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Chapter 111: Trivial (2)

Beitang Ying, Ye Jing and Gong Nanyan were now sitting opposite one another. They were all looking awkward and were just sipping tea while they studied their cultivation slips.

Finally Ye Jing could not resist the silence as she said in a half-teasing manner, “Beitang Ying, I see that you are a golden celestial now. The same as us. Isn’t this such a wonderful feeling? You ought to thank Xiaofang. He has made such a great sacrifice for you.”

Beitang Ying looked up at Ye Jing before she said quietly, “This you need not worry. I am not an ungrateful person and will find a way to repay him.”

Ye Jing laughed softly, “Surely you are not thinking of using your body to repay him or something like that?”

Beitang Ying raised her eyes to meet Ye Jing before she said quietly, “This method is a little too low, am I right?”

Gong Nanyan: …

Ye Jing: …

Beitang Ying smiled faintly as she added sarcastically, “Even if I deploy this method, I will be ten times and a hundred times better than any of you. Am I right? The two of you look so traditional. To get a man’s heart, it all dependable if you are able to service him good in bed.”

Gong Nanyan, Ye Jing: …

Ye Jing smiled weakly but she was thinking, “You are a virgin and you are lecturing us? How shameless can you be…” But she could not tell her that she was no longer a virgin and she could only display an idiotic expression.

She tried to change to another topic, “What are you planning to do after this?”

Beitang Ying replied without a second thought, “I intend to follow Saintess Yuqing. Wherever she goes, I am going as well.”

Ye Jing smiled weakly as she thought, “Don’t tell me she is in that type of a relationship…no wonder she is still a chaste maiden at her age…”

Beitang Ying looked at her and asked, “What about you? Are you going to marry Xiaofang after the final battle is over?”

Ye Jing laughed softly as she tried to hide her shyness, “No one can predict if that will be the final battle. Moreover, I may not be alive after this too. If you want to ask about Xiaofang, you can ask Nanyan here. Whatever happens to Xiaofang, I do not care because I am totally not interested in him.”

Beitang Ying: …

Gong Nanyan: ….

Beitang Ying looked at Ye Jing and said coldly, “Do you think that I am blind or an idiot?”

Ye Jing chuckled softly, “Say whatever you like.”

Beitang Ying looked at Gong Nanyan and asked, “So you like Xiaofang?”

Gong Nanyan coolly looked at her and said, “Whether I like Xiaofang or not is my business and none of your business.”

Beitang Ying looked intently at Gong Nanyan before she heaved a soft sigh, “Actually even if you never tell me, I am still able to guess.”

Still Gong Nanyan did not say anything but continued to study her cultivation slips.

All of a sudden there was a mini explosion in Ye Jing’s room and she was startled. She panicky flashed to her room as she cried out, “Yu’Er!? Are you alright?”

Gong Nanyan and Beitang Ying followed right behind her.

Ye Jing’s room was in a mess now, with broken furniture and there were multiple fires that were burning all over.

Yu’Er was in the middle of the room in her true phoenix form and she was so large that her head had even reached the ceiling.

Ye Jing asked weakly, “I thought what it is. So it is my Yu’Er that has a breakthrough to the Eighth Rank…”

Gong Nanyan and Beitang Ying were both startled when they had heard that. An eighth rank desolate beast was equivalent to a cultivator that was between an upper golden celestial and an initial sacred saint.

Right now, this phoenix was now an eighth rank Saint Beast!

Ye Jing swept her eyes around her room and said unhappily, “You have better clean this mess up or else I will wed you to an old and ugly phoenix.”

Yu’Er was crying and shrieking as she flapped her wings in protest…

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