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Chapter 13: Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi and his entourage numbering a hundred had entered the audience hall of the Holy Citadel City. It was obvious that he had a disdain in his eyes, “I have expected the Holy Citadel City to be grander than this. It is nothing compared to the grandiose of the Divine Sovereign Clan. Just so and so only. What do you think Celestial Baitian?”

Celestial Baitian smiled coldly, “Indeed. A small celestial clan like the Holy Citadel City should long be designated to a second tier clan.”

Elder Yuan Xiao laughed coldly, “But I will say if the Holy Citadel City is led by Celestial Baitian then it is another matter entirely.”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi clapped with his fan, “Indeed. I have only the highest praise for Celestial Baitian and your wisdom.”

There were burning angers against the Celestial Baitian among the protégés of the Holy Citadel City and many were muttering among themselves.

“Is he Celestial Baitian? Why is he on the side of the Divine Sovereign Clan?”

“I have heard that he is on good terms with the Divine Sovereign Clan especially with that Elder Yuan Xiao.”

“How can he belittle his own clan?”

Elder Situ Ling and the other elders were alarmed when they had seen the size of Young Master Yuan Chengzhi’s entourage. Out of one hundred, there were at least 30 Enlighten Celestials and quite a number of Immortal Celestials!

This entourage was like a mobile celestial clan that could overwhelm all the elders of the Holy Citadel City!

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi growled, “Where is your Holy Consort? Why is that she is not in the audience hall yet? Is this the proper attitude toward a superior celestial clan?”

Several of the protégés of the Holy Citadel City were infuriated, “We are also one of the nine patriarch clans. What is this superiority that he is talking about?”

Suddenly an enthralling voice floated, “Young Master Yuan Chengzhi. He can be considered a high prodigy. At 18, he is already an Enlighten Celestial. When he is 60, he has already breakthrough as Immortal Celestial. At 120, he has attained to the intermediate Immortal Celestial level. He is only 200 and his future is boundless. He is expected to reach the upper Immortal Celestial level in another 40 years or so. He is truly a genius among geniuses, one who is gifted with the destiny of heavens and truly a son of heavens among the celestials.”

It came from Ye Jing as she made a graceful entrance to the throne of the audience hall, accompanying by the Lady Consort Ye.

Immediately the throngs of protégés and elders of the Holy Citadel City greeted their Holy Consort, relieved that she was finally here and that the insults of the Divine Sovereign Clan would finally stop.

Ye Jing smiled warmly and sat on the throne.

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi was absolute delighted when he had suddenly heard someone praises him in this manner. He was even more delighted when he caught sight of the Holy Consort Ye Jing as he thought, “What a stunning beauty. I have never seen anyone as beautiful as her before. It seems that this trip is truly not in vain.”

There were also some incessantly mutterings among the protégés of the Divine Sovereign Clan when they saw the Holy Consort. Her brilliant beauty was like the searing sun that had suddenly lit up in this place and that her mesmerizing smile was captivating to the point that everyone was just looking at her with stunned expressions.

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi asked awkwardly, “You must be the Holy Consort?”

He had actually thought of intimidating the Holy Consort at the first opportunity and to show off the prestige power of the Divine Sovereign Clan. But he had actually forgotten about it.”

Ye Jing smiled alluringly, “Isn’t this obvious? And you must be Young Master Yuan Chengzhi, am I right? It is because you are the most outstanding in this group.”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi nodded, “Indeed I am.”

Ye Jing looked beyond him and said, “I see that my Uncle Baitian and Elder Yuan Xiao are also here today.”

She pretended to ask with concern, “How is your injury?”

Celestial Baitian growled coldly, “I am well. I have totally recovered.”

Ye Jing smiled, “That is so good to hear. Uncle Baitian you are the strongest fighter in the Holy Citadel City and there are still many matters waiting for you to assist…”

Celestial Baitian was provoked by her pretence and shouted, “Cut the crap…”

But he was interrupted by Young Master Yuan Chengzhi, “It seems that the Holy Consort is actually a reasonable person contrast to what I have heard. There is no need to raise our voices.”

He was actually thinking that since the Holy Consort had praised him so highly from the very start then she must be trying to obtain his favors. Then he could actually work this out to his advantage. Moreover he knew that her position was weak. Therefore he was already thinking of getting her into bed and be part of his harem.

So he smiled confidently, “Actually we have a few matters to discuss with you.”

“Oh?” Ye Jing asked curious, “You may speak freely.”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi waved his fan, “Surely you have heard of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth?”

The protégés of the Holy Citadel City broke into loud mutterings!

Who had never heard of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth? It was one of the Two Major Mysteries and every 500-600 years, it would descend from the Immortal Realm!

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi waited for the shocked reactions to die down before saying aloud, “The Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth is an immortal heavenly palace that descends from the Immortal Realm every now and then.

It is a wondrous place where the celestials can seek enlightenment and find wondrous treasures to advance our cultivations. It is a place where all the courageous celestials want to go.

It is said that the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth is a gift by the Great God Yi Ping to aid the celestials to ascend to the Immortal Realm. The Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth and our current celestial practices are the legacies of the Great God Yi Ping.”

Everyone was nodding as they remembered the many deeds of the Great God Yi Ping.

There were many myths and legendary feats of the Great God Yi Ping.

Like how from mortal to Great God, it took him only 5 years. That alone was an impossible feat. He was the War God Yi Ping. In his short life, he had fought uncountable treacherous battles and experienced many defeats. But every experience counts into his undying endurance to do even better. He may not be the best fighter but his righteousness and state of divinity surpasses all others, winning him many friends and even former foes.

He had also created the current celestial practice. In the past, there was no celestial practice to ascend as an Immortal and all the celestials were all practicing blindly.

This current practice also allows mortals and celestials alike to cultivate into immortals. In the past, only the celestials were able to cultivate as immortals.

The myths of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth were also contributed to the Great God Yi Ping.

Even the Three Known Realms were also partitioned by the Great God Yi Ping in the past.

He was also said to be the Immortal Ruler of the Six Realms and even the Desolate Immortals had been pacified by him.

It was even said that the Great God Yi Ping had even cultivated into a Divine Being and now residues in the Great Beyond.

Ye Jing had also heard of the myths of the Great God Yi Ping but to her, it was just myths. It was because it was impossible to attribute so many credits to a single person. But it was a good inspiration and encouragement to the celestials.

She was waiting patiently for Young Master Yuan Chengzhi to come to the main point and she knew that it would be a crisis that she would need to be dealing with.

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi smiled and continued, “Therefore my father, the protégé grandmaster of the Divine Sovereign Clan has specifically sent me here to deliver a Golden Clan Invitation to the leader of the Holy Citadel City to attend the congregation ahead of the descend of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth to discuss pertaining strategies.”

Ye Jing slowly nodded and took a secret look at her mother who had also exchanged a secret glance at her.

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi suddenly smiled, “But I have a little problem here. I have thought that Celestial Baitian is actually the Holy Sovereign of the Holy Citadel City and I had already passed the Golden Clan Invitation to him.”

Ye Jing thought miserably, “Now that is the main point.”

But she faked a smile, “You can take it back from him and hand it over to me.”

Some of the quicker witted female protégés of the Holy Citadel City could not resist giggling when they had heard the Holy Consort. It was because everyone had expected the Holy Consort to argue that she had the rightful leadership but instead of arguing, she went point blank and asked Young Master Yuan Chengzhi to surrender it to her instead.

Young Master Chengzhi was a little startled but he quickly composed himself to say, “But I have already handed over to Celestial Baitian…”

Ye Jing interrupted enchantingly, “Yes I have heard. You can always take it back unless of course you have made a terrible big blunder.”

Celestial Baitian quickly interrupted, “Young Master Chengzhi has handed me the Golden Clan Invitation because he has felt that I am a more deserving leader in taking the Holy Citadel City to greater glory. Only I have the strength to overcome the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth. You must know that the position of our clan celestial rankings depend on the outcome of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth.”

He stared fiercely at the elders of the Holy Citadel City, “For thousands of years, the grandmasters of the Holy Citadel City are under the Mu Clan. We have never have a Ye as grandmaster.”

At this the elders of the Holy Citadel City began to mutter to each other…

Celestial Baitian smiled as he knew that he had struck a discord among the elders.

In the Celestial Fraternity, some clans have daughters that followed their mothers’ clan name and that is the reason she is called Ye Jing and not Mu Jing.

Ye Jing smiled, “Uncle Baitian. That is not a good reason. Am I not my father’s daughter? Ye or Mu, what does it matter?”

Celestial Baitian tapped his sword that was by his side, making it obvious to everyone. “Indeed that is not a good reason. But today, you have to surrender the leadership of the Holy Citadel City to me or don’t blame me for not being pleasant.”

Lady Consort Ye said angrily, “My husband has specifically appointed my daughter as Holy Consort. The elders can be witnesses. You only want the leadership because of your own lofty ambitions!”

Celestial Baitian hummed coldly, “My lofty ambitions are for the good of the Holy Citadel City. We are now the laughing stock of the patriarch celestial clans. How many Golden Celestials do we have for this generation? Only I alone have successfully overcome the life and death tribulation to become a Golden Celestial. How many Golden Celestials does the Divine Sovereign Clan have? 8! And they even have a Sacred Saint. What do we have?”

He paused before adding, “Even the lowest ranking elder of the Ancient Ascension Sect is a Golden Celestial. That is how weak we are now!”

Immediately the protégés of the Holy Citadel City were ashamed. Even the elders were also ashamed and everyone was looking down on the floor.

Celestial Baitian said coldly, “And we have a 22 year old brat on that throne now. Do you think that she will be able to take us to greatness? I don’t think so. The survival of our clan is now at stake.”

He clapped thrice and immediately several of the elders of the Holy Citadel City began to walk to his side, “To tell the truth. I already have the support of the majority of the elders.”

Ye Jing could see that it was the truth but she did not blame them. She knew that she was a weak leader and prone to recklessness.

She was surprised that Elder Situ Ling did not move to join Celestial Baitian. It was because she had told her, “Thank you for your information. Even if you openly join hands with my uncle, I will not blame you.”

Punishment Elder Sheng did not move as well. There were six other elders that were still supporting her.

Ye Jing sighed silently, “It is not so bad. It is better than I have expected.”

It seemed to her that today she has to give up her position. No matter how she sees it, there is no way that she is able to snatch the Golden Clan Invitation from her uncle. Her uncle is simply too formidable for her to handle.

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi suddenly laughed aloud, “Celestial Baitian is naturally the best person to lead the Holy Citadel City and the Divine Sovereign Clan will of course lend our fullest support to him. Isn’t this the reason why we are here today?”

He gave another laugh, “However, I am also here to propose marriage to Maiden Ye Jing. You may lose your position of power but at least you can be my consort. You will still lead a life of luxury and you must know that the Divine Sovereign Clan is many times more powerful than the Holy Citadel City.”

This time Ye Jing lost all pretences and she was really annoyed. She said coldly, “I don’t want to join your harem. You are just a 200 year old freak!”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi was slightly startled at her rebuke, “That is so unbecoming of a lady of a patriarch clan.”

Ye Jing said coldly, “I say what I like. That is my mouth and not yours.”

She had suddenly raised her Revelation Divine Sword, “If you want to fight then I shall battle all of you.”

When she had raised her sword, everyone in the hall had also raised their swords!

Even the Lady Consort Ye had raised her precious sword as she stood protectively near Ye Jing.

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi and many of the Divine Sovereign Clan were staring at her superior grade heaven-step divine sword and were secretly drooling.

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi felt a little inferior when he was gripping his half-step divine sword…

What was Ye Jing thinking at this moment?

She is thinking how she has screwed up her romances with Xiaofang and prays that he will live strongly in the future. She did not want to let him know that she has a crisis today. It is because she knows that Xiaofang will not be able to handle all these experienced fighters all by himself and will even lose his immortal sword.

State of divinity and fighting techniques are two different matters. Xiaofang lacks fighting experience.

“Xiaofang…Little Fenghuang…good bye…”

Ye Jing whispered to her mother, “Please take care of Little Fenghuang for me.”

Then she shouted, “If you still regard me as your Holy Consort, don’t get involved in this slaughterhouse. This is my battle alone!”

Suddenly she had leapt to deliver a flash strike against Celestial Baitian. But before she could she could reach him, Elder Yuan Xiao and two other Immortal Celestials had blocked her attack, sending her backward.

Celestial Baitian took the opportunity to raise his divine sword to deliver a piercing thrust to her shoulder!

When Elder Situ Ling saw this, she shouted panicky. “We may die here today but we have to protect our Holy Consort!”

Immediately there was a great pandemonium as swords were raised against each other.

There were a great many Enlighten Celestials among the ranks of the Divine Sovereign Clan and they were formidable fighters who were able to imbue their swords with sword energies at which the mostly Master Practitioners of the Holy Citadel City had no defences. Immediately, a dozen protégés of the Holy Citadel City were killed or wounded by them.

The Immortal Celestials of the Divine Sovereign Clan numbered eight, including Elder Yuan Xiao and Young Master Yuan Chengzhi were joined by Celestial Baitian and the traitorous elders as they surrounded Ye Jing and her loyal elders.

Immediately, two of the elders that were loyal to Ye Jing had fallen. They were only Enlighten Celestials and they would not stand up to the sword energies of the many Immortal Celestials and of course Celestial Baitian was like an unstoppable titan that broke through the sword formations of the loyal elders.

Ye Jing was grieved when she witnessed the fall of the two elders. But she continued to fight with all her strength, fighting 4-7 fighters at a time.

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi was startled that Ye Jing was still able to fight against so many. Her sword strokes were precise, giving away little and she seemed to know the weakness of their movements. That was a little strange…

But he was not worried. It was because she had already received several wounds and she was defending more than attacking. Also because most of the Immortal Celestials felt that they were bullying a maiden, they did not use any lethal strokes or techniques. Instead they just used some basic sword strokes or sword energies attack. If she did not have the stamina to avoid getting hit then so be it.

In a matter of moments, all the elders that were fighting along Ye Jing were on the ground while none from the opposite side had fallen.

In fact, this was not even a fight. None of her opponents even broke into a sweat and this was too easy to them!

Ye Jing was bleary eyed and her stamina was dropping fast. There were simply too many of them and no matter how she attacked anyone, there would be several of them stepping in to help each other to defend against her attacks. If it was not for her divine sword that could easily disperse the sword energies of her opponents, she would have already fallen.

Suddenly a sword stroke coming from Celestial Baitian had struck her. A bloodied Ye Jing stumbled backward as she fell onto the ground. She could sense the killing intent of dozens of swords that were pointing at her.

She lifted her head in agonizing pain, only to see that almost all the protégés of the Holy Citadel City had fallen and the few that survived were forming a protective circle around the Lady Consort Ye trying to defend against a horde of attackers. Even the Lady Consort Ye had joined in the fight…

Only a few of the protégés of the Divine Sovereign Clan had fallen. This was totally one-sided and just like a massacre.

Celestial Baitian said coldly, “I pity you. Even if we fight one to one, you still won’t be able to fight me on equal term. This time there is no masked man to help you. Even if he is here today, he will still die. I know what your little trick is when you have suddenly charged into our midst. You are hoping to take as many down as possible but that is too naïve of you. Every one of us here are Masters or Elders of their clan. With your puny attainment and combat skill, do you think that you even stand a chance? Practice and real killing is not the same.”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi sighed softly, “Look at her wounds. I really pity we did something so horrible to this peerless maiden. Leave her to me. I will take good care of her later. From now onward, you are the Holy Sovereign of the Holy Citadel City. May our two celestial clans work well together.”

Celestial Baitian smiled warmly, “That is natural. I still need the honourable aid of your clan especially in the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth.”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi took another lecherous look at Ye Jing before he returned a reply to Celestial Baitian, “Our main opponents are the other celestial clans that are at the top.”

He turned to Elder Yuan Xiao to say, “Take her away.”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi turned to Master Baitian with a smile, “I will need a good room…”

“Then why don’t you go there now? As quickly as possible.” An enchanting yet cold-piercing voice was suddenly heard from behind them.

Somehow this voice had the mesmerizing effect to stop the fighting and everyone turned to look in her direction.

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi was startled to hear such a mesmerizing voice and he too had turned to look curiously at the newcomer.

It was an extremely exquisite maiden in a white gold robe. She had three beautiful gold hairpin adorned on her head, wearing a pair of white jade bangle, adorned with a beautiful tear shape sapphire necklace and wearing a pair of pearl earrings.

Even though she had a sword by her side but she seemed totally harmless; there was no animus around her and she was almost invisible.  She had dark eyes and therefore her attainment should not be higher than a Golden Celestial.

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi was instantly mesmerized by her. He asked, “You are…”

Celestial Baitian immediately whispered, “Be careful, she is dangerous! There is no heart beat or breathing from her. I have never seen anyone that can conceal themselves in this manner…”

All of sudden everyone seemed to be frozen on the spot as she seemed to have walk past them like a breeze of ghostly wind. Before anyone of them knew what was happening, this mysterious maiden was already standing next to Ye Jing as she asked, “You are Ye Jing?”

She began to rebuke gently, “You are too weak. Are you living too comfortably? If they want your position, why don’t you simply give it to them?”

Ye Jing had heard her and somehow her voice seemed to lend her strength as she looked up, “Who…are you?”

She could not tell what celestial level this mysterious maiden was at with her Divine Sense but it was definitely higher than her.

Everyone was also curious to know who this mysterious maiden was.

As everyone looked on, they could not help but feel that both this mysterious maiden and Ye Jin seemed to share some resembles to each other!

The mysterious maiden looked at her with delicate eyes, “I had heard that there is a person here that can fight off a Golden Celestial and is curious who he is. Can you tell me?”

Ye Jing was startled and refused to reply. Like many others, this mysterious maiden may only be interested in Xiaofang’s immortal sword!

Suddenly Elder Yuan Xiao interrupted loudly, “Everyone focuses your thoughts! We may be under her bewitching array! She may be from the dark heretic celestial clan!”

When everyone heard Elder Yuan Xiao, they were alarmed and immediately recovered their wits!

They were all spellbound on the spot!

Elder Yuan Xiao turned to the mysterious maiden, “If you don’t report your name and clan of origin then don’t blame us for…”

The mysterious maiden asked enthrallingly, “Then what?”

She raised her fingers and before Elder Yuan Xiao could see what was happening, he was sent flying in the air!

Everyone was stunned.

Celestial Baitian was enraged as he immediately attacked her.

But before his powerful sword energies could even be mustered, he was struck by her two fingers and sent flying.

Celestial Baitian coughed out blood in total disbelief. There were no finger skills in the entire Celestial Fraternity that could penetrate through his golden body…

It did not take these celestial experts to immediately attack her with everything that they got.

But the most unbelievable thing suddenly happened. In just a few blinks of an eye, all the celestial fighters were sent flying upward in the air by her fingers and sword scabbard, hitting everyone with just one strike!

Ye Jing was totally stunned by what she had seen, “How is that possible?”

All the sword energies and attacks just go blankly through her as she moved. There seemed to be something that was invisible that caused the attacks of everyone to miss her completely.

Except for Celestial Baitian that could still stand, everyone else had coughed out blood due to internal organs injury and was yelling painfully on the ground. That included Young Master Yuan Chengzhi.

Ye Jing had read her with her Divine Sense but she could not even detect a single display of martial power or celestial energies that were coming from her. Yet she could penetrate the martial force of these celestial fighters like a piece of paper…

All the lesser protégés of the Divine Sovereign Clan were stunned at what they had seen. Their masters and elders were all disable just like this.

Celestial Baitian was enraged as he burst out in his formidable golden aura and displayed dozens of earth shaking strokes at her.

Suddenly the eyes of the mysterious maiden turned a brilliant golden and she was behind Ye Jing instantly. Before Ye Jing knew what was happening, she was on her feet and she was fending the dozens of Celestial Baitian’s strokes.

She was startled because she had thought that she did not have the strength to withstand the martial power of a Golden Celestial.

The mysterious maiden divine whispered in her ears, “Did you see that?”

Ye Jing was stunned. This was the Divine Whisper, a secret whispering skill that only celestials who had cultivated for centuries could master…

When the mysterious maiden asked her did you see that, she was referring to the invisible energy signatures of Celestial Baitian’s attacks.

“You don’t have to fight power with power. A minimum power against the weakest point of his stroke can easily disable his strokes. He gets weaker and weaker while you barely even use any efforts.”

Celestial Baitian was startled when Ye Jing had suddenly jumped to intercept his sword strokes that were aimed at the mysterious maiden. He was even more startled when Ye Jing easily countered all his attacks and had even wounded him!

He thought, “This is not possible…”

In a blink of an eye, they had exchanged another thirty strokes but Ye Jing still got the upper hand over him even when he went on to display his most ingenious secret sword skills, countering as though she had already experienced those strokes before…

The mysterious maiden divine whispered, “I am going to teach you the Purity Spirits Heart Intricacy. Then your Divine Sense will go up another notch.”

Suddenly Ye Jing could see faint energy fluctuations coming from Celestial Baitian and through his sword energies attacks.

The mysterious maiden divine whispered, “Good. It is done. Watch my strokes.”

Ye Jing really did not know what was happening. Even though it appeared that she was the one fighting but a mysterious force was actually the one that was currently controlling her. In her heart, she was totally freak out that someone could control another in this manner…

When Celestial Baitian made another desperate powerful attack, Ye Jing’s sword energies in her Revelation Divine Sword seemed to double up as she seemed to have gathered up residue sword energies all around here and absorbing into her divine sword.

She had only moved her finger and her sword energies had suddenly pierced through the golden aura and golden body of Celestial Baitian, splitting him into half and killing him instantly.

Everyone was shocked by what they had seen and immediately the protégés of the Divine Sovereign Clan dropped their swords to surrender.

It was also at this time that the more and more reinforcements of the Holy Citadel City had also poured into the audience hall. Everyone was shocked by the scene…

Ye Jing looked at the mysterious maiden and stammered in fear, “Did you…just kill a… Golden Celestial?”

The mysterious maiden divine whispered, “Not me. It is you. From now onward, you will have the power to kill Golden Celestials.”

Ye Jing stammered, “Who…are…you?”

Lady Consort Ye had turned ashen and she was begging the mysterious maiden, “Please have mercy on us. Don’t take her away…”

The mysterious maiden said coldly, “Haven’t you guessed already? Even your mother already knows.”

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Chapter 12: The Winds of Change

Ye Jing was carrying her baby daughter in her secret chamber when her mother, the Lady Consort Ye had walked in with rapid steps.

There was an air of annoyance in her expression and this was picked up by Ye Jing who asked, “What’s wrong mother?”

Lady Consort Ye heaved a melancholy sigh before saying, “Everyone is now gossiping between you and Xiaofang now. I have just issued a stern order to keep it within the Holy Citadel City but I doubt this scandal will be kept secret for long.”

Ye Jing was silent for a while before she asked, “Originally, I just want to teach him a lesson but…”

Lady Consort Ye says unhappily, “This time you really have gone overboard. I have asked you to be nice to him to put him into a difficult spot but you are all out to embarrass him. You can be subtle about it but you throw away your own reputation when you kiss him in public…”

Ye Jing asked quietly, “How do I undo the harm that I have caused him?”

Lady Consort Ye continued to say unhappily, “Undo the harm that is caused to him? You should be thinking on how to undo the harm that you have done to your reputation…”

Suddenly the Lady Consort Ye paused and asked, “Undone the harm that is caused to him? Meaning?”

Ye Jing turned around to face the mirror, “I am so wrong. He isn’t that bad I think. He has come all the way to look for me. Maybe he is really the hero of my heart that I have been pending for. I should give him a chance, don’t you think so?”

Lady Consort Ye was stunned and wondered if she had heard correctly, “This is so…sudden.”

Ye Jing muttered almost inaudible, “Even though he suspected that he is going to die after eating my dishes, he still goes ahead. He is so stupid and an idiot…”

Suddenly Lady Consort Ye was smiling jovially, “What a good kiss and a good show of emotions. That Xiaofang is a good lad. Several of the elders are actually in praise of his talents…”

Ye Jing suddenly hummed coldly, “If those old fools know that he is actually an Immortal Celestial and his talents are actually higher than them, they will probably vomit blood to their deaths!”

She was secretly proud of Xiaofang and that was shown on her countenance.

Lady Consort Ye smiled secretly. It was because she really wished that Ye Jing and Xiaofang would be together. The reason why she had offered such a devious plot to her daughter to embarrass Xiaofang was not to harm him but to get him out of trouble. She knew that her daughter very well and it was easy to manipulate her.

So when her daughter so readily agreed to punish Xiaofang in another alternate manner, she knew that her daughter did not really hate Xiaofang.

She had thought this may be a good way for them to mend their broken friendship.

That was why she was so upset when she had heard that her daughter had kissed Xiaofang and making Xiaofang the number one public enemy in the clan. She felt that her daughter had really gone overboard.

But now when she had heard that her daughter wanted to undone the harm that she had caused Xiaofang, she was actually glad.

That was now less one problem now. However she had a more pressing matter to discuss with her daughter.

She said, “Child, I have received word that the Young Master Yuan Chengzhi of the Divine Sovereign Clan will be paying us a visit and he is expected to reach in a few days’ time.”

Ye Jing was perplexed and asked, “Why is he here for?”

Lady Consort Ye said, “No idea. But I have heard that Elder Yuan Xiao will also be there.”

Ye Jing growled softly. It was because this Elder Yuan Xiao had nearly caused her to lose her position to her uncle a year ago. So she was really unhappy when she had heard his name.

Lady Consort Ye cautiously advised, “For Young Master Yuan Chengzhi to pay a personal visit, this is something new. No matter what, it won’t be simple and we should prepare ourselves for it.”

Ye Jing nodded slowly.

When she had exited her spiritual retreat, she had heard that there were plenty of unrest in the Celestial Fraternity and the dark heretic celestial clans were also on the move.

She asked, “What is the celestial level of this Young Master Yuan Chengzhi?”

Lady Consort Ye said, “He is an Immortal Celestial in the Intermediate tier.”

Ye Jing nods, “Same as me then. I am more worried about that Yuan Xiao who is a peaked Immortal Celestial plus he is close to my uncle.”

Lady Consort Ye nodded slowly, “I understand your concerns. If your uncle is feigning his injuries and join forces with them then we will really be in trouble. Then we can only rely on Xiaofang to help us.”

Ye Jing shook her head, “Xiaofang is only lucky that he had caught my uncle by surprise. The strength of the Golden Celestial is not to be underestimated.”

Then she added slowly, “I have heard that Uncle Baitian has secretly obtained a half-step divine sword.”

Lady Consort Ye was startled, “Is the information reliable? Who told you that?”

Ye Jing whispered, “Elder Situ Ling…”

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Chapter 11: The Holy Consort Revenge

The next day when Xiaofang had stepped into the outer courtyard, he was immediately besieged by numerous petite protégé sisters that were anxious about him. These protégé sisters simply did not believe that he would be a traitorous spy for Xiaofang had always been polite and respectful to them.

In the short one year that he had been at the Holy Citadel City, he had won the hearts of many of his protégé sisters.

While he was also popular with many of the protégé brothers but there were also many others that were envious of his good looks and talents.

One protégé brother even muttered aloud when he had seen so many protégé sisters surrounding Xiaofang and showing their concerns for him, “He may not get so lucky next time. I have heard that it is Elder Situ Ling that had pleaded for him.”

Another protégé brother was heard saying, “There is no smoke without fire.”

And yet another said, “No wonder his swordplay is steadier than us. He has received further instructions from the heretic clans!”

Several of the protégé brothers were already making eyes to each other and thinking, “Let’s go and beat him up. Even though this is against the rules but it is doubtful that the clan elders will take action for him. After all, he is only a traitor.”

Just when a group of six protégé brothers were about to walk up to Xiaofang to beat him, they were startled to see a peerless beauty appearing in the outer courtyard.

She was extremely breath-taking and causing all the eyes in the outer court to be on her instantly. Even the protégé sisters were all gasping at her alluring grace.

Ye Jing growled silently, “Why is everyone staring at me instead of bowing to me? Is there something wrong with my outfit or my grooming?”

Suddenly one of the Senior Master Practitioner that happened to walk into the outer court from the other direction shouted, “You idiots. Quickly pay your humble respects to the Holy Consort.”

Except for Xiaofang, everyone else was stunned and quickly greeted the Holy Consort.

Everyone was startled that this peerless beauty was their Holy Consort…

The Senior Master Practitioner apologized profusely, “These juniors are really disrespectful. They can’t even recognize our Holy Consort. May I know what brings the Holy Consort to the outer court?”

It was not a surprise that most protégés here would not have recognized the Holy Consort for the outer court was not the place that she would drop by. Moreover many of them were the junior protégés of the clan.

Ye Jing winked with her eyes, “I am here to look for Xiaofang.”

When she had said that, everyone could almost guess what would happen next.

Many actually thought that the Holy Consort would execute Xiaofang on the spot. As Holy Consort, she could take away their life without a second thought. Moreover Xiaofang was being suspected to be a traitor.

Xiaofang had actually broken in a cold sweat when he saw her jovial mood. He knew that she had thought of something unreasonable to deal with him…

When Ye Jing saw the many protégé sisters that were surrounding Xiaofang, there was a burning fire of envy in her eyes but she suppressed it and smiles enchantingly, “Xiaofang, come over here.”

Xiaofang walked quietly to her. There was no expression on his face but he had already broken out into cold sweat.

Ye Jing took out her handkerchief and started to wipe his perspirations, “Why are you sweating? Are you well?”

Everyone was stunned…

Even Xiaofang…

While everyone was watching, their Holy Consort was tenderly wiping Xiaofang’s perspirations off his forehead. It was really an enviable sight and this made Xiaofang’s protégé brothers even more envious and angrier at him.

Even the protégé sisters were watching with bleary tears in their eyes and their expressions were all saying that this sort of thing could not even be happening…

Ye Jing smiles, “Xiaofang, it is your birthday today. Am I right?”

Xiaofang nodded slowly. Why was it that he suddenly got an uneasy feeling?

Everyone else was flabbergasted that the Holy Consort would even know that it was Xiaofang’s birthday today. Their next horrible thought was thinking if they may be in a relationship?

Ye Jing giggled softly, “Since it is your birthday, I will cook something nice for you. Can you wait for me in the main hall?”

She turned to ask the Senior Master Practitioner, “Where is the kitchen? Take me there.”

The Senior Master Practitioner stammered, “Your Holy Consort, are you really going to cook? We have our own dedicated cooks…”

Ye Jing laughed softly, “Of course I am. Shoo all the cooks out. I am going to have the entire kitchen to myself.”

The Senior Master Practitioner was stunned but there was no way he could disobey a direct order from the Holy Consort. So he said, “I will lead you to the kitchen. But the kitchen is a dirty place and may not be suitable for your noble self…”

But Ye Jing gleefully said, “It is alright.”

She turned around and winked at Xiaofang, “What are you waiting for? Wait for me inside the dining hall. I will be back shortly.”

Xiaofang slowly turned around and he was trembling with fear. He knew what was going to happen next.

All the protégé brothers and sisters were so enviable that the Holy Consort was going to cook for Xiaofang that they did not notice Xiaofang’s expressions at all. Moreover all of them were staring at the Holy Consort who had totally caught their imaginations.

One hour later…

The dining hall was actually a large hall where all the protégés of the outer court had their meals. Even Master Practitioners, Enlighten Celestials and even elders of the outer court like Elder Situ Ling would have their meals here.

But today there seemed to be no meals for the five thousand protégés here except for one person and that was Xiaofang.

Elder Situ Ling watched with stunned expression as the Holy Consort sat down with Xiaofang with all kinds of delicious dishes that she had prepared for him.

When everyone sniffed the aromatic dishes, their stomachs began to growl and they wished that they could partake in it…

Therefore the thousands of protégés could only watch with great envious at the tenderness of the Holy Consort and the disgusting good luck of Xiaofang.

Ye Jing looked coyly at Xiaofang, “I have prepared ten dishes for you. It can be considered a small banquet. What do you think? Is this your best birthday ever? You won’t be able to enjoy such a delicious meal ever again. Surely you cannot expect your Holy Consort to cook for you every day?”

Xiaofang said quietly, “Ten dishes…the pronunciation of ten sounds like die. Big Sister Jing, if you hate me so much then I will eat all the dishes up. I will have no regrets.” It was because he knew that she had poisoned the dishes.

What was Ye Jing thinking about at this moment and what did the Lady Consort Ye had whispered to her?

The Lady Consort Ye had whispered, “If you want him to suffer then you ought to be nice to him. There are always petty rivalries in the clan. Why don’t you make everyone envious of him? Then he would be the number one enemy in the eyes of everyone. Then he would definitely suffer.”

Ye Jing knew her presence would invite gossips and caused Xiaofang to feel uncomfortable if she were to single him out. And that was exactly what she was doing now, causing him to be singled out in front of thousands of protégés!

This was her bittersweet revenge on him.

Xiaofang took out a letter that he had penned as he said quietly, “Please read it when you are free…”

Ye Jing snatched the letter, jovially saying. “What do you mean when I am free? I am free now.”

Xiaofang gasped, “No wait. I don’t want to spoil the mood of the meal. Let me finish the meal first…”

Ye Jing hummed coldly, “So what if I want to read it now?”

When Xiaofang saw that she had started to open up the letter to read, he quickly began to stuff the food after food into his mouth!

All the thousands of protégés thought that Xiaofang should at least display a little eating manner in front of the Holy Consort…

In the meantime Ye Jing had curiously opened the letter and started reading silently.

The letter read, “I know that after taking this meal, I will no longer be alive. I know that what I did to Big Sister Jing is totally unforgivable. I don’t know what happens that night. I have totally blanked out.

I was silly to be upset with Big Sister Jing when you have cooked the phoenix eggs but I wasn’t really upset, just a little sad. I am actually very happy when Big Sister Jing comes back to cook for me.

At that time I was the loneliness person in the entire universe. My mother had left so suddenly and without any warning. From that point onward, I know that the only person that I love the most is my Big Sister Jing.

From that point onward, I have decided to look for Big Sister Jing and to protect her silently. I didn’t plan to let her find me but somehow she has found me. But our meet was uneven and full of heart pains. I am terribly grieved that Big Sister Jing hates me so much. Her once beautiful eyes are now terrible to behold for me.

Even if I know that it is a poisoned meal, I am still willing to eat it to atone for all the wrongs. I know that in her heart, she must feel terrible awful as well. I wish for her to be always happy. If my death can resolve it then so shall it be. I am simply not worthy of her.”

Ye Jing’s fingers were trembling as she read and her eyes had turned swollen.

She cursed silently, “No wonder he said my ten dishes sound like death dishes. This stupid brag…”

Then she raised her chopstick and started eating.

When Xiaofang saw it, he was shocked and quickly shouted. “Don’t!”

But Ye Jing said, “Don’t what? Do you think that I will poison myself? I can’t stand you eating all the dishes that I have cooked and leaving almost nothing to me. How is the meal? Is it nice?”

Xiaofang looked at her with a stunned expression, “This meal is…safe to eat?”

But he quickly answered, “Nice. Best meal that I ever have.”

Ye Jing smiled, “Good. This will probably be the last meal that I will ever cook for you. While I think that it is not enough to compensate for your phoenix eggs but after what you have done to me, we are quite even. What do you say?”

Xiaofang stammered, “Even?”

Ye Jing looked at him tenderly, “By the way, your handwriting is simply too horrible. Can you write more properly next time?”

Xiaofang was startled when she suddenly looked at him in such a manner. He quickly nodded, “I will improve.”

Ye Jing suddenly sighed, “Actually it is partially my fault as well. I know that the wines are strong but I can’t help drinking it all.”

Xiaofang said suddenly, “Some of the wines are spiked actually.”

Ye Jing was startled, “What do you mean?”

Xiaofang sighed softly, “I have found a hidden note that my mother had left behind. She had spiked some of the wines. She was planning to bring me to a brothel and knowing that I will refuse, she had planned to drug me.”

Ye Jing growled, “You really have such a horrible mother. If you are not careful, she will sell you to the brothel.”

But Xiaofang quickly said, “She is the best mother that I ever have.”

Ye Jing waved her hand, “Whatever.”

All of a sudden she got up and walked to Xiaofang, “Xiaofang…”

He looked up curiously and was startled when Ye Jing had quietly kissed him on his forehead.

She said tenderly, “I want a proper courtship. You are already worthy when you have saved my life from my Uncle Baitian that day. Prove it.”

She paused briefly, “Hope you enjoy your birthday today.”

Then she shyly walked off, leaving Xiaofang looking stunned behind her…

But for the thousands of protégés that included Elder Situ Ling, it was a totally unbelievable sight.

Did the peerless beauty Holy Consort just kissed him?

What was going on between them?

It was totally unbelievable that the Holy Consort who was the goddess in the hearts of many of the protégés had actually kissed a lowest ranking protégé in front of thousands of the protégés!

The entire dining hall broke out in pandemonium as everyone began to discuss incessantly!

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Chapter 10: The Punishment Hall

The Punishment Hall was unusual crowded. Even though it was just the Punishment Elder Sheng that was summoned but several of the clan elders were also curious enough to be presented. It was because the Holy Consort had suddenly announced that one of the protégés was a spy from the dark heretic clan and many were interested to know who it was.

The Holy Consort was seating elegantly when Elder Situ Ling had walked in with a chained Dugu Fang.

Ye Jing’s heart pounded rapidly as she thought, “It is him alright…”

But her heart suddenly skipped a beat as when she saw Elder Situ Ling holding onto the confiscated sword that she had given to Xiaofang…

She thought, “He still carries the sword that I have given to him?”

Dugu Fang was staring blankly at her. There was no hatred in his eyes and only great sadness. It was as though he was saying to her, “Why are you chaining me? What have I done wrong?”

Ye Jing could not bear to watch his heart anymore and withdrew her Divine Sense.

Elder Situ Ling said, “Practitioner Dugu Fang has been brought to the presence of the Holy Consort for his due sentencing for conspiring with the dark heretic celestial clans.”

Instantly there were mutterings among the elders and the tens of high ranking protégés.

“He is the spy of the dark heretic celestial clan?

“He doesn’t look like it.”

“Looks can be deceiving.”

Holy Consort Ye Jing turned to Elder Sheng, “You can begin your questioning now.”

Elder Sheng was a fierce looking middle age man. He thundered loudly, “Dugu Fang, do you admit that you are a spy of the dark heretic celestial clan? And who are your accomplices? If you admit readily and surrender the names of your accomplices then your sentence will be reduced.”

Dugu Fang stammered as he looked earnestly at Ye Jing, “I…I am really not a spy. Surely there must be a misunderstanding. Big Sis…May Holy Consort please help me to address my wrongs!”

Elder Sheng hummed coldly, “There no use pleading for clemency from the Holy Consort. Our righteous Holy Consort is the one that has exposed your identity as a spy.”

Dugu Fang was startled and it was followed by shocks of disbelief as he stared at Ye Jing…

Ye Jing seemed to be staring coldly at him and questioning him, “What you had done that night. I’ll never forgive you.”

Holy Consort Ye Jing said coldly, “It seems that he doesn’t want to admit it.”

Elder Sheng hummed coldly, “Then I afraid that we have to retort to whipping him.”

Holy Consort Ye Jing turned to ask, “How many times?”

Elder Sheng said coldly, “40 lashes.”

She was flabbergasted, “40 lashes? Do you want to kill him?”

This was no ordinary lash that an ordinary mortal could stand. When Ye Jing was young, she was given a lashing by her father for mischief and the agonizing pain that she had felt back then could still be clearly remembered by her.

Elder Sheng said matter of fact, “According to the punishment laws, that is the correct number of lashes to a spy.”

Holy Consort Ye Jing asked panicky, “Can we just give him a single lash?”

Elder Sheng smiled emotionlessly, “That is too cheap and it is hardly any punishment for such a heinous crime.”

Holy Consort Ye Jing said panicky, “He will surely die if we give him 40 lashes. One or a few is enough to let him experience the agonizing pain of the Heavenly Tribulation Whip. Also there is no proof that he is a spy yet…”

Elder Sheng was startled, “But I thought that we have proof that he is a spy?”

Holy Consort Ye Jing knew that she had a slip of a tongue. She quickly said, “If he doesn’t admit it then it will be one-sided, right?”

Elder Sheng smiled, “Holy Consort, you are too benevolent. If he doesn’t admit then we shall whip him until he admits or dies. We cannot afford to allow a spy to exist in our ranks or we will be encouraging the evil-doers to run rampant in our midst in the future.”

Dugu Fang interrupted quietly but firmly, “I am not a spy.”

He had a pitiful look as he looked earnestly at Ye Jing…

But Ye Jing could not bear to look into his eyes…

Elder Situ Ling was heartache for Dugu Fang and said, “Maybe he is not totally corruptible yet. Maybe we can give him a chance to repent?”

Holy Consort Ye Jing said, “Maybe that is a good idea. What do you think Elder Sheng?”

Elder Sheng was perplexed but he said, “That will be a life imprisonment of 100 years, depending on his good conduct and willingness to repent. But why should we waste our grain on him? He cannot live that long…”

Holy Consort Ye Jing clapped her hands, “That’s it. We shall imprison him for a hundred years.”

Elder Sheng said weakly after seeing the determination that was in the Holy Consort’s eyes, “We ought to suppress his spiritual inner core as well…”

Holy Consort Ye Jing was startled and she interrupted, “That is totally unnecessary. He is just a minor character in the schemes of things. There is no need to be overly harsh.”

Then she thought of something and said, “I shall take care of his belongings. There may be clues to more of his traitorous acts.”

Elder Situ Ling nodded, “It shall be done.”

Ye Jing gave Dugu Fang a triumphant look before saying, “Xiaofang, do you accept this as your punishments?”

Dugu Fang looked down and said politely, “I…accept.”

Ye Jing laughed softly and enchantingly said, “Good, good.”

She did not notice that some of the more brilliant minded cultivators in the hall had a perplexed expression on their faces.

When Elder Situ Ling had suddenly heard Holy Consort Ye Jing calling him as “Xiaofang”, she was startled. It suddenly dawned to her that they may have already known each other.

And now when she turned suddenly to look at Dugu Fang, she noticed his deep and mesmerizing eyes. Where did she see this expression before? That was one year ago when Ye Jing had her coronation and there was this mysterious masked man that had saved her…

When she had thought of this, she was suddenly startled and stared at Dugu Fang…

The entire celestial fraternity was now hunting for a masked young man to obtain his immortal sword. The only clues that everyone got was that he rode a Saint Dragon and had an immortal sword. Nothing else was known. It was as though he had suddenly disappeared from the face of the earth.

Some of the celestials had connected the masked young man to the Holy Consort Ye Jing. Eager to know more, they had barraged the Holy Citadel City with many proposals of marriage.

At this moment the Lady Consort Ye had hastily walked into the Punishment Hall. She was really curious who the spy was.

Ye Jing greeted stonily, “Mother, why are here?”

The Lady Consort Ye smiled, “I am curious to know who the spy is.”

She turned to appraise the “spy” and her expressions immediately turned sour. It was not because of the remarkable young age of this spy or his refined air but when she saw his deep emotional eyes, she had immediately found him to be familiar.

“Is he?”

She immediately probed with her Divine Sense into his inner core and was startled that this was the same familiar inner core of that masked young man.

Ye Jing said gleefully, “I have already sentenced him to 100 years of life imprisonment.”

The Lady Consort Ye had her own doubts and confusion. But the more she looked at this young man, the more he did not look like any malicious person to her. If not why did he help Ye Jing a year ago and then departed peacefully?

Even if there was a risk that he could be from the Goddess Palace, somehow she found herself taking a risk by saying, “Child, I think you should let him go.”

Ye Jing was horrified and protested, “He is a spy!”

Lady Consort Ye reached into her with her Divine Sense to calm her down, “I have a better plan. Do you want to hear me out?”

Ye Jing nodded slowly as she stared at Xiaofang…

Lady Consort Ye whispered in an almost inaudible voice via the Divine Whisper.

Everyone could see that the eyes of the Holy Consort Ye Jing had suddenly lit up as she nodded approvingly.

Suddenly Ye Jing said aloud, “I have already decided on his new punishment.”

Elder Sheng was startled, “Which is?”

Ye Jing said nonchalantly, “Let him go. This is already punishment enough.”

Elder Sheng was shocked, “Let him go? But he is a spy!”

Lady Consort Ye said, “Circumstances have changed. There is a lack of evidences.”

Elder Sheng was stunned, “Lack of evidences? It doesn’t obstruct the melting of our clan laws…”

Lady Consort Ye interjected, “Do you have any evidence to accuse him, Elder Sheng?”

Elder Sheng stammered, “But it is the Holy Consort that brings charges to him…”

Ye Jing quickly said coyly, “That was before. Now is after. Dismisssssssss!”

Lady Consort Ye said, “The Holy Consort and I wish to talk to this young man for a while. Please leave us alone.”

Ye Jing raised her eyebrows, “I didn’t say I want to talk to him…”

Lady Consort Ye smiled, “I do.”

When everyone had left the Punishment Hall, Lady Consort Ye unchained the young man and asked gently, “What is your name?”

He replied, “Dugu…Fang…You can call me Xiaofang.”

Lady Consort Ye smiled gently, “It must be hard on you. You look really so young. How old are you? Are you really that young as you look or are really a young freak in disguise? Don’t misunderstand me. I just want to know more, out of curiosity.”

Xiaofang replied, “I am 17. Tomorrow is my birthday.”

When Ye Jing had heard that it was his birthday tomorrow, she began to curse him silently. “May you die on your birthday!”

Lady Consort Ye smiled, “And Jing’Er is only 22. Maybe the two of you are a match for each other…”

Ye Jing was flustered, “Not again. We are never a match! Not before. Not now or ever in the future!”

She hastily asked, “Mother, didn’t you say you want to ask him something?”

Lady Consort Ye asked hurriedly, “Then I shall call you Xiaofang as well. I hope that you are not upset with Jing’Er. She is just pretty upset. What exactly happens between the two of you, I really have no idea.”

Xiaofang replied politely, “I am not upset. It is really my entire fault.”

Lady Consort Ye said gently, “You are really a good child. Are you alone?”

Xiaofang replied, “Yes, I have been alone all this while now.”

Lady Consort Ye felt a little assured. It was because she was slowly baiting him. Unlike Ye Jing, she was more cautious as this may concern the lives of her entire clan!

She asked, “Why are you here?”

Xiaofang replied politely, “I have nowhere to go. I…miss Big Sister Jing and her…cooking.”

Lady Consort Ye was slightly startled. For such simplest of reasons, he had sneaked into the Holy Citadel City?

Ye Jing raised her eyes brows and thought, “He misses my cooking?”

Lady Consort Ye finally found the courage to ask, “Are you that masked young man that help us a year ago?”

She had already known the answer but she had to ask.

Xiaofang nodded.

Lady Consort Ye smiled, “You are honest with me. Please rest assure that we will keeping this a secret.”

She asked next, “You are truly extraordinary. Are you or your clan from the Goddess Palace?”

Xiaofang seemed a little perplexed, “I have actually never heard of the Goddess Palace before…”

Ye Jing interrupted coldly, “The Goddess Palace is one of the three celestial consecrated places in the Celestial Fraternity. These three places are the forbidden grounds of the Celestial Fraternity. Your general knowledge is so lacking. You should study more books!”

Xiaofang looked awkward but Lady Consort Ye comforted him, “Ignore her. It is just a casual remark.”

She probed further as she held his hand warmly, “Where your homeland? Where are you from? Maybe we should pay your ancestor clan a visit to offer our thanks.”

Xiaofang answered politely, “I really don’t know. Mother did mention we are from the Devil Isle. But it is forbidden to go. So I suggest you don’t go.”

Lady Consort Ye was silently startled as she thought, “The Devil isle! The Devil Isle, along with the Goddess Palace and the Melancholy Valley are the three celestial consecrated places in the Celestial Fraternity. And he is actually from the Devil Isle? Is he also an escapee like us? His bloodline is actually from the Devil Isle…”

But she quickly composed herself and said, “Xiaofang, you must be tired from all these. Why don’t you take a good rest first?”

Xiaofang nodded and just before he exited, he took a forlorn look at Ye Jing who was also taking a forlorn look at him…

Even when Xiaofang was already gone, Ye Jing continued to stare at the entrance.

Lady Consort Ye said quietly, “Child, are you alright?”

Ye Jing quickly composed herself and pretended to arrange her long robe, “I am alright.”

But she quickly said, “Mother, about that devious plan that you whisper to me, I like the idea. Tomorrow is the day that I will make his life a misery. Not just tomorrow but every single day. I won’t be able to sleep or cultivate tonight just by thinking how he will suffer!”

Lady Consort Ye nodded silently, “Jing’Er, do you know what you are doing?”

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Chapter 9: Him Again!

It was a cold night. Ye Jing and Yu’Er were alone in the open spaces of the inner citadel.

Ye Jing stroked Yu’Er as she said sorrowfully, “You know. We are together for really a long time. I have begged my father to have you. I have thought that I will take you to explore the heavens and the realm when I grow up. But the true reality is not what I have expected.”

She went on to sigh with great sadness, “That Dugu Fang. Out of goodwill, I have turned back to celebrate his birthday for him and even whip him a hearty meal. Just because I have eaten his eggs, he had sought to take vendetta on me in this manner. Can you understand the sorrows that are in my heart?”

Yu’Er shrieked angrily in support of her.

Ye Jing smiled faintly, “So you share the same thoughts as me too. Good. In this world, you are my only friend…”

Yu’Er shrieked again and flagged her wings, totally agreed with her.

Ye Jing smiled, “I am going to take a walk around the premises of the clan. Sleep well.”

Yu’Er reluctantly let her go.

With that Ye Jing leapt lightly off the roofs of the inner citadel as she walked into the shadows of the walls.

There were many protégés that were still walking around in the night. She saw some hanky panty businesses but chosen to ignore it.

Finally she came to a courtyard and was surprised to see that an old Master Practitioner was still holding a lesson on the various celestial practices. A group of mostly young cultivators were seated around him.

The Old Master Practitioner said, “You are all cultivators that are thirsting to go beyond your current state of divinity. The ultimate goal is immortality, everlasting life! When you can attain as an Enlighten Celestial then you know that the fruits of your labors have paid off. You will age slower and have extended lifespan. When you have reached the divine level of the Immortal Celestial, mastery of your life vital energies are completed and you will completely cease to age. This is the most wondrous level that most cultivators hope to thrive before their potential dry up…”

A young maiden interrupted, “I’ve heard that our Holy Consort has already attained as an Immortal Celestial. Does it mean that she will always be looking young?”

The Old Master Practitioner laughed, “Yes, yes. That’s right. Not only young but she will even get more and more beautiful as her celestial staging improves.”

A young man said, “I think that she is already the number one beauty in the entire Celestial Fraternity.”

Another young man said, “She is perfect. There is no one like her.”

Normally she would be happy if someone had praises her but this familiar voice stirred her hatred. She took another look at the young man that had just spoken.

Even though she was far but she could never forget what Xiaofang had looked like.

She gasped softly; it was indeed Xiaofang!

Over the past year, he had grown more refined and there was an air of charismatic aura around him. If a maiden were to look at him, they would have fallen in love with him instantly. But not her; he was her most hatred enemy and he was actually in the Holy Citadel City all this while.

Her first thought was to murder him. Her second thought was that she must hide her daughter from this beast of a man. Her third thought was however to hide from him…

Her next thought was, “Why is he here?”

Then she saw his attire and saw that he was wearing only a lowly celestial practitioner level robe.

“He is already an Immortal Celestial and yet he pretends to be a lowly celestial practitioner. Are you a spy from the other celestial clans that is out to ruin me?”

She knew that she was not thinking rationally but blaming everything on Xiaofang made her extremely happy.

“How shall I deal with him?”

“Slaughter him?”

“Expose his celestial level? Hmm, that will expose my Divine Sense as well. But I can think of ways to make him explode with rage and force him to show his true celestial level….”

And so she had decided on a plan to make him pay dearly and she could not wait for what going to happen tomorrow!

As if Xiaofang could sense that someone was planning such a killing intent on him, he suddenly turned his head around but he could not see or sense anyone.

It was because Ye Jing had already gained full mastery of her Divine Sense and the moment Xiaofang had moved, she already had a foreboding and had left the scene. Moreover she was watching from a distance of 300 yards away.

The next morning, she hastily summoned Elder Situ Ling, a petite Enlighten Celestial and asked her. “I remember that you are in charge of the outer courts?”

Elder Situ Ling smiled uncomfortably, “That’s right.”

It was because she was on the side of Celestial Baiting a year ago. Had the Holy Consort come to settle old scores with her?

Or she had found her handlings of the outer court protégés below her expectations?

Either way, it was not good news for her.

Ye Jing said, “Good! Is there a protégé name Dugu Fang under your charge? He is a lowly celestial practitioner.”

Elder Situ Ling slowly nodded. Normally there were numerous protégés that she could not remember. But this Dugu Fang seemed a little special as he had left a good impression on her. Not only was he studious, absorbing instructions with great earnest, he was also polite to everyone. Because of that, she had thought of grooming him as her personal protégé disciple. “Is something wrong?”

Ye Jing said coolly, “Tell me more about him.”

Elder Situ Ling said, “According to the registries, he has come from the Verdant Fall County.  He joins us a year ago. This young man is bright and I think that given a few years’ time, he is likely to be a Master Practitioner…”

Ye Jing was clearly not interested in his praises, “That’s enough. One’s identity can be easily faked.”

Elder Situ Ling was startled, “Huh?”

Ye Jing explained coolly, “My informants have told me that this Dugu Fang is a spy from the dark heretic clans.”

Elder Situ Ling was clearly shocked, “This can’t be. Is this news reliable? He doesn’t look like one. I’ve been observing him…”

Ye Jing interrupted coldly, “Looks and actions can be deceiving. If he is so easy to be identified then he won’t be a good spy. It is a lucky thing that we have found out about his identity.”

She paused and asked, “What is the clan punishment for a spy?”

Elder Situ Ling replied quietly, “Death or waste of his inner cultivation core.”

Ye Jing lifted her head with a wicked smile, “I wonder what punishments he would personally prefer? Hurry and bring him to the punishment court. And summon the Punishment Elder as well.”

Elder Situ Ling shifted uncomfortably before she asked, “Do we have any proof?”

Ye Jing blinked her eyes, “Do we need proof for this kind of traitorous act? Isn’t it better to kill a hundred innocents than miss a single villain?”

Elder Situ Ling smiled weakly, “We are a righteous celestial clan. We’re not a heretic celestial clan…”

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Chapter 8: End of Spiritual Retreat

Two more months later.

The news that the Holy Consort had ended her reclusive retreat spread like wildfire in the Holy Citadel City and very soon, the five surrounding counties of the Holy Citadel City would also receive the news and from there it would spread throughout the entire celestial fraternity.

Through her Divine Sense, Ye Jing noticed the shift of excitement in the mood from everyone and said to her mother, “They were not as excited as when I was crowned the Holy Consort.”

Lady Consort Ye smiled, “That is because things are differently now. Your courage to stand against your uncle changes things.”

She resisted the temptation to mention about the masked lad to her daughter.

Ye Jing asked, “How is my uncle now? Any troubles from him?”

Lady Consort Ye answered, “He has been quiet. I have heard that he has taken to heavy drinking. I heard that he has not recovered his golden body yet. The blow to his pride must be heavy.”

She smiled as she added, “There are many things that are waiting for you to settle once you are ready to address the issue.”

Ye Jing growled softly, “Surely mother can settle for me. I am just your puppet.”

Lady Consort Ye laughed softly, “I wish I am able to but I really can’t. That is because while you are absent for a year, you have received letters of courtships and proposals from all the patriarch celestial clans as well as from numerous other celestial clans.”

Ye Jing was startled, “What is going on?”

Lady Consort Ye whispered, “You are now the hottest property in the entire celestial fraternity. Your beauty and renown have already spread far and wide since your coronation incident. If the young masters of the celestial clans can have your hand in marriage, then they will gain a maiden that has the potential to become a Golden Celestial and of course, your heaven-step divine sword is also a temptation factor in making them think so. Plus as the Holy Consort of the Holy Citadel City, you are like a delicious pie that any celestial powers will want to swallow.”

Ye Jing fell into silence and continued to walk.

Lady Consort Ye knew what was on her mind, “You are worried that they will question your chastity?”

Ye Jing stopped in her tracks and trembled. It was true but her pride prevented her from saying it out so she answered coldly, “Reject them all. I am still young. When I have attained the Immortal Celestial level, I no longer age. The passage of time now has no consequences to me. Moreover, I have not tortured that little Fenghuang enough…”

She quickly asked, “Where is my Yu’Er? I am going out to take a breather for a while.”

Lady Consort Ye nodded, “Yu’Er is well. She is in good hands.”

Ye Jing smiled, “That is good to hear…”

But that good to hear soon turned into a great horror…

When Ye Jing saw Yu’Er, she simply could not believe her eyes.

Yu’Er had become a big fat phoenix and she was lazily eating as she walked into her shed.

“What happens to her?”

Lady Consort Ye smiled weakly, “The servants love her and fed her well. Moreover other than you, Yu’Er don’t listen to anyone so she just idle here all the time.”

Ye Jing had already stormed to the side of Yu’Er angrily, “You stupid fat bird! Now you cannot even fly. From today onward, you are going to be undergoing several hell regiment exercises…”

Yu’Er shrieked in horror as she tried to escape her furies but she could barely run, let alone able to fly. So she could only spread out her majesty wings to defend herself miserably. It was as though she was shrieking, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

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Chapter 7: Fenghuang

When Ye Jing woke up, her mother the Lady Consort Ye was holding her hands.

“Child, how are you?”

Ye Jing was still in a daze. Everything was just like a dream to her. Then she jumped up, “My coronation. How is it?”

Lady Consort Ye smiled gently, “It is smooth. You’re now the undisputed Holy Consort. If it isn’t for the masked young man then it won’t be so smoothly.”

Ye Jing muttered, “It isn’t a dream? He is really here?”

Lady Consort Ye asked, “Child, who is he? He is our benefactor. We ought to thank him.”

Ye Jing said angrily, “Please don’t ever mention him again. I hate him.”

Lady Consort Ye was perplexed. She asked gently, “Why do you hate him? Does he have a flawed character? Is he the father of your child?”

Ye Jing was stunned, “Mother, what did you say?”

Lady Consort Ye repeated solemnly, “You are with child now.”

Ye Jing was shocked beyond words and she sobbed aloud.

Lady Consort Ye really did not know how to comfort her, “Maybe the two of you should get married? He doesn’t look so bad to me. At least I can tell that his concern for you is genuine.”

Ye Jing said coldly, “He is nothing but a badass rapist and a brat. I don’t love him.”

But she quickly asked, “Where is he?”

Lady Consort Ye replied, “He is gone. He didn’t even leave behind his name. Come as quickly as he was gone.”

Ye Jing seemed to be in relief.

Lady Consort Ye asked, “What are your plans now? I mean, what do you plan to do with your child?”

Ye Jing said firmly, “No one must know of this. I will abort this unwanted child.”

Lady Consort Ye was shaken, “Do you really have to do this?”

Ye Jing cried, “Mother, I am going to be a laughing stock. It is his entire fault. I hate him so much. I don’t want the baby…”

Her mother suggested gently, “I have already told the clan that you will be in retreat for a year so that you can cultivate on your newly attained level. Other than me, no one else knows about this.”

Ye Jing looked at her mother before slowly saying, “You want me to keep the baby?”

Lady Consort Ye nodded gently, “I really do not know what happens but I am really lonely after your father had passed away. It will be good to have a grandchild to comfort me.”

Ye Jing said coldly, “I will do as you have said this time. But I don’t want to have any relations with this child. Since I cannot get even with him, I may as well get even with his child.”

Lady Consort Ye was discomforted by the coldness in her eyes but she was glad that Ye Jing had finally agreed to keep the child.

But there was something still blogging her mind. She asked, “Child, your inner core seems to be purer now. Why is that so?”

Like Ye Jing, her mother had also the secret Divine Sense ability and that was why she was able to know that her daughter’s inner core had undergone a transformation.

She asked further, “You’ve found someone with the Healing Focus?”

Ye Jing was suddenly sheepish but she nodded nevertheless.

Her mother gasped as she recalled that the young lad had secretly healed the wound that was on daughter. Was that also the healing focus?

She muttered, “Usually our bloodline ability is passed from mother to daughter. A fluke may occur when the male inherited the bloodline ability but it is almost never be able to pass on from the male. That lad is the one that help you to purify your inner core?”

Ye Jing shook her head, “That was his mother.”

Lady Consort Ye asked, “His mother?”

Ye Jing replied, “I’ve met a Celestial Yuehua. She has treated me. My divine sword is also from her.”

Lady Consort Ye nodded slowly. That explained some of the doubts that were in her heart. She asked solemnly, “Did she say where she is from?”

Ye Jing shook her head.

Lady Consort Ye heaved a sigh of relief but she quickly said, “Child. You must never tell anyone about your Divine Sense ability, alright?”

Ye Jing said, “Mother, you have already reminded me many times in the past.”

Then she saw the expression that was on her mother’s face, “What’s wrong?”

Lady Consort Ye smiled weakly, “There is something that I must tell you. Our Divine Sense ability is inherited from the bloodlines of the Goddess Palace. Let’s hope that Celestial Yuehua isn’t from the Goddess Palace or we may very well be in trouble.”

Ye Jing was startled for this was the very first time that she had heard her mother mentioned about the Goddess Palace. She quickly assured her, “That Celestial Yuehua is actually a Saintess. She had already ascended to the Immortal Realm. I doubt that there will be any troubles.”

When the Lady Consort Ye heard her, she had turned ashen immediately. “She had ascended? She is a Sacred Saint? Child, do you know how many Sacred Saints have ascended in the past 3000 years?”

Ye Jing shook her head. Her celestial clans history had always been very bad.

Lady Consort Ye said, “None. None have ever succeeded. Please tell me more about this ascension that you have seen. What kind of a sight and heavenly tribulation that you have seen?”

So Ye Jing described to her.

After hearing her, Lady Consort Ye was in disbelief. “It sounds too easy and she did not even use any soul jewels. Moreover she must have depleted plenty of her precious celestial energies in order to help you to remould your inner core. And yet, she is still able to make it through the transmigration…”

She paused a while to ponder before adding, “No ordinary celestial practitioner will be able to possess an immortal weapon like she did. I am convinced that she is really from the Goddess Palace. Only the cultivators from the Goddess Palace will be this formidable.”

Ye Jing was mystified, “It is said that the Goddess Palace is one of the three celestial consecrated places in the celestial fraternity but very few have actually been there. These three celestial consecrated places can be described as the Three Lesser Mysteries of the celestial fraternity. Does the Goddess Palace really exist? Where are their cultivators?”

Lady Consort Ye said with trembling lips, “The Goddess Palace really exists. You must be wary of them. Our ancestor escaped from the Goddess Palace 3000 years ago. You must never reveal your bloodline ability to anyone or else the consequences will be severe. Maybe that Saintess Yuehua had a change of benevolent heart because she was going to ascend soon but you must be extra vigilant to guard yourself against the Goddess Palace. The eyes and claws of the Goddess Palace are everywhere in the Celestial Fraternity. Throughout the many years, many of our ancestors were hunted down by them. I had lost your grandmother in this manner and had escaped here.”

Ye Jing could not believe what she was hearing. After a while, she said coldly, “No wonder he is such a badass. He is from the Goddess Palace and he is out to ruin me…”


10 months later, Ye Jing had given birth to a daughter in secret.

Lady Consort Ye was overjoyed and she said to Ye Jing, “Look at your daughter, she is so adorable.”

Ye Jing said coldly, “Hmph! I don’t even want to look at her. Take her away please.”

But when she heard the soft cries of her baby, she could not resist carrying her so she snatched it from her mother. “Hey you, don’t cry.”

Lady Consort Ye smiled weakly, “That is not the way to handle a baby. What should we name her?”

Ye Jing pondered for a while before she smiled warmly, “Ye Fenghuang.”

Lady Consort Ye asked, “Is there any reasoning behind this naming?”

Ye Jing suddenly laughed softly, “That is because I’ve eaten some phoenix eggs on that day…”

Lady Consort Ye smiled weakly, “Phoenix eggs are not for everyone. Really? You have really eaten some?”

All of a sudden Ye Jing was startled, “Weird…”

Lady Consort Ye was alarmed, “What is wrong my child?”

Ye Jing had felt the pulses of her baby and examined her inner core to ensure she was healthy, “Mother, check her inner core.”

Lady Consort Ye examined the baby girl’s inner core with her Divine Sense and was startled, “She is a born Xiantian?”

Ye Jing slowly nodded…

Most celestial cultivators were born Houtian and began practice at the Practitioner level. For a mortal to become a cultivator, they had to train themselves to attain the Houtian level first. It was very difficult and many mortals could only attain Houtian after 60 years old or more.

Once a cultivator reached the Master Practitioner level, they were considered to have attained the Xiantian level.

And this baby was a born Xiantian, rare among even the celestial cultivators. Those who were born Xiantian had a higher potential and could easily attain the Immortal Celestial level or higher as they had much purer inner core. Most of the detrimental impurities were actually accumulated during the Houtian period and were extremely difficult to purify.

As the baby was too young, they could not tell what was her attribute yet.

Lady Consort Ye said, “If she can have your Extreme Negative attribute body and cultivate with your divine sword then there is a chance that she may easily get a breakthrough to the Golden Celestial level…”

Then her voice dropped to a whisper, “Even a Sacred Saint is also a possibility. In the entire history of our celestial clan, other than our Ancestor Patriarch, there were only two other Sacred Saints and the last appearance was over 3000 years ago.”

Ye Jing was not paying any attention to her mother. Instead she was distracted by the baby and she was now trying her best to hold her gently. She held the baby girl as she chuckled happily, “Fenghuang, cheers! Shall your mother sing a lullaby to you huh?”

Lady Consort Ye shook her head, silently thinking. “Child, what you are saying always doesn’t correspond with your heart. You really like your baby even though you don’t want to say it loud.”

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Chapter 6: The Holy Consort

The alluring Ye Jing walked up to the aisle with her mother. Today she was going to be appointed as the Holy Consort of the Holy Citadel City. This was a position of power and this would give her the grandmaster authority over the lives of the 10 000 cultivators in the Holy Citadel City.

The grand hall was huge and there were thousands of protégés and honourable guests from many celestial clans. For the protégés of the Holy Citadel City, only those who could meet the minimum of the Master Practitioner level were allowed to attend.

There were a lot of buzzing and praises.

“Is she the new protégé grandmaster of the Holy Citadel City? What a peerless beauty!”

“So young and yet she is already one of the patriarch celestial leaders of the celestial fraternity.”

“Is she our Holy Consort?”

It was the first time that many of the protégés had ever seen the Holy Consort. It was because she had left at 16 and 5 years had passed. While there were rumors what a ravishing beauty the young Ye Jing was at 16, none had expected that she was this peerless beauty today.

There seemed to be a tinge of sadness in her eyes but her countenance was extremely mesmerizing.

Her mother whispered, “Out of twenty elders, only twelve is here today. It seems that your Uncle Baitian will make a move today. I have heard that he is extremely unhappy about your appointment. Only thirty leaders and elders of the various celestial leaders are here today due to the short notice. Also I have already sent out word to the eight patriarch celestial clans on your appointment to secure support. Don’t worry, you’re the rightful successor so there won’t be too much of an issue securing their nominal support…”

All of a sudden there was a tremendous shout, “Hold it!”

The martial shout was tremendous and everyone was forced to take a step or many back.

It was Celestial Baitian and he had stepped into the hall with many of the clans’ elders. Also with him is an elder from the Divine Sovereign Clan, one of the nine patriarch celestial clans.

When everyone saw him, they had to respectfully address him as Celestial Baitian for he was a Golden Celestial.

“Celestial Baitian, greetings to you!”

“He is Celestial Baitian? The most powerful cultivator in the Holy Citadel City?”

Ye Jing smiled coldly, “I have thought that Uncle Baitian is too buzy cultivating and won’t be able to attend my coronation.”

Celestial Baitian hummed coldly, “Do you still regard me as your uncle? You can’t even be bothered to inform me of your coronation.”

Her mother interrupted gently, “Celestial Baitian, why don’t we wait for the coronation to be finished? Why don’t you join the others…”

Celestial Baitian laughed loudly and coldly, “I am afraid that my niece cannot be appointed Holy Consort today.”

Immediately everyone was buzzing in shock. Even the various leaders and elders of the other celestial clans were also shocked and were exchanging whispers to one another.

Celestial Baitian pointed to the Lofty Pinnacle Divine Sword that was hanging around Ye Jing, “Do you think that you are good enough to lead the Holy Citadel City to future glories? Hand over the inheritance divine sword to me. Don’t force me to draw my sword.”

Ye Jing gripped the Lofty Pinnacle Divine Sword and lamented in her heart, “My uncle has really come to take the grandmaster from me. If I surrender the Lofty Pinnacle Divine Sword then this is as good as surrendering the leadership of the Holy Citadel City to him…”

The Lofty Pinnacle Divine Sword was a high grade earth-step divine sword of the Wood Element. It was the only divine sword that the Holy Citadel City ever got and whoever had it, wielded the leadership authority of the entire Holy Citadel City.

“May I say a word of fairness?”

Everyone turned to see that it was Elder Yuan Xiao of the Divine Sovereign Clan that had spoken. He had come with Celestial Baitian.

Elder Yuan Xiao laughed softly, “Selecting the leadership of a celestial clan is an important matter. Naturally everyone wants to see the clan is in a capable hand. Celestial Baitian had overcome the life and death tribulations of the Immortal Celestial to attain as a Golden Celestial. He is young, having many more centuries of lifespan. With no major tribulations for a long time, he can bring glory to the Holy Citadel City and earns the respects of the various patriarch celestial clans…”

Ye Jing interrupted coldly, “Elder Yuan Xiao. This is our clan internal matter. Thank you for your consideration.”

It was obvious that Celestial Baitian and Elder Yuan Xiao were in cahoots with each other.

But Elder Yuan Xiao continued to say, “But on the other hand, Maiden Ye Jing is just coming of age and I have never heard of someone this young that has ever taken on the leadership role in the celestial fraternity. Moreover the Holy Citadel City needs a strong bloodline like Celestial Baitian…”

Both Ye Jing and her mother said angrily, “That is enough!”

But Elder Yuan Xiao silenced their shouts as blue martial force flared around him, “Do you know the rules of the celestial fraternity? I am a peaked Immortal Celestial. How dare mere Enlighten Celestials interrupt me like this? If you insult me then you are also insulting the Divine Sovereign Clan!”

Immediately the elders that were standing on the side of Ye Jing began to grow afraid. That was because only a handful of the elders had attained as an Immortal Celestial and most of them were only on the levels of the Enlighten Celestials.

Moreover the Divine Sovereign Clan was in the top 3 of the patriarch celestial clans and they had numerous celestial experts while the Holy Citadel City was at the bottom 3…

Ye Jing held back her tears as a burst of martial force enveloped and lifted her two feet into the air. It was also blue!

Only those that reached the Immortal Celestial level had visible blue martial auras and could levitate while those on the Golden Celestial level had golden eyes and golden auras.

Celestial Baitian raised an eyebrow. It was because he had expected the mother and daughter to be only mere Enlighten Celestials. Also, only an intermediate Immortal Celestial could have the spiritual strength to levitate with their martial aura. He thought, “She has some rare treasures that can fake her aura and gives her the power of levitation?”

There were uproars from everyone when they had witnessed the Holy Consort’s aura.

“The Holy Consort is also an Immortal Celestial?”

“Is it possible at such a young age?”

“Normally that will take at least 100 years or more.”

Elder Yuan Xiao was also surprised that Ye Jing was on the same celestial level as him and was instantly speechless…

Ye Jing spoke coldly, “Today is supposed to be my happy occasion and my coronation. I know that I am young and there are many doubtful voices. But like everyone else, I’m also striving very hard to meet expectations. My benevolent father had passed away too early…”

She was suddenly emotional, “I wish to carry on the legacy of my father and to carry on his unfinished wishes.”

Her mesmerizing movements and voice had immediately swayed many to her as support. Moreover she had displayed herself as an Immortal Celestial, a qualifying factor in determining her potential strength.

Celestial Baitian did not expect to see that the mood would swing to his niece so he enveloped himself with a thunderous bursting golden aura to show off his martial power and might. The golden aura of the Golden Celestial had always been so imposing and awe inspiring that several of the weaker people in the hall were floored by it.

“This is the golden aura of the Golden Celestials!”

“It is so pressurizing and suffocating!”

Celestial Baitian spoke coldly as he raised his hand, “Surrender the divine sword now. I promise to treat mother and daughter with kindness. Don’t force me to draw my sword. You know that it is impossible for you to damage my golden body even with a divine sword in your hands. Your martial power is simply beneath me.”

Ye Jing asked, “What if I don’t?”

Celestial Baitian said coldly, “Then we shall duel. The elders of the clan shall be our witnesses. But of course, I don’t want to come to blow with you or this will be a matter of bullying.”

Ye Jing pursed her lips, “It is no different from bullying me outright.”

Indeed. Many that were in the hall were clenching their fists and tightening their swords. It was because they could see that Celestial Baitian was forcing his will upon the Holy Consort Ye Jing but they were powerless to act.

In this hall, no one had the power to challenge a Golden Celestial.

In the entire celestial fraternity, there were no more than a hundred of the Golden Celestials and the power disparity between an Immortal Celestial and a Golden Celestial was like the heaven and the earth!

Ye Jing said miserably, “We shall duel…”

The minute she had said that, many in the hall had turned ashen.

Even her mother quickly pulled her sleeves, “Jing’Er, we find a mountain and cultivate there. Let us go.”

Celestial Baiting seemed to be waiting for this word and did not hesitate to draw his beaming white sword in a flash of resonating sonic wave. The sword energies that were imbued into his sword was glaring and too frightening, causing everyone around him to move away from him.

He smiled, “Perhaps this is the best way to decide things. Draw your sword.”

Ye Jing surrendered the Lofty Pinnacle Divine Sword to her mother, “Help me to hold this.”

Everyone, including the Celestial Baiting was surprised that she did not use the divine sword. It was because if there was a hope of hurting the golden body of a Golden Celestial then it must be through a divine sword. Only a divine sword can help to balance the differences between their disparities.

Her mother quickly said, “Jing’Er, this divine sword is your only hope…”

Ye Jing smiled weakly, “I have a divine sword of my choice already.” With that, she took out a sword from her jade belt. “This is my Revelation Divine Sword.”

Almost everyone was startled, including Celestial Baitian. There was another divine sword?

Ye Jing slowly unsheathed her beaming divine sword with a resonating wave and the brilliant flare of her sword seemed to be draining the vitality of everyone in the hall.

Everyone could see that it was really a divine sword for only a divine sword could resonate with such awe-inspiring presence. Not only was this a divine sword but it was also an extreme negative divine sword that could sap away the vitalities of the opponents. The power of her divine sword was further enhanced by the fact it was a superior grade heaven-step divine sword!

Elder Yuan Xiao was stunned, “A superior grade heaven-step extreme negative divine sword!”

Even for a peaked Immortal Celestial like himself, without a divine sword in his hands, it was difficult for him to overcome an opponent with such a sword.

Ye Jing’s mother was stunned, “When did Jing’Er have such a wondrous divine sword?”

Everyone had heard that the Holy Consort was of the extreme negative attribute. This type of negative attribute was 30% stronger than someone with a pure negative attribute. And a pure negative attribute was stronger than a typical negative attribute by another 30%. Therefore her extreme negative celestial strength was 60% stronger than a typical negative attribute.

However because it was really difficult to find a corresponding attribute sword then the celestial energies that go into the sword would drop by ½. If it was other attributes then it can even drop to ¼.

Therefore, the Lofty Pinnacle Divine Sword in her hand was in actuality less powerful than an extreme negative precious sword.

On the other hand, if the same attribute sword could be found, then her celestial energies could increase. The increase was 30% for a normal sword, 60% for a precious sword and 90% for a divine sword, assuming that these increases were heaven-step grade. For earth-step, it would be 20%, 40% and 60% while for the half-step it would be just 10%, 20% and 30%.

Of course there were many factors as well but these were the typical standard in calculating an opponent’s strength.

In the hands of Ye Jing, her divine sword had the power to raise her celestial strength potential by 150% or 2.5 times. Since celestial strength and martial power was related, the strength of her martial power also had the potential of 2.5 times depending on her techniques.

That was why when Yuan Xiao saw her divine sword, he was stunned.

Celestial Baitian was startled and thought, “Where did she borrow that divine sword from?”

But he quickly regained his composure with a cold smile, “I didn’t know that niece has such a wondrous treasure. Unfortunately you are but a lowly Immortal Celestial. Your celestial strength is limited and moreover by attaining to this level at such a young age, your inner core must be terribly mess up. You may be able to pull a few fast ones with me but afterwards when your celestial energies begin to reverse, you will be soundly defeated. Uncle will be nice to you and give you a last chance to repent.”

Ye Jing’s eyes looked at everyone in the hall. Slowly she said, “I don’t know if I will be alive later but for the sake of my late father, I hope that my dignity will be preserved later.”

With that she had taken steps to the middle of the hall.

Many in the hall were instantly guilt stricken and were cursing themselves for being so useless and helpless. Even though many wanted to openly support the Holy Consort but if Celestial Baitian were to become the Holy Sovereign, then they would lose their positions and everything. It was a gambit that they dare not afford to make.

Celestial Baitian had also made a move to the middle of the hall and the duel was about to start!

Ye Jing had never expected to fight against a Golden Celestial. Under normal circumstances, she would have no courage to do so.

Celestial Baitian said coolly, “I will let my niece makes the first move as a junior.”

Ye Jing immediately displayed the Swallow Slash, charging forward suddenly.

Celestial Baitian smirked coldly and blocked off effortlessly with his sword. He did not follow up an attack even though he knew that Ye Jing would tumble backward after this stroke was done.

Ye Jing was instantly alarmed by this quick test. She had used the Swallow Slash to gauge the martial power of her forward attack and in order to know their power disparity. Even with her divine sword, he had blocked off her attack effortless.

Just when she was about to make her next move, Celestial Baitian suddenly release a series of sword energies bursts on her, causing her to move seven steps back even as she fended off the sword energies with her sword.

Celestial Baitian laughed coldly, “Niece I pity you. Don’t tell me you are not able to use sword energies yet?”

Ye Jing blushed, either admitting or denying it.

Celestial Baitian said, “Normally those who are on the Immortal Celestial level will be able to utilize their celestial energies to display sword energies. You must have advance too quickly and have not picked up the sword energies techniques yet.”

It was true. Ye Jing had indeed advanced too quickly and she did not have the time to practice on any sword energies techniques.

That was also the power disparities between an Immortal Celestial and an Enlighten Celestial. An Immortal Celestial would look down on an Enlighten Celestial because they would not display any sword energies and had to rely on their martial power.

Without the use of sword energies, it was difficult to penetrate through the golden aura of a Golden Celestial and Ye Jing knew it; his golden aura would absorb most of her martial power and techniques.

But she did not want to give up yet and continued to make her attacks.

She displayed the sword strokes of her master the Lofty Lady of the Nine Flute more than the sword strokes of the Holy Citadel City. It was because her uncle was too familiar with the swordplay of the Holy Citadel City and could easily negate her strokes.

After exchanging thirty strokes, Ye Jing was sweating and her aura had weakened while Celestial Baitian was still as imposing as ever.

Celestial Baitian growled silently, “She is tougher than I’ve expected. Her handlings of her sword strokes are precise and she knows her weakness. With every stroke that we have exchanged, her damn divine sword seems to sap away some of my celestial strength. Luckily I am a Golden Celestial so the effect of her divine sword isn’t bothering me too much. While her offensive is excellent but I don’t understand why her defensive is equally as strong? Her inner core should be weak but yet she is still able to absorb my sword energies…”

All of a sudden he had seen the weakening of her aura and immediately he had unleashed a piercing stroke through her defences, striking her down with a bloody slash!

Everyone was gasping with shock.

Ye Jing did not expect a miracle to happen and she knew that she had done her best. She just did not have the boundless endurance to fight a Golden Celestial. Moreover no one had ever heard of an Immortal Celestial defeating a Golden Celestial in a straight one to one combat.

“Jing’Er!” Her mother cried out to her.

If a person had a death wish, then Ye Jing’s death wish now was a silent curse. “I hate you Xiaofang!”

If her mother could hear her then she would be shocked because she was supposed to hate the Celestial Baitian.

Celestial Baitian smirked coldly, “It is over. I have won.”

He thought, “If she is alive then she will be a future threat. Better for me to finish her once and for all.”

So he raised his sword to her neck and just as he was about to deliver a death knell to her, his sword broke in mid-air by a sword arc. Not only that but his golden body was breeched and he was sent flying backward!

Celestial Baitian could not believe what had happening and when he got up, he was startled to see a masked young lad standing next to the fallen Ye Jing.

Not only Celestial Baitian but everyone in the hall was also stunned to see that this masked young lad had sent Celestial Baitian flying just by waving his sword!

This masked young lad had a refined air around him. His eyes were also deep and mesmerizing.

What was stunning was neither his refined air nor the fact that he had wounded Celestial Baitian but the low grade half-step immortal sword that was in his hands. The divine aura of this immortal sword was too imposing and everyone was staring at it blankly.

No one here had ever seen an immortal sword before. There were maybe 2-3 immortal weapons around but no one had ever heard who had got one. The appearance of an immortal weapon could easily spark a war between the celestial clans.

It was said that 3000 years ago, the appearance of an immortal sword from the Gods’ Realm had caused the destruction of nearly a quarter of all the celestial clans and no one really knows who got it in the end.

And this immortal sword was also the extreme positive type and it was glowing with the eight elements array as evidenced by the rainbow hues on the sword. If a sword had an eight elements array, it would mean that anyone of any element would be able to gain the enhancements from the sword!

Ye Jing could feel the killing intent that was from Celestial Baitian. When it had suddenly disappeared, she was surprised. She forced her eyes to open and saw a familiar looking lad in front of her. Even though he was masked but she had recognized the immortal sword that was in his hands.

She cursed silently, “Have you come to mock my downfall, Xiaofang?”

The masked young lad said coldly to Celestial Baitian, “You shall not touch Big Sister Jing, got it?”

Celestial Baitian was a little amused and just as he was about to rebuke him, he coughed out a bout of blood as two of his meridians had suddenly snapped!

These two important meridians were the foundation meridians of his golden body. Without his golden body, he would not summon his golden aura and his fighting level would drop to that of the Immortal Celestial.

Startled, he looked around him and saw that there were hostilities from everyone.

The masked young lad added as he bended over to examine Ye Jing to pop a pill into her mouth, “If anything happens to her, I will surely kill you and not let you live.”

With another hand, he had closed the wound that was on her. He whispered gently to her, “You will be alright. While my healing focus is weaker than my mother but I promise you that it will leave behind no scars. You will need to sleep for a while.”

For the first time Celestial Baitian was truly terrified and he knew that this young lad really meant what he had said. Moreover for someone that possessed an immortal sword in his hands and that he could even wound a Golden Celestial, he knew that his threats were not to be taken lightly.

Therefore he said to Elder Yuan Xiao, “Let’s go. We have lost.”

Ye Jing’s mother had taken a step toward the masked young lad to thank him but the masked young lad seemed to be afraid of something. Before anyone could stop him, he had dashed to the nearest window and had disappeared.

Many of the curious onlookers immediate rushed to the windows to see where he was going and were stunned to see that he had taken flight on a gigantic four winged blue dragon!

This four winged blue dragon was an 8th rank desolate saint beast!

The many parts of this desolate beast could be made into various rare items and alchemy!

“Who is he?”

“He seems to know the Holy Consort?”

“Only a heroic hero is a match for a peerless beauty like the Holy Consort.”

From this day onward, the stories of a mysterious masked lad with an immortal sword began to spread like wildfire throughout the entire celestial fraternity…

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Chapter 5: The Holy Citadel City

Ye Jing was about to approach the mountain peak of the Holy Citadel City and her feelings were mixed. She had bade farewell to her Celestial Teacher the Lofty Lady of the Nine Flutes after cultivating with her for 5 years to take up the Holy Consort position of the Holy Citadel City. Her father, the previous Holy Sovereign of the Holy Citadel City had passed away 3 years earlier in a failed attempt to overcome the Golden Celestial boundaries which would make him an enviable Golden Celestial.

She was grieved and mourned for her father for 3 years. She was his only daughter and she loved her father so much. He was a loving father but she knew that he was constantly anxious about the survival of the Holy Citadel City and so she rarely got to see him.

Like many of the celestial clans, the Holy Citadel City was situated on a mountain peak that was rich in spiritual veins and this rich source of spiritual veins was suitable for the cultivators to cultivate their inner cores.

The Holy Citadel City was not a real city. It was a celestial clan and many of the celestial clans had chosen to name their clans differently and even had their own titles. It had only a population of twenty thousands and around ten thousands were cultivators.

Further away from the mountain peak of the Holy Citadel City, were five cities that surrounded it. These cities were directly under the influences of the Holy Citadel City and every year potential cultivators from these five cities would come to the Holy Citadel City to take the trial to be a real cultivator.

The Holy Citadel City was one of the nine patriarch celestial clans in the Nine Celestial Fraternity and stronger than most of the second tier celestial clans. But it was also the weakest among the nine patriarch celestial clans. The number one patriarch celestial clans, the Ancient Ascension Sect had more than thirty thousand cultivators and numerous cultivator talents.

The Ancient Ascension Sect was the leader of the nine patriarch celestial clans, the beacon of light against the other powerful influences of the celestial fraternity like the dark celestial clans. Currently the number one dark celestial clan was the Scarlet Heretic Sect, one of the three heretic major sects.

Beside powerful influences like the Scarlet Heretic Sect, there were also the three celestial consecrated places in the outer celestial fraternity that were not to be underestimated. They were the Goddess Palace, the Devil Isle and the Melancholy Valley. For thousands of years, thousands of righteous cultivators and dark cultivators had attempted to demystify these three celestial consecrated places but the few survivors could only bring back stories of horrors.

There were even major expeditions by the previous strong leaders of the celestial fraternity, be it the righteous celestial clans or the heretic celestial clans but the results were always a total failure.

Since the cultivators of these three consecrated celestial clans did not appear to intervene in the affairs of the celestial fraternity and were all situated in the extreme polarities of the outer celestial fraternity, the celestial fraternity at large did not view them as an immediate threat compared to their more immediate rivals.

Ye Jing made landfall on the platform of the inner court and she was immediately greeted by an elegant lady and several maids.

That was her mother, the Lady Consort Ye.

Her mother smiles gently, “My daughter is all grown up now. Isn’t that Yu’Er? She seems to be bigger now and more beautiful now.”

Yu’Er shrieked happily with the praises. As a divine beast, she could understand the human emotions and she knew that she was being praised upon.

Ye Jing immediately greeted, “Mother, your daughter pays my respect to you. How are things going on your side?”

Her mother smiled gently and whispered as she ushered her into the palace, “I have missed you so much, my child. It is nigh time that you take the appointment of the Holy Consort and this matter shouldn’t be delayed.”

Ye Jing nodded quietly.

Her mother had already told her via a secret transmission slip that the elders of the clan had wanted to appoint her Uncle Ye Baitian as the Holy Sovereign instead of her. Her uncle was a Golden Celestial and some of the elders felt that the Holy Citadel City had a better future with him as their leader. After all, she was a lowly Enlighten Celestial plus she was really too young. That was why she had forced herself to attain as an Immortal Celestial at a terrible price to her future attainment.

Her mother said, “In three days’ time, we will hold the ceremony for your appointment. Usually for such an important occasion, we ought to invite the other major celestial clans but we have no more time. Your uncle is too ambitious for me to handle and he had…”

She hesitated for a while before whispering, “He had tried to make several overturns to me. I am afraid that…”

Ye Jing held her mother’s hand gently, “I understand…please don’t worry.”

Her mother nodded with bleary eyes and said, “Child, your room and your practice room are already prepared. You may want to have a little rest first?”

Ye Jing said gently, “I’m not tired. I will like to go to the practice room first. I have some meditations to ponder upon.”

Her mother nodded, “I will go and announce your homecoming to the elders and the immediate allies first.”

Ye Jing said, “Thank you mother…”

After watching her mother disappeared from view, she muttered. “It must be hard on mother all these years.”

With a sad sigh, she proceeded to the practice room and seated herself on the meditating bed.

She took out the Revelation Divine Sword. It was an extreme negative divine sword and her attribute was also the extreme negative. It was difficult to obtain a sword of the extreme negative attribute moreover this was also a divine sword. Not just a divine sword but also a superior grade divine sword. Normally the grade of an item would have a half-step, earth-step and a heaven-step denoted to it. A superior grade would mean a heaven-step. High grade would mean earth-step while a half-step would mean a low grade quality.

Negative precious swords were actually quite common. Her first sword was of the negative type. However to further refine a negative type to pure negative type was very difficult, having a 1 in 100 success rate. To further refine a pure negative type to extreme negative type was another 1 in 100 success rate. So one could imagine how unobtainable an extreme negative sword was. To craft one extreme negative sword, 10 000 precious swords must be sacrificed.

A superior grade, heaven step extreme negative precious sword would require 10 000 superior grade heaven step negative precious sword to begin with. Even a rich clan like the Holy Citadel City could not afford a single extreme negative precious sword for her. It was worth 10 Yu’Er!

She cursed herself for having such an unreasonable attribute.

But now she had an extreme negative heaven-step divine sword in her hands. Her fingers were trembling as she took out the Revelation Divine Sword.

Without a corresponding same attribute treasure, the flow of cultivating would be reduced drastically. For example, if she were to use a negative sword to cultivate her extreme negative inner core, she would only absorb spiritual force at a ¼ rate. If she had a pure negative sword then it will be a ½ rate. If she had a corresponding attribute, then the absorb rate will be unobstructed.

Currently she was using a pure negative attribute earth-step precious sword and the spiritual force absorb rate is 1/2.

Furthermore each time a cultivator overcomes a celestial stage, it gets increasing difficult to absorb spiritual force, increasing at a rate of factor of 1 and the spiritual boundaries would double. Every celestial level had 3 celestial stages, initial, intermediate and upper tier.

When she had just overcome the Enlighten Celestial to the Immortal Celestial level, she had already gambled with everything that she had got to increase the strength of her inner core and to expand her spiritual boundaries.

No matter what price she had to pay, she had to overcome the limitations of the Enlighten Celestial to become an Immortal Celestial as soon as possible. She did not care if she would be struck forever. This caused her spiritual force absorption rate to slow down tremendously to a point that she could barely cultivate.

But she did not care. She had managed to attain the Immortal Celestial level, a crucial level that could allow her to raise her status and to protect her mother.

By a miraculous encounter with the Celestial Yuehua, her inner core impurities were removed and now she was able to cultivate again. Moreover she was now in the intermediate Immortal Celestial level after absorbing the spiritual force of Celestial Yuehua’s ascension. She was probably one of the youngest cultivators to be able to attain to this level and until now she was still finding it impossible to believe.

But when she thought of Dugu Fang, she began to sob uncontrollably.

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Chapter 4: Unmemorable Meal

While Ye Jing was in mid-air, she was guilt stricken and whispered to Yu’Er, “Am I too harsh to the boy? He has just lost his mother and now he is all alone. Is he able to take care of himself?”

But Yu’Er did not reply to her and happily soared in the heavens, happy to get away from that place.

Ye Jing was annoyed and she slapped Yu’Er back hard, “Are you even listening? We are now going back.”

And she issued a stern command, “Let’s turn back.”

Yu’Er shrieked unhappily but she made a U-turn anyway.

When Ye Jing returned to the hut, the lad was staring at the pavilion where his mother was last seen, “Hello…”

Xiaofang was delighted and he immediately ran to her, hugging her tightly…

Ye Jing was startled and flustered. It was because she had never been hugged in this manner by a man before.

She gently pushed him away, “That’s enough. Today is your birthday, am I right? Why don’t I cook something nice for you?”

Xiaofang had tears rolling on his cheeks, “Thank you Big Sister Jing…”

Ye Jing smiled gently, “But I must warn you. I will still be leaving afterward. I am really buzy, you know.”

Xiaofang nodded many times in appreciation.

She patted him gently on his head and marched to the kitchen, “Wait for me in the dining hall. In the meantime go prepare some good wines. Don’t tell me you don’t have many. I’ve already seen your collection.”

She pushed Yu’Er gently to the side, “Stop following me. Go one side and find some worms to eat.”

Yu’Er shrieked unhappily but when she caught sight of a fish in the pool, she immediately jumped into the pool and started to play in the pools delightfully.

She said exasperatedly, “Don’t drown while I am away, you stupid bird…”

She ignored Yu’Er and went into the kitchen.

She made a quick search. The kitchen was ordinary but there were many vegetables hanging around.

She had even found a few big ruby eggs, “Good. Eggs with vegetables. How excellent!”

She quickly made a fire with the woods that she had found.

In no time she had whipped several delicious dishes, “Who says that cultivators don’t have the time for the kitchen?”

When she had entered the dining hall, Xiaofang had already prepared several jars of aromatic wines.

She was all smiles as she carried the dishes inside, “It will be a meal that you won’t forget!”

Xiaofang was already salivating as he looked at the delicious looking dishes. As soon as the dishes were put down, he had already grabbed a chopstick to sample. He shouted, “Big Sister Jing, that is so tasty. Your cooking surpasses my mother by leaps and bounds!”

Ye Jing laughed softly and she was glad that Xiaofang had liked her cooking. “Then eat more please and don’t waste my efforts.”

Xiaofang nodded as he stuffed more food into his mouth.

She served him a cup of wine and raised her own wine cup, “Come. Let us toast to our cultivation future and our chance encounter!”

Xiaofang took the cup and said happily, “Toast to Big Sister Jing!”

And so, they started to eat, drink and had trivial chats.

After some time Xiaofang asked, “Big Sister Jing, I really like the eggs that you have cooked. They are so delicious. Where do you get it? May I have some to cook myself tomorrow?”

Ye Jing laughed softly, “Silly lad. I took from your kitchen. There are just six of the eggs and I have all cooked it. I am afraid that you have to harvest more yourself.”

All of a sudden she noticed that there was an agonizing expression on Xiaofang. She asked, “What’s wrong Xiaofang?”

Slowly Xiaofang replied, “Nothing. These six eggs are phoenix eggs. Mother gave it to me so that I could try to hatch them.”

Ye Jing was stunned. What have she done!

She had eaten many kinds of eggs but never eggs that were this expensive…

A phoenix egg was worth quite a lot in the auctions. Usually it was beyond the affordability of a three and second tier celestial clan. If a phoenix could be hatched then it would really be priceless. Yu’Er was the only phoenix in her clan and she had obtained after much difficulty…

She was immediately sheepish, “I…I…”

The mood had suddenly gone sour.

“Come, let’s drink to our hearts’ content and forget all the unhappiness.” That was what she could say at this moment.

After a while it was just drinking after drinking, one wine urn after another was opened as they started to drink themselves silly.

Next morning when she got up, she was in a shock. She was lying naked with Xiaofang on a bed. What had happened last night? She totally cannot remember…

When she saw the blood stain on the bed, she knew that she had lost her chastity. She burst into silent tears, quickly grabbed her clothing and ran off…

“Xiaofang, I hate you! Don’t ever let me see you again!”

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