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Chapter 114: Lightning Tribulation (2)

When Fan Yuqing arrived at Ye Jing’s place, Xiaofang, Chu Yunfeng, Luo Bihua and Li’Er had also arrived and they were all gathering nervously around Ye Jing.

Ye Jing was heard panicking asking them, “What should I do? This is my first time…”

Fan Yuqing sighed softly as she greeted the Celestial Liege and the Confession Lady, “Hi, long time no see…”

The Confession Lady looked blankly at Fan Yuqing, “Child, are you well? How’s everything going?”

But Fan Yuqing did not respond as she looked at Xuan Danfeng and Ye Jing. It was obvious that it was Ye Jing that was undergoing the lightning tribulation and not Xuan Danfeng.

She smiled weakly at Ye Jing, “You are in trouble again, am I right?”

Ye Jing protested weakly, “It isn’t my fault. It is Sister Danfeng…she distracts me and suddenly it happens…I really don’t know exactly what is happening…”

Xuan Danfeng was smiling awkwardly, “I didn’t know that she is in the midst of her cultivation…”

Fan Yuqing folded her arms and said coolly, “Now that it happens, there is nothing we can do. She is pretty lucky to have her lightning tribulation so soon. Let’s see now if she can overcome it. Don’t stay in the room unless you want the entire place to be blown apart by lightning later. You have only got a short time to prepare before the actual lightning tribulation starts.”

Ye Jing quickly picked up her sword and asked around panicky, “So what should I do?!”

The Celestial Liege said, “Prepare whatever you can. You need to have lightning resistant artefacts or any treasures that may help you.”

Ye Jing was smiling weakly, “I don’t have any…”

Xiaofang suddenly spoke out as he took out a horn, “Jing’Er, wait! This is the horn of the Tyrant Behemoth. Although we have not refined it into lightning pills yet but the horn is still useful.”

Fan Yuqing frowned, “It seems that Ye Jing has quite a bit of luck today. If I am not wrong then this is the horn of an eight rank Tyrant Behemoth. How did you manage to get it?”

Xiaofang grinned, “From the corpse of the Tyrant Behemoth when we had fallen into the gorge. Where we had found you…”

Fan Yuqing immediately waved her fingers. She did not want to refresh her memories with that dreadful place for as long as she lived. Then she turned to Xuan Danfeng, “Since Ye Jing is facing the lightning tribulation, it will be a little weird if Xuan Danfeng doesn’t face hers. She will find it difficult to account to everyone later. Why don’t Sister Danfeng takes the lightning tribulation at the same time?”

Xuan Danfeng smiled awkwardly, “It is not like I have a choice…”

Fan Yuqing said quietly, “If I say you can then you will be able to. I will help to be your conduit…”

The Confession Lady immediately said, “Niece, this is too dangerous. You can’t risk your body like this…”

Fan Yuqing smiled coldly, “I’ve grown up now. I know what I am doing.”

The Celestial Liege nodded and said to his consort, “Let it be. Let’s assist at the side.”

Slowly the Confession Lady nodded as she heaved a soft sigh, “Niece, be very careful.”

Fan Yuqing had turned to Xuan Danfeng, “Hold your hand onto mine. Release all your spiritual force just like what Ye Jing is doing now. This is the exact same experience as when you are having a breakthrough from the golden celestial level to the sacred saint level.”

Xuan Danfeng nodded nervously and she did as Fan Yuqing had told her to do.

Ye Jing smiled weakly, “Actually, my spiritual force seems to be leaking. It is not like I am actually releasing my spiritual force on my own accord…”

Fan Yuqing grabbed Ye Jing’s hand as the three of them sat around Ye Jing’s immortal sword, “You talk too much. Aren’t you afraid of dying?”

Ye Jing smiled bitterly, “I am really afraid. That’s why I am talking so much. So what are you planning to do?”

Fan Yuqing looked up and looked at everyone, “Firstly, everyone else should get as far away as possible from this place until we are the size of a berry in your vision. Secondly, the three of us will be taking the lightning tribulation together. The real lightning tribulation will of course aim for Ye Jing but because I am acting as the conduit, the lightning tribulation will be aiming for me instead before distributing its raw power to Ye Jing and Danfeng.”

Then she frowned softly, “Why is the rest of you still here?”

Xiaofang smiled bitterly as he said, “Jing’Er, be careful…”

Ye Jing was secretly looking at Xiaofang as she said silently, “Xiaofang, if I don’t pull through then I hope that you can be strong…”

Gong Nanyan said softly to Xuan Danfeng, “Protégé mistress, please be careful…”

Afterward, everyone had departed except for Ye Jing, Xuan Danfeng and Fan Yuqing.

Fan Yuqing was also releasing her aura and her golden aura had completely enveloped over Ye Jing and Xuan Danfeng.

Ye Jing was smiling, “Sister Yuqing, your aura is so comfortable and soothing. Almost intoxicating.”

Fan Yuqing chuckled softly, “You won’t say that once the lightning tribulation has started.”

Xuan Danfeng nervously said as she quickly took out some of the precious pills that she had been saving and distributed to Ye Jing and Fan Yuqing, “There are many types of lightning tribulation. The three-stage silver lightning tribulation, the six-stage golden lightning tribulation and the nine-stage purple lightning tribulation. I wonder what we will be facing? Since Ye Jing had only just reached the intermediate saintess level then this should be the easiest of the lightning tribulations, the three-stage silver lightning tribulation.”

Fan Yuqing smiled as she said casually, “You are probably right in your guess. But with me as the conduit, this will probably be the nine-stage purple lightning tribulation instead.”

When she had said that, Xuan Danfeng and Ye Jing had immediately turned ashen as they both said weakly together, “Crap! Holy! I am going to die here today!…”

Ye Jing was almost in tears, “I think I just got conned by you. Sister Yuqing, please be merciful and let go of my hands…”

Xuan Danfeng actually had a tear that dripped down her cheek as she said almost incoherently, “I have heard that the three-stage silver lightning tribulation is nine times more fearsome than a normal lightning while the six-stage golden lightning tribulation is thirty-six times more deadly than a normal lightning. As for the nine-stage purple lightning tribulation, it is eighty-one times more deadly than a normal lightning. If we were to take the nine-stage purple lightning tribulation then we will be struck by nine lightning one after another that have the ferocity of 81 lightning. All in all, we have to take the punishment of 729 lightning. This is not something that our golden bodies will be able to take.”

Ye Jing was smiling bitterly, “Sister Danfeng, your math is really good…”

Xuan Danfeng smiled weakly, “Not really. I have done some early assumptions just in case I have to take my lightning tribulation one day.”

Fan Yuqing looked at them and said casually, “Taking the nine-stage lightning tribulation will only make your future potential stronger as a Great Saintess and increases the likelihood for your immortal ascension. Taking the three-stage lightning tribulation will only make you a weak Great Saintess…”

“I don’t mind being a weak Great Saintess…” Both Ye Jing and Xuan Danfeng said weakly at the same time.

Ye Jing gave a faint smile, “It is better than a dead Great Saintess.”

Xuan Danfeng was smiling bitterly, “I agree as well.”

Fan Yuqing frowned lightly, “The two of you have no aspirations at all. I can’t believe that you are patriarch leaders. You only got this one chance to temper your celestial body and you won’t have a second chance. Don’t be afraid and trust me. I’ve taken the nine-stage purple lightning tribulation. It isn’t that difficult to overcome it. I was only half-dead when I had overcome it.”

Ye Jing, Xuan Danfeng: …

Fan Yuqing continued casually as she saw the lightning had turned into freaking purple and was thundering as though it was sundering the heavens and the earth, “Well, it seems that the lightning tribulation is about to start. Be prepare…”

Ye Jing panicky said, “Wait! I still I’m going to take a pee…I am so nervous…”

Xuan Danfeng blurted out, “I’ve stomach cramp now. What a bad timing…I need to take a pee too…”

Fan Yuqing frowned with disbelief at their nervousness, “Pee in your panties then because it is already starting…”

As she said that, a purple streak of lightning had suddenly descended and had flown into them, exploding furiously as it struck!

Xiaofang, Gong Nanyan, Beitang Ying, the Celestial Liege, Li’Er, Chu Yunfeng, the Confession Lady and Luo Bihua who were watching from the side of the mountain were startled at the intensity of the purple lightning bolt as it exploded over Ye Jing, Fan Yuqing and Xuan Danfeng, sending fires, debris and dust to scatter all around…

Xiaofang had broken into cold sweat as he could only stared at what was happening and he was unable to do anything to help…

Gong Nanyan was trembling nonstop and her golden eyes were watery…

When the dust had scattered, Fan Yuqing, Ye Jing and Xuan Danfeng were all breathing hard. All three of them had received a tremendous jolt though their hearts and it felt like their souls could depart from their bodies.

Ye Jing and Xuan Danfeng were startled to see that there was blood that was dripping down from Fan Yuqing’s lips. It seemed that she had taken more punishment than them…

Fan Yuqing weakly said, “You are only taking the strength of 81 lightning but I’ve to take the strength of 162 lightning because of my heaven-defying act. Don’t be a crybaby and start to be serious or we will all lose our lives here.”

Ye Jing and Xuan Danfeng were immediately guilty as they popped in whatever divine pills that they had as they exercised all their spiritual strength to the fullness in anticipation for the next stroke of forthcoming lightning.

Fan Yuqing smiled weakly as she took a pill, “Good. This won’t be easy but with the horn of Tyrant Behemoth here and Ye Jing’s immortal sword that can dissipate energies here, we do have a good chance to succeed. So don’t any of you die halfway.”

Xuan Danfeng nodded weakly while Ye Jing pursued her lips and said weakly, “You too, Sister Saintess Yuqing…”

Fan Yuqing looked up to the thundering heavens and said grimly, “The second lightning is coming soon…”

Elsewhere, there were many celestials that had gathered to watch the lightning tribulations at a safe distance and were discussing hotly…

“Elder Lin Wucheng of the Ancient Ascension Sect has attracted a three-stage lightning tribulation…”

“The Celestial Sword Clan Elder Tang Yiren has attracted a six-stage lightning tribulation…”

“Look! Palace Mistress Xuan Danfeng has actually attracted a nine-stage lightning tribulation?!”

“Isn’t Xuan Danfeng the youngest saint among the three?”

“Will Xuan Danfeng going to survive the nine-stage lightning tribulation?…”

“Even Saintess Mu Huiyin has attracted only a three-stage lightning tribulation…”

“I’ve heard that Saintess Ziyue had previously attracted a six-stage lightning tribulation. That is why she is able to remain in the celestial realm for such a long time…”

“It is an extremely rare chance to see this nine-stage lightning tribulation. It is said that even the mountains will be shattered by the purple lightning…”

“If a saint were to survive through a three stage lightning tribulation, their time here will be extended for two to four thousand years. Surviving through the tempering of the six-stage lightning tribulation will grant five to seven thousand years while a nine-stage lightning tribulation will bestow an extended time of eight to ten thousand years…”

“I wonder what the lightning tribulation of Saintess Yuqing when she had become a great saintess?”

“Isn’t Lin Wucheng the most senior and oldest of the three celestials? Why is that his lightning tribulation is the easiest?”

“Even though the three-stage lightning tribulation is the easiest but there is still a thirty percent mortality rate. It isn’t as easy as you think…”

“The nine-stage lightning tribulation rarely appears. Now that it has appears, the entire mountains are shaking even as we speak…”

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