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Chapter 151: Pursue (2)

Lu Yinxuan was flying on her Lightning Eagle when she had spotted Ji Yuan tailing behind her on a Spirit Crane.

“He actually dares to come alone?”

She was somewhat startled that Ji Yuan had actually dared to come alone. Her sharp eyes had also picked up a nine-tail spirit fox that was in his arms.

Then a thought come into her head. “This foolish cultivator did not know that my profound strength is equaled to a peaked great saintess. This is the best opportunity for me to get rid of this Ji Yuan. At least my mission will not be a complete failure.”

With this thought, she had quickly picked a mountain for her to do battle with Ji Yuan as she quickly descended onto the mountain top.

Ji Yuan was quick to follow her and soon he was jumping onto the ground from the Spirit Crane.

Lu Yinxuan was smiling, “You didn’t happen to fall in love with me, am I right? Why are you in such a hot pursue of me?”

Ji Yuan: …

He took a quick look at Bai Qianfeng as she leapt out of his arms before saying. “Erm, I am actually here to kill you.”

Lu Yinxuan smiled, “Do you really think that you are capable of doing so?”

Ji Yuan smiled bitterly. “I can try.”

Earlier Bai Qianfeng had told him while they were pursuing Lu Yinxuan. “You don’t have to kill her but you got to intimidate her hard enough so that she will not dare to belittle you. If you got whatever trump cards, please use it.”

Ji Yuan had asked her. “Have you thought of the possibility that I may get killed instead?”

Bai Qianfeng smiled. “With me around, don’t worry.”

“You know dead man can’t worry too, right?”

Ji Yuan had raised his divine sword in front of him with his right hand as he said to Lu Yinxuan. “Little Princess is mine. I don’t care what are your reasons for wanting her back after what you had done to her but she is not going to be your tool. She is my consort.”

Lu Yinxuan giggled softly, “What bold words you have. I am starting to like this son-in-law of mine now.”

Ji Yuan: …

Lu Yinxuan’s divine sense had suddenly alerted her to the divine sword that was in Ji Yuan’s hand. “You actually have a celestial sword? This may be a half-step celestial sword but it is nevertheless a celestial sword. This sword is given to you by the Abyssal Null Goddess?”

Ji Yuan did not want to explain so he nodded. “Yea.”

Lu Yinxuan smiled as she flashed her heaven-step divine sword. “Even in the Immortal Realm, celestial swords are extremely rare. Yet a mere celestial like you can actually possess one. However, unless you can achieve divine harmony with your celestial sword, it is extremely difficult to control your divine sword with just your profound strength alone. I’m sure that it must be weighing heavily in your arms, am I right?”

Then with a swing of her arm, she had pointed her divine sword which was now glowing with a rainbow hue on its surface at Ji Yuan. “Look at me. I have already divine harmonized with my divine sword. Even though I do not have a celestial sword but the profound power of my sword exceeds yours. What’s more, I require less profound strength to wield my sword and I can even allocate my profound strength to use my other profound arts.”

With an alluring smile, she added. “Therefore the divine sword that is in my hand far exceeds the celestial sword that is in your hand. And after today, your celestial sword will no longer be in your hands but mine…”

“Oh? It’s only a divine harmony, am I right?” Ji Yuan grinned as he displayed his perfect harmony with his celestial sword as two double halos lit his divine sword.

Lu Yinxuan gasped with disbelief, “This…” It had taken her more than a thousand year to divine harmonize with her divine sword. As for perfect harmony, it was extremely difficult even for an immortal cultivator like her.

This caused her confidence to be shaken a little.

But she was so smiling. She is a peaked seventh realm great saintess. Her true cultivation strength is actually at the eighth realm cultivation level but it is being suppressed while she is in the Celestial Realm. Therefore she is actually stronger than most of the peaked great saintess.

Although she cannot muster her eighth realm profound strength without risking a backlash but she still has her superior eighth realm cultivation recovery rate which is not restricted. Therefore she can keep using her maximum profound strength and profound arts against Ji Yuan.

In her mind, this Ji Yuan is already dead when he had decided to confront her alone.

As for Ji Yuan, he was thinking. “Qianfeng has warned me not to underestimate her and I have to use all my trump cards against her. But she looks so frail like a bamboo…”

Lu Yinxuan had suddenly attacked him with all her profound power and she had even displayed her most powerful profound art; as she swung her sword, a wave of white profound energies had also enveloped around her and the ground was burning with a wall of profound energies.

The instant that Ji Yuan saw the profound attack, he was no longer hesitating anymore and he was using all his profound strength to display his own profound arts; three perfect sword energies waves were instantly displayed by him and the instant his perfect sword energies waves had struck the ground, nine gushing sword energies were produced against the wall of profound energies.

There was a thunderous outburst as the two titanic energies clashed and the entire mountains appeared to be shaking.

All of a sudden two beaming sword energies had struck Lu Yinxuan as their swords clashed with each other.

The first sword energy was neutralized by her protective animus but the second sword energy had struck her with such force that she was sent crashing onto the cliff behind her!

Before she could recover, Ji Yuan was suddenly upon her as he raised his sword against her.

Lu Yinxuan was startled at the reflexes that were displayed by Ji Yuan. How did he recover his profound strength so fast after using his profound art…

But she was not able to think further because she had to lift her sword to block his sudden attack. At the same time she had lifted herself up to the cliff as she took evasive action for a counter attack.

She smirked silently. You won’t be able to follow me up the cliff. My lightless profound art isn’t something that mere celestial cultivators can hope to attain even if you can spend thousands of years on it. Moreover you are too heavily muscled…

All of a sudden she was stunned that Ji Yuan had flashed high above her and had yelled aloud. “Heavenly Light of the Coiling Dragon!”

She stared with disbelief. How…

A bright profound light had suddenly flashed from his sword as it rained down upon her.

She did not even complete her thoughts when the burst of pure profound energies had struck her, sending her to plummet with a thunderous impact onto the ground below!

Even Bai Qianfeng was somewhat startled by Ji Yuan’s display. She had thought that she may be forced to exert herself to help him if necessary but from the look of it, this seemed unnecessary now. In fact she was thinking. “I ask him not to show mercy but he is really too ruthless…”

Lu Yinxuan was actually sobbing now after she was struck repeatedly by Ji Yuan in this manner. This was too much of a humiliation!

She simply could not believe that Ji Yuan could muster his profound art again and again without a break. It was as though his recovery rate was actually higher than her.

She did not know that ever since Ji Yuan has become a great saint, his recovery rate couple with his Natural Instincts is now comparable to an eighth realm cultivator. Moreover his sword energies attacks require very little of his profound strength since his profound art is not divine or supreme profound arts that require plenty of profound strength to use.

He had basically used several cheap profound attacks by combining them into a single attack to neutralize his Lu Yinxuan’s most powerful profound attack and even had an upper hand before displaying his most powerful profound attack, the ‘Heavenly Light of the Coiling Dragon’.

Barely had Lu Yinxuan managed to pick herself up, Ji Yuan had dropped from the height above as he condensed all his profound strength into his sword to make a powerful profound attack.

She quickly raised her sword to defend herself but the profound power that was suddenly displayed by Ji Yuan far exceeded her own plus he had the advantage of the higher elevation that immediately caused his profound power to gain even more strength.

There was a thunderous outburst around her before she fell down again as she coughed out several bouts of golden blood.

As she rolled to the side with bleary eyes, Ji Yuan had just landed next to her and he had raised his sword again in the next instant.

As he swung his sword again with all his profound strength, Lu Yinxuan had hastily picked herself up to deliver a burst of profound energies so overwhelming that Ji Yuan had coughed out blood as he was sent flying backward.

This time round Lu Yinxuan had won but only because she was forced to use profound strength to the eighth realm level!

She took weaken steps backward and she was weeping uncontrollably.

Although Ji Yuan had been forced backward but he was quick enough to block most of her profound attack with his sword. With a celestial sword in his hand, it was difficult for Lu Yinxuan’s profound attack to overwhelm him completely even if she had used such absurd power level.

Ji Yuan was also injured as he staggered weakly because he was not protected by any defensive profound arts. “What is that attack?” He was quite startled that his opponent’s profound attack had suddenly increased by three times.

“This is her trump card?”

All of a sudden he noticed that Lu Yinxuan was sobbing on the ground.

“She is crying? Why?” He was somewhat startled by it.

Although Lu Yinxuan is a desolate immortal cultivator but she had a weak will due to her years of being a submissive servant to the Evil Cultivation Master. She can bully the weak with inflated ego but when she is being bullied, she will also quickly breakdown.

She just could not believe that Ji Yuan would be this strong! Moreover he was not a peaked great saint yet!

“This desolate immortal is somewhat weak?” Suddenly Ji Yuan was confused whether he should continue to attack her. It was because he did not want to kill Little Princess’ mother consort. He had displayed his very best because he had thought that a desolate immortal would be very hard to deal with.

Just as he was about to take a step toward Lu Yinxuan, several powerful sword energies had flashed around him.

Ji Yuan was startled that there were sword energies practitioners here and it had come from the cliff above.

The sword energies were not particular powerful because it was released over a long distance. It was more like a warning.

All of a sudden seven female cultivators in white had jumped from the cliff above and had landed lightly in front of him!

Ji Yuan was somewhat startled because the cliff was quite high and these seven female cultivators had barely used their profound animus to cushion their descent. Without a doubt, their lightless profound arts were all at an astonishing level and were not beneath him in any way!

“Why are you bullying a maiden here?” The female cultivator that appears to be their leader was asking him.

When Ji Yuan saw her face of this beautiful maiden that was speaking to him, he was somewhat startled. “Sacred Maiden Zhao, why are you here?”

The beautiful maiden looked at him with her lovely golden eyes before smiling coldly, “Beardless old goat, you must be mistaken. If it is your trick of trying to flatter me then I am afraid that you will be disappointed because I won’t be.”

Ji Yuan: …

Did she just scold me as a beardless old goat?

Ji Yuan had suddenly raised his sword again because he saw that Lu Yinxuan was trying to flee. But before he could even take two steps forward, ‘Zhao Songjin’ had raised her heaven-step divine sword and there were two golden lights that were suddenly upon him and this caused him to stumble forcefully backward.

The leading maiden in white chuckled, “It seems that even with a celestial sword that is in your hand, it is as good as a piece of scrap metal in your hands.”

As she mocked Ji Yuan, the other six maidens behind her were all laughing at the same time.

Ji Yuan was blinking his eyes as he stared blankly at ‘Zhao Songjin’. Her sword strokes were a little too mysterious. All of a sudden he noticed that their attires were not from the Celestial Orthodox Sect. “Um, who are you?”

The leading maiden pointed her golden sword at him, “You lecherous eunuch, fancy bullying a maiden in the wilderness here. It is your bad luck to meet us here…”

Ji Yuan interrupted her coldly, “I may be a little lecherous but I am definitely not a eunuch. Who are you calling a eunuch here?”

The leading maiden laughed with playful eyes, “If you are not a eunuch then why are you beardless then?”

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan had flashed his sword as he said coldly, “You can eat the wrong foods but you cannot say the wrong words! If you are not Zhao Songjin then who are you?”

He had suddenly noticed that this ‘Zhao Songjin’ looked somewhat different and had a pleasant demeanor unlike Zhao Songjin. On closer look, she indeed looked different from Zhao Songjin. It just that her voice was identical to Zhao Songjin plus she shared some resembles that caused Ji Yuan to think that she was Zhao Songjin.

One of the maidens in white laughed, “You can’t even recognize our Palace Mistress? You must be a beardless man that is still feeding on milk.”

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

The leading maiden giggled, “Before I take away your life, let me tell you who I am so that you can die without any regrets. I’m Shui Qingqing the Palace Mistress of the Water Melody Palace. This Palace Mistress today will make sure that your corpse will be left in the wilderness to be fed to the desolate beasts.”

Ji Yuan rolled his eyes. She sure looks like Zhao Songjin. If she is really the Palace Mistress of the Water Melody Palace then I really got some shitty luck…

The Water Melody Palace together with the Hundred Flower Divine Palace and the Evil Cultivation Palace are known as the Three Heretic Palaces. They have an almost mystical status in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity and no cultivator will want to mess up with the Three Heretic Palaces because it is the same as courting their own deaths.

“And what is your name?” Shui Qingqing chuckled softly. “For you to have a celestial sword, you must be a somebody and not a nobody. Unfortunately for you, your bad deeds will come to an end today and your celestial sword will also belong to the Water Melody Palace from this day onward.”

Ji Yuan was now smiling bitterly. He had wanted to use Ji Yuan from now onward since this name has become so notorious. If he tells her that he is Ji Yuan then he may end up adding one more enemy to the Spirit Blue Moon Sect.

So should I tell her that I am Ji Yuan or Yuan Ji?

At the same time he was thinking on how to escape. It was because he got quite a bad injury from Lu Yinxuan’s last attack and he needed to find a place to purge out her profound energies from his body first.

It was a lucky thing that Bai Qianfeng had hidden herself before she was seen by the new intruders so all he needed to do was to focus on his own survival.

There was no point explaining to Shui Qingqing that he was actually the good guy.

It is because in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity, the cultivators will often fight with one another to obtain a divine sword and moreover he has a celestial sword in his hands.

Therefore he knew that Shui Qingqing was probably finding any excuses just to lay her hands on his celestial sword.

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Chapter 150: Pursue (1)

Spirit Blue Moon Sect;

The bright full moon was hanging over the mountain peak and it was extremely beautiful to look at.

Little Princess was looking with great melancholy at the moon through the windows of her room when she had suddenly heard a knock at the door.

This was already the seventh day that they had arrived at the Spirit Blue Moon Sect and she had not found a chance to be with Ji Yuan alone. He was always with Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue…

“Ji Yuan?”

“Come in. It isn’t locked.”

She was suddenly smiling.

A lovely maiden with golden eyes had suddenly stepped into her room.

Little Princess was suddenly alarmed because the air of this lovely maiden was most extraordinary and she was suddenly wary of her.

“Who are you?”

This lovely maiden smiled as she took slow steps toward her. Her voice was sweet as she giggled, “Little Princess, don’t you remember your mother consort?”

Little Princess hummed coldly, “My mother consort died when I was little. Stop your feigning or don’t blame me for being impolite with you.”

“You are my daughter Yin Lingyun and you should have a cherry blossom mark on your lower belly, am I right? If you have the cherry blossom mark then you must be my daughter.” The lovely maiden was smiling. “And I’m your mother consort, Lu Yinxuan. I have a celestial title too and that is the Sagess Alyssa.”

Little Princess was startled but she firmly said, “All these years you have never looked for me so why are you here now?”

Secretly she was startled. It was because there were few people that know her true name. Not even her brothers know about her true name. Moreover how did she know that she had a cherry blossom mark?

Lu Yinxuan smiled, “I’m naturally here to bring you back to the Evil Cultivation Palace. Your father the Evil Cultivation Master is waiting for you to return to the Evil Cultivation Palace.”

Little Princess was startled, “You are from the Evil Cultivation Palace? Why is that I have never seen you before and you have never looked for me all these years?”

“Is the reason important? Now that we are now united? Come back with me to the Evil Cultivation Palace.” Lu Yinxuan lit a slow smile. “Your mother consort here misses you a lot. Finally we can be together again.”

As Lu Yinxuan took a step forward, Little Princess took a step backward.

“What do you really want?” Little Princess said coldly. “And don’t take a step further anymore.”

Lu Yinxuan giggled softly, “Didn’t I state my intentions clear enough? Or you mean my other intentions?”

Then she added with a slow smile. “It is actually simple enough. I want you to help me to capture Xue Qianxue. I can even promise you that if you are able to do so, your father the Evil Cultivation Master will even reward you handsomely and you can be in the next line of succession.”

Little Princess was smiling now. “What if I want Yin Wei to be dead? Is it possible?”

Lu Yinxuan giggled, “That is easy. If you want him to be dead, just let me know. I can crush him like an ant. Compare to you, he is of no consequences.”

Little Princess had a perplexed look, “Our sect law clearly states that there can be no infighting. Anyone that tries to kill the leadership will be branded a traitor.”

Lu Yinxuan chuckled, “Naturally I will be acting upon the will of the Evil Cultivation Master. Therefore there will be no breech of the sect law.”

“My daughter Lingyun, surely you are not thinking of betraying the Evil Cultivation Palace over the losses of three of your citadels? We can easily restore your former prestige. Tell you what, our objective is actually the Sacred Maiden Profound Art. This is something that is important to our Evil Cultivation Master. If you are able to obtain it for him, then you can have a lofty status within the Evil Cultivation Palace. Obtaining the secret manual is a little hard. Han Yuchi is not so foolish to trust even the new Sacred Maiden with it.”

Then she added with a grin. “Capturing Han Yuchi is also not easy because she is constantly surrounded by many high level cultivators. However Xue Qianxue is alone now, am I right? Moreover she is the only one that has mastered the Sacred Maiden Profound Art to the ninth rank.”

Little Princess hummed coldly, “So your objective is actually Xue Qianxue?”

Lu Yinxuan giggled, “Smart! And I am here to kill Ji Yuan too.”

“After so many years, my father still refuses to spare him?!” Little Princess was exasperated.

“It is because this Ji Yuan did an unforgivable thing to you. Why are you concern about an ant?”

Little Princess replied coldly, “On account that you are my mother consort, please leave. I will pretend that I have never seen you. There is no way that I will return with you or to harm my Sister Qianxue. As for Ji Yuan, he is my lord now.”

Lu Yinxuan smiled coldly, “So you want to betray the Evil Cultivation Palace?”

Little Princess replied, “The lives of my protégés and friends cannot be so easily replaced. Even if you were to give me ten citadels to rule, it is now pointless to me.”

Throughout the years, she had learnt to treasure many of her protégés as more than just her servants. Their deaths had caused her great despair and she was clearly disappointed with the Evil Cultivation Palace from what had happened to them. In her mind now, both Yin Wei and Zhao Songjin must die to make reparations for the deaths of all her followers.

The smiles that were on Lu Yinxuan had completely disappeared. “This decision is not for you to make. You are but our tool!”

All of a sudden Lu Yinxuan had attacked Little Princess, turning her fingers into sharp claws!

Little Princess had immediately raised her palms to receive the attack but she was immediately forced to take several steps back and she was gasping with shock. “Seventh realm great saintess…”

Lu Yinxuan giggled, “You didn’t expect your mother consort to be a good-for-nothing in the Evil Cultivation Palace, do you?”

As just as she was about to attack Little Princess again, a sword energy stroke had suddenly forced her to take several steps backward.

Ji Yuan had suddenly appeared through the window with a grin, “My Little Princess, do you need some help?”

Both Lu Yinxuan and Little Princess were somewhat startled when Ji Yuan had suddenly appeared. It was because they had their divine senses in a perimeter around them. So it was not possible for anyone to surprise them.

But they did not know that Ji Yuan had been hiding for some time and he had completely stopped his heartbeat to conceal himself.

“Ji Yuan, why are you here?” Little Princess was most astonished.

“So you are Ji Yuan?” Lu Yinxuan stared at the handsome cultivator that was in front of her. “Where is your beard?”

Ji Yuan grinned, “I found beards to be ugly nowadays so I had shaved my beard.”

Little Princess resisted the urge to chuckle. He had obviously lost his beard and yet he was trying to be righteous about it…

“Hehe! Great! This will save me the trouble of looking for you. Today next year will be your death anniversary!” Lu Yinxuan had immediately attacked Ji Yuan.

But to her surprise when her claws were upon Ji Yuan, his sword had flashed against her claws and the two of them were scurried back at the same time.

She gasped, “You are a great saint?”

Ji Yuan grinned, “Therefore it is not so easy to kill me now.”

Just as Lu Yinxuan was flashing a perplexed look at Ji Yuan, she was startled that a peerless maiden with silver hair had appeared behind her silently, giving her a startling fright.

Just as she was about to attack the silver haired maiden, she had quickly gasped as she quickly retreated several steps back. “Abyssal Null Goddess! Why…why are you here?”

The silver haired maiden was indeed Bai Qianfeng and she was saying coldly. “What is a lowly Sagess doing here?”

In the Immortal Realm, there are four ranks of female immortals; Fairy, Sagess, Goddess and Great Goddess.

To Bai Qianfeng, a Sagess was lowly in her eyes.

Lu Yinxuan was suddenly looking extremely pale. This startled Ji Yuan and Little Princess.

She said with great respect. “Honorable Goddess, we are of the same kind and we should be on the same side. Moreover I have a daughter in this realm and I am here to bring her back. Will you like to meet my master? You should know who he is. He will be glad to have the Abyssal Null Goddess on his side…”

Bai Qianfeng interrupted coldly, “I have no interest in your schemes. Go back to tell your master that Ji Yuan and Little Princess are both my properties. He and the others are not allowed to touch any of them. And that includes Xue Qianxue.”

Ji Yuan and Little Princess looked a little amused when Bai Qianfeng had said that they were her properties.

They did not know that when Bai Qianfeng had said that they were her properties, it also means that they are under her protection and anyone that wants to deal with them will also have to deal with her first. This is how the desolate immortals dictate their will on their own kind.

Lu Yinxuan smiled weakly, “I will confer your will to my master.”

With that she had quickly fled.

When Lu Yinxuan was gone, Bai Qianfeng had suddenly grabbed Ji Yuan. “Come!”

Ji Yuan was startled, “Where are we going?”

Little Princess called after them, “Where are you going?”

Bai Qianfeng smiled, “Stay where you are first. We will be back shortly.”

After running for a while and out of the earshot from Little Princess, Bai Qianfeng whispered to Ji Yuan, “Naturally it is to kill her but we can’t let Little Princess know about it.”

Ji Yuan was startled. “You want to kill Little Princess’ mother?”

Bai Qianfeng inhaled softly, “Not me. It is you.”

Ji Yuan: …

“You are not joking with me, am I right?”

Bai Qianfeng said quietly, “I may have pulled a ruse to fool her into retreating. But she will soon have her suspicions. Therefore I need you to pursue her for a little while.”

Ji Yuan smiled bitterly, “Is this necessary?”

“This is our way. Any weakness will be taken advantage of. Now that I have openly declared my support for you and Little Princess, her master won’t be too pleased unless I can prove to them that I have the strength to protect the two of you.”

Then she smiled weakly, “And I don’t have.”

Ji Yuan asked, “Who is her master? The Evil Cultivation Master? You know him?”

Bai Qianfeng inhaled softly, “Her master is a desolate Great God. If we are in the Immortal Realm then he is above me in status. I am surprised that he is able to anchor himself in this place. You must never, never fight him. Even if you are a peaked great saint, I can assure you that you won’t be a match for his immortal profound arts.”

Ji Yuan smiled awkwardly, “If we bully his servant then won’t he seek reprisal against us then?”

Bai Qianfeng took an amused look at him, “You seem to be in his kill list already. Why are you asking so many questions?”

They had actually been hiding for some time before Lu Yinxuan had confronted Little Princess. Therefore Bai Qianfeng had already overheard that Lu Yinxuan and the Evil Cultivation Master had him in their kill list.

Actually for the past several nights, Ji Yuan was actually not in Ling Feiyue or Xue Qianxue rooms. He had a tingling sense of danger and he was prowling around with Bai Qianfeng. This sense of uneasiness always happened whenever Ji Yuan felt that he was in danger. This sense of uneasiness was gained after he had quite a few close shave with death in the past.

Because of this, he always hide a few trump cards and were overtly cautious. That was also the reason why he was unable to trust Xia Jiajia when he had met her again as Xia Jiaqing and even created some misunderstandings along the way.

Ji Yuan rolled his eyes as he rubbed his chin with a bitter smile. “How on earth did I offend a desolate immortal?”

Bai Qianfeng averted her eyes shyly, “How on earth did I ever involve myself with you is also a mystery…”

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Chapter 149: Dirty Affair (3)

After Zhao Songjin had spent the day with Zhan Zhong, she had spent the night with Jin Yilong.

The next morning, she was smiling to Han Yuchi, “Matriarch Sacred Maiden, your Songjin misses you so much.”

Han Yuchi smiled, “I am actually glad to see you but I will rather that you return to the Holy Maiden Peaks. This undertaking will be extremely dangerous.”

“I’m not afraid. It is my honor to fight alongside with you.” Zhao Songjin smiled.

Han Yuchi sighed quietly. At least this illegitimate daughter of mine is quite filial toward me. But I can’t acknowledge her as my daughter.

But she said quietly, “Songjin, do you know that you have a sister?”

Zhao Songjin was startled. “I have a sister? I didn’t know.”

Han Yuchi smiled, “Of course you don’t know about her. You are separated since birth.”

Zhao Songjin had a perplexed look. How did her matriarch know about this? She doesn’t care about her sister because she has never met her before.

Han Yuchi sighed softly, “I hope that one day you will have a chance to be together with your sister again.”

Zhao Songjin rolled her eyes. To hell with this sister.

She quickly smiled, “Matriarch, I have something to report to you. Do you remember that I have news of a hideout of the Evil Cultivation Palace nearby?”

Han Yuchi nodded, “Is it a big hideout?”

Zhao Songjin shook her head, “It is just a small hideout. A small force will be sufficient to destroy this hideout. Songjin is willing to lead a small force to get rid of this hideout. I feel that we don’t have to alarm the other five major orthodox clans.”

Then she lowered her voice to whisper mysteriously, “Actually this hideout isn’t big at all but I have heard that there is a treasure trove of high grade heavenly relics in that place. This may be useful to our sect.”

Han Yuchi gasped softly, “High grade heavenly relics?” This was indeed tempting.

Heavenly relics are the most highly sought metals in the Celestial Realm. It is an extremely heavy metal that is ten times heavier than gold but is also lighter than air and it can suspend in the air. All divine swords are actually made from the high grade heavenly relics.

It has the most unique properties because how can something be heavy and light at the same time? When the heavenly relic is moved, it is extremely heavy but when it is left alone, it will begin to suspend in mid-air, becoming as light as air.

That is the reason why it will also require a great deal of profound strength to wield a divine sword. A lowly cultivator may not be able to wield a divine sword like a proper sword as it is extremely heavy to move around.

While heavenly relics can be found in the trials and in the deep mountains, there will be a small possibility for a heavenly relic to form whenever a golden celestial has failed to ascend to the Immortal Realm. “However there is one little problem.” Zhao Songjin sighed softly. “And it may be a trap.”

Han Yuchi returned a perplexed look. “What is it?”

“The leader of this hideout wishes to speak to you first before they are willing to surrender the high grade heavenly relics. They wish to secure your promise to spare them face to face and to give them a new mountain peak for them to rebuild their lives. If not, they will just throw the heavenly relics into the bottomless abyss.” Zhao Songjin said quietly.

Then she pretended to say with a concern tone, “But this may well be a trap and not worth the risk. If anything is to befall Matriarch then Songjin will feel very guilty.”

But Han Yuchi smiled instead, “This is reasonable. I will meet them face to face.”

Ten winged griffon mounts carrying the saintesses of the Celestial Orthodox Sect had quickly descended upon a mountain peak.

Two of the saintesses were Han Yuchi and Zhao Songjin.

A male cultivator who was not even a golden celestial stood at the ledge to greet them. “Our leader is waiting inside the cave but he will only see Matriarch Sacred Maiden Han Yuchi alone.”

Zhao Songjin pretended to say, “Matriarch, this may be a trap. Don’t agree to it.”

But Han Yuchi coolly said, “Bring me inside.”

Then she turned to Zhao Songjin and the rest, “Wait for me here. I will be back shortly.”

Zhao Songjin knew that Han Yuchi will be baited by her because she had spent so many years with her and know that she is actually quite a trusting person.

She was secretly thinking. “She is so gullible to believe me. When you are gone from this world, I will be the only leader of the Celestial Orthodox Sect. You shouldn’t blame me. If you were me, you would have done the same too. But why is that I seem to have a sudden attachment to you?”

Han Yuchi was now following the male cultivator into the cave.

After she had followed him through the winding passages for a while, the male cultivator said to her. “We are here.”

Just as Han Yuchi was smiling at the male cultivator, the sight of a golden celestial that was in front of her wiped away all her smiles.

“You are dismissed.” Yin Wei said to the male cultivator who promptly left quickly.

Han Yuchi was trembling lightly, “You! It is you!”

Yin Wei was smiling, “Yuchi, how are you? Do you miss me?”

Han Yuchi said hatefully, “Did you conspire with Zhao Songjin to trick me into this place?”

Yin Wei nodded. “You are too confident of yourself and that is why we are able to bait you here.”

“What do you want?” Han Yuchi said hatefully as she unsheathed her divine sword.

“What do I want? I want to make you into my dual cultivation partner and make you disappear from the Celestial Orthodox Sect. In this way, my pawn will be the leader of the Celestial Orthodox Sect and I can control the Celestial Orthodox Sect.” Yin Wei was smiling.

“I saw that some of the saintesses that you have brought along here are actually quite lovely and it is such a pity for them to be so lonely in their beds.”

“But of course, none of them can be compared to you because only you have the Sacred Maiden Profound Art. With you as my dual cultivation partner, I will be stronger than the Evil Palace Master in no time.” He added with a loud chuckle.

Han Yuchi was trembling as she raised her sword at him, “Don’t you touch any of my protégés! Especially Zhao Songjin!”

Yin Wei laughed coldly, “Are you dense or not? After what she had done to you, you are still able to forgive her? Tell you what. I have already taken her. She has been my dual cultivation partner for a long time!”

All of a sudden Han Yuchi coughed out a bout of golden blood as the seething rage attacked her heart.

“What? You cannot believe that your favorite core protégé will turn out to be like this?” Yin Wei laughed eerily.

Han Yuchi had suddenly attacked Yin Wei, “You’re a beast of a man!” Golden lights began to flutter around her as she raised her profound strength.

Yin Wei laughed as he used his palms to block her sword. “You are not my match. Why do you think that I am baiting you to come alone here?”

Han Yuchi was actually screaming with rage now, “Songjin is my daughter! How dare you violate her! You have already violated me in the past and you can’t even spare her. You are a beast of a man!”

Yin Wei was also startled as he took a step back, “What did you say?”

There was another soft gasp from the entrance of the passage; it had come from Zhao Songjin as she dropped her divine sword onto the ground.

She had actually entered the cave to assist Yin Wei and had no intention of aiding Han Yuchi.

But she had suddenly overheard Han Yuchi and she was trembling hard now.

All of a sudden there was a stunned silence from the three of them…

Yin Wei was still staring blankly when Zhao Songjin had suddenly picked and raised her sword to attack him!

Yin Wei shouted angrily as he retaliated against Zhao Songjin, “You’re courting your own death! Even if you are my daughter, do you think that I will be lenient with you?”

Zhao Songjin was naturally not Yin Wei’s match and she was struck with a heavy blow on her body!

But she had suppressed her injuries as she threw several beaming projectiles against Yin Wei before she turned around to grab the hand of Han Yuchi.

Yin Wei began to give chase immediately but with Han Yuchi and Zhao Songjin fighting against him at the same time, it was hard for him to overwhelm them.

Whenever he had an opportunity to injure Han Yuchi, Zhao Songjin would use her body to shield for Han Yuchi; she really knew the strokes of the Evil Cultivation Palace all too well.

“Songjin!” He shouted angrily. “You have dared to betray me!”

As he burned his rage against Zhao Songjin, he had already dealt several crushing blows on her body.

But as soon as he had almost reached the entrance, eight more saintesses had suddenly joined in battle on the side of Han Yuchi and Zhao Songjin.

This forced Yin Wei to give up the chase as he retreated deep into the cavern passage.

“Don’t give chase anymore.” Han Yuchi ordered her protégés.

Han Yuchi was trembling as she held onto Zhao Songjin. “Songjin, are you alright?”

Zhao Songjin was looking extremely pale. At the same time, she was trembling nonstop as she sobbed with uncontrollable tears. “I…really…deserve death for all these…how can I be so foolish to set you up…I am so stupid…and so wanton…”

Han Yuchi was also weeping, “Songjin, you won’t die. You are a golden saint. I have many miracle pills…please…all you need to do is to muster your willpower and you can live again…”

The eight saintesses were all staring blankly. What was going on around here?

It was true that Zhao Songjin may not die from her injuries but she had lost the will to live.

Zhao Songjin smiled weakly as she took a last look at Han Yuchi. “I really don’t want to live anymore. It is so good…to know that throughout the years…you are always…with me. I was…too…greedy…for power…I have…a sister…” She had always thought that she was an orphan. When she had breathed her last, she was comforted that in this world she still had a mother and a sister that she had never met…

Han Yuchi wept aloud with dripping tears. “Songjin…Songjin…Songjin…you can’t die yet. You still need to help me to take vengeance against Yin Wei…”

One of the saintesses gasped with shock. “Sacred Maiden Songjin has no vital signs now…”

Han Yuchi gathered her strength to say with trembling voice, “No, my dear Songjin won’t die. I can still transfer my Sacred Maiden Profound Art to you…”

When the eight saintesses had heard that, they were all shocked.

“But Matriarch, you will lose your Sacred Maiden Profound Art if you do so…”

“This will affect your chance to be an immortal…”

“Matriarch, you are putting your ascension at a risk…”

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Chapter 148: Dirty Affairs (2)

As Zhao Songjin took her leave from her Matriarch Sacred Maiden Han Yuchi, she began to walk to the upper deck with her four priestess protectors.

All of a sudden, she heard a polite greeting from behind her and she saw a group of cultivators that carried the heraldry of the Great Inevitable Divine Clan.

“Sacred Maiden Zhao.” A handsome man with a bushy beard greeted her politely. “I’m Second Young Master Zhan Zhong. I happen to see you so I thought that I come to exchange a greeting with you.”

Actually Zhao Songjin was quite annoyed that her train of thoughts had been interrupted as she was plotting against her Matriarch; she had conspired with Yin Wei to setup Han Yuchi but she was not even seeing her now.

But when she saw that he was actually Second Young Master Zhan Zhong, her disapproving eyebrows soon changed to a delightful smile. “I have long heard of the renown of Second Young Master Zhan Zhong.”

Second Young Master Zhan Zhong was also glad that Sacred Maiden Zhao Songjin seemed to have a good impression of him. So he quickly said. “I have long heard of the beautiful allure of Sacred Maiden Zhao. Today when I have finally met you, I have realized that you are more beautiful than any maidens that I have ever seen.”

Zhao Songjin smiled, “Really? So between Xue Qianxue and I, who is the more beautiful maiden?”

Second Young Master Zhan Zhong: …

Second Young Master Zhan Zhong: …

Second Young Master Zhan Zhong: …

He smiled weakly before saying with a straight face. “The beauty of Sacred Maiden Zhao far surpasses Xue Qianxue.”

When he had said that, all the cultivators on his side and even Zhao Songjin’s four priestess protectors were all rolling their eyes…

Actually Zhao Songjin is really a beautiful maiden and she is definitely ranked among the top beauties. But the loveliness of Xue Qianxue is really too peerless and it is not just her beauty that made her a goddess maiden in the hearts of men. She exudes a lovely charm that can easily turned heads around and the alluring light that is on her is simply too bright.

Zhao Songjin chuckled as she winked at him, “Really? I am really more beautiful than Xue Qianxue?”

Second Young Master Zhan Zhong had a brief hesitation before he smiled, “I swear by my soul sea that Sacred Maiden Zhao is indeed more beautiful than Xue Qianxue. Haha.”

Zhao Songjin smiled with great delight as she gasped softly, “You really know how to impress me.”

“It is the truth! Now that I have seen Sacred Maiden Zhao, I know that you are indeed the most beautiful.” Second Young Master Zhan Zhong smiled as he continued to praise her.

“Ah~ You are also the most handsome guy that I have ever seen.” Zhao Songjin giggled softly as she lifted her fingers to laugh politely.

“More handsome than Jin Yilong?” Second Young Master Zhan Zhong asked with a grin.

Zhao Songjin: …

Zhao Songjin: …

Zhao Songjin: …

She cursed him silently. Jin Yilong is definitely more handsome. Your bushy beard is so ugly. Even your dead older brother is better looking than you.

But she quickly smiled with a light nod, “Right. Your nobleness covers the heavens and the earth. If I am not wrong, one day you will even lead the major orthodox clans just like your father lord. Your air is just like a soaring dragon and I am really impressed by you.”

She stopped short of swearing by her soul sea.

Second Young Master Zhan Zhong however was all smiles and full of pride when he had heard her. He asked. “May I have the honor to invite Sacred Maiden Zhao to my profound ship for a visit?”

Zhao Songjin pretended to avert her eyes shyly before she nodded. “It is my honor to visit your profound ship.”

With that she was laughing along with Second Young Master Zhan Zhong as they walked to their flying mounts.

The details of the visit to Second Young Master Zhan Zhong’s profound ship were not important.

As long as the two of them had the opportunity to be alone and away from their escorts, they began to kiss passionately and were carelessly touching each other.

In no time, Zhan Zhong was banging Zhao Songjin wantonly.

As he was banging her, he was thinking. “She is too easy. But she is also a top beauty that is comparable to the worth of a major orthodox clan. So that means that I can snatch her away from Jin Yilong and made her my consort?”

While he was thinking of this, Zhao Songjin was secretly draining his vitality using her evil dual cultivation arts and she was thinking. “Nowadays I can’t drain much from Jin Yilong as his vitality is all messed up. As for Yin Wei, alas, I will be lucky if he doesn’t drain me instead. Now this Zhan Zhong is really full of vitality.”

But in her heart, she had actually despised Zhan Zhong. But her recent adventure with Yin Wei had caused her yin essence to be erratic and she needed a victim.

She actually had the intention to look for Jin Yilong after her visit to her Matriarch Sacred Maiden Han Yuchi but when she saw Zhan Zhong making the first move on her, she decided to drain his vitality first by pretending to be seduced by him.

In the hidden location of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity, First Citadel Lord Yin Wei was now in a dark hall.

This place was spooky even by his standards.

But he did not dare to be disrespectful as he greeted the dark figure in front of him who was surrounded by two alluring naked maidens who were all protégés of the Evil Cultivation Palace.

An old man with dry wrinkled skin was sitting in a throne in front of him and he was donned in a black robe.

This old figure was actually the Evil Cultivation Master.

Yin Wei is actually a peaked great saint and he is more than two thousand year old. As a peaked great saint, he almost has no fear of the other cultivators except for one and that is the Evil Cultivation Master.

He actually had no idea how old his father was. Even though he was now a peaked great saint, he feared his father greatly. It was as though his father could kill him anytime he pleased.

“Father, I have brought the Sacred Maiden Profound Art to you.” Yin Wei said politely as he took out the Sacred Maiden Profound Art. “But third sister has lost all her citadels.”

The Evil Cultivation Master merely said in an eerie voice, “It is but a small price to pay for the Sacred Maiden Profound Art.”

As he spoke, he had raised his hand and the scroll that contained the Sacred Maiden Profound Art was snatched from Yin Wei’s hands.

Yin Wei was somewhat startled by this display. It was because his father had just displayed a formidable telekinesis snatching. With his profound animus on the scroll itself, it was impossible for anyone to perform a telekinesis snatching on him.

He was thinking nervously, “Even though my father looks frail but he is still so formidable. It seems that my time of usurping the leadership is still too early.”

The Evil Cultivation Master took a look at the scroll and said, “How do you know if this Sacred Maiden Profound Art is the true copy?”

Yin Wei smiled bitterly. Is this a trick question?

He knew that this Sacred Maiden Profound Art was quite genuine because he had got some cultivators to test the basic foundation but it was hard to find a chaste saintess to practice the first rank.

But if he replied that this Sacred Maiden Profound Art was genuine, his father may ask him if he had secretly retained a copy and may even question him how he had managed to validate it.

He hesitated before replying, “Zhao Songjin had given me this copy. As soon as I had received it, I have made my way here.”

The Evil Cultivation Master nodded slightly before saying, “I have heard that one of your citadels is raided. Am I right?”

Yin Wei nodded, “By Ji Yuan.”

At the mention of Ji Yuan, the Evil Cultivation Master had broken the tip of his throne as he stared coldly. “This Ji Yuan is like a cockroach. Find an opportunity to finish him off.”

“He won’t be alive for too long. The major orthodox clans are now attacking the Spirit Blue Moon Sect…”

“I know.” The Evil Cultivation Master interrupted coldly. Actually he was aware of all the information that Yin Wei was telling him.

“Why did you allow Little Princess to be with Ji Yuan?” The Evil Cultivation stared with seething rage at Yin Wei.

Yin Wei could feel a sudden suppression upon him and he could feel that the two naked maidens were also doing the same. These two naked maidens were all seventh realm great saintess!

He began to stammer, “She has her own legs and I can’t stop her from going anywhere…”

All of a sudden there was a large profound force in the shape of a large translucent palm that had suddenly in front of Yin Wei and he was suddenly smacked all the way to the entrance of the hall!

The instant that Yin Wei saw the large translucent palm that was towering three times his size over him, he had already mustered all his profound defenses to receive the attack.

But he had not expected that he would be smacked so easily and he was now lying on the ground with his golden blood sputtered on the ground!

He was in disbelief. I am a great saint so is my father. Why is there still such a great disparity between us?

He had of course recognized the profound attack as the Supreme Cloud Palm. It was a divine profound art that he had also mastered. But the disparity between them was just too great!

The Evil Cultivation Master said coldly, “She is more important to me than you think. If she loses a hair then I shall make you pay heavily for it.”

Yin Wei was shocked. He had thought that his sister had fallen out of grace with their father because of her affair with Ji Yuan. Moreover their father had also agreed to his plan of making use of the bases of Little Princess to gain Han Yuchi’s trust for Zhao Songjin so that the Evil Cultivation Palace will be able to lay their hands on the Sacred Maiden Profound Art.

“Now leave.” The Evil Cultivation Master said coldly.

Yin Wei smiled bitterly as he picked himself weakly. He was cursing his father in his heart as he left.

After Yin Wei had left, one of the naked maidens asked the Evil Cultivation Master. “It isn’t like you to show sympathy to anyone even if they are your children. Everyone is a tool to you.”

“Little Princess has the pure yin body. Even if she has lost her chastity, she will still be able to pick up the Sacred Maiden Profound Art.” The Evil Cultivation Master said coldly.

All of a sudden he had destroyed the Sacred Maiden Profound Art that was in his hands by burning it with his profound energies. “This scroll is a fake.” With just a glance earlier, he had already deciphered the entire scroll.

The other alluring naked maiden nodded and asked. “Nothing can hide from master’s eyes.”

The other naked maiden lit a wry smile, “No one knows that our master is actually an immortal in this ugly shell. Shall we make a move for you?”

The Evil Cultivation Master instead asked, “How is the Metamorph Project going?”

“We have found traces of it in the deep desolate abyss of the Nine Celestial Fraternity and we are now experimenting with it. I must say that we have some large degree of success with it.”

The Evil Cultivation Master slowly nodded before he added, “Xue Qianxue has already mastered the Sacred Maiden Profound Art to the highest level. She may be my missing key to regain my immortal body in this realm. When that happens, there will be no cultivators that can stop me, no matter how numerous they are.”

With another cold smirk, “Even if the Great God Pangu is here, his profound strength will be restricted to the seventh realm. But for me, I will have my unrestricted ninth realm profound strength.”

One of the naked maidens said, “Shall I go to the Spirit Blue Moon Sect to get Xue Qianxue for you? Maybe with some luck, I may even get Little Princess back for you.”

The Evil Cultivation Master slowly nodded, “Be very careful. The two of you are the last of our desolate race in this realm now. If you cannot succeed then don’t risk it. Over the years, we had already lost too many of our kind.”

The same naked alluring maiden lit a smile, “I have heard that Little Princess has always missed her mother consort. Don’t you think that it is time for her ‘mother consort’ to make her appearances now?”

The Evil Cultivation Master smiled coldly, “Then acknowledge this daughter of yours. Since you will be making a trip there, you don’t mind stepping on Ji Yuan to his death at the same time?”

“I have always wanted to help you to kill him especially after he had dared to take away the chastity of my daughter. If I were not at the Nine Celestial Fraternity, I will surely help you to kill him.”

The other alluring naked maiden smiled, “That is right. Now that we’re back to serve our master, is there any foes that can stop us?”

The Evil Cultivation Master frowned, “Don’t get too conceited yet. That is how so many of our kind had perished over the years.”

Then he raised his almost skeleton finger, “This body is still too weak. You stay here to supervise the Metamorph Project for me.”

The other alluring naked maiden bowed respectfully, “Yes, my master.”

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Chapter 147: Dirty Affairs (1)

A fleet of thirty profound ships were seen floating above an unknown mountain range, hidden away in the thick clouds.

This great armada was actually consisted of the ships from six of the major orthodox clans; the Celestial Orthodox Sect, the Mystic Profound Pavilion, the Profound Heaven Sword Manor, the Great Inevitable Divine Clan, the Burning Heavens Pavilion and the Iron Righteous Clan.

The only missing major orthodox clan was the Blue Phoenix Sacred Sect.

However the other six major orthodox clans were not overtly concerned about the absence of the Blue Phoenix Sacred Sect. It was because Saintess Fang Zhenfei was renowned for her non-interference in the affairs of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity.

Now a force of thirty profound ships is a mighty force that can annihilate any celestial clan. Primary because none of the celestial clans can even muster that many profound ships in the first place. Even the major orthodox clans only have 3-6 profound ships at the very most.

It is because building one profound ship is extremely expensive and it will require dozens of heavenly relics to keep it afloat. And at least three to nine heaven-step heavenly relics are required to create the array core that can keep it afloat, depending on the profound ship size.

At the same time these profound ships will be burning high grade spirit stones at a massive rate just to move it.

That was why these thirty profound ships were now floating above the mountains and were not moving until the next destination could be determined.

These profound ships were still anchored in the territories of the orthodox fraternity while waiting for their scouts to bring back strategic information about the Spirit Blue Moon Sect that they were attacking.

And they had some pretty good news recently; none of the other four major unorthodox clans were going to side with the Spirit Blue Moon Sect.

And according to their most reliable intelligence, the Spirit Blue Moon Sect only had one large profound ship and two medium profound ships.

Therefore the six major orthodox clans will have a clear domination over the skies. This will make their advance into the unorthodox fraternity far less risky.

The six major orthodox clans had purposely flown their profound ships together to intimidate the unorthodox clans in a show of might.

This strategy had worked all too well and it had caused many of the unorthodox clans to severe ties with the Spirit Blue Moon Sect.

At the start of the campaign, the support for Dark Mistress Ling Feiyue was actually quite high as many unorthodox cultivators had thought that what she had done at the Celestial Orthodox Sect was a slap to the faces of the orthodox cultivators and this brought delight to the faces of the unorthodox cultivators.

However when the six major orthodox clans had come knocking, many of the unorthodox cultivators were inconspicuous missing from their support for the Spirit Blue Moon Sect.

Two of the major unorthodox clans had even demanded that Ling Feiyue married their scions to receive some help from them.

This caused the Spirit Blue Moon Sect to be blackmailed by their former allies and enemies.

While the Celestial Orthodox Sect, the Mystic Profound Pavilion, the Burning Heavens Pavilion and the Profound Heaven Sword Manor were busy destroying Little Princess’ secret citadels throughout the orthodox fraternity, they had received a good news that had come from the Great Inevitable Divine Clan; they would send in their full strength against the Spirit Blue Moon Sect.

It was because the Great Inevitable Divine Clan had their Eldest Young Master Zhan Long killed by Little Princess and Ji Yuan. Obviously the Great Inevitable Divine Clan was now out for blood.

Through the reports of their scouts, they had heard that Little Princess and Ji Yuan were now at the Spirit Blue Moon Sect and that Ji Yuan was even the new Dark Lord of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect!

Now the Great Inevitable Divine Clan is the most powerful of the seven major orthodox clans and is closely allied with the Iron Righteous Clan, which is the second most powerful of the seven major orthodox clans. Their combined strength is actually on par with the four other major orthodox clans.

Suddenly the expedition against the Spirit Blue Moon Sect had doubled and this caused the number of profound ships to balloon from twenty to thirty.

This was not a matter of the honor of the Celestial Orthodox Sect anymore but that of the Great Inevitable Divine Clan as well!

Because of the size of their fleet, the six major orthodox clans needed more preparation time to gather their cultivators and the precious high grade spirit stones to power their profound ships.

At this moment, there were five Lightning Eagles that were flying toward a profound ship with a white and golden hull. The figurehead of this beautiful profound hull had a maiden with six wings and this profound ship was the main profound ship of the Celestial Orthodox Sect.

As the Lightning Eagles approached the deck, dozens of holy maidens were all bowing respectfully. It was because today their Sacred Maiden Zhao Songjin had arrived with her four priestess protectors.

On the deck were also dozens of cultivators from the other major orthodox clans. They had just finished a meeting together and they were now on their way back to their profound ships.

Second Young Master Zhan Zhong of the Great Inevitable Divine Clan happened to be on the deck when he saw a dazzling Zhao Songjin appearing right in front of him. Ever since his eldest brother Zhan Long was killed by Little Princess and Ji Yuan, he was now the official successor to the future sect master position of the Great Inevitable Divine Clan.

He gasped softly, “She is so beautiful…”

A trusted aide immediately whispered to him, “I have heard of a rumor that Jin Yilong and Zhao Songjin is an item.”

Second Young Master Zhan Zhong laughed discreetly, “As long as she isn’t married to anyone else, she is still a fair game to me. Moreover I am way better than Jin Yilong and also my good-for-nothing deceased older brother.”

His deceased brother Zhan Long was a middle mortal-step saint while he was a middle heaven-step saint. His talents and cultivation strength was above his older brother.

As for Jin Yilong, he was only an initial saint and he seemed to be struck in his cultivation practice for a long time.

Zhan Zhong had always thought that it was a miracle that the good-for-nothing Jin Yilong did not perish when he was attempting his seventh realm breakthrough.

“I am a middle saint and so is Sacred Maiden Zhao Songjin. We are more compatible compared to that Jin Yilong.” Zhan Zhong was smirking coldly. From this point onward, he was determined to have Zhao Songjin as his consort.

His aide asked him curiously, “Second Young Master, you are not going after Xue Qianxue anymore?”

Zhan Zhong sighed softly at the mention of Xue Qianxue. “Of course not! But she is a little hard to get.”

There was a burning hatred for Xue Qianxue. In the past, Xue Qianxue had rebuked him for being unromantic, bad at poems and openly insulted his bushy beard.

If he can lay his hands on Xue Qianxue, he will show her what a true man he really is! He quietly resolved to himself.

Now that Xue Qianxue was captured by the Spirit Blue Moon Sect, he doubted that she was a chaste maiden anymore. When he had thought of this, he was extremely angry that numerous men from the Spirit Blue Moon Sect were probably saddling his goddess day and night now.

Zhao Songjin was now kneeling in front of Matriarch Sacred Maiden Han Yuchi’s door as she sought an audience with her.

“Matriarch, your disciple Songjin is here to lend you my puny aid for the expedition against the unorthodox cultivators of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect.” She said respectfully. “May I enter to speak with you?”

Han Yuchi was startled as she quickly said from beyond the door, “Why are you here? Shouldn’t you be at the Holy Maiden Peaks?”

Zhao Songjin replied respectfully, “I know that I was supposed to be defending our Holy Maiden Peaks but when I thought that Matriarch and many of our priestess elders will be risking your lives to fight against the unorthodox cultivators on the front line. How then can I allow myself to be in a safe position while my Matriarch is risking yourself for our sect? Therefore Songjin decides to join Matriarch in the fight as well as to repay the trust that Matriarch has placed in me.”

“Songjin, I have always trusted you. Don’t think too much about it. Why don’t you go back to the Holy Maiden Peaks first?”

Zhao Songjin was quite startled that Han Yuchi did not ask her to enter inside but she dared not barge in or use her divine sense to pry. Therefore she politely said, “I have another matter to report. I have found out that the Evil Cultivation Palace may have a hideout nearby. We ought to take advantage of this opportunity to wipe them out.”

“I talk to you later, alright? I’m not feeling too well after the meeting earlier. After my rest, I will talk to you.” Han Yuchi replied gently.

“I will await Matriarch’s instructions then…” Zhao Songjin was feeling a little perplexed as she slowly turned around.

Behind the heavy doors, Han Yuchi secretly heaved a soft sigh of relief.

It was because Zhao Songjin had really come at an inconvenient timing; at this moment she was naked in her bed and Jin Yilong was saddling her.

Even when Zhao Songjin had left, Jin Yilong did not stop what he was doing and he continued to saddle her.

Han Yuchi said in exasperation to him, “Do you want Songjin to know what we are doing? Why didn’t you stop when she had arrived?”

Jin Yilong chuckled lightly, “You’re too lovely. I can’t stop.”

Han Yuchi returned a flushed look before she said quietly, “Please don’t let Songjin know about us. You’re supposed to be betrothed to her to cement your sect position.”

Jin Yilong laughed, “What if I say I want the two of you to be my consorts?”

Han Yuchi: …

Han Yuchi: …

Han Yuchi: …

She quickly sighed, “It is not possible between the two of us.”

“But we already have.” Jin Yilong pointed out with a smile.

Han Yuchi shot a cold gaze at him. Secretly she was startled that this Jin Yilong was really too daring. She had been thinking on how she could seduce him but he had actually made the first move.

Jin Yilong smiled, “I will bear responsible for you. You will be one of my beloved consorts.”

Han Yuchi smiled bitterly, “You have better leave now. There is a secret passage behind me. Make sure no one knows that you have come. I don’t want Songjin to know about our relationship, not ever.”

Jin Yilong smiled as he gave her a last tight embrace, “Alright. But I won’t give you up.”

Han Yuchi said hatefully to him, “You have better treated Songjin well in the future. You had already taken her chastity so you cannot let her down.”

Jin Yilong laughed softly, “When I had taken her, she had already long lost her chastity.”

Han Yuchi was startled by this revelation. Then she had given her chastity to whom?

When Jin Yilong had left, Han Yuchi began to stare blankly in the air. “What have I done…”

She had suspected that Zhao Songjin had been secretly practicing an evil dual cultivation art that can weaken her dual cultivation partner. It was actually a no brainer deduction because the Evil Cultivation is known for their various evil dual cultivation arts.

From her deduction, this may be a reason why Jin Yilong only had a single daughter in all these years.

The higher cultivation realm a celestial is, it is more difficult for them to conceive. Therefore there are many celestials that have a lower cultivation realm celestial as their dual cultivation partner. However even then, it is still hard to conceive especially if one is a golden saint like Jin Yilong. Therefore in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity, it is quite common for the high level and influential celestials to have multiple consorts and concubines.

But if Jin Yilong’s vitality had been weakened by the evil cultivation arts then it would be even harder for him to conceive with Zhao Songjin.

Because she had suspected that Jin Yilong’s vitality had long been drained by Zhao Songjin on the sly, she had sought to secretly replenish Jin Yilong’s vitality that Zhao Songjin had secretly stolen.

If there is a secret profound art that can do so, it is the Sacred Maiden Profound Art.

Her plan was simple enough; she would help Jin Yilong to get a child. Of course she would ensure that Jin Yilong did not use his new vitality to have other children. Therefore she had purposely ensured that only Zhao Songjin could reap the benefits by instructing her on the basic foundation of the Sacred Maiden Profound Art.

The benefits of her Sacred Maiden Profound Arts to Jin Yilong will not be released unless he can copulate with someone who has cultivated the Sacred Maiden Profound Art. In this case, the basic foundation of the Sacred Maiden Profound Art is actually enough.

In short, she had specifically tailored this scheme so that Zhao Songjin would receive the most benefits.

She sighed regretfully that Zhao Songjin was not able to master the Sacred Maiden Profound Art because she did not meet the requirements for it.

The Sacred Maiden Profound Art has several sets of requirements. Firstly, the cultivator has to be a seventh realm saintess. Secondly, the first rank requires the cultivator to have a pure body to begin with before practicing. If not at the most they can only attain to the basic foundation rank and this is not even the first rank.

But this was enough for Han Yuchi’s plan. Because even the basic foundation rank will be sufficient enough to have a perfect union with her Sacred Maiden Profound Art and help Zhao Songjin to regain her fertility.

But she had to pay a heavy price herself and that was to sacrifice her body to Jin Yilong in order that Zhao Songjin may have a successor to take over the leadership position of the Mystic Profound Pavilion in the future.

The reason why she had so painstaking planned this was because Zhao Songjin was actually her secret illegitimate daughter. At that time, when her master the previous Matriarch had discovered that she was with child, she had made her sworn upon her soul sea never to acknowledge Zhao Songjin as her daughter lest it would bring upon a scandal upon the Celestial Orthodox Sect.

The previous Matriarch was actually the one that had also appointed Xue Qianxue to be the succeeding Sacred Maiden even though Han Yuchi was Xue Qianxue’s celestial teacher and master.

But in secret Han Yuchi have always wanted to appoint Zhao Songjin as the Sacred Maiden.

That was why over the years, she had been secretly grooming Zhao Songjin but to her disappointment she had discovered that this daughter of hers was actually a mole of the Evil Cultivation Palace.

Needless to say, she could guess how her pure body had been taken.

“Songjin, you have really disappointed me. Do you know that if you had kept to your station, I would still have many ways to promote you to the position of Sacred Maiden one day? But you have literally screwed yourself with your wanton ways.”

“I don’t know if you are still with the Evil Cultivation Palace or not but I hope you are not because the Sacred Maiden Profound Art that I had given you is a fake.”

She began to sigh heavily, “Even though I can condone you but I can’t allow the Sacred Maiden Profound Art to fall into the hands of the evil dual cultivators. This is the unbroken instructions of our past matriarchs and I cannot allow myself to become a sinner to our sect.”

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Chapter 146: Ji Yuan, What Have you Done?

When Ling Feiyue was at Ling Tianshui’s inner palace, the protégés at the entrance were all saying to her. “Matriarch Moon Elder Ling says that she will see no visitors today…”

Ling Feiyue frowned, “I am not a stranger to my aunt and we are as close as mother and daughter. When did I ever need an invitation to visit her citadel? Go away!”


Ling Feiyue giggled gently, “No but…go away!”

And she had stormed inside the inner palace as though this place was her home.

All the protégés were helpless to stop her because she was the Dark Mistress and sect leader of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect. Who is able to stop her?

Moreover Ling Feiyue was right. She have never needed an invitation before.

A saintess muttered weakly to the rest of the protégés after Ling Feiyue had entered the inner palace, “I will take responsibility for this…”

When Ling Feiyue had entered the inner palace, she was startled to find the inner hall was in a mess.

“What is going on here?” She gasped. It was as though a battle had taken place here!

The first thought that come to her mind was whether her aunt was alright and wondered if there was a palace coup by the infiltrators of the orthodox cultivators?

She did not know that Yuan Ji and Ling Tianshui had been battling with each other all over the place earlier.

Ling Tianshui had hastily entered the inner hall in her loose robe and she looked a little daze as though she had just woken up.

She quickly smiled, “My dear niece, what brings you here?” But she was secretly panicky; has her niece found out about her affair with Ji Yuan?

“Umm, I just come to visit and to chat with you. I just want to say sorry that I’ve always been so reckless. But I am now back in one piece so don’t be angry with me anymore?” Ling Feiyue explained why she had come.

Ling Tianshui smiled as she held onto her belly. “It’s alright. It is in the past now. I’m really glad that you are back now. We can’t afford to lose our Dark Mistress at this point of time.”

She was now secretly cursing Ji Yuan because her womb was full of his stuff and her niece had come at a most awkward time. She had never expected him to be so awesome…

Ling Feiyue gently smiled before she queried, “So I will have your support for him and Little Princess during your elders meeting?”

Ling Tianshui smiled, “Of course.”

All of a sudden Ling Feiyue was gasping when she saw a white stuff on top of Ling Tianshui’s hair top.

“What’s wrong?” Ling Tianshui asked curiously.

“Nothing. I just thought of something and I need to go now. Will my dear aunt be sad if I leave now?” Ling Feiyue asked with a flushed look. She had recognized what it was…

“You are the Dark Mistress of our sect. You should settle your stuff first. We can always chat when you are free.” Ling Tianshui smiled. Secretly, she was hoping that her niece would leave as soon as possible because she was trying very hard to hold onto the ‘stuff’ between her legs.

Ling Feiyue smiled, “Alright then! I see you soon. Thanks for offering to help me! This is actually very important to me. If possible, please help me to persuade the other elders as well.”

When Ling Feiyue had left, Ling Tianshui was secretly relieved.  She had a most awkward and flushed look when the long streams of white stuff began to drip between her legs. “This Ji Yuan is really…taking advantage of me…I don’t believe my niece is still pure with him in his company…”

She suddenly had a flushed look when she had thought of Ji Yuan. “Our affair is our secret but it is also a dangerous affair.”

She had to admit that she was purposely seducing Ji Yuan earlier. When she saw that Ji Yuan was alone in the hallway of her niece’s citadel earlier, she had suddenly decided to find an excuse to talk to him.

Actually she was slightly confused why she was suddenly seducing Ji Yuan.

It was because she was afraid that Ji Yuan may harbor a grudge against her for mocking him for being a beardless cultivator.

She was actually the first to mock him for being a beardless cultivator because she had owned a painting of his and now it was almost worthless. Therefore her attitude toward him was not entirely friendly even though Ling Feiyue was her niece.

After his duel with Chen Yi, she had even led the elders to question him, hoping to expose him for making a fool out of the patriarch elders.

But she had never expected that Ji Yuan would be such a monstrous genius with a perfect harmony celestial sword. She was totally rendered speechless.

“His cultivation level is even higher than me. Even if I have plenty of profound treasures, can I stop him from seeking vendetta against me? Moreover my niece will be siding with him instead of me if there is a spat break out between us.”

So she decided to ‘test’ Ji Yuan when she had encountered him along the hallway.

When she heard the fast beating of his heart and saw his lecherous stares upon her, she knew that she had a chance to resolve their vendetta.

Therefore she cordially invited him to her palace citadel for a visit and to have a little drink.

She took the opportunity to test him by showing him her once priceless painting to test his reactions. To her utter surprise, Yuan Ji’s heart beat was still beating normally and shown no sight of irritation.

So after exchanging a spat of words with him, she tested him further by offering him two bottles of wine that had an insulting ring around it, hoping to provoke him somehow.

But other than his lecherous look on her, she could find no signs of angst on him.

Then she had proceeded to ask him about his Lightning Tribulation and was shocked to hear that he had actually taken his Lightning Tribulation when he was only an initial saint.

At this point, she did not think of him as just a monstrous genius but a cultivator who will be destined to be an immortal. She was so awed by his impressive achievement that she did something irrational. Instead of faking her seduction for him, she got seduced by his good looks and temper.

What happened next was a whirlwind of passionate lovemaking and they had literally made a mess of the entire inner hall.

She gently touched her burning flushed face as she remembered his light kisses on her cheeks. Her eyes were suddenly dreamy and she was fingering herself.

“Will this be our last?” Her eyes were melancholy. “He is my niece’s lord. I can’t…”

All of a suddenly, she found out that she was starting to miss him. He was very honest with her when he had left her abode. But he promised that her that if he can be of help in the future, he will surely help her. All she needs is to ask him in the future.

She was suddenly looking at the giant painting of him that was against the wall and wishing that this painting of Sword Saint Ji Yuan did not have a beard and she was imaging his beardless self in the painting…

Actually she did not know that her actions were needless as Ji Yuan is someone that rarely bears grudges for pure insults. He had literally forgotten that she was the first one to insult him.

Ling Tianshui knew how serious her beard insult was and when she had realized how formidable Ji Yuan really is, she was quite scared that she may have made a formidable enemy. She had literally made an enemy of a great saint and a potential immortal cultivator.

Also Ji Yuan had a reputation for being a ruthless Sword Saint and the number of dead body counts in his hands was more than most of the orthodox cultivators. She did not know that those killed had touched his bottom line like threatening to raze his sect, molest his protégés, threatening to dishonor his master and accidental deaths due to duels.

That was why she tried to gauge his amicable level but had irrationally overreacted and even surrendered herself to him…

For the high class cultivators, they took insults pretty seriously and because of one insult, they would be an enemy for life.

But not Ji Yuan. It is because he is an uncouth cultivator that often insults the others endlessly and he also got his fair share of insults from many others. If he had a petty heart, his best friend Guo Tianming would have died a million times over for trying to insult him with his careless remarks.

She did not know that the ‘low class’ cultivators often hurl personal insults against each other before a fight. Naturally when a ‘low class’ cultivators met a ‘high class’ cultivator with influential background, they dare not hurl insults lest they will bring troubles to their entire celestial clan.

But in the Five Heavens Peaks, Ji Yuan had literally hurled personal insults to all the sect leaders and elders for as long as he could remember. Sometimes he would get beaten up for it but at the end of the day, everyone would still get together to slay a powerful desolate monster, feast together and yes, continued their dung flinging insults.

That was why Ji Yuan was never angry with these Five Heavens Peaks’ cultivators when they had tried to take over his Emperor Hall Sect. To him, it was just their boorish and uncultured behavior.

As Ling Feiyue left her aunt and patriarch elder Ling Tianshui’s citadel, she was smiling awkwardly. “Is my aunt hiding a man? She even uses such a heavy dose of perfume. But come to think of this, my aunt has no dual cultivation partner for a long time. I wonder who is that lucky man? My aunt is so attractive that any man that can have her is really lucky. Maybe I should ask her the next time…”

She was soon smiling happily. As long as her aunt was willing to support her, she no longer felt alone. But she was soon sighing heavily, “But the other four elders will be much harder to persuade…”

All of a sudden she noticed that many of the male cultivators were now beardless so she stopped them to ask. “What is going on around here? Why are all of you beardless?”

The beardless cultivators immediately answered awkwardly, “Reporting to our Dark Mistress, this is the instructions from the patriarch elders that we show our solidarity toward our new Dark Lord by shaving our beards.”

Ling Feiyue opened her eyes widely as she muttered, “What is going on around here? How come I didn’t know about this?”

If this order was given by the patriarch elders, it means that a majority of the patriarch elders had agreed to do so.

The patriarch elders actually wielded considerable authority within the Spirit Blue Moon Sect and they indeed had the right to order them to shave.

She muttered silently, “I got the feeling that they are tricked by Ji Yuan…”

She shook her head with disbelief. These men had always prided their beards with extreme egos and were always competing with each other to see who had the most beautiful beards. And now they had actually shaved their beautiful beards? She really found it really hard to believe.

In the Desolate Celestial Fraternity, it is considered to be a heresy if a woman is to insult the beard of a man. Even if the woman finds the beard ugly, she must not say it aloud.

Suddenly all the men in her sect had now shaved off their beards and she was finding it a little difficult to identify everyone. And weird too.

“I guess that I have to get use to their new look now…” Ling Feiyue was suddenly sighing. “Before the battle with the orthodox cultivators have started, the Spirit Blue Moon Sect will be a laughing stock first.”

“What have you done to my sect, Ji Yuan…”

Suddenly she was missing all the ugly beards that she had hated for many years…

“Luckily shaved beards can be regrown. It is not as though they have eaten Xia Jiajia’s beardless divine pills. So this is actually reversible.”

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Chapter 145: Ling Tianshui (2)

When Yuan Ji was with Ling Tianshui in her inner palace, he saw that her place was actually quite beautiful.

Ling Tianshui said to her protégés, “I have something to discuss with Dark Lord Ji Yuan here. Don’t come in unless I have willed it.”

The many protégés immediately acknowledged her instructions and hastily left the inner hall.

The minute that Yuan Ji had entered this inner hall, he was startled by a beautiful painting that had a magnificent air around it; it was a handsome bearded cultivator who was holding his long beard and he had a long sword in front of him as he stood on the edge of the cliff.

Why does this painting looks so familiar to him?

Ling Tianshui immediately chuckled, “So how do you think of this painting? This name of this painting is the ‘Mighty Sword Saint Ji Yuan atop of the World, trampling his ultimate victory over his foes’.

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

He muttered weakly, “This must be a most expensive painting.”

Ling Tianshui nodded, “It certainly is. It was painted by the number one painter in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity who had recently passed away. Saint Xiao Muhan. Have you heard of him?”

Yuan Ji could only nod. Who has never heard of Saint Xiao Muhan? His painting is priceless and every single one is a master piece. Only he can bring the life out of the paintings. Therefore this ‘Mighty Sword Saint Ji Yuan atop of the World, trampling his ultimate victory over his foes’ is truly a magnificent piece of work.

Moreover they are also good friends.

The Two Greats Brushes of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity refers to the Great Poet Ji Yuan and the Great Painter Xiao Muhan.

He had heard that his friend Saint Xiao Muhan had painted his last painting using him as a tribute to their friendship. And this last painting of his was sold for over a hundred thousand high grade spirit stones to an unknown buyer.

It turned out that his friend’s last painting was actually in Ling Tianshui’s hands!

Ling Tianshui sighed softly, “I had even used several rare heavenly relics as a price in additional to the hundred thousand high grade spirit stones that I had paid.”

Yuan Ji managed a weak smile, “Well, I didn’t know you are such a fan of mine. Haha.”

“I actually have the intention to sell this painting when Sword Saint Ji Yuan can become a saint one day. To think that he is now a Great Saint. Then I can have several times on my returns in my investment.” Ling Tianshui said slowly.

Yuan Ji was cursing her silently. The rich will only get richer. There is no justice in the world…

But he returned a nonchalant smile, “That is good. You are rich now.”

But Ling Tianshui was suddenly sighing deeply, “Unfortunately, ever since the Sword Saint Ji Yuan has become Sword Demon Ji Yuan, the value of the painting has plummeted greatly. You must know that the unorthodox fraternity has no appreciation of the arts and I can’t sell it to anyone now.”

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

I don’t have a hundred thousand high grade spirit stones to pay for your losses…

Why did I have to come here in the first place…

If I know that this is a trap, I would never have come with to her inner palace…

Ling Tianshui sighed, “Moreover look at this painting and you now. The two of you look so different now. The former Sword Saint Ji Yuan is now without his beard. Do you think that this painting is worth anything now?”

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

He muttered weakly, “At least this painting is still from the hands of Saint Xiao Muhan. It is not exactly completely worthless.”

Ling Tianshui turned to him with a smile, “Even though I am a great saintess, it is quite difficult for me to force you to repay me for my losses, am I right to say so?”

Yuan Ji smiled weakly, “Not necessary if you have the Six Realms Divine Art.”

Ling Tianshui chuckled. “I do know but we will only end up injuring each other. Moreover you are my guest and didn’t I say that I will be treating you some good wines?”

Yuan Ji smiled bitterly as he rolled his eyes, “Right…”

With a quick look, he had already planned all his possible escape paths.

“Come, sit down here.” Ling Tianshui chuckled softly as she took out two bottles of wine from a shelf. “You are in for a great treat. This is a five hundred year old Spirit Wine and it also has a beautiful name. The Finger of Death. One sip and you will feel that your soul will be lifted up like you have died.”

Yuan Ji: …

Why don’t you call this wine the Death’s Spell instead? He cursed silently.

“And this wine is called the ‘Hovering around the Death’s Door Exit’.” Ling Tianshui chuckled lightly as she winked at him.

Yuan Ji: …

Why did I have to come here in the first place…

But when he rolled his eyes and saw her perky thin bodice, he sighed sadly. Ji Yuan, why are you so easily tempted?

Ling Tianshui chuckled, “So what are you waiting for? You are sampling the wines? Will a Great Saint be afraid of poisons?”

Yuan Ji rolled his eyes to look at the aromatic wines in front of him. It was extremely tempting to him.

After fighting with his heart demons for a blink of an eye, he picked up the two wines to sample it.

He was soon astonished!

Both wines really taste very good!

And he felt his libido going up too!

“Is it good?” Ling Tianshui lit a gentle smile. “These two wines are really very precious.”

Yuan Ji replied very honestly, “Yelp. This is really good stuff. You’re not drinking?”

Ling Tianshui rolled her lovely golden eyes, “It’s too strong for me. I am a bad drinker.”

Yuan Ji laughed, “Will a great saintess be drunk?”

Ling Tianshui smiled, “You don’t purge such good wines straightaway, do you? It will be such a waste.”

Yuan Ji laughed, “True, true. The most wondrous part of drinking wines is to get high by it. What the point of drinking wines when it is purged out immediately? Isn’t it the same as drinking water?”

Ling Tianshui nodded before she averted her gentle eyes. “I have some questions on cultivation to ask of you.”

Yuan Ji smiled weakly; he had almost totally forgotten about it but he quickly replied, “Please don’t be a stranger.”

“My lightning tribulation is actually a Three-Stage Silver Lightning Tribulation. After much difficulty, I had finally overcome it to become a great saintess. How did you manage to overcome the deadly Nine-Stage Purple Lightning Tribulation?” Ling Tianshui said as she looked at him with great earnest.

She added quietly, “I was there when my niece took her Three-Stage Lightning Tribulation too. She had barely overcome it to become a great saintess. How is it possible for her to overcome the Nine-Stage Purple Lightning? I find it so hard to believe. Moreover, only a few individuals will have the fortuitous luck to encounter one and they are all have the potential to ascend as immortals.”

Yuan Ji smiled weakly.

I can’t tell her that I have overcome the Purple Lightning Tribulation with the help of the profound treasures of my Qianxue and Feiyue. This will be so embarrassing…

When Yuan Ji, Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue had taken the Purple Lightning Tribulation, they had literally used up plenty of cultivation resources, divine pills, profound treasures and even combine their profound arts together just to survive through it. It was an experience that Yuan Ji would not want to try again.

He almost wanted to say to her; if you are rich enough and have enough profound treasures, you can survive through anything.

But he decided to keep his mouth shut and said instead. “Mm, I almost die during my Lightning Tribulation haha. At that time, I was only an initial tier saint. Mortal-step to be exact. Haha.”

Ling Tianshui covered her mouth as she gasped in disbelief. “How is it possible? I have never heard of anyone experiencing their Lightning Tribulation while they are at the initial saint level.”

“I guess it is because I have accumulated a lot of good karma when I am roaming the fraternity.” Yuan Ji said with a straight face.

“Like?” Ling Tianshui immediately asked.

“When I saw Ascend Celestials getting bullied by the others, I will help them.” Yuan Ji said when he had thought of Li Ye. “When I saw fishes that were out of the waters, I always stop to help them to get back into the waters. When I saw an injured spirit fox by the roadside, I stopped to help too. Do you see the nine-tail spirit fox that is with me? That is Xiaobai and is the spirit fox that I had stopped to help.”

And I helped Qianxue at that time when she needed my love, he added silently.

Ling Tianshui gasped softly, “You’re such a good man. I had always thought that you were a ruthless Sword Saint who killed more than necessary and just a good-for-nothing poet.”

Yuan Ji: …

Is my reputation as a sword saint so bad? Well, compared to Fairy Ye Chengxi, I may be a little ruthless…

I know that I am not as wealthy as my good friend Saint Xiao Muhan here who can produce money with his works but I have to run my sect while he is just a good-for-nothing freeloader in his own sect and he is so weak that any sixth realm cultivator can easily kill him. How can he compare to me?

Ling Tianshui let go of a melancholy sigh. “I am only a mortal-step great saintess and I can’t seem to advance anymore. Even my niece has overtaken me in my cultivation realm. Even you, a late starter with poor cultivation resources have also overtaken me. I may have all the cultivation resources but I really find it hard to advance further. Do you have any advice for me?”

Yuan Ji smiled weakly, “I don’t think I am able to help you in this aspect.”

This was an honest reply from him. Finally Yuan Ji’s Pure Heart +1.

Ling Tianshui averted her eyes shyly before she put her fingers to her back to loosen her bodice down. “I really hope that Saint Ji Yuan can help me to do something about it.”

Ji Yuan’s eyes nearly popped out when her bodice dropped in front of him. “This…is…I don’t think that I can do anything about it…”

“You have a high chance to be an immortal in the future. If you manage to find any cultivation resources that may be helpful to me or you think that you can help me in the future, I hope that you can lend me a helping hand. What do you think?” Ling Tianshui said shyly.

Ji Yuan smiled bitterly, “You’re Feiyue’s aunt. We shouldn’t have any inappropriate relationship.”

Yuan Ji’s Pure Heart +2.

“I can assure you that no one will know about this matter. Our relationship will be an absolute secret.” Ling Tianshui smiled as she winked at him.

“I can also assure you that I will I am quite good and moreover I have not touched a man for a long time.” She had suddenly knelt down in front of him and was loosening his belt.

She looked up with a beautiful smile at Yuan Ji. “You can do anything to me as long as you like it.”

Yuan Ji stammered, “We can’t…” And his hands were already feeling her bare back and at the same time, his trousers had also dropped.

But she is really such a lovely and attractive maiden. It seems that beauty lie in their family… (Yuan Ji’s Inner Demon +1)

Moreover our affair will be an absolutely secret… (Yuan Ji’s Inner Demon +2)

I can do anything to her as long as I like it? (Yuan Ji’s Inner Demon +3)

Xiang Li isn’t around now. So I can stop pretending to be a gentleman…  (Yuan Ji’s Inner Demon +4)

I can now do the more perverse acts that I’ve been withholding…  (Yuan Ji’s Inner Demon +5)

But what if this is a setup? (Yuan Ji’s Pure Heart +3)

And what will future readers think of my life? They will think that I am just a lecherous old cultivator that thinks with my lower body… (Yuan Ji’s Pure Heart +4)

Ling Tianshui was suddenly gasping as she held his naked sword with her trembling fingers. “My lord, may I help you to clean?” She had a slight tremble when she saw that he was completely hairless below.

Her lovely golden eyes were now in a daze and her mouth was now curling…

Yuan Ji immediately said with a sheepish look, “Go ahead!”

It doesn’t matter what future readers think now because my Inner Demon now has more points than my pure heart. So buzz off those Pure Heart Readers and welcome my Inner Demon Readers!

A few hours later, Yuan Ji with rosy cheeks was now loitering outside Ling Feiyue’s palace hall when Ling Feiyue, Xue Qianxue, Little Princess, Bai Qianxue and Xiang Li had opened the heavy doors.

When Ling Feiyue saw the Yuan Ji was still waiting outside, she was giggling softly. “Waa, you’re still around. So sorry to keep you waiting!”

Xue Qianxue held Yuan Ji’s arm, “Why is your face so red? Are you angry with us for taking so long?”

Little Princess quickly added, “Thank you for waiting patiently for us.”

Xiang Li was now in her new dress. With the Heavenly Silk Spirit Threads, she can literally transform it into any dresses that she saw and even improvised upon it. “Look! Xiang Li has a new dress!”

Ling Feiyue giggled gently, “Yea! Isn’t Xiang Li more beautiful now?”

Yuan Ji smiled weakly, “Yea, she’s absolutely beautiful.”

Xiang Li was shyly looking at Yuan Ji and her eyes were beaming with joy; this is the first time that he has praised me as beautiful…

Even though Yuan Ji was now surrounded by four peerless maidens but his heart was with the earlier encounter that he had with Ling Tianshui. He was already planning another visit to her on the sly.

But he had a serious problem and that was he cannot let Xiang Li know or else he will be screwed…

He had never expected that he would have such a great time with Ling Tianshui and he was secretly missing her already. But it seemed that this was going to be a one-time thing unless he could somehow tricked Xiang Li out of his soul sea for a lengthy period of time.

“Ji Yuan, are you mad at us?”

“Don’t be, alright?”

“We won’t leave you alone the next time. This is a promise!”

“We’re so sorry to make you wait here for so long, there won’t be next time!”

Yuan Ji chuckled weakly, “I am not angry. It is good that you have more time together. I really don’t mind. Please trust me. I swear by my soul sea. Haha. So when is the next time that you will take my Xiang Li to do some sightseeing?”

Xiang Li chuckled happily, “Really? I love to!”

“We dare not anymore!”

“You really look piss off…”

“Yea, your cheeks are so red!”

“We know that you are actually upset with us…”

Yuan Ji stammered, “Nonsense! I was just drinking earlier…”

“If you are not unhappy with us, why did you go drinking?”

“Obviously you are upset with us…”

“We promise you that there won’t be a next time…”

“So sorry!”

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

When Bai Qianfeng was in Yuan Ji’s arms, there was a subtle unhappy look in her eyes. It was because she had been with Yuan Ji for a long time and she was sensitive to his scents. But now she was picking up the scent of another maiden that was on him.

He was actually flirting with another maiden while we were away!

All of a sudden she had bit Yuan Ji hard.

“Ouch! Qianfeng, why did you bite me for?” Yuan Ji blinked his eyes as he looked at Bai Qianfeng.

Bai Qianfeng hummed coldly as she continued to bite him hard.

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

“Maybe Qianfeng misses our lord so much, that is why.” The other maidens quickly defended her.

Yuan Ji smiled awkwardly, “Maybe…” Somehow he knew that his game was up.

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Chapter 144: Ling Tianshui (1)

Ling Feiyue had taken Little Princess and Xue Qianxue to her bed chamber and showed them her wardrobes.

She clapped her hands delightfully, “If you see any dress that you like, don’t be shy about it and please feel free to take them.”

When Ling Feiyue was showing everyone her wardrobes, even Bai Qianfeng and Xiang Li could not resist their curiosity and were also looking at the dozens of wardrobes that were in display; Bai Qianfeng had assumed her human form and even Xiang Li had popped up from Yuan Ji’s soul sea.

When Little Princess saw Xiang Li, she got a big startle. “She is?”

Xiang Li was actually really a most sensuous young maiden and her enticing sexuality could be seen through her thinly veiled clothes.

Yuan Ji weakly introduced Xiang Li to Little Princess.

Xiang Li chuckled, “I am Xiang Li! I have known you for a long time!”

Little Princess was suddenly gasping and she was flushing, “That night…”

Yuan Ji quickly said, “Xiang Li is extremely innocent. Don’t worry about that. She can’t hear or see anything unless I allow her to do so.”

Xiang Li chuckled, “That is right! Xiang Li can’t see or hear anything when master decides to go bang bang!”

Bai Qianfeng: …

Little Princess, Xue Qianxue, Ling Feiyue: …

Little Princess returned Yuan Ji a look, “Just how many secrets have you been hiding from me? Hurry and tell me!”

Yuan Ji muttered something incoherently before he answered weakly, “I have also taken Fairy Ye Chengxi and Shangguan Yan who are my core protégés as my consorts.”

Little Princess looked a little exasperated. “I thought that you have always been flirting but had never taken any of your relationship seriously? And you are the type that won’t touch your protégés.”

Actually Little Princess was aware of this. As soon as she had found out that he was Yuan Ji, she had done a little background check on him. But she was just curious why he had taken them as his consorts.

Yuan Ji rolled his eyes before he said bitterly, “It is a terribly long story. I got setup by someone. Haha.”

Xia Jiajia had setup Shangguan Yan for him while Fairy Ye Chengxi was setup by Shangguan Yan for him.

Little Princess said with a weird look at him, “Tell me everything. I’m really interested to know more.”

Yuan Ji laughed, “Why don’t you pick the dresses first.”

Ling Feiyue giggled, “Then can you please go out first? We will be changing.”

Yuan Ji muttered almost incoherently, “It is not as though I have not seen everything yet…” But he quickly escaped after his mutterings. It was because he knew that Ling Feiyue was just trying to help him to get out of this situation.

“Don’t take too long.” He could not resist adding.

After Yuan Ji had left the room, Ling Feiyue continued to show her sisters her wardrobes.

Xiang Li looked a little melancholy, “I can only look at these beautiful dresses but I am unable to wear any…”

Immediately all the maidens tried to comfort Xiang Li.

Ling Feiyue smiled, “I happen to have a spirit thread that I had got from a trial in the past. This spirit thread is able to make a dress as light as spirit. I have heard rumors that it can even be used to make dresses for the sentient spirit entities.”

Xiang Li was delighted as she clapped her hands, “Really? What is the name of this spirit thread? Is it the Heavenly Silk Spirit Threads?”

“It is precisely that!” Ling Feiyue nodded with a smile.

Xiang Li was gasping, “Give me! Xiang Li is now so happy! Hehe!”

Ling Feiyue giggled, “Sure! Let me go and take it for you. In the meantime, please take a look around first!”

After some time, everyone was laughing jovially as they dressed themselves up for many hours on end.

Suddenly Ling Feiyue whispered to everyone, “There is a secret passage here to the bathroom. Shall we go there?”

“Without informing Ji Yuan?” Bai Qianfeng asked curiously.

“Do we want him to follow us?” Little Princess asked with a wryly smile.

“He is already lecherous enough. What if he decides to follow us? I suggest we go secretly!” Xue Qianxue was only interested in soaking in the baths for the next couple of hours. She had definitely never tried the baths of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect and was quite eager to visit it.

Ling Feiyue said to Xiang Li with a wry smile, “Don’t tell him and come with us on the sly.”

Xiang Li giggled, “Alright!”

As Xiang Li is an extraordinary sentient spirit entity, she is actually able to depart from Yuan Ji’s soul sea for a considerable period of time as well as able to depart for an infinite distance as long as she had the spiritual force to sustain herself. She currently has plenty of it now because Yuan Ji had provided her with a great deal of spiritual force since he is a saint level cultivator.

While Yuan Ji was outside and roaming the hallways of the inner palace, he was quite startled to see all the male cultivators were all walking around with a beardless look.

“What the heck is going on here?!” He was completely astonished.

He stopped one of the cultivators to ask what had happened. Obviously this cultivator was not a golden celestial and he would not have possibly lost his beard.

“Dark Lord Ji Yuan, my humble respect to you. May your luminous light lit…”

Yuan Ji quickly interrupted him, “There is no need to greet me like this. What is going on around here? Why are all the male cultivators beardless?”

The cultivator answered rather sheepishly, “Our patriarch elders say that it is a great dishonor for us to have beards while our new Dark Lord is going around beardless. Therefore our patriarch elders order us all to shave from this day onward.”

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Suddenly everyone had become beardless and ugly!

Yuan Ji really did not know whether to laugh or cry.

He was actually only trying to provoke them not to laugh at his beardless self but in the end, the patriarch elders had actually ordered everyone to shave off their beards.

He rubbed his chin before he chuckled aloud. He soon thought of a logical deduction.

“Because the three patriarch elders are thinking of shaving their beards but they are also afraid that they will be mocked by the sect protégés therefore they have decided to make use of me as an excuse to order everyone to shave. This move is actually quite brilliant.”

Then he rolled his eyes at the hallway that led to Ling Feiyue’s inner palace and smiled to the cultivator. “Can you help me to bring something for the three patriarch elders? Chen Yi, Du Dong and Fu Mantian.”

“Alright. I will definitely obey Dark Lord’s biddings.” The cultivator answered without any hesitation.

Yuan Ji smiled as he gave the cultivator a warm pat.

He had suddenly remembered that Xia Jiajia had given him some special pills and today he would be giving it to them.

So he smiled to the cultivator, “Give one pill to each of the elder and say that it is from my heartfelt gratitude to them for their awesome hospitality. Tell them to take it only after they have shaved their beards and also to remember to wash their faces with alcohol afterward. By doing so, they can concentrate all the profound strength of their beards into their soul sea and they will be reaping the same benefits as I.”

Yea. Same benefits as I. Beardless forever.

The cultivator acknowledged the instructions before he asked with a timid voice, “I wonder if Dark Lord can give me a reward for handling this task?”

Yuan Ji laughed as he took out another pill. “This one is for you then. Haha. You shall have the same awesome benefit as the patriarch elders.”

When the cultivator saw that he was receiving the same reward as the patriarch elders, he was so excited that he was gratefully thanking Yuan Ji nonstop.

“Go now.” Yuan Ji smiled to him as he gave him another warm pat.

As he watched the cultivator walked away, he began to shake his head and sighed softly. “Alas. Why am I so kind to the others to allow them to reap the same benefits as I? I can already imagining their hot tears when they are receiving my pills.”

All of a sudden a lovely lady had appeared in the hallway and she was smiling in his direction.

Yuan Ji had naturally recognized her as Matriarch Moon Elder Ling Tianshui so he quickly returned a hand gesture politely in her direction.

But to his surprise, she had actually walked in his direction and said politely. “Saint Ji Yuan or should I address you as Dark Lord Ji Yuan from now on? Are you free to have a little chat?”

Yuan Ji was a little surprised at her request so he asked curiously, “The outcome of the discussion is out?”

Ling Tianshui smiled, “Not yet. We are still debating over it and there will still be another round of discussion.”

Yuan Ji nodded. “Sure. I am free now.”

“Let’s go to my inner palace for a little chat then. I have some good wines there.” Ling Tianshui winked at him.

Yuan Ji gulped at the loveliness of her face, the beautiful curve of her body and her perky butt before he said. “This isn’t such a good idea, am I right? I may disturb your other half.”

Ling Tianshui smiled with her bright eyes on him, “I don’t have a dual cultivation partner so I am staying alone. I have some cultivation questions to enquiry from you so I wonder if you are able to help me?”

Yuan Ji immediately thought. She must be joking with me, am I right? I know nuts about any profound arts except for profound sword arts.

But when he noticed that her butt was so smooth that she appeared not to be wearing anything inside and he could even see her perky boobs from the opening of her bodice, he immediately chuckled. “Sure, let’s go! Haha. I will be glad to be of help.”

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Chapter 143: The Spirit Blue Moon Sect (4)

The five patriarch elders were now in another hall which was a smaller hall in the inner citadel and they were now looking at Yuan Ji, Ling Feiyue, Little Princess and Xue Qianxue curiously.

Xiaobai was almost invisible in their eyes because at the point, they were not interested in any nine-tail spirit fox.

Matriarch Moon Elder Ling Tianshui inhaled softly as she looked at Yuan Ji, “You didn’t do your best in the duel earlier, am I right?”

When she had said that, all the other four patriarch elders were all looking a little startled.

Yuan Ji rubbed his chin to reply, “I have thought that I had already done my very best. Why do you say so?”

Matriarch Moon Elder Ling Tianshui quietly said, “Your heart beat betrays you.”

Yuan Ji: …

Ling Feiyue was gasping, “I have forgotten that Matriarch Moon Elder Ling is able to use her divine sense to read the heart beats of the cultivators due to a special profound art that she is practicing.”

Ling Tianshui nodded, “Throughout the duel, you’re absolutely calm and even your heart beat did not have any irregularity at all. It only means one thing; you are not even doing your very best.”

When a person exerts himself, the heart will be pumping hard to muster all the hidden potential strength of the cultivator’s body. For Yuan Ji’s heart to remain unaffected, it would only mean that he was not even exerting himself to do his best.

Chen Yi began to frown immediately, “Some cultivators have the ability to be calm but it doesn’t mean that they are strong.”

Ling Tianshui appraised Yuan Ji closely for a while, “Why don’t you show me your true strength before I hand over my niece to you? If you are hiding your abilities then how do we know that you are the one that we can entrust the happiness of our Dark Mistress to you?”

Yuan Ji rolled his eyes immediately before he grinned. “Alright but there won’t be a duel.”

Chen Yi was thinking. Even if you have some trump cards, you won’t be able to beat me…

With a quick flash, he had displayed his celestial-step divine sword out of his spatial ring and all of a sudden there was a rippling invisible shockwave that was pushing everyone away from it.

“A celestial sword!”

“He does have a divine sword after all…”

“Then why did he use a lowly precious sword…”

All five patriarch elders were startled.

As Yuan Ji lifted his celestial sword, there were two blinding halo around it. Immediately the suppression that everyone was feeling had increased by several folds!

All of a sudden a mirror image of his celestial sword that was five times bigger than his sword had flashed out like a coiling dragon and a wave of ground sword energies had split the ground underneath them and had thunderously blown up a hole through the walls of the hall!

Immediately the five patriarch elders were all stunned.

“Perfect divine harmony…”

“The walls of the hall are made of celestiums…”

“This is only a single sword energy…”

“Perfect sword energies form…”

All of a sudden the five patriarch elders were all looking awkward; it was because they had all looked down upon Yuan Ji and they had never expected that he would be so formidable!

The fingers of Chen Yi were stammering as he recalled his duel with Yuan Ji. If he had taken out his celestial sword then it would not be long before he would get slaughter. It was because Yuan Ji had proven that he could tank all his attacks even without a divine sword. If this celestial-step divine sword were to be taken out during their duel then his attacking power would more than doubled.

Yuan Ji quickly defended himself, “I am a Sword Saint by my own right therefore a sword is but a tool to me. If it is just a normal duel and not a life and death battle, there is no need for me to display my celestial sword.”

All the five patriarch elders really did not know how to answer to Yuan Ji. It was because they could not imagine themselves without their divine swords. At the same time they were completely stunned by the presence of a celestial sword and the fact that Yuan Ji had a perfect divine harmony with his sword. None of the patriarch elders could actually divine harmony with their divine swords yet.

Yuan Ji said, “I know that the Spirit Blue Moon Sect is in trouble. So I’m here to help Feiyue.”

Then he laughed, “I am not completely useless. Haha.”

At this point none of the five patriarch elders had dared to call Yuan Ji a useless cultivator. With a perfect divine harmonized celestial sword in the hands of a Sword Saint like him, he is now ranked among the top cultivators. Moreover this Yuan Ji is also a great saint.

Chen Yi said weakly, “You’re a half-step great saint now. In time to come, you will become a powerful great saint.”

Ling Feiyue gave a cute chuckle, “Ji Yuan, he is actually an earth-step great saint! He just had his breakthrough not long ago, that’s why you are not able to sense his peak strength. Also, he had overcome the Purple Lightning Tribulation as well.”

All five patriarch elders were stunned!

Earth-step great saint!

Purple Lightning Tribulation!

Celestial Sword!

Perfect divine harmony!

What a monstrous genius!

Patriarch Moon Elder Du Dong muttered weakly, “We all thought that he is only an initial saint? According to the information given by the Mystic Eye Sect, he was estimated to have his breakthrough only just recently. How did he manage to advance so quickly?”

“The Purple Lightning Tribulation is the most difficult to encounter. In fact, any Lightning Tribulation is equally hard to encounter. Moreover you are only a saint for only a short period of time. How did you manage to attract the Lightning Tribulation in the first place?” Patriarch Moon Elder Fu Mantian gave a bitter smile as he asked.

Yuan Ji smiled weakly. I can’t tell them that I was struck by the lightning tribulation of an immortal goddess. Even if I tell them, it is too unbelievable…

Therefore he rubbed his chin to say, “This is a secret.”

When Yuan Ji had rubbed his chin and said that this was a secret, Chen Yi, Du Dong and Fu Mantian were all rolling their eyes and with their intelligence, they had quickly come to the same conclusion; Yuan Ji was already giving them a hint when he was rubbing his chin!

The secret actually lied with being a beardless cultivator!

All three of them were laughing all of a sudden. “So that’s it! Haha!”

Matriarch Moon Elder Ling Tianshui and Matriarch Moon Elder Jing Yuan displayed a weird expression as they looked at the three other elders. Did they manage to figure out the secret already?

Matriarch Moon Elder Ling Tianshui smiled weakly in their direction before she said to Ling Feiyue, “My dear niece, your cultivation strength seems to be stronger now? Have you met with a fortuitous encounter?”

Ling Feiyue lowered her eyes bashfully, “I’m now at the upper earth-step sacred level. Also it is all thanks to Ji Yuan that I have retaken my Lightning Tribulation and now I had overcome the Purple Lightning Tribulation.”

All the five patriarch elders were stunned!

Their Dark Mistress had not only advanced a great step and had also overcome the Purple Lightning Tribulation!

Her future is now limitless!

And it was all thanks to Ji Yuan?

All of a sudden the five patriarch elders were smiling at Yuan Ji as though he was now their best friend.

Matriarch Moon Elder Ling Tianshui began to smile at Yuan Ji, Little Princess and Xue Qianxue, “We will prepare hot baths and a personal guest room for all of you. Please pardon our insolence earlier.”

When Xue Qianxue heard that there would be hot baths, she could not resist a cute chuckle. “Wonderful!”

Matriarch Moon Elder Ling Tianshui smiled and said, “We have all heard that the Goddess Maiden Xue Qianxue is one of the four great beauties. As for Little Princess, there is a rumor that she is also an outstanding beauty. Even though I am also a woman but I am curious about your looks. I wonder if we may have the honor of knowing the true appearances of the two maidens here?”

Xue Qianxue nodded, “Since we are your guests and it will be rude to be veiled in front of everyone, I will oblige.”

“I have no issues as well.” Little Princess began to unveil herself.

Xue Qianxue had also started to take off her veil at the same time.

When they had unveiled themselves, the five patriarch elders were astonished. It was because Xue Qianxue was more beautiful than they had imagined and her loveliness was expressed throughout her facial nuances while Little Princess was extremely mesmerizing and could fill the hearts of men and women with lusts.

Chen Yi, Du Dong and Fu Mantian were gulping their saliva and their throats were dry when they saw Little Princess and Xue Qianxue. They had thought that they had a high level of willpower but today they had suddenly found it to be sorely lacking.

Even Ling Tianshui and Jing Yuan were blinking at the two astonishing beauties.

Ling Tianshui could not help muttering, “Beautiful indeed.”

But she quickly decided to get to the point of today’s meeting. “The Evil Cultivation Palace is not entirely popular with the entire Desolate Celestial Fraternity. There are many celestial clans that have a grudge with the Evil Cultivation Palace. Moreover there is a rumor that Little Princess and Ji Yuan had killed Eldest Young Master Zhan Long and Saint Wu Heng. The two of them are from two of the major orthodox clans…”

Little Princess did not wait for her to finish as she admitted nonchalantly, “It isn’t Ji Yuan’s doing. I am the one that had killed them.”

“No! I am the one that had killed them.” Yuan Ji declared loudly.

Ling Feiyue suddenly said, “I understand that if Little Princess is with us then it means that we will also be an enemy of the entire fraternity. However Little Princess is my sister now and she is also Ji Yuan’s consort. Therefore we will take responsibility for this. Even if it means leaving the Spirit Blue Moon Sect, I will still side with my lord Ji Yuan and Little Princess here.”

Xue Qianxue nodded coyly, “And I had already left my sect to be with Ji Yuan!”

All five patriarch elders were shocked. “You mean the Goddess Maiden Xue Qianxue and Little Princess are all with Ji Yuan?”

This is totally unjustified!

How can Little Princess, Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue, three of the most beautiful goddess have all chosen to be with this Ji Yuan?!

Chen Yi, Du Dong and Fu Mantian were secretly looking at Yuan Ji’s handsome face and they all shared the same thought; Ji Yuan was indeed quite dashing without his beard and maybe it was actually a good idea to be beardless too…

Ling Tianshui said weakly, “We need to have an discussion first. After all this concerns the survival of our sect. In the meantime, please make yourself at home here. We shall keep Little Princess and Maiden Xue close relationship with Ji Yuan a secret for the time being until we have made our decisions.”

With that the five patriarch elders had left the hall.

“Why did you have to take my blame on you?” Little Princess said unhappily. “I’m the one that had killed them.”

Yuan Ji patted her gently on her shoulder, “Because you are my princess and I ought to protect you. Do I even need a reason for that?”

Little Princess averted her eyes shyly before she sighed softly. “Up to you. But don’t you blame me when you have regretted it!”

Yuan Ji laughed, “I won’t!”

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Chapter 142: The Spirit Blue Moon Sect (3)

The dueling platform was large and there were defensive arrays around the platform to absorb any stray profound energies.

When Yuan Ji had arrived, thousands of cultivators were already presented and the crowd was chatting loudly.

Bai Qianfeng licked his fingers and leapt from Yuan Ji’s arms just before he had stepped into the dueling platform.

Little Princess, Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue gave him an encouraging look at the same time too.

Yuan Ji grinned, “Don’t worry, I will surely win this duel.”

Ling Feiyue giggled softly, “You have better or else I will have to get myself another lord.”

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

“Then you have to wait a fifth lifetime for us to be together. But for the fifth lifetime, I have to reconsider if I want to be with you.” Yuan Ji grinned.

Ling Feiyue: …

Before Ling Feiyue could hit him with her fists, a laughing Yuan Ji had already leapt into the dueling platform.

At the same time, Patriarch Moon Elder Chen Yi had also just arrived with the other patriarch elders. There were thunderous claps and cheers as the thousands of cultivators waved their support for Patriarch Moon Elder Chen Yi.

Yuan Ji shrugged his shoulders since he did not care whether he had any support or not. He was basically spoiling for a fight so that he can prove to everyone that sword cultivators are not as useless as they were supposed to be.

Therefore he decided to use this Patriarch Moon Elder Chen Yi as a stepping stone to show the Desolate Celestial Fraternity what the sword cultivators were made of. However he knew that he also had to give some face to his opponent as well so he did not have the intention to win.

Yuan Ji had immediately displayed the heaven-step precious sword that he had borrowed from Ling Feiyue on his left hand.

Ling Feiyue, Xue Qianxue and Little Princess were startled that Yuan Ji was not using his celestial-step divine sword.

Ling Feiyue looked a little panicky, “Ji Yuan, Patriarch Moon Elder Chen Yi is a formidable power cultivator. Please do not underestimate your opponent! Use your other sword!”

But Yuan Ji pretended not to hear her as he said to Patriarch Moon Elder Chen Yi, “Um. This isn’t a life and death duel, am I right?”

Patriarch Moon Elder Chen Yi laughed coldly, “Naturally it is not. The one that waves the white flag will be able to concede. That is, if you still have the voice to call out.”

Many of the cultivators were laughing jovially when they had heard their Patriarch Elder Chen Yi. It was because they had all thought that Yuan Ji was looking for an exit.

Patriarch Moon Elder Chen Yi took a look at Yuan Ji’s heaven-step precious sword before he unsheathed his heaven-step divine sword. “You don’t even have a half-step divine sword?”

Yuan Ji swung his precious sword in front of him and said. “This is good enough.”

Many of the cultivators were laughing nonstop now. In terms of cultivation realm level and weapon, Patriarch Moon Elder Chen Yi was the superior. In their minds, the winner had already been decided!

“Please give me your instructions.” Yuan Ji added.

“I definitely will.” Patriarch Moon Elder Chen Yi scoffed coldly.

Yuan Ji had immediately mustered his sword energies into his sword as a gentle outburst of profound energies burst forth around him.

“Middle saint…”

“This Ji Yuan is actually a middle-saint!”

“No, half-step great saint!”

“He is not an initial saint?”

“But he will still lose horribly. He doesn’t even have a divine sword to back him up.”

Patriarch Moon Elder Chen Yi looked a little surprise. It was because he had thought that Yuan Ji was at best only a mortal-step initial saint. But all of a sudden his divine sense had identified him as a half-step great saint.

Actually Yuan Ji could only muster his profound strength to the peak middle saint level. The reason why his opponents had thought that he was a half-step great saint was because it was difficult to hide the profound animus of a great saint.

Since he could not muster his cultivation strength to the great saint level, naturally his opponents had thought that he was only a half-step great saint. The truth was he was actually at the earth-step seventh realm sacred saint level.

A strong golden animus had enveloped over Patriarch Moon Elder Chen Yi as he smiled to Yuan Ji, “As your senior, I will be gracious to give you the benefit of a first strike.”

What a strong profound animus! Yuan Ji thought.

Is he a profound animus cultivator, an external power cultivator, an internal power cultivator or several hybrids?

This was actually Yuan Ji’s first thoughts. It is because the cultivators from the major celestial clans often had more time to pick up plenty of cultivation methods since they have accessed to more plentiful celestial resources. Because of the rich spiritual auras in their mountains, they did not even need to spend as much time in their cultivation and can free their time to do some excess things.

I will know very soon.

Yuan Ji immediately displayed a nonchalantly smile. “Alright then I shall make the first move.”

Yuan Ji immediately swung his sword as he released a wave of ground sword energy that sped toward Chen Yi.

Chen Yi smirked coldly as he calmly swung his sword. With just a single stroke, he had completely dissipated Yuan Ji’s sword energy attack.

“Is this the best that you can do? Ha!”

Yuan Ji quickly leapt upon Chen Yi with his sword strokes. His left hand was now as fast as his right hand before he had mastered the Natural Instinct. Therefore his sword strokes were swift and dazzling.

However because of the defensive profound animus of Chen Yi that was radiating around him, even before Yuan Ji could come near to his opponent, the profound power of his sword strokes was halved.

Therefore with just two powerful strokes that were from Chen Yi, Yuan Ji was sent flying backward due to the vast disparity of power between them.

Many of the cultivators in the hall were now cheering madly for Patriarch Moon Elder Chen Yi. It seemed to them that Yuan Ji was too weak!

Even Ling Feiyue was cursing Yuan Ji softly, “Darn, what is he doing? He didn’t use his celestial sword, didn’t display his physical sword energy form, uses a puny single sword energy wave and now he is getting beaten!”

Xue Qianxue smiled weakly, “Sister Feiyue, you are mouthing profanities?”

Ling Feiyue quickly covered her mouth with her fingers, “Ops sorry. I just got so…uncultured.”

The instant when Yuan Ji was knocked furiously backward, he had released several bursts of sword energies that exploded around Chen Yi to cover him in a outburst of smog.

Chen Yi did not even need to block because these sword energies bursts were just too weak to penetrate through his formidable profound aura.

“Sword Demon Ji Yuan, you do know that you have to bypass my profound aura before you can even hurt my golden body. Do you?” Chen Yi laughed aloud.

It was as though he was giving an instruction to Yuan Ji.

But Yuan Ji was grinning, “I just enjoy seeing my sword energies attacks on you. Since it is so dangerous to meet you in a direct confrontation, I may as well throw my puny firecrackers at you.”

Chen Yi: …

“You think that I am not able to get you?” Chen Yi hummed coldly.

All of a sudden he had raised his sword and used his unique sword art; burning flames began to explode around his sword as he condensed his profound power.

“Nine Yang Divine Sword Art!”

In a blink of an eye he had already raised his unique sword art to its peak power. This spoke volumes of his proficiency with this sword art.

Chen Yi had already gauged the profound strength of his opponent. With this sword art and his profound animus combined, his opponents’ sword energies would not be able to hurt him. Therefore he did not even need to defend against his opponent.

Yuan Ji swung his sword to release a white beam of light in the dancing form of a coiling dragon. This was the Heavenly Light of the Coiling Dragon that he had created with Ling Feiyue.

Chen Yi was slightly startled that Yuan Ji still had a trump card of this power as both their profound arts clashed against each other.

Chen Yi was forced to take a step back while Yuan Ji was forced to take five steps back as he coughed out a bout of golden blood!

The profound power of the Nine Yang Divine Sword Art was greater than the Heavenly Light of the Coiling Dragon!

Chen Yi was actually secretly startled that Yuan Ji was still able to stand.

Therefore he attacked again with his Nine Yang Divine Sword Art.

Again Yuan Ji displayed the same profound art. This time round he was knocked back four steps backward and coughed out another bout of blood.

This caused Chen Yi to be surprised. He had used the same exact profound strength.

Usually when a weaker opponent was injured by the same profound art, he would not be able to mount up a higher defense due to his injuries.

This caused Chen Yi to be a little perplexed because Yuan Ji had a weak profound aura and it was too weak to resist his profound art. Therefore the only way for Yuan Ji to resist his profound attack was to invest his profound strength into his profound sword art.

But the same profound attack did not seem to work that well against Yuan Ji.

Maybe he is mustering all his profound strength to resist my second attack and trying to save his face. Four steps or five steps, it is almost the same.

Therefore with this thought in mind, Chen Yi had suddenly mustered a bright halo around him.

This caused many of the cultivators to shout excitingly. “This is our Patriarch Moon Elder Chen Yi’s spirit entity!”

Chen Yi actually had a spirit entity that could increase his profound strength by an additional 30%.

Ling Feiyue shouted panicky to Yuan Ji, “My lord, please be careful!”

Chen Yi smirked as the profound power of his sword increased tremendous. “You didn’t think that I have already used my trump card, do you? Let me show you the ultimate sword art of my Nine Yang Divine Sword.”

The divine sword of Chen Yi had suddenly turned flaming red as nine rolling balls of flames began to hover around him. Even though his spirit entity had given him a 30% profound strength increase but his actual profound power gained was actually a whopping 120% because it enabled him to use his Ultimate Nine Yang Divine Sword Art.

Chen Yi was now upon Yuan Ji like a flaming firebird. His profound attack was so fierce that the entire dueling platform was heating up with this powerful display of his profound power!

Ling Feiyue, Xue Qianxue, Little Princess and even Bai Qianfeng were all nervously watching the duel. There was one way for Yuan Ji to block off this powerful profound attack and that was to display his celestial-step divine sword. The power of his celestial sword would be enough to preserve his life.

But Yuan Ji did not take out his celestial sword. Instead he displayed three waves of sword energies ahead of him, only to have these sword energies to be totally melted under the profound power of Chen Yi.

In the next instant, his heaven-step precious sword was shattered to pieces and Yuan Ji was sent flying more than twenty steps backward and an explosive streak of burning profound energies could be seen around him.

Even Yuan Ji’s weak profound animus was completely burnt off and his golden body was burnt.

Ling Feiyue, Little Princess, Xue Qianxue and Bai Qianfeng were all gasping with shock.

Many of the cultivators were laughing and cheering for Patriarch Moon Elder Chen Yi.

“Patriarch Moon Elder Chen Yi has won!”

“This Ji Yuan is dead?”

“He is still breathing…”

“But he has not surrendered yet so this duel is still not finished yet…”

Ling Feiyue was bleary eyed as she shouted, “Stop! Ji Yuan…has lost…”

Chen Yi smirked coldly, “He has not waved the white flag yet so this duel must still continue.”

“Yea. That is right. I have not lost yet.” Yuan Ji had suddenly picked himself up as he looked at his broken precious sword. “Guess that I need another sword now but against such a powerful sword art, I may end up breaking another precious sword. So I guess I have to make do with this broken sword for now.”

When the many cultivators saw that Yuan Ji was still looking spirited despite the injuries that he had received, they were actually quite startled.

Even Chen Yi was blinking his eyes. This is impossible, right? He doesn’t seem to have any defensive profound art that can absorb my attack…

He did not know that although Yuan Ji did not have any defensive profound art but he had allocated his profound strength into his recovery.

Yuan Ji had wanted to know how much his great saint golden body would take and he had purposely taken the hit.

“It is actually quite painful. Haha.” He thought. “But I am still alive.”

Chen Yi hummed coldly, “You are only putting on a brave front. Since you are standing up now. Let’s continue our fight.”

“Alright.” Yuan Ji said.

Just as Chen Yi had raised his sword to point at Yuan Ji, a barrage of nine sword waves had exploded around him and even caused him to take two steps backward!

Chen Yi was quite startled. He is able to display three waves of sword energies waves consecutive? He still has that much profound strength?

Yuan Ji had actually used very little of his profound strength while Chen Yi had consumed quite a lot of his profound strength.

But before Chen Yi could think further, Yuan Ji was now upon him with his broken sword and he was displaying his sword strokes, faster than ever before.

This startled Chen Yi. He is not at his limits earlier?

The two of them immediately encircled each other furiously as they flashed their swords and profound arts at the same time.

This went on for another thirty minutes and Chen Yi was now beginning to inhale lightly while Yuan Ji was still looking as fresh as ever.

This was not lost on many of the cultivators.

Ling Feiyue muttered, “He has not used his right hand, celestial sword and his best profound arts yet…what is he trying to do?”

Little Princess was smiling as she whispered to her, “He is trying his best to be your Dark Lord. Hehe.”

Ling Feiyue: ???

Ji Yuan pretended to inhale heavily before he suddenly said to Chen Yi, “We have been fighting for some time now. I wonder if there is a draw outcome for our duel?”

Chen Yi was actually feeling a little perplexed and at a loss now on how to defeat Yuan Ji. It was because he had expended too much of his profound strength at the start of the battle. Even if he used the same profound art against him now, it was much weaker than his earlier attacks.

He just could not understand why Yuan Ji was not affected by the profound might of his attacks.

Naturally he did not know that Yuan Ji did not use his full profound strength at the very start and had limited himself to 70% of his strength. When he was attacked by Chen Yi’s powerful profound attack, he had raised his defensive power to the maximum, only to lower it immediately before he attacked again.

Yuan Ji only had one goal and that was to weaken his opponent while conserving the rest of his profound strength into his recovery. It was because he knew that it was impossible to defeat Chen Yi at the very start when he was at his strongest.

Although he had the confidence of defeating Chen Yi but he did not want to because he would end up with some backstabbing elders at the end of the day.

Chen Yi was not stupid so he was grinning. “I think that you have already proven yourself. Therefore it is pointless for me to continue. If I were to use my full strength, this will be most unfair to you.”

Yuan Ji laughed, “Really? Haha. Then I can get to be with your Dark Mistress even if it is just a draw?”

“Naturally.” Chen Yi was smiling.

Yuan Ji chuckled, “Alright. So shall it be.”

Chen Yi made a pretentious laugh, “Ji Yuan, congrats on winning the heart of our Dark Mistress!”

When he had announced as such, all the patriarch elders and many of the cultivators were stunned.

Why did Patriarch Moon Elder Chen Yi have to announce the duel as a draw when it is obviously that Ji Yuan is losing?

To the many onlookers, Yuan Ji was indeed badly beaten up and he was at a disadvantage.


“So Ji Yuan wins?”

“A draw means that Ji Yuan also wins? But why?”

“But come to think of it, this Ji Yuan didn’t get killed by our Patriarch Moon Elder Chen Yi. This is already a miracle thing.”

However to Chen Yi, he was feeling the stress of maintaining his formidable profound aura and his attack strokes. The drain of his profound strength was much greater than Yuan Ji and he had suddenly realized that Yuan Ji was recovering faster than he had expected. Moreover, Yuan Ji always seemed to be able to avoid his most deadly strikes and he had suddenly realized that Yuan Ji was too quick.

Therefore he was actually facing a lot of pressure. Now that Yuan Ji had offered him a chance to salvage his face while everyone was thinking that he had an advantage, naturally he would quickly accepted it.

When Chen Yi returned to the company of the other patriarch elders, he simply said. “It is not right for me to bully a junior. Moreover he has already proven to me that he is a capable fighter.”

This was his only explanation when all the patriarch elders were asking him why.

Chen Yi just could not understand it and his only conclusion was that his opponent may have some powerful internal profound art that can aid his recovery!

Actually Yuan Ji did not have any powerful internal profound art but after he had undergone his soul tempering, his profound strength was stronger than any of the same rank saint. Plus he had also undergone the Purple Lightning Tribulation.

When Yuan Ji had stepped out of the dueling platform, he was immediately surrounded by Little Princess, Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue as they surrounded him anxiously.

“Ji Yuan, how are your wounds?”

“Are you hurt in any way?”

“If you have any discomfort, please tell us immediately!”

Yuan Ji was suddenly in the middle of all the envious glares of many of the jealous cultivators.

He did not care on what was in their minds as he purposely staggered weakly so that he could grab Ling Feiyue’s slim waist and butt in front of their eyes, causing many of them to have blood curdling blood rages.

Ling Feiyue was smiling at him with a most affectionate look, “I didn’t expect that you can actually draw with my Patriarch Moon Elder Chen Yi. This is good…”

Yuan Ji chuckled. “I was only lucky, that’s all. Patriarch Moon Elder Chen Yi is a really strong opponent. But luckily, I have a better trump card than him in the battle.”

“Oh? What is it?” the maidens began to wonder curiously and at the same time, many of the nearby cultivators were also secretly listening into their conversations.

“Because I did not have a beard to hinder me, I was able to think and move quicker than my previous beautiful beard self.”

This message was not lost on the many cultivators who were eavesdropping on him.

That very day, several dozen cultivators began to shave off their beautiful beards. When some of them asked the lady cultivators if they were quicker, many of the lady cultivators began to praise them as better than before.

This created a false belief that being beardless is good from this day onward and creates an upward  beardless trend as more and more beardless cultivators began to appear throughout the Desolate Celestial Fraternity.

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