concocting, arrays, celestial history?” Elder Mo Bei asked them curiously.

Yuan Ji smiled weakly, “None of the above…”

Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue were also smiling weakly as they shook their head lightly.

Elder Mo Bei frowned as he gave them a perplexed look, “Serious? What are your hobbies?”

Yuan Ji laughed, “Going to the trials!”

Ling Feiyue smiled alluringly, “Roaming the fraternity…”

“Bathing…” Xue Qianxue shyly answered.

Elder Mo Bei: …

Are they good-for-nothing cultivators that only know how to cultivate but know nothing else?

“I am a pure sword cultivator. Haha.” Yuan Ji laughed, totally unashamed of his incomplete cultivation knowledge. “I can guide the protégés if they are weak in their swordplay.”

Xue Qianxue chuckled, “I know a little array. Rank 1 array…”

Elder Mo Bei felt that he was going to faint now.

He had thought that they may be able to give some insights on the more advance cultivation subjects like arrays, alchemy, medicine, pills concocting, talisman, beasts taming etc. But it turned out that they know nuts about it.

“Actually we don’t need you to teach them about swordplay or profound arts.” Elder Mo Bei was sighing. “Junior Ji Yuan, later I will arrange for you to teach the low level cultivators about cultivation practices. I’m sure you will have no issue for that.”

“As for Qianxue and Maiden Feiyue, the two of you can go sightseeing for the day.”

When Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue heard Elder Mo Bei, they were delighted and were nodding eagerly. Their reactions were completely different from their dull expressions earlier.

Yuan Ji grinned at Elder Mo Bei, “Don’t worry. I will make sure that the protégés of your Mo Clan benefit from my insights. Over the years, I have trained countless number of excellent high level cultivators.”

Elder Mo Bei asked him curiously, “How many golden celestials have you trained?”

Yuan Ji grinned, “Only one. Fairy Ye Chengxi. I am sure that you have heard of her? This year, she is a fifth realm golden celestial. Haha.”

Elder Mo Bei: …

Only one and you are so happy about it? I have trained over a hundred golden celestials in my lifetime as master!

Yuan Ji smiled and said like a great man of wisdom, “It is not the number of golden celestials that show your ability to be a good cultivation master. Quality is better than quantity. Do you know that I have trained Fairy Ye Chengxi so well that she is now a Sword Saintess?”

Elder Mo Bei frowned sarcastically, “I have heard that she had become a Sword Saintess while you were not around.”

“That is because I have given her a good solid foundation hence even if I am not around, she is still able to become a Sword Saintess.” Yuan Ji said proudly.

Elder Mo Bei, Ling Feiyue, Xue Qianxue: …

Elder Mo Bei smiled, “I have heard that you have another core protégé. What is her name? Shangguan Yan? She is only a fourth realm cultivator and is quite limited in talent. How do you explain that?”

Yuan Ji rubbed his chin before he said shamelessly, “My Yan’Er idolizes me so much that she is spending too much time on her swordplay. She really ought to spend more time on her cultivation. Alas. Is it because I am too dashing and awesome? It is too sinful. I will reprimand her when I am back.”

Elder Mo Bei: …

Ling Feiyue, Xue Qianxue, Abyssal Null Goddess and Xiang Li: …

Later in the day, Yuan Ji had entered a classroom of mostly first and second realm cultivators.

The instant he had entered into the classroom, he noticed that these young cultivators were an unruly lot and were all chatting noisily. There were about forty of them and they were mostly aged between eight to twenty years of age.

In the cultivation fraternity, first and second realm cultivators are known as practitioners and master practitioners. The first realm is when cultivators first begin to cultivate the spiritual force as they attempted to expand the boundaries of their soul seas.

Almost all the celestials start at the first realm and Yuan Ji is also not an exception. There are some cultivators that are born Xiantian and they have the benefit to start at the third cultivation realm enlighten celestial level.

When Yuan Ji entered the classroom, he was a little startled that the age group of this class had so much disparity. It was because in most celestial clans, protégés are grouped into three tiers; the outer, inner and core protégés. And usually those who are from the same age group are seeded together. It is to create a bonding for them.

No one bothered to greet him and there were many that even gave him a disdainful look…

“I am Saint Ji Yuan, a cultivator from the Emperor Hall Sect…” he quickly introduced himself.

Amidst the unruly noises, he asked them a few questions and learnt that the Mo Clan did not have so many protégés. They were simply grouped into the same class because they were all first and second realm cultivators. Moreover this was the class for them to learn cultivation theories.

“Alas.” Yuan Ji muttered silently. “This makes sense. Cultivation theories are open to everyone so it doesn’t matter what is their age group. Elder Mo Bei is really kind to me and gives me an easy subject to lecture on.”

Soon he began to teach them the basic principle of cultivations.

Again, few bothered to pay him scant attention.

After a while some of the older cultivators in the group were all laughing at him, “Celestial Teacher, all these are too basic. Why don’t you teach us something new?”

Yuan Ji immediately frowned. This was a direct challenge to his authority!

If it was in the Orthodox Sword Sect, this sort of thing would never happen!

One of the cultivators said, “The Emperor Hall Sect is but a minor celestial clan. How do you ensure that we can cultivate at the fastest speed in order to quickly reach the top?”

“Cultivation must be slow and steady in order to ensure a solid foundation. This is nothing new at all! We want to hear something fresh and new!”

Yuan Ji was frowning deeply now. He was none the pleased that these rebellious cultivators were looking down upon his celestial clan.

Another cultivator shouted, “Cultivating is an endless sea of suffering. After you cultivate, you have to breakthrough and when you breakthrough, you have to cultivate again. After you cultivate to the fifth realm level, you have to face the life and death tribulations. Again, it is endless cultivation. How do you break the endless samsara cycle of cultivation?”

“How many years did you cultivate to become a golden celestial?”

“How long did you cultivate to become a seventh realm saint?”

These cultivators obviously believe that they could cultivate to be a saint earlier than Yuan Ji and they were all proud sons and daughters of the heavens.

Yuan Ji said slowly, “You know what. Actually cultivation is not everything.”

When he had said that, everyone was laughing.

Some were even rolling on the ground as they laughed uncontrollably.

“If cultivation is not everything, then why are we cultivating?”

Yuan Ji replied, “In case you may not know this. I am a saint that sits atop of all the other saints. It is because I had overcome the Nine-Stage Purple Lightning Tribulation which is alas, can only descend upon someone as worthy as me.”

Everyone: …

All of a sudden everyone had fallen silence. Although they are young but they know that not everyone had the rare opportunity to encounter a Nine-Stage Purple Lightning Tribulation and survive it.

“When all of you have turned to dust in the future, I will unfortunately be still alive.” Yuan Ji was sighing miserably. “It is so lonely to be invincible.”

Then he took out his half-step celestial sword and immediately there was a fearsome divine aura from the celestial sword that suppressed everyone, causing everyone to freeze on the spot and even their breathing had become difficult!

“There is no need for me to say. How many of you can actually have a celestial sword in the future or even hold it?”

Then he swung his celestial sword and immediately there was a bright halo so beautiful that it blinds the eyes of all the onlookers.

“Alas! I’ve even divine harmonized with my celestial sword. I have heard that there are many old cultivators that have a divine sword but till the end of their saintly existences, they are still unable to divine harmony with their divine sword. What a pity. A divine sword in their hands is like a fresh flower sticking in a cow dung.”

Then with another swing of his celestial sword, there was a double halo on it which immediately caused the classroom to light up with divine light that caused everyone to tremble with mini aftershocks.

Under the powerful suppression of a celestial sword and the profound power displayed by the double halo, everyone had collapsed flat onto the ground and was shaking uncontrollably with great fear!

“I am so awesome, alas that I can even attain a perfect harmony with celestial sword. Alas, who can compare with me in the cultivation world?” Yuan Ji was sighing.

“Did I mention that I am also a Sword Saint? Haha.”

One of the cultivators was stammering, “He is really a sword saint…”

Several of the young cultivators were also nodding with great fear now.

Yuan Ji laughed and whistled for Xiaobai to enter the classroom. “Look! This is my spirit beast Xiaobai. Isn’t she beautiful?”

All of a sudden a beautiful and graceful nine-tail spirit fox had entered the class, causing many of the cultivators to stammer in awe.

“He even has a rare spirit beast…”

“This is so unfair…”

“Xiang Li, come and say hello to my class.” Yuan Ji grinned.

All of a sudden a very young maiden in revealing transparent silk dress had appeared in front of everyone. Not only was this young maiden extremely beautiful and enticing but everyone could see through her silk dress.

This caused everyone imagination to run wild, even the maidens were all fascinated by her statuesque looks and they were all gasping at her almost perfect figure.

“Hello! I’m Xiang Li!” Xiang Li greeted everyone with a mesmerizing giggle.

When she had spoken, many of the male cultivators were having nose bled and they were dazzled by Xiang Li.

“Xiang Li is my sentient spirit entity. Why am I so lucky than the other cultivators? Haha.”

Many of the cultivators were weeping bitterly, “We want Xiang Li too…”

Yuan Ji said to everyone, “Therefore cultivation is not everything.”

“When you are a cultivator like me, you don’t even need to cultivate and can enjoy ten thousand years of endless cycle. Therefore the cycles of endless cultivation sufferings do not apply to me…”

This time when he had said that, no one dared to protest anymore and was listening attentively to him.

“Speaking from my personal experiences, being a rich cultivator is very important. When you are rich, you can have everything. This is the ultimate truth in cultivation…”

Many of the cultivators were now kowtowing on the ground, begging Yuan Ji to take them as his core protégés.

“Celestial Teacher, your words of enlightenments, are all words of wisdoms. Please instruct us further…”

“We want to follow you forever…”

“Celestial Teacher, you are the greatest cultivator of all times…”

After bullshitting and brainwashing everyone, Yuan Ji left the classroom with a triumphant smile.

“It isn’t so hard to teach a rebellious class after all.” He thought.

Elsewhere Elder Mo Bei was laughing jovially. “Ji Yuan, Ji Yuan. Do you know that your class is a bunch of the most difficult to manage young masters and mistresses of the Mo Clan. Even I can do nothing against them. Haha. Good luck to you…”

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Chapter 104: Diviner Mo Ming

Yuan Ji was smiling bitterly as he looked at the hundreds of swords that were pointing at him, “Elder Mo Bei, you can eat the wrong food but you can’t say the wrong words. You can accuse me of killing the rest but you can’t accuse me of killing Saintess Yuluo!”

Elder Mo Bei said coldly, “Why is that so?”

Yuan Ji lamented loudly, “That is because she is my beloved consort!”

Elder Mo Bei roared with laughter, “You didn’t know that Saintess Yuluo is unmarried? Do you think I am such a gullible person?”

“This is true. Saintess Yuluo is my lord’s consort. Although they are not officially together but they already have a son together.”

Elder Mo Bei had turned ashen as he lowered his voice, “Qianxue, this is a slanderous thing to say. You can eat the wrong food but you cannot say the wrong words!”

Xue Qianxue said firmly, “Qianxue dares not lie in front of Patriarch Uncle. I swear by my soul sea!”

Elder Mo Bei decided to put that aside first and said, “Do you know that Elder Wu Heng and Eldest Young Master Zhan Long are all killed by him not long ago?”

Xue Qianxue was startled, “Really? This is impossible…”

Yuan Ji was startled that this little isolated place actually got the news so quickly. Although this may look like a reclusive conclave, they seemed to be well-connected to the rest of the celestial fraternity.

So he said, “Yes, I killed them one or two day ago while I was near Amber Frost City.” He knew that they were killed by Little Princess and there were witnesses. But if the orthodox cultivators wanted to accuse him as such, there was nothing he could say to defend himself. After all, no one would care for his opinion.

Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue were startled as they looked at Yuan Ji, “Really? How did it happen?”

Yuan Ji explained, “They were chasing after me because they wanted to have my Xiaobai. Saint Wu Heng bears a grudge against me while we are at the Lotus Sword Mansion Trial.”

Elder Mo Bei turned to say to Xue Qianxue, “Look! Did you hear that? He is an enemy of the entire orthodox fraternity. He is the Sword Demon Ji Yuan…”

“Leave him alone. I will see them now.” A gentle voice floated down upon the mountains, interrupting Elder Mo Bei.

Elder Mo Bei and the many cultivators around were all gasping, “It is our Great Patriarch, Diviner Mo Ming!”

“Huh? Isn’t Diviner Mo Ming still in his reclusion?”

“Why will he see Sword Demon Ji Yuan?”

“Maybe Diviner Mo Ming is thinking of executing Ji Yuan himself?”

“Such a wicked cultivator…we shouldn’t allow him to soil our consecrate ground…”

The gentle voice echoed, “From this day onward, this Ji Yuan is under the divine protection of the Mo Clan. Do not tell anyone that he has been here.”

Elder Mo Bei stammered, “Divine protection of the Mo Clan?!”

This was a protection of the highest level and that mean that this Ji Yuan was to be treated with utmost respect!

“Since our Patriarch has said so, we should all put down our swords…”

“Diviner Mo Ming has the power of foresight and he can tell the future. If he says we are to protect him then it cannot be wrong.”

Xue Qianxue was secretly relieved as she took a look at Yuan Ji, “You didn’t tell us about Saint Wu Heng and Saint Zhan Long!”

Yuan Ji smiled weakly, “I am planning to share soon. Haha…”

Elder Mo Bei was suddenly laughing and patting Yuan Ji on his back, “Haha, junior. I hope that you didn’t get a fright. You can’t trust anyone these days and we are just trying to make sure that you don’t have any ill-intentions against us.”

Yuan Ji rolled his eyes with a quick thought; he sure can change his face pretty fast…

But he quickly laughed, “It is only a misunderstanding. Haha.”

“Follow to me to see our Great Patriarch.”

Elder Mo Bei had led Yuan Ji and his group deep into the mountains that were surrounded by waterfalls and many spirit plants. Behind Mo Bei were also several golden celestials that were escorting them.

Along the way they continued to chat.

“Erm, Elder Mo Bei. Do you know that if we are unlucky then your celestial arrays will have killed your niece Qianxue?” Yuan Ji asked him curiously.

Elder Mo Bei frowned slightly, “She didn’t tell you that she knows that the celestial arrays here are arranged according to the five elements and she knows how to evade the celestial arrays?”

“No…” Yuan Ji murmured slowly as he stole a look at Xue Qianxue.

Xue Qianxue giggled, “You didn’t ask so I didn’t tell you. Since you want to show off, I just have to let you show off a little.”

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

A while later, they had come to a bamboo hut that was floating on top of a small lake and the scenery around was really enchanting.

Yuan Ji noticed that the spiritual aura around the lake was extremely rich and was perfect for cultivating.

An old man with white hair and long beard was sitting in a meditation pose inside the hut.

Yuan Ji first impression of this old man was that he looked like a sagely old man and he was actually filled with a little awe. He had heard of Diviner Mo Ming before and it was said that he had a good chance to ascend as an immortal.

When Elder Mo Ming and the other golden celestials saw him, they respectfully greeted him. “Great Patriarch!”

Xue Qianxue immediately loosened her veil and chuckled delightfully, “Patriarch Great-Grandfather!”

Diviner Mo Ming laughed when he saw her, “Isn’t this my great grand-niece Qianxue? So, you are only here because you are in trouble?”

Xue Qianxue laughed softly, “Patriarch Great-Grandfather only knows how to tease Qianxue! You obviously know why I have come.”

“You are a great saintess now? This is really a surprise to me. So tell me about your lightning tribulation.”

“Heh! I had overcome a Nine-Stage Purple Lightning Tribulation!” Xue Qianxue said proudly.

“What?!” Diviner Mo Ming was startled and he was blinking his eyes, “You had actually overcome a Nine-Stage Purple Lightning Tribulation?!”

Xue Qianxue chuckled, “That is right. But I had help from my lord Ji Yuan and my Sister Feiyue here. The three of us had overcome the Nine-Stage Purple Lightning together.”

When she had said that, everyone in the hut were stunned…

Nine-Stage Purple Lightning Tribulations are extremely difficult to encounter and it only appears if the cultivator is worthy of it.

Diviner Mo Ming was a little speechless as he took a second look at Yuan Ji and Ling Feiyue, “This is so unbelievable. I am actually witnessing a miracle in the three of you…”

Then he stroked his long white beard as he said to them, “I actually didn’t have any visitors for a long time. I am actually preparing for my eventually ascension so it is actually a bad idea for me to reveal too many of the heavens’ secrets.”

All of a sudden he had a startled expression when his divine sense had touched the nine-tail spirit fox behind Yuan Ji. Although he had already noticed this spirit fox earlier but when his divine sense had touched it gently, he actually received a shock; it was because this nine-tail silver fox’s soul sea is extremely unfathomable!

Even with his superb divine sense, he cannot tell how deep this nine-tail silver fox soul sea is. He has really never seen anything like this in his long celestial life!

“This fox…belongs to who?” Diviner Mo Ming started to say.

Xue Qianxue answered politely, “Xiaobai is Ji Yuan’s spirit beast.”

Ji Yuan chuckled, “That is right. But if you are willing to offer me a good price, I can sell Xiaobai to you.”

The Abyssal Null Goddess: …

The Abyssal Null Goddess: …

The Abyssal Null Goddess: …

Elder Mo Bei interrupted with a soft laugh, “Actually I can offer you a good price. Junior, since we get along so well with each other, maybe you can consider me a friendship price?”

Yuan Ji laughed, “Sure, sure! Haha.”

Diviner Mo Ming interrupted gently, “This spirit fox seems to have an affinity with Ji Yuan. You should not try to sell it.”

Yuan Ji rubbed his chin to ponder, “You mean Xiaobai has a chance of evolving into a divine beast for me to sell later? If I sell it now, I may be making a loss?”

“You’re right. If Xiaobai evolves into a divine beast then her fur will be bigger and more beautiful.” Yuan Ji immediately cupped his hands, “I thank Diviner Mo for this piece of excellent advice!”

Diviner Mo Ming, Abyssal Null Goddess: …

Diviner Mo Ming shook his head weakly before he turned to ask Xue Qianxue, “Qianxue, why are you here?”

Xue Qianxue answered politely, “I wish for Patriarch Great Grandfather to divine for Yuan Ji and to help open the Dream Trial for him.”

When she had mentioned the Dream Trial, all the other elders in the hut were all gasping with shock.

Elder Mo Bei said gravely, “Qianxue, do you know how difficult and costly the Dream Trial is? It is only reserved for the most talented of our protégés and not for an outsider. Opening a single Dream Trial will easily deplete five hundred years of our clan’s cultivation resources!”

Ling Feiyue was gasping. This was the first time that she had heard of this Dream Trial. She knows that the Mo Clan is rich and she cannot imagine how much cultivation resources are going to be depleted for their five hundred years!

“It is no wondered everyone that comes to Divine Mo Ming for divination has to pay a hefty cost in cultivation resources…” she muttered silently.

Yuan Ji was frowning. Qianxue did not tell him about any Dream Trial beforehand.

“I thought that we are only here for a divination?”

Diviner Mo Ming said quietly, “Give me a day to think about the Dream Trial.”

Then he smiled to Yuan Ji, “For Qianxue sake, I will make an exceptional for you. You can only ask me a single question. The question has to be related to yourself and not the others. You may ask now.”

Xue Qianxue had turned to say to Yuan Ji with a woeful look, “Ask my Patriarch Great-Grandfather on the outcome of your duel with the Divine Palace Master of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace.”

Yuan Ji inhaled deeply before he said, “I have a duel with the Divine Palace Master of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace in less than two weeks’ time. I like to know what are my odds of defeating him with my current strength?”

Diviner Mo Ming nodded quietly.

All of a suddenly there was a golden animus that was exuding from Divine Mo Ming. It was so bright that it blinded everyone.

Yuan Ji could feel that there was a tremendous amount of spiritual force that was building up in the hut.

After a while, the light disappeared and Diviner Mo Ming appeared to be extremely drained as he moved his fingers rapidly before saying quietly to Yuan Ji. “In all the future possibilities, I don’t see you having a single chance at all.”

Yuan Ji was stunned…

He had actually believed that he had stood a chance…

All of a sudden, he did not want to die…

Even Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue were stunned…

Xue Qianxue was brimming with tears and her lovely voice had turned hoarse. “It is alright. Since we already know the future, we can avoid it by not going for the duel…”

“I am going.” Yuan Ji interrupted as he said firmly. “It is my Dao as Sword Saint not to back off from an agreed duel.”

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Chapter 103: Eon Firmament Mountains (3)

The elderly golden celestial took them to their village and they could see many bamboo huts. There were no fanciful buildings or palaces in this place.

He soon said to his fellow cultivators, “You can all go back first.”

“Yes Elder Mo Bei.”

The other golden celestials and cultivators were all quite respectful to him as they replied politely to him. It seemed that he had the highest status in the group.

It was only then that Yuan Ji knows that the name of this elderly golden celestial was Mo Bei.

Yuan Ji thought that it was impolite not to introduce himself so he said, “Elder Mo Bei, I am Yuan Ji…”

“Qianxue, why are you here?” Elder Mo Bei had turned to Xue Qianxue with an unhappy frown. “Do you know that everyone is looking for you?”

Yuan Ji and Ling Feiyue were startled secretly. This Elder Mo Bei actually knows Qianxue?!

Xue Qianxue giggled softly, “Not everyone. At least not my Patriarch Uncle Mo Bei, heh!”

“He is your Patriarch Uncle?” Yuan Ji was startled.

Xue Qianxue chuckled, “That is right. Patriarch Uncle, this is my sister Ling Feiyue. We are both tied to our lord Yuan Ji here.”

When Elder Mo Bei had heard Xue Qianxue pleading with him with the phrase ‘Maybe just for a little while, please!’, he had immediately recognized her. It was because she had often used this catchphrase in the past when she was talking with him.

Elder Mo Bei was startled. He stroked his long beard as he stared unhappily at Yuan Ji, “You lucky bastard. You have actually stolen the hearts of the two greatest peerless maidens in the entire fraternity.”

Yuan Ji smiled awkwardly, “Junior here greets Patriarch Uncle.”

“Unfortunately, you seem to be a beardless ugly fellow. Poor you. You must have lost your beard during your bodily transformation. You must know that a real man is only a true man if he has his beard. Only then can his Dao heart be complete.”

Yuan Ji: …

Isn’t this his old catchphrase?

He muttered awkwardly, “One of these days, I will surely be able to regrow my beard. All I need is to find a divine remedy from a well-known alchemist.”

Elder Mo Bei laughed as he patted Yuan Ji on his shoulder, “Good! At least you have not lost your manly spirit yet. I like you!”

Yuan Ji laughed too, “I am beginning to miss my beautiful long beard. Say, Elder Mo, your beard is indeed beautiful. How did you maintain it?”

Elder Mo Bei said with great pride, “Hahaha. I like you and I will be glad to share it with you…”

Xue Qianxue had suddenly interrupted them unhappily, “Hmph! We are here to discuss business and not about any ugly beards!”

Elder Mo Bei, Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji protested weakly, “We are only chatting to break the ice between us…”

“You can talk about anything except beards.” Ling Feiyue interrupted with her gentle voice as she shot Yuan Ji a warning look. “Don’t forget your matrimony vows!”

Yuan Ji: …

He had suddenly remembered when they had bowed down below the heavens and earth to be unison as one, he was not supposed to mention his beard or entertain any lofty thoughts of getting his beard back again.

“Wait a minute. That is supposed to be the opposite! I take them as my consorts and they are supposed to follow my rules!” Yuan Ji was frowning silently. “How come their rules are still effective against me? Didn’t we have a gentleman’s agreement? This is a blow to my alpha male pride…I need to speak to them privately later on this.”

Then he turned to Elder Mo Bei with a grin, “Elder Mo, since we are getting along so well then maybe later we can have a little talk together?”

Elder Mo Bei was suddenly not as cold to Yuan Ji as earlier. He had suddenly found out that this beardless young man was actually quite humbled and polite!

Moreover he was also willing to learn his beard growing tricks!

Xue Qianxue, Ling Feiyue: …

Elder Mo Bei laughed jovially, “I like you, young man. But why is that I found your name to be a little familiar?”

Yuan Ji laughed, “Is that so? I didn’t know that I am so renowned…”

Xue Qianxue interrupted sarcastically, “He is that Yuan Ji who is supposed to duel with the Divine Palace Master of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace.”

Elder Mo Bei inhaled deeply as he stared blankly at Yuan Ji with a loud gasp, “You are that idiot Yuan Ji that everyone is talking about?”

Actually the village was not big and there were still many cultivators around plus Elder Mo Bei old voice was actually quite loud. Now when he was gasping loudly, almost everyone that could be seen could hear him loud and clear.

When he had said that, everyone else was gasping and muttering like wildfire, “Did you hear that? He is actually that idiot Yuan Ji that we are all talking about recently!”

“I’m so thankful that I got my wish to see that face of that idiotic man…”

“Actually he is quite dashing…”

“He is only a beautiful vase…”

“You call that beardless man a handsome man? He is still drinking milk!”

“I thought that Yuan Ji is a manly cultivator who dares to challenge the Divine Palace Master but he is actually just a beardless cultivator…”

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

He began to stammer feebly, “Elder Mo, please don’t get the facts wrong. I didn’t challenge the Divine Palace Master. He is the one that has challenged me…”

“Everyone knows that you have stolen from the Hundred Flower Divine Palace. Look at you. Stealing is bad enough and you have to steal from the Hundred Flower Divine Palace. Seriously, I don’t know what tricks that you have used to steal the heart of my niece Qianxue. Maybe I am wrong in you. You are nothing but a rascal!”

Yuan Ji, Xue Qianxue: …

Xue Qianxue feebly said, “Patriarch Uncle, we are still in public. Don’t talk so loudly. Alas, don’t say anymore. We’re actually here to see Patriarch Great-Grandfather.”

Elder Mo Bei said, “Your Patriarch Great-Grandfather Mo Ming won’t see anyone so easily. Moreover he is truly in his cultivation retreat. Why don’t you stay in this village first while I inform him?”

Xue Qianxue said politely, “Alright. Thank you Patriarch Uncle.”

Yuan Ji and Ling Feiyue were now looking curiously at Xue Qianxue and there was a little surprise on their faces.

Yuan Ji stammered, “Divine Mo Ming is your Patriarch Great-Grandfather?”

Xue Qianxue giggled, “That is right!”

Yuan Ji was now frowning, “No wonder you say you have a way to see Divine Mo Ming. Now I know why.”

Elder Mo Bei had turned to look at Ling Feiyue with a wary look, “You’re really Dark Mistress Ling Feiyue?”

Ling Feiyue nodded lightly as she returned a steady gaze.

“I have heard that you have kidnapped my niece here and now…” He turned to look at Yuan Ji once again with a cold look. “And now, she has married this dying man here. I believe that the two of you have better give me a good explanation. It is because I am actually not pleased with it.”

Then he pointed at the cultivators around him. “And my Mo Clan will also be not happy about it!”

Yuan Ji was smiling awkwardly. This old man sure can change his face quite fast…

Xue Qianxue gave an exasperated sigh, “Patriarch Uncle! You have misunderstood! Your Qianxue has followed them willingly! In fact I was a prisoner at the Celestial Orthodox Sect.”

Elder Mo Bei was startled, “What is going on here?”

Xue Qianxue said quietly, “It is a long story. When I see Patriarch Great-Grandfather and the other elders, Qianxue shall explain. Alright?”

Elder Mo Bei turned to stare at Yuan Ji, “Beardless young man, do you know that my Qianxue is a middle-tier saintess? In what way are you fit to be with her?”

Xue Qianxue chuckled, “I am now a great saintess.”

Elder Mo Bei was startled, “Really?”

He was soon laughing heartily, “My niece is definitely a genius among geniuses!”

Then he was suddenly startled as he stared at Yuan Ji, “You mean you have taken two great saintesses as your consorts? Who exactly are you?”

This time round Yuan Ji was grinning with pride. He was extremely prideful that he got two peerless maidens who were also great saintesses as his consorts.

So he replied proudly, “I am actually Sword Saint Ji Yuan…”

Elder Mo Bei had suddenly roared with rage, “You are Ji Yuan! Everyone! Take him down!”

Immediately all the nearby cultivators had unsheathed their swords!

Yuan Ji, Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue were all startled, “What is going on?”

Elder Mo Bei thundered, “He is an enemy of the orthodox fraternity! He had killed Sword Saintess Jian Yuluo and many other heroes of the orthodox fraternity.

Elder Mo Bei had immediately displayed his profound aura and his animus had proclaimed him as a great saint!

Behind him were several bursts of strong profound animus as well, indicating that there were as many as six saints and thirty supremacies!

Hundreds of swords were now pointing in their direction.

Yuan Ji was stunned. This village actually had so many cultivator experts!

Even the inconspicuous blacksmith and a weak scholar that they had passed by earlier had an aura of a middle-tier saint!

When everyone was displaying their profound animus, there were more saints’ profound signatures that were bursting forth from beyond their line of sight!

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Chapter 102: Eon Firmament Mountains (2)

As the Spirit Crane flew with great speed forward, Yuan Ji could see that multiple spiritual arrays were now activating and were shooting beams of profound energies at them.

He spotted more than ten spiritual arrays and he was stunned.

It is because spiritual arrays are often powered by one or more precious heavenly relics which are extremely rare to obtain. And superior heavenly relics can be used to forge divine swords.

This Diviner Mo Ming is really a rich cultivator!

These profound energies beams were actually not that powerful but could knock them down the bottomless abyss below and that was something that Yuan Ji did not want to see.

Yuan Ji had already drawn his sword as he stood up. “Feiyue, hold me steady. Qianxue, guide the Spirit Crane.”

“Yuan Ji, what are you doing?” Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue were both gasping at the same time.

“I will be alright. Don’t worry.”

Yuan closed his eyes for a while as he concentrated on his divine sense.

When he opened his eyes again, he began to inhale softly as he raised his celestial sword with his right hand.

This was not lost on Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue. It was because they had already noticed that whenever Yuan Ji was using his right sword arm, he was really serious. Therefore they did not dare to disturb him or break his concentration.

Yuan Ji was saying silently, “Now that I am a middle tier saint, I should be able to use my Major Heavens Sword to the Eighth level. The realm of the physical sword energy…”

His old master had once told him that if he is lucky to reach the seventh realm middle sacred saint level in the future, he will be able to practice the Eighth Level of the Major Heavens Sword. However there is a little problem with it. The cultivator will have to cultivate behind closed doors for decades or even centuries to comprehend the sword energy physical form. It is because sword energies do not have any physical form at all!

Yuan Ji rubbed his chin as he did a last minute comprehension. “I saw Lu Qingyun displaying the physical sword energies form. It doesn’t look so difficult. He is insanely fast with his swords. But I am not slow either.”

He had suddenly raised his sword with all his speed and profound energies that he could muster and the afterimages of his sword had flashed forth into a beam of profound energies that was directed at them.

When the afterimages of his sword had touched the profound energies, it had shattered the beam of profound energies into nothingness!

Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue were startled when they saw the afterimages of his sword flying forth. Even without asking Yuan Ji, they knew what it was. It is said that the ultimate form of sword energy is the restoration of its physical form. When the physical form is formed, it is able to travel much further and is more condensed with profound energies.

That was why Yuan Ji was able to send his sword energies flying out to meet the incoming profound energies without causing his sword energies to dissipate into the air. And this was accomplished without the aid of a powerful celestial array!

Yuan Ji chuckled, “It isn’t too difficult after all. I have Brother Lu Qingyun to thank for.”  He had quietly observed Lu Qingyun during the trial.

He was soon releasing one afterimage after another of his celestial sword into the incoming beams of profound energies, all with uncanny precision and imploding the offensive profound energies into nothingness.

Xue Qianxue muttered, “Our lord is so awesome…”

Ling Feiyue beamed with pride as she looked up at Yuan Ji from his back, “Yes he is…” She was feeling extremely blissed to have shared this lifetime with him again. She was determined not to let him go this time.

Xue Qianxue had suddenly caught sight of the melancholy look that was on Ling Feiyue and she was a little anxious.

It was because she seemed to understand what Ling Feiyue was thinking.

They were actually thinking of the same thing. They will not dishonor their lord Yuan Ji from his duel. But they can choose to challenge the Divine Palace Master of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace before him!

If they can exhaust or deal a heavy injury to the Divine Palace Master of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace ahead of the duel then the odds of Yuan Ji winning the duel will also increase!

Even without thinking about this, the two of them were already in line with this strategic plan.

However they still lack a little confidence to pull this off. If Saintess Fang Zhenfei will be willing to join them then their odds will definitely be better. However when they had met her on her profound ship, she had rejected them immediately even without allowing them to enter into discussion with her.

Xue Qianxue sighed in her heart, “Saintess Fang Zhenfei or Xia Jiajia whatever your real name is, you are too smart. How can there be anyone as smart as you in the entire cultivation fraternity? You saw through our plans even before we had opened our mouths and rebuked us.”

Actually Ling Feiyue was also thinking the same at this moment. “If Xia Jiajia loves Yuan Ji, why doesn’t she offer to help us? Is her mission more important than Yuan Ji? Maybe she is truly smart and is only striving to be an immortal in the future. Maybe in her heart, we are just her bad karma. She is too rational, too intelligent, too calculating and too…cold hearted…”

Xue Qianxue continued to sigh, “If Sword Saintess Jian Yuluo is still alive to support us, we may still stand a little chance…”

Ling Feiyue had secretly stolen a glance at Xue Qianxue before she said silently, “I have brought the information regarding the Hundred Flower Divine Palace. It is said that Divine Palace Master of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace always have two great saint elders by his side as well as ten saintesses as his protectors. Just me alone is not sufficient and Yuan Ji doesn’t want me to use my influence as sect leader of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect to help him. I can’t risk Sister Qianxue too. She is with child. Therefore I have to do it myself.”

Quietly she had already formulated a most daring plan. Before their duel, she would offer herself to the Divine Palace Master of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace. When she was near him then she would assassinate him!

Yuan Ji had suddenly shouted, “All clear! We are safe now!”

The Spirit Crane had sped past the shooting range of the celestial arrays and they had landed on the floating island where the warning was given from.

Immediately after they had landed, a dozen golden celestials and a hundred cultivators had quickly surrounded them with their swords.

There were soft murmurs among them when they saw how graceful the two veil maidens were when they had alighted from their Spirit Crane.

Many of the female cultivators were now giggling softly when they saw Yuan Ji.

But many were also astonished at the sight of a nine-tail spirit fox that was following Yuan Ji.

An elderly golden celestial had stepped forward to say coldly, “You have ignored our warnings and dare to step into our forbidden conclave. Please leave now or we won’t be polite to you.”

Xue Qianxue had immediately stepped forward and said politely, “Great Celestials, we have accompanied our lord here to seek an audience with Diviner Mo Ming. Please, we have something important for him to divine.”

The elderly golden celestial hummed coldly, “Our master will not see anyone anytime soon. He is in his cultivation retreat now. So please leave!”

Xue Qianxue chuckled as she danced a little as she tiptoed forward. She was really enthralling and many of the cultivators were mesmerized by her small giggles. They were all thinking that behind her veil, she must be a great beauty.

She winked at the elderly golden celestial as she giggled, “Maybe just for a little while, please!”

Yuan Ji who was watching her, was quite amused. She must be trying to use her charms to seek an audience with Diviner Mo Ming. Unfortunately she is not Little Princess and she did not know any Bewitching Profound Arts. Even her natural charms will surely fail against this elderly golden celestial.

One look and Yuan Ji can tell that this elderly golden celestial is a great man of culture and a highly enlightened celestial who is immune to honey traps. Moreover this elderly golden celestial was being surrounded by so many celestials. He will surely lose a lot of his own faces if he even hesitates about turning away Xue Qianxue.

He was not the only ones who were feeling amused. Almost all the cultivators around him were all feeling amused and were all giggling.

The elderly golden celestial blinked his eyes many times before he replied to Xue Qianxue, “Alright. I will make an exception this time. Come with me.”

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

After Yuan Ji had heard him, he was rolling his eyes with shock. When did Xue Qianxue’s cuteness level become so formidable that she can charm such a highly enlightened golden celestial?!

Even the other cultivators and golden celestials were all shocked, “This…this…what is going on…”

Ling Feiyue also stunned as she looked helplessly at Xue Qianxue and was wondering what was going on…

Xue Qianxue clapped her hands and was giggling with great delight. “Thank you. You’re so kind!”

Yuan Ji was left to stammer almost incoherently, “I can’t believe it. I really can’t believe it…”

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Chapter 101: Eon Firmament Mountains (1)

Yuan Ji, Ling Feiyue, Xue Qianxue and Xiaobai were now sitting on the giant Spirit Crane as they took flight from the mountains.

The terrains of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity are mostly mountainous and it is difficult to traverse quickly from one mountainous region to the other.

The celestials are actually only occupying the mountains above the desolate mists that blanket the mountains like an endless sea of clouds.

Below the desolate mists are uncountable number of desolate beasts and it is considered suicidal to go under the desolate mists.

That is why all the more powerful celestial clans have their sects high on the mountain peaks, away from the desolate mists. Also the mountain peaks that these powerful celestial clans occupy are also rich in spiritual force and are excellent grounds for cultivating.

When the mountains are rich with spiritual force, this means that the desolate force below the desolate mists are weak and therefore do not have high ranking desolate beasts around, making it safer too to establish the presence of a major celestial clan.

Similarly, if the spiritual force in the mountains are weak then the opposite happens; the desolate force below the desolate mists will be stronger and will have many high ranking desolate beasts and spirit plants.

Right now they were heading toward the mysterious Eon Firmament Mountains in a hope to see Diviner Mo Ming.

Along the way, Yuan Ji had a heavy heart.

It was because he was still thinking of Little Princess. Why did she give him the Memory Stone all of a sudden? He knew that she was being chased by the major orthodox clans and was injured. Was it because she knows that she may not have too long to live?

All of a sudden he had come to realize that maybe Little Princess’ threats of killing him and wishing him that he was never born was only empty threats to hide her bashful intentions for him.

For the very first time he was actually quite anxious for her.

The Abyssal Null Goddess was secretly looking at Yuan Ji as she touched his chest with her paws. Although she could not see what was in the memory stone but it seemed to her that when Yuan Ji had returned to look for Little Princess, the killing intent that was displayed earlier by him was no longer there.

Instead, it was replaced by a heavy heart and despair.

Yuan Ji’s heavy heart was not lost on Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue. They had suddenly noticed that Yuan Ji had a gloomy look when he had returned and it did not go away even when they were on the flight now.

Ling Feiyue turned to smile gently at him, “What did you lost? Is it important? Maybe we can help you to replace it?”

Xue Qianxue was also looking at him with a lovely smile, “Yes, what is it? Maybe we can help?”

When Yuan Ji saw the smiles that were on the two beautiful maidens, his heart managed to lighten a little. “It is actually nothing important. I…I am just thinking about my duel that will be forthcoming in less than 2 weeks. I am just sad that I will lose the two of you soon.”

Ling Feiyue said quietly, “I will join you in the netherworld if you die.”

“Don’t be silly. You have just overcome the super rare Purple Lightning Tribulation and you will have a long life as a celestial.” Yuan Ji rebuked her lightly.

Ling Feiyue averted her eyes, “This is nothing compared to our three past reincarnations together where you give up your life for me.”

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

“Xiang Li, look what have you done to her…” Yuan Ji was frowning to Xiang Li in his soul sea.

Xiang Li pretended to have a pitiful look but she was giggling in secret as evidenced by her soft giggles and trembles.

Xue Qianxue was now looking firmly at Yuan Ji as she touched her belly, “After I have settled my child, I will come to join the two of you!”

Yuan Ji: …

“Don’t be ridiculous and I won’t die. The Old Master of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace will find that I am a very hard nut to digest.”

“You mean a hard nut to crack?” Ling Feiyue smiled as she corrected him.

“No, hard nut to digest because he can’t crack me so he has to swallow me. But in the end I am also indigestible.” Yuan Ji said with all seriousness. “So he has to pass me out due to indigestion. Even if he is seventh realm saint, he can’t use his profound energies to digest me so he has to pass me out as poop.”

When a cultivator reaches the fifth realm level and form their golden celestial body, they no longer have to eat and drink so there are no such things as a toiletry system for them. Even if they drink or drink, the food that they consume can be vaporized quickly into energy in their body and the toxic energy expulsed through cultivation.

That was why tricks that worked against the lower realm cultivators like poisons are no longer effective against golden celestials.

All their profound life energies are derived by cultivating the spiritual force that are in the air much like the desolate beasts that depend upon the desolate force below the desolate mists.

Xue Qianxue, Ling Feiyue: …

Even the Abyssal Null Goddess was staring at the vulgarities that were mouthed by Yuan Ji: …

Xue Qianxue murmured, “Yuan Ji, this is so crude. Can you not use languages like this?”

“It is too vulgar.” Ling Feiyue agreed. “Even unorthodox cultivators don’t talk like this.”

Yuan Ji was smiling bitterly. Actually everyone talks like this. It is only the upper class cultivators that don’t…

But he decided to keep his mouth shut and did not share his thoughts with them.

“Xiang Li, there is nothing wrong with my talk, right?

“Yea! Nothing wrong at all.” Xiang Li replied happily.

“Xiang Li, you are truly my only confidant. Haha.” Yuan Ji laughed.

“That’s right! That’s why we are able to divine harmony with each other. Hehe.” Xiang Li answered him.

“So, when are you going to do your banging again? I need some entertainment.”

Yuan Ji: …

“Xiang Li, I need to sit down to talk to you. Why are you so vulgar?” Yuan Ji growled.

“I am vulgar?” Xiang Li answered, not understanding.

“That is right.” Yuan Li coughed before he said with great seriousness. “Ahem. I don’t blame you because you have no idea of the intricate relationships between men and women here. First all, we are all people of culture here…”

All in all, he spent about thirty minutes to explain to Xiang Li.

Finally he asked, “So do you understand now? In short, these are taboos! You should not freely mention things like this.”

Xiang Li giggled, “Xiang Li completely understands! So when are you going to bang hard next?”

Yuan Ji: …

“I think you have completely missed my point here…”

“I didn’t mention directly now and I am indirectly about it. Isn’t that what you have said earlier?”

Yuan Ji: …

“Then what should I say?” Xiang Li asked him curiously.

“You should ask when I am free to do it.” Yuan Ji reprimanded her gently. “This is more discreet.”

“Oh…” Xiang Li muttered. “So when are you free to do it?”

Yuan Ji laughed, “That’s right. That is how you ask me. Haha. As long as we touch down on this stupid bird, I will bang them hard.”

“YES!!!” Xiang Li clapped her hands with delight.

All of a sudden Xiang Li was muttering to herself. “This doesn’t sound right somewhere? Did he just use the word bang directly?”

The Spirit Crane is a spirit flying beast that can fly ten times faster than a griffon flying beast, five times faster than a lightning eagle and its speed is secondary only to a phoenix.

In just a single day they had already reached the majestic views of the Eon Firmament Mountains as thousands of mythical birds and floating islands appeared in front of them.

“This place is so beautiful…” Ling Feiyue was gasping. I have heard that this place is as close as the immortal realm as it can get.”

The Abyssal Null Goddess yawned silently. The Immortal Realm is much more beautiful!

Yuan Ji was looking at the terrain below closely before he said, “What the heck? This mountain range isn’t connected to any other mountains and it is surrounded by desolate mists.”

Xue Qianxue chuckled, “That is right. The only way to reach this mountain range is to mount a flying beast to it. Diviner Mo Ming is said to stay in one of the floating islands around the tallest peak.”

Yuan Ji smiled bitterly, “Which floating islands? There are so many…”

All of a sudden there was a thunderous voice that was echoing in the air that was directed at them. “LEAVE THIS PLACE or YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO LEAVE ALIVE!!!”

Xue Qianxue chuckled, “Here you go. We just have to follow this voice.”

Yuan Ji: …

“Erm, Qianxue. Do you think that it is wiser for us to heed to this warning?” Yuan Ji put forth a word of caution. After all, only a caution hero would live long. “I can sense that this place is surrounded by powerful defensive arrays and formations. It is dangerous for us to continue further.”

Xue Qianxue winked at him, “You got only less than two weeks to live. Why do you still need to be so cautious for?”

Yuan Ji frowned, “I am only cautious for the sake of the two of you…”

“Go forward. Full speed!” Xue Qianxue urged her Spirit Crane forward, completely ignoring Yuan Ji.

Yuan Ji: …

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Chapter 100: Memories of the Past

Yuan Ji was running like a lightning bolt through the mountains in the direction that Little Princess had pointed to.

Xiang Li was startled that Yuan Ji could actually run so fast. He isn’t exaggerating about his lightless profound art.

Yuan Ji had rarely displayed his swiftness movement art to his limit because he did not want to let anyone to know his real limits and also because he rarely fled in an actual fight.

All of a sudden he saw Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue at a small clearing and there was even a large spirit crane that was near them.

He stammered as soon as he was near them, “You are both alright???”

Xue Qianxue gave him a curious look before she chuckled, “Of course we are alright or else we won’t be standing here. Why are you in such a hurry?”

Yuan Ji was stunned before he asked, “Did you see anyone else here?”

Xue Qianxue turned to look at Ling Feiyue with a perplexed look and they both answered, “No. Why should there be anyone else?”

Ling Feiyue laughed softly, “Look at you. Don’t tell me that you are lost while you are looking for us? There is nothing to panic about. We are just about to ride on this spirit crane to look for you.”

Yuan Ji turned to the giant spirit crane with a bitter look, “This crane…is it expensive?”

Xue Qianxue immediately giggled, “Not expensive. It is cheap.”

Yuan Ji had a sigh of relief, “That is good…”

Xue Qianxue raised her fingers and laughed, “In fact, it is free. Hehe!”

“Free? What do you mean?”

While Yuan Ji did not know how much a flying mount would cost but flying mounts were beyond the reach of the ordinary cultivators. Even the sect master of the Emperor Hall Sect could not afford one. Also, everyone knows that Spirit Cranes and Phoenixes can cost a leg and a hand in the cultivation fraternity.

“Why don’t you buy a phoenix then…” Yuan Ji mumbled.

Ling Feiyue giggled, “Actually we try to but they do not have one in this place. So we have to settle with a Spirit Crane. It is just 100,000 high grade spirit stones.”

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

“I thought you say it is free?” Yuan Ji said bitterly. “Do you know I can do many things with 100,000 high grade spirit stones?”

Ling Feiyue kicked him lightly, “Why are you looking at us like this? It is not spending your money but ours! Anyway we went to the auction house and we sold some stuff for 1mil high grade spirit stones. Therefore 100k high grade spirit stones are really nothing at all!”

Yuan Ji was completely speechless, “What did you sell?”

“Did you remember that we have the empty shell of the celestial sword? We sold it for 1mil high grade spirit stones. It is a buyout by the auction house and we didn’t even need to go through the auctions.”

“That useless piece of metal is worth so much?!” Yuan Ji was stunned.

Xue Qianxue interrupted with a chuckle, “Although it may have lost its divine properties as a celestial sword but it is still a former celestial sword. There are many sword cultivators that are willing to spend a large fortune in order to comprehend the Dao of the celestial sword for a breakthrough. Moreover when we sold it there is even a wisp of a sword spirit in that sword.”

Yuan Ji was gasping with disbelief, “I should have picked that worthless piece of a metal that day. The rich is getting richer while the poor is getting poorer everyday…”

Ling Feiyue smiled as she took out a spatial pouch, “We have decided that you ought to receive a 30% commission since you have a share too.”

Yuan Ji grumbled, “I have already taken my fair amount of share and got a celestial sword on my own. I don’t care about that piece of scrap metal or any high grade spirit stones. Don’t insult the pride of a sword saint with spirit stones.”

“Alright then.” Ling Feiyue nodded and kept the pouch.

Yuan Ji’s rolled his eyes and his heart was hurting with various emotions as he watched Ling Feiyue kept the pouch away. Actually if you insist a little longer that I take it, I will take it…

Goodbye 300,000 high grade spirit stones…

“Yuan Ji, can you wait a little longer?” Xue Qianxue smiled.

“I have not fully contracted with this spirit beast yet. It just takes a while only. Then we can be on our way to the Eon Firmament Mountains.”

Yuan Ji nodded, “I can go over that side to take a little nap first.”

“Here, catch this!” Ling Feiyue had suddenly tossed him a spirit talisman as she winked at him. “You are going to need this to spirit bind with your spirit beast too. You can make use of the time to create a spirit bond with Xiaobai.

Yuan Ji smiled, “There is no need. We are already getting along very well together. There is no need to bind her into a spirit contract with me. Xiaobai is already following me wherever I go.”

The Abyssal Null Goddess said bitterly to herself. “I’m already bonded to you by a slave collar…”

“Moreover in the future when I have decided to sell her, it will cost a bomb to remove the spirit contract. It is better that I leave it this way. Haha.”

The Abyssal Null Goddess: …

Yuan Ji had quietly walked behind a thick tree as he sat down.

He was sighing heavily as he took out the memory stone. If he was not wrong about it then this memory stone contained all his humiliations. Why did the Little Princess return this to him all of a sudden?

He said to his soul sea, “Xiang Li, stay hidden and don’t come out.”

Seeing that Xiang Li did not reply, he guessed that she must be cultivating.

Actually Xiang Li already knows that he was about to check the memory stone. She was giggling silently as she stayed invisible to him. “I am so curious what it is in there.” She loves secrets and had no privacy issues about it.

With a heavy sigh, Yuan Ji began to rub the memory stone and focused his divine sense into it.

His divine sense was soon deciphering the images that were inside;

He saw a short bearded young cultivator and that was his younger self. At that time his beard was not that long and beautiful.

He seemed to be heavily drunk as he barged into a private room where a stunning maiden with a mesmerizing allure who was sitting on the table drinking all by herself. Standing around her were four other golden celestials.

The stunning maiden immediately frowned unhappily, “Who is this drunkard? Who let him in? Doesn’t the tavern owner know that we have reserved the entire tavern?”

Several stewards that were behind Ji Yuan were all scared out of their wits as they stammered for words, “Great Celestials…we try to stop him…but he is too strong for us…he seems to be a fourth realm cultivator…”

He was already banging the table but before he could bang it another time, he was seized by the four golden celestials.

“Outrageous! How dare you bang the table in front of our Little Princess?” One of the golden celestials shouted at him.

“Let your servant cripple his cultivation core!”

“I will just kill him for our Little Princess!”

He laughed, “All you young masters and young mistresses of the powerful celestial clans are all so haughty. Do you think that you can buy everything with your wealth?! Haha!”

The stunning maiden frowned lightly, “Let this crazy man go. He seems to have suffered a setback. We shouldn’t let him spoil the mood of this princess.”

“Now scram!” One of the golden celestials shouted as they released him.

But he had displayed a quick flash with his hands as he took a cup of wine and splashed it into the face of the stunning maiden, grinning drunkenly, “So what if you have four golden celestials? They are not as fast as me…”

“Arghh! Little Princess…your servants didn’t protect you well…”

The four golden celestials were all so shocked at what Ji Yuan had done that they were now beating him to the ground with their fists and kicks.

Little Princess was trembling uncontrollably because this was the first time that someone had ever dare to splash wine into her face.

Her jovial mood had suddenly soured immediately and she was staring at Ji Yuan coldly, “What is your name?”

“Ji Yuan! I will never change my name! My name is Ji Yuan! Do you have the guts to fight me one to one?”

Little Princess said coldly, “There are fates that are worse than death. Do you think that you can provoke this princess here and get away just like this? Ji Yuan, you will regret the day that you are born!”

“Let me chop him into eight pieces!” One golden celestial panicky offered.

“I will skin him alive…”

“I will boil him alive…”

“I will crack all his bones…”

The four golden celestials were panicky now. It was because if their Evil Palace Master were to know that his Little Princess was splashed with wine in her face in front of them, all of them would lose their lives. It did not matter if they were golden celestials or not. The methods of the Evil Cultivation Palace are always cruel.

Worse, they would suffer a fate that was worse than death itself!

It was not an exaggeration that they were also trembling hard now.

The only person that was not trembling was Ji Yuan.

Little Princess was full of indignant as she said coldly, “Get me ten barrels of wines. He dares to splash this princess face then I will splash him back! This princess here will make him rue the day that he was born!”

“Little Princess, we are in the territories of the righteous orthodox sects and we are traveling incognito. It is best that we keep a lower profile. I have heard that the protégés of the Mystic Profound Pavilion are nearby. Why not give him a clean death?”

“You dare to question my orders?!” Little Princess said unhappily and there was a killing malevolent air between her eyes.

The four golden celestials immediately replied, “Your subordinates dare not disobey Little Princess’ orders…”

“Then do it! Get me ten barrels of wine!”


Little Princess had soon picked him up and said coldly, “You didn’t know that we are surrounded by celestial arrays that can record your foolish acts?”

With that she had really took the ten barrels of wine and dipped one bowl after another bowl to slash it on his drunken face.

Yuan Ji was muttering as he interrupted the memory stone, “I have only splashed her once and she is splashing me so many times?! She is too petty…”

All of a sudden he had turned a little ashen, “Wait a minute here. I was the one that had provoked her? She did not capture me while I was drunk?”

He rubbed on the memory stone again…

There was only Little Princess and him alone now. He was lying on the ground and looking as drunk as ever.

Little Princess had slapped him lightly on his cheek, “I am finally appeased now. It will be better if you are not drunk so that you can witness the humiliation of getting splash into your face. But it is alright. I know who you are now. You are Ji Yuan, a core protégé of the Orthodox Sword Sect.”

He muttered drunkenly, “That’s right! I am Ji Yuan! The core protégé of the Orthodox Sword Sect! Come duel with me in the Five Heavens Peaks if you dare! I’m not afraid of you!”

“You are talking big! You’re just a lowly fourth realm cultivator and you are challenging a saintess? Hehe! You are courting your own death!” Little Princess was laughing heartily. “Mm, he is so funny. What did he say earlier about his background? He is a core protégé of a Sword Saint? Mm, if I lower my profound strength to the fourth realm level, I may even learn a trick or two from his sword arts.”

“On second thought, what if I have accidentally killed him? I should wait until he is a golden celestial. Cultivators below the fifth realm levels are really weak to handle…they can’t regenerate their wounds fast enough for me to torture…”

“Never mind. This princess here shall let you go. After you are back to your sect, I will show you the edited version of what happens here. Naturally the edited version shall contain the version of your humiliations and not mine. Hehe.”

As she said that, she could not resist giving him a hard kick or two.

He was suddenly aroused from the hard kicks and he was now jumping on her as he hugged her drunkenly, “Don’t leave me…that Jin Yilong is not a good guy…”

Little Princess was startled as she kicked him away with a thunderous impact, “Don’t touch me! You badass rascal…”

But before she could finish, he had flashed to her again and was hugging her again. “Please don’t leave me…”

Little Princess: …

Again she kicked him away, “I’m warning you for the last time…”

But again, he had flashed like a light to hug her again.

“This badass cultivator’s lightless profound art is too startling…where did he learn it from…” Little Princess was stunned.

Again she kicked him away and this time she had broken his ribs.

“Heh! This will teach you a lesson for ignoring my warning.”

But once again he had picked himself up and was hugging her. In his drunken state, he could feel no pain whatever so.

“I am warning you. If you don’t let me go, I shall kill you immediately.” She raised her palms forcefully in order to disable him but was soon disappointed that she could not knock him unconsciousness.

“Where are your accupoints?! Stop moving!”

“I shave off your beard if you continue to hug me like this…”

Then with a grin, she really did pick up her sword to shave off his beard forcefully.

But she was soon gasping softly after she had completely shaved off his beard, “You have such a handsome face behind your ugly beard. Only ugly men carry a beard so that they will look more handsome but not for you…your old sweetheart may not want to leave you if she knows that you got such a pretty face hehe…”

All of a sudden he was forcefully kissing her on her lips and had pinned her down.

But this time Little Princess did not resist anymore and was kissing him back.

Soon they were rolling naked on the ground and they were extremely passionate.

“Ji Yuan, from today onward, you shall accompany me till the end of times alright? Do not leave me or I will be heartbroken…”

All of a sudden Yuan Ji caught the sight of her bloody undies and was gasping, “Don’t tell me that she is still a chaste maiden when I had taken her?!”

The memory stone had actually ended here.

Yuan Ji was trembling hard.

He had only remembered waking up with injuries all over and was beardless. Whenever Little Princess was around him, she would take out this memory stone to threaten him of his humiliation. But he had not expected that this memory stone actually contained the memories of her humiliation at the same time. She did not edit her humiliations out…

His only impression of that time back was that he was captured by Little Princess and was made into her dual cultivation slave, creating a dark blemish in his Great Dao.

Turn up that there were several times that Little Princess had actually wanted to let him go but he was too drunk to realize what was going on.

Come to think of that, although Little Princess was aware of his identity, she had never really come after him except for that one time when he was chased all over by the Black Hand Guild.

He had suspected a link between the Black Hand Guild and the Evil Cultivation Palace. Ling Feiyue was actually not the leader of the Black Hand Guild; she was only teasing him. She had found out from a secret source about his past history.

“Maybe it is not too late to apologize to her?” All of a sudden Yuan Ji had bolted like a lightning.

“Yuan Ji, where are you going?” the two maidens called out to him when he had suddenly sped off.

“I’ll be back shortly. I have erm…drop something.” He shouted back.

Saintess Fang Zhenfei had suddenly said to the two maidens that were behind her. “I have changed my mind. Dress her wounds well. Even though her divine sword is sharp but she is after all, a great saintess and won’t die so easily.”

“Mistress, is that alright? After all, we have spent considerable amount of time before we can nail her.”

Saintess Fang Zhenfei inhaled softly, “If she isn’t injured from fighting with the top experts of the three other major orthodox clans, we won’t have such luck. Since she is willing to keep her promise to surrender to me then I ought to be a little merciful.”

Then she muttered, “I have thought that she may attempt to kill Ji Yuan earlier. If so, she would already be dead in my hands by now.”

“Maybe it is not because she doesn’t want to kill Ji Yuan but she couldn’t kill him in her present condition!”

Saintess Fang Zhenfei said quietly, “From her eyes, she doesn’t seem to hate Ji Yuan. This, I am very sure. Quickly dress her wounds or she will surely die. Do you want me to do the work myself?”

“Yes mistress…”

When Yuan Ji had arrived at the place where he last saw Little Princess, he was disappointed that she was no longer around.

“Little Princess, where are you?!”

“Come get me?”

“Do you dare to fight me?”

With a heavy heart, he forced himself to turn back.

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