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Chapter 60: The Treacherous Fourth Trial (2)

It took Yuan Ji and Ling Feiyue more than a day to finally walk out of the misty valley to the other side of the mountains.

Along the way, they had encountered several fifth rank desolate beasts and even a single sixth rank primordial class desolate beast. Luckily for them, the encounters had ended quickly.

“Weird.” Yuan Ji said to Ling Feiyue. “We didn’t see any cultivators along the way?”

Ling Feiyue answered, “This is indeed a little strange.”

With their lightless profound art, they were moving faster than the majority of the trial cultivators. Moreover they could move without rest for several days and they could cover a greater pace than any cultivators that were below the fifth realm level.

At the same time the misty valley was fraught with desolate beasts and the lower level cultivators would not be able to move hastily as they needed to move cautiously.

And if they had encountered a battle, they would need time to recuperate and to dress their wounds. Even their injuries would slow them down.

Yuan Ji was muttering, “At most they only got seven days head start on us. Moreover there should be a dozen of the same level three trials that are opened at the same time so there should be a constant stream of cultivators.”

Ling Feiyue nodded, “You’re saying that although we have covered three days of walk but we have yet to see a single cultivator?”

Yuan Ji nodded lightly as he looked at his surroundings again, “Unless of course there is more than one path that is available.”

“I’m afraid that this must be the only conclusion.” Ling Feiyue concluded gently.

All of a sudden they saw fire in the mountains ahead.

“Hmm, someone is there?” Yuan Ji said.

“Just when we thought that there is no one else. Let’s go and take a look then.” Ling Feiyue immediately said.

With that, they had sped toward the source of the mountains.

When they had reached the location of the fire, they found out that it was actually several huge bonfires with hundreds of cultivators around in a boot camp.

They were quite astonished to find so many cultivators around.

When they had entered the boot camp, they did not attract too much of an attention as they were not the only golden celestials that were around.

It seemed that the cultivators had established a camp here.

Yuan Ji quickly found a lone cultivator as he greeted him, “Li Yuan here. This is my companion Ling Feiyang. We have just arrived here. May I know why there are so many cultivators in this place? Shouldn’t they be moving toward the portals of the fourth level trial?”

“Great Celestials. Mu Chen here.” The cultivator returned a friendly greet. “You aren’t the first group to ask me.”

Mu Chen sighed softly, “The majority of us are actually struck in this place and that is why we are here.”

“Oh?” Yuan Ji was curious.

Mu Chen explained, “You have better waited until daybreak and you will get your answers. In front of us is a valley with two routes. One route will lead to the Thunder Peaks where there are constant lightning storms. The other route is less dangerous but is guarded by an epic seventh rank desolate beast. If we cannot defeat that seventh rank desolate beast, we can’t hope to reach the end of this trial.”

Then he pointed at the cultivators in the camp, “Half of them have actually met with defeats and everyone is now regrouping to fight the epic desolate beast again in another three days.”

He sighed softly, “We are just back from a fight only yesterday and a third of us did not make it back. Now the survivors are recuperating and nursing their wounds. If the two Great Celestials will be able to join us in three days’ time, we will have a greater chance of success.”

Yuan Ji thanked him, “We will definitely consider. After all an epic seventh rank desolate beast is beyond the two of us to handle.”

After thanking him, Yuan Ji and Ling Feiyue walked off together.

They soon found a spot in the camp to sit down together to discuss their next course of action.

Yuan Ji turned to look at her, “So what do you think?”

Ling Feiyue was aware that Yuan Ji was now looking at her so she averted her eyes, “Can you sit a little further from me? We are two ‘men’. Don’t sit so close to me.”

Yuan Ji laughed softly, “Precisely because we are two men and that is why I am able to sit so close to you.”

Ling Feiyue hummed coldly, “You are definitely not a cultivator of the heart and is more like a street rascal.”

Yuan Ji grinned, “In front of the Goddess Ling Feiyue, I am definitely a rascal…”

“Feiyang!” Ling Feiyue whispered softly. “Don’t say out my name, badass rascal.”

Yuan Ji laughed, “So what do you think of this?” In the end, he did not even bulge from his sitting position and he was still as close as ever to her.

Ling Feiyue pondered for a while before she said, “It seems that one is a lightning trial while the other is an epic desolate beast trial. Either one is actually easy so don’t be fooled. In the past, I didn’t manage to get past the fourth trial to the fifth trial.”

Yuan Ji asked her, “So what is this lightning trial?”

“For the lightning trial, we need to go through the lightning zone. If we are unlucky then we will be struck by the lightning and may perish. It will actually depend on our luck whether we can avoid the lightning.”

Yuan Ji frowned lightly, “Actually both trials require luck. The epic desolate beast won’t be easy at all.”

“Indeed but it is the most favored trial to overcome the fourth trial. It is because everyone expects the others to die in their stead. Therefore everyone is praying that the desolate beast won’t be targeting them. But the odds of getting kill by the epic desolate beast are actually much higher than the lightning.”

Yuan Ji nodded, “Moreover if we are struck by the lightning, we may still exit the trial intact. But if we are trampled or eaten up by the desolate beast then we may very well end up dead permanently.”

“So you have decided on the lightning trial?” Ling Feiyue asked curiously.

Yuan Ji nodded, “We have a higher odd of survival with the lightning trial actually.”

He heaved a soft sigh as he looked at her, “Are you alright if we take the lightning trial?”

Ling Feiyue smiled gently, “Why not?”

“You are not afraid?” Yuan Ji asked. “The lightning can be terrifying and our hearts may not be able to take it. I can teach you my sect heart intricate formula for controlling your heart beat to resist the lightning.”

“No need.” Ling Feiyue smiled gently. “I will be alright.”

Yuan Ji frowned lightly, “You have a cheat? What do you mean?”

Ling Feiyue giggled softly, “Have you forgotten that I had to overcome the lightning tribulation in order to become a great saintess? This lightning trial is actually far weaker than the lightning tribulation.”

Yuan Ji was now frowning unhappily, “I really forget about that. So that means that I will be the only one that will be in danger?”

Ling Feiyue slapped him lightly on his cheek as she laughed softly, “That’s right. So watch out for yourself and don’t get strike by the lightning. I’m not watching over you.”

Yuan Ji: …

“I have decided to change my mind now and go for the epic desolate beast trial.” Yuan Ji frowned.

“Fine and I will be going for the lightning trial. You have better don’t follow me this time or you will be struck by lightning.” Ling Feiyue paused briefly before adding with a soft chuckle, “I have heard that only bad guys will get struck by lightning. I wonder if it is true for you?”

Yuan Ji smiled awkwardly, “If you got struck by lightning then you must be a badass villainess.”

Ling Feiyue giggled, “I’m from the unorthodox sect so it doesn’t matter for me because the lightning will only strike the hypocrites.”

“You sound like you are quite eager to see how the lightning is going to strike me dead.” Yuan Ji frowned unhappily.

“You’re not my future lord, so why not?” Ling Feiyue chuckled.

“If I am dead then I won’t be your future lord.” Yuan Ji muttered.

All of a sudden Yuan Ji was suddenly quiet as he remembered that he would surely be dead in less than four months’ time. Because of this, Ling Feiyue and he would never truly be able to be together.

He did not want to get her involved in his mess and he was also bent on rescuing Xue Qianxue. Although he knew that she had a formidable background but he did not want to make her an enemy of the orthodox fraternity or the Hundred Flower Divine Palace.

Therefore he had decided to leave her after the trials had ended.

In his heart, she was not an unorthodox cultivator but a dear friend now. Although his decision may be cruel and even be ungrateful but that was the best course for her sake.

“Are you angry?” Ling Feiyue asked him upon seeing his quiet countenance.

Yuan Ji returned a forceful smile, “No. I was just thinking about something.”

Ling Feiyue returned him a dreamy look…

One Hundred Years ago…

The Spirit Blue Moon Sect;

Dark Mistress Ling Feiyue was the sectarian leader of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect, one of the five most powerful unorthodox sects.

Right now she was in the audience hall where several of her elders were in full indignant over a poem that had been spreading like wildfire and they were reporting it with plenty of furious looks on them.

“This Ji Yuan is too much!”

“He is courting his own death!”

“He dares to stroke our dark mistress with his beard?”

“It is not his beard! It is his hands!”

“Are the orthodox cultivators thinking that our Spirit Blue Moon Sect is a sect that they can trample upon anytime when and then?”

“We ought to teach him a lesson.”

Ling Feiyue said gently, “Forget it. It is only a harmless poem.”

“How can we let it rest in this manner? Now the entire fraternity is talking about it!”

“They are mocking our Dark Mistress now!”

Ling Feiyue chuckled softly, “Sacred Maiden Xue Qianxue is also in the poem. If she is alright with it, why can’t I be alright with it? Moreover…”

She paused for a little while, “I do have the intention to meet him soon.”

The elders: ???

“Our Dark Mistress is going to meet him soon?”

“But why?”

Ling Feiyue replied gently, “Naturally I will meet him to teach him a lesson but I will be using another alias.”

When the elders heard her, they were quite relieved.

“Then may our Dark Mistress be careful.”

“This guy is also a Sword Saint and he isn’t weak…”

“Cripple his cultivation core!”

Ling Feiyue smiled to her elders, “I will be having some fun with him with a new friend of mine.”

She was actually thinking, “Ji Yuan. Great Poet Ji Yuan. Sword Saint Ji Yuan. Which is the real you? I will like to meet you in person…”

“My uncle before he had passed away, once told me that Ji Yuan has the potential to become one of the three top Sword Saints and he had warned me to be wary of him…”

Her uncle had said to her, “He did not have any formidable weapons or cultivation profound arts. But he is able to use the most ordinary strokes and transform it into the most remarkable stroke. There exists a type of person, if you pushed him to a corner then his abilities will suddenly surge because he will then treat you as a stronger foe to overcome. Ji Yuan is such a person. I’m afraid that he has already attained the state of divinity of meeting the strong and becoming stronger. Never forget that he is a Sword Saint with an indomitable will.”

Then her uncle dropped a revelation to her, “He had assassinated the leader of the Black Hand Guild after being hunted for three years. The tables had been completely turned by him.”

She had questioned her uncle on the accounts as she found it unbelievable.

Her uncle had replied with a jovial laughter, “I have witnessed it myself. Mark my words! If there is anyone that is worthy of my niece then it must be him!”

“Hmph! He is an orthodox cultivator. I don’t have eyes for him.” She had replied back then.

“Orthodox or unorthodox cultivator, does it really matter?” Her uncle retorted.

Although her uncle had later perished in a difficult trial, his words had continued to haunt Ling Feiyue.

It was because her beloved uncle had aided her in many insights and in her heart, she had regarded her uncle as closely as her deceased father.

Back to the present…

“Ji Yuan…you are exactly what my uncle had described.” Ling Feiyue muttered with a dreamy look in her eyes.

Ji Yuan: ???

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Chapter 59: The Treacherous Fourth Trial

As soon as Yuan Ji had stepped into the fourth level of the trial, a beam of light had flown from the heavens and he had caught hold of it.

It was a blue crystal.

“Crystal Celestium?” Yuan Ji was startled.

The reason why he was startled was because this Crystal Celestium could improve the profound power of a weapon by 10% if it was socketed in the hilt.

It was indeed a rare profound treasure!

Ling Feiyue got only a fourth rank profound pill and she looked a little disappointed at her reward. She was quite startled by Yuan Ji’s reward as she cast an enviable look. “How many merit points did you have in order to get this reward?”

Yuan Ji laughed jovially, “More than 1000 merit points.”

Ling Feiyue: …

“That is a lot…”

Yuan Ji nodded, “That Mo Xingku seems to have killed quite a lot of cultivators. Almost all my merit points had come from him.”

Ling Feiyue smiled at his remark but she was soon saying solemnly, “What do you think of that earlier group? Our temporary allies earlier?”

Yuan Ji pondered for a while before he said, “That Lu Qingyun isn’t the strongest or the leader. Fan Yuqing appears to be their group leader and she is the one that is issuing the orders to her group.”

Ling Feiyue nodded before saying, “I think that she may be a great saintess even though she didn’t display her profound skills. Her steps are extremely light.”

“I think so too. And that Yue Lingxi as well.” Yuan Ji added with a soft sigh.

“But for some unknown reasons, they are only interested in letting Lu Qingyun fight their battles for them and they barely lift a finger.” Ling Feiyue said.

Then she added, “When they do lift a finger, their swords are all extremely swift. All the cultivators that I had tossed to them were all killed in a single hit. I can only say that their group is mostly seventh realm saintesses.”

Yuan Ji said quietly, “They are not even alarmed when they are being surrounded by thousands of cultivators just now. It is as though they have the confidence to settle them even without Lu Qingyun to defend them.”

Ling Feiyue said quietly, “Mmm, Fan Yuqing. I’ll remember her.”

Yuan Ji laughed, “So you’ve already determined that she is the most dangerous?”

Ling Feiyue slowly nodded, “She is definitely the strongest opponent among the seven. Even that Yue Lingxi also gives me a sense of unease. You must know that I am a great saintess now and very few opponents will give me a sense of unease. Not even Xue Qianxue.”

“Actually I am more curious in knowing how that Lu Qingyun managed to influence the rewards.” Yuan Ji laughed jovially.

Ling Feiyue scoffed at him silently when she had heard his remarks.

Yuan Ji quickly said, “So where are we now?”

He saw that they were in a misty valley now and like the previous trials, there was a black stele just in front of them.

Ling Feiyue laughed softly, “We just have to touch this stele and we will know the details of the trial very soon.”

“Thank you.” Yuan Ji said all of a sudden.

“Why are you thanking me all of a sudden? It’s not as though you do not know that you have to touch the stele.” Ling Feiyue smiled as she stole a shy glance at him.

Yuan Ji sighed softly before saying, “Thank you for aiding me against Mo Xingku. Without your sudden attack, I may not be able to bypass his profound defense.”

He knew that the earlier sudden attack by Ling Feiyue had weakened Mo Xingku’s profound aura hence he was able to make use of the opportunity to display his killing stroke.

“Oh that? It is really nothing at all.” Ling Feiyue returned him a sentimental look before saying shyly. “We are on the same side so we ought to help each other. Let’s see what the trial for this level holds for us first, alright?”

Yuan Ji nodded as he returned a reluctant look at her, “Alright.”

In the next instant, he was upon the black stele with Ling Feiyue.

As he reached out to touch the black stele, he had accidentally touched the hand of Ling Feiyue who gasped softly at his touch.

“I ask you to touch the stele and you have touched my hand?” Ling Feiyue said with a fluster look.

Yuan Ji replied awkwardly, “This is an accident.”

Ling Feiyue hummed softly before she placed her hand firmly on the stele.

She was soon followed by Yuan Ji who was grinning at her and the two of them were just staring blankly at each other.

Yuan Ji was secretly sighing, “Maybe the maiden that I love the most is actually Ling Feiyue and not Xia Jiajia. Why didn’t I get to know her better a hundred years ago instead of threatening her because I had thought that she was my hatred love rival?”

Ling Feiyue was actually not upset with him for touching her hand. After all, he had already kissed her in the secret cultivation hall. She was actually only teasing him and was trying to make it a little harder for him to get fresh with her.

“This trial….” Yuan Ji was soon frowning lightly.

Ling Feiyue said, “We just need to find the portal to the next trial level. It sounds easy?”

Yuan Ji rubbed his chin before saying, “Maybe it is a little too easy for a level four trial, right?”

Ling Feiyue had a quick giggle, “Why? You are afraid of meeting the desolate beasts along the way?”

Yuan Ji laughed, “I am actually reluctant to fight a seventh rank desolate beast along the way. But with you around, I’m not afraid.”

Ling Feiyue waved her fan, “Are you a man? You actually want to hide behind my skirt?”

“Not when someone here is two tiers above me and is a great saintess.” Yuan Ji laughed jovially.

“I’m not going to be your protector. So all the best to you.” Ling Feiyue waved her fan and she had already marched off.

“Where are you going?” Yuan Ji asked after her.

“That is none of your business.” Ling Feiyue said without turning back. “And don’t you dare to follow me.”

Yuan Ji shrugged his shoulders as he walked behind her.

Ling Feiyue paused in her tracks and had suddenly turned around to rebuke him, “Did I just warn you not to follow me?”

Yuan Ji chuckled, “But there is only one path currently. Surely you don’t expect me to fly over the mountains?”

“You’ve better take the other path once we have come to a crossroad.” Ling Feiyue warned him with a gentle rebuke before she continued on her way.

“I’ve thought that someone had just said that we are on the same side and we ought to help each other?” Yuan Ji chuckled behind her.

Ling Feiyue hummed coldly, ignoring him as she increased her walking pace.

Yuan Ji was smiling and was muttering, “I am blind to the other paths. The only path that I will be taking is the path that you are taking.”

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Chapter 58: The Slaughter Trial (2)

The Nine Celestial Fraternity was named as such because nine powerful celestial patriarch orthodox clans ruled over the hundreds and thousands of celestial clans in its divine realm.

Yuan Ji and Ling Feiyue were surprised that they were from the Nine Celestial Fraternity. It was because although the Nine Celestial Fraternity had bordered the Desolate Celestial Fraternity but the cultivators from both fraternities had rarely ever met except when they were taking the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth Trial where cultivators from all over the Celestial Realm would then encounter each other and the encounter was often unpleasant.

Moreover in order to reach the Desolate Celestial Fraternity, a vast desert to the World End’s Mountains and the equally treacherous Moon Demon Forest had to be traversed. Also the cultivators from the Nine Celestial Fraternity would then emerge in the unfriendly territory of the unorthodox fraternity.

But this small group of seven was able to make it through to the Desolate Celestial Fraternity from the Nine Celestial Fraternity therefore all of them must have some extraordinary abilities.

Or maybe they were the lucky survivors of a big group.

Yuan Ji said weakly to Lu Qingyun, “Brother Lu, your sword energies art seems to have reached the acme of perfection. It is my honor to meet a Sword Saint from the Nine Celestial Fraternity here.”

Lu Qingyun sighed softly, “I’m actually not any Sword Saint.”

But he quickly said, “Let me examine your internal injuries.”

Before Yuan Ji could react, Lu Qingyun had struck him on his chest three times and three burst of sword energies that were struck in his body had flown out.

Yuan Ji coughed out a bout of bad blood which was a condensation of his internal blood energies and his body was feeling light again.

He had not really expected his opponent would help him to purge the sword energies out of him.

Yuan Ji politely said, “Thank you for your aid. If I were to purge it myself, it won’t be easy.”

Even if Ling Feiyue were to help him, it would not be easy because this Lu Qingyun’s sword energies were stronger than their profound strength. Although Ling Feiyue’s profound strength was also great but the combine profound power of Lu Qingyun’s profound strength and his divine sword was still not easy for Ling Feiyue’s profound strength to purge and she would end up expending a great deal of her profound strength.

All of a sudden Lu Qingyun said, “Brother Li Yuan, you have been to the secret cultivation hall on the second level of the trial?”

Yuan Ji and Ling Feiyue were both startled that he knew about the secret cultivation hall.

But since this Lu Qingyun did not have any bad intention toward them, Yuan Ji replied. “Indeed we have. How did you know?”

Ling Feiyue had also asked curiously, “Yes, how did you know?”

Lu Qingyun replied with a gentle smile, “When I’ve purged your sword energies afflictions, I can sense my profound aura in your body.”

“Your profound aura?!” Yuan Ji could not understand how Lu Qingyun’s profound aura could have got into his body.

Even Ling Feiyue looked a little confused.

Lu Qingyun smiled awkwardly before he explained, “This is a little difficult to explain…”

All of a sudden Fan Yuqing had interrupted with a soft chuckle, “He had cheated by using his profound strength to raise the rewards of the second level so that the rewards will be max out.”

“It is all thanks to your instigation and you can even laugh. Please don’t do it again. The trial almost drained all his profound strength. Luckily it is only the second level and this trial isn’t exactly a major trial. Or next time don’t expect me to save him.” The veiled maiden by the name of Yue Lingxi said unhappily.

Fan Yuqing rolled her eyes and was laughing, “Luckily the rewards are unexpectedly good.”

Yuan Ji was startled as he stared at Lu Qingyun, “You can affect the rarity of the rewards?!”

No wonder the cultivation methods in the secret cultivation hall seemed unusually good and were all completed copies rather than fragments. Moreover there were so many divine and supreme profound arts that it seemed quite unusual.

Lu Qingyun nodded as he smiled bitterly, “But I won’t do it again. It seems that the trial has evolved a defense against me after I had done it only once. The next attempt won’t be so easy.”

Although Lu Qingyun had never admitted it but saying so was as good as admitting it.

Yuan Ji and Ling Feiyue were truly stunned.

Fan Yuqing chuckled, “No more cheating Yun’Er.”

Yuan Ji pondered for a quick while before he said to Lu Qingyun, “Why don’t we complete this trial together? I have a plan for us all to get enough of the merit points for the next trial level.”

Lu Qingyun said as he turned to look at his group, “This…”

Fan Yuqing interrupted immediately, “So what is the plan?”

There was a beautiful pavilion by the lake that was surrounded by dense woods and mountains.

And in front of the pavilion were two portals, one green and one blue.

A big group of cultivators had camped by the portals and they were killing all the cultivators that had dared to approach the portals.

This group of cultivators was led by Saint Mo Xingku of the Flying Daggers Divine Sect and his allies, which consisted of nearly a hundred cultivators and consisted of eight other golden celestials.

Although there were three hundred golden celestials and two thousand cultivators that were scattered all around the lake and the mountains, none dare to approach the portal.

It was because Saint Xingku was killing all the other cultivators that had dared to approach the two portals and he was really killing the cultivators by aiming their hearts.

That was why all the cultivators were now staying in hiding and did not dare to approach them. Many of the cultivators in hiding were now sighing at the passage of time that had passed.

The truly strong cultivators and groups had already entered through the portals. Although there were many cultivators all around but no single group could take out the Flying Divine Sect and Saint Mo Xingku.

They could only lament why they were so unlucky to be in the same level trial as the Flying Dagger Divine Sect.

Saint Mo Xingku was not interested in the trial and instead he was more interested in killing as many cultivators as possible.

He was jeering loudly with his profound strength now, “The portals are right here and time is short. Why are you all still in hiding? Why don’t you come out and fight us?”

But no one responded to his taunts because that would mean exposing their covers to Saint Mo Xingku and to the other cultivators who were in hiding.

All of a sudden there were a group of nine golden celestials that had appeared from view and they were approaching the portals.

This group consisted of three men and six veiled maidens.

Saint Mo Xingku was laughing, “We actually have some courageous cultivators for company now.”

Immediately a hundred swords were now pointing at the nine golden celestial celestials that were approaching.

The three men were actually Yuan Ji, Lu Qingyun and Ling Feiyue while the veiled maidens looked ‘weak’ and ‘pathetic’.

Therefore in the eyes of Saint Mo Xingku and his group, there were actually only three worthy opponents.

Saint Mo Xingku immediately said, “Kill them. Make sure that you aimed at their hearts. As for the maidens, leave them alone first until I can have some fun with them.”

When he had said that, eight golden celestials and a hundred cultivators had immediately charged at Yuan Ji, Lu Qingyun and Ling Feiyue.

Yuan Ji had immediately raised his divine sword as he ‘killed’ two cultivators. There were two back stripes that had appeared on his hand, indicating that he had just received 20 merit points.

These cultivators were surrounding Yuan Ji as they attempted to wear him off with their wolf pack tactics. It did not matter if their opponent was a saint level opponent or not. It was because even a saint cultivator may not be able to deal with so many swords and so many powerful profound arts that were unleashing at the same time.

But to the astonishment of the one hundred cultivators, something miraculous seemed to be happening.

With every blink of an eye, a cultivator had fallen and every five blinks of an eye, a golden celestial was knocked back.

Except for Yuan Ji, Lu Qingyun and Ling Feiyue were displaying their profound strength to the sixth realm level only.

A cultivator with two heaven-step divine sword was at the foremost charge as he flashed his swords, felling one cultivator after one another.

None of the cultivators had the profound strength to block his sword and was instantly crushed.

Even Saint Mo Xingku was startled that there was such a capable fighter around.

Therefore he had brandished his half-step divine sabre as he charged into the battle fray.

But all of a sudden he was intercepted by Yuan Ji who said coldly, “Your opponent is me. Although this is a trial but you have recklessly taken their lives without showing any mercy.”

Saint Mo Xingku laughed coldly, “I wonder who this brave one is. So it is Li Yuan. You are with that Li Ye. You have saved me the trouble of looking for you.”

After he had said that, he had immediately lifted his sabre with both hands. “This is my Snow Leopard Blood Sabre. Consider this your honor to die under my divine sabre. This is a profound technique of my Blood Snow Sabre Technique.”

With that a powerful profound force had resonated from his divine sabre as it flew toward at the charging Yuan Ji!

Yuan Ji gasped softly as he swung his sword with a wave of his sword energies and completely dissipated the profound force of the incoming Blood Snow Sabre Technique.

Although the Blood Snow Sabre Technique was a powerful profound power art but any high level sword energies practitioner was able to dissipate it as sword energies were the nemesis of profound power arts and could easily dissipate the concentrated profound power at the point of contact.

Saint Mo Xingku was startled that Yuan Ji was able to dismantle his profound power art so easily. “A high level sword energies practitioner? Interesting.”

And the two of them were already exchanging dozens of strokes in a blink of an eye as they engaged in a melee fight.

“You are also a seventh realm expert?” Mo Xingku was frowning lightly at the profound strength that was being displayed by Yuan Ji.

Yuan Ji did not reply him because he was trying focused on defeating Mo Xingku but he was secretly alarmed that Mo Xingku’s profound strength was above him. It must be due to a power profound art that he was practicing.

After exchanging two hundred strokes with Mo Xingku, Yuan Ji had been slashed five times while Mo Xingku had been slashed ten times. However Yuan Ji’s injuries were heavier than Mo Xingku while the slashes that he had given to Mo Xingku were almost negligent.

Even though Mo Xingku was still as cocky as ever but he was secretly alarmed that a third of his group had fallen and the opponents were only two!

All of a sudden he had noticed that the two men were not exactly killing his group anymore but were pushing the wounded and the injured to the back for the six veiled maidens to slaughter for merit points!

When he saw that, he was so enraged that he was shouting as he tried to ignore Yuan Ji to fight the two opponents. “Useless things! You can’t even handle two opponents.”

Yuan Ji swung his left hand and his divine sword had flashed in front of Mo Xingku as he grinned, “Our fight isn’t over yet. So where are you going?”

Mo Xingku smirked, “You are courting your own death. Your friends will be dead in no time even if I don’t step in to aid my group.”

Although he had said that, he was perplexed in secret. It was because there were eight golden celestials and more than a hundred cultivators that were fighting against only two opponents and yet these two opponents were still casually fending off their attacks.

Fan Yuqing knew that there were more than two thousand cultivators that were watching the group fight in the shadows of the vicinity.

So she purposely shouted out loud, “It seems that the Flying Dagger Divine Sect is just so and so. This is just a perfect opportunity for everyone to storm the two portals together.”

When the cultivators that were in hiding saw that the Flying Dagger Divine Sect could not even settle the three fighting intruders, their courage was immediately aroused.

Almost immediately more than two thousand cultivators were all making a beeline for the two portals!

In no time the entire vicinity had turned into a raging battle with no distinction of friends or enemies as everyone began to fight against one another for merit points.

Merit points were flying all over the place now as the cultivators were now slaughtering one another as they moved to the portals.

Mo Xingku was shouting furious, “Hold your lines and don’t let the cultivators reach the portal…”

All of a sudden Ling Feiyue had flashed behind him as she delivered a tremendous palm force on his back which immediately caused him to cough out a bout of blood.

He was immediately startled because this palm force had the profound strength of a great saint!

Yuan Ji immediately flashed his sword to his right hand and had pierced Mo Xingku’s heart as he said coldly, “Usually I don’t kill anyone in the trial but I think you deserve to die.”

Mo Xingku could not believe that his golden body could be penetrated through so easily even though he knew that his opponent had a earth-step divine sword.

It was like his opponent’s profound strength had suddenly increased by a huge leap all of a sudden.

Yuan Ji grinned to Ling Feiyue, “What takes you so long to get your 100 merit points?”

Ling Feiyue chuckled, “It is hard to do the math while fighting. I have the unenviable task of sending the weaker cultivators to the back for Fan Yuqing and her group.”

Yuan Ji asked, “So everyone got the 100 merit points now?”

Ling Feiyue nodded.

Yuan Ji shouted over to Lu Qingyun, “Brother Lu, thank you for your aid and it is our honor to meet such friends as you. We will be entering to the next level now. See you later if we are lucky to meet or in the same trial level as you.”

Lu Qingyun smiled as he said, “Thank you as well. Hope to see you soon if possible.”

Yuan Ji grinned, “Hope you can get a fruitful bounty.”

Yuan Ji and Ling Feiyue returned a quick bow before they quickly disappeared into the blue portal that led to the next level.

After they were gone, Fan Yuqing said to her group. “Now for the real fun to begin. Yun’Er, slaughter them all for their merit points but don’t kill them. We will watch over the portals. Now it is our turn to camp in this place.”

Lu Qingyun had suddenly displayed his profound strength to the seventh level and suddenly two of the golden celestials of the Flying Dagger Divine Sect were ‘killed’ instantly.

Fan Yuqing chuckled to her sisters, “Do you think that we can get 10 000 merit points for my Yun’Er? This isn’t considered to be cheating right?”

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Chapter 57: The Slaughter Trial (1)

Yuan Ji and Ling Feiyue were now staring quietly at the black stele now.

According to the black stele, they would have seven days to accomplish this trial or they would be forcefully expelled from this place.

And according to the black stele, they had only one day left now!

The information of the trial was now flowing into their minds as profound energies.

“Seven days to complete the trial…1 day remaining…”

“Accumulate 100 merit points or more before entering the blue portal to the next exit…”

“Killing a first realm cultivator will gain you one 1 merit point…”

“Killing a second realm cultivator will gain you 3 merit points…”

“Killing a third realm cultivator will gain you 5 merit points…”

“Killing a forth realm cultivator will gain you 10 merit points…”

“Killing a fifth realm cultivator will gain you 25 merit points…”

“Killing a sixth realm cultivator will gain you 50 merit points…”

“Killing a seventh realm cultivator will gain you 100 merit points…”

“Killing a cultivator with merit points will gain you 3 merit points for every 10 merit points they have…”

“Erm, we have been in the Cultivation Hall for six days?” Yuan Ji was the first to ask.

Even Ling Feiyue was shocked to realize that the time flew fast while they were inside the Cultivation Hall. Luckily Yuan Ji had realized that something was amiss and had suggested that they left the place as quickly as possible.

She had also realized that she lost quite a bit of her profound strength without realizing it while she was inside. So she quickly popped in a fourth rank golden pill that was used for replenishing lost profound strength.

“Here!” She threw one more of the golden pill to Yuan Ji who caught it with his fingers.

Yuan Ji was frowning lightly, “Golden Dragon Rejuvenation Pill. Alas, I have only taken only once in my life time and was lucky to have found only one in my lifetime.”

Ling Feiyue returned a gentle smile to him before saying, “I have a dozen of these pills with me and more in my sect. Do you want some more?”

Yuan Ji muttered something incoherently before he said. “No thanks.”

“You’re cursing me?” She was suddenly frowning. She really had sharp ears and she could pick up some incoherent sentences of Yuan Ji describing her as from a rich celestial clan.

Yuan Ji put on a straight face and laughed, “I am just saying that it is good to know someone from a rich celestial clan.”

Ling Feiyue flashed her eyes as she fanned herself before asking suspiciously, “Really?”

“Really. Haha.”

Yuan Ji continued with a solemn look.  “Anyway back to this trial. We have only one day to complete this trial so we should make haste.”

Ling Feiyue nodded before she smiled, “It won’t be easy to find the other cultivators. By now, they should all be in hiding now and they must have marked their territories. As soon as we enter their territories, the weaker ones may not even choose to fight with us. After all we are two golden celestials.”

Yuan Ji nodded as he rubbed his chin. He had cheated once when he was a fifth realm cultivator. At that time he had just become a golden celestial and had used his mystic eye concealing art to suppress his golden eyes.

Although he had won the slaughter trial but he did not feel great about it.

“Any bright ideas?” Ling Feiyue asked him.

Yuan Ji said coolly, “Let’s move in a straight line first and find the next level portals…”

When he had said that, Ling Feiyue was smiling. “I know your plan. Since this is the last day already, everyone will be trying to get the last of the merit points in order to qualify for the next level trial. Therefore they will all be watching the next level portal or will be nearby.”

Yuan Ji smiled, “That’s right.”

“This is a badass plan. We are two saint level cultivators here. Anyone that tries to attack us will be in for a surprise.” Ling Feiyue smiled.

“Unless it is necessary, we should restrain our profound strength first. If we display our higher realm profound strength first, no one will be willing to fight us.” Yuan Ji added.

Ling Feiyue nodded, “Totally agree.”

“Let’s go now!” Yuan Ji laughed as he threw his cultivation scroll into his spatial ring.

With that, they had hastily sped forward.

Two hours later as the two of them sped into a path with two tall cliffs, there was a soft feminine laughter. “Look we have two pigs here who are delivering themselves to us today.”

Yuan Ji and Ling Feiyue were startled.

It was because their divine senses did not alert them to any intruders nearby.

As they looked up, there was a group of cultivators on top of them; one handsome man and six beautiful veiled maidens were seen standing on the top of the ledge just above them.

And all six of them were golden celestials!

Although they could not tell what their realm levels were but they could tell from their unsettling presence that these six were all dangerous opponents!

Yuan Ji quickly said with a wary look at the six golden celestials, “They are dangerous.” With that he had already unsheathed his divine sword.

Although Ling Feiyue was also alarmed but she whispered to Yuan Ji, “We are going to have some fun soon.”

Yuan Ji returned her a weak smile, “Unless of course they are also seventh realm experts.”

Ling Feiyue said with an amused smile, “There aren’t so many seventh realm experts around. And we are the two here.”

“Yun’Er go! Settle them!” A veiled maiden in black in the group said to the handsome man.

Yuan Ji was gasping now because he saw that the beautiful veiled maiden in black that had spoken seemed to give off a most mesmerizing air and her golden eyes seemed to be sucking him in.

And the profound strength of her voice clearly marked her as a seventh realm saintess!

He quickly pulled his eyes away from her and just in time to see the handsome man had leapt from the top of the ledge and had unsheathed a half-step white divine sword in mid-air.

“Is he going to leap from this distance?” Yuan Ji was startled at his lightless profound skill.

All of a sudden this Yun’Er was suddenly upon him as he seemed to have accelerated in mid-air.

Yuan Ji was startled as he shouted, “Seventh realm expert!”

The profound aura of this new enemy clearly marked him as a seventh realm expert and Yuan Ji was immediately in his best form of concentration; he did not dare to be careless!

Ling Feiyue was also alarmed but she was soon smiling, “I’m so big mouth, Heh.”

She was not anxious. After all, she was a great saintess with formidable divine skills. There was nothing for her to be panic about.

She immediately flashed her fan at the attacker.

The afterimages of this attacker’s sword were flashing with tremendous profound force that it broke Ling Feiyue’s fan and pushed back Yuan Ji in the same instant, startling them.

Ling Feiyue was also startled as she unsheathed her heaven-step fan which quickly metamorphed into a divine sword. “He has an unusual strong profound strength…”

The sword strokes of this Yun’Er were also extremely fast.

It was so extremely fast that Yuan Ji was now switching to his right hand to fend off his strokes.

Even Ling Feiyue was using now displaying her profound aura to empower her sword strokes with additional profound power.

In several blinks of an eye, more than a hundred strokes were exchanged furiously as their surroundings began to implode the ground with the exchange of their profound strength.

Ling Feiyue’s profound aura had suddenly expanded in an outburst of profound power as she expanded her Unrighteous Moon Profound Force as she forced the attacker back.

But to her surprise, the attacker was just pushed back only a few steps before he had stabilized himself, completely unaffected by the profound power of her Unrighteous Moon Profound Force and even his half-step divine sword had become a heaven-step divine sword.

Ling Feiyue and Yuan Ji were startled that the attacker’s sword would suddenly upgrade itself in the middle of the battle!

But Yuan Ji had immediately discovered an opening when the attacker’s sword was upgrading itself. So he quickly mustered the 7th Level of his Major Heavens Sword as he unleashed three sword energies waves onto the ground.

But this time instead of three sword energies waves, his sword energies waves had split into two smaller waves upon hitting the ground and it had become two high velocity projectiles. All in all there were six flying fluttering sword energies that flew at high flying velocity at the attacker.

Ling Feiyue was startled when she saw his secret technique as she muttered silently, “This sword technique is totally different when we are dueling with each other. So he is really hiding this sword technique as his trump card.”

The six flying sword energies were faster than any sword energies that Ling Feiyue had ever seen. Even if the target was not ripped apart by the sword energies immediately, it would be able to wound him seriously.

But the attacker suddenly had two heaven step divine swords in his hands as he swept all the sword energies clean.

Yuan Ji: …

Two heaven-step divine swords…

The attacker was also gasping, “A high level sword energies practitioner.”

He quickly swung his two swords at Yuan Ji and two afterimages of his sword flew out and struck Yuan Ji’s sword.

Although Yuan Ji had raised his sword arm to parry the two incoming sword energies but he was still sent flying backward!

“Ji Yuan!” Ling Feiyue shouted after him before she furiously swung her sword at the attacker.

But the attacker used the same technique on her to send her scurrying seven steps backward with his two phantom sword energies which were an exact copy of his divine sword. But luckily for her, she was protected by her profound aura which neutralized the sword energies.

Yuan Ji coughed out a mouthful of golden blood as he stared blankly at the attacker, “His sword energies are in the perfect sword energies form…”

Perfect sword energies carried the afterimages of the swords that it was imbued with unlike the usual sword energies which were just a burst of profound energies.

His 8th Level Major Heavens Sword also contained a special technique for solidifying sword energies into a perfect sword energies form but he doubted that it would be as clearly visible as this attacker.

Ling Feiyue now knew the severity of the situation and she had quickly regrouped with Yuan Ji.

“This guy has two heaven-step divine swords. We need to put in all our best now.”

Yuan Ji whispered to her, “I’m already using all my best. You mean you haven’t?”

The attacker had also realized that he was dealing with two seventh realm experts now and he knew that Ling Feiyue’s profound aura seemed to be a powerful profound art.

Therefore with a wave of his wave he had conjured eight more heaven-step divine swords which hovered around him.

Yuan Ji and Ling Feiyue were startled. They had never seen anyone with ten divine swords before!

Moreover it was not just ten ordinary divine swords but ten heaven-step divine swords!

“Don’t panic.” Yuan Ji said coolly. “He can’t use all ten divine swords at the same time. It is more of a psychology impact. Even if he can use it, he will also be draining his profound strength very fast.”

All of a sudden the afterimages of the ten half-step divine swords were flying and piercing them with their sword energies form which exploded furiously upon impact.

Ling Feiyue quickly used her body to shield Yuan Ji but all of a sudden she was shoved aside by Yuan Ji as he took three sword energies as direct impact.

“Ji Yuan!” Ling Feiyue coughed out weakly as she grabbed Yuan Ji away from the sword energies strafing.

Yuan Ji turned weakly to look at the attacker who was looking just as fresh as ever.

He muttered in disbelief, “This is too exaggerating. That guy can fight the two of us so casually and he isn’t even using his full strength yet.”

“Run. I can still hold him back for a while. Once his companions join in the fight, we will all die here today.” He secretly whispered to Ling Feiyue.

Ling Feiyue knew that he had taken the three sword energies impact for her because he wanted to help her to conserve her profound strength so that she would be able to escape from here.

The attacker muttered, “I’m sorry. This is a trial and the two of you are worth a 200 merit points or more. Now if you don’t mind letting my companions to kill you painlessly…”

Yuan Ji smiled awkwardly as he stood up weakly, “Actually I do mind but our fight isn’t over yet.”

“When I start the fight, I want you to run as quickly as possible. Don’t worry, this is a trial. I won’t die as long as he doesn’t aim for my heart.” He whispered to Ling Feiyue.

Ling Feiyue hummed quietly, “I refuse to listen to you. It is just our bad luck to meet such a strong opponent on this level.”

Yuan Ji smiled bitterly, “Actually it more like we are unlucky to meet someone who is this rich to afford ten heaven-step divine swords.”

The six beautiful veiled maidens had now flashed next to the tall and handsome cultivator.

The veiled maiden in black that had spoken earlier was now saying to him, “Yun’Er, it seems that we have met a couple here. They’re pretty strong. Why don’t we let them off? They seem pretty much in love. It will be such a waste for them to perish here today, don’t you think so?”

Yun’Er frowned lightly, “But today is the last day of the trial and we don’t have enough merit points yet.”

“Don’t worry, we are only here for the fun. Moreover we still got the time.”

The beautiful veiled maiden in black who was speaking turned to Yuan Ji and Ling Feiyue with a delightful look as she said to them, “I’m Fan Yuqing. So what is your name?”

“Li Yuan.”

“Ling Feiyang.”

Yuan Ji and Ling Feiyue said at the same time. They did not report their true names as they were still wary of them.

Fan Yuqing rolled her eyes as she giggled, “Please pardon us for attacking you earlier. We need the merit points too. This is Lu Qingyun. His sword art is really good. Behind me are my sisters Feng Minyue, Xuan Danfeng, Tang Xuefeng, Qian Jingjing and Yue Lingxi.”

Lu Qingyun bowed with his hands politely to Yuan Ji and Ling Feiyue, “I hope that you are not offended. I am just eager to get the merit points to complete the trial here…”

Fan Yuqing interrupted him with a soft chuckle, “We should have already gone to the next level if it isn’t for you delaying us by going off to search for your spirit plants.”

Yuan Ji asked cautiously as he interrupted them, “Why did you spare us?”

Fan Yuqing rolled her eyes before giggling softly, “Because I saw that this maiden here who is disguising as a man tries to shield you and you are also trying to shield her. I am just touched, that’s all.”

Ling Feiyue was startled as she muttered, “What sharp eyes you got.”

Fan Yuqing chuckled, “I’ve used my Seventh Heaven Sense to discern your aura. You can’t hide your gender aura from me.”

Yuan Ji was now looking at Lu Qingyun as he said, “This Brother Lu here, your sword art is really so remarkable. I have never seen anyone as good as you.”

Lu Qingyun smiled weakly, “I am not as good as you think I am.”

Yuan Ji smiled awkwardly. If he was not good as he had claimed then his own sword art must be crap.

Ling Feiyue asked curiously as she looked at them, “I wonder where you’re from? I have never heard of you before.”

She was alarmed secretly because these golden celestials had an unsettling strong aura and she was curious to know where they were from.

Lu Qingyun replied, “We are cultivators from the Nine Celestial Fraternity and we’re just here to experience the trials of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity.”

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Chapter 56: The Secret Cultivation Hall (2)

Yuan Ji had suddenly grabbed Ling Feiyue by her waist and he was slowly drawing her near to him.

Ling Feiyue was startled when he had suddenly grabbed her. But she soon regained her composure and closed her eyes in anticipation.

Yuan Ji gulped when he saw that she had closed her enthralling eyes. Was this a yes?

He was not going to waste this golden opportunity to kiss a goddess. Therefore he bent his head a little lower to kiss her on her lovely red lips.

He saw that she did not resist at all but was embracing him now.

So he took it a step further by holding her tighter to him. As he was kissing her passionately, he was also feeling her smooth back and was feeling her bottom as well.

Ling Feiyue gasped softly when she had felt his fingers below her.

She gently pushed him away and was smiling gently, “You must be browsing some dual cultivation technique just now, am I right? You look horny.”

Yuan Ji put on a straight face and laughed, “Of course not. I am here to warn you.”

“Warn me? For?”

Yuan Ji began to say solemnly, “There is something fishy about this place. It seems to be a time trap and you are not yourself earlier.”

Ling Feiyue frowned lightly, “I am not?”

Yuan Ji said, “Feel your profound strength.”

Ling Feiyue immediately circulated her vital breath and was startled that she seemed weaker now. “What is going on here?”

Yuan Ji said solemnly, “At first I’ve thought that it is my excitement that have caused my profound strength to decline but then I realized that we seem to be in a time trap that is slowly snapping our profound strength at an accelerate rate.”

Ling Feiyue was startled as her eyes flashed around. “This is a trap? Isn’t this the reward room?” Come to think of it, she felt that her behavior was a little out of the norm now that Yuan Ji had mentioned to her.

Yuan Ji nodded, “It may be the reward hall but it is also a double edged sword. When I saw your earlier expression, I am actually quite startled.”

“What expression?” Ling Feiyue shyly asked.

“You seem to be obsessed by these cultivation slips. With your attainment, it seems unlikely that you will be bothered with most of the cultivation slips here.” Yuan Ji pointed out.

“Is that so?” Ling Feiyue muttered with a flushed look. But she was thinking, “But some of the cultivation slips are some of the most powerful profound divine arts that I’ve never seen before. Anyone else will also be tempted.”

“Do you know where the rewards of the trial had come from?” Yuan Ji suddenly asked her.

Ling Feiyue was suddenly frowning lightly, “From the Immortal Realm? No one really knows.”

Yuan Ji asked, “Then do you know where the Heavenly Relics that are used to craft divine swords come from then?”

Ling Feiyue slowly nodded, “When an enlightened celestial fails the ascension, there may be a chance for the Heavenly Relic to appear from the bones of their failed ascension.”

Yuan Ji nodded, “You are right.”

Ling Feiyue nodded slowly, “This is actually common knowledge.”

Yuan Ji explained next, “I suspect that the rewards from the trials come from the dead bodies and items of the cultivators.”

Ling Feiyue was gasping softly. “I have never thought of this way before. Where did you get this idea from?”

Yuan Ji rubbed his chin and said, “It is because we are not the highest existence here and there is still the Immortal Realm where even more wondrous things can still be seen. If we can cultivate through the spiritual auras and use the cultivation resources in the mountains, the trials may be a living entity that cultivates by feeding upon the profound strength of the dead cultivators. There must be a source of energy to replenish the trials or it won’t make any sense at all.”

Ling Feiyue asked curiously, “Then why not kill all the cultivators that enter the trial instead? Why not make it even more dangerous?”

After a short hesitation, Yuan Ji replied with a smile. “If all the cultivators are killed then there will be no one to feed the trials anymore. Or maybe that is an immortal law in this place that affects its behavior.”

Ling Feiyue averted her glances to the shelves as she said gently, “Maybe.”

“Therefore, we need to quickly make our pick and get out of here.” Yuan Ji continued.

Ling Feiyue nodded but she was soon smiling, “Give me a few more hours. I’ve barely started. I need some time to make my pick. Maybe you can spend some time to study the behavior of the trial first. Let me know if you have a good answer later.”

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji sighed silently, “She isn’t paying attention to what I’ve just said and she needs several hours…”

“One hour maybe?” Ling Feiyue chuckled softly when she saw his expression.

“No. I will help you to pick.” Yuan Ji frowned.

“This isn’t a good idea. How do you know what I will need?” Ling Feiyue protested weakly.

But Yuan Ji had already grabbed her hand and pulled her along with him.

Ling Feiyue gasped softly when he had pulled her hand.

“I’m not his woman yet but he is treating me like I’m his little lover? Maybe I ought to remind him that I am the Dark Mistress Ling Feiyue? He ought to show me a little respect…” She was secretly sighing in her heart.

Soon they were at a shelf and Yuan Ji showed her the cultivation slip that contained the True Sacred Saint Profound Art.

Ling Feiyue was startled after she had started to browse it and she was soon gasping with shock. “This is a supreme profound art. Did you know that several centuries ago, there was a terrible catastrophe that had befallen the entire Desolate Celestial Fraternity just because a fragment of the True Sacred Saint Profound Art had been found in a trial?”

Yuan Ji smiled weakly, “I do not know. I was not born yet.”

“In the end, tens of thousands of cultivators from hundreds of celestial clans were all fighting for it. It was so terrible that dozens of prominent celestial clans were all wiped out after that catastrophe.” She sighed.

“Who got that fragment in the end?”

“The Hundred Flower Divine Palace.” Ling Feiyue said.

Yuan Ji was startled, “The Hundred Flower Divine Palace again…”

Ling Feiyue nodded, “Only when the Hundred Flower Divine Palace got its hand on it, did the fighting stop. It was because the challengers to the Hundred Flower Divine Palace were all killed by the top experts from the Hundred Flower Divine Palace. That’s why.”

“The Hundred Flower Divine Palace is really so formidable?” Yuan Ji asked curiously.

“Even the other two most unfathomable palaces of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity, the Evil Cultivation Palace and the Water Melody Palace were all soundly defeated by the Hundred Flower Divine Palace. That is how fearsome the Hundred Flower Divine Palace really is.”

“So the Hundred Flower Divine Palace has a fragment of this True Sacred Saint Profound Art now.” Yuan Ji rubbed his chin.

“But why are you giving it to me instead of keeping it for yourself?” Ling Feiyue asked curiously as she looked at him shyly at the same time.

“You’re already a great saintess. You don’t need the most powerful profound arts to help you to overcome your opponents. You only need those profound arts that can aid your eventual ascension to the Immortal Realm. With luck, you may even be the first celestial practitioner to do in several centuries and your name will be remembered in the hearts of everyone in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity.”

He paused to add, “The profound art within the True Sacred Saint Profound Art will be able to strengthen your cultivation core and moreover you got several thousands of years to delve into its mysteries.”

Ling Feiyue clutched onto the cultivation slip in her bosoms as she looked bleary at him, “Thank you…my future lord is so nice to me.”

Yuan Ji laughed but he was actually thinking, “I won’t be your future lord if I am a dead man in four months’ time. It is better that you find yourself a more worthy lord. But I am content to have kissed the beautiful lips of the Goddess Ling Feiyue and have her in my embrace for a short while.”

Ling Feiyue was truly extremely touched in her heart. Originally she had already admired Ji Yuan before she had set him up. This was something that she was too shy to tell him about it and she had kept to herself. But this admiration was slowly turned into a quiet love for him now.

For over a hundred years, she had a mix feeling about Ji Yuan and even blamed herself for his sudden disappearance.

But now, it seemed that things were looking good for them but then he had a life and death duel in four months.

She silently said, “Ji Yuan, I won’t let you die. I will help you to fight the Hundred Flower Divine Palace even if it means the destruction of my entire sect!”

Yuan Ji suddenly said, “Come, follow me. I show you the cultivation slip that I will be picking.”

Ling Feiyue nodded with a smile, “The cultivation slip that you found must surely be a most impressive profound art. Let me guess. Is it a dual cultivation art? Because you are looking at me so lecherous earlier.”

Yuan Ji laughed awkwardly, “Not really.”

Soon he had taken her to a shelf and showed her the cultivation slip that contained the Divine Heart Recite.

“What is it?” Ling Feiyue took the cultivation slip from him to read.

She was soon frowning lightly, “It is only an intricacy formula for calming the heart. This cultivation skill is not even a profound art. Don’t pick this and choose another better one.”

Yuan Ji smiled, “I’ve already decided on it.”

Ling Feiyue was stunned, “But why? It is useless.”

Yuan Ji sighed softly, “I don’t have much time to pick up any cultivation practice. I have only less than four months’ time.”

Then he grinned, “The reason why I am picking this is because I’m afraid that I will be nervous when I’m fighting the old master of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace and this heart intricacy formula may be useful to me.”

Ling Feiyue: …

“But of course that isn’t the most important reason. In front of you, I am still so shy. So I need this Divine Heart Recite to calm my heart down when I am facing a goddess like you…”

Ling Feiyue interrupted him woefully, “Don’t pick this cultivation slip please.” She knew that he was only saying that to pacify her.

But in the end, Ling Feiyue had failed to persuade Yuan Ji.

And they soon took the cultivation slip to the exit portal.

As they stepped through the exit portal, they soon found themselves in an open space. In front of them was black stele and the cultivation slips that they had taken had transformed into cultivation scrolls.

Ling Feiyue opened up her cultivation scroll with trembling fingers and she was soon gasping, “This is really the full cultivation methods of refining the cultivation core to a golden core…”

At the same time that Ling Feiyue was inspecting her cultivation scroll, Yuan Ji was also doing the same.

Yuan Ji’s eyes were soon staring with excitement as he took a quick look.

This Divine Heart Recite was actually a much more superior heart intricate formula than the one that he was practicing to control his heartbeat and the one that he was practicing was actually an advance heart intricacy formula.

Therefore this Divine Heart Recite was actually a Divine Profound Art.

He had taken a gambit on it because he was intrigued by it. Luckily for him, he was not disappointed.

There were actually only three stages to this Divine Heart Recite, the Absolute Spirits, the Undying Fighting Spirit and the Natural Instinct.

The first stage was the Absolute Spirits, unaffected by the superiority of the opponents and a single-minded on concentration.

The first stage was similar to his own heart intricacy and he quickly mastered it with just a look by combining it with his own.

The second stage was the Undying Fighting Spirit that cultivates his spirit level to a heighten sense.

He began to recite silently, “As long as the will of the practitioner lives on, the fighting spirit will never cease. My will is the absolute and my faith is unshakable…”

Although he was already a seventh realm expert now, attaining both the soul level and the spirit level but just reciting the intricate formula of the Undying Fighting Spirit alone was still not enough to grasp the state of divinity that was required to merge it into his innate consciousness.

The third stage was the Natural Instinct in which his natural speed and reflexes would increase over the limit.

Yuan Ji was rubbing his chin as he pondered, “Natural Instinct. This is interesting.”

He took another look and was soon frowning. In order to accomplish this principle into his innate strength, he had to first merge his body, soul and spirit as one first.

But luckily for him, there were actually several cultivation methods within the Divine Heart Recite for aiding him to master it.

The Divine Heart Recite was more complete than he had actually expected and there were ten additional cultivation methods that were given in the scroll for him to realize all three stages of the Divine Heart Recite.

It was like giving him ten additional free cultivation profound arts!

Heaven, Earth and Mortal as One!

Perfect Heartbeat!

Awakened Seventh Sense!

Three-in-One Reflex!

Attunement to the Spiritual Aura!

Divine Sense Revelation!

Profound Energies Attunement!

Immortal Body!

Supreme Soul Force!

Spirit Perceptions!

Yuan Ji was now cursing silently, “I have picked the easiest to learn useful cultivation practice and now I have ended up with eleven cultivation practices to master. This is too ridiculous…”

Yuan Ji and Ling Feiyue just stood there for a long time to study their new cultivation practice and it was only when they were disturbed by a booming sound from the mountains in the horizon that they had realized that they had been secretly cultivating their new cultivation practice for an unknown number of hours.

They had completely forgotten that they were still in the middle of an on-going trial!

The two of them were looking at each other sheepishly.

“Haha.” Yuan Ji laughed awkwardly, “I didn’t want to disturb you.”

Ling Feiyue smiled gently as she gave him a most adorable look, “I’m the one that didn’t want to disturb you. This True Sacred Saint Profound Art is really good. Are you sure you don’t want it? This is after all a supreme profound art that everyone wants.”

Yuan Ji shook his head as he said at the same time, “I don’t have the time to master something as profound as the True Sacred Saint Profound Art. Moreover the new cultivation practice that I’ve picked seems pretty good too. That is enough for me.”

Ling Feiyue was smiling in her heart. “He is so good to me. He has given me such a valuable cultivation profound art and he has only taken an inferior cultivation practice. From now onward, I’m going to follow you forever…”

Her thoughts were quickly interrupted by Yuan Ji who said, “Look at us. We haven’t touched the black stele yet and what was that booming sound earlier too?”

Ling Feiyue smiled, “Let us touch this black stele here and see what the third level trial entails?”

Yuan Ji nodded and with that the two of them had touched the black stele at the same time.

They were both gasping at the same time.

It was because this was a slaughter trial.

“Slaughter trial?!”

They had to slaughter or be slaughtered for merit points in order to go to the next trial level.

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Chapter 55: The Secret Cultivation Hall (1)

Upon entering through the third portal, was a big hall with many shelves. At the end of the hall were two portals; one blue and one green.

There was a large black stele where they had appeared near to and they quickly put their hands on it so that they could understand where they were now at and for any extra information.

“Cultivation Hall!” Ling Feiyue gasped softly. She really could not believe that they had found a secret cultivation hall where cultivation practices were stored.

Yuan Ji nodded with a wry smile, “We can only take one away though. Just one. Why not three or more?”

Ling Feiyue giggled softly, “You are so greedy.”

Yuan Ji laughed, “That is because I’m too poor to buy cultivation manuals.”

In the celestial fraternity, cultivation manuals could easily cost an arm and a leg.

“You seem to be really experienced with the trials? You have been to many of the trials in the celestial fraternity?” Ling Feiyue asked curiously.

Yuan Ji laughed, “Not really. Only three.”

Ling Feiyue: …

Ling Feiyue: …

Ling Feiyue: …

She was stunned. It was because she could describe herself as an experienced trial cultivator by now, having visited more than thirty places for various trials. Some of the trials were even more dangerous and higher level than the Lotus Sword Mansion.

“In your lifetime, you have only been to three trials?!” She was finding it difficult to believe him and to accept what he had just said. After all, Yuan Ji was a high level cultivator and it was impossible for him to been to just three trials in his lifetime. Even a lowly fourth realm cultivator may have already been to more than ten trials as part of the clan mission.

“Yes just three trials.” Yuan Ji replied without a change in his expression. He was dead serious.

“You are lying…” Ling Feiyue had an unpleasant look on her countenances. It was because she detested liars and especially if the liar was a man that she liked.

Yuan Ji smiled awkwardly when he saw her expressions.

He quickly said to pacify her, “Although I have been to only three trial places but I had actually visited each one more than a hundred times.”

Ling Feiyue was stunned. A hundred times?!

She smiled bitterly, “For the trial to open so frequently and you can even visit it a hundred times, it must be some low level trials. With your cultivation level and strength, you ought to explore other trial places with a much higher difficulty.”

Yuan Ji laughed weakly, “It is because I feel that I haven’t explored the trials thoroughly enough.”

Ling Feiyue: …

“Is there a need to explore so thoroughly? And a hundred times? It is just a waste of time.”

She returned a soft sigh before asking, “So you can now tell me how you know that there is actually a hidden portal earlier?”

Yuan Ji returned her a gentle look, “If I tell you, you have to become my woman. Will that be alright to you?”

Ling Feiyue averted her eyes shyly as she cursed softly, “Dream on!”

Yuan Ji was only teasing her.

He quickly explained, “There are three portals inside the iron pagoda. So it is a clue that the trial inside will have three options.”

Ling Feiyue was startled, “How did you find out? I mean, no one think of this before.”

Yuan Ji said, “I found out about it by accident. Have you ever wonder why some trials have two portals and why some trials have three portals? And the order seems to be random?”

Ling Feiyue smiled awkwardly, “Actually no one cares why there are two or three portals as long as they can overcome it. You…you are the queer one.”

“If you have explored the same trial for a hundred times, you will also notice it.” Yuan Ji said matter of fact.

Ling Feiyue smiled bitterly, “A hundred times…in a low level trial…no way…”

Yuan Ji laughed jovially for a while before he smiled, “Don’t you feel that it is weird that this level actually contains two trials? One for reaching the iron pagoda and another inside the iron pagoda? If we just go to the third level, we won’t get any reward at all and at the same time, the rewards are too straightforward?”

Ling Feiyue chuckled softly as she shook her head lightly, “Actually no. I always thought it is the nature of the trial itself.”

She was secretly flushing, “He has actually found a bug in the trials and he is telling me so freely? He…trusts me…”

Yuan Ji laughed, “Let’s take a look around here. Maybe the cultivation practices here are just some low level ones and not worth our time.”

Ling Feiyue smiled shyly, “Alright, my lord.”

Yuan Ji’s heart was pounding rapidly when he suddenly heard her calling him her lord.

Just as he was about to tease her back, she had shyly disappeared among the shelves.

“Well then, I should focus on finding a suitable cultivation practice. It may or may not be useful but it would be good to have an alternative. I need to find something useful to defeat the old master of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace…alas…and I am almost out of time.”

The main reason why he was interested in the trials was because the Lotus Sword Mansion gave an above average reward for completing the trials and he needed to find any weapons, pills, cultivation methods or anything that he could find to have a fighting chance in the duel four months later.

He quietly went to the nearest shelf and immediately started his browsing.

There were many cultivation slips on the shelf.

Yuan Ji examined the first cultivation slip that he saw, “Golden Bell Profound Defense. Interesting.”

Out of curiosity, he took the cultivation slip to read its description. “The profound technique of strengthening the profound aura into an impenetrable shroud, shaping the profound aura into the likeness of a golden bell, condensing one’s profound aura into two layers of defenses…”

Yuan Ji was gasping with shock, “This is an advance cultivation profound art!”

In the Desolate Celestial Fraternity, if one got an advance cultivation profound art then they would be able to found a celestial clan. Take his Major Heavens Sword for example which was the secret sword art of the Orthodox Sword Sect, it was an example of an advance sword profound art. With that, his ancestor patriarch had founded the Orthodox Sword Sect.

The cultivation slip only contained the descriptions. If he really wanted the actual cultivation practice of this profound art then he would have to take this cultivation slip to the exit portal. After which, he would then receive the full cultivation practice.

All of a sudden the cultivation slip had vanished from his hands and had returned to the shelf.

Yuan Ji rubbed his chin as he pondered. It seemed that if he was not reading or imbuing his profound power on the cultivation slip, it would disappear after some time.

“Absolute defense skill. This may be the profound defense skill that I may need to withstand the profound might of an upper seventh realm sacred saint…”

All of a sudden he had recalled how Han Guanglie had died and he had lost his interest in this Golden Bell Profound Defense Profound Art.

He could suddenly hear Ling Feiyue shouting to him on the other side, “Ji Yuan, did you see the cultivation slips? These are all advance cultivation methods. Sword art, internal profound art, external profound art, cultivation art…”

Yuan Ji smiled bitterly. There were literally thousands of cultivation slips here and it was a hard choice to choose which cultivation practices to pick. The reward in this secret portal seemed to be better than the highest level of the Lotus Sword Mansion that could be given out and even rivaled all the previous trials that he had been to in the past.

When there were too many choices, the choice would be a difficult one.

But luckily for Yuan Ji, he had only a limited choice because he was only interested in looking for a cultivation practice that he could learn in as little as four months.

Therefore he began to pick and toss away the cultivation slips as he moved around hastily.

Eventually he found a cultivation slip that had caught his interest.

“Hmm, the True Sacred Saint Profound Art?”

He was half-amused. “There is such a thing as a true sacred saint? It must be a joke from some ancient celestials or immortal cultivators.”

Curious, he began to browse the description with more in-depth.

“The soul sea is the source of all the cultivation profound strength. In the soul sea, it is where the cultivation core is formed and the cultivators will be able to harness their profound strength by condensing the profound energies through the absorption of spiritual aura from the environment…”

He skipped to the more advance descriptions.

“In order to form the Pure Core within the soul sea, the cultivator must first attain to the fourth realm level energy level first. Forming the Pure Core will allow the cultivator to increase their profound strength by 20%…”

“Forming the Gold Core at the fifth realm level will increase the maximum profound strength by up to 30% and improve innate profound strength by 3% per tier…”

“Forming the Spirit Core at the sixth realm spirit level will increase the maximum profound strength by up to 40% and improve innate profound strength by additional 4% per tier…”

“Forming the Soul Core at the seventh realm soul level will increase the maximum profound strength by up to 50% and improve innate profound strength by 5% per tier…”

Yuan Ji was quite startled by this find. This was not only an advanced internal profound art and it even be considered a divine profound art!

This was a divine profound art that could raise the cultivator’s innate profound strength. If his innate profound strength could improve then he would be able to learn the more advance stages of his Major Heavens Sword without even a need to attain to the middle and upper tier of the sacred saint level.

The main reason why the seven major orthodox patriarch clans and the five unorthodox heretic sects were such a major power in the cultivation fraternity was because they all had some divine profound arts to back their celestial clans.

Take the Celestial Orthodox Sect for example; their most powerful profound art was the Sacred Maiden Profound Art which was an internal profound art. Because of this profound art, Sacred Maiden Xue Qianxue was able to advance fairly quickly in her cultivation level and her profound strength was unusually strong for her level.

Yuan Ji had personally witnessed her turning an envelope into a secret projectile through her internal profound strength and the penetrating power unleashed by her was startling.

“Gold core…this is interesting…” He was now muttering.

He had heard that in the past the ancient celestials that had cultivated their cultivation core into a golden core was much stronger than the celestials now. There was even a spirit core and a soul core to be mastered.

This was a lost divine profound art!

Or even a supreme divine profound art!

To think that he could casually find it in this place?

Yuan Ji sighed softly. Although this cultivation practice was tempting but it was not what he was looking for.

With a shrug of his shoulder, he tossed the cultivation slip away as he felt that it would take too long to cultivate it.

So he moved on to the other shelves.

Very soon, he had found another interesting cultivation slip.

“Hm, the Divine Heart Recite. This is an intricate recite formula on how to control the heart beat and to display absolute calmness even in the most dire of situations.”

Intricate recite formulas were unlike the powerful profound arts as its uses were not obvious. Rather it contains several aphorisms that were keys to understand the various principles of cultivation.

“I wonder what the tier of this Divine Heart Recite is? Is it standard, advanced or divine?”

Just based on the description alone, there was no way that he would know.

Yuan Ji was a little intrigued by it but because he did not know which tier this Divine Heart Recite was so he casually tossed it away.

The reason why he was intrigued by it was because when the cultivators fought with each other, there were three factors that could determine the winning outcome; profound arts, profound strength and the human factor.

The profound strength factor was easy enough to explain. It was the cultivator’s cultivation realm level.

The profound arts factor was the internal profound art, profound power arts, lightless profound art, weapons used and martial profound arts.

The human factor was the cultivator’s current mental fortitude, willpower, fighting spirit and perception.

Yuan Ji was a Sword Saint because he had relied more on the human factor to defeat his opponents especially with his sharp sense of observation on his opponents and his undying fighting spirit. He had also a strong mental fortitude in defeats and he would calmly re-calculate his odds for the next victory.

He had thought that he may be able to defeat Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue by going for his seventh realm breakthrough, rather than accepting defeat on the spot. Every action of his was planned for his next fighting chance and he was unaffected by defeats or the superiority of his opponents.

Next he moved on to another shelf after quickly browsing through several cultivation slips.

“What is it?”

“Sacred Maiden Profound Art. Isn’t this the divine skill of the Celestial Orthodox Sect? This divine skill belongs to the top ten most powerful internal profound arts.”

“The Sacred Maiden Profound Art can only be practiced by women. It is most effective if the cultivator is a chaste maiden. Altogether there are nine stages to this internal profound art…”

He quickly skipped to the more important descriptions. “The cultivators of the Sacred Maiden Profound Art must be wary not to give away their chastity so easily. It is because the other party will receive a portion of the Sacred Maiden Profound Energies which in turn could speed up the cultivation of profound energies and the practitioner would no longer be able to advance in her Sacred Maiden Profound Art…”

When Yuan Ji had read to this part, he was startled; this confirmed the a long standing rumor that If the chastity of the Sacred Maiden was taken, it would be able to aid the taker in his realm breakthrough and even had the effect of strengthening the purity of the soul sea’s profound energies.

There were other benefits by dual cultivating with a practitioner of the Sacred Maiden Profound Art but Yuan Ji was disinterested in reading anymore. It was because he was thinking of Xue Qianxue now and her sacrifices for him.

“Qianxue knew that she was making a great sacrifice for me and yet she willingly gives up her celestial practice for my sake. It is because she knows that I will be having a duel with the Divine Palace Master of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace. She didn’t even tell me…”

He was extremely touched and said solemnly in his heart, “Qianxue, I will get you out of the Celestial Orthodox Sect before my duel.”

With that he tossed the cultivation slip away.

Soon he found another cultivation slip.

“The Unrighteous Moon Profound Force. Isn’t this the divine profound art of Ling Feiyue’s Spirit Blue Moon Sect?”

He quietly put it back to the shelf. In the past, he would be interested to know Ling Feiyue’s strengths and weaknesses. But not anymore.

“Lightning God Divine Skill.”

“Generating the profound energies of lightning to use as your own profound strength and generate the profound power of lightning. This skill looks really overpowered…”

“Weakness: Only usable during thunderstorm days.”

Yuan Ji: …

“I need to find a way to control the weather first. Hmm, the Celestial Orthodox Sect has a celestial array to generate the golden tribulation lightning. I wonder if they will be willing to help me during my duel…”

He quietly tossed the cultivation slip away as he continued to search the shelf.


“Supreme Dual Cultivation.”

“Why am I looking at this? Haha. Supreme Dual Cultivation drawn upon the yin essences of the female cultivators to nourish the cultivation core instead of depending on spiritual aura. The higher realm level of the dual cultivation target, the more benefits it reap.”

“Alas, I’m a man of culture…”

He was now imagining himself with Shangguan Yan, Fairy Ye Chengxi, Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue now…

“The target of the Supreme Dual Cultivation will slowly lose their vitality and unable to leave the practitioner…”

“Weakness: the practitioner’s urges will always be on an overdrive…”

He was frowning lightly before he threw away the cultivation slip with a little hesitation.

“Although this skill can be mastered as little as a month but it will turn my love ones into a melting cauldron for my own vile pleasures.”

Reading the description of this cultivation slip had suddenly made him think of Ling Feiyue now.

He had quickly realized that many hours had passed. As a matter of fact, they had been here for a long time.

He began to wonder what Ling Feiyue was doing now.

He soon found her at the other side and she was giggling with delight as she read the descriptions of the cultivation slip that she was holding.

“Why is that I find her ten times more prettier now even though she is still cross-dressing as a man?”

She was so engrossed in her reading that she did not notice that Yuan Ji had quietly approached her.

“Feiyue, I think we ought to choose a cultivation slip fast and move on to the next level trial.”

Ling Feiyue looked up with a beaming smile as she said enthralling, “Ji Yuan, shall we stay here a little longer? I don’t want to leave this place. This whole place is way better than completing the entire trial. I’m staying here until I’ve finished reading the descriptions of all the cultivation practices.”

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji frowned, “This will take months and years. Moreover you can only read the descriptions and not practice it. Don’t forget that I still have a duel in four months.”

The enthralling eyes of Ling Feiyue were smiling at him as she giggled beautifully, “Look at this description. It is so funny. This is the cultivation method of my most hated rival and he’s from one of the five major unorthodox sects. Let me read it out for you…”

“Although the Dark Solstice Profound Art is extremely powerful but the practitioner must be warned that the pace of regaining profound strength will be slowed down by 90%. The practitioner can only cultivate to regain his lost profound strength and no amount of divine pills will be able to replenish back the lost profound strength. Also be warned not to take the ascension to transmigration to the Immortal Realm, it will surely fail.”

Ling Feiyue was laughing and giggling while holding onto her belly, giving off an enthralling look. “So my hatred rival has such a weakness in his profound art. This is so funny…so this is the hidden reprisals in his profound arts. No wonder he is always so eager to finish the fight so hastily. Next time, I will slowly drain his profound strength by delaying the fight…”

Yuan Ji frowned lightly as he was not amused. “Feiyue, we really should go. How many cultivation slips have you checked already?”

Ling Feiyue refused to answer his first question and instead she answered his second question, “About thirty.”

Yuan Ji almost fainted on the spot. “Thirty?!” He could not help gasping out loud.

Only thirty cultivation slips after so many hours had passed?!

It was because he had already browsed through several hundreds of cultivation slips in the same time that she had browsed through the thirty cultivation slips.

Browsing was actually the wrong word. She was actually reading very thoroughly.

“Look at this Ji Yuan. The first form of the Dark Solstice Profound Art requires thirty years of constant cultivation in order to merge with the Heavens and the Earth. If the practitioner has reached the golden celestial level, the time taken will be halved. If the practitioner has reached the golden supremacy level, the time taken will be further halved. It halved again if the practitioner is at the sacred saint level. The second form will require double the time…”

Yuan Ji was rolling his eyes. She was reading too much information. At her current rate of reading, she would never be able to leave this place for a few years.

Ling Feiyue was looking with admiration at Yuan Ji, “After I’ve finished reading all the cultivation slips here, I may well be the most knowledgeable celestial in the entire Desolate Celestial Fraternity. And it all thanks to you.”

Yuan Ji smiled bitterly, “You know. I really regret coming here. You’re so right earlier.”

Ling Feiyue chuckled softly, “Well, I don’t regret it. Why don’t you go away for now…”

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Chapter 54: The Iron Pagoda Trial (2)

“Don’t expect me to follow you. I’m here to complete the trials.” Ling Feiyue coolly said to Yuan Ji. Although she sounded cool but she was upset with Yuan Ji for wasting his profound strength on the low level trials.

Yuan Ji nodded and said nonchalantly, “Alright then.”

After he had made his decision, he had walked toward the yellow portal.

To his utter surprise, Ling Feiyue had followed him through the yellow portal.

Yuan Ji gave her a perplexed look, “I’ve thought that you’re going to take the blue portal?”

“Maybe you still got some more trump cards that I’m not aware of.” She smiled gently before ignoring him to step into the yellow portal.

Yuan Ji frowned silently, “That is why you can’t trust the words of women sometimes…they change their minds as fast as they change their clothing.”

He rubbed his chin before adding, “She can certainly change her clothing really fast too…”

There were roughly 10% of the cultivators that had decided to take the green portal to turn back as they had either expended too much of their profound strength to continue or were too seriously injured.

Another 20% of the cultivators had decided to explore the trials of the iron pagoda while 70% of the cultivators presented had decided to go directly to the third level of the trial.

When some of the cultivators saw that Yuan Ji had moved toward the yellow portal, they were smiling secretly.

“I thought that he is quite strong to arrive first at the iron pagoda. In the end, it seems that his strength is just so and so only.”

“He must be lucky to reach the iron pagoda without encountering any desolate beasts. I’ve thought that he is an expert but actually he isn’t.”

“So he is just a low level golden celestial after all…”

Very soon, Yuan Ji, Ling Feiyue and the roughly sixty other cultivators found themselves in a beautiful white hallway.

“Where are we now?”

“This is where we are supposed to take the trial of the iron pagoda?”

“Guess we should walk down this hallway and check the other end first…”

As everyone moved along the hallway, Ling Feiyue shot Yuan Ji an annoyed look. “Why did you choose the yellow portal first? It is a waste of time.”

Yuan Ji laughed, “I am just curious about the trial here, that’s all.”

“Hmph! Up to you.” Ling Feiyue hummed coldly as she distanced herself from Yuan Ji.

“Don’t be upset alright?” Yuan Ji said quietly. “Actually I have my reasons for doing so.”

“Which is?”

Yuan Ji sighed softly, “Maybe you have come from an influential background and you don’t think that the low level profound treasures are rewarding to you. But for me, it is still worth chasing after. Moreover, I have never been to this place before and I will like to explore the place a little more thoroughly first.”

Ling Feiyue had a look of guilt in her eyes after she had heard his explanation. “Is that so? Sorry, I am riding on my high horse and fail to see things in your perspective.”

Yuan Ji heaved a soft sigh, “I know that you are eager to complete the entire trial in the Lotus Sword Mansion and if possible, also get the best results. Therefore I do not blame you at all. There is no need for you to apologize to me. Rather, I am happy that you are willing to join me here.”

Ling Feiyue smiled gently, “I’m here to witness your regretful expressions for choosing to come here actually.”

Yuan Ji laughed jovially, “Well, I hope that I won’t disappoint you.”

All the cultivators had walked for just a while before they could see flying blades zapping all over the place in the hallway ahead of them.

Many of the cultivators were gulping when they saw the dozens of flashing blades that were flashing out of the walls of the hallway before exploding with a huge impact into nothingness; these flashing blades were created by pure profound force and had extreme penetration power.

One of the cultivators said aloud to everyone, “Either we rely on our profound lightless art to dash across this corridor or we have to depend on the defenses of our profound auras.”

“Only a golden celestial may have strong enough profound defenses to tank these profound blades. I can’t…” A cultivator who was only at fourth realm level shook his head with a sad resignation.

All sixty cultivators were now looking around and saw that there were actually seven golden celestials in their midst. And of course two of them were Yuan Ji and Ling Feiyue.

A golden celestial had proudly walked forward as he smirked with pride, “I am a sixth realm golden supremacy and I also happen to specialize in profound defenses.”

It was obvious that he was aiming to be the first person to overcome this trial.

All of a sudden he gave a great shout as his profound aura burst forth in a startling golden light.

He was not lying to everyone; his profound aura was indeed formidable.

All of a sudden everyone could see that there was a totem image of a gigantic spirit entity in his profound aura.

“He already has a spirit entity…” A cultivator gasped with shock.

“After this spirit entity has appeared, his profound aura grows even stronger…”

“This spirit entity is also renowned for its tough defenses!”

“This is a perfect unison between cultivator and spirit entity…”



“Son of the Heavens…”

The golden celestial laughed, “I am not an unknown golden celestial. My name is Han Guanglie from the Guardians Citadel Sect. The whole lot of you should remember my name from today onward!”

Yuan Ji frowned as he turned to Ling Feiyue, “He is quite impressive. Is he famous?”

He had been away for so long and he was not surprised that there were now many such powerful celestials that he did not know. The heroes of tomorrow were always replacing the heroes of old.

Ling Feiyue replied gently, “No idea. Never heard of him before.”

“Well, after today, we will all know him.” Yuan Ji smiled.

Han Guanglie had quickly dashed into the dangerous hallway and soon the first profound blade had struck him.

Many of the lower level cultivators were gasping as the first profound blade had struck Han Guanglie and they gasped again when the profound blade was dissipated into nothingness by his powerful profound aura.

Han Guanglie smiled triumphantly as he continued to walk ahead.

From his brilliant look, he seemed to be telling everyone that he was so awesome.

Soon, the second profound blade, third profound blade and eventually the tenth profound blade had appeared from the walls and all the profound blades were rendered into nothingness by his formidable defensive profound aura.

Many of the cultivators had never seen anyone with such a formidable profound aura as this Han Guanglie before.

Even Yuan Ji was clapping silently, “His profound aura is really so impressive. I doubt that my full strength sword energies can even penetrate through his profound aura. Although he isn’t a saint level cultivator but his profound aura is better than most saints.”

Ling Feiyue said coolly, “Just so and so only.”

Yuan Ji took a curious look at her, “You mean your profound aura is stronger than him?”

Ling Feiyue smiled as she winked at him, “That is for sure.”

Yuan Ji chuckled softly, “You really know how to boast.”

Ling Feiyue sneered softly at him, “Do not use your puny profound aura standard to measure against mine.”

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji ignored her and he continued to watch Han Guanglie.

“This guy is really a tank!”

“He is too formidable…”

“I wish that I can have even one-tenth of the strength of his profound aura…”

“This is the thirty profound blades now?”

“Too power…”

“He is too awesome…”

As Han Guanglie continued his walk into the hallway, the pace of the profound blades had also increased from one to two, from two to three and multiple profound blades could be seen flying on him now.

Han Guanglie was trembling lightly now and he had broken into cold sweat as the number of profound blades were increasing as it struck him one after another. He had to maintain all his focus and profound strength in order to maintain his profound aura.

Every hit by the profound blade was a drain to his profound strength. Every two simultaneous hit was not a double drain but required three times more profound strength to maintain it as he had to quickly replenish the profound power of his profound aura.

Every three simultaneous hit was a greater drain to his profound strength.

And now the profound blades were hitting him from all sides simultaneously.

Han Guanglie knew that he had to endure just a little longer. The light at the end was actually very near and soon he would overcome this trial.

But unfortunately his profound strength had to give up at this point when six profound blades had decided to strike him at the same time and he was soon sliced to pieces by the profound blades.

When he got sliced to pieces, many of the cultivators were blankly blinking their eyes.

“He didn’t make it?”

“Obviously not…”

“He is so close…”

“I can’t believe it…”

“I think he is really dead as well…”

“Yes, I saw the profound blade exploding his heart and slicing through it too…”

“Such a renowned cultivator and he is permanently dead now…”

“The awesome guy has just died…”

Even Yuan Ji was speechless when he saw the scene, “This…”

Ling Feiyue said coolly, “He is just a noob that uses too much of his profound strength at the very start. If he has better control or is a saint level cultivator, he should be able to clear this trial.”

Yuan Ji could only say, “Well, he did use his life to show everyone the expectations.”

Then he added sadly, “If he didn’t use his spirit entity to show off in front of us, he would probably clear this trial almost effortlessly.”

Ling Feiyue nodded as she said, “Although having a spirit entity was a great advantage but it would also consumed a great deal of the cultivator’s profound strength to maintain it.”

Many of the cultivators were now muttering with shock, “So who’s next?”

Suddenly two of the cultivators were saying to each other, “Protégé brother, I don’t have the courage to kill myself. Why don’t I kill you and you kill me?”

“Right. If we’re lucky and the trial portal isn’t closed yet, we can still retake the trial again. And we will be mindful about coming this way to take this trial again.”

“Alas, I really regret taking the yellow portal and I should have taken the blue portal.” The same cultivator was lamenting loud now.

With that, the two cultivators had ‘killed’ themselves and had vanished from view.

After these two cultivators had killed themselves, they were quickly followed by sixteen more cultivators. It was because they all felt their poor heart could not take it and the profound blade seemed to be aiming for the hearts.

Yuan Ji muttered, “These cultivators…”

But he quickly calmed himself down and said, “Guess we can only use our profound lightless skill now.”

And when he had said that, he had already sped past through the dozens of flying profound blades.

Everyone was holding their breath; it was because they could only see the many afterimages of Yuan Ji and it seemed to them that he had narrowly avoided being hit by the profound blades each time.

Many of the cultivators that did not have a superb divine sense were all gasping and had thought that he had been struck but it turned out to be his afterimage instead.

In less than ten blink of an eye, he had already reached to the other end in safety, stunning all the onlookers.

More than three hundred profound blades were seen flying all over the hallway and it had all missed Yuan Ji.

There was no other description other than absolute astonishment to describe his profound lightless feat that awed many of the onlookers except for one.

And that was Ling Feiyue.

It was because Ling Feiyue was the next one to speed past the deadly profound blades in a straight line with her afterimages and she had only taken seven blinks of an eye.

Everyone was stunned by her lightless movement that was being displayed by her.

It was because Yuan Ji was already a record breaker and now they had another record breaker.

Yuan Ji frowned lightly to Ling Feiyue, “You just take away my limelight.”

Ling Feiyue lit a gentle smile, “Do you really think that you think that you’re the main lead of the story?”

Yuan Ji answered weakly, “I thought I am…”

But he quickly rebuked her gently, “Just because you want to show off, you have expended so much of your profound strength. Didn’t you say that you want to conserve your profound strength. Is it worth it?”

Ling Feiyue hummed with a beautiful smile, “Because I like.”

Profound lightless art actually consumed a great deal of the cultivator’s profound strength. The faster it was, the greater effort it was to maintain it and hence it consumed even more profound strength. Every step beyond the limit could have the effect of consuming double the profound strength!

This was likened to a sword that was thrust into the ground. While a cultivator could casually thrust a sword several inches into the ground with a swung of their profound strength but every additional inch would require double the profound power due to ground resistance.

Stories about cultivators destroying mountains and huge boulders were only used in metaphor speeches to describe how powerful they were but the truth was that none could even barely moved a huge boulder much less than destroying it as the shock resistance and density of the large rocks could easily absorb the profound power of the cultivators.

A lightning bolt had more profound power than the strongest cultivator. What a lightning bolt could not damage, the cultivator was unable to do so as well.

After the two of them had cleared the trial of the flying profound blades, there were twenty more cultivators that had also made through it. Among the twenty, ten were seriously wounded and another four had light wounds.

Although there were six others that were not injured as they also had superb lightless skill but none of them were able to clear it within forty blinks of an eye.

Among the survivors were two golden celestials.

All in all, forty cultivators had failed the trial.

Soon everyone was in another hallway and this hallway was leading them to another grand hall which had two shimmering portals.

And suddenly everyone was beaming with excitement.

It was because this was the reward hall!

There was a black stele in the hall and touching it immediately revealed to them that they would now be able to claim their rewards.

One portal would lead to the Weapon Hall for them to pick a weapon of their choice as a reward.

The other portal would lead to the Alchemy Hall for them to pick a profound pill as a reward.

Ling Feiyue was a little unhappy with Yuan Ji for waiting earlier so that he could see which of the cultivators could make it through the trial.

It was because the two of them were actually the first to clear the trial. Therefore if they could each go to the Weapon and Alchemy Hall, they would have a chance to make the first pick.

Now that everyone knew what the rewards would be, there was a mad rush to the two portals.

Most of the cultivators had picked the Weapon Hall because there may be a chance for a divine sword to be given. If not, a heaven-step precious sword was also thought to be good enough!

Sixteen of the cultivators had picked the Weapon Hall while the Alchemy Hall was picked by the two golden celestials and two other lower level cultivators.

As for why the golden celestials picked the Alchemy Hall over the Weapon Hall, it was because they were desperate for some profound pills for their breakthrough. Therefore their choices were not surprising to Yuan Ji.

The lower level cultivators would usually prefer weapons to aid them in combat and at the same time it would also help them to climb further in their clan tournament rankings. When their clan ranking improved, naturally they would be allocated profound pills and other cultivation resources.

This was what Yuan Ji had analyzed and he had said it to Ling Feiyue while rubbing his chin.

“Enough of your analyzing already.” Ling Feiyue was really unhappy now. “Can we please make our own choices now? All the good stuffs are already taken away.”

She really could not believe that Yuan Ji was just watching everyone curiously and waiting to see what portals they would be picking.

Yuan Ji shrugged his shoulder as he said nonchalantly, “Alright, it is our turn to choose now.”

“The Weapon Hall or Alchemy Hall? Ling Feiyue asked with a soft resignation. It seemed that she was the one regretting coming with Yuan Ji because he seemed to be enjoying himself.

Whether it was the Weapon Hall or the Alchemy Hall, it did not matter now because they were not the first.

Yuan Ji was staring at the two portals and he had suddenly used his sword to deflect the light of the two portals together and had revealed a secret third portal.

With a grin, he said to Ling Feiyue. “We are taking this third portal.”

Ling Feiyue was stunned as she stammered with disbelief, “How did you know that there is a third portal?!”

Yuan Ji grabbed her wrist to pull her to him before saying, “The stele will sometimes lie. I tell you when we’re inside before we have more company.”

Ling Feiyue was stunned. The stele in the trials was like the absolute truth and no one had a reason to believe that it would lie.

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Chapter 53: The Iron Pagoda Trial (1)

Yuan Ji found himself staring at Ling Feiyue again.

And the two of them were once again staring at each other quietly again.

This went on for some time.

Finally Yuan Ji sighed softly, “I am a dying man soon. You should not put me into your heart. You will surely regret it.”

Ling Feiyue averted her eyes quietly as she said quietly, “This is my business and none of your business.”

Yuan Ji saw the sentimental looks that were in her eyes and he knew that their delicate relationship had now changed.

He was no longer fearful of her and had even dropped his guard in front of her.

Originally he had thought of her as his enemy and he was seeking her out to enquiry news about Xia Jiajia. But it seemed that she had no idea where Xia Jiajia was either. The only clue that he had was that Xia Jiajia may be an elusive expert from among the seven major orthodox clans.

Well, six to be exact. It was because he could rule out the Celestial Orthodox Sect in which Xue Qianxue had belonged since she could not recognize who Xia Jiajia was and there was no possibility that Xia Jiajia could belong to the Celestial Orthodox Sect.

“At least I know that Xia Jiajia is fine. I’m content now. There is no need to look for her anymore…”

With a soft sigh, he said quietly. “If I am alive after four months, I will surely look for you. I hope you don’t shove your door shut on me.”

Ling Feiyue gasped softly as she displayed a stunned look at him, “Do you mean it?”

Yuan Ji nodded. “I mean it.”

“But we’re from two different fraternities…”

Yuan Ji interrupted her gently, “Is not a problem for me.”

Ling Feiyue inhaled softly but she was soon smiling enthralling.

She quickly averted her eyes shyly before saying solemnly, “There are two saintesses that I think may be Xia Jiajia. If you want to seek her out, you may check them out. They are Saintess Jian Yuluo from the Profound Heaven Sword Manor and Saintess Fang Zhenfei from the Blue Phoenix Sacred Sect.”

All of a sudden Yuan Ji was muttering, “Saintess Fang Zhenfei from the Blue Phoenix Sacred Sect?” It was because he had suddenly recalled that the veil maiden that he had seen in the vicinity of the Thousand Cloud Peaks seemed to have like blue a lot, so much that even her hairpin, belts, glove, earrings, eyelids, fingernails etc. all had a peacock blue.

It was not a peacock blue but the color of a blue phoenix!

Blue Phoenix Sacred Sect?!

The Blue Phoenix Sacred Sect was the smallest power among the seven major orthodox clans and rarely intervened in the affairs of the fraternity.

Because it was so elusive, there were many celestial powers that sought to replace its position among the seven major orthodox clans but unfortunately they were always unsuccessful in their attempts.

He sighed softly before saying to Ling Feiyue, “Thank you for the information.”

Ling Feiyue was suddenly frowning and there was a hint of displeasure in her eyes, “So who are the two beautiful maidens that are with you?”

Yuan Ji was caught unwary by her question. He had thought that she would ask him about Xue Qianxue instead.

“Should I tell her that Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue are from the Hundred Flower Divine Palace? Better not. I should not involve her in my own affairs. Moreover these two saintesses from the Hundred Flower Divine Palace are more dangerous than they look.”

After he had decided what was in his mind, he replied coolly. “They are my women. I need companionship along the way.”

Ling Feiyue was laughing all of a sudden, “You are lying. They can’t even be bothered to look at you with their eyes.”

Yuan Ji: …

Ling Feiyue had suddenly flipped her cloak and within a few blinks of an eye, she had expertly changed her clothing and had bundled her head up like a man.

She explained, “I’ve better cross dress myself for the time being. Surely you don’t want all the attention to be on me?”

Yuan Ji laughed, “I don’t mind.”

All of a sudden there were three groups of cultivators that had come in three different directions. These three groups consisted of many golden celestials and they were the cream of the crop from the different starting points of the first trial.

Ling Feiyue averted her glances shyly from Yuan Ji, “Guess that we have more company now.”

Yuan Ji was actually quite pleased to see the newly arrivals. It was because he was really afraid that Ling Feiyue may ask him about Xue Qianxue and he was really afraid to answer her truthfully; he had suddenly realized that she had a place in his heart now.

These three groups were all big groups but they were friendlier than Jian Menghao’s group. They were all quite polite and had greeted Yuan Ji politely.

“May we have the names of these two heroes that are ahead of us?”

“Li Yuan.”

“Ling Feiyang.”

“Oh, it is Young Master Ling Feiyang. I have heard of you…”

Everyone was soon exchanging pleasantries and to get to know one another.

There were many other golden celestials among the third different groups. Yuan Ji had realized that they were not from the same celestial clans and had chosen to group together to fight the high level desolate beasts.

As time flew by, more and more cultivators had arrived at the iron pagoda.

Some were not as friendly as the others but they had mostly stayed steer of the earlier groups. It was because it was common sense that the first wave of cultivators to arrive at the iron pagoda was the stronger cultivators and it was unwise to provoke them without first knowing their cultivation realms.

Except for Jian Menghao’s group, most of the first wave groups were more polite to Yuan Ji and Ling Feiyang as they recognized them as the superior cultivators for coming first.

However Yuan Ji knew that they were all keeping their trump cards as eventually everyone was also everyone’s rival in the trials. Very few actually reported their cultivation realm or celestial clans of origin. It was a common practice not to reveal these information during a trial and not because they were being impolite.

Therefore even Yuan Ji did not know which of the golden celestials were actually fifth realm, sixth realm and seventh realm in the group until they had chosen to display their profound animus either through their profound powers or auras.

But of course, Yuan Ji could still guess with a high degree of accuracy if he wanted to. It was because sixth realm golden supremacies were usually the most vocal and arrogant golden celestials. It was really not hard for him or anyone to really guess it.

The main reasons were that sixth realm supremacies regarded themselves as the stronger golden celestials and were not averted to showing off to the others. After all, they had suffered for a long time the humiliation of being fifth realm golden celestials by the other sixth realm supremacies so when they had become sixth realm supremacies themselves, they also tended to display an overbearing attitude toward the others.

Seventh realm saint cultivators were rarely encountered. Even if they had accidentally insulted a seventh realm saint, they were quick to apologize. Most of the time the saint cultivators would often ignore the slight since they tended not to be offended by these petty things.

But of course, this was the more of the norm of the orthodox fraternity rather than the entire Desolate Celestial Fraternity. The unorthodox saints were naturally less forgiving.

Soon more than three hundred cultivators had gathered at the iron pagoda before the iron gate started to creak as it opened slowly.

Yuan Ji was looking excitingly at the iron gate now. The reason why the iron gate was opening now was because there was a 50% pass rate now for one of the trials that led to this level. All in all, the number of cultivators for the second trial would be in excess of over a thousand cultivators.

The real second trial would be starting soon. He began to wonder what was inside.

Most of the remaining cultivators were still in the first trial or on their way to the iron pagoda. But unlike the first arrivals, they would not need to wait and could enter into the iron pagoda immediately.

Some of the cultivators were actually disappointed that the iron gate of the iron pagoda was opening so soon. It was because they were still trying to cultivate back as much of their profound strength as possible.

More than half of the cultivators were not entirely in their best forms. Many of them had injuries and some were even seriously wounded.

The way here was populated with fifth and sixth realm desolate beasts. To get to the iron pagoda here was not easy at all.

Yuan Ji had an amused look when he saw that Ling Feiyue was still surrounded by the many female cultivators that were around.

Ling Feiyue was like a magnet that attracted the curious maidens. She was simply too dashing.

Yuan Ji shook his head and thought, “These maidens will all soon have their tender hearts broken by Ling Feiyue…”

His thoughts were interrupted by Ling Feiyue who had managed to shake off the female cultivators, “We can finally enter the iron pagoda now.”

She was only too relieved that the trials would be starting soon.

“Why did you go?” She gave Yuan Ji an annoyed look.

“I was just round the corner. I didn’t want to disturb you with the other maidens.” Yuan Ji chuckled. “If I am around, some of the quieter maidens may not have the courage to approach you.”

Ling Feiyue returned a gentle laugh, “I hope that you’re not skulking with envious in the corner all this while.”

Yuan Ji laughed, “Who will be envious of you?”

Ling Feiyue chuckled softly before she whispered shyly, “The first time that we have met, you are so envious of me that you are even threatening me and even offer to be my big brother to teach me a trick or two about cultivation methods so long as I don’t touch your Xia Jiajia.”

Yuan Ji immediately kept quiet and he pretended to look the other way.

Luckily for him, he did not need to pretend to look the other way for too long because the iron gate of the iron pagoda was now fully swung opened.

Hundreds of cultivators were now rushing inside the iron gate with great anticipation.

Each time a cultivator had passed through the iron gate, there was a shimmering outline. This was an indication that the physical iron pagoda was actually an illusion and the real trial was actually within the space inside.

Soon Yuan Ji and Ling Feiyue had both walked inside as well. As they walked inside, they were casting forlorn looks at each other.

They soon found themselves in a grandeur dark hall and in front of them were a black stele and three portals with the colors of blue, green and yellow.

Everyone was soon touching the black stele to receive the trial knowledge and to learn more about the three portals that were in front of them.

The green portal was actually a returning portal to the valley outside the Lotus Sword Mansion.

The blue portal was to enter the next level of the trial which was the third level of the third.

The yellow portal was to take the iron pagoda trial.

Ling Feiyue smiled gently as she suggested Yuan Ji a suggestion, “We ought to go to the third level of the trial as the rewards in the upper levels are generally better. In this way, we can conserve our profound strength while ensuring that we can go as further up the trial levels as possible. There is no point to waste our efforts on the low level rewards.”

Yuan Ji rubbed his chin as he nodded, “Indeed, this is a wise suggestion.”

The spiritual force here was really sparse and they could only recover one-tenth of their profound strength here through cultivating compared to when they were at the outside.

At first Yuan Ji had thought that he could cultivate back his profound strength while waiting for the gate of the iron pagoda to open. In the end, it was just a futile effort even with his saint rate of recovery.

“So we are going to the blue portal, to the next trial level?” Ling Feiyue smiled with a hopeful look.

Yuan Ji chuckled softly, “I’m going to take the yellow portal. What about you?”

Ling Feiyue: …

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Chapter 52: Lotus Sword Mansion Trial (4)

Yuan Ji and Ling Feiyue had now reached the iron pagoda. From afar, it looked like a small tower but now they were now looking at a massive tall iron tower that were five times as tall as any pagoda that they had ever seen.

Moreover there was only a massive iron gate that was in front of them and it was shut tight.

In front of the iron gate was a black stele that had runic characters crafted into it.

Without prompting, Yuan Ji and Ling Feiyue quickly lay their hands on the black stele and they realized that this iron gate could only open if the rest of the cultivators had arrived.

This was actually the real second trial.

Yuan Ji took a quiet look at Ling Feiyue before saying, “I guess that we need to wait for a little while.”

The black stele had indicated that the gate of the iron pagoda would only opened once 50% of the cultivators that had entered the Lotus Sword Mansion had made it through the second trial portal.

This 50% need not have to come from the original path that they had taken. Whenever a new trial level was entered, several paths from the lower level would converge. As long as the 50% criteria of any of the paths could be met, the gate of this iron pagoda would swing open.

Yuan Ji said to Ling Feiyue as he sat down in a meditating pose, “Since we have the time now, we ought to cultivate to replenish our lost profound strength. Although the spiritual force here is fairly weak, we will still be able to recover faster than most of our competitors here.”

All of a sudden he had noticed that Ling Feiyue was looking intently at him, “Is there something on my face?”

Ling Feiyue smiled as she shook her head lightly, “No. I’m just thinking that you look much better without that ugly beard of yours.”

All of a sudden Yuan Ji was clearly offended and he was frowning, “I am the head of the four beautiful bearded cultivators, so how can I be without my beard…”

“Do you know that we have conspired with the Manor Lord Li Yi of the Fluttering Winds Manor to set you up?” She interrupted quietly.

Yuan Ji inhaled slowly before he heaved a soft sigh, “I know. I had only recently known about it. His beard is a fake. Even Xue Qianxue’s secret recipe of growing a beard is a story that is made up by all of you.”

Ling Feiyue chuckled jovially, “You have even found out that the recipe is a fake? Let me guess. Did you ask Xue Qianxue for that recipe when you have met her recently?”

Yuan Ji refused to answer her and instead he frowned, “Who bright idea is this?”

“Xia Jiajia. She conspired with Xue Qianxue and I. Even that silly Li Yi has thought that the recipe is real and that was why he had agreed to conspire with us to trick you.”

“Jiajia’s idea?” Yuan Ji frowned even more and he was rubbing his chin, “Isn’t she a bimbo?”

In his heart she was still a bimbo and when he had thought of that, he was secretly smiling.

It was because he had remembered that Xia Jiajia had given him a divine sword for his precious sword and she could be flattered by him so easily that she had even given him the position of elder. She had to be a bimbo for doing such things…

Ling Feiyue was now laughing to and fro and her jovial laughter was like music, “You actually call her a bimbo? She is actually smarter than any one of us. We have all been played by her.”

Yuan Ji: …

“What is her purpose for doing so?” Yuan Ji sighed softly. He really could not figure out.

Yuan Ji had suddenly noticed that Ling Feiyue was staring intently at him again and he had soon staring at her beautiful alluring eyes too.

For quite some time, they were staring at each other and were not speaking.

Yuan Ji’s heart was pacing fast as he thought, “She is too sinful to look at. I can’t believe that I will be staring at the Goddess Ling Feiyue and I didn’t get slaughter by her.”

He was gulping his saliva and her allure was too irresistible.

Finally he focused all his willpower to say quietly, “I have another alias now. I’m now Yuan Ji the Palace Master of the Emperor Hall Sect.”

All of sudden Ling Feiyue gasped as she took a step back, “You’re that idiot that stole from the Hundred Flower Divine Palace and even got a personal challenge from the Divine Palace Master of the Hundred Divine Palace?”

Yuan Ji smiled bitterly, “So that’s what everyone is saying behind my back now. The Mystic Eye Sect sure can spread the news in such a rapid time.”

Ling Feiyue continued to gasp as she shook her head, “Ji Yuan, don’t go. You can never be able to defeat the Divine Palace Master. The cultivation practice of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace is superior to anything in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity and there are at least three divine skills that are unique to the Hundred Flower Divine Palace. Even the Evil Cultivation Palace steers clear of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace. This is one celestial sect that you cannot afford to mess up with.”

Yuan Ji sighed softly, “I have to go. Because if I don’t, everyone in the Five Heavens Peaks will be slaughtered by the Hundred Flower Divine Palace.”

He muttered silently, “Yan’Er and Chengxi won’t be able to escape too.”

It was because Hua Wuwu had placed her profound signatures on the three of them.

Although Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue looked like innocent lovely dolls but he knew that they were only acting most of the time. They had even dared to confront all the saintesses of the Celestial Orthodox Sect without any fear.

He was very sure that they had some trump cards to make their escape or else they would not dare to be so bold. Or they were actually concealing their most powerful martial profound arts.

Ling Feiyue turned around and she was trembling lightly, “Come to my Spirit Blue Moon Sect. I’ll give you a safe haven.”

Yuan Ji was startled and was secretly touched. But he knew that he had to decline her offer. It was because he knew that he would only bring destruction upon her Spirit Blue Moon Sect. Moreover as far as he knows, there was only one great saint level in the entire Spirit Blue Moon Sect and that was Ling Feiyue herself.

Because of him, she was willing to risk her cultivation and her entire celestial sect?

So he merely said, “I may not lose. I still have four months to improve myself.”

Ling Feiyue said woefully without turning back, “Without divine profound arts and cultivation cheats against a powerful celestial sect that have plenty of divine profound arts and cultivation cheats, you’re courting your own death. I’ve even heard that the Hundred Flower Divine Palace has a celestial grade divine sword, the Hundred Flower Divine Sword. That divine sword alone can suppress any seventh realm saints with great impunitive.”

Yuan Ji had turned ashen immediately and he was muttering, “A celestial grade divine sword. That is as good as calling it an immortal weapon already…”

“Look who we have here?” Someone shouted out loud, interrupting Yuan Ji’s thoughts.

A group of twenty odds cultivators were seen approaching the iron pagoda.

Yuan Ji turned to look at the newcomers before he smiled weakly, “So it is Third Young Master Jian Menghao.”

Indeed it was Third Young Master Jian Menghao and his fellow protégés from the Profound Heaven Sword Manor.

Jian Menghao turned to his group to laugh, “Look at me. I don’t even know the name of this little fish that is talking to me now.”

Third Young Master Jian Menghao and many of his fellow protégés in his group were all suddenly inhaling heavily. It was because they had suddenly noticed a most astonishing maiden was standing behind Yuan Ji.

Ling Feiyue had turned around when she had heard the approach of the newcomers.

This caused Jian Menghao to laugh a little less crude as he turned to say politely, “Maiden may I know your name? I’m the Third Young Master Jian Menghao from the Profound Heaven Sword Manor.”

Ling Feiyue displayed a soft chuckle and her beautiful smile was soul catching to all the onlookers who could only watch her in awe and that included Yuan Ji.

“So it is the third young master of one of the twelve great sects and one of the seven major orthodox clans. This maiden here is humbled. Unfortunately, it is inconvenient for me to tell you my name in the presence of my lord here. He won’t be happy.”

Yuan Ji was startled. My lord in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity would mean she was telling them that he was her husband.

Jian Menghao was perplexed. It was because he had been monitoring Yuan Ji before he had entered the trial and this peerless goddess was nowhere to be seen. Therefore she must have met him during the trial.

He had to admit secretly that this hateful fellow was actually quite good looking but of course he was nothing compared to his own looks of course.

“Did he hook this peerless goddess up while they are in the trial together? He must have bedded her already in order for her to call him out so intimately.”

When he had thought that this hateful fellow was also the one that Xue Qianxue was willing to see, he grew even angrier.

Therefore he had turned to stare coldly at Yuan Ji, “Do you know that you are such a hateful fellow?”

Then he turned to say to the peerless goddess, “Maiden, stay out of this. This vile villain has committed endless evils and many a fair maidens had fallen into his hands. Today, I shall deliver you from his despicable hands.”

“Everyone, kill him!” He ordered his group.

Yuan Ji was startled that this Third Young Master Jian Menghao was actually such a ruthless fellow to trump up false charges against him and that he had even ordered his men to attack him without any provocations.

Immediately Yuan Ji was surrounded by five golden celestials and twenty cultivators.

He took a quick look at Ling Feiyue who was smiling enticing at him. She was all smiles and gave no indication that she would be lifting her hands to help him. As a matter of fact, she had walked further away from him.

He thought, “This new ‘consort’ is so unreliable to her ‘lord’. For a moment, I was actually so touched by her earlier gesture.”

With a soft sigh, he had unsheathed an ordinary sword with his left hand.

From the profound auras that were displayed by his opponents, he had quickly gauged that two were of the sixth realm golden supremacy level, three were of the fifth realm golden celestial level and the rest were fourth realm cultivators.

One of the golden supremacies sneered at him, “Don’t blame us. We have our orders. We will make sure that you are punished justly for offending our Third Young Master Jian. You are not displaying your profound aura?”

Yuan Ji sighed softly, “I’m afraid that I will scare you.”

“What a joke…”

“He is already on his way to meet his maker and he can still joke with us…”

One golden celestial said warily, “Be careful everyone. The fact that he is here earlier than us mean that he is not weak…”

Jian Menghao interrupted them as he shouted with great contempt for Yuan Ji, “Aim for his heart and don’t let him live!”

Yuan Ji was frowning now. Actually if a cultivator had lost their consciousness during the trial, they would be sent out of the trial and may not die. But if their hearts were pierced or if the cultivators got swallowed whole by a desolate beast then they may die.

Right now, it was not a simple matter of just ending his trial opportunity but also his life.

“What are you all waiting for? Get him!” Third Young Master Jian Menghao shouted.

All of a sudden all the cultivators were attacking Yuan Ji at the same time!


There was a flash of light from Yuan Ji’s sword and the sixth realm golden supremacy who was talking earlier was killed instantly.

Everyone was startled.

But before they could react, Yuan Ji had taken the life of yet another sixth realm golden supremacy with another blinding flash of his sword.

All of a sudden Third Young Master Jian Menghao had noticed that the profound animus that was being mustered by the profound strength of this hateful fellow was at the seventh realm level.

This was not lost on the rest as well but at the same time they had all a bewildered look. It was because even if it was a saint level cultivator, it was not possible to kill a sixth realm golden supremacy with a single strike.


“He is a saint…”

“Be careful everyone!”

The rest of the cultivators were panicky now and they were all attacking Yuan Ji with everything that they had got. It was because they did not want to lose their lives.

“Profound Heaven Sword 5th Rank!” A golden celestial shouted as a wave of charged profound power flashed toward Yuan Ji but no sooner had he released it, it was deflected casually by Yuan Ji and a nearby cultivator was killed.

Dozens of swords were flashing in a tightly sword array against Yuan Ji but Yuan Ji was still able to deflect their attacks.

“Profound Heaven Sword 6th Rank…” Another golden celestial had just shouted and had displayed the powerful sword stance of the 6th Rank of the Profound Heaven Sword but before he could aim at his target, Yuan Ji had swung his sword arm and had cut off his head with a flash.

Ling Feiyue was watching the swordfights with keen interest; she knew that Ji Yuan was good but she had never seen him at his best. This fight allowed her to observe him because there were more than twenty lethal swords that were aiming at him at the same time.

It seemed to her that Ji Yuan had a weak profound aura and had a poor defense. Or to put it this way, he was actually allocating most of his profound strength to his sword as profound power to have the maximum impact. Therefore his sword strikes were at least 30% stronger than his same level opponents.

At the same time Yuan Ji had purposely attacked the two sixth realm golden supremacies first before they had realized that he was a real threat. Now that he was facing only three fifth realm golden celestials and twenty fourth realm cultivators, he would have an easier time.

Although it appeared that Ji Yuan still had a disadvantage because he did not have an inexhaustible profound strength but this group of attackers was fighting against a saint level cultivator with insane recovery rate.

Therefore without any high level cultivators to support them in their wolf-pack tactics, they were doomed from the very start. Moreover they were unwittingly fighting against a Sword Saint.

With every blink of an eye, one cultivator after another began to fall to the ground and vanished into the thin air as they were being sent out of the trial.

Finally the last of the fifth rank golden celestial had also fallen and the remaining cultivators were quickly cut down by Yuan Ji.

Now it was only Yuan Ji as he grinned at Third Young Master Jian Menghao, “It is only you now.”

Jian Menghao was stammering panicky, “Hero…I mean Saint…can we talk it over?”

Yuan Ji grinned, “Sure we can. If you can humbly beg me by addressing my name nicely, I will spare you.”

Jian Menghao was stunned. It was because he had disdained this hateful fellow and did not even know his name at all.

“I guess you don’t even know my name so here you go…” Yuan Ji said as he swung his sword.

All of a sudden Jian Menghao had evaded his strike by jumping backward hastily.

Before Yuan Ji could make another strike against him, Jian Menghao had committed suicide by slashing himself on his throat and followed up by jumping off the cliff.

Ling Feiyue was giggling, “You are such a badass. You have forced him to commit suicide.”

Yuan Ji was frowning, “He thought that I may aim for his heart and therefore he will rather commit suicide to exit the trial than having to face the possibility of getting killed. He is quite smart.”

“Although he is smart but he has completely disgraced the Profound Heaven Sword Manor!” Ling Feiyue chuckled.

Then she was gasping softly, “Although I am at the upper sacred saint level but I may not be able to kill these two sixth realm golden supremacies outright even with a divine sword in my hand. Yet you have used an ordinary sword and you can accomplish it in such a clean manner.”

Yuan Ji answered with a weak smile, “I was just lucky that they were not expecting me to attack them and moreover they were not exactly strong fighters.”

“Lucky? I don’t think so. Do you know that the Profound Heaven Sword art is ranked third in the Sword Art Ranking and the first supremacy that you had killed was actually Gongsun Zan. He is actually one of the top thirty swordsmen in the entire fraternity. He won’t be so foolish to let you make a sneak attack at him.”

Ling Feiyue chuckled softly before she continued, “You seem to have recognized him too. This, I am very sure. Because I notice that your eyes have been following him right from the very start.”

She turned to look at him with an endeavoring look, “Your sword broke through his profound defenses. I saw his sword shifted suddenly by half an inch by a mysterious force just before you kill him.”

Then she lowered her voice as she chuckled, “Although it appears that you had imbued your sword with profound power but what really kills him was your sword energies attack. You are able to use profound power and sword energies simultaneously? Is this your real trump card?”

Yuan Ji was now frowning. It was a bad mistake to have her around to observe his duel and her eyes were really too sharp.

“Also, you are only using your left hand. The Sword Saint Ji Yuan that I know is a right hander. I must be really wary of you when I am fighting you again.” Ling Feiyue chuckled beautifully as she winked at him.

Yuan Ji: …

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Chapter 51: Lotus Sword Manor Trial (3)

Ling Feiyue had averted her eyes from him, “You…who says anything about killing you?”

Yuan Ji smiled bitterly, “I don’t believe it. I have secretly watched your secret duel and I…” He could not continue. How could he say that he had accidentally outrage her modesty?

So he said, “Your bounty is the best proof of your intention.”

Ling Feiyue was flushing lightly as she smiled gently, “It is a find dead and alive bounty and not a kill bounty. Did you get it wrong somewhere?”

Yuan Ji was frowning lightly, “Is there a difference?”

Ling Feiyue chuckled softly, “Of course there is a difference. I know that you won’t die so easily. So I’m betting for you to look for me to remove the bounty.”

Yuan Ji: …

He was really looking for her to find out more about Xia Jiajia and not to remove the bounty. But of course he could not rule out a fight with her.

“I may even die in your hands in a similar way that you had done to the assassin leader of the Black Thief Guild.” Ling Feiyue smiled before averting her eyes.

Yuan Ji quietly asked, “If you have done speaking, why don’t you raise your sword now?”

Ling Feiyue gasped softly, “Ji Yuan, do we have to fight with each other? Because that is not my intention. I…just want to befriend you.”

Yuan Ji smiled bitterly, “Befriend me? Dark Mistress Ling Feiyue who is now a Great Saintess. You really knows how to joke with me. Have you forgotten how you have toyed with me a hundred years ago?”

Ling Feiyue quietly said as she looked at him woefully, “Because I am an unorthodox cultivator and that is why we can’t be friends? Or is it because of some other reasons?”

Yuan Ji kept quiet. He was waiting for her to draw her sword and he would not be fooled into lowering his guard.

It was a common ruse for the unorthodox cultivators to trick their opponents into complacency and he had seen it too many times.

Ling Feiyue looked up to him and said gently, “Do you want to know about Xia Jiajia and what happened a hundred years ago?”

Yuan Ji had a light tremble and he replied without any hesitation, “I do.”

Ling Feiyue smiled gently, “But I can only share with you if you are willing to befriend me.”

Yuan Ji: …

He rubbed his chin before he returned a light nod.

But he could not resist asking, “I am just a nobody and I do not deserved to be a friend of the renowned Goddess Dark Mistress Ling Feiyue…”

All of a sudden Ling Feiyue had loosened the braid on the top of her head and had loosened her hair. In a split second, she had turned around swiftly and had changed to a maiden robe.

She was giggling softly and was absolutely stunning.

If Yuan Ji was unmoved by her beautiful presence then he must be lying to his heart. In fact, his heart was pacing rapidly and he was muttering silently. “This is too sinful.” It was as though her smiles had the power to bewitch and to steal away one’s soul.

Ling Feiyue laughed jovially as she winked at him, “How do I look?”

Yuan Ji pretended to throw her an uninterested look, “Not bad. So you can tell me now?”

All of a sudden Ling Feiyue had flashed in front of him, startling him as she looked up to him. “Which part do you want me to start with?”

Yuan Ji smiled bitterly before he said. “Up to you.”

Ling Feiyue had suddenly grabbed his hand and said gently, “Why don’t we make a move first as we chat? This place isn’t exactly safe for us to be stationary.”

Yuan Ji was a little flustered when he felt the electric pulse of her tender hand while Ling Feiyue was also flustered when she felt the comforting warmth of his hand.

Yuan Ji was a little startled that his psychology defenses had broken down so rapidly in front of her and he had even allowed her to grab his hand. It was because there was no killing intent that had come from her and it also happened too fast.

With a soft sigh, he began to follow her pace.

“I have actually admired you for a long time and I have always wanted to see what you are like.” Ling Feiyue said gently.

Yuan Ji was startled as he looked curiously at her, “You admire me? For what?”

Ling Feiyue refused to answer him and instead she continued, “One day, while I was preparing for my personal duel with Xue Qianxue, the maiden that you had known as Xia Jiajia had paid me a visit and told me that she had a ruse to enable me to defeat Xue Qianxue and also to lure you to me so that I could have a look at you.”

Yuan Ji was smiling bitterly, “This is exactly what Xue Qianxue had told me as well. What I don’t understand is, your personal duel had nothing to do with me right? Why drag me into it?”

Ling Feiyue averted her eyes shyly, “Because you had once created a poem…”

“Alright, I know that part. Please accept my sincere apologies for that.” Yuan Ji said bitterly while cursing Guo Tianming silently.

“I only know her as Xia Jiajia but for her real background, I really do not know.” Ling Feiyue said quietly. “Ever since that day, I have never seen her again.”

Yuan Ji was startled, “You don’t know her?!”

Ling Feiyue shook her head, “I am telling the whole truth. Whether you believe it or not, it is up to you. I only know that she is also a seventh realm expert and she can even come and go freely in the forbidden ground of my sect.”

Yuan Ji sighed softly. This also matched the account that was with Xue Qianxue. Xia Jiajia seemed to be a super exponent and maybe even more so than Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue.

“Why should she help you to win the duel?” Yuan Ji asked her. “There must be a purpose. I don’t believe that she is so free.”

Ling Feiyue nodded, “Although I don’t know why she is helping me and who she is but I can roughly guess where she is from.”

“You do?!” Yuan Ji looked at her with an excited look.

Ling Feiyue nodded lightly. “The second half of the Two Goddesses and My Beautiful Beard actually offers a clue. I’ve been trying to figure her out for a while now.”

She began to recite, “The lovely laughter of the two Goddess Maidens transcends the seven lofty peaks of the realm and the hundred flowers. Their beautiful songs stir my passions to no ends.”

“The seven lofty peaks refer to the seven major orthodox clans. Your poem may have offended one of the seven major powers of the orthodox clans. You must know that there are many hidden experts within the seven major orthodox clans and Xia Jiajia is one of them.” Ling Feiyue pointed out.

Yuan Ji gasped softly, “You are right. Why didn’t I think of that? I am the one that had created the poem. The seven lofty peaks did refer to the seven major orthodox clans.”

“When you extolled the beauty of Xue Qianxue and I, you have unwittingly offended a great beauty from one of the seven major orthodox clans. Therefore she may be trying to set you up at the same time to avenge her honor.” Ling Feiyue said quietly before adding. “You must admit that Xia Jiajia is indeed very beautiful.”

Yuan Ji was forced to nod; it was because he had been smitten by her when they had met for the first time.

“Very beautiful.” He added after a while and he was grinning bashfully.

Finally he heaved a soft sigh, “Thank you for sharing with me this much. Actually I have something to share with you as well.”

“Yes?” Ling Feiyue asked curiously.

“Xia Jiaqing is Xia Jiajia. I’ve been looking for her for some time but I don’t know where she is.”

Ling Feiyue gasped softly, “Xia Jiaqing is actually Xia Jiajia?! What is she doing in the Emperor Hall Sect for?”

Then she began to frown unhappily, “The Emperor Hall Sect is at the Five Heavens Peaks and so is the Orthodox Sword Sect. Is she waiting for you?”

Yuan Ji immediately stammered, “Of course not!”

Ling Feiyue had suddenly let loose of his hand and said coldly, “You’re lying. Before we parted, Xia Jiajia had told me that you had given her a pledge to wait you for a hundred years.”

“Wait, I can explain…” Yuan Ji panicky said but he could not think of a reason to explain it.

Ling Feiyue had now turned away in the other direction now.

All of sudden Yuan Ji had caught hold of her wrist and said, “I really like Jiajia and I’m looking for her but I have no idea where she is or who she is.”

Ling Feiyue knocked his hand off her and said coldly, “You can tell it to Xia Jiajia. I am not her. Why are you telling me all these for?”

Yuan Ji smiled weakly, “Because you are jealous?”

Ling Feiyue immediately turned around and folded her arms before saying coldly to him, “I will be jealous?”

Yuan Ji probed her, “If you are not jealous then where are you going?”

Ling Feiyue hummed coldly, “This great saintess here feels like soloing the trial on my own. This is none of your business to stop me.”

Yuan Ji smiled weakly, “But the iron pagoda is over there. You are going in the wrong direction.”

“That is still my business, am I right?”

“Erm…” Yuan Ji said weakly, “But we are friends, am I right?”

“Who are friends with you? I am from an unorthodox clan. I dare not make friend with a Sword Saint of the orthodox side or I may lose my life without knowing why.” Ling Feiyue continued to say coldly.

“Alright then. Good bye.” Yuan Ji had turned around to walk off.

Ling Feiyue gasped softly, “Why don’t you try harder to persuade me to go with you?”

Yuan Ji said without turning back, “Hmm, someone just says we are from the opposite sides. Although I want to befriend her but she is too high and aloof. Therefore why am I seeking my own trouble?”

Ling Feiyue had flashed next to him, “Hmph! I know that you can’t wait to get rid of me so I have decided to follow you to give you some troubles.”

Yuan Ji paused in his tracks to look at her intently before saying quietly, “You’re really beautiful especially when you are smiling. You shouldn’t be cross dressing all the time. You should let your enchanting beauty be known.”

Ling Feiyue giggled softly, “Why don’t you create a poem just for me?”

Yuan Ji rubbed his chin as he recalled her mesmerizing smiles before saying, “The heavenly smiles of the Goddess Maiden Feiyue is unparalleled, her mesmerizing laughter danced with the gentle winds, fills my heart with her endless delight.”

“Thank you.” Ling Feiyue gasped softly as she returned a shy look at him. “It is a beautiful poem. I like it.”

Yuan Ji smiled awkwardly, “Glad you like it.”

“So, did you create one for Xue Qianxue as well when you saw her?” Ling Feiyue asked quietly.

Yuan Ji began to smile bitterly, “No.”

Ling Feiyue looked intently at him before she inhaled softly, “Is that so. So how is your meet with her?”

Yuan Ji sighed softly. Somehow he knew that she would ask him about Xue Qianxue.

He merely replied, “It is a complete disaster. I tell you when I have the time.”

Ling Feiyue was startled as she asked curiously, “What happens?”

But Yuan Ji had run ahead toward the iron pagoda in a hurry and did not seem to hear her.

Ling Feiyue sighed softly, “Why don’t he tells me now? I have the time now…and why is he in such a hurry?”

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