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Chapter 214: Golden Transformation Crisis (1)

Lu Qingyun was pacing up and down outside a cave with an anxious look.

Tang Xuefeng smiled, “Look at you. You look like it is your consort that is in labor.”

Lu Qingyun smiled bitterly, “Jingjing is undergoing her life and death tribulation to the fifth realm golden celestial level now. So how can I not be worried for her?”

Tang Xuefeng nodded as her golden eyes flashed into the wilderness of the mountains. “We ought to be better guardians for her then as it seems that we have some company soon.”

Lu Qingyun quickly said as he brandished his divine sword Jade Light, “Xuefeng, please help me to look after Jingjing and don’t let the desolate beasts approach her.”

“You can trust me to protect her.” Tang Xuefeng replied immediately as she brandished her half-step divine sword and stood guard over the entrance of the cave.

The three of them had been on the road for slightly more than a month now. During this one month, Qian Jingjing’s soul sea was slowly being healed by Yunqing and Tang Xuefeng had also taken noticed of Qian Jingjing’s injuries.

It was only then that Lu Qingyun and Qian Jingjing had realized that Tang Xuefeng was also a superb physician and she had patiently treated and restored Qian Jingjing’s broken meridians.

What divine pills could not do, Tang Xuefeng was able to accomplish it.

Lu Qingyun was startled that Tang Xuefeng was not just a genius in cooking, alchemy, celestial arrays but also in healing treatments.

“Is she a genius or what?”

Very soon Qian Jingjing and Tang Xuefeng were calling each other each other sisters this and sisters that in an intimate manner.

And suddenly Qian Jingjing had a divine revelation that she was about to breakthrough to the fifth realm level, startling Lu Qingyun and Tang Xuefeng.

So they quickly found her a cave for her to overcome her divine calamity.

Tang Xuefeng had said anxiously, “The spirit force in this area is too weak for her to sustain her breakthrough. She may fail. Moreover the desolate force in this vicinity is strong and during her breakthrough, she may attract plenty of high level desolate beasts that would attempt to devour her. Right now, she is like a beacon that is attracting all the unwanted attention.”

Lu Qingyun quickly took out dozens of high grade spirit stones and gave it all to Qian Jingjing, “Take all these. These can substitute for your spiritual force and restore your inner sea elixir.”

Qian Jingjing and Tang Xuefeng were both stunned when they saw the dozens of high grade spirit stones that Lu Qingyun had taken out.

“How come we didn’t know that Brother Qingyun is so rich?” Qian Jingjing teased him.

Lu Qingyun laughed before he said solemnly, “Jingjing, hurry inside the cave and setup your breakthrough arrays. I will take care of any threatening desolate monsters and will keep you safe.”

And that was the situation earlier.

Now Lu Qingyun was rushing out of the cave to confront the desolate beasts that were rapidly ascending from the desolate mists to devour Qian Jingjing, whose body was now dissipating a strong animus of profound energies. Her profound energies were made even more delicious to the desolate beasts in the vicinity because it had the added profound spirit of a powerful sentient entity. To consume Qian Jingjing would mean instant evolution to these desolate beasts!

Outside the cave where tall trees covered the mountains, dozens of desolate beasts had already gathered. However, not all the desolate beasts were alive as the different species had battled out for this ‘nectar’ that was attracting them.

Lu Qingyun was startled to see the sight of so many of these desolate beasts.

Among them was a powerful spiked seventh rank dire wolf that was now moving to claim its ‘prize’ and Lu Qingyun was blocking it.

Lu Qingyun could see that there were at least six sixth rank desolate beasts that had gathered up the mountains but these desolate beasts were not making a move yet because a more powerful seventh rank desolate dire wolf was now in the vicinity.

He was smiling weakly, “So I have to fight a seventh rank desolate beast now…”

In his hand was the divine sword Jade Light but all of a sudden, it was resonating softly.

“Master, Xingxin will aid you!”

Lu Qingyun could feel profound energies pulsing through his veins and he could feel the divine sword Jade Light was reverberating. “I’ve divine harmonized with my divine sword?”

All of a sudden the seventh rank dire wolf had dashed to him with a startling speed!

Lu Qingyun had no time to think further. He was actually thinking should he split his divine sword into two to execute two sword arts at the same time. But this time, he simply reacted out of pure reflexes and had executed his faster sword art which was the ‘Alpha Soaring Heavens as One’.


A powerful wave of profound sword energies had slashed mightily against the body of the seventh rank dire wolf and had sent it flying backward.

Immediately, this seventh rank dire wolf was immediately attacked by the other sixth rank desolate beasts for the wounds that it had received from Lu Qingyun was quite fatal.

Lu Qingyun was startled at the profound power that he had just displayed against the seventh rank dire wolf. It was definitely more powerful than when he had used it on the Seventh Rank King Raptor!

“This is the power of a saint grade divine sword….” Lu Qingyun was staring blankly at his divine sword.

After seeing Lu Qingyun’s profound power display, the other desolate beasts did not make a move.

Lu Qingyun was quite surprised as he thought, “What are they waiting for?”

But he soon got his answer as the ground was suddenly trembling.

It was because the gigantic form of an Eighth Rank Emperor Tyrant was seen looming in the darkness. It was so huge that all the other desolate beasts dwarfed in size compared to it.

Lu Qingyun had turned ashen immediately.

It was because it would take a seventh realm golden saint cultivator to fight on par with an Eighth Rank Desolate Beast and even then they may lose their lives. Moreover, this Eighth Rank Emperor Tyrant was a terrifying monster that even great saints may not be able to defeat.

Seventh rank and eighth rank desolate beasts were in two totally leagues!

Lu Qingyun was blinking his eyes as he sighed heavily, “What luck…”

Lu Qingyun was suddenly smiling to himself, “Jingjing, I’ll protect you. If I can’t even protect you or Xuefeng, can I even protect my Keqin?”

His profound aura was now burning furious in a white and gold animus as he said with trembling voice, “Yan’Er, we are going all out. Do you regret having a good-for-nothing master like me?”

Yan’Er burst out of his inner cultivation sea and chuckled, “I love my master the most!”

“Master, Yan’Er has also divine harmonized with the Horizon of the Heavens now. Why don’t you try wielding it?”

With that Yan’Er had transformed into a beaming silver sword that was also reverberating along with the divine sword Jade Light.

Lu Qingyun lifted both divine swords up as two bright rainbow halos began to surround him. Immediately he could feel a crushing pressure that was upon him as he tried to lift the two divine swords with his profound strength.

The earth beneath him had immediately sunk into the ground, caused by the pressure of the profound aura that had suddenly enveloped him. But this was also making it difficult for him to swing his swords as every little movement was eating his profound strength.

Lu Qingyun sighed heavily, “Yan’Er, Xingxin. I’m afraid that it is still too difficult for me to wield two divine swords at the same time. I can’t split my profound strength between the two divine swords….I am still not strong enough…”

All of a sudden there was a sudden flashback as he recalled the first time that he had met Qin Keqin and how she had defeated the Ninth Rank Golden Roc.

“Keqin didn’t need much strength to defeat a Ninth Rank Golden Roc. She always focused all her attacks into one point. That is why she has invented the Heavens as One attack…”

Then he looked at Yan’Er and Xingxin with a weak smile, “This may be a little last minute but I need to divine harmonize the three of us together. We can only succeed or die.”

Yan’Er and Xingxin were startled but they were nodding immediately as they could read what was in Lu Qingyun’s mind.

“Let’s do it then!” Lu Qingyun mustered his voice to give a great shout.

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Chapter 16: Elder Yuan Ji

Ji Yuan was now Yuan Ji again as he finished recollecting the events that had happened a hundred years ago.

A hundred years ago, there were the Two Goddesses of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity and a hundred years later, there were now the Four Great Beauties of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity. The irony thing was that he had actually known every single one of them…

He was now a seventh realm sacred saint now except for a minor glitch; he had yet to gain the profound strength of a golden saint because he had burnt up all his inner cultivation sea in his desperate bid for a breakthrough.

At the same time, he had ended his seclusion prematurely because he had remembered his pledge to Xia Jiajia.

But now when he had returned, he was saddened to see that she had largely forgotten about him.

Not only that, to add salt to injury, she had even declared that his beautiful beard was in fact, ugly.

He muttered weakly, “I thought that she is attracted to me because of my beautiful beard. I am really blind. And to think that we have even exchange a pledge of love together in the past.”

All of a sudden he was rubbing his chin, “Actually I only lose a heaven-step precious sword but what I have in return is an earth-step divine sword. I didn’t really lose anything except for some hurtful feelings. Maybe I should forgive her?”

But he was soon shaking his head, “Just because she has a pretty face and a beautiful body, are you going to lose your last thread of your man’s pride and to forgive her for insulting your beard? No way is this going to happen.”

“Since she doesn’t know that I am really Ji Yuan and that she seems to be interested in me, maybe I should toy with her feelings first.”

“Am I that bad?”

“I’m supposed to be the gentleman of the sword….”

“Let’s not forget that I am in this state because of her…”

He was soon sighing because she had conspired with Ling Feiyue to set him up.

“No, this is just my guess and I’ve no evidence. If not why did she agree to my hundred years’ pledge? Aww Ji Yuan, you have almost made a big mistake and have wronged her. She did wait for me for a hundred years. I am the one that didn’t dare to tell her otherwise that I’m back…”

“No wait, I still got a vendetta to settle with her for causing my sect to be in this horrible state and for causing Ye Chengxi to suffer.”

“Also why did she change her name from Xia Jiajia to Xia Jiaqing?”

“Actually that is reasonable. Because Xue Qianxue is pursuing her and she is merely a fifth realm golden celestial back then. Therefore it is only reasonable that she is forced to change her name.”

All of a sudden, he was feeling a little guilty. “Actually it isn’t her fault. It is mine…”

He began to sigh heavily as he recalled the night that he was spying on Xue Qianxue when she was taking her bath and he was now drooling a little at the steamy scene. “I didn’t follow the script that is given to me. If I had only checked the mirrors instead…”

“If everything works according to plan, I may not be in this sorry state now…”

“Maybe I am already holding Jiajia in the bed now…”

Soon he had dozed off and he was dreaming that he was banging Xia Jiajia.

He had failed to notice that a peerless exquisite maiden was quietly listening to his mutterings. She was leaning quietly against the wall as she listened.

She was actually Xia Jiaqing.

She said silently, “Ji Yuan, thank you for finding so many reasons to forgive me. It is better that you do not know that this is really a setup for you. It is better for you not to know what really happens. Or you won’t forgive me…”

With a gentle tiptoe, she had quietly vanished from view.

Ji Yuan would never know she had been around because Xia Jiaqing’s lightless skill was actually even more superior to that of Xue Qianxue, Ling Feiyue and himself.

The next day the Palace Mistress Xia Jiaqing had summoned all the elders to her presence in the Great Emperor Hall.

There used to be only four elders and now there were five elders.

She was soon smiling to Li Qiang, Hai Sheng, Deng Qiu and Tang Ao who were the original four elders before turning her attention to smile warmly at Yuan Ji.

“This is Elder Yuan Ji and he will be the fifth elder of the Emperor Hall Sect.” She chuckled softly as she re-introduced Yuan Ji to everyone again.

All four elders instantly expressed their shocks and protests against the ‘sudden’ appointment of Yuan Ji as Elder.

“How can Yuan Ji be an elder?”

“He is only a lowly cultivator!”

“In what way is he fit to be an elder of our great Emperor Hall Sect?”

“Did he use sorcery on our Palace Mistress?”

Actually the four elders had already known of Yuan Ji’s appointment through their networks and they were merely pretending to express their fake surprises.

“Oh? The four elders have some disagreements?” Xia Jiaqing yawned softly as she took a lazy look at them.

Li Qiang immediately stepped forward, “Indeed! On this issue, it seems that the four elders are united on this matter!”

Deng Qiu stroked his heavy beard as he hummed coldly, “This Yuan Ji is just a pretty face. Look at his beardless chin, he is just a young lad that still needs milk!”

Yuan Ji was immediately flustered and just as he was about to rebuke Deng Qiu angrily, Xia Jiaqing was suddenly looking at Hai Sheng with a soft chuckle, “Weird. Elder Hai Sheng, why is your face so red?”

Hai Sheng was immediately stammering, “I…I…” He was still suffering from the ill-effects of the Elated Happiness Powder and now looking at the enticing figure of Xia Jiaqing in front of him was enough to turn him hard on.

“Elder Hai Sheng, you do not look too well. Why don’t you retire first?” Xia Jiaqing offered a suggestion.

Hai Sheng immediately lowered his head as he rushed out of the hall, “Indeed I am not well today. I am still suffering from the grief of losing my son…”

Li Qiang was muttering, “The four elders here…the three elders here…”

Xia Jiaqing had suddenly clapped her hands as she yawned softly before walking off, “Dismiss…”

Li Qiang, Deng Qiu and Tang Ao began to stare coldly after her as though they could not wait to rip her clothing apart and to set themselves on her.

This was not lost on Yuan Ji who was quietly watching their lecherous eyes.

He cursed softly, “Why did Xia Jiajia have to put herself in the company of these wolves? Even her personal attendants cannot be trusted and are in cahoots with these elders.”

As soon as Xia Jiaqing and her personal attendants had disappeared from view, Li Qiang immediately said to Yuan Ji. “Elder Yuan Ji, do not say that I did not warn you first. The position of elder in the Emperor Hall Sect is not an easy position for you to manage.”

Deng Qiu smirked coldly, “Or a position that you can hold for even a few days. So watch your steps!”

Tang Ao laughed coldly, “An elder without the support of any protégés is just a toothless tiger. If you are smart enough, you ought to tell Palace Mistress that you are willing to step down from your elder position. If you do so, I will be willing to take you under my wing and…” He laughed before he added slyly. “…and under my protection.”

Yuan Ji had three options now.

One was to ingratiate himself with them immediately.

Two was to taunt them back.

Three was to keep quiet.

He immediately made his option and said coldly, “I like being an elder. Maybe I will even ask Palace Mistress to make me a grand elder and be in charge of the elders. This will be better than in charge of any protégés. Don’t you agree with me?”

When he had said that, the three elders were all so flushed with anger that they waved angrily at him. “Just you watch out! You stupid fellow. You still don’t know the rules of the game yet! You will regret this!”

When they had left the hall, Yuan Ji inhaled out a sigh of relief. “Actually I can’t beat them now. Maybe they did not dare to beat me up because they fear the Palace Mistress. But if I were to go out now, they will be waiting outside to beat me up.”

So he decided to stay inside the hall for a little while longer since he had nothing better to do.

All of a sudden, he was thinking. “Weird. I’ve thought that Elder Hai Sheng has been afflicted by the Elated Happiness Powder last night. How did he manage to have the strength to crawl here today?”

He began to rub his chin, “I think I should take a little look at his residence…”

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Chapter 213: Young Master Tang Feng

Soon Lu Qingyun and Qian Jingjing were traveling along the mountains. They did not stop at the first outpost camp but had departed from the Moon Demon Forest immediately.

After traveling for a few hours, Lu Qingyun said to the smiling Qian Jingjing. “Jingjing, actually I have something to tell you.”

Qian Jingjing looked at him curiously, “Brother Qingyun, what is it?”

Lu Qingyun began to sigh softly before he said awkwardly, “Actually, I like a maiden. She is constantly in my heart.”

Qian Jingjing looked away as she said quietly, “And she is definitely isn’t me because we have only just met, am I right?”

Lu Qingyun smiled weakly, “I don’t want to lie to you. We have been through several rounds of life and death situations together already. We are friends.”

Qian Jingjing smiled weakly, “Who is she? I am curious.”

Lu Qingyun began to stammer, “Actually she is…”

“Your sect leader?” Qian Jingjing said quietly.

Lu Qingyun was startled, “Jingjing, how did you know?”

Qian Jingjing smiled weakly, “I saw her before. She is like a goddess. But are you sure it isn’t a one-sided and is it even allowed?”

Lu Qingyun quietly said, “Actually we have pledged ourselves to each other.”

Qian Jingjing gasped softly, “Really?”

Lu Qingyun nodded quietly, “That’s right.”

Then he added with a heavy sigh, “I know that this relationship that is between us is frowned upon but I do not care. She is the maiden of my heart. It is like that she is the maiden that I’ve been waiting for a long time. It is like I have known her for a long time.”

“I have to find her.” He added slowly.

Qian Jingjing lowered her glances, “But Jingjing don’t understand why she has to leave you without telling you where she is going?”

Lu Qingyun smiled, “I’m sure that she has her own reasons for doing so.” He could not tell her that Qin Keqin was actually the Great Saintess Fan Yuqing.

Qian Jingjing was suddenly giggling, “Brother Qingyun, I won’t change my mind about you. Just as she is the maiden of your heart, you are the man of my heart. Jingjing knows what to do. Thank you for sharing with me.”

Lu Qingyun: …

He began to sigh softly before he smiled, “Jingjing, let me show you a new friend. Alright?”

“Oh?” Qian Jingjing said curiously. “A new friend?”

Lu Qingyun said, “Yan’Er and Xingxin, please come out.”

Immediately two little girls about five had appeared.

Qian Jingjing had of course recognized Yan’Er but for Xingxin, it was her first time seeing her. “Xingxin is also a spirit entity?”

Lu Qingyun laughed, “Indeed.”

Qian Jingjing was astonished, “Is it even possible to have two spirit entities in the first place? Moreover, you have two sentient spirit entities too.”

Then she smiled to Xingxin, “Hello Xingxin. I’m Qian Jingjing. I have a spirit entity too. Yunqing, please come out.”

Yunqing smiled as she appeared from within Qian Jingjing’s soul sea. “Hello…Xingxin…”

Xingxin was giggling softly, “I have sensed you earlier and have wanted to talk to you…”

Yunqing smiled, “It is good to…have…more friends…”

“This is really so interesting. Three sentient spirit entities…” A voice said above them.

Lu Qingyun and Qian Jingjing were both startled. They did not realize that someone else was here!

Yan’Er was also startled, “I didn’t sense any intruder too…”

Yunqing and Xingxin were both pointing at a white figure that was above them.

And this white figure had made a gentle jump and landed lightly in front of Lu Qingyun and Qian Jingjing.

He had a silver fan that covered his face as he said coolly, “I’m Young Master Tang Feng.”

Lu Qingyun was blinking his eyes but he quickly introduced himself, “I am Lu Qingyun…”

“I know.” Young Master Tang Feng was suddenly laughing softly as he put down his fan.

When Lu Qingyun and Qian Jingjing saw ‘his’ face, they were so startled that they had both taken a step back. t was especially so for Lu Qingyun and his heart was suddenly pounding hard.

It was because this Young Master Tang Feng was actually Tang Xuefeng, who was dressed in a male attire.

Tang Xuefeng winked at Lu Qingyun as she smiled shyly, “I’m Tang Feng, Feng as in Wind and not Feng as Phoenix. I am not Xuefeng the Snowy Phoenix that you have known.”

Lu Qingyun frowned lightly, “But you are Tang Xuefeng…”

“Well, I am Tang Feng now.” Tang Xuefeng chuckled softly.

Lu Qingyun smiled weakly, “Well, hello Tang Feng.”

Tang Xuefeng averted her eyes as she said shyly, “I’ll be joining your party.”

Lu Qingyun and Qian Jingjing were startled as they looked at each other.

“It has been a long time since I have joined an experiential expedition. So I’m thinking of joining your party.” Tang Xuefeng looked shyly at Lu Qingyun.

“Erm, is it even allowed?” Lu Qingyun muttered. “I mean that you are a golden celestial of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa. Are you even allowed to leave your duties…”

Tang Xuefeng interrupted with a soft laugh, “Then what about you? With your master and sect leader?”

Lu Qingyun was startled, “You have overheard?”

Tang Xuefeng averted her eyes shyly, “Rather than saying that I have overheard, it is better to say that I’ve known about it.”

Lu Qingyun: …

He was thinking, “Just how many people already know about Keqin and I? Isn’t this supposed to be our secret?”

Qian Jingjing asked curiously, “Since you have already known that Brother Qingyun already has the maiden that is in his heart, why are you here?” She was really direct.

But Tang Xuefeng did not seem to mind as she laughed shyly, “Like you, I have already decided who is the man in my heart is and that is why I’m here.”

Qian Jingjing: ….

Lu Qingyun: …

“You don’t welcome me to join your party?” Tang Xuefeng asked quietly as she averted her eyes shyly.

Lu Qingyun said awkwardly, “It isn’t that but we are going to a dangerous place. We are going to fight the heretic cultivators and it is not a good thing to…”

“To bring me along?” Tang Xuefeng added for him.

“If something were to happen to you, Supremacy Yufeng’s wrath and the Heavenly Fragrance Princess’ wrath will be upon me.” Lu Qingyun laughed weakly.

Tang Xuefeng chuckled softly, “Then you ought to watch out for me and make sure that you don’t allow me to come to harm.”

Lu Qingyun: …

Then she lifted her lovely fingers to point at Lu Qingyun with a soft chuckle, “Or else I will complain to the Great Saintess Fan Yuqing about you.”

Qian Jingjing was gasping, “The Great Saintess Fan Yuqing? She is still around?”

Tang Xuefeng winked at her, “I can even introduce you to her.”

“Really?!” Qian Jingjing was beaming with excitement. “I wonder if she is willing to accept a disciple then.”

Lu Qingyun smiled weakly to Qian Jingjing, “Honestly, I don’t think it is a good idea. You will never learn anything from her. In the end, you are better off alone.”

Qian Jingjing: ???

Lu Qingyun added with an even weaker smile, “I mean she is too busy to teach anyone.”

Tang Xuefeng was laughing softly as she watched Lu Qingyun and Qian Jingjing. “Yes, the Great Saintess Fan Yuqing is really extremely busy, especially if she is seeing someone.”

Lu Qingyun: …

Lu Qingyun quickly said with a flustered look, “Celestial Xuefeng really knows how to joke.”

Tang Xuefeng chuckled softly, “I can really make a good guide. I can promise you I won’t lead you wandering in circles unlike someone here.”

Qian Jingjing smiled weakly, “I just need a good map, that’s all. Who says I have no sense of direction?”

Tang Xuefeng giggled, “Did I say you have no sense of direction?”

Qian Jingjing: …

Tang Xuefeng laughed softly, “So am I welcome to join your party?”

Actually Lu Qingyun was more than happy to welcome her because there were still many things that he could learn from her in alchemy. It was just that he was worried that it may not be safe for her. So he could only muttered, “Of course, we welcome you…”

Tang Xuefeng giggled softly as she winked at Lu Qingyun, “Maybe you can introduce Yan’Er, Xingxin and Yunqing to me first before we continue our way?”

Lu Qingyun muttered awkwardly, “You’ve already overheard us earlier…”

But Tang Xuefeng had turned to say to the spirit entities, “Hello, I am Celestial Tang Xuefeng. But now I am traveling incognito and will be known as Young Master Tang Feng. I’ll be traveling with your masters now.”

Qian Jingjing muttered with a displeased look at Tang Xuefeng, “Welcome, welcome…”

Lu Qingyun was not blind to see that Qian Jingjing was not entirely happy to see Tang Xuefeng so he laughed aloud to drown out her bitter tone, “Welcome, welcome…”

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Chapter 15: One Hundred Years Ago (6)

Ji Yuan was cursing himself softly. He was now lost in the mountains.

He began to blame himself, “I should have waited until daybreak to leave the inn. I can’t see a thing in the darkness. Never mind. The first ray of the sun is here now. I can finally continue on my way.”

All of a sudden, his sharp eyes spotted an extremely beautiful maiden below him.

This extremely beautiful maiden was giggling softly and there was a soft golden animus around her as she leapt with a startling speed across the ground, touching only the tip of the grasses and rocks with her gentle steps.

She was extremely breathtaking and he found himself looking at her curved slim figure.

Ji Yuan was suddenly startled. It was because he had suddenly realized that this extremely beautiful maiden was a seventh realm saintess as evidenced by her light steps and speed that she was moving but she was not Xue Qianxue.

“Who is she? Why will there be another saintess in this wilderness? And why is she so happy about?”

Curious, he began to follow her.

Before long, he had followed her to a valley and she had stopped in her tracks.

She was looking all around her as she swept her divine sense into her vicinity.

But as Ji Yuan was actually quite far away and he had relied on his good eyesight to follow her, therefore he was not detected by her.

“Is she waiting for her lover?” Ji Yuan thought curiously.

All of a sudden Ji Yuan had turned ashen because this extremely maiden had suddenly turned her face around and he almost got a heart-attack as he had recognized Ling Feiyang.

“Why is he cross dressing into a maiden?” He was perplexed. “This is too sinful to my eyes. I didn’t know that he has such a fetish…”

He began to mutter, “I should go now. I’m not interested in a man…”

“Wait a minute.” He had a sudden thought. “Ling Feiyang is a seventh realm golden saint?!”

He was suddenly gasping with shock. “I think I may have offended him that day…”

“Why am I so unlucky recently?”

He was soon muttering, “Why is he in this wilderness? Don’t tell me he is meeting Sacred Maiden Xue Qianxue to duel with her?”

How could he leave like this if that was the case? This was a golden opportunity to observe the secret duel that was between two seventh realm experts. Moreover since the two of them were his potential enemies, it would pay him good to observe their fights so that he could prepare himself in the future.

What luck!

Therefore he quietly waited.

Ling Feiyang was now quietly sitting on a large rock and he was humming a beautiful tune.

Ji Yuan was rubbing his eyes. “Why is that the longer I watch him, the more that I feel that he is really a maiden? But it shouldn’t be. He is always looking so lecherously at my Xia Jiajia…”

Suddenly another extremely beautiful maiden in white had arrived and she was indeed Xue Qianxue.

“You are late for our duel.” Ling Feiyang was seen giggling softly.

Xue Qianxue hummed coldly, “Why are you being so impatient? Or you can’t wait to lose to me?”

“Who says that I will be losing to you?” Ling Feiyang smiled. “If you are willing to concede defeat to me then I won’t tell anyone about it. If not, hehe.”

“Fat hope!” Xue Qianxue hummed coldly as she unsheathed her precious sword.

“So be it then.” Ling Feiyang laughed as he leapt down from the rock.

Xue Qianxue said coolly, “We are the two most beautiful goddesses of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity. This duel will be interesting.”

“Indeed. Sacred Maiden Xue Qianxue versus Dark Mistress Ling Feiyue. I wonder what will be the outcome of this duel.” Ling Feiyue chuckled softly as she unsheathed her precious sword.

Ji Yuan who had been listening to their conversations was stunned all of a sudden. “She is Ling Feiyue? She is really a maiden?! Ling Feiyang, Ling Feiyue.”

He was suddenly gasping, “Why is that I’m so stupid? There isn’t any man that is more dashing than me anyway…so she is a maiden…I should have realized this long ago…”

All of a sudden he had turned ashen as he suddenly remembered that he had patted Ling Feiyue on her ‘chest’ that day and had even threatened her because he had wanted to get her off from Xia Jiajia.

“Shit. I’ve just offended two saintesses in just a matter of few days…”

Ji Yuan: …

“Where can I find ten lives to tank against these two saintesses…”

But his thoughts quickly returned to the upcoming duel between the two saintesses. “If I can observe their swordplay for any weakness then I may still stand a chance. Heavens must be on my side for causing me to be lost in these mountains.”

He was also thinking, “Their secret duel must surely be extremely earthshaking, moving the mountains and the seas. I should be supporting Xue Qianxue because she is from the orthodox celestial fraction. No wait, I should wish her dead instead. No wait again, I’ve also offended Ling Feiyue…maybe I should wish the two of them dead instead…”

“What a pity. Two beautiful goddesses dead in this wilderness and there is no one to pick their corpses. Maybe I should be the kind one here.” He added. “Wait, why is that I am excited below when I’ve thought of this? I am not thinking of checking their bodies or anything…”

Ling Feiyue was heard giggling, “I can now see why you are ranked as a beautiful goddess. You are indeed beautiful.”

Xue Qianxue smiled, “You are not bad looking yourself. The fluttering snow as white as the Goddess Maiden Qianxue and the spirit songs as vivid as the Goddess Maiden Feiyue.”

Ling Feiyue chuckled, “I must admit that the first line of the poem describes us perfectly. However the next line of this poem is a little lewd. To have the two beautiful goddesses to dance with the strokes of my beautiful beard is as heavenly as the sight of the immortal fairies.”

Xue Qianxue averted her eyes with a bitter smile, “It is indeed a little lewd. The poet is definitely a lecherous man. After I am done with you, I will slice this poet into multiple pieces.”

Ling Feiyue giggled and said lovingly, “Same here. He will definitely be a dead man after today.”

When Ji Yuan heard the poem, he almost fainted on the spot. He had made this poem when he was half-drunk and how did these two saintesses know about it?

“He will definitely be a dead man after today?” Ji Yuan muttered after her. All of a sudden he had a startled realization. “Don’t tell me that it is all a plot to lure me to this place? Everything that has happened in the past few days are too much of a coincidence. Don’t tell me they had setup me because I penned that poem?”

The next line of their conversations confirmed his suspicion.

“Ji Yuan will be a dead man soon.” The two beautiful goddesses laughed at the same time.

The two goddess maidens were now pointing their swords at each other.

“This is my Beautiful Maiden Swordplay…”

“This is my Flying Spirit Sword Art…”

Ji Yuan’s attention soon returned to the duel; it was because his heart was pounding with excitement that he was about to witness the most earthshaking battle that he was about to see in his life.

Xue Qianxue had swiftly displayed her Beautiful Maiden Swordplay as she quickly sent three strokes to point Ling Feiyue. “This is the triple slash of the third stance of my Beautiful Maiden Swordplay. So are you afraid?”

Ling Feiyue hummed coldly as she raised her sword in an upward stance, “The fourth stance of my Flying Spirit Sword Art will be able to neutralize your triple slash. Why don’t you try harder than this?”

Xue Qianxue hummed coldly, “I’m afraid that if I were to try harder, you will be dead in no time!”

“Prove it then.” Ling Feiyue giggled as she raised her sword fingers to display a defensive stance.

Ji Yuan was stunned by their sword display.

It was not because their sword display was so earthshaking that he was stunned but these two beautiful maidens were standing a good twenty paces apart as they displayed their swordplay and sword art; they were not even making any point of contact!

“This! Is this even a proper duel?!”

This went on for another thirty minutes and Ji Yuan had almost fallen asleep in the grass that he was hiding before Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue coolly declared. “I guess that it is a draw then.”

Xue Qianxue swung her sword to her back as she said casually, “Once I have mastered my Beautiful Maiden Swordplay to the Ninth level of the Flying Sword Maidens, I will definitely be able to break your swordart.”

Ling Feiyue giggled, “I have yet to reach the final stance of my Flying Spirit Sword Art, the Thousand Raining Swords. Do you think that your whatever Flying Sword Maidens is going to hold up against me when I am able to use my Thousand Raining Swords?”

“Don’t be too sure yet.” Xue Qianxue smiled. “Since our swordplay is a draw, why don’t we have a contest of our profound arts? My Sacred Maiden Profound Art versus your Six Realms Divine Art?”

Ji Yuan was immediately alert. “They are going to fight it out with their profound arts now? This will be the most earthshaking, moving the mountains and the seas scene that I will be witnessing. Xue Qianxue’s Maiden Profound Art is ranked among the top ten most powerful profound arts. This time Ling Feiyue is going to be dead for sure.”

Then he took a pitiful look at Ling Feiyue, “I am feeling a little pity for her already…” He could well imagine her getting crushed under the profound strength of Xue Qianxue.

Xue Qianxue smiled as she pointed to the huge boulder that Ling Feiyue was sitting earlier. “Why don’t we exercise our profound strength against that rock with our palms? The one that can imprint our palms deeper will be the victor?”

Ling Feiyue chuckled, “Why not?”

Immediately the two of them had both delivered a thunderous explosive attack on the rock with their palms, sending the debris of the huge boulder up into the air.

The two saintesses quickly inspected the boulder and both exclaimed with an equal disappointment, “Seems like our profound strength are quite evenly match.”

By now, Ji Yuan was cursing softly to himself. “They are dueling like two maidens. No wait, they are maidens…well, they are dueling like two immature fighters. Where is the earthshaking duel that is supposed to happen?”

Ling Feiyue sighed softly, “It seems that we can only duel with our lightless skill.” She pointed to the mountain cliff above them. “Whoever can scale up this mountain cliff first will be the superior cultivator. What do you say?”

Xue Qianxue was smiling, “I’m not boasting but my lightless skill is definitely number one.”

Ling Feiyue giggled as she rolled her eyes, “We shall see about it.”

When Ji Yuan saw the steep mountain cliff, he was shaking his head. Even though he had claimed to have the superior lightless skill but this steep cliff was impossible for anyone to climb. “Are these two saintesses boasting a little too much?”

The two saintesses were heard saying, “Ready?”

“Let’s go!”

All of a sudden the two beautiful saintesses were scaling up the steep cliff as they tiptoed in rapid succession. Their profound animus was like halos that were following them as they flew up the steep cliff.

Ji Yuan was stunned by their feat as he stammered, “Their lightless skill is too formidable…” He did not find their weaknesses and instead, he had found their strengths. “That means that I cannot outrun them…crap, I forget to ask about Xue Qianxue’s lightless skill ranking that day…”

He quickly prayed for them to slip and fell to their deaths instead.

All of a sudden Ling Feiyue giggled and said, “Say Sacred Maiden, are you a white tiger? Because someone saw you that night.”

Xue Qianxue gasped softly and had turned ashen. This gasp had caused the internal profound energies that she had built up to give way.

It was because she had suddenly recalled Ji Yuan and what he had told her in the bathtub and that had caused her mind to blank out.

Immediately she was falling down the steep cliff like a falling meteor!

Xue Qianxue quickly tried to muster her profound strength but it was already too late as her profound animus consumed up the rest of her profound energies.

Ling Feiyue giggled as she continued to scale up the steep cliff, “I see that someone is going to have a really hard fall.”

Xue Qianxue closed her eyes and her eyes were teary…

All of a sudden a firm hand had caught hold of her and had cushioned her fall. When she opened her eyes, she saw that it was actually Ji Yuan.

Ji Yuan had rushed out in the last minute to catch hold of her because he had realized that he was the one that had caused her to lose this duel. Moreover, he felt a little guilty that night as well.

“Ji Yuan…it is you…” Xue Qianxue gasped with a flustered look.

Ji Yuan was muttering incoherently to himself, “Why are you so stupid to catch her. Do you know that you are about to lose your life to her?”

He quickly put her down and fled like a madman from the scene, leaving a stunned Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue behind.

“Before they recover from their wits, I must quickly flee as soon as possible….” He was muttering.

He had broken another taboo of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity and that was to observe their duels secretly.

“Why am I so unlucky nowadays?”

“Good bye Jiajia…”

“Ji Yuan, wait!” Xue Qianxue shouted after him after she had regained her wits. But he was already long gone.

At the same time Ling Feiyue had landed quietly next to Xue Qianxue as she gasped softly, “Why is Ji Yuan in this place? He saw me…then he knows…”

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Chapter 14: One Hundred Years Ago (5)

Xia Jiajia was in her state of undress when Ji Yuan had suddenly barged into her room.

She gasped as she quickly pulled her robe to her, “What are you doing? Don’t you know how to knock the door? And do you know that it is now the middle of the night?”

She was actually thinking, “Is he thinking of bedding me? How do I reject him?”

Ji Yuan noticed that her room was heavily scented as he laughed weakly, “Maiden Xia, don’t be afraid. I know that it is rude but I have no other choice.”

Xia Jiajia: ???

Ji Yuan laughed weakly, “Maiden Xia, your room is so heavily scented. Aren’t you afraid that some flower thieves may use their scented fragrances on you to rob you of your chastity?”

Xia Jiajia chuckled softly, “I am not afraid because I am unaffected by such things. But this isn’t what you are here for, am I right?”

Ji Yuan began to sigh heavily, “Indeed. I am here to say good bye to you.”

“Oh? You’re leaving?” Xia Jiajia asked curiously.

Ji Yuan nodded with a heavy heart, “That’s right.” If he did not leave soon, he would soon be a dead man.

Xia Jiajia smiled, “You are letting me off just like this? Didn’t you say you want me to follow you?”

Ji Yuan smiled weakly, “I really hope that Maiden Xia will not forget your promise and wait for me.”

“Wait for you? For what?” Xia Jiajia asked him curiously.

“I’m going to breakthrough to the seventh realm sacred saint level.” Ji Yuan said solemnly.

Xia Jiajia was gasping, “You’re serious? You are so young and can afford to wait several more centuries. Are you sure you want to do it?”

Ji Yuan nodded with a heavy sigh, “I am afraid that this time, I have greatly offended Xue Qianxue. Only if I am a saint then I will have a chance to fight her on an even footing. Now, I am just not worthy to fight her and unworthy of bringing happiness to you.”

Xia Jiajia muttered with a flushed look, “Unworthy of bringing me happiness?”

Ji Yuan nodded, “Because I will be forcefully breaking through to the seventh realm level, I may need a long time. Moreover there may be unintended consequences. I hope that Maiden Xia will wait for me for a hundred years. I will look for you, alright?”

Xia Jiajia was stunned, “Are you sure you want to do it? You may even lose your life.”

Ji Yuan smiled weakly, “I have no other choice. My celestial clan is weaker than the Celestial Orthodox Sect. I am sure that you know that Xue Qianxue’s Celestial Orthodox Sect is the one of the seven major patriarch celestial clans in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity. These patriarch celestial clans have always been united against any outside threat. If they know what I have done, even if I have ten lives, it is not enough.”

Xia Jiajia smiled weakly to him, “Actually you will be alright. I can help you…”

Ji Yuan sighed heavily, “This time I am really a goner. I hope that Maiden Xia can pledge your heart to me and wait me for a hundred years. If I do not return in a hundred years then you’re free to marry anyone, alright?”

Xia Jiajia rolled her eyes before she smiled, “On account of your sincerity for me, alright then. I will wait you for a hundred years then.”

“Really?” Ji Yuan was really delighted.

Xia Jiajia nodded with a slight flush.

Ji Yuan excitingly took out a sword from his spatial ring, “This is Sky Forth, a heaven-step precious sword. This is also the most precious sword of my sect. I shall give this as a pledge to you.”

Xia Jiajia unsheathed the beaming precious sword as she said quietly, “Good sword. Thank you.”

Then she took out a sword from her spatial ring, “This is my precious sword. I shall give it to you as my pledge too.”

Ji Yuan nodded as he unsheathed her precious sword, “What is the name of your precious sword…”

All of a sudden he was stunned by the brilliant radiance of her precious sword, “This…is…isn’t this…”

Xia Jiajia giggled, “This is Resonate Peak, my divine sword. It is merely an earth-step divine sword.”

Ji Yuan nearly fainted on the spot. Did she just say it was merely an earth-step divine sword? Any divine sword was superior to the highest grade precious swords. Moreover divine swords were so rare that they were usually the heritage treasures of any celestial clan and usually only the sect leader would own one.

Divine swords have grades too; half-step, mortal-step, earth-step, heaven-step, celestial-step and immortal-step. The last two grades usually did not have a step denoted to it because it is a full grade stronger than the half-step, mortal step, earth step and the heaven grade but many celestials denote a step to it when they are referring it as a divine sword.

An immortal step divine sword is a full grade stronger than a celestial step divine sword while a celestial step divine sword is a full grade stronger than a heaven step divine sword.

And she was freely giving him a divine sword as a pledge?!

This was not just a half-step divine sword but an earth-step divine sword. One must know that even a major patriarch celestial clan may not have an earth-step divine sword. As for celestial and saint grade divine swords, no one had even seen one before and it was just rumored to exist.

He was extremely touched.

But he was also asking, “Are you sure. This sword is too precious.”

Xia Jiajia nodded, “This is our pledge. I shall wait you for a hundred years.”

Ji Yuan suddenly hugged Xia Jiajia, startling her. “Jiajia, because of you, I will surely overcome my breakthrough. I will be back for you.”

Xia Jiajia giggled, “Alright. I believe you.”

Ji Yuan muttered, “Don’t get too friendly with that Ling Feiyang, alright? He is just a pretty face.”

Xia Jiajia laughed softly, “Our relationship isn’t what you think it is.”

Ji Yuan suddenly said, “I got to go now.”

“So soon?” Xia Jiajia was startled.

“There is no time.” Ji Yuan said solemnly. “I have to settle some things in my sect first before I enter into my seclusion retreat.”

Then he inhaled with a deep sigh as he looked deeply into Xiao Jiajia’s eyes, “When I’ve become a saint, I’ll protect you from Xue Qianxue.”

With that he had quickly sped off, leaving Xia Jiajia with a stunned expression.

Xia Jiajia was suddenly feeling guilty as she muttered, “Did we overdo it? Actually he isn’t that bad except for his ugly beard…”

Then she lowered her glances shyly, “Thank you. I will wait you for a hundred years then.”

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Chapter 212: Departing to a New Realm

That very night, Lu Qingyun, Shen Yufeng and all the other maidens chatted throughout the night. There was a free flowing of wines and everyone had their own recount of their lives. There were no seniority and no celestial titles to restraint them. They were just friends and everyone just chatted freely.

Lu Qingyun shared with them his life in the mountains before he had joined the Heavens Ridge Villa.

Ouyang Xue and Leng Qiuyue shared with them their constant rivalries in the past but they were now friends now.

Lie Xingyuan shared with them her old life at the Heavens Ridge Villa and the Heavenly Fragrance Villa.

Yin Shisi shared with them her quarrels with Qiuxiang Mei and her brother.

Qian Jingjing shared with them her days at the Spirit Sword Manor.

Zhao Riyue, Zhao Xingye, Feng Xiaoxiao, Tang Xuefeng and Shen Yufeng shared with them the interesting details of their lives in the Heavenly Fragrance Villa.

Afterward, everyone was either dead drunk or had fallen into a deep sleep.

The next morning, several female protégés of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa had arrived in Lu Qingyun’s tent to check on Fragrance Herald Yufeng and the other senior protégé sisters.

What they saw, shocked them; the whole tent was extremely messy and there were wines everywhere. Lu Qingyun and the rest of the maidens were all lying on the ground with their robes loosened.

“This…what is going on here?”

Then they took a look at Lu Qingyun who was holding onto to Qian Jingjing and Tang Xuefeng’s bosom.

And they were gasping with shock.

Actually it was Qian Jingjing who was holding onto to Lu Qingyun and not the other way round but these were not what the female protégés of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa were all thinking.

As for Tang Xuefeng, Lu Qingyun had fallen drunk on her while they were sharing the secret alchemy receipt that she had discovered. They had actually chatting on other alchemy receipts until they were too drunk and tired to continue.

Then the female protégés were all gasping with shock and had misunderstood.

“Did Senior Lu Qingyun and they…”

The female protégés quickly exited the tent hurriedly, pretending that nothing had happened but the image of Lu Qingyun that was upon Tang Xuefeng was extremely vivid in their minds. Nothing could convince them that nothing had happened between the two of them.

Of course, nothing had happened except that everyone was too drunk but in the eyes of these female protégés, everything had happened when they saw the loose robes, shoes, belts, gloves and messy attires.

Actually Tang Xuefeng was not too drunk to realize that her junior protégé sisters had just entered the tent and was only pretending to be asleep.

She did not drink as much as the rest of the maidens as she had spent more time talking to Lu Qingyun about her alchemy discoveries that could be used for her cooking. She was not afraid that her alchemy secrets would be leaked out because she had suddenly realized that only Lu Qingyun could make a sense on what she was talking about.

Lu Qingyun was actually a good drinker but because all the maidens were offering toast after toast, he was now the most dead drunk among everyone.

So when he had collapsed onto Tang Xuefeng and had used her as a pillow, she did not dare to move as his head and hand rested on her soft bosoms. Instead she had spent the whole night thinking of him…

When all the maidens slowly regained their consciousness, everyone pretended that nothing had happened and quietly put Lu Qingyun on his bed before they hastily left his tent.

Shen Yufeng muttered before she left, “Who pulls my belt when I am drunk…” Actually she had removed her own robe when she was feeling too hot when she had taken too much of these spirit wines that were actually powerful enough to knock off even a golden celestial.

“No one must leak out what has happened here.” Shen Yufeng warned everyone with a flustered look.

And every one of them had their own lame excuses as they exited the tent in great haste.

So when Lu Qingyun had regained his consciousness with a big headache, he was not aware of what had happened. His first thought was, “Everyone is not here…I must be as drunk as a dead pig…”

But he was smiling because he had finally got Tang Xuefeng’s secret alchemy receipt that could make water boil without a fire. He had thought that this was going to be an uphill battle to persuade her to share with him but he did not expect that it would be so easy.

“I’m right to give the Heavenly Relics to the Heavenly Fragrance Villa. She must be so touched by this gesture, that’s why.”

But he did not know that ever since he had accidentally made her cry, Tang Xuefeng’s sentimental heart had been awakened and she was now looking at Lu Qingyun in a different light.

Lu Qingyun and Qian Jingjing were now bidding farewell to Lie Xingyuan, Leng Qiuyue, Ouyang Xue and Yin Shisi now.

Lu Qingyun had firmly decided to go to join the fight against the Devil Goddess and the three dark divine realms.

Lie Xingyuan sighed softly, “It is so good to see you again, senior brother. Please take care and I hope to see you again soon.”

Leng Qiuyue was saying to Qian Jingjing, “You are more fortunate than I am.” Then she lowered her voice to whisper to her. “At least you have a chance to fight for your happiness.”

Qian Jingjing averted her eyes shyly before she whispered quietly, “Thank you.”

Yin Shisi said quietly to Lu Qingyun, “Senior brother, Grand Elder Ouyang Xue and I have decided to return to the Heavens Ridge Villa. Please come back when you have found sect leader and tells her that we miss her.”

Lu Qingyun nodded with a heavy sigh, “I will.”

Actually he had no idea where Qin Keqin was now. She had left in such a great haste. But he was determined to find her and to kindle their romances again.

Ouyang Xue sighed softly, “We have only want to escort you to the Moon Demon Forest and didn’t think that senior brother you will be going to the other divine realm.” In her heart, she had wanted to follow him but she had her own responsibilities to the Heavens Ridge Villa.

Lu Qingyun laughed jovially, “I will be fine, don’t worry.”

Originally Yin Shisi and Ouyang Xue had accompanied Lu Qingyun to the Moon Demon Forest to persuade him to give up the trip while there was time. They did not think that Lu Qingyun would make it out of the final trial alive.

When Lu Qingyun was inside the ancient celestial ruin, they were extremely anxious for him and thought that the worst had befallen him.

When they saw him again, they were extremely relieved.

In their hearts, they wished that they could accompany him in his search for Qin Keqin and to join him in the fight against the Devil Goddess.

But they could not. It was because they just had a breakthrough in their cultivation realm and would need to further solidify their inner cultivation sea with some quiet meditation.

Lu Qingyun patted Lie Xingyuan and Leng Qiuyue on their shoulders as he sighed heavily, “It is so good to see Xingyuan and Qiuyue again in such a short time. I was actually hoping to see you soon but was disappointed when I did not see you at the first outpost camp.”

Lie Xingyuan lowered her glances, “I am glad that senior brother didn’t forget about us.”

Leng Qiuyue nodded lightly, “Senior brother, you will surely be able to find Sect Leader Keqin.”

Lu Qingyun felt a little guilty toward Leng Qiuyue and he mustered his voice to say, “Actually Qiuyue, I…”

Leng Qiuyue interrupted softly as smiled, “Actually protégé sister Xingyuan had already told me about you and sect leader…”

Lu Qingyun smiled weakly, “Oh really. That is good…”

Qian Jingjing looked at Lu Qingyun and Leng Qiuyue curiously, “What about it?”

But all the other maidens were all laughing jovially as they said to her, “It is for you to find out.”

They did not tell her directly but were sincerely praying for her instead. It was because the way Lu Qingyun had looked at Qin Keqin was completely different when he was looking at them.

Lu Qingyun was already thinking of Qin Keqin now. “She said that she is traveling incognito with her sister saintesses to assist Saint Gao Tianshou. I just need to be more alert and to pick up the clues along the way…Keqin, do you think that I will wait in the Heavens Ridge Villa for you till next year? No! I will look for you now and to give you a surprise!”

(I didn’t want to write a story about two ill-fated lovers that have misunderstandings on the way but instead they are ill-fated lovers due to their different alignments.)

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Chapter 211: Reunion & Swords

Shen Yufeng made a count of the survivors. Out of some five hundred cultivators, there were some three hundred survivors.

She shook her head as she said to the rest of her peers, “The price for entering this ancient celestial ruin is too heavy. At most we can only make three divine swords of doubtful quality and thirty precious swords. It is not worth it.”

Feng Xiaoxiao smiled weakly, “At least we may have a chance of obtaining three divine swords for our celestial clan. No matter, it is still a worthwhile price to pay.”

Tang Xuefeng muttered, “This comes at the loss of lives for so many of our protégé sisters as well as the other cultivators.”

Feng Xiaoxiao said quietly, “I feel the pain too but without these precious swords and divine swords, we will be at a great disadvantage once the battle starts.”

Shen Yufeng nodded, “No matter. We have already taken a look inside and it is time for us to make an accounting to the Heavenly Fragrance Princess.”

Lu Qingyun was now in the tent with Qian Jingjing, Ouyang Xue, Yin Shisi, Lie Xingyuan and Leng Qiuyue and everyone was now looking awkwardly at one another.

Finally he smiled, “It is so good to see everyone again.”

Leng Qiuyue hummed coldly, “You’re just lucky to be back alive.”

Lu Qingyun laughed, “Indeed.”

Leng Qiuyue had turned to look at Ouyang Xue, “Weird, how come you are a golden celestial now?”

Ouyang Xue smiled at this one time rival of hers, “I have a lucky occurrence, that’s all. How are your new life at the Heavenly Fragrance Villa?”

Leng Qiuyue lowered her glances, “I’m good. All my new protégé sisters are nice to me.” But in her heart, she had missed the days when she could see Lu Qingyun in the Heavens Ridge Villa.

Lie Xingyuan was looking shyly at Lu Qingyun, “Senior brother, you are a golden celestial now. Congrats to you.”

Lu Qingyun laughed softly, “Xingyuan, I am not longer your senior brother. Moreover you are at a higher tier than I am now. I should call you my senior now.”

Lie Xingyuan shook her head gently, “You are always my senior brother.”

Lu Qingyun returned a weak smile before saying, “I am so glad to see you again.”

Leng Qiuyue laughed softly, “Senior brother, how about me then? Can I still call you senior brother?”

Qian Jingjing interrupted as she looked at Lu Qingyun, “It seems that you are quite popular in your sect.”

Lu Qingyun laughed weakly, “We are all protégé brother and sisters, naturally we ought to be friendly to one another.”

All of a sudden a lovely voice asked from outside, “Are we welcome to interrupt your reunion?”

It was Shen Yufeng and she had walked in with Feng Xiaoxiao, Tang Xuefeng, Zhao Xingye and Zhao Riyue.

Lu Qingyun quickly greeted them, as did the rest.

Then he asked, “What brings Fragrance Herald Yufeng and everyone here?”

Shen Yufeng chuckled softly, “What? You don’t seem to welcome us?” Then she took a look at Lie Xingyuan and Leng Qiuyue, “Or you are seducing my protégés and you do not want me to know?”

Lu Qingyun knew that she was only teasing him. He could only say, “Welcome, welcome.”

Tang Xuefeng said shyly, “I have made some soups for everyone. Please try my cooking and see if you like it.”

Feng Xiaoxiao chuckled, “Is it only for him or for us all?”

Tang Xuefeng shot her an icy look, “Can’t you see that I have made a big pot?”

Zhao Xingye and Zhao Riyue were both grinning, “Finally we have a chance to try Senior Sister Tang’s soups again.”

Tang Xuefeng smiled as she quickly served everyone a portion.

Lu Qingyun could sniff that this soup that was serving to him was actually many times more delicious that previously. His sharp nose could pick up the scents of many spirit herbs in the soup and he greedily started to sip from the hot soup, “This is good stuff!”

Everyone was soon in praises of Tang Xuefeng’s soups.

Shen Yufeng laughed softly, “Every time I have taken my junior sister’s soups, I will feel invigorate for a week.”

Tang Xuefeng smiled, “I hope that everyone will like it.” Although she was saying to everyone but she was looking quietly at Lu Qingyun.

Suddenly Tang Xuefeng had suddenly looked up to ask Lu Qingyun, “What are your plans now? Are you returning to the Heavens Ridge Villa?”

Lu Qingyun shook his head, “I will be traveling with Maiden Qian to join Saint Gao Tianshou and his Valiant Arms Divine Realm. We hope to do our little contribution against the three dark divine realms and the Devil Goddess.”

Lie Xingyuan gasped softly. It was because she knew who the Devil Goddess was…

Shen Yufeng, Tang Xuefeng and Feng Xiaoxiao were also gasping. It was not because they knew who the Devil Goddess was but because Saint Gao Tianshou was an ambitious man and they did not like him at all.

Shen Yufeng immediately said with an unhappy expression, “Senior, this Gao Tianshou isn’t a good man. It is better that you don’t go there.”

Lu Qingyun was startled by the suddenly change in expression that was in Shen Yufeng, Tang Xuefeng and Feng Xiaoxiao. “But he is a great hero. Perhaps the greatest hero in the Nine Celestial Fraternity in many centuries. He is leading a crusade against the Devil Goddess. This is for the greater good. Why does Supremacy Yufeng says that he isn’t a good man?”

Tang Xuefeng hummed, “He is an ambitious man that seeks to unite the Nine Celestial Fraternity into one divine realm. Don’t fall for his tricks.”

Lu Qingyun smiled, “If that is the case, I will leave his camp immediately. I just want to contribute my part with the other cultivators from the Nine Celestial Fraternity against the constant looming threat of the Devil Goddess.”

Then he was smiling even more broadly, “My master is probably fighting the heretic cultivators now. I wish to join her as soon as possible.”

Shen Yufeng was gasping to herself, “The Great Saintess Fan Yuqing is fighting the Devil Goddess?” She quickly regained her composure to say quietly, “In that case, I won’t stop you.”

All of a sudden Lie Xingyuan had stepped forward, “Senior brother, I don’t think you should be doing this.”

Lu Qingyun asked curiously, “Xingyuan, why not?”

Lie Xingyuan smiled bitterly, “I have heard that the Devil Goddess is a peaked seventh realm great saintess. You will not be able to fight her.”

Lu Qingyun was laughing, “I don’t need to fight her directly. There is Great Saint Tianshou and so many saints around. I will be just fighting the small prawns and fishes. Don’t worry about me, alright?”

Lie Xingyuan saw that he had a determinate look and knew that he had already decided in his heart. Therefore she said quietly, “Promise me you won’t fight the Devil Goddess yourself.”

“I probably won’t have the opportunity and I won’t be so unlucky to encounter the Devil Goddess too.” Lu Qingyun laughed.

Lie Xingyuan was sighing softly. It was impossible for Qin Keqin to be fighting the Devil Goddess. She could only sigh silently, “Senior brother, you’re making a big mistake somewhere and you’re in the wrong camp. But I can’t tell who she is…”

“By the way since Supremacy Yufeng, Celestial Tang and Celestial Feng are here, I have something to give to the Heavenly Fragrance Villa….” Lu Qingyun muttered as he checked the contents of his new spatial storage belt before he poured a pile of high grade Celestiums and Heavenly Relics on the makeshift table.

“This is for the Heavenly Fragrance Villa.”

When everyone saw the pile of precious metals that were on the table, they were all taken aback and were all staring blankly at Lu Qingyun.

Shen Yufeng was gasping with shock and it was out of her usual demeanor, “How did you get so many of these high grade Heavenly Relics?”

Feng Xiaoxiao was stammering, “The minimum grade for a successful forged divine sword with these heavenly relics will be an earth-step divine sword. We can probably even get one or more heaven-step divine swords from these Heavenly Relics.”

Tang Xuefeng was also blinking her eyes, “We can attempt twenty divine swords with this pile of Heavenly Relics. Even if the divine sword isn’t successful, they will be heaven-step precious swords for sure. At least a hundred precious swords can be forged from these metals.”

Ouyang Xue, Yin Shisi, Qian Jingjing, Leng Qiuyue, Lie Xingyuan, Zhao Riyue and Zhao Xingye were all staring blankly at him.

“I just have a lucky occurrence, that’s all.” Lu Qingyun said sheepishly. He did not tell them actually he had more of the Heavenly Relics.

Shen Yufeng muttered, “This exploration expedition isn’t totally in vain and it is now all thanks to senior…”

Then she smiled, “I wonder what is it that senior wants? We can’t simply take your things without any payment, am I right?”

Lu Qingyun pondered for a while before he said, “Alright, I want Celestial Tang Xuefeng…”

No sooner had he said that, Shen Yufeng and Feng Xiaoxiao had all taken a step back in shock as they said at the same time, “Senior, no…”

Shen Yufeng added panicky, “You can have any maiden in your bed but not Xuefeng…”

Tang Xuefeng was flushing and her golden eyes were looking dreamily at Lu Qingyun, “If senior wants me then I can only…”

But Lu Qingyun was blinking his eyes rapidly, “Erm, did I say anything wrong? I mean, I want Celestial Tang Xuefeng…”

Once again Feng Xiaoxiao interrupted him, “Senior, have you forgotten what I’ve told you? I am so disappointed in you. Just because I have told you my protégé sister’s background and you are trying to use this opportunity to blackmail her?”

Shen Yufeng was frowning lightly, “You told him that?”

Tang Xuefeng averted her eyes shyly, “It is alright. I’m not upset…”

“What background?” The rest of the maidens were confused.

Qian Jingjing said coldly, “Brother Qingyun, I didn’t know that you are such a lecherous man!”

Even Leng Qiuyue was saying, “I am so disappointed that you are making such audacious demand.”

Lu Qingyun had to shout loudly amidst all the mutterings and confusions, “Wait! Let me finish first, alright?”

Immediately all the maidens ceased their talks at the same time as they looked curiously at Lu Qingyun.

“I mean that I just want Celestial Tang Xuefeng’s secret alchemy receipt on how to boil water with her pot.” Lu Qingyun smiled bitterly.

Suddenly all the maidens had a sheepish look on their countenances.

And everyone was pretending that nothing was happening.

Shen Yufeng smiled weakly, “Oh, that…I’m afraid you have to ask her yourself.”

Tang Xuefeng looked a little disappointed as she muttered, “I’m willing to share with senior…”

Suddenly everyone was asking one another how were things going and other trivial. It was as though nothing had happened earlier.

“Best soup ever…”

“I like to have more…”

“I miss the days when I was with everyone…”

Lu Qingyun: …

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Chapter 13: One Hundred Years Ago (4)

Late at night;

Ji Yuan began to follow the plan that was decided and he knew that Xue Qianxue was staying in a particular inn.

Xia Jiajia had said to him, “I know that she likes cleanliness the most and will surely take a bath at exactly the same hour of the night.”

He had asked Xia Jiajia and Ling Feiyang, “You are not following me to the inn?”

Ling Feiyang smiled, “I’m a gentleman.”

Ji Yuan: …

“I am also a gentleman…” He muttered.

Xia Jiajia shook her head, “Do you expect me to jump on the roof top with my long skirt?”

“Erm, no.” Ji Yuan smiled weakly before he left to execute their plan.

When Ji Yuan had left, Xia Jiajia turned to Ling Feiyang with a curled smile. “So how is the feeling of letting your bosoms touched by him?”

Ling Feiyang: …

“He will be a dead man soon. Does it matter?” Ling Feiyang smiled coldly. Then he added, “If he is not dead anytime soon then I will chop off his dirty hands.”

Xia Jiajia averted her eyes, “Actually he is actually quite good looking, without his ugly beard of course.”

Ling Feiyang waved his fan as he said coldly, “Unfortunately he has offended me several times already. He thinks that I am just his junior and a lowly fifth realm golden celestial.”

Xia Jiajia chuckled jovially, “He only has his eyes on me. He doesn’t have any extra eyes for our seventh realm saintess Dark Mistress Ling Feiyue here.”

Ling Feiyang averted his eyes, “For a moment, I’ve thought that he had seen through my disguise and is just making a fool out of me.”

Xia Jiajia asked, “Do you think that he will succeed in his mission?”

Ling Feiyang said coolly, “It won’t be hard for him and that is the reason why we have lured him here.”

Xia Jiajia said quietly, “Actually I don’t want him to die.”

Ling Feiyang said, “He is already a dead man when he has offended Xue Qianxue in this manner. This is something that he did on his own accord and we didn’t force him to say so. I say that the result is actually much better than we have expected. We should reward Li Yi handsomely for his playacting.”

“I shall see to that.” Xia Jiajia nodded.

With a soft sigh, she said melancholy, “The minute that he tries to barter with Xue Qianxue on her personal secret then he will be a dead man.”

“Barter or not, he is already a dead man.” Ling Feiyang was suddenly smiling.

Ji Yuan had already found the inn that Xue Qianxue was staying put.

He was muttering, “According to Xia Jiajia, there are eight bronze mirrors that are placed strategically in her room. Since this is only an inn, her room shouldn’t be big and the bath tub should be in her room.”

From the roof top, he could see that the beautiful form of Xue Qianxue as she began to remove her robe gracefully.

“She seems to be alone?” He thought.

But he was soon blinking his eyes. What was the point of seeing only her shadow?

He was soon frowning.

He had to get closer.

So he quietly leapt onto the roof top that was above her room and quietly removed the corner of a roof tile. He would only need a light hole to see clearly.

He was thinking with silent chuckles, “Who needs mirrors or divine sense when I have my superior lightless skill anyway? I only need my eyes.”

Xue Qianxue was indeed in the bath tub and he could see her bare shoulder and beautiful shy face.

He was soon gasping. Perhaps beautiful was not the word to describe her peerless look that could melt the hearts of men and caused men to sin. He saw that she was also snowy white and had her hair bundled upward into a long pony tail.

“She is indeed a goddess. No wonder she is ranked as one of the two goddesses in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity.” He was muttering to himself. “She is only not beautiful but cute looking. However I already have my Xia Jiajia and let’s not forget that behind her beautiful demeanor, she is also my enemy that wants to humiliate me. Without my beard, I’ll be a laughing stock in the entire Desolate Celestial Fraternity.”

Xue Qianxue was giggling to herself as she played with the scented flowers that were floating on her bathtub. She was soon singing a beautiful soft tune as she laughed at the same time.

Ji Yuan was muttering, “She is like a fairy goddess. This is too sinful. She seems to be seducing me…”

But he continued to look at her and was mesmerized by her actions. Soon he had forgotten about his mission and he was drooling.

All of a sudden he had realized that he had been on the roof top for quite some time now and he had completely forgotten about his mission.

Then he looked at Xue Qianxue who was still in her bathtub as he thought, “I can’t believe that she has been inside the bathtub for nearly an hour? What is she? A duck? At this rate this is going, I can’t see her naked figure…”

“This is a bad position. I need to shift a little. With my superior eyesight, surely I can see through the water and know whether she is a white tiger…”

So he started to shift his body and all of a sudden he felt the numbness that was on his legs. “Crap, I’ve been in the same position for too long and my legs have gone numb…”

All of a sudden he had tripped on the exposed roof tile and he had crashed through the roof, landing with a loud splash into Xue Qianxue’s bathtub!

Xue Qianxue was completely stunned when she saw his head popping out of the water of the bathtub, “Ji Yuan! It is you! How…how…dare you…” She had immediately covered her body with her hands and had curled up her body.

Ji Yuan was also stunned because he was now looking at Xue Qianxue straight into her face and she was more beautiful in person than from afar. “Wait! I can explain…my lightless skill has just failed me because my legs are numbed…”

Xue Qianxue was gasping with horror, “You…you…you are peeping at me?! You are actually a flower thief…”

Ji Yuan immediately protested as he said panicky, “You have really misunderstood me. I am not peeping. I just want to know if you are a white tiger so that I can use your secret to trade for the safety of my beard.”

He was now panicky explaining because he was really afraid of losing his life in the next instant.

Xue Qianxue: …

There were tears in Xue Qianxue’s eyes and her voice was trembling, “Get out of here immediately!”

“I will quickly. Sacred Maiden Xue, I’ve admired you for a long time. This isn’t really intentional…”

He clumsily attempted to get out of the bathtub but he had suddenly lost his balance in the water as he fell onto her and his head had landed on her bosoms, grabbing her boobs as he tried to regain his balance.

“This isn’t intentional…” He continued to mutter as he jumped out of the bathtub in a hurry. As he tried to look for an entrance, he had a clumsy fall on the wet floor before he crawled out of her room in great panic.

As Ji Yuan made his escape, he did not stop until he was in a forest.

He was muttering, “I am not dead yet?”

He soon broke into a cold sweat, “Xue Qianxue will never spare me for peeping at her. Now it is not only my beard that is endangered. My own life now is also at stake. What should I do now?”

He began to pace in circles, “It is a lucky thing that she seems to have lost her wits earlier when the accident happens or I will surely be dead. But when she recovers her wits, the first person that she is going to look for and to kill is me…so what shall I do?”

“Ji Yuan, you have completed your mission?” It was Xia Jiajia and she was followed behind by Ling Feiyang.

“Why are you so wet?” Xia Jiajia asked curiously.

Ji Yuan was startled from his thoughts when they had suddenly appeared. But after realizing that she was Xia Jiajia, his heart began to calm down immediately.

He put on a straight face before he said calmly, “I took a dip into the river because Xue Qianxue is really too hot.”

Xia Jiajia chuckled, “So who is hotter? Me or she?”

Ji Yuan laughed, “Of course it is my Jiajia.”

Xia Jiajia giggled softly before she asked, “So what have you found out?”

Ji Yuan actually did not see a thing but he was not about to let the maiden that he liked to look down on him. Moreover there was this Ling Feiyang who was constantly looking lecherously at his Xia Jiajia. Therefore he said with a soft laughter, “Of course I’ve seen everything. She is indeed a white tiger.”

It was merely a guess.

Ling Feiyang and Xia Jiajia quietly stole a glance at each other; this was the information that they had needed.

When it was time for Ling Feiyang and Xue Qianxue to duel with each other, Ling Feiyang would use this information to taunt Xue Qianxue and to distract her from performing her best.

And Ling Feiyang would then reveal to Xue Qianxue that it was actually Ji Yuan who was peeping at her. No matter what the outcome of the duel was, Ji Yuan would be a dead man.

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Chapter 210: The Return

The golden celestials of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa, numbering some thirty were sitting inside a celestial array as they retrieved one cultivator after another.

These beautiful golden celestials were all perspiring heavily as they had overdrawn their profound strength to return the cultivators from the sealed ancient celestial ruin back to the surface.

There were some that carried an anxious look on their countenances and they were namely Lie Xingyuan and Tang Xuefeng.

Feng Xiaoxiao was slightly startled to see the anxious look that was on Tang Xuefeng; she could see and hear her anxious heart with her Listening Heart Skill.

She thought, “This shouldn’t be right? He has made her cry. She should be hating him instead. Hmm, maybe my protégé sister wants to execute him with her own hands for humiliating her. Maybe this is the best outcome now…”

The six hours that had given to the exploration party were due and most of the cultivators had returned to the surface.

Now there were only three talismans that remained to be retrieved.

A cultivator was soon retrieved and he was not Lu Qingyun.

Tang Xuefeng and Lie Xingyuan looked extremely disappointed.

Standing near the edge were Ouyang Xue, Yin Shisi, Qian Jingjing, Leng Qiuyue, Zhao Riyue and Zhao Xingye as they watched keenly the return of every cultivator that was brought back by the golden celestials of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa; they shared an equally disappointed look.

Even Gongsun Ya had a look of disappointment as she muttered, “He has saved my life after all. I should show a little concern for him…”

Soon a second cultivator had been brought back into the cheers and claps of the exploration survivors. But he was not Lu Qingyun either.

And the final cultivator was also brought back but the cultivator was a she and not a he. Therefore she was not Lu Qingyun either.

Lie Xingyuan and Tang Xuefeng had completely lost hope now.

Lu Qingyun was not among the survivors…

Lie Xingyuan took a pleading look at Shen Yufeng, “There is still time, isn’t it? Can we extend our range and make another search with our divine senses?”

Tang Xuefeng quickly added as she said panicky, “I second it as well. There may be a survivor.”

Shen Yufeng was perplexed. It was obvious to her that the survivor that both maidens were waiting for was Lu Qingyun. What had happened while she was away?

“Alright. Since there is still a little time and we have completely exhausted our profound strength yet, we shall make a more thorough search.” Shen Yufeng said as she took a look at the other five sixth realm golden supremacies that were all nodding discreetly.

Since Tang Xuefeng had also made the request, it was hard to refuse her. After all, almost all the high ranking golden celestials knew that she was the daughter of their Heavenly Fragrance Princess.

Shen Yufeng shouted with her pretty voice, “Protégé sisters! Unite our profound energies into this celestial array. We will make another search!”

The divine senses of all thirty of the golden celestials began to delve into the Pangu Suppressing Arrays once more. They would sense that the profound energies mark of the five hundred cultivators had almost dissipated. Once that happened, the ancient celestial ruin would be closed once more.

Their divine senses quickly flew throughout the ancient celestial ruin hoping to detect the profound signatures of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa’s talismans.

But it was all in vain as their searches yield nothing.

Shen Yufeng said solemnly to everyone, “We need to pull back our divine senses now or we will lose our profound strength permanently in this Pangu Suppressing Arrays.”

Lie Xingyuan suddenly said, “No wait please! I can sense the profound signature of the talisman behind the mountains. It is not on the ground but in the air.”

“In the air?” Tang Xuefeng was startled. “Where?”

Shen Yufeng made a verification based on Lie Xingyuan’s account before she nodded, “Indeed.”

“Sisters, home it on the profound signature now!” She called out to all her protégé sisters.

When the talisman was burnt, it will leave a profound mark on the soul sea of the cultivator. They had no idea why this profound signature was in the air.

Feng Xiaoxiao smiled weakly, “Maybe a flying desolate beast has lifted him into the air or he has been eaten up by one.”

All of a sudden Feng Xiaoxiao was flustered because she had suddenly noticed the fierce glares of Tang Xuefeng and Lie Xingyuan that were upon her.

“I was only kidding…” She muttered almost incoherently.

“Bring this cultivator back.” Shen Yufeng said. “Quickly.”

There was a bright halo that flashed into sight as they brought the unknown cultivator back and everyone was now looking in his direction.

This cultivator was Lu Qingyun!

Immediately Lie Xingyuan, Tang Xuefeng, Ouyang Xue, Yin Shisi, Qian Jingjing, Leng Qiuyue, Zhao Riyue and Zhao Xingye were all smiling as they began to surround him.

“Are you alright?”

“Are you hurt in any way?”

“Do you know that you are the last to return?”

“I’ve thought that I will never see you again.”

“Brother Qingyun…”

“Senior brother…”

Lu Qingyun was startled when he was suddenly surrounded by so many beautiful maidens and they were all asking after him at the same time.

“Erm, I’m alright…” He weakly replied.

Far away from Lu Qingyun; Shen Yufeng, Feng Xiaoxiao and all the other golden celestials were startled when Tang Xuefeng and Lie Xingyuan had suddenly broken ranks with them and had suddenly flew hastily to Lu Qingyun.

Shen Yufeng had a perplexed look as she muttered, “Lie Xingyuan I can understand but Tang Xuefeng?”

She took a look at Feng Xiaoxiao, “What is going on here? Maybe you should tell me a thing or two?”

Feng Xiaoxiao was blinking her eyes rapidly, “I…erm…don’t know…”

Faraway in the Divine Moon Realm;

Fan Yuqing was startled as she looked into the reflection of the copy of the Divine Sword Jade Light. “I can’t see his soul sea anymore. A spirit entity is now the host of the Divine Sword Jade Light. What is going on here…”

But she quickly calmed down, “As long as this divine sword does not break, it means that he is still alive…”

“Yun’Er, I can see that you may have already some lucky occurrences in the ancient celestial ruin. This is good. It seems that I am unable to stop you from awakening your true strength. No one can…”

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Chapter 12: One Hundred Years Ago (3)

Xia Jiajia had taken Ji Yuan to an Inn and they were now walking up the stairs to a reserved room.

Ji Yuan looked at her alluring figure as he chuckled, “Isn’t this a little too soon? We have just met. This isn’t too romantic, don’t you think so? But if that is what you want, then…”

Xia Jiajia was startled as she caught his hand that was on her butt, “You! What are you doing?”

Ji Yuan was startled too as he stammered, “I am just trying to warm us up.”

Xia Jiajia smiled weakly as she pushed his hand away, “It isn’t what you think it is.”

Ji Yuan was gasping as he took a step back, “You are attached to someone already?”

Xia Jiajia chuckled softly, “I’m not. In fact, you are just my type.”

Ji Yuan heaved a sigh of relief. He had fallen in love with her at first sight and he was not about to let her go just like this. He quickly smiled, “Then why are we…erm…coming here?”

Xia Jiajia rebuked him gently, “There are more than one uses for coming to an inn and it doesn’t mean we have to share a room. Are you thinking of that?”

“Of course not!” Ji Yuan quickly said with a flustered look. “I am a renowned gentleman of the sword.”

Xia Jiajia giggled before she whispered, “We are dealing with Xue Qianxue. Just the two of us alone may not be able to deal with her, am I right? Therefore I’ve another friend here who is able to help.”

Ji Yuan growled lightly, “Actually you just need me…”

“We are here.” Xia Jiajia interrupted him as she pushed opened the door.

In the room was a handsome beardless young man with bright golden eyes. He was sitting upright and was sipping a small cup of wine. In fact, he was the most handsome man that Yuan Ji had ever seen.

Immediately there was an envious look in Ji Yuan’s eyes. His first thought was that this young handsome man was a golden celestial and he was immediately unhappy that Xia Jiajia was in his company.

Xia Jiajia immediately giggled as she pointed at Ji Yuan, “Look who I’ve brought here. This is Supremacy Ji Yuan, the protégé master of the Orthodox Sword Sect. He is also a Sword Saint and the head of the Four Beautiful Bearded Cultivators.”

Ji Yuan smiled as he thought, “I didn’t know that I am so renowned. To have my renowned pronounced out by such a peerless beauty is so different from announcing it myself. Haha.” Then he stared coldly at the handsome beardless young man with his silent thoughts. “I am an upper sixth realm golden supremacy. Go away. You have no chance with my Jiajia.”

Xia Jiajia looked warmly at the handsome beardless young man before she introduced him with gentle chuckles. “This is Young Master Ling Feiyang. He is from the Flying Swords Divine Sect and is a fifth realm golden celestial.”

Ji Yuan smirked. Flying Swords Divine Sect? Never heard of this insignificant sect before. A mere fifth realm golden celestial and he wants to fight with me over my Xia Jiajia? Dream on!

Xia Jiajia smiled, “I’ll leave it to you gentlemen to chat while I go fetch some good wines for us to discuss over the table later.”

When the door was closed, Ji Yuan immediately said. “So you are Ling Feiyang?”

Ling Feiyang said, “It is my honor to know Brother Ji Yuan…”

Ji Yuan quickly interrupted, “Call me Supremacy Ji Yuan. We are not so close to be addressing each other as brothers yet. Right now, I’m your senior while you are my junior.”

Ling Feiyang smiled weakly, “Yes, yes…”

“And what happens to your beard? Did you lose it during your golden body transformation? This is most unfortunate.” Ji Yuan mocked him.

Ling Feiyang smiled, “It is better this way. I can’t be bothered with the sight of an unsightly beard.”

Ji Yuan quickly reprimanded him, “This you are really very wrong to say that. The beard is the pride of real men.”

He began to stroke his beautiful long beard before he laughed, “Unfortunately, you won’t be able to appreciate it now. Do you know that Maiden Xia Jiajia is attracted to me because of my beautiful long beard?”

Ling Feiyang began to smile weakly, “Oh really?”

Ji Yuan put his hand on the table with a light slam as he said coldly, “If you are smart, you should know what to do. She will never like a beardless man like you. In fact, no maidens will like you at all. Got it? So don’t you have any lofty thoughts on her.”

Then he smiled, “Who knows that I may even give you a tip or two about cultivation practice. I can even consider you to be my brother. But you should know what to do, am I right?”

Ling Feiyang rolled his eyes before asking, “So you like her?”

Ji Yuan chuckled, “Of course. Didn’t I state my intention clear enough already?”

Then he added, “Look at you. You are drinking wine like a maiden. Do you even know how to drink at all? If you want to drink, you should drink it flask by flask!”

Ling Feiyang replied weakly, “I prefer to drink sip by sip.”

Suddenly the door was swung opened by Xia Jiajia as she carried a tray of wine flasks into the room.

“So how is your chat? Are the two of you getting along well?” Xia Jiajia laughed softly as she entered the room.

Ji Yuan immediately laughed aloud as he put his arm around Ling Feiyang neck, “Of course we are getting along well. We just have a great personal talk with each other.”

He quickly looked at Ling Feiyang, “Brother Ling, do you agree?”

Ling Feiyang smiled weakly before nodding, “Yes…”

Ji Yuan had suddenly patted Ling Feiyang’s chest as he laughed, “We are already getting along so well together.”

Xia Jiajia was suddenly gasping and she had almost dropped her tray.

Ji Yuan turned to Xia Jiajia to ask, “What is wrong? Maiden Xia, are you alright?”

Xia Jiajia smiled weakly, “I…I am…alright…come, let’s drink together as we discuss our plans.”

Ji Yuan nodded before he returned his attention to Ling Feiyang, “Brother Ling, really. Your chest is too soft. You should beef up a little, you know.”

Ling Feiyang: …

Ji Yuan had suddenly noticed that Ling Feiyang had rosy cheeks. “I see that Brother Ling isn’t a good drinker. No wonder you are only taking such small sips. Haha.”

Xia Jiajia said weakly to Ji Yuan, “I see that the two of you are really getting along so well. Let’s talk about how we are going to deal with Xue Qianxue.”

Ji Yuan nodded, “Alright.”

But he soon asked, “But I don’t understand why Xue Qianxue will be in this small desolate place? And she is traveling incognito.”

Ling Feiyang said quietly, “That is because I have a secret duel with her in two day time.”

Ji Yuan was roaring with laughter, “You are merely a fifth realm cultivator and you are dueling with a seventh realm saintess? This must be the funniest thing that I have ever heard.”

Ling Feiyang: …

“Do you think it is funny?” Ling Feiyang asked him.

Ji Yuan laughed heartily, “Naturally it is the funniest thing that I’ve ever heard.”

“I’ve heard that someone will lose his beautiful beard in a few more days. This is also the funniest thing that I’ve ever heard.” Ling Feiyang chuckled as he took a sip of his wine. “A beardless Four Beautiful Bearded Cultivators.”

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan suddenly slammed his hand on the table, “We need to deal with Xue Qianxue or she will think that she can push us around. So…”

He hesitated sheepishly before continuing, “So, what is the plan?”

Xia Jiajia smiled, “Actually we’ve already got a plan but we need Supremacy Ji Yuan help.”

“Oh?” Ji Yuan said curiously.

Xia Jiajia chuckled as she put a flask of wine to her mouth before smiling, “Do you dare to peep at her while she is taking her bath?”

Ji Yuan: …

“This isn’t such a good idea, right?” He stammered. “I may get killed.”

Xia Jiajia smiled, “We have heard that Supremacy Ji Yuan’s lightless skill is second to none in the entire Desolate Celestial Fraternity. Even your eyesight can pick up the tiniest of details.”

Ji Yuan laughed weakly, “I can’t really say my lightless skill is second to none but it is definitely in the top five. As for my eyesight, hehe, I can even see a fly from a mile away.”

Xia Jiajia and Ling Feiyang were quietly looking at each other. They really did not know that Ji Yuan’s eyesight was this good.

“But she is a saintess. It won’t be easy to spy on her.” Ji Yuan pointed out. “As soon as we train our divine sense on her, she will surely know. Therefore this plan will not work.”

Xia Jiajia chuckled, “No, this will work because I’ve already planted tiny mirrors in her temporary dwelling place. If you train your eyes on the mirrors, she won’t know. Therefore what we need is your eyesight.”

Ji Yuan was perplexed, “I am from the orthodox celestial clan and is also a sect leader. I am not a flower thief or a lecherous fellow. I really can’t do this and what is the objective of doing so? I don’t really understand.”

Xia Jiajia bended her head to Ji Yuan before she whispered, “We only want to know if she is a white tiger and mean no harm.”

Ji Yuan was gasping. “She is a white tiger?”

(A white tiger is a term that refers to the lack of pubic hair)

“This is for you to find out.” Xia Jiajia smiled. “You can use her secret to trade for your beard.”

Ji Yuan muttered, “I need to think. This is not an honorable thing that we’re doing.”

Ling Feiyang smiled, “What if Maiden Xia will agree to follow you from now on?”

Ji Yuan blinked his eyes blankly as he looked at Xia Jiajia, “Really?”

Xia Jiajia chuckled, “Naturally I will or do you want to lose your beard?”

Ji Yuan smiled bitterly, “Then let’s do it.”

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