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Chapter 35: Visiting the Red Heaven Sword Library (2)

Lu Qingyun was now on the third floor. It was not only spacious but was grand. He did not see anyone around when he had first stepped in.

He thought, “It seems that not many are granted access in here. Great, then I can have the entire place to myself.”

So he immediately marched to the nearest shelf.

But how wrong he was that he thought that there was no one.

No sooner had he lifted a sword manual to check its content, he could see that there was a lovely maiden standing quietly at the corner.

He had remembered seeing her as one of the core protégés but did not know her name. At that time, she was just standing on her own, making no effort to greet him or to talk to him.

This lovely maiden was the renowned icy beauty and second disciple of Shi Guanyin. Her name was Leng Qiuyue and she was an upper third realm expert.

As she was an outstanding beauty along with Ouyang Xue, he could not help remembering her as one of the core protégés.

But because he felt that it was rude to talk to someone who was not interested to talk to him and that he did not want to bring any attention to himself, so he quickly got to business; he was more interested in browsing the sword manuals. So he was flipping randomly to look for a suitable sword manual for himself and for Lie Xingyuan.

“Xingyuan is a maiden. Her profound foundation may be better than me but she shouldn’t do the heavy lifting work. Let me look for an elegant and internal energy sword art for her. As for me, I shall look for something that can work on my profound strength and be useful to protect her…”

He was really lucky. He soon found an interesting sword art name the Winds Entropy Dance. He thought, “Good. I get this for Xingyuan then…”

Leng Qiuyue was actually pretending to browse the sword manuals. She was actually secretly peeking at what Lu Qingyun was doing.

“He is actually a fine looking young man. Unfortunately, he is only a lowly first realm core cultivator. Although he has the golden roc flame but it is such a waste on him. Did he even know that reaching the third realm will be a hard one and that he has to reach the sixth realm in order to fully utilize his golden roc flame to its full potential? Only a cultivation expert who has reached the soul level of the supremacy level can fully tap into a soul entity for its full potential.” She was muttering to herself.

She knitted her brows, “He didn’t even take a second glance at me or bother to talk to me. Why should I pay such a close attention to him? He only has a handsome face. He is nothing but a good-for-nothing first realm cultivator. What is a first realm cultivator doing on the third floor anyway? And who is the one that gives him such a permission? Our this new sect leader is seriously abusing her power for this disciple of his.”

Then she was noticing that he was randomly flipping through dozens of sword manuals in a fast pace and she was soon annoyed. “Do you even have the patience to go through a sword manual and try to understand its profound concept? You are just a noob trying to learn something that is out of your level.”

She did not know that Lu Qingyun was actually very quick with his fingers due to long years of picking hundreds of herbs and separating them faster than anyone. In fact, he could do it a hundred times faster than anyone. For a year, his old master had trained him by mixing thousands of colored beans and ordering him to sort them out.

His old master had told him, “Beans are small and difficult to sort. Although all herbs look almost the same but each of the herbs have different colors that mark their potency and health. I want you to read all their vibrancy with accuracy.”

So Lu Qingyun spent a full day sorting the beans and eventually it became half a day, three hours, 1 hour and in no time, he could finish sorting thousands of beans in just ten minutes.

That was the main reason his movements had been so quick.

But of course just practicing on his hands movement alone was not enough. Lu Qingyun was equally fast with his eyes.

As he flipped through the sword manuals, he had actually read the titles of the sword manuals and its basic concept. For some unknown reasons, he found himself able to understand how good or bad a sword manual really was.

There was actually no swordplay that he could not understand or unable to pick up. Of course, practicing was another thing but the difficulty was not there. He was only limited by his lack of profound strength.

He was actually thinking, “Maybe I have an affinity with the sword or maybe I am just randomly looking.”

He did not pay much attention to it.

But little did he know now that in the past reincarnation, he was actually one of the greatest sword art experts in the six realms. In fact, he had once sat at the highest pinnacle and was one of the three greatest ancient immortals that were ever known.

Leng Qiuyue took another secret peek at him, “Don’t tell me that he is actually trying to impress me and to get my attention by flipping the sword manuals?”

Then she had noticed that he had picked the Winds Entropy Dance. “Although this is a third realm sword art, this is easy to be picked up but it is also one of the hardest to truly master. He seems to have a gentle disposition so I guess it is suitable for him.”

All of a sudden she saw that he had left for other areas. She was a little disappointed…

Lu Qingyun had almost done with this shelf except for that one corner where Leng Qingyue was.

As he did not want to disturb her, he had left quickly to look for a suitable sword manual for himself. He was soon flipping through the introduction concept of the various sword manuals and the flipping sounds could be heard quite loudly as he went from one shelf to another.

One hour had passed…

Two hour had passed…

And he was still flipping through…

Leng Qingyue was a little speechless. “Although he may be trying to impress me but this is a library. The way he is showing disrespect to the sword manuals is really too much.”

She suddenly had a flush, “Maybe he is trying very hard to get my attention?”

She did not like to talk to anyone, even her fellow core protégés as she found them to be boorish and even schemers. But toward Lu Qingyun, she actually had a good impression of him.

“Maybe I should go and check on what he is doing?”

This actually took her a great deal of courage to do so as she walked quietly to where he was.

At this moment Lu Qingyun had stopped flipping and he was curiously looking at an interesting sword art as he muttered, “This is the Flaming Crimson Sword?”

He had actually re-read its introduction three times. For some unknown reasons, he was drawn to this sword art even before he had finished reading its sword concept and practices.

This Flaming Crimson Sword was difficult to even get past the first stage. It was because its practitioner had to consume a great deal of his spiritual inner sea to use it in order to unleash its full power.

At the third stage, spiritual flames would burst out from the practitioner’s sword and it would be even more devastating.

This was indeed a superior swordplay.

But for someone like Lu Qingyun who was weak in his cultivation core, he actually should not pick this type of sword art but he found himself muttering, “I pick this then.”

His mutterings were overheard by Leng Qiuyue who said, “You really should not pick this sword art. Although it is just a third realm sword art but there are no third realm experts that have the profound strength to really get past to the second stage. In order to reach the third stage, you may even need to be a fifth realm or a sixth realm expert. Moreover this sword art takes too much time and will burn your spiritual sea often, leaving you in a mess and haggard condition. I’m not surprise if you go berserk with phenomenon deviation sooner or later if you practice it.”

Lu Qingyun looked up and smiled weakly, “Junior sister…”

Leng Qiuyue interrupted coldly, “Who is your protégé sister? I’m a third realm expert while you are just a lowly first ream expert…”

Lu Qingyun smiled awkwardly as he muttered, “Yes, yes…”

Leng Qiuyue was actually cursing herself and wished that she could kick herself. She wanted to warn him but end up being so rude to him. She did not have a habit of being a friendly person and she often did not mince her words. But this time she wished that she had…

So she quickly added, “There is nothing shameful being a first realm expert. I was once a first realm expert too. If you work hard, in no time, you will free yourself from the shackles of being a first realm practitioner and be a second realm master practitioner. So work hard.”

Then she shyly said with a little hesitation, “…Senior brother.”

Lu Qingyun said as he tapped the sword manual with his ring, “That’s right.”

Leng Qiuyue almost fainted on the spot, “Did you just hear what I’ve just said to you? Why did you tap your ring on it? Do you know that this entire floor is the library for all the third realm sword arts? You should only be browsing through it and not picking any sword manuals. You are only harming yourself if you do so. I am really not belittling you but you should cultivate hard for now in order to reach the third realm with as much foundation as possible first. Or else you will never be able to reach the third realm level in the future.”

Lu Qiuyun politely said awkwardly, “I’ve just reached the initial third realm now. That is why I am choosing a sword manual from here-”

Leng Qiuyue was startled as she suddenly gasped with a soft surprise, “You are a third realm expert now?!”

Was he not just a lowly good-for-nothing first realm cultivator just a while ago when he was tested via the cultivation testing stone? How could anyone jump two big realms in less than a month?

“You are sure?” Leng Qingyue asked curiously.

Lu Qingyun smiled weakly, “I am really sure about it.”

Leng Qiugyue: …

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