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Chapter 9: Lie Xingyuan

Lu Qingyun had just got up of bed.

His new quarter was spacious and even his bed was sewed with heavenly silk. It was so comfortable that he did not even want to wake up.

Everything had seemed like a dream to him.

It was only yesterday that he had been made a direct disciple of the sect leader and suddenly the clan protégés were now greeting him senior brother all of a sudden. He was overwhelmed all of a sudden.

He had never expected that Qin Keqin would actually be the acting sect leader and that she would actually intervene to make him her direct disciple.

He was happy to see her again but he was also saddened at the same time. It was because he was secretly in love with her and he harboured a dream to be with her. But now she was his master, this type of relationship was frowned upon and discouraged in the celestial fraternity.

“That’s alright since I got to see her. It is impossible for us to be together anyway. After all, she is a fifth realm celestial expert while I am just a lowly good-for-nothing first realm cultivator…”

All of a sudden he was startled for he had suddenly noticed that there was a pretty maiden that was standing next to him.

“Senior Brother, you’ve woke up?” This pretty maiden was smiling at him. “Then you should wash up.”

Lu Qingyun looked at the pretty maiden. There was something familiar about her. All of a sudden he recalled that she was also the same pretty protégé that had brought him to the examination hall yesterday.

He muttered awkwardly, “About that just now…”

The pretty maiden smiled shyly, “Senior Brother, I didn’t hear anything at all. In the future, your maidservant Lie Xingyuan will only hear what you wish me to hear and say.”

So her name was Lie Xingyuan? What a lovely name. But he asked curiously, “Why are you my maidservant? Aren’t you a clan protégé?”

Lie Xingyuan smiled shyly, “All the core protégés are assigned a maidservant who is also an ordinary protégé to attend to their daily needs so that they can better focus on their cultivation. This is considered to be a prestige of being a core protégé. I am…just lucky to be assigned to you. I hope that Senior Brother will not despise me and keep me with you.”

Lu Qingyun muttered, “I will never despise you. You are good. Very good.”

Lie Xingyuan was very happy when she had heard him, “Thank you Senior Brother for your praises. Xingyuan is very happy to have received your praises.” Then she paused for a while as though she wanted to say something but she seemed to have hesitated for a long while without saying anything.

Lu Qingyun asked curiously as he looked at her shy countenance, “What’s the matter? You are free to speak.”

Lie Xingyuan lowered her glances shyly, “Even if Senior Brother needs me for company at night, I will be most willing. All the core disciples are free to engage with their maidservants with no questions asked.”

Lu Qingyun was startled by her bold suggestion but before he could say anything, she had shyly run off

It was only when he had finished washing up and changed to a new set of clothing that Lie Xingyuan had stepped into his room again.

She was smiling, “Senior Brother, are you done?”

Lu Qingyun smiled at her, “Yea.” Then he asked, “Did Qin…I mean did my protégé master says she has any instructions for me?”

Lie Xingyuan shook her head, “I do not know. I only know that you are supposed to meet Elder Ouyang at the teahouse this afternoon.”

Lu Qingyun was startled, “The teahouse? Isn’t it in the city?”

Lie Xingyuan smiled, “That’s right.”

Lu Qingyun thought that this was strange, “We can’t meet inside the clan? What if my protégé master comes looking for me?”

Lie Xingyuan whispered, “This is pertaining to something personal. That is why Elder Ouyang wants to meet you outside the clan.”

Lu Qingyun blinked his eyes as he looked at her, “Oh?”

Lie Xingyuan continued, “Your protégé master will only see you in a few days but it won’t be today. All newly initiated protégés are supposed to have a week break so that they can settle their personal stuff first. Even that Tang Bufan will be returning to his residence in the city for a week before coming back.”

She smiled shyly, “I wonder if you have a family in the city? Maybe I can also go and visit your family? That is, if Senior Brother does not mind if I come.”

Lu Qingyun smiled awkwardly, “Actually, I don’t have a family in the city. So I will be staying put here. As for Elder Ouyang invitation, I don’t see any issue in accepting his invitation.”

After all, Elder Ouyang was the first elder that he had met and he had made him a protégé of the Heavens Ridge Villa on behalf of Qin Keqin. It was possible that he may find out more about Qin Keqin from him.

Still, he could not resist asking Lie Xingyuan. “Do you think that I can pay my protégé master a visit first?”

Lie Xingyuan smiled weakly, “This is a little problematic. I’ve heard that she is meditating in the forbidden ground of the clan. Usually, ordinary protégés and even core protégés are not allowed to go there. Even the six martial hall masters are not able to enter there freely without permission.”

Lu Qingyun smiled weakly, “It seems that even if I got a protégé master, it is going to be difficult to even speak to her.”

Lie Xingyuan giggled, “Usually the protégés will try to avoid their masters lest they get extra chores or scolding.”

Lu Qingyun smiled, “It is only proper that I should receive some specific instructions. After all, I am now my master’s disciple.”

Lie Xingyuan nodded and said, “Senior Brother, yesterday I was really stunned when I saw you with the Golden Roc Flame. You must be a monstrous genius in order to have such a high grade spirit entity. This is something that won’t happen to me.”

Lu Qingyun smiled bitterly, “Actually I am not much better than you are. In fact, I am sure that you can tell that my cultivation level is also quite low…”

Suddenly he had thought of something and asked, “Xingyuan, is it possible for you to share with me your cultivation level? I will do the same too.”

Lie Xingyuan chuckled, “Senior Brother, you are too polite. I am only at the initial master practitioner level.”

Lu Qingyun was startled, “You are a second realm expert?”

Lie Xingyuan replied shyly, “I know it is low. Please do not laugh at me…”

Lu Qingyun said awkwardly, “Actually I am only at the intermediate practitioner level. I’m only a first realm expert.”

Lie Xingyuan stared blankly at him, “What?!”

Lu Qingyun was smiling most bitterly, “It is true.” He found it ridiculous that even his assigned maidservant was a realm higher than him…

He could feel the burning flush of his ears as he chuckled softly, “As you can see, my talent isn’t great at all.”

Lie Xingyuan was stunned as she stared at him in disbelief. She had thought that this Senior Brother was at least a third realm expert or even a monstrous genius fourth realm expert.

She could be heard muttering, “I’m screwed…”

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Chapter 8: The Six Martial Hall (2)

The number of candidates was quickly eliminated.

“Show me a few basic strokes.”

“Do you know how to brew the heavenly lotus tea?”

“What is the White Spirit Hall renowned of?”

“Tell me the history of the six martial halls.”

“Who is Fairy Jade Light? What is her background?”

Some of the questions asked were simply too ridiculous. It was suddenly obvious to many of the candidates that the grand elders were not particular interested in selecting anyone of them as a core protégé.

A candidate replied eagerly, “Fairy Jade Light is the founder of the Heavens Ridge Villa.” This was too easy for him. It seemed that he had a high chance of being a core protégé…

“No, she is the matriarch. You are out.” This was the reply.

Another candidate was asked the same question and he answered confidently, “She is the matriarch of the Heavens Ridge Villa…”

“How dare you address our matriarch as just ‘she’. This is too disrespectful. Out you go.”

Everyone: …

In just a short while, nearly a hundred candidates had already been eliminated!

When it was Tang Bufan turn to face Celestial Shi Guanyin, he was told to display a sword stroke by a smiling Celestial Shi Guanyin who said. “Finally a decent one. He is a Third Realm Expert already. Not bad.”

Tang Bufan immediately displayed a sword stroke that was imbued with sword energies enveloping around his sword.

Many of the candidates and even protégés were gasping, “He has grasped the principles of the sword energies already.”

Celestial Bai Laoxiong from the White Spirit Hall turned to smile at Celestial Shi Guanyin, “If you don’t want him, I want him.”

Celestial Shi Guanyin chuckled softly, “Too bad, I do want him.” She raised a flag, indicating that she had selected a core protégé and that she was no longer accepting any core protégés.

Elder Ouyang said aloud, “Protégé Tang Bufan, you are now a core protégé of the Red Heaven Sword Hall.”

Tang Bufan was smiling with pride when he saw that he was now in the limelight. He bowed respectfully to Celestial Shi Guanyin, “Master, your Protégé Tang Bufan pays my humble respect to you.”

Celestial Shi Guanyin was pleased and said, “Good, good. Go stand at that corner first with the other core protégés.”

With a haughty air, Tang Bufan began to walk to the corner where the other core protégés were. He even had the mood to cast a glance at Lu Qingyun as he curved his lips at him.

Lu Qingyun smiled bitterly when he saw that. He was only a First Realm Expert and compared to Tang Bufan who was a Third Realm Expert, he was really nothing at all. But this was something that he did not mind.

By now, he had already known that getting to be a core protégé was really such a difficult thing. He was forced to throw his dreams away. Even if he had known that Qin Keqin was in one of the six martial halls, it was quite impossible for him to be selected.

Another candidate was soon selected. This candidate was a young man who was a Second Realm Expert. The grand elder of the Crystal Cloud Spirit Hall, Immortal Celestial Wang Ming had chosen him as he said, “This lad does have some potential. I am willing to use the resources of my hall to groom him.”

Soon it was Lu Qingyun turned to face the grand elder of the Yellow Hills Martial Hall, Immortal Celestial Yun Xing. She did not even glance as him as she asked, “Why do you want to join the Heavens Ridge Villa?”

Lu Qingyun replied politely, “Before my old master had passed away, he hoped that I can join a sect so that I can have a proper three meals a day and a place to cultivate.”

When everyone had heard him, they were all laughing nonstop.

“Well…” Immortal Celestial Yun Xing had suddenly taken a curious glance at him as she said lazily, “That isn’t a good reason. Therefore you’ve failed the examination.”

Lu Qingyun was not surprised by the result but he could not help saying, “I have given an honest reply. Do you rather want to hear some fantastic stories that aren’t true?”

Everyone was startled by his remarks and they were muttering, “He is courting his own death by speaking so rudely to Immortal Celestial Yun Xing…”

“He actually dared to be rude to a grand elder…”

“Tsk, tsk. Immortal Celestial Yun Xing is actually very petty. He is in serious trouble…”

Immortal Celestial Yun Xing was clearly offended by his audacity and said coldly, “Elder Ouyang, I want him to be in quiet confinement for a month. After that, he will be assigned to some heavy chores…”

“And what if I don’t agree?” A maiden with a slim waist who was dressed in black, was standing at the entrance all of a sudden, surprising everyone by her sudden presence. She had a curtain veil over her headdress and only her beautiful small pink lips could be seen.

“Who is she?”

“How dare she interrupt the examination?”

“Is she courting trouble?”

“Should we seize her?”

Lu Qingyun was startled and was suddenly excited. It was because he had recognized Qin Keqin’s voice and her beautiful form!

All the elders were startled and some had even turned ashen as they all quickly greeted, “Celestial Qin…” It seemed that they had recognized the maiden in black.

All the protégés were startled why their elders were all so polite and afraid of her…

Elder Ouyang quickly shouted to everyone, “Hurry up and greet Celestial Qin…”

Qin Keqin faint smile could be seen as she said, “Please disperse with all formalities. I am just curious who the candidates are.”

Then she pointed at Lu Qingyun, “I think that this young fellow here seems impressive enough. Moreover he seems to have a wisp of a ninth rank spirit flame. If I’m not wrong, he has a wisp of the Golden Roc Flame within him.”

Everyone was startled when they heard that Lu Qingyun had a wisp of a ninth rank spirit flame and moreover it was a Golden Roc Flame!

Lu Qingyun was thinking, “She can’t be wrong because she already known.”

Qin Keqin purposely asked him, “What is your name?”

Lu Qingyun replied politely, “Lu Qingyun is this protégé’s name.”

“Good. Protégé Qingyun, why don’t you show everyone your spirit flame?”

Lu Qingyun nodded quietly as he displayed his palm to muster a wisp of fire.

When the wisp of fire was shown, all the elders were in awe…

“He really has a ninth rank spirit flame…”

“What a monstrous genius…”

“If it is not for Celestial Qin, we would have missed such a talent…”

Qin Keqin smiled alluringly, “Good! I want him to be my core protégé then.”

When she had said that, all the elders were stunned and some had even dropped their jaws.

“Erm Celestial Qin…” Immortal Celestial Yun Xing protested weakly, “We don’t want to trouble you. Why don’t I take him in? Since he is already in my queue…”

Qin Keqin smiled and said gently, “This won’t do. I must have him as my core protégé. My decision is final. Please help me to make the necessary arrangements.”

She seemed to cast Lu Qingyun with a smile before she walked off.

When she was gone, all the protégés were muttering. “Who is she?”

“How come we have never seen her before?”

“She can accept a core protégé?”

“Which martial hall does she belong to?”

Elder Ouyang was stammering as he said to Lu Qingyun, “Senior, please take a seat with the elders…”

When all the protégés heard Elder Ouyang, they almost fell down flat on the floor. Did Elder Ouyang just call Lu Qingyun his senior and had just offered him a seat with the rest of the elders?!

Even Tang Bufan was staring at Lu Qingyun with disbelief. Did he hear right? What was going on?”

Even Lu Qingyun could not believe his very ears!

Celestial Shi Guanyin saw the confusion among the protégés, she said, “Next time when everyone see Celestial Qin, you ought to pay your humble respect to her. She has only arrived lately and told us to be discreet about it. She is actually the direct disciple of Fairy Jade Light and is also her successor. In short, while she is here, she is also our acting sect leader.”

Everyone, including Lu Qingyun was startled. She was actually their sect leader!

Celestial Kong Guxin added with a bitter smile, “She is also the only daughter of Fairy Jade Light.”

All the protégés were stunned by this revelation!

Lu Qingyun was smiling bitterly as he thought, “I’ve almost wrong her a third time. She really did not lie to me. But I’ve never expected her to be the sect leader and also the daughter of Fairy Jade Light…”

All of a sudden Lu Qingyun was feeling the stares of everyone on him…

It was because by now all the protégés had realized that Lu Qingyun was not only a core protégé but he was also a direct disciple of the sect leader!

In short, his sect ranking was even higher than the elders!

It was no wonder why Elder Ouyang was suddenly very polite to him and had even offered a seat with the elders!

Tang Bufan simply could not believe that he had already offended such a powerful figure and he was rueing already.

As for Lu Qingyun, his thoughts were filled with Qin Keqin. It seemed to him that he had known her for a very long time. Even when he had not seen her face, he was already drawn to her…

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Chapter 7: The Six Martial Hall (1)

Lu Qingyun had been in confinement for almost a month and Qin Keqin had not visited him since.

He was looking forward to see her again but she had not appeared since the last visit. He thought, “Is it because she had been discovered by the elders for visiting me in secret and she had been confined?”

This day, a petite protégé had suddenly opened the door to his cell and said to him, “It is time for the grand selection. I’m going to take you to the inner hall now.”

He was startled. This was the day that he had been looking eagerly to.

He quickly put away the manuals and said, “Senior Sister, I’ve read that there are six martial halls in the Heavens Ridge Villa. May I know which martial hall Celestial Qin Keqin is in?”

The petite protégé took a second glance at him and was immediately flustered. After all, Lu Qingyun was quite handsome. She replied, “Please do not call me senior sister yet. If you manage to get into one of the six martial halls then you will be a core protégé. When that happens, I have to address you as senior brother instead.” She paused ruefully, “I am just an ordinary protégé.”

Then she smiled shyly, “Hm, I do not know any Celestial Qin Keqin. Are you sure you got the name correctly?”

Lu Qingyun was stunned. This protégé did not know any Celestial Qin Keqin? How was it possible? Did Qin Keqin lie to him? But did she not say that she was the one that had asked Elder Ouyang to allow him to be a protégé of the Heavens Ridge Villa?”

The petite protégé pondered for a while before she said, “There are three Celestials that I know of. They are Celestial Shi Guanyin from the Red Heaven Sword Hall, Celestial Kong Guxin from the Green Fields Martial Hall and Celestial Bai Laoxiong from the White Spirit Hall.”

Lu Qingyun stammered, “There is really no such person?”

The petite protégé smiled weakly, “I’ve only been here for a year and is new too. Maybe she is a master that is in seclusion. Moreover, I’m only an ordinary protégé and not a core protégé. My knowledge of the sect is actually quite limited.”

This was only a small comfort to Lu Qingyun.

He had been looking forward to seeing Qin Keqin again and he was curious to know which martial halls that she had belonged to. He had wanted to join the same martial hall as her…

She was a golden celestial. How could she not be known?

He had really found this a little hard to believe.

Soon he had reached the grand hall and saw there were several hundreds that had already gathered. More than half was like him and he was told to go to the middle and wait for the grand elders to arrive.

As he joined the crowd, he bumped into a familiar face and was surprised to see that it was Tang Bufan.

Tang Bufan was equally surprised to see him, “You actually got selected?” Then he asked with a smile, “I am so surprise to see you here.”

Lu Qingyun smiled weakly. He had almost forgotten about this young master who was a Third Realm Expert. From the look of it, this young master had the highest potential among the candidates.

Tang Bufan smiled with cold sarcasm, “Remember that my name is Tang Bufan. I will definitely become one of the core protégés. As for you, I wish you the best of luck.”

Although he appeared to be polite but he was full of disdain for Lu Qingyun. This did not escape Lu Qingyun’s notice. Even if he was an idiot, he would still be able to tell.

Lucky for Lu Qingyun, he did not need to be bothered with Tang Bufan for too long. There were soon hurried shouts calling for everyone to get into lines and be quiet.

Dozens of newcomers had entered the hall now and from the look of it, they were the elders and grand elders of the six martial halls.

There were three celestials that had golden eyes so it was obvious that they were three golden celestials of the Heavens Ridge Villa. The three of them were the main pillar of strength in the Heavens Ridge Villa and they were also the highest ranking celestials in the Heavens Ridge Villa.

The Heavens Ridge Villa was actually ruled by the six grand elders who formed the leadership council. Although Great Saintess Yuhuan was the founder of the clan, she was rarely seen and had hardly intervened in the affairs of the Heavens Ridge Villa. No one really knows if she was even alive or not.

Celestial Shi Guanyin was very beautiful and was graceful. Immediately many of the candidates were secretly savouring her wondrous beauty and secretly hoping to join her Red Heaven Sword Hall.

When Lu Qingyun took a look at her, he had a bitter smile. Although she was very beautiful but he was not drawn to her. It was because she was not the Qin Keqin that he had hoped to see…

An elder began to speak and Lu Qingyun had recognized that he was Elder Ouyang who he had first met when he took his aptitude test. He said with his old voice, “It is time for the grand selection. We have over a hundred candidates this time round and the result is quite a surprise to us. However the criterion remains as strict as ever. Only one core protégé will be selected for each of the martial hall. Therefore only six protégés in total will be selected as core protégés.”

Everyone was startled. There were almost two hundred of them but only six would be selected as core protégés?!

The standard was really too high!

“If we can’t join one of the six martial halls then we will be consigned as an ordinary protégé…”

“This is really too difficult…”

“I wonder what the grand elders’ standards are?”

Lu Qingyun was smiling weakly. He was not prepared to be selected anyway. Now that he had failed to find Qin Keqin, he had already lost his interest to join any of the six martial halls.

Elder Ouyang smiled when he saw the incessant muttering among the candidates. This was not new to him and this was an expected reaction.

He then added, “Due to the large number of candidates, I want everyone to line up in six lines and choose the martial hall that you think you have the highest chance to succeed. Then according to the best of your abilities that are demonstrated, it shall be determined if you are selected by the grand elders or not.”

Everyone was muttering as they looked at the six grand elders that were presented.

Out of the six grand elders, three of them were golden celestials while three were immortal celestials. A golden celestial was a Fifth Realm Expert while immortal celestial was a Fourth Realm Expert. Therefore it was not wrong to say that it was a lot more prestigious to join a martial hall that had a golden celestial but it was also a lot more difficult. After all, the grand elders who were golden celestials may have a higher standard.

These were the six martial halls of the Heavens Ridge Villa, the Red Heaven Sword Hall, the Blue Lake Sword Hall, the Green Fields Martial Hall, the Yellow Hills Martial Hall, the White Spirit Hall and the Crystal Cloud Spirit Hall.

These six martial halls were the two sword, two martial and two spirit martial halls of the Heavens Ridge Villa.

The Sword Halls focused on swordplay, the Martial Halls focused on body training while the Spirit Hall focused on the energy cultivation of the cultivator.

It was difficult to know which of the martial halls was the more superior of the six. However it was also not difficult to see that the martial halls with the golden celestials were the more prestigious.

Therefore the more ambitious of the candidates were already evaluating the options of joining either the Red Heaven Sword Hall, the Green Fields Martial Hall and the White Spirit Hall where the grand elders were golden celestials.

Tang Bufan already had a lecherous look at the beautiful Celestial Shi Guanyin so naturally he had already joined the queue for the Red Heaven Sword Hall.

As for Lu Qingyun, he did not think that he was good with the sword or with any energies cultivation so he had joined the queue for the Yellow Hills Martial Hall.

Tang Bufan saw his choice and was amused. This fellow had chosen the Yellow Hills Martial Hall that was led by an immortal celestial grand elder. He did not even dare to dream of picking the three more superior martial halls.

When everyone was in their respective queues, Elder Ouyang old voice was heard loudly once more. “Good! Let the selection begins!”

Lu Qingyun took a quick glance around him and saw that besides the almost two hundred candidates that were presented, there were actually hundreds of curious protégés that were in the hall as well.

Many of the protégés were heard saying, “I wonder who will be the six new core protégés that will be selected.”

Tang Bufan lit a sly smile. It was inconceivable to him that he would not be selected as a core protégé!

Everyone was also curious to know what the examination would be in order to be selected as a core protégé.

Celestial Shi Guanyin was the first of the grand elders to speak, “Alright then. We shall start with the first candidate on my side, alright?”

The rest of the grand elders nodded and they had no issue with that.

She gave a faint smile as she looked at the candidates, “During the choosing, you are actually free to switch the queues so don’t be shy if you think that you are unable to perform better in a particular queue.”

When she had said that, there were quite a number of candidates that had already regretted that they were among the first to be queued.

“Of course,” she smiled all of a sudden. “Once a candidate has already been chosen, the rest of the candidates in the queue won’t be eligible anymore and must join the other queues.”

Her voice was pleasant and had clarity. Many of the candidates were now paying close heeds to her words and some had switched queue to line up for her Red Heaven Sword Hall. These candidates had thought that it may be a good idea after all to choose a master that was pleasant and beautiful.

Celestial Shi Guanyin smiled alluringly, “The grand elders of the six martial halls will take our turn to test the candidate. I am Celestial Shi, the grand elder of the Red Heaven Sword Hall. My martial hall specialized in swordplay. It is not to say that we are weaker in martial or energies techniques. Almost all the new protégés are actually trained in the outer courts of the sword hall for their foundational swordplay. To be a core protégé of the Red Heaven Sword Hall means that you get to train in the inner courts for the more advance swordplay as befitting a core protégé. In the future, you may be an elder or even a master of one of the martial halls. Therefore, we are absolutely serious in only choosing the best candidate among you.”

With that, she pointed at the first candidate and said. “Show me a few strokes of the sword.”

The first candidate was a lean and young man. He eagerly unsheathed his sword and as soon as he had stepped forward, Celestial Shi Guanyin said with a lazy look. “Out you go. You’ve failed.”

The first candidate was shocked beyond words, “But I haven’t even started…” He was almost in tears.

All the candidates who were watching the first candidate were also shocked with disbelief.

“What?! He has failed even before he has started?”

Hundreds of protégés that were watching the selection were all laughing aloud. It was because they were all expecting it to happen. It was really not easy to be selected as a core protégé!

What the candidates did not know was that Celestial Shi Guanyin and many of the grand elders had not selected a core protégé for several decades. Unless a suitable candidate could be found, there was really no point in wasting valuable clan resources to groom one.

The first candidate mustered the courage to say unhappily, “I ought to know the reason why I’ve failed, am I right?”

Celestial Shi Guanyin stared at him with her golden eyes, “The way you have unsheathed your sword is too clumsy. Moreover your potential is too limited. You can never advance to a Fourth Realm Expert and that is the minimum criteria that I am looking for.”

The first candidate immediate hung his head low in shame, not daring to say a word more.

Elder Ouyang said sternly, “Those who have failed, come over this side.”

Celestial Shi Guanyin smiled at Celestial Kong Guxin from the Green Fields Martial Hall, “I believe that it is your turn now.”

Celestial Kong Guxin was a young looking man with a heavy build. He looked at the remaining candidates with a wryly smile, “Those who want to switch their queues can still do so.”

Many of the candidates were now freaked out by the selection and Lu Qingyun suddenly saw that there were many candidates that had suddenly joined his queue.

He was muttering weakly, “Actually, I don’t mind becoming an ordinary protégé.”

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Chapter 6: Qin Keqin

Lu Qingyun was looking at Qin Keqin with a flustered countenance. At this moment he had no idea how red his face was. After all, this was the first time that he was sitting so close to such a great beauty as Qin Keqin.

He was stammering, “Celestial Keqin, I’m really sorry about the condition of this place. This place is a little messy and dirty…”

Qin Keqin lowered her glances as she said shyly, “It is alright. Actually you may address me as simply as Keqin.”

He was startled as he said weakly, “It won’t work. You’re a highly attained Celestial while I am…just a lowly practitioner.” Their status and disparity was like the heavens and the earth. In the future, it was also very unlikely for him to even catch up with her. For most of the celestial practitioners, the third and the fourth realm were already their lofty dreams.

Therefore he had actually harboured no illusions that she would actually put him in her heart. After all, she may be just chatting with him just to win his loyalty for her clan. Although he was inexperienced, he had read a lot of such stuff and was wiser than most of his peers.

Qin Keqin smiles, “Unless you despise me then just call me by my name. I shall call you Qingyun too. Alright?”

Lu Qingyun sighed heavily as he muttered, “How could I possibly despise you…”

Qin Keqin chuckled, “Thank you.”

Then she said, “Celestial Meixue is the celestial name that I often use when I am out for experiential training. It means Beautiful Snow. However, it is not commonly known by anyone. Therefore, it is not surprising that hardly anyone knows about me.”

Lu Qingyun nodded awkwardly, “Now I see.” He had actually thought that he had been tricked by her into coming to the Heavens Ridge Villa. Naturally, he would not tell her that.

She continued with a smile, “When I saw the black token that I’ve given you, I knew that you are here. Therefore I’ve asked Elder Ouyang to make you a protégé. That is actually what I’ve promised you.”

Lu Qingyun had finally realized that he had almost wronged her good intentions and he was feeling guilty.

She added, “I happen to be free so I have secretly come to see how you are doing so far. Are you adapting?”

He nodded, “So far it is pretty good.”

She laughed softly, “Good. Glad you like your experience so far.”

Suddenly he began to grow solemn and pointed at Yan’Er, “I’m sure that you can see that Yan’Er has become a sentient spirit entity now. This gift of yours is far too precious. If you want to take her back, I am most willing…”

Yan’Er could see what Lu Qingyun was thinking and immediately there were tears flowing down her cheeks, “Master, you don’t want your Yan’Er anymore?”

Qin Keqin smiled as she wiped away her tears, “Yan’Er, don’t worry. I am not taking you away from your master.”

Lu Qingyun was startled by her remarks. A sentient spirit entity was highly covetable even by the Seventh Realm Experts and yet she did not desire to take Yan’Er?

Qin Keqin gave a gentle smile as she looked at Lu Qingyun.

He was mesmerized by her soothing and mesmerizing aura. He thought that surely she had a most sacred aura and that she was like a forbidden goddess…

Qin Keqin had suddenly averted her eyes and Lu Qingyun was suddenly feeling bad that he had been staring at her for quite some time.

She rose up and smiled, “It is getting late and I must leave before they discover that there is a breach here. Then it will truly be awkward.”

Lu Qingyun nodded. He did not want anything unduly to be happened to her or want her to be punished as well. So he quickly say, “I really appreciate the visit. Hopefully we get to meet again soon.”

Qin Keqin smiled lovingly, “Yes I hope so too.” She cast a look at the manuals that were scattered around before saying, “In the mean time you should also try to study hard too so that you can impress the grand elders.”

Lu Qingyun nodded eagerly, “I will…”

“By the way,” she smiled. “Your mental thoughts can be guarded from Yan’Er once you are able to reach the Enlighten Celestial Level.

“Oh!” Lu Qingyun smiled awkwardly as he wondered how much she had overheard…

She seemed to have picked up something as she suddenly looked around the space around them before she said softly, “I must be going now. It seems that they are quicker than I’ve expected.”

Then she had disappeared into the darkness.

Lu Qingyun stared at where she had vanished for quite some time before he suddenly jumped up to scold himself, “I’ve forgotten to ask her which martial hall that she belongs to….stupid me…”

He turned around and said, “Yan’Er, remind me to ask her the next time…” Then he paused for he had suddenly noticed that Yan’Er had fallen asleep.

“Never mind…” he muttered to himself.

He sat down to browse the manuals and he was only browsing the manuals. It was because he found himself thinking of Qin Keqin. Why was she so nice and generous to me? Lu Qingyun, Lu Qingyun… you got to be realistic. It is impossible that she may be interested in you. Moreover she may even be attached to someone already…

Even if she was not currently attached, he could well imagine the number of worthy pursuers that were wooing after her.

There were only two words to describe his heart, total defeat.

When Qin Keqin was outside the Iron Tower, she leaned her back against a pillar as she looked at the starry heavens above her while muttering softly, “It is so good to see you again. How many years have it been? I know that you have long forgotten about me…”

Then she smiled and said softly to herself, “I guess that I shall keep this name for a little longer then…”

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Chapter 5: Yan’Er

Lu Qingyun was taken to the Iron Tower and he found himself in a confinement. He did not feel like he was a prisoner, at least not yet as his meals were excellent and he had an access to a small library in his cell. Even his cell had many rooms and was spacious.

The elder had introduced himself as Elder Ouyang and told him that he would be talking to him in a month time when the testing of the new protégés was over. In the meantime he should cultivate and read as much as possible.

“Do not worry,” Elder Ouyang said to him. “There are other newly initiated protégés that are in the Iron Tower as well. You should use the time to cultivate and be ready to meet the grand elders in a matter of days.”

Lu Qingyun asked curiously, “The grand elders? I need to meet them?”

Elder Ouyang smiled, “The next round of selection will be done by the grand elders.” Then he pointed at the manuals that were on the shelves. “You should spend some time to read up on the histories of the Heavens Ridge Villa. Some wacky grand elders may choose to test you on it.”

Seeing the perplexed look that was on Lu Qingyun, he added with a wry smile. “There are six main martial halls in the Heavens Ridge Villa and each of the grand elder has their own preferences. Some may prefer protégés that are good with the swords and some may prefer protégés with a good aptitude on spirit sense. Therefore if you are able to get selected by them, you will be a core protégé. If not…”

Elder Ouyang paused briefly to smile before adding, “If not, you will be assigned as a general protégé. There is no need for me to spell out to you how normal a general protégé is, am I right?”

Lu Qingyun nodded as he finally understood why he was taken to the Iron Tower. Although he had been accepted as a protégé but there was still another round of selection. In order to become a core protégé, he had to impress the grand elders first.

He thought, “Since there are six martial halls, does it mean that I have six chances? That seems to be quite a high chance to be selected as a core protégé.”

Although he was not a good martial fighter or a talented cultivator but he was a good scholar. There was no knowledge that could escape from him and his aptitude to learn new knowledge was impressive. At least, that was what he felt that it was something that he was excellent at and was confidence of handling.

So he began to read…

The Heavens Ridge Villa has a history of less than five hundred years and it is considered to be a young sect when compared to most of the celestial clans that are thousands of years old. The founder and matriarch of the Heavens Ridge Villa was a Great Saintess Yuhuan who had styled herself as Fairy Jade Light.

No one really knows her background but the fact that she is a saintess and a Seventh Realm Expert. That alone is impressive enough. Moreover the title of ‘great’ saintess is exclusive to those celestial cultivators who have attained to the upper tier sacred saint level and they are one step to being able to ascend as immortals.

Although the Heavens Ridge Villa was the smallest and youngest powerhouse in New Empyrean City, it had a powerful presence due to the fact that Fairy Jade Light was a great saintess.

One must know that the celestial clans that were in New Empyrean City were mostly second and third tier. The main reason why these celestial clans were second and third tier was because they could not produce a single cultivator that could reach the seventh realm. Even the Heavenly Fragrance Villa, a first tier celestial clan that holds dominant over the entire Heavenly Fragrance Divine Realm was said to have only one seventh realm expert.

This was something that the protégés of the Heavenly Ridge Villa were extremely proud of and in no time, the Heavens Ridge Villa was propelled as one of the four prominent celestial clans of New Empyrean City.

Lu Qingyun muttered as he read the histories of the Heavens Ridge Villa, “This Fairy Jade Light must be a monstrous talent…”

Just as he was about to continue his read, there was a stir in his cultivation core and he was startled.

The Golden Roc Flame was burning furiously within him and had suddenly danced out to form the image of a little girl that was around five.

This startled him as he muttered, “The Golden Roc Flame has become a sentient flame?” This was an extremely rare occurrence and Lu Qingyun had never expected that it would happen to him.

For a spirit entity to gain sentient, it was more valuable and precious than any ninth rank spirit entity. If the spirit entity was already at the ninth rank, its growth and aid to the cultivator was extremely precious! More precious than any wondrous herbs that could enhance the cultivator growth…

He was instantly delighted as he said to the little girl, “Don’t be afraid. I am your master.”

The little girl blinked her eyes and stammered, “Mas…ter?”

Although she was talking to him, her eyes were already looking wildly at her surrounding and there was a playful look on her countenance.

Lu Qingyun smiled, “That’s right. You and I are one body and soul. I should give you a name. How about Lu Yan’Er?”

The little girl was delighted. As she shared the same link as him, it did not take her long to understand the significant of having her name.

She asked, “Can I play around?”

Lu Qingyun smiled, “Sure you can. But you must promise me never to come out if there are others around. It is because I don’t want others to see you.”

The little girl took only a moment to understand speech and she was already quite proficiency in replying, “Why not master?”

Lu Qingyun smiled, “Because there are many bad guys around and they may have bad intentions.”

There was actually no need for words because Yan’Er was linked to Lu Qingyun’s soul and she was part of him. When he had said that there may be bad guys around, images of various consequences had popped up in his mind and Yan’Er was gasping panicky, “There are so many baddies around…”

Lu Qingyun was startled, “You can actually know what I am thinking?”

Yan’Er nodded as she chuckled, “Master and I are one so of course I can know what is on your mind.”

Lu Qingyun muttered weakly, “That is bad…”

Yan’Er asked curiously, “Why is it bad?”

Suddenly Yan’Er was flushing, “Why is it I am seeing images of so many beautiful big sisters that are undressing?”

Lu Qingyun slapped his forehead to vanish the images as he forced out a weak smile, “That means no more wet dreams for me. That’s why it is bad…”

From now onward, he was going to be a mental eunuch…

“What did you just say?” A beautiful and alluring voice asked softly.

Lu Qingyun was startled as he quickly turned to the direction of the beautiful voice.

An extremely alluring maiden that was dressed in black was looking and smiling at him from the corner of the cell.

Lu Qingyun was startled. He had recognized her and she was none other than Celestial Meixue. He muttered, “Celestial Meixue?” She was not wearing any veil this time so he could easily recognized her even though he had only just a glimpse of her.

She knitted her eyebrows as she laughed softly, “So you’ve managed to recognize me after all.”

Lu Qingyun smiled awkwardly. He did not want to tell her that he had caught a glimpse of her so he said instead, “How did you get in here?”

She smiled as she looked at the cell, “The spatial laws here may be able to hold the likes of you but do you think that it is able to hold a mighty golden celestial like me?”

Lu Qingyun could not help giving a smile when she had used the word mighty on herself, “Indeed, indeed. A mighty golden celestial like you won’t be restraint by the spatial space here.”

Then she turned to look at Yan’Er, “It seems that you have a sentient spirit entity. You are really so fortunate.”

Yan’Er stared at her and asked, “Hello, I am Yan’Er.” For some unknown reason, Yan’Er felt herself drawing to this big sister here.

She returned a smile to Yan’Er, “Hello Yan’Er. I’m Qin Keqin.”

Lu Qingyun was stunned as he stammered, “Celestial Meixue? Celestial Keqin? You are not Celestial Meixue?”

She gave an affectionate smile as she said coolly, “What kind of a host are you? Why don’t you invite me to sit down first before you throw a question at me?”

Lu Qingyun muttered, “Yes, yes. Please have a seat.”

She giggled softly, “Then I shall not be polite and be your guest. Even if you regret it, it will be too late to drive away this malevolent star later.”

Lu Qingyun was smiling awkwardly as he thought, “How can you be a malevolent star? I wish that you will stay as long as you can. I wonder if she is attached…”

Yan’Er was staring at him with her big eyes, “Master, what are you thinking…”

Lu Qingyun snapped out of his trance all of a sudden as he suddenly remembered that Yan’Er was able to read his thoughts…

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Chapter 4: The Heavens Ridge Villa

Lu Qingyun was following a carriage that was heading to the Heavens Ridge Villa and along the way he saw many forests and lakes. He could scarcely believe that he was actually in a city. New Empyrean City was huge.

As for the carriage that he was following, the owner was an aristocracy young master. Earlier he had happened to stop it and asked for directions.

The young master was accompanied by his butler and a dozen guards, all of them were at the master practitioner levels. As for this young master himself, he was an enlighten celestial and a third realm expert. His butler was even more formidable than him and was a fourth realm expert and an immortal celestial.

When Lu Qingyun had asked for directions to the Heavens Ridge Villa, the young master who was called Tang Bufan had asked him curiously the reason for going there.

Lu Qingyun had replied that he was going there to be initiated as a protégé.

Tang Bufan had laughed coldly and said to him, “I’m going there to enrol as well. You can follow my carriage.”

As he lifted down the curtain, he remarked coldly to Tang Bo his butler. “I have thought that this handsome man is a somebody from a prominent clan but he is actually a trash cultivator that is trying his luck. What bad luck…”

When Lu Qingyun had heard him, he did not mind at all. It was because he was really a low level cultivator while this young master was a third realm expert. He knew that his talent in cultivation was limited and he did not mind even if he was not accepted into the Heavens Ridge Villa.

He was just curious why he found himself asking for direction to the Heavens Ridge Villa. Perhaps it was a desire to meet this Celestial Meixue again?

Days later, the lofty citadels of the Heavens Ridge Villa had come into view.

Lu Qingyun was somehow excited but he was also a little anxious. It was because along the way, he saw hundreds of dejected faces and those were the people that were rejected by the Heavens Ridge Villa.

“The testing is too tough…” Many of the dejected folks were overheard saying.

Quite a number of them were even on the master practitioner level.

Normally, master practitioners were those already on the Second Realm and they had proven that they had the potential to be a future Third Realm Expert.

The numbers of Third Realm Experts were actually quite uncommon in the Nine Celestial Fraternity. Even Lu Qingyun had no idea when he would be able to attain to that realm.

That was why Tang Bufan had looked at him with disdainful eyes. He actually had the right because he was already a Third Realm Expert.

The gates of the Heavens Ridge Villa were imposing and broad. As Lu Qingyun walked to the gates, there were hundreds of people that were queuing to join the clan as protégés.

A bored protégé of the Heavens Ridge Villa was pointing to the queue as he muttered with disinterest, “This way if you want to register…” He had already seen his share of thousands of hopefuls and the dejected.

At the top of the gates were the imposing walls and there were dozens of beautiful protégés of the Heavens Ridge Villa who were chucking and looking at the crowd.

Even Lu Qingyun had found it difficult to miss them as he muttered, “It seems that there are many outstanding beauties in this sect…”

Tang Bufan had got off his carriage and he had said politely to one of the protégés that were stationed near the queue, “I’ve got a letter of recommendation from my Martial Uncle to join the Heavens Ridge Villa as a protégé.”

When the disinterested protégé saw that Tang Bufan had a letter of recommendation and that he was accompanied by a number of celestial experts, he was suddenly smiling at him and saying. “Alas, you must be someone who is distinguished. Please follow me to the other gate.”

Tang Bufan was laughing jovially as he purposely winked at Lu Qingyun who was behind him, “It is actually nothing. I hope that I will be receiving more care from senior protégé instead.”

The same protégé was laughing jovially as he said, “The same goes to you as well…”

Soon Tang Bufan had disappeared from view as he was taken elsewhere.

As for Lu Qingyun, he had quietly queued for the next three hours while waiting for his turn.

From the people that were queuing, he had learnt that the first trial was actually an aptitude test. The majority of them were at the practitioner level. Whether they were qualified or not, there was a telling stone that could gauge their future potential.

This telling stone was able to gauge if they had the potential to reach the Enlighten Celestial Level in the future.

The majority of them were actually unable to reach the Enlighten Celestial Level, more so if they were unable to join a reputable sect. That was the main reason why there was a long queue to join the Heavens Ridge Villa.

Lu Qingyun happened to visit the Heavens Ridge Villa where the recruitment would be opened for two weeks every year.

As he entered the testing ground, he was quite disturbed to see that there were many who had already failed the testing stone and they were shaking their heads in disappointment.

When it was his turn, he was led to a hall with several elders and one of the elders said calmly to him. “Now gently put your hand on the testing stone. The calmer you are, the better the result.”

This was actually a sound advice that this elder was giving. It was because if anyone was frustrated, it would show as chaotic fluctuations in the testing ground and affected the reading. As everyone knows, the purpose of cultivation was to maintain an absolute calmness during cultivation in order to elevate one’s state of divinity.

Lu Qingyun did as he was instructed by placing his hand on the telling stone while thinking, “My old master says if I work hard, I have the potential to become an immortal celestial in the future. That is already a realm higher than the requirement. I should be able to pass…”

No sooner had Lu Qingyun placed his hand on the telling stone, the elder took a glance and said indifferently. “No reaction. You’ve failed. You can go now.”

Lu Qingyun: …

He protested weakly, “This isn’t possible right? How could I have failed?”

The elder had encountered many troublesome hopefuls like Lu Qingyun. Therefore when his well-meaning words were ignored, the elder had raised his palm to strike at Lu Qingyun!

Lu Qingyun saw the attack coming and he quickly raised his palm to meet the palm strike of the elder. Although he was a nimble fighter but his martial strength was lacking. Therefore he was sent flying all the way to the entrance!

The elder was secretly startled. It was because he was a Third Realm Expert while this young fellow was only at the First Realm. Moreover he did not give any warning when he had attacked.

The other elders were all looking curiously at Lu Qingyun for they too, had seen his nimble reaction.

Lu Qingyun could feel his blood reversing. He quickly mustered his vital energies as he coughed out a bout of bad blood, “Lucky…” Had the bad blood remained in his organs, it would lead to serious internal injuries and even affect his future cultivation.

He actually did not mind not being a protégé of the Heavens Ridge Villa and was only trying to test his extraordinary luck. Therefore he got up calmly as he dusted off his robe to leave…

But all of a sudden, the same elder had called to him. “Wait! You seem to have left something behind.”

Lu Qingyun took a look at the ground and saw that it was the black token that Celestial Meixue had given to him.

“Where did you get this token?” The elder asked with a solemn tone while the other elders were muttering among themselves.

“This?” Lu Qingyun picked up the black token as he said, “Right. I was given this black token by a Celestial Meixue from your sect and it was she that had told me that this token will be able to get me in as a protégé.”

The elder said solemnly, “There is no Celestial Meixue in the entire Heavens Ridge Villa!”

Lu Qingyun smiled bitterly. Why was that he was not surprised when he had heard that again? He knew by now that this Celestial Meixue had fooled him into coming here. Since he had got a Golden Roc Flame from her and that he had lost nothing so far, he did not really put that to his heart. Maybe she was just trying to have some fun in her long and bored life.

He replied with a weak smile, “In that case, junior shall take my leave.”

The elder continued to say solemnly, “However this black token indeed belongs to our sect. Will you be so kind as to return this black token to us?”

Lu Qingyun did not put much of an attachment to this token so he tossed it to the elder, “Here!”

The elder caught hold of it and said in a much more relax voice, “If you don’t mind waiting here for a while, I will be back shortly.”

When he had said that, the elder was gone.

Lu Qingyun did not even have the time to say no when he noticed that the other elders had closed the gates of the hall.

Now he was smiling bitterly as he stared at the dozens of elders and protégés that were inside the hall. He was actually thinking, “Don’t tell me that I am set upon by that Celestial Meixue?”

His brilliant mind had immediately worked on the details of the entrapment. First, the Celestial Meixue must have stolen something from the Heavens Ridge Villa and that included the black token. The most important aspect of her plan was that she would need a distraction or a scapegoat. That was why she had given him the Golden Roc Flame to earn his trust and to trick him into coming here.

There was even a possibility that the Golden Roc was a guardian beast of the Heavens Ridge Villa. Now that he had the Golden Roc Flame within his spiritual sea and it was not hard for a celestial expert to tell, it would be extremely hard for him to prove his innocence.

He was truly in a fine fix!

“My old master was right after all”, he was muttering in his heart…

He was left standing in the middle of the hall and none of the elders bothered to speak to him. There were plenty of staring though.

After two hours of miserable waiting, the elder had suddenly returned and he was suddenly smiling at him. “Young fellow, I’m so sorry to keep you from waiting. There is no need for you to take further tests for you are now a protégé of the Heavens Ridge Villa. Come with me.”

When he had said that, not only was Lu Qingyun surprise by it but so did the others.

“What is going on?” The protégés of the Heavens Ridge Villa was muttering among one another.

Lu Qingyun felt a little bad that he had accused Celestial Meixue a little too early as he silently offered his apologies to her, “Hopefully she can accept my silent apologies. If she is able to hear me of course…”

As he followed the elder, he was asking. “Actually I know that my aptitude in cultivation is bad. Is it really alright for me to join the sect?”

The elder looked at him with a mysterious smile, “It doesn’t matter.”

“It doesn’t matter?” This leaves him a little perplexed. Then he smiled weakly to the elder, “Actually I can be a cook or a sweeper. I don’t mind hardship as long as I can have three meals a day and a roof over my head…”

The elder roared with laughter, “Then that is really most excellence…”

Lu Qingyun had an uneasy feeling over this so he quickly asked, “Actually I will like to change my mind and won’t be joining anymore.”

The elder stared at him sternly, “It is death punishment for betraying your own sect.”

He protested, “I believe that I haven’t joined the sect yet.”

The elder stared coldly at him, “Did you not hear what I had announced earlier? That you are already a protégé of the Heavens Ridge Villa.”

Lu Qingyun could not outfight him so he could only nod weakly, “Alright then. I am only asking. Please don’t be mad.”

Then he tried to distract him, “So where are we going now?”

The elder smiled coldly, “To the Iron Tower.”

Lu Qingyun murmured, “Hm, the Iron Tower. It sounds like a highly fortified place…”

The elder gave a nod, “Sometimes we want to keep people in rather than out.”

Lu Qingyun: …

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Chapter 3: New Empyrean City

New Empyrean City was a huge walled city that was situated on the tallest mountain range, covering many peaks and there were numerous citadels that could be seen. . At the same time, the city was situated on a rich mountain vein of spiritual force that could aid the cultivators to progress in their cultivation.

Hence, it was also a city of a hundred celestial clans and various powerhouses that were constantly vying against one another for prestige and influence over the city and its surrounding mountains

There were four prominent celestial clans that were the powerhouses of New Empyrean City and were constantly opposing one another with their many intrigues and rivalries. These four prominent celestial clans were the Heavens Ridge Villa, Flying Armament Sect, Clear Sky Pavilion and the Solitary Manor.

He was looking a little sheepish because he had never seen so many people in his entire life before. He had imagined himself losing his way in the celestial mountains but never in an ocean of people before. Just looking at the many street signs and the noisy moving traffic were enough to give him a big headache.

Suddenly a pleasant voice greeted him, “Mister, are you new to the city. Do you need any help?”

Lu Qingyun turned around and saw that it was a well groom man who was greeting him with a smile. This man appeared to be a mortal for he was not able to sense any cultivation core within him. He gave a weak smile, “Indeed I am.”

The well groom man gave an amicable smile, “Since we are fated to meet and I’m also free, why don’t I be your guide? Where are you going?”

Lu Qingyun hesitated for a while as he began to ponder. The truth was that he had not really decided where to go yet. After all, there were more than a hundred sects in New Empyrean City alone.

“You don’t trust me?” The well groom man asked curiously.

Lu Qingyun immediately replied as he snapped out of his stupor, “It is not that.” He was actually embarrassed to say that he had no particular destination.

So he quickly said, “I am visiting the Heavens Ridge Villa. Do you know where it is?”

The well groom man had immediately turned pale as he stammered all of a sudden, “I…do…please allow me to take you there.”

Lu Qingyun was perplexed when he had seen the change that was on his countenance, “Is something wrong?”

The well groom man quickly returned a smile as he said politely, “Oh no. It is just that I am a little surprise, that’s all. After all, the Heavens Ridge Villa is one of the four most powerful powerhouses in the city. May I know why you are going there? You know someone there?”

Lu Qingyun replied, “Actually I am just trying my luck to be a cultivator there. This is actually my first time here.”

The well groom man seemed to relax when he had heard him as he laughed heartily, “I see. There are indeed many young practitioners that are always trying to join the big four celestial clans here. Surely mister, you must be a celestial expert.”

Lu Qingyun smiled weakly, “Actually I am only a First Realm Cultivator. I do not dare to profess as any expert.” This was the truth.

As Lu Qingyun followed the well groom man, he soon learnt that his name was Xiao Renjie and that he ran a small business in the city.

“Brother Qingyun,” Xiao Renjie smiled. “It is so good to be acquainted with a powerful cultivator such as yourself. Sometimes I wish that I am able to cultivate like you do and live as long as the heavens and the earth.”

Lu Qingyun could only give a weak smile. It was not true that every cultivator was able to live a long life. Only when one could reach the Enlighten Celestial Level or as a Third Realm Cultivator, aging could slow down and their life span would increase. At the Immortal Celestial Level or the Fourth Realm, the cultivator would no longer age and their life span would increase tremendously.

As for Lu Qingyun, he was only a First Realm Cultivator that was at the middle practitioner level. He still had a long way to go.

As they turned into a small alley, Xiao Renjie began to smile wickedly at him and Lu Qingyun had suddenly found surrounded by six men who had swords in their hands.

It did not take a genius for Lu Qingyun to realize that he had been led into an ambush by this Xiao Renjie…

He asked, “Brother Renjie, what is the meaning of this?”

Xiao Renjie was smirking, “Haven’t you guess already? We are robbing you. This place is our territory. You can shout all you want but no one will be able to help you. Although you have a sword in your hands, it is useless against us.”

Lu Qingyun was smiling weakly as he took a glance at the men that had surrounded him. They seemed to be really good with their swords and one of the six men was even a Second Realm Cultivator.

The Second Realm Cultivator seemed to be their head as he gave a broad grin at Xiao Renjie, “Good, you have even net us a cultivator this time. I wonder what wondrous treasures that he has with him.”

Xiao Renjie greeted back with a smile, “Master Hao. It is my pleasure to serve you. I’ve never seen anyone as gullible as him. Don’t forget my share of the loot!”

Lu Qingyun gave a soft cough to attract his attention as he said coolly, “Well, since you want to take my life then don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

Master Hao took a look at Lu Qingyun as he roared with laughter, “Brat, who are you kidding? You are just at the first realm only.”

Lu Qingyun smiled as he looked at Xiao Renjie, “Did you ask him where I am going?”

Master Hao stared at Xiao Renjie for an answer and Xiao Renjie muttered, “He says he is going to the Heavens Ridge Villa…but he is only going there to enrol as a protégé. There is nothing extraordinary about his background and moreover he is alone.”

Lu Qingyun nodded and looked at Master Hao, “He got the first half correct but not the second half. I am there at the invitation of a Celestial Meixue. Should I come to harm then she will not spare any of you!”

Master Hao laughed loudly, “I’ve never heard that there is any Celestial Meixue from the Heavens Ridge Villa. Brat, are you trying to pull my leg?”

All the other men were also laughing jovially as well.

Lu Qingyun: …

He had thought that he could at least frighten them off with the name of a Fifth Realm Cultivator but they had actually never heard of her before.

In all the celestial clans, anyone that could reach the Fifth Realm and become a golden celestial was a powerhouse and it was hard not to know their names.

Did Celestial Meixue lie to him? But for what?

At this moment, he really could not figure it out nor did he have the time to do it now for he was clearly in danger.

Lu Qingyun said weakly, “The name of Celestial Meixue is not for the likes of ignoramus to know. Since I have the confidence to enrol with the Heavens Ridge Villa, do you think that I’m a weak and good-for-nothing cultivator?”

To prove his swordsmanship, he had unsheathed his sword to display a difficult stroke for them to appraise. But no sooner had he unsheathed his sword, he had accidentally lost his grip on it and his sword had flown over and landed on the other side of the alley…

Lu Qingyun was stunned because it seemed that he had actually lost his practice. The last time that he had actually wielded his sword was six months ago…

Master Hao, Xiao Renjie and the rest of the men were all roaring with laughter. They had never seen such a comedy before. At first they had really thought that Lu Qingyun was really a hidden celestial expert but to think that he would actually lose his sword even before the fight could begin…

Lu Qingyun was now caught in the most awkward situation of his short life…

Had his two bluffs been successful, he may be able to avert from this calamity. But he had never expected that they would not know any Celestial Meixue and that his sword would fly off due to his lack of practice.

As Master Hao laughed, he had secretly tightened his grip on his sword as he suddenly aim to strike Lu Qingyun down…

His attack was swift but Lu Qingyun’s hand was even swifter as he struck a palm at Master Hao’s chest and had sent him to fly to the other end of the alley, stunning all the onlookers with astonishment…

Master Hao was not dead but he was unable to move either. It seemed that he had suffered quite a bad injury to his ribs.

Left with no other choice, Lu Qingyun had displayed the Formless Shadow Art that his old master had taught him. He really did not want to fight until he had no other choice.

The Formless Shadow Art was a divine martial skill that could strike quickly. Although his cultivation level was low but it was enough for him to deal with most First and Second Realm Cultivators. Moreover although this Master Hao was a Second Realm Cultivator but his foundation was quite weak.

Lu Qingyun raised his hands in a bow at the rest of the onlookers, “I am in a little hurry so please pardon me…” He picked up his sword slowly and sheathed it back to his scabbard.

Until he had disappeared from the alley, none of the onlookers had dare to move…

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Chapter 2: Celestial Meixue

When Lu Qingyun regained his consciousness, he found himself lying in a cave and saw that the veiled maiden was putting woods into a small bonfire.

She asked softly without turning her back, “You’re awake?”

Lu Qingyun was startled as he tried to recall what had happened and why he had blacked out. He could feel a burning sensation in his cultivation core. Instinctively he knew that it was the golden roc flame and he was really astonished.

The golden roc flame was a really precious spirit flame that was highly coveted. Yet she had really given it to him just like this?

His old master had warned him to be wary of the three rules of the celestial fraternity. One, there was no free lunches. Two, be wary of the intrigues of the cultivators. Three, avoid the female cultivator like a plague, especially beautiful ones.

His old master had told him stories on how he got swindled by beautiful cultivators when he was younger and how he was forced to become an autonomous cultivator.

Lu Qingyun was someone that listened to advice and now that he found himself having the Golden Roc Flame unwittingly, he was at a loss.

The mesmerizing voice of the veiled maiden said soothingly, “Words alone cannot express my gratitude to you therefore you do not need to thank me at all. After all you have saved my life and I have no real use for it.”

She knew that he would instinctively be able to feel the Golden Roc Flame that was within him when he woke up and she had said that in order to make him feel comfortable.

Lu Qingyun was not glad at all. Instead he was smiling bitterly because this gift was too precious for him to take. He really did not believe that there was someone that was so willing to give him a ninth rank spirit flame for no apparent reason. As for saving her life, he was not a fool to believe that after he had seen what she had done to the golden roc. Even if he had aided her by creating an opening for her, there was actually no need to give him something as precious as the golden roc flame.

Although he considered himself to be handsome but he was not a fool to believe that she would fall in love with him either.

Apparently there must be a reason and he reasoned that the real reason was a sinister one. It was exactly like what his old master had warned him before; there was simply no free lunch and everything happened for a reason.

The celestial fraternity was full of intrigues and backstabbing among the cultivators.

Slowly he spoke as he looked at her, “Celestial Meixue…”

He noted that her reaction was a little slow when he had called her name. It seemed that she was using an alias and that Meixue was not her real name at all. Taking note of this, he said. “This gift is too precious for me to take. Actually I do not want anything…”

The veiled maiden chuckled softly as she turned to look at him, “What? A big man like you will actually be shy? Or are you thinking that I have favors to ask from you?”

Lu Qingyun immediately stammered, “It is not that…I…”

She hummed coldly as she interrupted him, “Or you are thinking that I am lusting after your body? And that I am an old hag that is trying to force myself on you?”

Actually Lu Qingyun was thinking alone that line but he quickly said, “Of course not. It is just that I am thinking that I have no way to repay you and I am just a low level cultivator…”

She was suddenly sighing melancholy, “I didn’t ask you for any repayment, did I? Why do you want to repay me?”

Lu Qingyun was rendered a little speechless by her as he answered slowly, “Because this gift is too precious and it is not something that anyone will give freely to just anyone.” Although he was a low level cultivator but he knew how precious this ninth rank spirit flame was. Having a ninth rank spirit flame was sufficient enough to propel anyone to be a potential golden celestial in the future. Even if the cultivator was already a golden celestial, a ninth rank spirit flame would still be immensely useful.

Still, he was secretly wary of her intentions so he decided to test her out by saying. “I am just a trash cultivator. This Golden Roc Flame won’t be useful to a lowly practitioner level like me until I can really attain the supremacy level. Rather, it is much more useful to you because your next level of attainment is the supremacy level. Although this golden roc flame has been imbued into my inner core but you can still take it out. Only then will I feel more at ease.”

“That won’t do. Once I have taken it out again, the parent wisp will become a child wisp. Much of the original potency of the Golden Roc Flame will be lost,” the veiled maiden replied in a slow and soft manner as she explained.

Then he had heard her giggling softly, “You are such a strange fellow. If it were others, they would be jumping with joy long ago but instead you seem so reluctant to have it. Is because you have a much more powerful spirit entities that you are intending to cultivate in the future?”

Lu Qingyun smiled weakly, “Of course not.” Then he decided to be honest and said with a miserable sigh, “I just feel that this gift is too precious and I may not even protect this powerful spirit flame with my current cultivation. After all, the world of cultivators is often very treacherous and full of intrigues…”

“Oh so you are suspecting that I am up to no good?” She laughed softly as she tossed a wood into the bonfire.

He was immediately awkward because he had suddenly realized that he had given too much hint of his actual thoughts.

“Actually,” the veiled maiden began to say solemnly. “I do have a personal favor to ask of you. I have a brothel business in New Empyrean City. I can see that you are heading that way. If you can help me to manage my business as a pimp, I’m sure that you can repay me enough.”

Lu Qingyun was stunned. Although he had a handsome face but she was asking him to be a pimp for her?!

Even if he work for ten thousand years as a pimp, he could not earn enough spirit stones to buy a ninth rank spirit entity.

Upon seeing his stunned expression, the veiled maiden was suddenly laughing as her slim body began to roll back and fro, “I am only teasing you.”

Lu Qingyun heaved a sigh soft as he muttered, “Lucky…”

She turned around as she looked at him intently, “Why are you going to New Empyrean City?”

Lu Qingyun said with a weak smile as he sighed nonstop, “I am actually looking for a sect to join.”

The veiled maiden knitted her brows, “So you are an autonomous celestial? I actually hail from the New Empyrean City. If you don’t mind, why don’t you join my celestial clan?”

Lu Qingyun looked at her, “Join your celestial clan?”

The veiled maiden nodded gently, “Have you heard of the Heavens Ridge Villa?”

Lu Qingyun was startled as he slowly nodded. The Heavens Ridge Villa was one of the four principal influences of New Empyrean City and was a second tier celestial clan.

If she was a golden celestial of the Heavens Ridge Villa then she must be a core protégé. She could even be a personal protégé or even an elder!

The veiled maiden carefully took out a black token from her spatial ring and placed it gently near the bonfire, “Just bring this token to the Heavens Ridge Villa with your intentions clearly stated and you will be accepted as a protégé. There are no need to have so many hassles and wrong turns.”

Then she got up before walking toward the entrance of the cave, “I still got something on. Hopefully, we still got a chance to meet again soon.”

“Wait!” Lu Qingyun panicky shouted after her.

The veiled maiden paused in her tracks and said without turning back, “Yes?”

Lu Qingyun had already stood up as he gave a respectful bow with his hands, “I wonder if Celestial Meixue will be so kind as to enlighten why you are helping me in this manner?”

There was a slight shudder from her. It was because Lu Qingyun had resembled someone that she had known in the past and that she had confirmed it with the Primordial Heaven Chart, an immortal artefact that could track the souls that this was indeed his new reincarnation.

She was thinking silently, “It is so good to see you again in this new timeline.”

After a few pauses, she chuckled softly. “No particular reason at all. I just thought that you look like someone that I’ve known in the past.”

Just as he was about to ask her more, she had already walked to the entrance.

There was a gentle breeze that loosened her veil and Lu Qingyun had caught a glimpse of her face, causing him to be startled at her peerless look.

She was actually not any old hag but a young maiden. For her to retain her youthfulness, her cultivation talent must be most astonishing.

When one had reached the immortal celestial level or as a Fourth Realm Cultivator, they would cease to age. She must have reached the immortal celestial level quite early.

But he was also baffled by her and he unconsciously reached to his inner core to feel the Golden Roc Flame…

He did not know that this mysterious Celestial Meixue was actually not using her real name and that he was actually talking to a Seventh Realm Cultivator and not a Fifth Realm Cultivator. Now a Seventh Realm Cultivator was actually those that were at the Sacred Saint Level, the highest cultivation level and that she was actually a saintess.

Lu Qingyun stared at the black token that was placed near the bonfire as he muttered, “So, should I go to this Heavens Ridge Villa or not?”

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Chapter 160: The Mystic Stratosphere Skill

Fan Yuqing smiled bitterly as she looked coldly at Liang Ni, “It seems that you have attained to the second positioning of the heaven eyes. You are really a half-step immortal cultivator now.”

Liang Ni smiled as the blazing suffocating of his aura enshrouded the vicinity, “Indeed.”

Fan Yuqing continued calmly, “However, you are not a great saint yet and had not undergone the cleansing tribulation of the lightning tribulation.”

Liang Ni smirked coldly, “It doesn’t matter. My strength is already greater than any of the great saints.”

Fan Yuqing smiled faintly, “Although you are given an insight of the immortal practice but you are merely a half-step immortal cultivator and not a real half-step immortal. To be an immortal means you must complete the lightning tribulation and the great saint ascension. I am afraid that you can’t advance beyond the second positioning. After all, the first two positioning is known as the mortal positioning and is only considered to be the most basic.”

Liang Ni asked her suspiciously, “How did you know so much?”

Fan Yuqing smiled coldly as her forehead began to glow, “That’s because I have already attained to the fifth positioning, the lesser heavens positioning.”

Liang Ni was a little startled, “You have attained to the fifth positioning? Impossible…”

Fan Yuqing smiled wryly, “You’ve better believe it. Also your Annihilate Force seems to be only at the 3rd level?”

Liang Ni was startled, “How do you know? I have totally mastered this skill now.”

Fan Yuqing said, “Is that so? Then you may not know that there are a total of nine levels to this divine skill but it seems that your master has only given you limited knowledge of it. To say that you have mastered it is actually still a far cry from it.”

Liang Ni: …

But he quickly composed himself and said, “Hmph! Do you think that you can shake me by saying so? Even this 3rd level is enough to make me invincible. In the future, there are many opportunities for my master to impart to me more divine skills. Therefore I am not worried at all. As for you, you should be the one that ought to be anxious now for I am going…”

He was smiling gleefully. It was obvious what he was going to do.

Mu Huiyin gasped out, “Saintess Yuqing, be careful of his heretic aura. It can burn through our saint aura.”

Fan Yuqing nodded lightly as she took a glance at Mu Huiyin with a silent gratitude before she lifted her skirt with her left hand to display a combat stance.

Liang Ni curled an evil smile as he noticed the silt that opened up her beautiful slim leg all the way up to her thigh. She really had lovely legs and he was having a good bird eye view of it. He was bulging now and to think that this would actually be this lucky day that he would be obtaining this goddess that he had been coveting for ages into his embrace. He would definitely show her an experience that she would never forget and after that, she would be begging for his presence every day.

Fan Yuqing was enticing to all the men and women that saw her countenance. It was not because she was extremely beautiful but because everyone was drawn to her lofty existence as a half-divine being. It was the same reason why the celestials had been drawn to and was seeking immortality.

Liang Ni was not an exception of course but he was planning to do more than just glancing at her. The thought of copulating with her made him excited. He was planning to copulate with her for the next three days and nights, totally ravaging her and making her his own sexual slave.

As he glanced over to the three other saintess, he was already entertaining lofty thoughts of them together with Fan Yuqing and Mu Huiyin stripped naked around him as they pleasured him and begging him for his favors.

Having five saintess to provide him daily with their primordial yin, this was something that was unprecedented and he could easily be the most powerful celestial in the entire celestial realm. Perhaps even his so call master would not be his match. Or else why did he need his help for?

“You really have a dark soul…” Fan Yuqing said coolly as she suddenly lifted her palm and struck Liang Ni with a tremendous thunderclap on his forehead as a brilliant burst of light exploded from the other end of his head.

Seizing upon Liang Ni’s brief distraction, she had suddenly attacked with her secret divine skill the Mystic Stratosphere Divine Skill. This divine skill was an immortal skill that was only usable if her heaven eyes were opened.

Fan Yuqing said ruefully even as Liang Ni had suddenly fallen down dead, “I really don’t know what you are thinking in your head when we are supposed to be dueling. You seem to have forgotten that you are fighting an opponent with the fifth positioning and yet you are dreaming away. This momentary distraction has cost you dearly. May your dark soul perish and never to reincarnate.”

It was not without reason that she had mentioned his dark soul. While Ye Jing could sense energy with her bloodline ability, Fan Yuqing’s also had her unique bloodline and that was to see the souls of the others. That was also one of the main reasons why she had only killed those with disturbing dark souls.

Ye Jing was startled as she looked at the scene, “This is over already? Where is the epic fight? And what is this skill that Sister Yuqing is using? I’ve never seen it before…”

Fan Yuqing had heard Ye Jing and she was smiling gleefully to herself, “Ye Jing, even though you have inherited the divine skills of the other goddesses but this Mystic Stratosphere Divine Skill is the inheritance skill of the Great Goddess Alice. Since young, I was trained under her personal guidance. I can be said to be her personal disciple. If you think you’re catching up to me, dream on!”

At the same time she had disrobed her cloak to wrap over Mu Huiyin but Mu Huiyin had suddenly slapped her hands away as she said coldly, “Saintess Yuqing! I know who you are now. You’re the Devil Goddess, am I right?”

It was because when Fan Yuqing had struck at Liang Ni, Mu Huiyin had remembered seeing the Mystic Stratosphere Divine Skill before.

At that time, Mu Huiyin, Liang Ni, Tie Nansen and Qin Tianming had cornered her. Despite her serious injuries, she had a sudden burst of strength as she severely injured everyone with a burst of brilliant light that seemed to have condensed all the might of her spiritual force into a deadly outburst of unstoppable energies.

Fan Yuqing smiled coldly, “So you have managed to recognize me after all, my dear Mu Huiyin. Have you forgotten how you have forced me down the desolate mists two centuries ago?”

Mu Huiyin returned a cold stare at her, “I am surprised that you are still alive. I was wondering why you have not turned up at the Unmoving Mountains. It seems that you are in our midst all along.”

Then she took a glance at the other three maidens who were behind her, “So they are your shadows? Your dark influence is indeed deep. Even the Nine Celestial Goddess is on your side.”

Fan Yuqing hummed coldly, “Now that you have exposed me, are you not afraid that I will silence you?”

Mu Huiyin lowered her glances as she said melancholy, “Do whatever you want with me. My heart is already dead when Tie Nansen is dead. Therefore I am not afraid of you. I am never afraid of you.”

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Chapter 159: Mu Huiyin In Trouble

An extraordinary maiden was speeding across the mountains in a dire strait. She had set her sight on the Turtle Citadel that was on the horizon. In that place, there could be other cultivators that she could seek help from…

Her clothing was in tatters and she had been fleeing from a monster. She had already used up all her spirit stones as she set up one concealment array after another in order to flee from this monster but it was in futile. It was because this ‘monster’ had known her only too well.

This extraordinary maiden was actually Mu Huiyin and she was a great saintess. She was fleeing from Liang Ni. Although Liang Ni was only a saint at the initial level but after he had attained the sacred saint level, his martial strength had exceeded what she could handle. Moreover, Liang Ni knew all her martial moves only too well. They were master and disciple in the past after all.

Saint Tie Nansen who had accompanied her into the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth had fallen into the mountain gorge while trying to protect her against Liang Ni.

Three more hours!

If she could continue to evade him for another three more hours then she would be able to reach the Turtle Citadel and would be saved!

However a wicked laughter was heard from behind her, “With your feeble strength, do you think that you can reach that place to seek help? You can’t even run properly anymore.”

It was Liang Ni and he had appeared from behind her as he seized from her neck.

Mu Huiyin gasped weakly, “Let…go of me…you monster…have you forgotten that I was your master…”

Liang Ni smiled coldly as he caressed her trembling body, “Was my master. You should have realized today consequences long ago. After you had dropped me, you have found another man so readily. Aren’t you shameless?”

Mu Huiyin spat, “Nansen is a good man. You have also known him for so many years yet you are so ruthless as to kill him. You are a monster! Even if I were to die, the Ancient Ascension Sect will never spare you!”

Liang Ni laughed as he tore her dress off, “And who will be there to tell the Ancient Ascension Sect that I have killed their sect leader? It is not uncommon to perish inside the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth.”

Mu Huiyin screamed, “Don’t you touch me! You’re such a monster!”

Liang Ni mocked her coldly, “Have you forgotten how many times I have bedded you already? It is almost daily for the past five hundred years! Now you are claiming that I am a monster? Do you think you are still a chaste maiden? Once I have re-ignited your passions, you will bend down before me as before.”

Mu Huiyin gasped as Liang Ni’s hands tightened around her throat, “Never. Kill me…”

Liang Ni smirked coldly, “You shouldn’t have cast me off just like this. If I have known that you will treat me so coldly and fly to Tie Nansen’s embrace like a cheap whore, I should have drained all your primordial yin long ago. Instead I’ve cherished you, taking care only to take a little each time.”

Mu Huiyin was startled as she stared blankly at him, “You…are actually practicing the unorthodox practices to obtain my primordial yin?”

She smiled bitterly and there were tears flowing down her cheeks, “You have already benefited greatly by absorbing my primordial yin without any unorthodox practice. Why do you want to practice the unorthodox practices to harm me?”

Liang Ni smiled coldly, “Don’t be ridiculous. Who doesn’t want to be a saint? Who doesn’t want to ascend as an immortal? I am now more powerful than you can ever imagine thanks to my new master.”

Mu Huiyin gasped weakly, “Your master…must be an evil and despicable man. If you still regard me as your former master, you should cripple your cultivation core and beg for my forgiveness…”

Liang Ni laughed coldly as he reached his hands into her clothing, “Heroine Mu Huiyin, until now you are still dreaming. Today I will drain all your primordial yin. The primordial yin of a great saintess will be a great nourishment to my cultivation. I won’t let you die so easily though…”

“Let her go.” An alluring voice floated down to them.

Liang Ni was startled. With his perception, he was not able to tell that someone had arrived? And this voice was really familiar.

He looked up to see an alluring maiden in white standing on the ridge. She had a curtain veil around her head but her face was clearly visible. She was none other than Fan Yuqing!

Even Mu Huiyin was startled that to see her one time rival here.

Liang Ni was startled, “Saintess Yuqing, hear my explanations…”

Fan Yuqing said coldly, “Are you trying to tell me that Saintess Mu is the one that is molesting you and seducing you?”

Just as Liang Ni was about to protest his innocence, he was startled to see that three more beautiful maidens and one man had appeared behind Fan Yuqing.

He cursed angrily for he had recognized Xiaofang who was the man that had fatally injured him and almost killed him.

As for the three other maidens, he had recognized two of them. They were Feng Minyue, the number one beauty of the Nine Celestial Fraternity and Xuan Danfeng, the former number one beauty of the Nine Celestial Fraternity. As for the unknown maiden, she was extremely beautiful and had an air of charm around her.

Although he did not know that she was Ye Jing, he could gauge that she was a saintess as well.

All four of the maidens and Mu Huiyin were the most beautiful maidens of the Nine Celestial Fraternity, having their own charms and beauty.

Liang Ni was suddenly laughing, “It seems that I am in luck today. With five saintess for me to trample upon, I will soon be an immortal. You can all choose to join my harem or be completely drained by me.”

He was looking lustfully at Xuan Danfeng who was trembling lightly. He could think remember how sensual she was that evening when he had torn off her clothing.

Xiaofang was aroused to anger and he had his immortal sword materialized on his right hand, ready to strike at him.

But Fan Yuqing raised her right hand in front of him to stop him as she continued to look coldly at Liang Ni, “I have heard from my sisters how despicable you are. At first I don’t believe it till I have seen it with my own eyes today.”

Liang Ni smiled coldly as he caressed Mu Huiyin in front of them, “Even a great saintess like Mu Huiyin isn’t my match so what can you do with me? Or you are actually wishing that you are in her place?”

Mu Huiyin gasped, “Saintess Yuqing, Saintess Danfeng, Saintess Minyue…hurry and run. You’re not his match…”

All of a sudden she seemed to have remembered who Ye Jing was. Was she not the Nine Celestial Goddess Ye Jing who had perished eight years ago? Why was she alive and why was she here?

Ye Jing said to Fan Yuqing, “We should take him down together. I have never seen such a shameless man before!”

Fan Yuqing shook her head as she jumped and landed lightly in front of Liang Ni, “No, I will handle him myself.”

In that instant, everyone could sense that Fan Yuqing’s aura had turned extremely cold and her alluring aura had suddenly dissipated.

Feng Minyue was startled as she thought, “This is the aura of the Devil Goddess…”

Even Mu Huiyin was startled, “This is…”

She said to Liang Ni, “There are many ways to die and I will make sure that you will die horribly.”

Liang Ni was still smiling at her, “And I will make sure that I have many ways to make you submissive to me.”

All of a sudden Fan Yuqing had attacked Liang Ni with her fingers and her white flute but it was like hitting an iron wall as her attacks bounced off.

Liang Ni laughed coldly as a blazing flare appeared on his forehead, “You don’t get it, do you? Even if you are a great saintess, you are still no match for me for I’m already a half-step immortal.”

Fan Yuqing was startled as she took three steps back, “You have opened your Heaven Eyes? How is it possible?!”

Liang Ni grinned, “It is all thanks to my immortal master.”

Fan Yuqing asked coldly, “Who is your immortal master?”

Liang Ni had suddenly thrown Mu Huiyin aside and he had flown toward Fan Yuqing, “You can ask me again when you are in my bed…”

In that instant Liang Ni had threw an explosive punch at Fan Yuqing who raised both her hands to block the attack.

There was a thunderous clap as Fan Yuqing was sent skidding seven steps after she had parried his attack just in the nick of time.

Fan Yuqing was startled as she turned pale. Liang Ni was not joking that he was now a half-step immortal. Previously she had already known that Liang Ni had practiced the Thirteen Extreme Body Tempering Martials and in the past, most of her unarmed attacks would not be able to scratch him.

But she forced through a smile, “Do you have to be so serious when you’re handling me?”

Liang Ni laughed heartily, “Against Saintess Yuqing who is Mu Huiyin’s equal, I’ve to be serious.”

Ye Jing had already unsheathed her immortal sword when Feng Minyue gently held her hand as she gently shook her head, “Let’s wait a little longer first. Have you forgotten what Sister Yuqing said earlier?”

Ye Jing blinked her eyes. It was obvious to her that Liang Ni’s martial strength was stronger than Fan Yuqing…

Earlier, Fan Yuqing had warned them before they arrived here that they should allow her to check on Liang Ni first. It was because it was impossible for Saintess Mu Huiyin to be forced to a corner by him. Therefore this Liang Ni must have a secret card.

All of a sudden there was a spatial distortion that was around them as the ground was trembling from where Liang Ni was standing as he smiled coldly, “Saintess Yuqing, I don’t want to hurt you. I know that you have a powerful artefact core to aid you but I am totally different from where I used to be. My master has imparted to me an immortal martial skill. This immortal martial skill is ten times stronger than my Thirteen Extreme Body Tempering Martials. Why do you think that with Tie Nansen and Mu Huiyin combined, they are unable to defeat me? Even if all of you are to attack me together, you are just like an ant to me.”

Fan Yuqing had turned pale as she muttered, “This immortal martial skill is the…”

Liang Ni smirked coldly, “The name of my immortal martial skill is the Annihilating Force.”

Fan Yuqing was startled as her thin lips trembled, “You are with the dark immortals?”

The Annihilating Force belonged to one of the most powerful desolate immortals who style himself as the Great Rift God Xuan Yuan.

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