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Chapter 3: The Divine Sword

An elegant veiled lady heaves a soft sigh of relief as her group left the dark recesses of the Moon Demon Forest. It had been weeks since they had first entered it and they are glad to see the familiar lofty peaks of the celestial fraternity again.

The elegant veiled lady is Xue Yu, young mistress of the Honor Ode Clan. She looks intently at the rolling clouds below the mountains and stellar light above. Her eyes give a brilliant spark as she turns around to face her group.

Min Juan has also heaves a sigh of relief, “We’re finally outside the boundaries of the Moon Demon Forest now. We should be safe now.” Then she turns to Qiu Shengjun to ask, “Who do you think that Lu Xiankai is?”

Qiu Shengjun is clearly displeased as he replies, “What is wrong with you? Why did you suddenly bring up that man’s name? No matter who he is, I don’t like him at all. It is lucky thing that he did not stay for long or I will surely beat him to a bloody pulp.”

Xue Yu sighs softly, “He is our benefactor after all. Remember that without him, I would have already been killed by that Red Eyes Demon. It is fortunate that we are able to accomplish our mission without any more troubles.”

Min Juan nods quietly, “Out of the twenty-four protégés that we have started off with, only fifteen remains now. This mission is not easy at all.”

Then she smiles, “Mistress, you are the only one in the presence of the Prophetess. What does she look like and can you shed a light on what it is being exchanged?”

Xue Yu replies, “The Prophetess has a quiet demeanor. Forbidden and cold. As for what is being exchanged, this is a secret and I can only answer to the grandmaster.”

Min Juan giggles, “Mistress but I’m really curious…”

“I’m curious to know as well,” a familiar voice interrupts.

A black shadowy figure flashes in front of them, startling them as everyone draws out their swords in alarm.

It is Lu Xiankai and he is smiling broadly to the surprised party, “Hold, hold. I am not your enemy. It is just that I have just heard of a disturbing account of someone wishing to beat me to a pulp.”

Qiu Shengjun points his sword at him as he says angrily, “Have you been following us? How audacious!”

Xue Yu is startled to see Lu Xiankai again. Ever since they had parted, she has been wondering who he is. He had appeared and left before they could question him more. Is he an Enlighten Celestial or an Immortal Celestial?

Xue Yu asks curiously as she cast him a shy look, “Benefactor, it’s you again. How have you been?”

Lu Xiankai smiles as he bows with his hands, “Beautiful maiden, we have met again. You know something. I’m thinking that I may want to join the Honor Ode Clan…”

Qiu Shengjun interrupts angrily, “Wishful thinking!”

Lu Xiankai smiles as he looks at him, “It is just a thought.”

Xue Yu quickly says, “The honor is ours if our clan can have a celestial master such as you to join us.”

Qiu Shengjun mutters unhappily, “Isn’t this like inviting an enemy to be in our midst? Protégé Mistress, I will not advise that. Moreover we do not know his background at all.”

Xue Yu says quietly but sternly, “This is no way to treat our benefactor.”

She quickly smiles at Lu Xiankai and says, “If benefactor does not mind, you may follow us to the Honor Ode Clan. Once we have returned, we will surely extend our fullest hospitality to you. Along the way, we can also take care of one another.”

Lu Xiankai is surprised that he has actually got the invitation to follow them. It is because he had been thinking of how to approach them to follow them. This time, he mutters with hesitation, “Then I offer my thanks…”

Xue Yu smiles, “May we know your celestial rank so that our party can know how to address you?”

There are six ranks to the celestial rank; Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Enlighten Celestial, Immortal Celestial, Golden Celestial and Sacred Saint.

Once a celestial attains the 3rd celestial rank onward, they will also gain honorific titles which represent their status in the celestial fraternity. The titles to be used for addressing these superior celestials are Enlighten Celestial (上仙 ), Immortal Celestial (上神), Great Immortal (尊上) for Golden Celestial and  Great Saint (神尊) for the Sacred Saint.

Lu Xiankai smiles weakly as he says, “Unfortunately, I do not have any celestial energies in my veins and cannot be counted as a celestial fellow.”

Xue Yu is genuinely surprised, “You’re…not a celestial?”

Even her party is startled and they are all muttering among themselves.

Lu Xiankai smiles awkwardly, “I wish I am though. Unfortunately even a lowly celestial will be able to defeat me with their celestial force.”

Xue Yu stares at him in bewilderment. No ordinary man can pierce through the skull of the Red Eyes Demon. Even for a powerful celestial, it is still a monument feat to do so. But he had single handedly killed one. Moreover, he has a divine sword in his hands and a great amount of celestial energies is required to wield a divine sword. In short, only an Enlighten Celestial and above can wield one.

Xue Yu says slowly, blinking her astonished eyes, “Great Celestial, you must be teasing us? In order for you to wield your divine sword to such an expert proficiency, it will require years of celestial practice and divine harmony with it.”

Qiu Shengjun interrupts coldly, “With your level of expertise and a divine sword in your hand, who are you kidding when you are not a celestial?”

Lu Xiankai throws him his beautiful blue scabbard and he is grinning, “Why don’t you take a look? You mean this is a divine sword?”

Qiu Shengjun curiously pulls the sword from its beautiful blue scabbard and is shocked to see that it is but a wooden sword!

He mutters, “This…”

Even Xue Yu and Min Juan are startled for they are expected to see a golden divine sword within the scabbard!

Xue Yu says quietly to Lu Xiankai, “Please show me your pulse.”

Lu Xiankai did as he is told and lifts his hand for her to examine.

Xue Yu suddenly looks at Lu Xiankai with disbelief in her startled eyes as she stammers, “He…really doesn’t have any celestial energies in his veins!”

Min Juan and Qiu Shengjun look at each other with astonishment as they say at the same time, “He is really not a celestial practitioner?”

Lu Xiankai looks at Xue Yu and humbly says, “I know however that you are an Immortal Celestial.”

Xue Yu is startled, “How do you know?”

It is because along the way, she has been concealing her celestial aura and taking care not to display her true level unless under forced circumstances. But she did not remember revealing her celestial aura to Lu Xiankai.

Lu Xiankai says matter of fact, “The Prophetess told me.”

Xue Yu asks, “You have been to the Drifting Cloud Peak?”

Lu Xiankai nods slowly.

Xue Yu appraises him for a few moments before she smiles endearingly, “I’m sure that you do not want to share with us your business there and I am unable to share the same with you. Celestial or mortal, you are welcomed to follow us as our benefactor. Our clan will reward you handsomely when we’ve returned.”

Lu Xiankai smiles and bows with his hands, “Immortal Celestial. Then let me offer my gesture of gratitude in advance first!”

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Chapter 2: Drifting Cloud Peak

On a lofty mountain peak, surrounded by an impossible impasses of mountains and deserts, is a palace. In that palace, dwells the Prophetess of the Drifting Cloud. It is said that anyone that approaches the Prophetess of the Drifting Cloud will be able to exchange with her a secret.

A young man with a sword hanging by his side has calmly walked into the grand hall of the palace, unobstructed by the dozens of young serving maidens that stood serenely as he approaches; it is as though that they have already known that he is coming.

In the middle of the grand hall, an exquisite veiled beautiful lady is in meditation. As he approaches, she slowly lit her eyelids and say, “Welcome to the Drifting Cloud Peak.”

The young man appears to be surprised as he laughs softly, “What an exquisite lady. I have never seen anyone as out of ordinary and like an immortal fairy.” Then he asks, “Then you must be the Prophetess?”

The exquisite beautiful lady gives a gentle smile with her brightening eyes, saying. “Indeed. I’m the Prophetess. A secret for a secret. Speak, what knowledge do you seek but you are expected to pay a worthy secret in weight in exchange for it.”

The young man bows respectfully, “I’m Lu Xiankai. I believe that a day ago, a group of protégés from the Honor Ode Clan has come to this place?”

The exquisite beautiful lady says, “I’m afraid that this is a secret that we’re unable to reveal. The first rule of the Drifting Cloud Peak is not to reveal who our clienteles are.”

Lu Xiankai smiles, “That is not important. I’ve already known who they are for I’ve followed them.”

The exquisite beautiful lady kept quiet before she asks, “What is it that you seek?”

Lu Xiankai says, “That Maiden Xue Yu, I want to know everything about her.”

The exquisite beautiful lady growls softly, “You have come for something so trivial?”

Lu Xiankai smiles, “It is not trivial at all. Also tell me what the current affairs in the lands are now.”

The exquisite beautiful lady looks at Lu Xiankai ponderingly for a while before she says, “Again, you have asked for something so trivial. You have braved untold hardships and dangers just to ask for something so trivial?”

Lu Xiankai smiles, “Unfortunately, I don’t think I have any valuable celestial secrets that I can exchange at the moment.”

The exquisite beautiful lady asks, “So what can you offer?”

Lu Xiankai takes out a map and says, “How about the map of the Great Northern Territories?”

The exquisite beautiful lady takes out the Mirror of Truth and immediately flashes it upon Lu Xiankai before she loses her composure to say, “This…this is really the map of the Great Northern Territories? How do you get it?”

Lu Xiankai laughs softly, “I’ve mapped it myself of course. So, do we have a deal?”

The exquisite beautiful lady shudders and says, “I’m afraid that your map is far more valuable and the exchange won’t be equaled. So the deal cannot be done…”

All of a sudden the exquisite beautiful lady is startled to see that Lu Xiankai is next to her and is lifting her chin with his fingers and loosening her veil as he says gently, “You are a Golden Celestial? It seems that your attainment is even higher than Xue Yu. If you think that your secrets are not equaled, why don’t you give me your golden body instead?”

Immediately all the sword maiden attendants begin to draw their swords as they cry out angrily, “Let go of your hands from the Prophetess!”

The exquisite beautiful lady is stunned by how swift Lu Xiankai has moved. Normally, it is impossible to even move ten paces within her for she is a Golden Celestial; one of the strongest celestials. Suddenly, she felt as though she is naked as he looks down upon her revealing dress.

And when she tries to move, she is unable to move for she seems to be beholden to his charms. Mustering all her will, she gasps. “I’m the Prophetess. I am vowed to celibacy and neutrality…”

Lu Xiankai says gently, “Rules are all man-made and are meant to be broken if necessary, especially if it means serving a necessarily need. Am I right?”

The exquisite beautiful lady stammers as she blushes, “This is an impossible request. I can’t…”

Lu Xiankai interrupts, “Lady, what is your name?”

The exquisite beautiful lady finds herself answering, “Song Ziyun.”

Lu Xiankai says, “Hmm, Lady Song Ziyun. My map for the two requests. Shall we have an exchange then?”

The exquisite beautiful lady blushes before she slowly nods, “Let it be then. Can you please step back a little?”

Lu Xiankai laughs as he straightens himself and walks backward, “Good. I know that Lady Ziyun has an empathy to my cause. Shall we continue then?”

Lady Song Ziyun nods and says, “Xue Yu, Immortal Celestial of the Honor Ode Clan. Unattached but is betrothed to the young master of the Sky Heavens Clan. She has been practicing for three hundred years and is one of the youngest to be an Immortal Celestial at the age of 210. She is the youngest daughter of the grandmaster of the Honor Ode Clan and she has two older brothers.”

She smiles and asks, “May I know why Master Xiankai is so interested in her?”

Lu Xiankai laughs, “That is my secret. You need to pay me a secret to know. How about the current affairs of the realm? Which clans hold the sway nowadays?”

Lady Song Ziyun smiles mysteriously, “Out of the thousands of celestial clans, there are only nine major celestial clans that are able to be called the strongest for all the other celestial clans are aligned to them. They are known as the Patriarch Celestial Clans. These nine major celestial clans all have their fair share of Golden Celestials and Immortal Celestials or else they wouldn’t be at the pinnacle. And the Honor Ode Clan is one of the nine major celestial clans.”

She pauses briefly before adding, “The other eight major celestial clans are the Sky Heavens Clan, Golden Autumn Manor, Divine Sword Clan, Hundred Paths Clan, Invincible Iron Sect, Sacred Dragon Clan, Purple Flowers Sect and the Holy Enigma City. Together, they pull the affairs of the realm. Their rivalries and alliances are many and ever changing.”

Lu Xiankai mutters, “It seems that I can only recognize the Holy Enigma City and maybe even the Sky Heavens Clan. The Sky Heavens Clan is but a small clan back then.”

Lady Song Ziyun looks at Lu Xiankai as she says, “It seems that you’ve been away for a long time then.”

Lu Xiankai smiles, “Indeed, indeed.” With that, he has departed.

Lady Song Ziyun takes a forlorn look at the direction where he had departed before she commands sternly, “Record his name in the celestial scroll. I want our scouts to track his whereabouts.”

Slowly she lifts the map that he has left behind and is even more astonished, “The map that he has left behind has the various celestial resources listed in such detail? Who is he?”

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A Celestial Odyssey

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Chapter 1: The Moon Demon Forest

A terrifying gigantic six winged blue dragon flew high overhead the gigantic forest as its mighty windforce threatens to tear the trees. Even when it has departed, the damage to the ancient gigantic forest is evident.

A group of men and women in blue and grey attires, carrying swords began to emerge from their hiding places and they are badly shaken.

After a while, their leader, a lady with a veil begin to mutters, “So that is the Blue Emperor Dragon? One of the most powerful demonic beasts to exist. Woes to the ones that will fall victims to it. This is indeed the times of troubles. In all my years as a celestial practitioner, I have only heard but never seen it. What chances do we Celestials possess in the face of such mighty raw power?”

One man bows respectfully to the veiled lady, “Mistress, you’re being too humble. Surely as one of the most powerful celestial practitioners in the realm, you’re able to handle it…”

The veiled lady turns her sparking eyes to the man and hums coldly, “Then you’re wrong. Even if our grandmaster the Golden Celestial is here today, we will not be able to defeat such a demonic beast.”

A young maiden in the group smiles bitterly, “If even our grandmaster, he whom has attained the golden immortal body, and has transcended beyond life and death, can’t defeat this Blue Emperor Dragon, the calamity that will soon befall will be horrifying. I’m just wondering why it is seen here?”

The man, who had earlier spoken, says emotionlessly. “No one has ever seen the Blue Emperor Dragon for thousands of years. We are indeed too fortunate to have seen one of the Divine Demonic Beasts of legend and live to tell the tale. We need to thanks our celestial stars for it.”

The same maiden says, “Nevertheless, let’s not forget our mission.”

The veiled lady says slowly as she glances at her, “Min Juan.”

Min Juan bows respectfully, “Yes mistress?”

The veiled lady glances at the man and says, “Enlighten Celestial Qiu Shengjun.”

Qiu Shengjun bows respectfully, “Mistress, what is your instructions?”

The veiled lady looks cautiously around her, “Everyone, prepare for battle!”

With that everyone began to hastily line up in their formations and their swords are all being unsheathed in beaming light as they scout with their eyes ahead of the dangers.

All of a sudden a large demonic beast with four red eyes and four claws emerges silently from the shadows. Before anyone can react, the large demonic beast is already in the midst of their formation and two men are instantly slayed by it!

Qiu Shengjun shouts, “Careful! This is the Red Eyes Demon, one of the most deadly demonic beasts. Be on your defensive!” With that, he has raised his sword and sent four fluttering sword energies at the Red Eyes Demon.

But the Red Eyes Demon raises one of its arms and scattered the four fluttering sword energies into nothingness!

The veil lady has raised her sword to block an incoming attack from the Red Eyes Demon as she pushes one of the protégés to safety. Immediately, she raises her vital energies to her sword and reacts in the next instant as she cut off one of the arms of the Red Eyes Demon.

But instead of wailing in pain, the Red Eyes Demon has caught hold of the veiled lady with its two other arms to tear her apart…

All of a sudden a shadow flashes between the veiled lady and the Red Eyes Demon!

Before everyone can see what is going on, the Red Eyes Demon’s forehead is pierced by a beaming golden sword. In the next instant, the golden sword is sheathed into a beautiful blue scabbard and a young man in black is seen balancing the veiled lady to the ground as he says, “Be careful, this Red Eyes Demon does not fear pain. Even if you are a powerful Immortal Celestial, it can tear you apart with its brute strength. Luckily, there aren’t many around in the first place.”

The veiled lady gasps softly and her ears begin to blush as she quickly steps backward, “Gallant hero, thank you for coming to our aid.”

She takes a quick look to assert the situation and notes that there are two dead and a couple of injuries. Her group is white ashen from their first fight with such a powerful demonic beast and a number of maidens are weeping openly from fright and from the dead.

She appraises the young man and says, “The Honor Ode Clan is in your debts. May I know the celestial name of the Gallant hero and your clan?”

The young man sighs softly, “My name? You may call me Lu Xiankai. As for clan, I have none to speak of.”

Qiu Shengjun interrupts coldly, “A person with no clan and yet he possesses a divine sword, appearing out of the blue in one of the most dangerous places, seemingly so inconspicuously. This is indeed odd and suspicious. Maybe he is a spy for the other clans and…”

The young man smiles bitterly, “And maybe I am in cahoots with that Red Eyes Demon, right?”

Min Juan smiles as she kicks Qiu Shengjun, “Look, he doesn’t look like a bad person. After all, he has just saved us.”

Qiu Shengjun hums coldly, “A bad person won’t have that written on his face.”

The veiled lady says gently, “Don’t be rude. He is after all, our benefactor. Even a million thanks won’t be enough for this act of gratitude…”

The young man laughs softly and says, “If so, then may I know the name of maiden?”

Qiu Shengjun interrupted angrily, “How dare you request to know the name of our Immortal Celestial!”

The veiled lady sighs softly, “Shengjun, enough is enough.”

She turns to look at the young man, “Xue Yu is my name.”

The young man smiles as he bows with his hands, “Maiden Xue Yu. What a beautiful name. I think you must be a beautiful maiden behind your veil. Xiankai pays my respect to you.”

All of a sudden, he lifts the veil off her face and he stammers, “Is that you…”

Xue Yu quickly takes a few startled steps back as she says sternly, “Even if you are my benefactor, this is too rude.” She is secretly startled by his speed and is perplexed that she cannot dodge it.

But she quickly asks, “Why are you here? This area is usually off bounds to both celestials and mortals alike.”

Lu Xiankai begins to ponder before he laughs, “Actually, I kind of lost my way around here. So where am I?”

Xue Yu gives him a puzzling look before saying, “This is the Moon Demon Forest, the boundaries between Celestin and the Great Northern Territories. Usually no one has any business around here.”

She purposely emphasizes on the word, “Business.”

Lu Xiankai laughs, “I have traveled to the lands of the Great Northern Territories and has returned after many years. Just how many years, I have no idea.”

Xue Yu is startled, “You…you have been to the Great Northern Territories? The land of the great demonic beasts? Are you mad?”

Lu Xiankai nods with a smile, “Mad to venture there? Yes, I am. At that time, I want to explore the lands.”

Xue Yu says with disbelief in her eyes, “No one can survive in that place. Many have tried and all have failed. Have you really been there?”

Lu Xiankai shrugs his shoulders, “It is a brutal place. I’ve nearly lost my life many times. Anyway, why are you here? Like you say, this is an inhospitable place.”

Qiu Shengjun looks at Xue Yu and shook his head slightly, indicating to her that they should not tell him their mission.

But Xue Yu replies, “Surely you have heard of the Drifting Cloud Peak? We are going there.”

But Lu Xiankai laughs, “I have never heard of such a place. What is it?”

Disbelief greets the eyes of all the protégés of the Honor Ode that are presented.

Xue Yu looks at Lu Xiankai suspiciously before saying slowly, “It is a place where one celestial secret can be traded with another.” She pauses briefly before saying, “A place where a celestial clan can break another celestial clan.”

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