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Chapter 223: The Trial of the Mountains (2)

After the Dark Robe Ferryman had leapt down a ridge across to the other side of the mountain, he had sped through between two mountains.

But all the cultivators, including Ji Yuan had all halted in their steps.

It was because they had suddenly spotted dozens of gigantic desolate spider monsters on the other side.

These desolate spider monsters are called the Hundred Eyes Weavers and they are all fifth rank profound desolate monsters; they are slow moving unless they were attacked and their reactions to being attacked were swift. They are so swift that they can be considered sixth rank desolate monsters when they are being attacked.

One must know that even a fifth desolate monster can kill even a saint if they are careless because the sharp talons of these gigantic Hundred Eyes Weavers can penetrated through even through the most formidable profound animus of the cultivators.

No matter how strong the profound strength of a cultivator is, desolate monsters are on a different league with these ferocious desolate monsters which are superior in all aspects.

In order to kill even a mid-level desolate monster, all the golden celestials have to put forth all their profound skills to the tests. If they are careless and stand still then they will be killed in the next instant.

That is why besides the seven cultivation realm level of the cultivators, there is also the three cultivation stages and the ten cultivation steps.

The ten cultivation steps are often neglected because it is hard to measure. For example, when a cultivation is not making an offensive, the cultivation offensive step is often 0. When the cultivation offensive step is 0, the cultivator will be doing 0 damage no matter how high his cultivation realm level and stage is because everything multiply by 0 will be 0.

But when a cultivator uses his sword to attack something, his cultivation step will increase to 3 for example. This is due to his basic sword training and his innate experience in combat in making an offensive. If the cultivator is making a powerful offensive, his offensive cultivation step will increase to 4 or 5 depending on how powerful his profound art is.

The cultivation step is hard to measure because it is invisible to the cultivators. Every cultivation step is twice as difficult to advance than the last step.

Therefore the average cultivator will only have a cultivation step of 3. And it can even be worse.

Ji Yuan used to have a cultivation soul step of only 1.5, far below the average step of the average cultivator.

Ji Yuan was now looking at the dozens of Hundred Eyes Weavers as he muttered. “So we have to go through the legs of these Hundred Eyes Weavers? How do we know if these monsters won’t attack us all of a sudden?”

Mu Wan’Er was also afraid as she nodded. “These Hundred Eyes Weavers aren’t blind for sure. In fact, they have dozens of eyes on their legs and that are why they are known as the Hundred Eyes Weavers.”

Ling Feiyue agreed with her as she nodded. “They react once the cultivators are within their striking range. These desolate monsters are actually cunning monsters and are luring the cultivators into a false sense of complacency.”

Many of the cultivators nearby were all agreeing with her.

“With so many of us, these Hundred Eyes Weavers are not blind to our presence…”

“So should we go jump across to the other side of the ridge or?”

But at the same time many of the cultivators were also panicky because the dark robe ferryman was fast vanishing soon as he continued to march forward without stopping.

All the cultivators know that they had to make a decision now or never.

Feng Minyue whispered to Ji Yuan and his group. “It is impossible for us not to alert these desolate monsters. They are only faking their immobilization to lure us into a false sense of security. However, we can speed through to them. But this is risky and will depend on our skill in evading them. I will advise that the weaker cultivators to give up on this trial…”

But Ji Yuan said as he leapt forward across the ridge. “There is no time to lose. We may not be able to beat all of them but we can definitely intimidate them into retreating.”

Immediately he had unsheathed his immortal sword and the powerful animus of his divine sword immediately awed all the cultivators, including the Hundred Eyes Weavers.

“He has an immortal-step divine sword?!”

“Who is he?”

“He is not just a pretty face?”

“In order to have an immortal-step divine sword, he must have a most impressive background…”

In several blinks of an eye, Ji Yuan had lifted his immortal-step divine sword and the double halo of his sword was like the burning sun as the sword spirit on his forehead augmented the profound power of his profound strength.

Ji Yuan muttered. “I don’t care about the rest but I can’t afford to have injuries to happen to my own group…”

Then he said coldly. “Since you want to pretend to be immobilized then you don’t mind sacrificing some of your numbers here?”

When he had finished speaking, there was a brilliant light on his divine sword that flashed forth like a coiling dragon that immediately struck more than ten desolate monsters in a straight line and instantly annihilating them!

“What is that profound attack?!”

“I have never seen anything like this before?”

“This profound energies is a mixture of sword energies and pure profound energies…”

Ji Yuan had unleashed his Heavenly Light of the Coiling Dragon and he had created an instant devastating effect as he scattered the remaining Hundred Eyes Weavers.

In that instant, Bai Qianfeng had also flashed next to Ji Yuan as she displayed her own immortal-step divine sword and she had displayed her profound animus.

As she is a power cultivator, the profound power of her profound animus coupled together with her immortal-step divine sword had a fearsome hold on the remaining Hundred Eyes Weavers as it caused them to retreat slowly.

Ji Yuan saw that the Hundred Eyes Weavers were afraid of Bai Qianfeng as he smiled weakly. “Well, your act is more impressive than me.”

Bai Qianfeng smiled as she gently caught hold of Ji Yuan’s arm. “Without my lord’s earlier stunning display, these Hundred Eyes Weavers will not retreat so easily. You are the trigger point. Your Qianfeng is only good at intimidating them only after you have done the main action.”

“Haha. Qianfeng, you really know how to please me.” Ji Yuan laughed.

When the other cultivators saw that Ji Yuan and Bai Qianfeng had cleared a path for them, all the cultivators did not hesitate anymore and they were all leaping across the ridge to the other side.

Ji Yuan and Bai Qianfeng remained in position on the left and right side of the path as they flashed their immortal-step divine swords in a threatening gesture to intimidate the dozens of Hundred Eyes Weavers while the cultivators ran past them.

Many of the cultivators were bowing with their hands to Ji Yuan and Bai Qianfeng as they ran past them, offering their heartfelt thanks.

Feng Minyue, Little Princess, Shui Xisi, Ling Feiyue and Mu Wan’Er remained with Ji Yuan and Bai Qianfeng to reinforce them in case of any emergencies.

Luckily the Hundred Eyes Weavers did not attack.

Soon all the remaining cultivators had ran past Ji Yuan and had quickly disappeared in the trails ahead.

Ji Yuan laughed as he said to Feng Minyue. “You are not going ahead?”

Feng Minyue lowered her eyes to say. “I’m in no hurry.”

Ling Feiyue sighed softly as she gave Ji Yuan a hard kick. “You have used up one trump card for everyone. Is it worth it?”

Ji Yuan grinned. “For you, it is worth it.”

Ling Feiyue: …

Little Princess giggled softly. “Come, let’s go or we won’t be able to catch up the dark robe ferryman.”

“Yea.” Shui Xisi agreed.

Ji Yuan nodded as he ran together with his group but his eyes were still watching the nearby Hundred Eyes Weavers.

Shui Xisi was sighing silently to herself as she watched Ji Yuan’s back. “He is really a gentleman of the sword…he has actually used his profound strength to benefit everyone…”

Although Ji Yuan did not know the majority of the cultivators here and he knew that they were even badmouthing him earlier but he was not a petty man. His main objectives were to follow the dark robe ferryman and to ensure the safety of his own party.

Feng Minyue was also gasping quietly as she watched Ji Yuan intently; I’ve always thought that the cultivators from the Desolate Celestial Fraternity are all barbarians. There is actually a heroic cultivator among them?

There were many cultivators that would rather preserve their own profound strength for real contingencies as it was difficult for the cultivator to recover their profound strength in the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth.

As a matter of fact, many would rather watch while the other cultivators suffer, preferring to go elsewhere for another trial. After all, it was always good to eliminate the competition.

But for Ji Yuan, he had cleared the path for his competitors without a second thought.

Feng Minyue rolled her eyes as she pondered. “What kind of a man is this Ji Yuan?”

She also had another question as she watched Bai Qianfeng. “And who is this maiden? She also wields an immortal sword.”

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Chapter 222: The Trial of the Mountains (1)

The cave was not huge.

As a matter of fact when Ji Yuan and his group had entered the cave, in less than an hour they had quickly exited the cave to the other side.

There was only a single passage and it was more like a tunnel.

On the other side of the cave, they soon came to a ridge and on this ridge was a golden bridge to the other side.

And on the other side were a hundred cultivators that were meditating.

The dark robe ferryman was seen on the other side and it seemed that he had an unhappy countenance.

When Ji Yuan and his group had crossed over to the other side, the dark robe ferryman muttered in the usual eerie tone. “You have passed the first trial.”

He could not resist adding. “There seem to be a little too many for the second trial…”

Ji Yuan and his group of course knew what he was referring to; they were not supposed to know that the real trial exit was actually below the chasm. A freak accident by an evil cultivator had caused the majority of the cultivators to pass the first trial and they had the dead cultivator to thank for.

The trial was designed to test all the cultivators regardless of their realm cultivation level. Moreover this was the first level of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth and the expectations were for the fifth realm cultivators to pass.

Many of the cultivators had noticed Feng Minyue by now because she had forgotten to put on her veil after her swim and they were all looking in her direction as well as the direction of the other maidens in Ji Yuan’s group.

As Ji Yuan walked to join the existing group of cultivators, many of them could not resist passing a comment.

“Who is he?”

“Why is he in a company of a group of maidens?”

“He must be a lecherous man…”

“Maybe he is a eunuch. He has no beard at all…”

“His facial is too clean; he has to be a eunuch.”

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

I am a eunuch? Just because I have a beautiful face and is beardless?!

He suppressed the urge to bash the nearest cultivator that was commenting at him. After all, he did not want to end up in a fight with so many unruly cultivators.

So he could not grin and said with a soft sigh. “I have no other choice. These maidens are attracted to my beautiful looks and are following me. No matter how hard I am trying to shake them off, I cannot stop them from following me. I must be the most pitiful man in the entire Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth right now. Alas…sigh…”

The rest of the cultivators: …

The maidens in his group: …

Everyone was cursing him now; shameless! Thick skin! Egoistic! Narcissistic!

Ji Yuan laughed as he found an empty spot to stand.

Behind Ji Yuan’s group were the sights of thirty more cultivators; they too had jumped down behind Ji Yuan’s group into the chasm.

After a while, the dark robe cultivator echoed to everyone. “The rest of the cultivators have failed this trial and they will not be coming here anymore.”

Everyone was gasping; around twenty cultivators had failed one way or another.

The dark robe cultivator seemed to be frowning. “A little too many of you seem to have passed the first trial by an accidental act but I wonder how many of you will pass the second part of this trial.”

As he spoke, there were two portals that had appeared; one green and one golden.

“If you want to leave this trial, take the green trial and you will be rewarded for completing the first part of the trial. But if you want to stay in a safe place till the end of the entire Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth, you may take the golden portal.”

Then with an eerie laugh. “But if you want to take the second part of this trial which won’t be easy at all, you may follow me.”

As he laughed, he waited for the rest of the cultivators to pick the blue portal and the golden portal but none of the cultivators had made a move.

The dark robe ferryman: …

The dark robe ferryman: …

The dark robe ferryman: …

These cultivators were all the cream of the crop that had volunteered to enter the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth. They were all here for the profound treasures of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth and they were not here to be a coward. Many of them even had the ambitions to reach to the highest level of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth.

As a matter of fact, a third of these cultivators are of the sixth realm level and above and they are all eager to reach the third level of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth where the profound treasures are rarer and more astonishing.

The dark robe ferryman muttered. “Then follow me.”

As he said that, he began to run through the narrow ridges of the mountains. “That is, if you able to catch up with me.”

In a blink of an eye, he was already very far and almost vanished to a dot!

Immediately all the cultivators were startled as they began to run after him panicky.

“Don’t stop or we’ll lose track of him!”

“There is a heavy fog in these mountains. If we do not catch up with him, we may become lost!”

“Get out of my way!”

“Stop staring; go after him immediately!”

Ji Yuan and his group had reacted almost immediately and they were among the first group of cultivators that were right behind the dark robe ferryman.

Mu Wan’Er was startled that her group was all experts in their lightless movement profound arts and they had no issue following the dark robe ferryman.

As a matter of fact, she seemed to be the slowest.

The dark ferryman was just walking rapidly but his strides were broad and he seemed to be running rapidly through the mountain paths. But that was only an illusion as he was moving very quickly.

Ji Yuan was a little anxious because it seemed that this dark ferryman was moving too fast and he did not seem to be doing his best yet.

And he was a little anxious for Mu Wan’Er as he did not want to abandon her.

Although Mu Wan’Er was not really part of his core group but since she had already joined his temporary group, he did not want to abandon her and he did not want anything untold to befall her.

So he made a mental note to watch out for her in case she was too far behind.

All of a sudden the dark ferryman had made a leapt across the two mountain ridges that had a chasm below and the distance was twenty yards.

Twenty yards were not a big issue for Ji Yuan and most of the maidens as they were all great saints and saintesses that could maintain a temporary burst of their profound animus to carry them across.

As though Mu Wan’Er could guess Ji Yuan’s thoughts, she said aloud. “I can go across on my own.”

Feng Minyue whispered to Ji Yuan. “This is only a level one trial so it should not be too difficult for even a fifth realm golden cultivator unless they did not put in any effort into their lightless profound art. This is something that most cultivators in my celestial fraternity will usually put their focus into first.”

Ji Yuan smiled weakly. “In my celestial fraternity, lightless profound arts are frowned upon and most of the cultivators in my celestial fraternity disdain it because it is a cowardice art.”

Feng Minyue smiled. “Still, this trial won’t be too difficult for the rest or else this won’t be a level one trial. The objective of this trial is to exhaust the profound strength of the cultivators so this must be something that you ought to be wary of.”

Ji Yuan nodded and offered his thanks before he chuckled. “You seem to be quite experienced. Have you been to the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth before?”

Feng Minyue nodded gently. “A few times.”

Ji Yuan: …

The rest of the maidens: …

Ling Feiyue could not resist asking from behind them. “So, how many times have you been to the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth?”

Feng Minyue smiled as she gave an elusive answer. “Not many times.”

Little Princess asked. “What is the highest level that you have been to?”

Feng Minyue smiled. “I’ve been to the highest level of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth already.”

Ji Yuan, the rest of the maidens: …

“My Sister Fan Yuqing is the one that had led me to the top the last time. In the past, there are no group restrictions so we are able to travel in a group. But now it is different.” Feng Minyue chuckled softly. “I am merely a follower.”

Shui Xisi gasped as she flashed next to Feng Minyue as she laughed, “You know Fan Yuqing? What a coincidence. I’m her half-sister Shui Xisi.”

Feng Minyue gasped. “Then you are…”

Shui Xisi laughed as she winked her eyes. “Secret.”

Ji Yuan: ???

The rest of the maidens: ???

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Chapter 221: The Trial of the Water (5)

As Ji Yuan decided on jumping into the chasm, he rolled his eyes as he asked Xiang Li quietly. “Xiang Li, do you know how to swim?”

Xiang Li chuckled. “Is it hard?”

Ji Yuan: …

“You obviously do not know how to swim…”

All of a sudden Feng Minyue had leapt down into the chasm below without a word.

When Ji Yuan saw that she had taken the first plunge, he forced a smile to the maidens in his group. “Well, what are you all waiting for?”

“If you are not afraid of jumping from this height then let’s go now.” Ji Yuan suggested.

All the maidens chuckled and said. “We’re not afraid.”

Bai Qianfeng chuckled as she took the initiative to jump down the chasm.

She was quickly followed by Ling Feiyue, Little Princess, Shui Xisi and Mu Wan’Er.

As the maidens had already jumped, Ji Yuan also jumped down into the chasm.

He was not afraid of heights but he was frowning that he had to take the plunge into the water which he hated.

All of a sudden he had noticed that Shui Xisi was taking the slow descend down while all the other maidens had already dropped into the fast moving waters below.

He was frowning with surprise now.

A cultivator’s profound animus could slow down their descend in the air but they would still descend quite rapidly below but Shui Xisi was different; Ji Yuan had suddenly remembered that she was the only one that was capable of flight with her hidden immortal-step divine sword that was wrapped around her waist.

He laughed as he grabbed her by the waist. “My dear Sisi, do you mind ferrying me across the river? Then I don’t need to get wet…”

All of a sudden Shui Xisi laughed jovially as she kicked him down into the river below. “We’re supposed to keep our relationship a secret so here you go…”

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

And Ji Yuan had dropped into the fast running river below…

As he fell into the running river below, he was cursing at Sisi while she hovered right above him with a soft chuckle.

Ji Yuan grinned as he looked up under her skirt. “You’re wearing pink am I right?”

All of a sudden Shui Xisi gasped as she attempted to pull her skirt down while trying to kick Ji Yuan.

However this time Ji Yuan was prepared and he had grabbed her ankle and pulled her down the river underneath.


“Let’s have a couple swim together then.” Ji Yuan laughed as he pulled down under the river.

Actually Ji Yuan did not know how to swim but he could definitely hold his breath for quite some time.

“I need some crash course on swimming. Can you show me?” Ji Yuan grabbed her.

Shui Sisi gave him a resigned look. She actually did not want to get wet and now Ji Yuan was caressing her body…

“You got to kick your legs like me and don’t look underneath my skirt.”

Ji Yuan chuckled. “But if I don’t look, how am I able to learn swimming from you?”

Shui Sisi gave a weak protest before she gave up on arguing with him. “Remember to hold your head above the water as you kick. Whenever you have the chance to exchange your vital breath, do so unless you want to drown.”

Ji Yuan did as he was told and he used his profound animus to lift his body and head above the water. “This is easy…”

“That is because you are a golden celestial or else you would have already drowned by now.” Shui Xisi said weakly.

“Haha. Luckily I am.” Ji Yuan laughed. “Swimming seems easy with a beauty like you.”

Shui Xisi said weakly. “You have better focused on getting ahead of the group first. We are now lagging behind.”

Ji Yuan grinned. “I’m not worried at all so why should you be? Shouldn’t we be enjoying our romantic swim together?”

Shui Sisi returned a shy look before she giggled. “Fat hope!” But she was actually enjoying it.

The reason why she did not dare to flirt openly with Ji Yuan was because there were now dozens of cultivators that had jumped into the river and they were just behind them.

Therefore they could only continue to swim in the rapid flowing river as they followed behind the other maidens that were in front of them.

After some time, Ji Yuan had improvised his swimming technique and he was even swimming alongside Bai Qianfeng who had leapt down to the river first.

“Haha. It seems that swimming isn’t hard at all.” Ji Yuan laughed as he swam past all the maidens.

This caused Shui Sisi to be a little startled as she did not know that Ji Yuan would turn out to be such a strong swimmer.

Ji Yuan of course had good reasons to be a strong swimmer. He was highly motivated to swim ahead of the group so that he could admire all of them.

In fact, he was drooling at the same time as he was swimming in the strong water currents.

Even Xiang Li too.

“How come Ji Yuan can swim so well?”

“He is like a duck now…”


“Who teach him how to swim?”

Shui Xisi protested almost immediately. “Not me…he just copied from me.”

“Haha. I am beginning to enjoy swimming.” Ji Yuan said as he looked lecherous at the maidens.

All the maidens, including Mu Wan’Er was flustered because they could see that Ji Yuan’s eyes were wandering on their body now…

Ji Yuan laughed as he swam ahead of them. “Well, let’s have a race to the finishing line first.”

As a matter of fact, he had swum ahead of them.

All the maidens: …

Ling Feiyue muttered, “Why is he in such a hurry to swim ahead?”

Shui Xisi frowned unhappily. “That is because ahead of us is a great beauty and he is trying to swim to her.”

Indeed, Ji Yuan was trying to catch up with Feng Minyue now and therefore he was highly motivated to swim ahead.

All the maidens: …

Little Princess muttered. “You know that is how babies are made. They always swim toward the eggs.”

“Sister Lingyun…” Bai Qianfeng could not resist a weak mutter. “This is too crude.”

Little Princess laughed. “My dear Sister Qianfeng, you got to get used to this.”

Mu Wan’Er and Shui Xisi were flustered by the awkward annotations that were used by Little Princess. It was also because the two of them were currently outsiders and they were not as close as Little Princess, Bai Qianfeng and Ling Feiyue in terms of their relationship with Ji Yuan.

Although Ji Yuan was now a strong swimmer but he was not yet a good swimmer because no matter how hard he had tried, he could not catch up with Feng Minyue. However he did have a good view of her in front of him and he did not mind.

The reason why he could not catch up with her was because she seemed to be able to swim like a fish and he was actually feeling he was growing tired the more that he had tried to use his strength to swim in the water currents.

After some time, they seemed to have reached a bank and Feng Minyue had leapt out of the water as she landed on the bank.

She had displayed her profound animus instantly to dry her clothing.

This caused Ji Yuan to be a little disappointed.

Feng Minyue smiled. “Do you know that the harder you try to swim, the more strength that you will require and you will end up getting yourself exhausted?”

Ji Yuan smiled bitterly. “Now I know.”

The two of them quickly took a quick look around and spotted hundreds of footsteps that led into a cave that was near the bank.

This must be where most of the fallen cultivators that were ahead of them had walked into.

As they concluded quietly, the rest of the maidens had swiftly leapt out of the waters to join them. They too, had quickly displayed their profound animus to dry their clothing.

“Where are we now?” Ling Feiyue asked curiously.

“Over there.” Bai Qianfeng said as she pointed at the cave ahead of them.

Little Princess nodded with a smile. “I was expecting a sea monster to appear but…”

Shui Xisi added teasingly. “But…so far only one lecherous monster has appeared.”

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

Feng Minyue had already begun to walk toward the cave when Ji Yuan called out to her. “Since senior you’re alone, why don’t we travel together in a group? There will be at least safety in numbers.”

Feng Minyue took a cautious look at Ji Yuan and his group before she muttered. “I appreciate it but…”

“Let’s go together then.” Ji Yuan said as he laughed as he marched toward the cave.

Feng Minyue was startled. “Um? I didn’t say that I will be…”

But Ji Yuan had already assumed that he was the leader as he took the lead into the cave, leaving Feng Minyue with no other choice but to follow his lead; she was already taking steps to the cave when Ji Yuan had suddenly interrupted her and stolen the march on her.

She sighed softly as she began to follow Ji Yuan.

Behind her were Ling Feiyue, Little Princess, Bai Qianfeng, Shui Xisi and Mu Wan’Er who were looking on with some awkward speechless expressions. It was because they did not expect that Ji Yuan would be so thick skin and so shameless…

Xiang Li was giggling inside Ji Yuan’s soul sea. “Yea. All of you! Come follow my Big Brother!”

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Chapter 220: Trial of the Water (4)

“No, there is another way across this chasm.” Ji Yuan had said all of a sudden and he had immediately attracted the attention of all the cultivators around him.

Many of the cultivators were now looking and smiling bitterly as they looked at Ji Yuan for an answer; this chasm is over fifty yards and is impossible for anyone to jump across unless they are a bird.

One of the cultivators sarcastically said. “So what is your bright idea or are you trying to impress the maidens that are behind you?”

Many of the cultivators were all laughing and many were nodding. With five beautiful maidens behind Ji Yuan, naturally he would try his very best to impress them so that he would look good in front of them.

Ji Yuan frowned as he cursed them silently; do I even need to impress them when I can bed them anytime? You’re all fools…

But all of a sudden Ji Yuan was looking at a veiled maiden in white who was looking down at the chasm and her eyes were staring intently in front of her.

She was also the only one that was not looking at Ji Yuan for answer.

All of a sudden he raised his voice to say deeply. “Maiden. The veiled maiden in white. I think that I’ve seen you somewhere before.”

Many of the cultivators were now speechless and they were even laughing now. This cultivator from the Desolate Celestial Fraternity is now chasing skirts in front of them now.

It was obvious to them that he was just trying to impress the maidens in the group.

Ling Feiyue was exasperated when she had heard Ji Yuan and she quickly whispered to the rest of her group. “Ji Yuan can’t even recognize Mu Wan’Er just now and yet he is claiming that he is able to recognize this veiled maiden from nowhere. I’m utterly speechless.”

All the maidens were smiling bitterly and they were nodding; it was obvious that Ji Yuan would not be able to recognize this maiden as her clothing was not from the Desolate Celestial Fraternity.

The many celestial fraternities were all separated by extremely treacherous terrains and no man’s lands. It was nearly impossible for the cultivators from different celestial fraternities to visit one another.

The veiled maiden in white shifted her body slightly and she rolled her pristine colored eye lashes as she nodded. “You’ve managed to recognize me?”

Ji Yuan laughed as he lifted his nose with a soft sniff. “Haha. Of course I do. If I am not mistaken, you’re Maiden Feng Minyue?”

There was a slight shudder that came from the veiled white maiden before she nodded with a flash of her watery eyes. “I really didn’t expect for you to recognize me and I didn’t expect for you to remember my name.”

“Feng Minyue?!” All of a sudden, several cultivators from the Nine Celestial Fraternity were all taken aback as they gasped.

Feng Minyue was once regarded as the number one top great beauty in the entire Nine Celestial Fraternity until she was overtaken by Fan Yuqing. At the same time she is also a renowned heroine and a great saintess. Nowadays very few cultivators were able to catch a glimpse of her as she had long entered seclusion.

At the same time Feng Minyue is also the Matriarch of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa, one of the nine major orthodox patriarch powerhouses of the Nine Celestial Fraternity.

Ji Yuan laughed. “Haha. Of course, I do recognize senior. We had even taken part in the same trial before and we were even in the same group fighting against a common enemy before.”

Feng Minyue had a perplexed look because she had completely changed her dress and even her hairstyle since she had last met Ji Yuan. Moreover she could not remember taking off her veil so how could this Ji Yuan still be able to recognize her then?

Ling Feiyue was stunned. She did recall partying up with Feng Minyue before but there was no way that she could recognize her behind her veil and moreover she looked slightly different now…

How did Ji Yuan possibly have recognized her?

All the other cultivators were somewhat startled and the cultivators from the Nine Celestial Fraternity were even more startled because a stranger from the Desolate Celestial Fraternity had recognized their goddess from the Nine Celestial Fraternity!

Ji Yuan of course did not recognize her at first sight or else he would be looking at her direction from the very start. But he had really very sharp nose. When the direction of the winds had changed toward his direction, he had sniffed a familiar unique fragrance that belonged to Feng Minyue.

Therefore he had naturally recognized her.

But he wanted to make sure first and that was why he was enquiring after her.

Ling Feiyue had also approached Feng Minyue as she started to smile weakly. “I didn’t recognize you. So we have met again.”

Feng Minyue nodded gently. “Maiden Feiyue, how are you?” Then she appeared to laugh softly. “You look much better in woman’s clothing.”

Ling Feiyue smiled weakly. She had disguised as a man while she was in the Lotus Sword Mansion Trial.

Ji Yuan asked Feng Minyue. “You seem to have found a way too?”

Feng Minyue nodded slightly. “I have two ways.”

“Oh?” Ji Yuan was truly startled. He had only thought of only one way.

Feng Minyue unveiled herself so that it would be easier for her to speak and when she unveiled herself, everyone was gasping; men and women were all startled by her great alluring and moving beauty. Moreover Feng Minyue had a graceful and polite demeanor that caused the eyes of all the men to stare at her wondrous presence.

“We can leap across once the direction of the winds change in our favors. Are you thinking of that?” Feng Minyue asked softly.

Ji Yuan laughed. “Indeed. I am really thinking about it.”

To a great saint like Ji Yuan, he was actually confidence that he would be able to leap across the chasm.

Many of the cultivators were all shaking their heads with disbelief; there were no way for the majority to leap fifty yards across and moreover they did not know how long must they wait for the winds to change its direction.

Also there seemed to be a powerful wind vortex that was sucking and pulling all the cultivators to the deep chasm below.

“So what is the second way?” Ji Yuan asked curiously.

Feng Minyue smiled. “Jump down the chasm.”

Ji Yuan frowned immediately. “Then won’t we fail the trial already?”

Feng Minyue answered coolly. “There is a strong water element in this place. If I am not wrong then we are actually in a Trial of the Water. And the way to the next trial is via the water below the chasm and not across the chasm.”

Ji Yuan immediately rolled his eyes and he had a perplexed look.

No way, I am going to jump down the chasm. She may be wrong. Right, Xiang Li?

Xiang Li chuckled softly in his soul sea. “Big Brother, I remember this big sister too. She has a pure heart too. So when are you going to bang her?”

Ji Yuan nearly coughed aloud when he had heard Xiang Li as he started to scold her in his soul sea. “Look Xiang Li, I don’t even know her well so how can I bang her? You can’t bang anyone just like this, you know? Moreover, she may not be interested in me.”

“So you are hoping that she will be interested in you then?” Xiang Li suggested with a soft giggle.

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

“Ji Yuan, she is right. This is indeed the Trial of the Water.” Bai Qianfeng said all of a sudden as she approached them.

“If we jump across this chasm then we will be taking a longer route and may even be misled by the trial itself. The powerful golden celestials may think that they have an advantage but the trials are cunning designed to cater for the less powerful golden celestials as well. Powerful but not wise enough will cause you to fail the trial.”

Shui Xisi, Little Princess and Mu Wan’Er had also approached them as they asked Ji Yuan. “So do we attempt a leap across the chasm or jump down the chasm?”

This question had suddenly become a talking point among the rest of the fifty cultivators.

Many of the cultivators were shaking their heads. They could not jump across the chasm but what if jumping into the chasm would be a stupid mistake?

Some cultivators were smiling bitterly. “What if there are desolate monsters waiting at the depths below for us. It will be foolish for us to jump down the chasm.”

“Ji Yuan, so what options do we take?” The maidens in his group were all asking him.

“You’re the leader so you have to decide the best course of option for us.”

Ji Yuan turned to smile at Feng Minyue, “So which option will you pick?”

Feng Minyue looked at the chasm below as she pointed her finger at it. “I will attempt the second option. What about you?”

Xiang Li had a sad expression on her as she shook her head. “Big Brother hates water so he won’t follow this pretty big sister…”

Ling Feiyue, Little Princess, Bai Qianfeng and Shui Xisi knew that Ji Yuan would pick the first option as they could tell that he hated the water.

Ji Yuan rubbed his chin before he said firmly. “I will take the plunge down the chasm. So are we on for that?”

The maidens in his group were all startled that Ji Yuan was picking the second option…

Mu Wan’Er was a little relieved because her lightless profound skill was not particular good enough to carry her through. For a moment she had thought that Ji Yuan would abandon her.

She thought. “He is doing this for my sake?”

Xiang Li was also surprised. “Big Brother, you are jumping into the water?”

Ji Yuan laughed. “This is a golden opportunity to see all the pretty maidens getting wet. Do you want to miss something like this?”

Xiang Li had a sudden realization as well and she was beaming with great delight. “I don’t want to miss this golden opportunity as well!”
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Chapter 219: Trial of the Water (3)

The Island of Greed looked just like an ordinary island and it did not look like a big island from the ship but when the cultivators had landed on the island itself, they had realized how wrong they were; the island is actually a big island and it even has its own mountain ranges!

Altogether, there were around sixth cultivators and the dark robe cultivator had also picked up five more cultivators along the way.

Bai Qianfeng whispered quietly as she said. “It seems that this ship is just like a spatial space and that this dark robe cultivator can actually exist in multiple places. Or else I cannot explain why we can’t hear or see him after we are onboard the ship. Moreover, how did he manage to pick up this many cultivators in such a short time?”

Ji Yuan was forced to agree with her. It was because he had been thinking of the same thing as well!

Between landing on the Island of Greed and their arrival on this ship, only a short time had passed.

Even more surprising when they had landed on the Island of Greed, there were around a hundred other cultivators that were already on the island!

“Um, so we’re not the first then.” Ji Yuan and many of the other cultivators commented almost at the same time.

As the cultivators on board the ship reached the beach, they were quickly greeted by most of the hundred cultivators that were presented.

Ji Yuan naturally knows that these cultivators were all trying to make an effort make some friends and to guard against the sudden changes that would happen during the trial later.

Many of the cultivators were looking for other cultivators from their own fraternity; this was all too natural. After all, it was easier to trust someone from their own fraternity than a complete stranger from the other fraternities.

Ji Yuan saw four cultivators from the Desolate Celestial Fraternity; three men and one woman. However they were all looking quite pale and did not seem eager to approach him.

“Maybe they are shy or they did not know me?” Ji Yuan rubbed his chin.

“Maybe they are planning to kill you instead?” Xiang Li offered a suggestion as she chuckled softly in his soul sea.

Ji Yuan turned slowly to look at Mu Wan’Er, recalling what she had told him earlier.

“Maybe.” He muttered.

“But good luck to them.” He laughed as he looked at Shui Xisi, Ling Feiyue, Little Princess and Bai Qianfeng.

He is not anxious because he is being surrounded by four great saintesses that can each kick another cultivator’s ass quite easily. These four great saintesses are all power cultivators with their own unique divine arts.

If he did not have an immortal-step divine sword in his hands, he really cannot say that he can stand on an equal term with them now.

Mu Wan’Er was alluring enough to catch the eyes of the many cultivators here. There were also many beautiful females around but behind Mu Wan’Er were four most peerless maidens and they were too eye candies for the majority of the male cultivators.

Therefore they were the secret focus of many.

Ji Yuan was also a really most handsome cultivation and he had a charming and roguish grin that many female cultivators like. And the most important reason of all, he was a beardless beautiful cultivator. Therefore he too, had caught the attention of many female cultivators who were all eager to know who he was.

The dark robe cultivation who did not alight from the eerie ship echoed his voice to everyone. “The first trial of this island starts now. In front of you is a sky bridge. Cross that sky bridge and you will pass the first trial of many. If you wish to turn back or have no desire to take the trials, you may stay here for the time being.”

Most of the 150 cultivators were in high spirits as they all turned inward into the interior of the island.

As Ji Yuan moved with his group into the interior, he was somewhat startled to see that the four cultivators from the Desolate Celestial Fraternity remained rooted on the ground. It was as though they had no wish to take the trial!

But as Ji Yuan was eager to take the trial, he only paid a scant attention to them.

These four cultivators from the Desolate Celestial Fraternity all had their heads lowered and were trying their best not to look into the eyes of Ji Yuan and his group.

Only when Ji Yuan and his group were out of their sight, did they heave a soft sigh and they were all muttering silently. “I have never seen Ji Yuan…”

Ji Yuan, Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue are the talking point of the entire Desolate Celestial Fraternity. Everyone knows how beautiful Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue are and even if they did not know who Ji Yuan was previously, they all know him as the guy that had won the heart of the number one great beauty Xue Qianxue who is the idol in almost all the men’s hearts, including the unorthodox cultivators.

Although Ling Feiyue’s great beauty is also on par with Xue Qianxue but not many orthodox cultivators would dare to openly woo her because she is an unorthodox cultivator. Moreover, she has rarely appeared in front of fraternity at large and is usually in disguise.

These four cultivators certainly know who Shui Sisi and Little Princess are as Shui Sisi had been stirring a lot of attention in recent months with her stunning visits all over the Desolate Celestial Fraternity. As for Little Princess, she had kept no secret of who she is after she is with Ji Yuan.

Moreover, she is really an astonishing seductive maiden that filled many men with lusts; there are few men that did not want to know who she is.

Bai Qianfeng’s great beauty is no lesser than Ling Feiyue, Xue Qianxue or Little Princess but no one really knows her name or origin as she has kept to herself.

After a short time, beyond the forest canopy of the beauty, Ji Yuan and his group had followed the rest of the cultivators to the other side and they had come to a deep chasm in front of them that had split the ground into two.

On the other side of the chasm were two portals; one blue and one green.

The blue portal will take the cultivators to the next trial while the green portal will remove the cultivators from the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth.

But few cultivators were eying the green portal as this was only the first level of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth. This was too early to call it quit.

In front of the chasm was a bridge that was made of ropes.

Although the winds were fierce but it would pose no trouble for the majority of the cultivators.

Ji Yuan rubbed his chin as he muttered. “It is so simple?”

Shui Xisi immediately said to him. “We should cross the bridge now in case it is cut by the others.”

Ling Feiyue nodded as she exclaimed quietly. “I agree too.”

But Ji Yuan quickly whispered. “Wait. Don’t go yet.”

Shui Xisi, Ling Feiyue: ???

Mu Wan’Er, Little Princess, Bai Qianfeng: ???

There were many cultivators that were having the same thoughts as Shui Xisi and Ling Feiyue. Therefore they were all rushing for the rope bridge now.

The first one to cross would be safe!

Almost immediately, one hundred cultivators were all crossing the rope bridge at the same time!

When everyone was halfway across, a cultivator was grinning behind them as he suddenly cut the rope bridge with his sword, sending one hundred cultivators that were in front of him to plunge down the deep chasm!

Instantly, there were loud screams as over a hundred cultivators plunged down to the river underneath the deep chasm.

Most would probably not die from the plunge but no one know where they would be washing to next…

Ji Yuan was stunned. “What the heck…” He had expected an evil cultivator to cut the rope once he was across the chasm but he had not expected that the evil cultivator would wait at the start point to cut the rope!

That evil cultivator was quickly killed by the fifty cultivators that had not crossed the bridge yet, including a palm strike from Little Princess who was enraged that he had caused everyone to fail their first trial and waste their time.

Now they had to find another trial in the vast level one Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth again!

“So we have all failed the trial…” Ling Feiyue was smiling bitterly. “And we have not even begun yet.”

Ji Yuan walked quietly to the edge of the chasm as he examined carefully before he said quietly. “No, there is another way across this chasm.”

Although he had said it softly but the rest of the cultivators were all suddenly looking at Ji Yuan as they asked curiously. “What is it?”

Even Bai Qianfeng, Little Princess, Shui Xisi, Mu Wan’Er and Ling Feiyue all had a bewildered look on their countenances as they could not figure out what way was Ji Yuan talking about?

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Chapter 218: Trial of the Water (2)

Ji Yuan took a look at Mu Wan’Er as he rubbed his chin. This alluring maiden sure looked familiar but he just could not remember seeing her before. All of a sudden he remembered her…

At the same time Ling Feiyue had kicked him softly. “She is the one that we have met in the Lotus Sword Mansion.”

Ji Yuan muttered. “Right…”

Mu Wan’Er smiled. “And we have also met at the outskirt of the Amber Frost City too.”

Ji Yuan laughed. “Right. Right. I remember you all right…”

Ling Feiyue had suddenly interrupted him. “Amber Frost City? How come I didn’t know about this? I was with you.”

Ji Yuan smiled weakly. “Erm, that isn’t important right?”

Xiang Li was smiling in Ji Yuan’s soul sea. “Yes. I remember Mu Wan’Er! She is a pretty maiden too! Big Brother, she seems to be interested in you!”

“Don’t talk rubbish, Xiang Li. She is just being friendly.”

Ji Yuan had remembered her now; she was the alluring maiden that was with Saint Wu Heng in the Lotus Sword Mansion Trial. She is actually from the Burning Heavens Pavilion, one of the seven major orthodox clans. They had met while they were on opposing side while taking the lightning trial and Ji Yuan had ‘killed’ her indirectly during the trial.

The second time that they had met, they were still on opposing sides and Saint Wu Heng was after his life while they were outside Amber Frost City. That time he had thrashed up her side but her side had beaten to a hasty retreat.

At that time, Little Princess had killed Saint Wu Heng and because of that, Ji Yuan had become the one that had killed Saint Wu Heng.

Therefore he was supposed to be her enemy and the enemy of her powerful celestial clan.

So they were not exactly on the friendly side.

But now, she was actually smiling at him?

Ji Yuan had a perplexed look on his countenance as he pondered. “Is this a ruse?”

He did not believe that she would be his fan girl or that she would have fallen in love with his beautiful looks. After all, most of his fan girls are the lowly celestials and not the golden celestials.

Well. Qianxue, Feiyue and Jiajia are the exceptions; they are all women of culture and they liked my poems.

So he did not have any illusions at all.

But the other four maidens were all thinking otherwise; she obviously has an interested in Ji Yuan…

Mu Wan’Er said quietly. “I am the only cultivator from the Desolate Celestial Fraternity around here and you are the second group of cultivators from the Desolate Celestial Fraternity.”

Ji Yuan took a peek behind her and saw that while there were around forty celestials but none of them seemed to be wearing the familiar robes of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity. The female cultivators of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity are also easy to identify because their skirts are short.

But the short skirts of the female cultivators of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity are not the most outrageous. There are more outrageous and Ji Yuan personally knows that some of the golden celestials of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity are only in the trials because they have wanted to ogle at the other maidens of the celestial fraternities.

These are the perverts…

Mu Wan’Er sighed softly. “May I join your group since we’re all from the Desolate Celestial Fraternity? It is safer for me this way.”

Ji Yuan saw that dozens of eyes were now staring at their group and he was cursing them for ogling at his women. So he instinctively replied. “Indeed it is not safe…”

Mu Wan’Er immediately had a smile on her as she exclaimed with great. “So I can join your group? This is too wonderful! Thank you Great Hero Ji Yuan!”

Ling Feiyue, Little Princess, Shui Xisi, Bai Qianfeng: …

Ji Yuan: ???


Mu Wan’Er lowered her head to whisper. “Actually I have something important to warn you so I hope that Great Hero Ji Yuan will take some precaution.”

Yi Yuan and his group: ???

“Let’s go to one side first, alright?” Mu Wan’Er quietly said. “This is a secret.”

Ji Yuan was startled. “Secret?! What does this have to do with me?”

Shui Xisi took the opportunity to fan a flame by whispering softly to her group. “I bet that she is carrying his baby.”

But all the other three maidens did not take her bait and returned a not so amused look; this joke is not funny.

As Ji Yuan and his group moved to a corner, the other cultivators were quietly muttering. “What a beautiful group. How come they are together? They know one another? Just how many cultivators did the Desolate Celestial Fraternity sends this time round?”

After Mu Wan’Er was alone with Ji Yuan and his group, she lowered her eyes to whisper. “Actually I have a mission from my celestial clan and that is to kill you.”

Ji Yuan had a stunned look because he did not sense any danger from her.

The other maidens were also stunned but they had quickly readied themselves to make a combat stance should Mu Wan’Er make a move against them.

But Ji Yuan remained unguarded as he asked. “Erm, you are a sixth realm golden supremacy?”

Mu Wan’Er nodded, “That is right.”

Ji Yuan was somewhat amused. “Maybe when I am still a lowly saint, you may still have a chance since you are a power cultivator but now I’m a great saint and a peaked great saint. Do you think that you have a chance now to kill me?”

Mu Wan’Er took half a step back as she gasped softly. “You are a peaked great saint now? Is it even possible?”

As she said it, the idolatry looks in her eyes increased by ten times.

“You have better believed it.” Ji Yuan laughed with pride.

The other maidens had a look of disgust as they groaned silently. “Is he trying to show off and has forgotten that this maiden here wants to kill him?”

“But why are you telling me this?” Ji Yuan asked curiously. “Surely you have a better chance of killing me if I do not know of your intentions?”

Mu Wan’Er shook her head. “I know that I won’t succeed because you are a Great Hero. I have no wish to kill you. That is why I am telling you this. After all, we are on the same group now. Am I right to say so?”

Ji Yuan nodded slowly. “Right…”

“My celestial clan isn’t the only group that wants to kill you. I’m afraid that half of the major celestial clans in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity have the same mission as me. You have to be wary.” Mu Wan’Er said quietly.

Ji Yuan rubbed his chin before he answered. “I did meet a few earlier but they look friendly enough.”

Mu Wan’Er said. “Maybe they are not the ones with the mission to kill you. You’re just lucky.”

Ji Yuan returned a hand bow. “I thank Maiden Wan’Er for warning me. But since this is your clan’s mission, will you get into trouble if you do not carry out your mission?”

Mu Wan’Er shyly averted her eyes. “Trouble or not, I am unwilling to lift my finger on you. Did you see me lifting my finger on you when we had met at Amber Frost City?”

Ji Yuan rubbed his chins. Indeed she had not. He could only remember that she had made a combat stance but she did not make any real moves to attack him. When the leaders of the offending group had made a hasty retreat, she had even smiled at him and told him her name. At that time, he did not really put her name into his heart because he was soon distracted by the appearance of Little Princess.

“Haha. So we are friends?” Ji Yuan chuckled softly.

Mu Wan’Er smiled. “Indeed, we are friends.”

Hopefully more than friends…

Ji Yuan continued to laugh. “Thank you for sharing. But why should your clan wants to erm…kill me?” He could not resist asking even though he knows that this may be a sensitive question.

The other four maidens were also curious to know why.

But Mu Wan’Er shook her head. “I do not know. We are given a silver card. By flashing this silver card, we will know that we are all on the same side.”

Ji Yuan smiled weakly. “Because it is because I have killed Saint Wu Heng…”

“No, it is not this. Saint Wu Heng is actually not a popular man in my clan. The current leadership hates him as a matter of fact.” Mu Wan’Er shook her head as she interrupted him quietly.


Just as Ji Yuan had wanted to ask her more, the dark robe cultivator at the starboard of the ship had suddenly raised his skeleton finger as he pointed at an island in front of them. “We have reached the Island of Greed…”

His voice was deep and reached to every corner of the ship and the dozens of cultivators were all gasping with excitement. The next trial would take place soon!

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Chapter 217: Trial of the Water (1)

When Ji Yuan had returned to the cavern, he was grinning to Ling Feiyue, Little Princess, Shui Xisi and Bai Qianfeng.

He had a triumphant smile and he was laughing nonstop.

“What did you receive as your trial reward?” Ling Feiyue asked curiously.

“Yea? What did you obtain?” All the other maidens were asking at the same time, including Bai Qianfeng.

Ji Yuan laughed aloud. “I’m now a peaked great saint now. Hoho…”

Everyone: …

Everyone: …

Everyone: …

Ling Feiyue shook her head. “Ji Yuan, you have advanced too rapidly for the past two years. This isn’t too good for you. You have literally advance from an initial saint to a peaked great saint in under two years. There will be repercussions.”

Ji Yuan laughed it off. “But I didn’t advance for the past one hundred years.”

“Yea. Ji Yuan is slow in his cultivation…”

“His cultivation speed is like a tortoise…”

“He isn’t a genius at all…”

“Totally agree…it may because he didn’t advance for a long time…”

Ji Yuan rubbed his chin as he frowned; why is that I got a feeling that they are actually goading over my slow cultivation rather than cheering for newly attained new cultivation heights?

He was actually right.

They were all cultivators and the maidens were all competing with one another as well. Since Ji Yuan had advanced the fastest, he was naturally the focus of their dissent.

These maidens used to have a cultivation level that was once higher than Ji Yuan but now that Ji Yuan had reached the peaked great saint realm level, they were feeling a little inferior to Ji Yuan now.

Ling Feiyue was muttering softly against Ji Yuan but in her heart she was actually glad for him. She was the one that had given him the sixth rank divine pill of course.

She was not the only maidens that were glad for Ji Yuan. All the other maidens were also glad for Ji Yuan.

The main reasons why they were muttering against Ji Yuan was to remind him that he was not so great just to check his pride in check. The truth was, they feel extremely glad that he was able to advance so fast but of course, they were all too shy to admit to him that they were actually very proud of him.

Therefore they could only tease him in this manner.

As they entered the blue portal together and exited the tomb, the deep voice sighed. “This great beyond goddess is so young and is still a child at heart. I hope that you don’t corrupt her…”

Xiang Li maturity cannot be measured by tens, hundreds or even thousands of years. Her maturity is actually measured in the millions of years because it took her tens of millions to grow up. That was why she is still learning and comprehending her surroundings. This is something that most cultivators and even immortals will have difficulty understanding because Xiang Li is a true goddess.

Ji Yuan and his group soon found themselves along a lake that was surrounded by beautiful mountains. It was as though the mountains were rising from the lake itself.

Ji Yuan rolled his eyes. “Darn old man. Of all places, you have to send me to a place with a lake…”

“Don’t tell me you can’t swim?” Ling Feiyue laughed softly.

Ji Yuan answered courageously. “Of course I can swim! I love swimming best! Haha.”

All the other maidens giggled softly as they whispered together. “I bet he doesn’t know how to swim…Sister Yan’Er says he can’t swim…”

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

“It isn’t because I can’t swim. It just that I dislike getting myself wet.” He immediately protested with a soft laugh.

Bai Qianfeng suddenly said. “What is that?”

All of a sudden there was a thick mist appearing over the lake and a ghastly ship could be seen floating over the horizon.

Little Princess said quietly. “It seems to be coming in our direction.”

Ji Yuan rubbed his chin as he said. “What? Isn’t that great? Just when I am thinking of swimming across the lake, a ship will actually approach us. Aren’t we a little too lucky?”

Ling Feiyue said quietly. “Don’t let down your guard. This may not necessary be a good thing.”

Shui Xisi nodded. “I agree with Sister Feiyue here.”

Ji Yuan laughed. “When did my Feiyue become your Sister Feiyue?”

Shui Xisi flushed shyly as she gave Ji Yuan a soft kick. “We are on the same side now. My Sister Feifei is their sister so naturally I am also their sister too.”

Ji Yuan laughed, not realizing that Shui Xisi was giving him a cold stare as though she was saying; stop teasing me or else they will know that we are together…

Little Princess said warily. “I have an uneasy feeling about that ship…”

As the group looked warily at the ghastly ship, it had slowly approached the bank of the lake.

The ghastly ship looked worn and Ji Yuan wondered if it may sink at any time.

As the ship approached the bank, they could see a dark robe cultivator.

This dark robe cultivator had an eerie look and their divine senses detected no profound animus from him. It was as though this dark robe cultivator was a corpse and not a living entity.

The dark robe cultivator said in an eerie voice. “Come aboard on the ship to the trial island. If not either you can swim to the trial island or set off for another trial. But if you want to board this ship then you have to show me whether you are worthy enough to be able to jump on the ship deck first.”

Ji Yuan saw that the ship and the lake bank indeed required the cultivators to have a reasonable expertise with their lightless profound art or else they would not be able to make the difficult jump.

“Well, girls?”

All four maidens returned a light nod or answered. “I have no issue making the jump…it isn’t too difficult.”

Ji Yuan of course had no issue making the jump himself so he laughed. “Since you are all willing to take the challenge to the trial island, I have no objections either. So why don’t we go on a little honeymoon on this ship then? Haha.”

“Let’s treat this as our honeymoon then with Ji Yuan…”


“This isn’t my honeymoon…” Shui Xisi protested weakly.

All four maidens giggled as they quickly leapt on board the ship as they displayed their beautiful lightless profound art that showed a variety of forms and grace.

Ji Yuan immediately frowned; who are they trying to impress anyway…

Compared to their lightless profound art, Ji Yuan’s lightless profound art was crude and to the point. It was because he had developed his own lightless profound art through his own hard work and forced training. Therefore his lightless profound art did not have any fanciful display.

With a gentle tiptoe, he had flashed on board the ship.

But when he had landed on the ship deck, he saw that there were dozens of cultivators that were staring at him and his group; it seemed that the ship had the ability to conceal the profound animus of these cultivators as well.

Ji Yuan muttered weakly. “So we are not the only ones taking the trial…”

Ling Feiyue had a flustered look as she whispered to Ji Yuan. “So this is your honeymoon…”

The other three maidens were all flushing; it was because they were all talking about their honeymoon with Ji Yuan, not realizing that there were so many other cultivators in this place. This really startled them and caused them to look extremely awkward.

At the same time, the dozens of cultivators were staring at Ji Yuan and the four maidens because the five of them were so attractive that many of the cultivators were moved by their sight.

Many of the female cultivators were even staring at Ji Yuan as though they wanted to eat him up.

One of the female cultivators was smiling and she was quite an alluring maiden. “It is Great Hero Ji Yuan. Do you still remember me? I’m Mu Wan’Er. Do you still remember me?”

Yuan Ji: ???

She looks familiar. Have I met her before?!

Author Note: I’m really busy lately and tomorrow I got to do an important presentation to my boss (out of the blue). Just to let my readers know; I’m actually writing for fun and uninterested to write for money. I don’t think it is even profitable to write at all hence, I don’t lock the chapters or add a privilege to it even though it will push up the story recommendations and receive more readers.

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Sometimes I ad-hoc as a mathematician as well. That is why this story has a lot of situational scenarios and brain teasers. Because in maths, the result is never known unless you know the full factors. What it seems to be may not be the same result as well. Well I did pass the Google situation tests:X

But I’m gonna be buzy for a while soon. Hopefully the readers will be patience with me;)

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Chapter 216: The Mysterious Tomb (3)

Ji Yuan had entered the cave of ‘life’ alone.

He had actually hesitated for a while before he fully stepped into the cave. No longer had he entered the cave, he was pulled into a portal and through a spatial space.

The cave was only an illusion.

When he had opened his eyes again, he saw that he was in a beautiful plain that was facing a lake and there were thousands of desolate beasts all around the plain.

His first thought was. “Crap! I have been lured into a trap!”

But he soon calmed down when he saw that he was standing on top of a small platform and that there were no desolate beasts that were within five miles around him.

“Where am I?”

All of a sudden an old man with a long white beard had appeared in front of him and he was roaring with laughter; he had that distinctly deep voice that Ji Yuan had heard earlier.

Ji Yuan immediately frowned when he saw him. “So you are that immortal spirit that is talking to us earlier?”

The old man grinned as he stroked his white beard. “This is the cave of life and I am here to give you your reward…”

“Wait!” Ji Yuan interrupted him with a suspicious look. “There are no other trials so why are you giving me a reward?”

As the old man tried to explain, he was interrupted swiftly by Ji Yuan again as he said sternly. “Let us get this straight first. Even though my knowledge of cultivation isn’t as profound as the others but I don’t want you as the reward at all. I’m not going to let you live in my soul sea just because my soul sea is pure. Got it?”

It was because Ji Yuan knows that spirit entities inhabited the soul seas of the cultivators. This was a no brainer knowledge that all the cultivators know.

“Moreover I already have a spirit entity.” Ji Yuan pointed out. “So I don’t need you at all.”

Xiang Li was also shouting loudly in Ji Yuan’s soul sea. “Yea! We don’t need an ugly old man like you! Go away!”

The old man: …

“I didn’t say anything about being your spirit entity.”

“Oh?” Ji Yuan laughed weakly when he had heard him. “Haha. Better be safe than sorry. I am just laying my cards in front of you first. So what is my reward then?”

The old man looked coolly at Ji Yuan as he stroked his long white beard. “Do you know that there are ten immortal spirits in this tomb and I’m the hardest to pass?”

Ji Yuan returned a bitter smile. “I can see that. Failure to pass your trial will mean instant death. Who will be crazy enough to take your trial?”

The old man laughed. “But you did.”

“But will you kill us if we all fail to pass the trial?” Ji Yuan asked curiously.

“And will you kill me if you fail your trial?” The old man asked.

Ji Yuan frankly replied. “I will definitely try because I can’t allow my companions to die in your hands. Even if you are an immortal spirit but I will try to destroy this tomb so that you will not harm them the least.”

The old man laughed. “I really like your answer.”

“So will you kill them?” Ji Yuan asked.

The old man smirked. “What do you think?”

Ji Yuan rubbed his chin. “I think you will try to carry your threats but there is a little flaw with your trial.”

“Which is?” The old man asked.

Ji Yuan frowned. “No one will be stupid enough to enter that cave of death. All they need to do is to wait at the same spot. When the six months are up, they are allowed to go anyway. So why enter the cave of death anyway? It is like you’re inviting them to their dooms but none of them will be stupid enough to enter the cave of death.”

The old man stroked his long white beard as he looked at Ji Yuan intently. “You are actually not wrong. What if you have failed in your trials, what will you do? Kill me?”

Ji Yuan answered. “I will enter the cave of death.”

Xiang Li: …

“Big Brother, no! You will die! Xiang Li don’t want you to die…” She immediately cried out inside Ji Yuan’s soul sea.

“Why?” The old man asked.

“I didn’t sense any danger from you and I don’t think that is really the cave of death.” Ji Yuan explained.

“You just say that no one is stupid enough to enter the cave of death and yet you are offering yourself to enter the cave?” The old man asked.

Ji Yuan said. “Because this is a trial and it isn’t a trap. Therefore the only way out of this trial must be the cave of death.”

The old man roared with laughter. “You know. You are the only smart person that has successfully deducted this. Although the others are all claiming themselves as the smart ones but they will not enter the cave of death. Because the smarter they are, the more they will value their own lives and will not take the risk.”

Ji Yuan rolled his eyes, “Are you saying that I am the stupid one?”

“Didn’t I just say you are the smart one?” The old man smiled.

“How do I know if you are reversing talking to me?” Ji Yuan demanded to know.

The old man: …

“Alright. I am going to give you a reward but can you ask your spirit entity to step out of your soul sea first?”

“What do you want with Xiang Li?” Ji Yuan frowned immediately. “Surely you’re not any lecherous old man, are you?”

The old man roared with laughter. “That is because I am going to give her a reward too because her spirit and soul are purer than you.”

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

“Xiang Li, will you come out but pleased be clothed properly because there is a lecherous old man here.” Ji Yuan muttered.

Xiang Li had immediately stepped out with a special dress that was made by the special material that Ling Feiyue had given her.

Even though she was clothed modesty but the old man was staring lecherously at her. “Beautiful. Beautiful…”

“Hey, old man! Watch your eyes!” Ji Yuan cursed loudly.

“I’m talking about her pureness of spirit and soul. What are you thinking?” The old man asked.

Ji Yuan rolled his eyes to Xiang Li. “She is obviously a lolita now.”

The old man: …

“Why is that I feel that you are the lecherous one? And you even have four maidens accompanying you?”

“They are my women. What is lecherous about that?” Ji Yuan protested immediately. “So what are our rewards? Don’t lie to me. You’re supposed to give us two rewards!”

Xiang Li raised her fists too. “Yea! What’re our rewards? Don’t lie to us! Or we’ll destroy your tomb!”

The old man raised his fingers as he pointed at Ji Yuan. “This is your reward…”

All of a sudden Ji Yuan felt that his spiritual sea was solidifying rapidly now and that the Ambrosia Divine Profound Pill that he had consumed a few days ago were now expanding his spiritual sea to the peak; in a blink of an eye he is now a peaked great saint!

Ji Yuan was shocked as he muttered. “I have reached the pinnacle of cultivation…”

The old man chuckled. “Cultivation has no limits. There are still realms above the peaked seventh realm. Whether you can ascend it, is another story.”

Xiang Li was delighted for Ji Yuan as she chuckled. “Wow my big brother is so great now! What about me? What is my reward? It has better be good!”

Now that Ji Yuan had taken the sweet bribe from the old man, he was naturally siding with the old man now so he rebuked Xiang Li lightly. “You ought to be more polite to him. After all, he is a nice old man.”

The old man rolled his eyes. This cultivator sure changed his face fast.

But he was soon laughing as he pointed his finger at Xiang Li. “Since your spiritual sea is in excess now, I shall do you the favor of transferring your excess spiritual force to your spirit entity.”

All of a sudden Ji Yuan’s eyes dropped as Xiang Li began to mature to the usual form that he had been used to for a long time, that of a young maiden.

“Xiang Li! You’re back now!” Ji Yuan was roaring with laughter as he tried to hug her but his arms had passed through to her.

Xiang Li: ???

“Come Xiang Li, materialize to your physical body and let me hug you! Haha.” Ji Yuan laughed aloud. “It is so good to have you back again!”

Xiang Li: ???

“I am always here. Why am I back?!”

The old man laughed as he pointed at Ji Yuan. “Why is that I think you are the lecherous one?”

“Rubbish! Never!” Ji Yuan laughed. “Well, thank you old man for bringing back my Xiang Li. Haha.”

“But big brother, I am always here? What do you mean?” Xiang Li was perplexed.

“Xiang Li, you are too dumb. Haha. All you need to know is, welcome back!” Ji Yuan was really extremely happy. The more mature Xiang Li, the more secure that he is. It is because he really did not want to lose Xiang Li who has always been his confidant.

The old man pointed to a portal that had appeared. “You may go now. You have passed the trial.”

“Haha. Farewell old man!” Ji Yuan waved him good bye as he entered through the portal.

As he entered the portal, the old man muttered. “Farewell to you, the Great Beyond Goddess. You really have a nice master. I wish you all the best…”

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Chapter 215: The Mysterious Tomb (2)

When the deep voice from nowhere had suddenly echoed in the cavern, it rattled Ji Yuan and his group.

But Ji Yuan was even more startled because he had suddenly realized that he was holding Sisi in his arms in front of Little Princess, Ling Feiyue and Bai Qianfeng.

As a matter of fact, even Shui Xisi had suddenly realized that she had been crying in Ji Yuan’s embrace and she was flushing all of a sudden.

Ji Yuan quickly said to the other maidens. “It isn’t what you think…”

“Yea…” Shui Xisi muttered out.

Ling Feiyue, Little Princess and Bai Qianfeng rolled their eyes. It was precisely what they had thought and they obviously know that the two of them were just pretending. After all Little Princess and Bai Qianfeng had already caught them red-handed when they were tailing Ji Yuan but they were pretending not to know.

As for Ling Feiyue, she was not too dumb to see that Ji Yuan was looking at Shui Xisi all the time and moreover Shui Xisi’s beauty was just too astonishing. Since Ji Yuan is not a eunuch or a monk, he would not be immune to Sisi’s mesmerizing charms.

But their thoughts were quickly interrupted by the deep voice again. “Who dares to disturb my rest and do you dare to take my immortal challenge.”

Ji Yuan immediately took the opportunity to shout back so that he could ease his awkwardness and at the same time released his hold on Shui Xisi. “I dare! Who is afraid of who? And who are you?”

“I am the immortal spirit of this place. Who I am isn’t important anymore. This is but a remnant of my original soul. As you can see, there are three caves here but you can only choose one.” The deep voice echoed loudly.

All of a sudden there was a blue portal that had suddenly appeared in front of them.

“Alternatively, you may choose to exit this trial.” The deep voice said.

Ji Yuan asked. “If we choose to exit this trial then we will fail the trial?”

The deep voice laughed. “No. You can pass the trial as long as one of you is able to enter one of the caves here.”

“Oh?” Ji Yuan laughed. “Then we can all choose to exit the trial…”

“But if none of you can enter one of the caves here then all of you shall count as failing the trial here.” The deep voice laughed.

Ji Yuan: …

The rest of the maidens: …

“However one of you can’t take the cave trial because she is an immortal. You know who you are.” The deep voice added.

Bai Qianfeng: …

Ji Yuan took a look at Qianfeng before he laughed weakly. “Alright then. This sounds easy enough. All I need to do is to walk into one of the caves am I right? Haha.”

The deep voice laughed. “Not so easy. You have to ask me personally first if you are qualified first before you can enter the cave.”

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

“Then how do we enter the caves then?” Ji Yuan was now frowning. This immortal spirit seemed to have a weird sense of humor.

“I can stay here to observe?” Bai Qianfeng asked quietly.

“You may choose to wait here to observe, goddess.” The deep voice said.

Bai Qianfeng looked a little startled. This demised immortal spirit even know her immortal title. She hummed softly before she raised her voice. “Alright. Then how do my companions enter these three caves?”

The deep voice laughed. “Naturally you have to pass my trial to qualify for it. There are three caves here. The first cave is the cave of soul. You have to have a pure soul to enter this cave…”

Ji Yuan interrupted with a loud laughter. “I have a very pure soul. Haha.”

Xiang Li muttered in his soul sea. “I can’t be sure…”

The deep voice continued. “The second cave requires the spirit of the cultivator to be pure while the third cave is for the dead.”

Ji Yuan frowned immediately. “How does the dead take the trial?”

The deep voice answered. “If none of you can pass the cave of the soul and the cave of the spirit then the third cave will be for you.”

Everyone: …

Ji Yuan frowned unhappily. “Then I better take the blue portal…”

“That is for the immortal companion that is with you. None of you can pass through this blue portal unless one of you can pass the trial.” The deep voice laughed coldly. “So who will step forward first?”

Bai Qianfeng immediately said to her group. “Don’t fall into his tricks. This tomb is actually huge and there are other immortal spirits. If I’m not wrong, each of the immortal spirits is able to set their own trials. If we are unsure then we can always backtrack to take the other passages…”

But Ling Feiyue had already stepped forward as she raised her voice with a grin. “I may not have a pure soul but I’m sure that my spirit is extremely pure. Let me advance into the cave of the spirit…”

“Your spirit does not meet my requirement. You’ve failed.” The deep voice thundered.

“What?” Ling Feiyue was stunned. “How is it possible?!”

She turned around to look at the rest of her group as she stammered. “I…my spirit is really pure…”

“Let me take the test!” Shui Xisi had flashed forward with a soft giggle. “I’ve actually formed my spirit core. Therefore my spirit will be able to meet his expectations.”

When she had said that she had formed her spirit core, Ji Yuan and the others were all startled as they thought at the same time; Sisi has already formed her spirit core? She has a copy of the True Sacred Saint Profound Art?

Bai Qianfeng muttered. “If she is that person’s daughter than it is not a surprise.”

Shui Xisi laughed. “So how is it? Did I pass?”

“You do not meet my expectations too.” The deep voice answered.

Shui Xisi: …

Shui Xisi: …

Shui Xisi: …

“Your turn.” Ling Feiyue whispered to Little Princess.

“Don’t look at me. If the two of you can’t even meet his expectations, I can’t pass as well.” Little Princess shrugged her shoulders as she took a peek at the entrance where they had come from and was suddenly startled that it had disappeared now!

This was not lost on the rest as Bai Qianfeng said weakly. “The minute that you have decided to take the trial, your fate is sealed.”

Everyone: …

Everyone: …

Everyone: …

Ling Feiyue knew that she had screwed up and she panicky said to Ji Yuan. “MY lord, you have the purest soul. Why don’t you try?”

Ji Yuan smiled bitterly. “You know what. I am now under a lot of stress now. All of a sudden, I am not so sure of the pureness of my soul anymore.”

But nevertheless he had stepped forward as he unsheathed his immortal-step divine sword. “I don’t care about your trials. If you dare to touch any of my women then you have to first step over my dead body first…”

“Your spirit is very pure. You have passed my test and are qualified to enter the first cave.” The deep voice thundered with a loud laugh.

Ji Yuan was startled. “My spirit is pure? Not my soul?” He could not believe what he was hearing…

“Your soul is pure as well! This is a real surprise!” The deep voice laughed thunderously. “Finally I have found you. You are indeed one in a million.”

Ji Yuan was also laughing heartily. “Of course my soul is pure. So I am qualified to enter both caves? So both my spirit and soul are pure at the same time. Haha.”

As he laughed, he purposely laughed in front of the three maidens and they were speechless that none of them had passed a single trial.

Little Princess cursed softly. “This immortal spirit must be a gay for sure…”

“He is gay.” Shui Xisi cursed too.

“He is also blinded.” Ling Feiyue hummed coldly.

Ji Yuan laughed their comments off as he asked. “So which cave should I pick then since both my spirit and soul are both pure at the same time? The first or the second?”

“None.” The deep voice said. “You can now pick the third cave to enter.”

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

“You want me to pick the cave of death?” Ji Yuan frowned immediately.

The deep voice laughed thunderously, causing the entire cave to shake with his echoes and the winds to blow even fiercer. “You may pick the third cave. Because you are the one in a million, the cave of death has now become the cave of life.”

“The cave of life?” Ji Yuan was perplexed.

“You may enter the third cave now while the rest of your companions can wait here for you.” The deep voice said.

Bai Qianfeng said quietly. “He isn’t lying. My lord, you may have stumbled upon something good. Quickly go in to have a look!”

Ji Yuan laughed jovially. “Is it? Haha. Then I will be back quickly.”

As he said that, he had flashed to the third cave.

Ling Feiyue stomped her boot hard. “I can’t believe that Ji Yuan is pure in spirit as well! Hmph! I have no issue with his pure soul but I am contesting his pure spirit part!”

Shui Xisi shook her head. “Me too.”

“This stupid immortal spirit must really be blinded.” Little Princess commented with a weak sigh.

“He has a high state of divinity with his spirit. His spirit is strong and he never gives up easily. The rest of you are inferior to him, even the goddess that is here.” The deep voice echoed deeply.

Everyone: …

Everyone: …

Everyone: …

Immediately Little Princess, Ling Feiyue and Bai Qianfeng cursed softly at the same time. “It must be his stupid Undying Fighting Spirit…”

The three maidens were only partial right. Ji Yuan had always focused on his fighting spirit and his mental fortitude; he actually valued the useless spirit profound arts over the powerful external and internal profound arts.

The Evil Cultivation Palace;

The Evil Cultivation Master was now looking hatefully at the Goddess Mei and the Sagess Alyssa now but in the presence of the Great Demon God, he did not dare to make his intentions known.

But the Great Demon God said behind his dark shrouded curtains. “Yin Tianxing. You seem to have something to say? Why don’t you bottom up your heart?”

The Evil Cultivation Master hesitated for a while before he said coldly. “Almost all my protégés are either dead or captured now. My son Yin Xiong is now dead, including ten of my patriarch clan. I may be a desolate immortal but you know how hard it is for me to have a direct line…”

“Your direct line is given to me. Do you think that with your vitality, you will have any children?” The Great Demon God interrupted coldly.

The Evil Cultivation Master bowed his head; this was the truth. The Great Demon God had given him an immortal treasure to ensure that he had a seed or two when he had first established the Evil Cultivation Palace. Yin Wei and Yin Xiong are both his sons but it was only through the use of the now dead immortal treasure that he was able to have any children.

“You don’t have any sentiments toward your children or clan because you are a heartless desolate immortal.” The Great Demon God added. “You only want to know why and you think that you ought to be compensated for your sacrifices.”

This time the Evil Cultivation Master trembled. It was because this was actually the true reason why he had a look of dissent. Ever since the Goddess Mei had been promoted to lead commander over the desolate army, he was really unhappy and had cursed her in his heart daily.

He said with trembling lips. “I really dare not…”

“I didn’t ask you to attack the settlement. You did. You want to obtain Xue Qianxue to reverse your aging and your prime body. Now that your attacks had failed, why are you so upset with the Goddess Mei? She didn’t do anything to cause you to make such a terrible loss, right?” The Great Demon God coolly said as he took a sip of wine.

The Evil Cultivation Master answered. “She did not warn me that there is an ambush in the camp. Surely with her resources, she can certainly warn our troops!”

“I am the one that had asked her not to warn you.” The Great Demon God coolly said.

The Evil Cultivation Master: …

“What is the meaning of this?” He was literally speechless!

“It is time for us to disband the Evil Cultivation Palace. Our cover had now been blown and our enemies are suspecting our existences. Therefore I have to sacrifice the pawn now.” The Great Demon God coolly said as he lifted a pawn forward.

Of course the Great Demon God did not tell Yin Tianxing that while his forces had attacked the settlement, he had made use of him to launch an attack on the secret base of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace.

To the Great Demon God, this was a worthwhile exchange.

The Evil Cultivation Master stammered with a stunned look. “We’re disbanding the Evil Cultivation Palace?”

The Great Demon Lord nodded lightly as he raised his wine cup to cheer someone. “The next phase of our deployment can finally move forward now. There is no need of any proxies anymore.”

“The next phase?” The Evil Cultivation Master was shocked. “That day has finally come?”

The Goddess Mei chuckled. “Yes the next phase. That day has indeed arrived!”

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Chapter 214: The Mysterious Tomb (1)

The tomb was a series of passages that tunneled deep underground.

Accordingly to the stele outside the cave, Ji Yuan and his group were now entering into an immortal tomb where the golden skeleton remains of the ancient immortals had rested. All they needed to go was really simple. Find the tomb that was deep underground and just walked through it.

This caused Ji Yuan, Little Princess, Ling Feiyue and Shui Xisi to be a little perplexed.

“Actually this tomb is huge and we will only be seeing part of it. If I’m not wrong then all we need to do is to pass through the tomb and we will clear this trial.” Bai Qianfeng explained.

“So simple?” Ji Yuan was in disbelief as he said aloud to Qianfeng.

Bai Qianfeng smiled. “We have to meet one of the ancient immortals in order to clear the trial.”

Ji Yuan: …

Ling Feiyue was gasping with shock and so were Little Princess and Shui Xisi.

“I don’t want to fight any immortal.” Ling Feiyue was stunned.

Bai Qianfeng smiled. “Don’t worry. The ancient immortal isn’t exactly alive. All I can say is that we should try to fulfill the wishes of the ancient immortals in order to clear the trial. This trial is actually an easy one, don’t worry.”

Ji Yuan frowned softly. “I don’t believe.”

Nothing was easy for him until he had truly verified it.

A few hours, they had come to a passage where there were strong winds and beyond the passage were the entrance of three cave entrances.

Ji Yuan immediately probed with his divine sense to find out where the strong winds had come from but he was soon bewildered; it was because the strong winds did not seem to have come from any of the cave entrances but were just circulating in this cave cavern.

The other maidens were equally bewildered.

But all of a sudden Shui Xisi was gasping softly and she seemed to have tripped on something and she was suddenly falling to the ground.

All the maidens tried to flash to her to support her but Ji Yuan was the fastest as he immediately caught hold of her.

“Sisi, are you alright?” Ji Yuan gasped as he caught hold of her; how can he allow his woman to fall in front of him?

Shui Sisi seemed to be in a daze and this stunned Ji Yuan. He had never seen Shui Sisi in this state before as she is usually quite strong will and confidently knows what she is doing.

“Sisi, are you well? Do you want to rest? Is it the fumes earlier?” Ji Yuan asked gently.

All the other maidens were also calling to her to arouse her from her dazed expression. “Sister Sisi, are you well? Yea, we can rest here. It is all Ji Yuan’s fault…”

Ling Feiyue, Little Princess and Bai Qianfeng were genuinely asking with great concern after her wellbeing and they were even blaming Ji Yuan for it.

Ji Yuan naturally did not mind that they were helping Sisi to blame him. It is always his pleasure of course to be of service to their emotion needs and he loves all of them equally.

Even Xiang Li was panicky asking. “Is Sister Sisi…alright? She doesn’t look alright at all…her mental state is quite weak right now…”

Xiang Li displayed her voice outside of Ji Yuan’s soul sea. “Sister Sisi, Xiang Li is here for you. Please don’t cry…”

“Sisi…Sister Sisi, are you really…alright?” Ling Feiyue gasped panicky as she quickly examined her.

Ling Feiyue is actually the most righteous among the maidens here even though she is an unorthodox cultivator. For the sake of Xue Qianxue’s friendship, she was willing to risk her sect leader position and even risk a war with the entire orthodox fraternity.

She knew that Shui Xisi had given Ji Yuan a priceless sixth rank divine pill and she could not even find a way to repay her for this casual kindness. At that time she did not understand why Sisi would give Ji Yuan such a priceless sixth rank divine pill but she soon realized that Sisi likes Ji Yuan. It was just that the way she expressed her feelings were a little out of the norm.

Ji Yuan of course had a better instinct than anyone. Even though the first few times that he had met Sisi were not exactly meeting on a friendly term but he had never sensed that he was in danger from her even though she was actually battling him hard.

On the contrary, he had been intrigued by her playful wiles and even been aroused by her insults. It was a lucky thing that Sisi was not an old woman or else Ji Yuan would have thought that he had a fetish with old women; he had so much fun insulting her back that he had forgotten that that there were others around.

The young masters of the lesser and major orthodox clans usually cannot take any insults to their honors and will surely feel offended.

But for Ji Yuan has a minor orthodox clan origin, he practicably grew up to insult others and to receive insults from the uncouth cultivators that were around him. This was their way of life. It was something that few young masters and famous protégés will be able to understand. The hearts of the cultivators of the minor celestial clans were actually very simple and they consisted of the 90% of the cultivators of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity.

That was why Ji Yuan had always been a rogue. Even if he was arrogant, he was an arrogant rogue.

It startled Ji Yuan and the other maidens that there were flowing tears on Sisi’s cheeks now.

This time Ji Yuan was really panicky as he shook her gently. “What happens please? Surely you can share with us?”

Shui Xisi burst into loud sobs as she buried her head into Ji Yuan’s head. “Xiao Ruan, she…is no more…”

“Xiao Ruan? Who is she?” Ji Yuan returned a perplexed look.

“She…is…that epic…divine blue firebird…that is with me…” Sisi sobbed uncontrollable.

Ji Yuan was stunned as he had suddenly recalled the epic ninth rank divine beast. Even for him, he was not confidence of handling that divine beast of that rank.

“How do you know erm…that she is no more? Premonitions sometimes cannot be trusted. Or maybe it is a future event that can still be changed.” Ji Yuan laughed weakly as he made a weak attempt to comfort her.

Shui Xisi shook her head lightly as she trembled hard. “We are linked together. Xiao Ruan had given two wisps of her soul…to me and my sister. I can sense her demise…I have a phoenix spirit entity if you remember…”

Ji Yuan had suddenly remembered that when he had fought with Sisi for the first time, she had indeed displayed her divine phoenix spirit entity.

He really did not know how to comfort her so he muttered weakly. “Sisi, don’t cry alright? Xiao Ruan is a phoenix. Maybe she can be reborn again…”

All of a sudden Shui Xisi looked at him and she was trembling even more uncontrollably. “Ji Yuan…you are right…please help me to find her artifact core…”

Ji Yuan said firmly. “I will.”

Shui Xisi looked quietly into Ji Yuan’s eyes as she nodded lightly.

Little Princess, Bai Qianfeng and Ling Feiyue were all saying at the same time. “We will also help you to revive your Xiao Ruan no matter what it takes!”

Shui Xisi covered her mouth as she wept aloud. “Everyone…Ji Yuan…sisters…I…really don’t know what to say…”

Ling Feiyue smiled gently, “We are all sisters and we should help each other.”

Shui Xisi looked away, “Then help my Sister Feifei (Jiajia). She is the real heroine. I’ve been too playful. I have never helped her, not even once…”

All of a sudden there was a deep voice. “Welcome to my immortal dwelling…”

This startled everyone but no one could hear or see where this deep voice had come from…

However the strong winds were now howling even louder and eerier.

Jiajia had quietly gathered Fairy Ye Chengxi, Shangguan Yan, Saintess Yuluo, Xue Qianxue and Ling Tianshui as she said to them. “I will be departing from the settlement soon. I shall leave my protectors here to protect you…”

Shangguan Yan suddenly said. “Sister Jiajia looks extremely melancholy. I know that your Sister Yan’Er is weak but I hope that Sister Jiajia will not leave us on your own.”

Fairy Ye Chengxi nodded as she said firmly. “We are all weaker than you here but if Sister Jiajia needs us to help, we will surely help you. Even if you are unwilling to risk us but we will try to help you.”

Just as Jiajia shook her head, Xue Qianxue added quietly. “Sister Jiajia, you look really so melancholy in the last couple of days. Something must have happened. We all know that we can’t help but we are all willing to share your battles with you. Aren’t we sisters?”

Jiajia slowly averted her eyes before she slowly turned her body completely around. “You won’t be able to help me…my battle is not an ordinary battle…our lord Ji Yuan will not want his women to take any risks…also…I am fine on my own…”

“No, you’re not!” Shangguan Yan and Xue Qianxue said at the same time.

Now Shangguan Yan and Xue Qianxue are the two smartest maidens in the group and they had shared their observations with the other maidens. Jiajia was definitely not alright!

Saintess Yuluo slowly said. “I know that I am merely a middle tier saintess but I will never be shy from a battle.”

“That’s right.” Fairy Ye Chengxi nodded with a firm conviction. “Sister Jiajia’s battle is our battle as well! Please do not treat us as strangers.”

Ever since she had married Ji Yuan, her cultivation level has shown a rapid advancement and her fighting spirit is also aroused; it is because her ultimate dao is actually not the sword but with her Old Master Ji Yuan. She had idolized him for a long time but she was also afraid of letting him know lest he would expel her from the sect as Ji Yuan had always been a strict master.

When Ji Yuan had handed over to her the leadership of the Orthodox Sword Sect, she had taken plenty of hardship to try to maintain the sect. However she was not really good in handling the unruly cultivators or the other cultivators from the celestial clans; when she tried to join them in a hunt to gather cultivation resources for her sect, she was often sexually harassed because of her beautiful looks.

In the end, she could not endure that and hence she did not join the cultivators from the other celestial clans for any hunts. This reduced the cultivation resources of the Orthodox Sword Sect and she would barely support the sect. This caused many of the protégés to quit the sect for a better future.

In the past Ji Yuan would always find a way to maintain the sect even though she was often perplexed how her old master got his spirit stones.

Naturally she did not know that many of the sect leaders and elders of the Five Heavens Peaks owed their lives to Ji Yuan and they had even secretly formed a secret fraternity to go tomb raiding.

Of course Ji Yuan and the others would never let their protégés know about it because they were all taught by their old masters to do so; this was a secret among the sect masters and their close associates only.

This was not an honorable thing so Ji Yuan did not want Chengxi to know that Guo Taiming and many other sect leaders from the Five Heavens Peaks were raiding the tombs of the other celestial sects nearby.

At one time, Guo Taiming and Ji Yuan had even raided Guo Taiming’s patriarch tomb too due to dire finances. Guo Taiming had to pretend that he did not ‘see’ or ‘hear’ anything. It was extremely lame since he was his own sect’s sect master.

That was why Ji Yuan was never upset with Guo Taiming for his offensive and insulting remarks. In order to solve his finances and many others, Guo Taiming was even generous to the point of allowing them to raid his own patriarch tomb.

But that is really how poor the cultivators and sect leaders of the Five Heavens Peaks really are.

Fairy Ye Chengxi life blood had come from Jiajia when she had founded the Emperor Hall Sect and she had supplied Chengxi with generous loans to help her to maintain the Orthodox Sword Sect.

No one knows what was the background of Xia Jiaqing who had found the Emperor Hall Sect or the origin of her wealth. All they know was, this new Palace Mistress of the Emperor Hall Sect was really rich and many of the cultivators from the Five Heavens Peaks had flocked to her banner as their own sects could not support them anymore.

Fairy Ye Chengxi still remembered the first time that she had been to the Emperor Hall Sect and she was shocked to see the many beautiful palaces that were seemingly built at a lavish cost. She was not the only one and all the other cultivators from the rest of the Five Heavens Peaks were also shocked by the wealth of this new sect.

However many of the cultivators from this new sect were also unruly cultivators with dubious background.

As Fairy Ye Chengxi hoped to see her old master again, she was forced to endure humiliations after humiliations by these cultivators who were interested in her peerless heavenly looks. But as things got worse each time, Jiajia would always step in in a timely fashion.

At that time she had thought that these cultivators were acting under Jiajia to harass her but at the same time, she was confused if Jiajia was really helping her or not since these cultivators had kept coming.

The truth was that Jiajia had little control over these cultivators who had their own political camps and she was reluctant to kill them as she was in a strange place with strange customs. Moreover this was Ji Yuan’s home mountains and therefore she was willing to close one eye so that they would be willing to repent. Many never did and eventually Jiajia killed them all before she quit the Five Heavens Peaks for good.

This had been a cultural shock for Jiajia as these cultivators were all expert liars, promising her time and again not to harass Fairy Ye Chengxi but they would find one way or another to do so.

That was when Shangguan Yan had volunteered to go to the Emperor Hall Sect to ease the pressure for Fairy Ye Chengxi and to find out more about the intentions of the Emperor Hall Sect.

Fairy Ye Chengxi never knew that her Sister Yan’Er has always idolized Ji Yuan as well and she is willing to sacrifice her happiness to keep the Orthodox Sword Sect because this represented the only memory of their old master together even though he may never return.

Imagine the pleasant surprise that were from Fairy Ye Chengxi’s and Shangguan Yan’s when their old master had suddenly returned without his beard and without his golden celestial eyes; they suspected that he may have lost his cultivation realm level as he no longer had any golden eyes but in their hearts, they still secretly idolized him.

But none of them had the courage to tell Ji Yuan that they all know who he was from day one because they knew that Ji Yuan would surely leave them if they tell him they had recognized his beardless self.

It was not because they know that Ji Yuan had prided his beard a lot but because their old master had always trained them to be independent and he was often not at the Five Heavens Peaks but exploring the trials and visiting the other nearby celestial clans.

He would often say, “My own sect isn’t exactly a safe place for me. Even the trials are safer than my own sect. Haha.”

His remarks would often cause them to be bewildered. Because to Fairy Ye Chengxi and Shangguan Yan, their own sect is the safest place and it is where they have grown up together.

Of course they did not know that Ji Yuan would be dogged by the Evil Cultivation Palace from time to time due to something that he had done in the past.

Therefore they were all hoping that he would stay for much longer in his own sect. They really did not mind that he was no longer a golden celestial anymore.

But it turned out that Ji Yuan was merely hiding his golden celestial state of divinity using a mystic profound art that he had stolen from Little Princess while he was in a secret base of the Evil Cultivation Palace; his breakthrough was actually a great success minus a little hiccup that caused him to lose his beard and he was a half-step saint when he had exited his cultivation retreat, becoming the only saint in the Five Heavens Peaks in many thousands of years and the strongest cultivator in the Five heavens Peaks.

But of course Ji Yuan never know that Jiajia was stronger than him at that time.

Jiajia knew that all the cultivators, including the four golden supremacy elders were actually not his match one to one even if he was not at his peak because Ji Yuan is a high level sword saint and that he was only playing them until he had recovered his profound strength.

But she did not expose him.

Jiajia was able to know that Ji Yuan had been hiding his true cultivation level because she is a great saintess; she can probe his inner spiritual sea with her secret profound art that only a great saintess can master.

Ji Yuan’s cultivation disguise actually cannot work against a great saintess with formidable divine sense. But to the four elders of the Emperor Hall Sect, he could fool them.

When Fairy Ye Chengxi and Shangguan had both married Ji Yuan, the blemish in their soul sea was lifted and their cultivation level had quickly advanced. It was because Ji Yuan had always been an anchor of their soul sea.

When Ji Yuan while using the alias Yuan Ji had told Fairy Ye Chengxi to abandon the Orthodox Sword Sect, Chengxi refused because she was only telling him half the truth.

She had told him, “This one principle is the anchor of my soul sea. I will never be able to drop it.” But she was actually referring to Ji Yuan. She will never drop him from her soul sea.

The same goes to Shangguan Yan as well.

So when finally Ji Yuan had finally confessed to them who he was just before his death duel with the Divine Palace Master of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace, the dark blemishes that were in the hearts of both Fairy Ye Chengxi and Shangguan Yan had finally broken free, allowing them to advance in their cultivation realms and they were able to become a golden supremacy and golden celestial respectively.

Their heart demons for their life and death tribulations were actually Ji Yuan their old master and they both hid a terrible secret that they had both known who ‘Yuan Ji’ true identity was all along.

Fairy Ye Chengxi was now saying to Jiajia. “You can’t leave us. We may not be as strong as your protectors but we are all your sisters now.”

Shangguan Yan was smiling. “Yan’Er may not be strong but I can always contribute my ideas to Sister Jiajia.”

Jiajia shuddered lightly as she looked at everyone with a deep sigh. “Everyone…sisters…”

Ling Tianshui winked her eyes, “Hey! Don’t forget about me here!”

Xue Qianxue chuckled with great loveliness. “Although our group here may not be as formidable as Ji Yuan and our other sisters inside the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth but our group is definitely the smarter one!”

Saintess Yuluo laughed softly. “We are definitely the smarter group and we can pool our brains together to outwit any opponents.”

Indeed Saintess Yuluo is right; their group consists of all the smartest maidens.

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