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Chapter 251: Epilogue

This took place immediately after the collapse of the Stellar Sanctuary and Yi Ping’s voice could be heard amidst the multiple colored lights of yellow and blue as the Stellar Sanctuary began to return everyone to their own realms, “I will never forget everyone. We have been through so much, so much together…”

Unknown to the others, only Yixian was not affected by the multi-colored lights of the Stellar Sanctuary.

It was because Shui Yixian the Celestial Fairy aka the Great Goddess Fantian did not belong to either the Celestial Realm or the Immortal Realm. In her heart, she knew that she belonged to the Eternal Realm, also named the Great Beyond.

The Level X in the Stellar Sanctuary was actually a gateway to the Eternal Realm where her real body was and that a mysterious force in the Great Beyond had pulled her to reunite with her immortal body.

That was what had caused her disappearance from the Stellar Sanctuary when the party had entered the Level X.

The Great Goddess Fantian had given up her immortal soul to the vicious cycle of reincarnations so that one day she may be reunited with the Great God Pangu, such was the greatness of their love.

She was extremely lonely in the Eternal Realm for she was the one and only one that had ascended to the Great Beyond.

When the First Immortal Wars in the Immortal Realm had started, she was greatly grieved by the actions of her creations. So she descended to the Immortal Realm and imprisoned the thirty-three Heavenly Kings and from that day onward, the 33 Heavens of the Immortal Realm were no more.

She said to them, “For ten thousand years, you will be imprisoned. Repent for it still not so late. If you are able to cultivate and reach enlightenment, you shall be freed before the appointed time.”

She said to herself, “The immortal soul of the Great God Pangu has descended to the realms below. How long must I wait for this impossible dream to be reunited to him?”

Despite her divine calculations, the immortal soul of the Great God Pangu was lost in the infinitude of souls. Even if she could find him, there was telling that he could be able to attain enlightenment and ascend to the Eternal Realm.

But one day, she had found a glimmer of hope when she had located the Jade Emperor, the only one that had escaped her wrath. Or rather, she had located the Jade Emperor while trying to locate the whereabouts of the soul of the Great God Pangu.

She had manifested to him and said, “This child will have a special destiny. Take good care of him. Go in peace to the mortal realms. The day that you have attained the Seventh Immortal Rank is also the day of your ascension to the heavens.”

Back in the Eternal Realm, she began to make preparations for weave her fate and destiny with the soul of the Great God Pangu. “I’ve finally found his soul. I can’t aid him directly either for this will be detrimental to his attainment in the future. Is this worth it for a man that can’t remember our past?”

But she was determined to undertake this risky undertaking.

“I won’t be able to remember that I am the Great Goddess Fantian either when I’ve reincarnated too. I may well be an ordinary mortal, content to live an ordinary blissful life with the Great God Pangu. If so, so be it then. We don’t need to be immortals if we are able to be together for all our future incarnations.”

“It is time for me to choose my successor. She has the most beautiful soul and her name will be the Heaveness. Like me, she will be closely intertwined with the Great God Pangu, loving him as much as I do for she has my divine tear in her heart…”

Her thoughts quickly returned to the present…

Yixian thought silently, “Because I have reunited with my immortal body in the Eternal Realm, I’ve also regained the memories of the Great Goddess Fantian. Yi Ping, do you know that I am a Divine Being and that I am not supposed to be with you?”

But Yi Ping had pulled her from the realities of the Eternal Realm back to the Stellar Sanctuary solely through the sanctorum powers of the Fantian Sovereign Sword and a gambit with the Blue Aura Divine Pill that almost caused him to lose his own sanity.

When she had thought of this, she was musing. “Alas Yi Ping. Not only have you pulled me back, you have also pulled the Great Goddess Fantian back as well.”

Then she had a quiet smile as she recalled Yi Ping’s return to the Stellar Sanctuary, “So it seems that you do not really want to go to the Eternal Realm yet. If not, you will be able to see me there but only just the two of us.”

Finally she had made a decision; she continued to suppress her divinity and ascended to the Immortal Realm.

“Maybe it is time for me to truly re-visit this wondrous realm…”

CH251 End

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  1. Wow, i was surprised when i was checking NU and found a new chapter….tho there’s a lot of confusion in my head…even years ago when i finished reading c250, i was confused by the sudden ending…so is there a continuation to this?

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