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Chapter 223: The Trial of the Mountains (2)

After the Dark Robe Ferryman had leapt down a ridge across to the other side of the mountain, he had sped through between two mountains.

But all the cultivators, including Ji Yuan had all halted in their steps.

It was because they had suddenly spotted dozens of gigantic desolate spider monsters on the other side.

These desolate spider monsters are called the Hundred Eyes Weavers and they are all fifth rank profound desolate monsters; they are slow moving unless they were attacked and their reactions to being attacked were swift. They are so swift that they can be considered sixth rank desolate monsters when they are being attacked.

One must know that even a fifth desolate monster can kill even a saint if they are careless because the sharp talons of these gigantic Hundred Eyes Weavers can penetrated through even through the most formidable profound animus of the cultivators.

No matter how strong the profound strength of a cultivator is, desolate monsters are on a different league with these ferocious desolate monsters which are superior in all aspects.

In order to kill even a mid-level desolate monster, all the golden celestials have to put forth all their profound skills to the tests. If they are careless and stand still then they will be killed in the next instant.

That is why besides the seven cultivation realm level of the cultivators, there is also the three cultivation stages and the ten cultivation steps.

The ten cultivation steps are often neglected because it is hard to measure. For example, when a cultivation is not making an offensive, the cultivation offensive step is often 0. When the cultivation offensive step is 0, the cultivator will be doing 0 damage no matter how high his cultivation realm level and stage is because everything multiply by 0 will be 0.

But when a cultivator uses his sword to attack something, his cultivation step will increase to 3 for example. This is due to his basic sword training and his innate experience in combat in making an offensive. If the cultivator is making a powerful offensive, his offensive cultivation step will increase to 4 or 5 depending on how powerful his profound art is.

The cultivation step is hard to measure because it is invisible to the cultivators. Every cultivation step is twice as difficult to advance than the last step.

Therefore the average cultivator will only have a cultivation step of 3. And it can even be worse.

Ji Yuan used to have a cultivation soul step of only 1.5, far below the average step of the average cultivator.

Ji Yuan was now looking at the dozens of Hundred Eyes Weavers as he muttered. “So we have to go through the legs of these Hundred Eyes Weavers? How do we know if these monsters won’t attack us all of a sudden?”

Mu Wan’Er was also afraid as she nodded. “These Hundred Eyes Weavers aren’t blind for sure. In fact, they have dozens of eyes on their legs and that are why they are known as the Hundred Eyes Weavers.”

Ling Feiyue agreed with her as she nodded. “They react once the cultivators are within their striking range. These desolate monsters are actually cunning monsters and are luring the cultivators into a false sense of complacency.”

Many of the cultivators nearby were all agreeing with her.

“With so many of us, these Hundred Eyes Weavers are not blind to our presence…”

“So should we go jump across to the other side of the ridge or?”

But at the same time many of the cultivators were also panicky because the dark robe ferryman was fast vanishing soon as he continued to march forward without stopping.

All the cultivators know that they had to make a decision now or never.

Feng Minyue whispered to Ji Yuan and his group. “It is impossible for us not to alert these desolate monsters. They are only faking their immobilization to lure us into a false sense of security. However, we can speed through to them. But this is risky and will depend on our skill in evading them. I will advise that the weaker cultivators to give up on this trial…”

But Ji Yuan said as he leapt forward across the ridge. “There is no time to lose. We may not be able to beat all of them but we can definitely intimidate them into retreating.”

Immediately he had unsheathed his immortal sword and the powerful animus of his divine sword immediately awed all the cultivators, including the Hundred Eyes Weavers.

“He has an immortal-step divine sword?!”

“Who is he?”

“He is not just a pretty face?”

“In order to have an immortal-step divine sword, he must have a most impressive background…”

In several blinks of an eye, Ji Yuan had lifted his immortal-step divine sword and the double halo of his sword was like the burning sun as the sword spirit on his forehead augmented the profound power of his profound strength.

Ji Yuan muttered. “I don’t care about the rest but I can’t afford to have injuries to happen to my own group…”

Then he said coldly. “Since you want to pretend to be immobilized then you don’t mind sacrificing some of your numbers here?”

When he had finished speaking, there was a brilliant light on his divine sword that flashed forth like a coiling dragon that immediately struck more than ten desolate monsters in a straight line and instantly annihilating them!

“What is that profound attack?!”

“I have never seen anything like this before?”

“This profound energies is a mixture of sword energies and pure profound energies…”

Ji Yuan had unleashed his Heavenly Light of the Coiling Dragon and he had created an instant devastating effect as he scattered the remaining Hundred Eyes Weavers.

In that instant, Bai Qianfeng had also flashed next to Ji Yuan as she displayed her own immortal-step divine sword and she had displayed her profound animus.

As she is a power cultivator, the profound power of her profound animus coupled together with her immortal-step divine sword had a fearsome hold on the remaining Hundred Eyes Weavers as it caused them to retreat slowly.

Ji Yuan saw that the Hundred Eyes Weavers were afraid of Bai Qianfeng as he smiled weakly. “Well, your act is more impressive than me.”

Bai Qianfeng smiled as she gently caught hold of Ji Yuan’s arm. “Without my lord’s earlier stunning display, these Hundred Eyes Weavers will not retreat so easily. You are the trigger point. Your Qianfeng is only good at intimidating them only after you have done the main action.”

“Haha. Qianfeng, you really know how to please me.” Ji Yuan laughed.

When the other cultivators saw that Ji Yuan and Bai Qianfeng had cleared a path for them, all the cultivators did not hesitate anymore and they were all leaping across the ridge to the other side.

Ji Yuan and Bai Qianfeng remained in position on the left and right side of the path as they flashed their immortal-step divine swords in a threatening gesture to intimidate the dozens of Hundred Eyes Weavers while the cultivators ran past them.

Many of the cultivators were bowing with their hands to Ji Yuan and Bai Qianfeng as they ran past them, offering their heartfelt thanks.

Feng Minyue, Little Princess, Shui Xisi, Ling Feiyue and Mu Wan’Er remained with Ji Yuan and Bai Qianfeng to reinforce them in case of any emergencies.

Luckily the Hundred Eyes Weavers did not attack.

Soon all the remaining cultivators had ran past Ji Yuan and had quickly disappeared in the trails ahead.

Ji Yuan laughed as he said to Feng Minyue. “You are not going ahead?”

Feng Minyue lowered her eyes to say. “I’m in no hurry.”

Ling Feiyue sighed softly as she gave Ji Yuan a hard kick. “You have used up one trump card for everyone. Is it worth it?”

Ji Yuan grinned. “For you, it is worth it.”

Ling Feiyue: …

Little Princess giggled softly. “Come, let’s go or we won’t be able to catch up the dark robe ferryman.”

“Yea.” Shui Xisi agreed.

Ji Yuan nodded as he ran together with his group but his eyes were still watching the nearby Hundred Eyes Weavers.

Shui Xisi was sighing silently to herself as she watched Ji Yuan’s back. “He is really a gentleman of the sword…he has actually used his profound strength to benefit everyone…”

Although Ji Yuan did not know the majority of the cultivators here and he knew that they were even badmouthing him earlier but he was not a petty man. His main objectives were to follow the dark robe ferryman and to ensure the safety of his own party.

Feng Minyue was also gasping quietly as she watched Ji Yuan intently; I’ve always thought that the cultivators from the Desolate Celestial Fraternity are all barbarians. There is actually a heroic cultivator among them?

There were many cultivators that would rather preserve their own profound strength for real contingencies as it was difficult for the cultivator to recover their profound strength in the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth.

As a matter of fact, many would rather watch while the other cultivators suffer, preferring to go elsewhere for another trial. After all, it was always good to eliminate the competition.

But for Ji Yuan, he had cleared the path for his competitors without a second thought.

Feng Minyue rolled her eyes as she pondered. “What kind of a man is this Ji Yuan?”

She also had another question as she watched Bai Qianfeng. “And who is this maiden? She also wields an immortal sword.”

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The Romantic Cultivator: Webnovel Ch 224

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