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Chapter 167: Shui Xisi’s background

Ji Yuan had just taken a quick nap; half a day as a matter of fact.

It did not take Ji Yuan long to recover from his external injuries. Even his eyes were looking good again.

As for his broken ribs, he would need several more days more to fully recover but that was not any hinder to him.

The recovery rate of a great saint cultivation is indeed extremely astonishing as long as it is not any internal injuries which may need months and years to recover without any profound pills.

He was rubbing his chin as he recalled his duel with Shui Xisi. She had indeed taught him a lesson but at the same time he knew that she had actually stayed her hand. It was because she had used her fingers to break his bones, claws to scratch through his puny profound defenses but did not use her palms.

Palms are the most dangerous attacks from a power cultivator, able to inflict internal injuries due to the shockwaves that can be generated.

And after exchanging blows with her, he immediately knew that she had a strong internal profound strength which means that her palm techniques are equally as good. But she had restrained herself.

She had made a point to him; don’t mess up with my core protégé.

To be more exact, she was warning him not to mess up with Palace Mistress Shui Qingqing. But as there were others in the place, she did not want them to know that she was actually referring to her successor Shui Qingqing.

Ji Yuan definitely knew all her subtle points.

He was rubbing his chins with a slow grin, “What if I mess up with you indeed?”

This Shui Xisi was more to his taste. Very fiery and hot to handle.

But he soon remembered that he had a lot of commitments now and shook his head. His days of flirting with the beautiful maidens of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity are definitely over ever since he was baited by Xia Jiajia to take Shangguan Yan’Er as his first consort.

“Oh well, that is quite a fun fight…” He sighed softly. He was actually not thinking about the fight but her goddess look that captivated him. Why is she disguising herself as an old woman when she is more beautiful than anyone?

His thoughts were quickly broken by Xiaobai who had jumped into his bed.

‘Xiaobai’ quickly resumed her human form and was looking melancholy at him. “My lord…”

“Qianfeng, what is wrong?” So engrossed was his thoughts that he had not realized that Bai Qianfeng was in the same room as him.

“I am a little afraid.” Bai Qianfeng was suddenly sighing softly.

Ji Yuan was startled, “Qianfeng, what is wrong?”

Bai Qianfeng said quietly, “That Shui Xisi isn’t a simple cultivator.”

Ji Yuan: ???

Bai Qianfeng inhaled softly. “You saw her mount?”

“Yea. That is an epic ninth rank divine beast…” Ji Yuan had recalled it. It was a terrifying sight to behold.

“Do you think a mere great saintess can tame an epic ninth rank divine beast?”

Ji Yuan pondered for a while. “Maybe her ancestors have trapped this epic ninth rank divine beast with celestial arrays and force it into a contract with them? These sorts of things happen quite frequently.”

Bai Qianfeng shook her head, “Trust me. The Icy Paragon Bluebird cannot be tamed by just anyone. You can’t contract it even using an immortal contract.”

“But that blue phoenix seems to be her mount? If it is not contracted then how do you explain it?” Ji Yuan knowledge of the various celestial cultivation practices was really limited. But then, none of his contemporaries know that it is impossible to tame the blue phoenix because this was actually beyond their cultivation knowledge.

Bai Qianfeng averted her eyes as she trembled. “She definitely has an immortal background.”

“Immortal background?” Ji Yuan looked at her. “Surely not. Immortals can’t exist here, right?”

“You have forgotten about me.” Bai Qianfeng said.

“Right…” He had forgotten. He was too used to having Bai Qianfeng around that he did not see her as an immortal cultivator but his consort.

“So she is an immortal?”

Bai Qianfeng shook her head. “She may not be. She isn’t an old woman, do you know?”

Ji Yuan pretended to be shocked. “She isn’t an old woman?!”

Xiang Li had a wry smile in his soul sea, “You’re lying to Sister Qianfeng, you know…”

“Shut up and keep it a secret…” He quickly said to Xiang Li.

Bai Qianfeng explained. “Her vitality is too young. She may be a child of the immortals.”

Ji Yuan quickly asked. “The immortals can have children?”

Bai Qianfeng replied, “Extremely difficult but not impossible. Only the first generation and second generation may have a tiny chance to have children. Most immortals are third generation immortals.”

“Qianfeng then which generation immortal are you?” Ji Yuan curiously asked.

“I’m a second generation immortal.”

“Hehe then we may have a chance to have a baby in the future.” Ji Yuan smiled with a relief.

Bai Qianfeng smiled gently. The odds are actually extremely low but she kept quiet.

“Since Qianfeng is a second generation immortal then you must have very powerful first generation parents? Haha. I will like to meet your parents one day.” Ji Yuan teased her.

“I don’t have any parents.” Bai Qianfeng said nonchalantly.

Ji Yuan: ???

Bai Qianfeng explained. “I am an immortal. My bloodline is the second generation. I am born from the spiritual rocks of the Gods Realm just before it got split into the three known realms. First generation immortals are far stronger than me but most of them are dead now.”

“Erm, Qianfeng you’re a rock?” Ji Yuan was speechless.

Bai Qianfeng smiled, “Almost all immortals come from rocks except for the Ascended Immortals.”

Ji Yuan was thinking as he stared at her. How can a rock be so beautiful and so soft?

Of course Ji Yuan did not know that while Bai Qianfeng is no longer a rock. After eons of years, the spiritual rocks are able to form a sentient being that can take the shape of immortal beings. To this day, the third generation immortals are still being birthed in this way.

Bai Qianfeng could see his perplexed look so she quickly said, “Little Princess is a union between two immortals. She has a special bloodline. But don’t tell her yet. She doesn’t seem to know.”

Ji Yuan was truly startled, “Her mother is an immortal?” Then he was smiling weakly. “She is a little weak…”

“By immortal standards, the Sagess Alyssa is pretty weak. But she is good enough to beat most of the great saints around.” Bai Qianfeng explained gently.

“I am on par with her but not Shui Xisi…this Shui Xisi is stronger than an immortal cultivator…” Ji Yuan said weakly.

Bai Qianfeng smiled, “Not necessary. It is because the Sagess Alyssa got her eighth realm cultivation strength restricted in the Celestial Realm while Shui Xisi is truly a peaked seventh realm cultivator. Therefore it still remains unseen. But then I got a feeling the Sagess Alyssa will not be her match as well.”

Ji Yuan was smiling weakly. “Is she that formidable? How do you tell? I mean I know that she isn’t displaying her full profound strength but this is too ridiculous to think that she may defeat an eighth realm immortal.”

Bai Qianfeng said. “Did you see how she is able to levitate from such a great height? What if I tell you that not even an immortal like the Sagess Alyssa is able to do it with her current profound strength?”

“Yea, I saw…I was shocked.” Ji Yuan recalled his disbelief at that time.

He was not the only one at that time that was stunned. Everyone was too.

True levitation did not exist until the time of their immortal ascensions in which the great saints must overcome their final tribulation. Only when they have succeeded then they can shed off their golden bodies into pure energies for their final ascension. Only then will they be lighter than air.

“Erm, don’t tell me that her lightless profound art is really so formidable?” This was the only conclusion that he could think of but even then he was now babbling because he could not believe it either.

“She has an immortal sword around her waist. That is why she is able to levitate. It is just a simple trick.” Bai Qianfeng explained.

“Darn! She lies to me. She has an immortal-step divine sword hidden around her waist…wait a minute…” Ji Yuan was suddenly gulping. “An immortal sword?! How do you know?”

Ji Yuan had never heard of anyone possessing an immortal sword before. This was the first and he was stunned.

“How will I not know? The name of her immortal sword is the Astronomic Eulogy Divine Sword. This immortal sword is the heritage sword of my arch enemy the Great Goddess Alice.”

“Really?” Ji Yuan was now smiling bitterly. The Eternal Goddess aka the Great Goddess Alice of the Goddess Theocracy is actually not a myth.

Bai Qianfeng nodded. “The Great Goddess Alice is also the keeper of the divine phoenixes in the Immortal Realm and her mount is the nine-tail crimson phoenix. All phoenixes bow in her presence. If this still doesn’t prove that this Shui Xisi is related to the Great Goddess Alice, I really don’t know how she comes to have the Icy Paragon Bluebird. If she has the bloodline of the Great Goddess Alice then that Icy Paragon Bluebird isn’t contracted to her but instead is following her to be her protector at the same time.”

“Also, she seems to know the opening time of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth. This foreknowledge obviously doesn’t come from the celestial cultivators but from the Immortal Realm.”

“My lord, please don’t cross her path. She isn’t someone that you or me can handle at the moment.”

“Haha…” Ji Yuan was smiling weakly. This Shui Xisi seems to be too much of a challenge now…

“I don’t think she is the daughter of the Great Goddess Alice. If she is, she should be in the Immortal Realm and not in the Celestial Realm.” Ji Yuan concluded proudly. His intelligence +10.

“The children of the immortals can’t cultivate their golden bodies in the Immortal Realm because there are no divine tribulations in the Immortal Realm. They only have a mortal life span in the Immortal Realm and must be sent to the lower realms for their divine tribulations.” She explained quietly.

All of a sudden Ji Yuan felt his intelligence -100.

“Oh. Haha.”

With Bai Qianfeng around to share with him the juicy knowledge of the Immortal Realm, Ji Yuan felt that she was like a cultivation cheat that can aid him to understand some of the more forbidden knowledge of the cultivation realms.

But he quickly tried to distract himself from Shui Xisi now; she is really someone that he can handle now unless he likes to have his face scratched and his eyes poked by her again.

“Erm, you are saying that Little Princess is the child of the immortals? Really?”

Bai Qianfeng nodded. “Her father may be a great god and is a first generation desolate immortal. Therefore it is unwise not to provoke the Evil Cultivation Palace.”

Ji Yuan smiled bitterly, “Qianfeng, you should have told me 300 years earlier…”

He could not resist saying a prayer for the six major orthodox clans. “Good luck to you guys…”

“Qianfeng, since the two of us are alone. Why don’t we do a quickie before we look for the others?” Ji Yuan said quietly and he was kissing her cheeks now.

Bai Qianfeng averted her eyes as she nodded shyly. “A quick one then…”

Xiang Li was beaming delightfully, “Hehe!”

Ji Yuan cuddled her tightly, “I must be the luckiest man in the world right now…”

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Chapter 166: The Water Melody Palace (2)

Ji Yuan observed Shui Xisi keenly before he raised his eyes challengingly at her. “So where is your divine sword?”

“Hmph! I don’t use one.” She replied nonchalantly and lit a slow smile to reflect her confidence.

Ji Yuan guessed that she must be a power cultivator and he was immediately wary.

But he could not resist a chuckle, “Just don’t suddenly unsheathe your sword after you have regretted it.” He had purposely said that to prevent her from drawing her sword. When a power cultivator is in possession of a divine sword, they can often be even deadlier.

Power cultivators usually do not depend on their weapons because they can muster vast amount of profound power with their profound strength.

Unarmed combat had a huge advantage in profound power over weapons; their profound power will not be restrained and they could muster 100% of their profound power.

Most power cultivators are able to gain 200% profound power with 100% of their profound strength depending on the type of power profound art that they are executing. Saint level power cultivators are often extreme power practitioners.

Should a cultivator uses a medium like a sword, only 70% of the profound strength can be channeled through as profound power. The better the grade of a sword, the more profound power can be generated.

Should a cultivator attack with sword energies, only 40% of the profound strength can be channeled as profound power and it will weaken over a range. That is why sword energies practitioner generally do not have a great deal of advantage against the more powerful cultivators that specialize in profound power and defensive profound auras.

When a cultivator is a saint, only divine swords and powerful profound arts are the most important. Not fanciful swordplay or weak attacks. It is because a saint level cultivator often has formidable defenses and regeneration.

Ji Yuan knew that Shui Xisi was aware that he had a celestial sword but she was not showing any sign of a panic. Therefore he knew that she was unlike any of the other opponents that he had fought before.

He immediately swung his sword and two beaming reflection of light flashed forth from his sword. This was his perfect divine harmony form as two beautiful halos extended from his sword.

He was now grinning. Be prepared to be impressed by me! My profound power as you can see isn’t weak at all compared to any of your profound divine art!

Shui Xisi continued to display a nonchalantly look as though she did not seem to care. The message that she seemed to be sending was. “Can you do better than this?”

She stared coldly at him before saying, “Maybe I should not call you Li Yuan. You are that Sword Saint Ji Yuan?”

Ji Yuan nodded with a broad grin. “Indeed.” So you are now scared of me?

“So you are the new Dark Lord of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect that everyone is recently talking about.” Shui Xisi hummed coldly as she displayed a disdainful gaze upon Ji Yuan at the same time.

Ji Yuan chuckled softly. “Indeed I am that Ji Yuan.”

“You look horribly ugly without your beard.” Shui Xisi smirked coldly.

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

“You ugly old woman!” Ji Yuan shouted back immediately. He had been provoked for sure.

“Oh no…” Ling Feiyue, Xue Qianxue and Little Princess were gasping softly. He just broke a taboo. Never called a high level cultivator an ugly old woman even if she is. This will surely provoke her.

The Venerable Palace Mistress of the Water Melody Palace is a cultivation senior and she may not be so ruthless in enemy’s territory. After all she may be only here to teach Ji Yuan a lesson for some slights and that was why she had come alone. It is considered unwise to provoke unnecessary and wiser to maintain some politeness in case things go south all of a sudden.

But Ji Yuan had now clearly provoked her!

“Ugly beardless milk boy!”

“Ugly old woman!!! Old ugly hag!”

Ji Yuan and Shui Xisi traded insults even as they closed in onto each other.

Ji Yuan was on high alert as he positioned his sword carefully in an attack position even as he noted that Shui Xisi’s profound animus seemed to be extremely strong.

As he walked into his position, he could not resist swinging his sword to fire a burst of devastating sword wave toward her direction. This was a perfect sword energy that sliced through the ground in a straight line like a wall of force toward his opponent.

In a blink of an eye, the wall of sword energies wave was already upon his target!

Shui Xisi did not even bother to evade but had raised her fingers to part his sword wave. “What? Is that all you can manage?”

Ji Yuan: …

He was alarmed. Her profound power had exceeded his sword wave profound power in order to part his sword energies in this manner.

“What? Are you an old man already?” Shui Xisi continued to taunt at him.

Ji Yuan: …

“This is only an assessment attack. It doesn’t mean anything.” He muttered.

Shui Xisi smirked. “Your sword energies attacks are too weak to affect me. Why don’t we trade blows directly instead of fighting like a pussy?”


Ji Yuan cursed silently. This old hag is really getting on my nerves…

Immediately he had confronted her with his sword while Shui Xisi retaliated against him with her fingers.

In that instant the entire platform was filled with their profound energies as sword and fingers clashed against each other.

A bright golden aura like a phoenix had spread from Shui Xisi’s profound animus as she attacked Ji Yuan.

Ji Yuan was startled as he tried to attack her from all sides but was consistently beaten back. “This is her spirit entity? It is a divine phoenix spirit entity. No wonder she is so confident…”

Shui Xisi was now chasing after Ji Yuan as she attacked furiously against him while Ji Yuan was playing the slow game of trying to exhaust her profound strength.

“Ji Yuan, you are a saint level cultivator and you don’t even have a spirit entity yet? What a joke!” she taunted him.

Ji Yuan shouted back angrily, “Haha! Old hag! I do have a spirit entity but I’m afraid that if I use my spirit entity, you will be scared out of your wits!”

Xiang Li shouted angrily too in his soul sea, “Yea! If I come out then you will surely shit in your panties!”

Ji Yuan quickly said to Xiang Li, “Erm, please don’t say anything like this and please let me focus on my duel. You’re completely useless and we both know it…”

Xiang Li: …

In several blinks of an eye, they had already exchanged dozens of attacking strokes as the wind forces from their exchanges created several outburst heat waves around them.

All the onlookers were gasping and was nervous about the outcome of the duel. This was an epic fight between two powerful great saints!

One side was the Dark Lord Ji Yuan of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect and the other side was the Venerable Palace Mistress Shui Xisi of the Water Melody Palace.

The three great saints from the three other unorthodox clans had naturally placed their bets on Shui Xisi side but they were pretending to cheer for Ji Yuan…

Even if Ji Yuan is now their Brother Ji Yuan but he is only a sword cultivator. It is hard for anyone to believe that he will be able to win a power cultivator great saint and moreover this is the top cultivator from the Water Melody Palace!

Ji Yuan could feel the icy profound energies of her profound power. She is a negative power cultivator?

But he had no time to think as he was astonished by her speed attacks.

Very soon, they had already fought for close to a hundred rounds without showing any sign of weakness.

Ji Yuan shouted angrily, “Why don’t we fight three hundred rounds instead of one hundred rounds?”

Shui Xisi smirked. “On! Don’t you regret it!”

Ling Feiyue almost fainted on the spot when Ji Yuan had initialized lengthening the duel. “Ji Yuan, you…”

Xue Qianxue was also shaking her head, “He doesn’t want to lose…”

Bai Qianfeng chuckled softly, “It is because of his undying fighting spirit?”

Little Princess had turned ashen. “I have heard that the Venerable Palace Mistress is really strong and it is true. She is not even fighting at her best yet and it is a mistake for Ji Yuan to play the slow game with her.”

Ling Feiyue nodded, “Ji Yuan is a sword cultivator. He is at a disadvantage against a superior power cultivator.”

Xue Qianxue was smiling all of a sudden, “That is because his opponent is an old woman and lack the stamina to fight a prolong fight with him. This may well be his tactics!”

Bai Qianfeng whispered to her sisters, “Then it may be the wrong tactics. This Venerable Palace Mistress, she isn’t an old woman.”

Ling Feiyue, Xue Qianxue, Little Princess: ???

“Her vitality is quite young. This is only her disguise.” Bai Qianfeng simply said. Her divine sense was able to read a cultivator’s vitality as well since she is an immortal cultivator.

Ling Feiyue smiled weakly, “She isn’t an old woman? Then Ji Yuan is really in trouble…”

All of a sudden Shui Xisi had changed her finger stances to a claw stance as she displayed dozens of attacks on Ji Yuan. “Do you think that your sword attacks are faster than my fingers and claws?”

Ji Yuan was stunned. He had thought that he was fast enough with his right sword arm but this old woman was really faster than him. In an instant, he was struck four times as the profound power of Shui Xisi burst through his body.

But he forced out a smile, “Heh! Three hundred rounds are far from over yet. You still can’t get me yet. Don’t forget that it isn’t that easy to kill a great saint even though I may not have any profound defenses.”

He had suddenly realized that she had purposely lowered her profound power earlier and now she was increasing her profound power against him. He had indeed fallen into his own dumb trap; she had purposely lured him into a sense of complacency.

All of a sudden he could feel the icy thrusts of her attacks as she repeatedly clawed his face while smirking delightfully.

Damn! She is like a fierce tigress…she keeps aiming my face…

He was getting frustrated and irritated. Therefore he moved away from her to display his sword bursts on her while trying to maintain a distance from her.

Trying was the word but she had followed him keenly like an unshakable opponent and soon she had struck him several more times.

Ji Yuan was now smiling bitterly; this was a totally one-side duel…

He was now defending more than attacking. No matter how hard he had tried, he just could not get past her formidable defenses. It was as though there was a powerful inertia force around her.

“Hey old hag! Do you what is called honorable fight at all? Stop hitting my face!” Ji Yuan was now really irritated.

“You are so ugly. Why do you care about your face?” Shui Xisi mocked him with several soft chuckles.

Ji Yuan: …

But he maintained his shamelessness by shouting out loud. “Is this the best that you can do? Very soon, the three hundred rounds will be up. You are really an old woman!”

Shui Xisi smiled coldly as she flashed above him, “We shall see, you beardless old goat. Divine Exaltation Art!”

All of a sudden Ji Yuan could feel that his profound strength was being drained by her. He was startled. “What the hell is this?!”

Before he knew what was happening, he was crushed under the weight of her profound power and he had crashed on his back to the ground.

Shui Xisi laughed, “Now you know that the Water Melody Palace isn’t…”

All of a sudden she gasped as Ji Yuan swung his sword with an explosive force as he displayed the Heavenly Light of the Coiling Dragon in an upward swing on her.

“Haha! You have fallen for my ruse too!” Ji Yuan was now laughing with great delight.

There was a thunderous outburst of profound energies as Shui Xisi’s profound animus absorbed the attack but not before melting her face.

She had aimed his face so now he was aiming back at her face! Haha!

All of a sudden Ji Yuan got a shock of his life as the most alluring face of a beautiful goddess had suddenly flashed in front of him. This Shui Xisi was actually a heavenly beauty on par with the four great celestial beauties!

Shui Xisi gasped as she quickly used her sleeves to cover her face before the brilliant light of the profound energies had died down.

At the same time she had used her fingers to poke Ji Yuan’s eyes with a sudden attack that instantly blinded him. In that moment when Ji Yuan was gasping at her peerless face, she had launched her attack.

Ji Yuan literally got blinded and he was really bleeding from his eye sockets.

In the next instant she had ascended onto her gigantic blue phoenix.

Everyone was gasping that there was actually a cultivator that could levitate herself through the air just by the sheer display of her profound animus. This was startling to everyone and left everyone speechless…

Ji Yuan was still gasping silently and he was blinking his eyes painfully, “That is a most beautiful and sinful face. So that is the true face of the Venerable Palace Mistress? Why the heck did she disguise herself as an old woman for?”

Slowly he picked himself up and he was suddenly aching; he had broken a few ribs and he was even limping. But that was a good fight.

He thought, “It is a lucky thing that she is only here to teach me a lesson or two and isn’t too serious. She is really a formidable opponent. What the heck is that Divine Exaltation Art? Half of my profound strength is suddenly voided by her…”

He was sighing all of a sudden; he did not have a powerful internal profound art to resist her Divine Exaltation Art. This was his weakness as a pure sword cultivator.

As he got up, he could hear the mutterings of the onlookers;

“Dark Lord Ji Yuan is really impressive.” The three great saints from the three major unorthodox clans were praising him immediately.

“Why did Shui Xisi flee all of a sudden?”

“Ji Yuan has won?”

“Maybe it is because the three hundred rounds are up?”

All of a sudden there was a cold echo that came from above, “Ji Yuan! You beardless old goat! The Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth is opening in three months’ time. If you have the guts then come to the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth for our showdown!”

Shui Xisi was now wearing a half-mask with two silver wings by her side that only showed her lower face.

She took a last look at Ji Yuan before urging her blue phoenix to fly off.

With that the gigantic blue phoenix had taken off as the strong winds that were generated by the flapping of wings stirred fiercely, sending many of the weaker cultivators to fly upside down and crashing them whenever the fierce winds took them.

Shui Xisi was actually astonished that Ji Yuan was able to fight her for so long and was secretly thinking. “He isn’t weak. It’s just that his temper is a little foul. But he actually isn’t ugly even without his beard. It is no wonder that Qingqing keeps singing his praises. Consider this a lesson taught to you today by the Water Melody Palace.”

All the cultivators below were in shock by the revelation that the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth will be opening soon. This is the greatest trial in the Celestial Realm where all the celestial fraternities can compete against one another for cultivation resources!

The four maidens had immediately surrounded Ji Yuan and were checking him with great concern. “My lord, are you alright? Your eyes, does it still hurt?”

Ji Yuan shook his head, “I’m alright…” But his thoughts were still on the sinful look of Shui Xisi. This time his heart was really moved. It was exactly like the first time that he had caught sight of Xia Jiajia.

Even Xiang Li could not resist a chuckle in his soul sea, “She is equally as peerless as my best friend Qianfeng. So when are we going to pursue her?”

Ji Yuan immediately replied with a frown. “Can’t you see that she isn’t interested in me?”

Then he was grinning. “Maybe not if I can have my manly beard back…”

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Chapter 165: The Water Melody Palace (1)

As Ling Feiyue led everyone out to greet this new intruder, she was saying exasperatingly. “This Venerable Palace Mistress. Who do she thinks she is? She dares to barge into my sect anyhow she pleases? What happens to our sect defensive arrays and protectors?”

She questioned the panicky cultivator along the way out of the hall. “How many cultivators did she bring?”

The panicky cultivator had a flustered look as he replied awkwardly. “She only comes alone.”

“What?” Ling Feiyue was stunned. There were always more than a hundred golden celestials around and 10+ sacred saints around. How was it possible for a lone cultivator to storm into the Spirit Blue Moon Sect?

This was a slap to her face and a tremendous loss of faces to the Spirit Blue Moon Sect in front of the three visiting great saint envoys.

Even Chen Yi and Ling Tianshui were shaking with disbelief as they stormed angrily to the outside.

They were not particular worry because they had more than ten great saints altogether. What can a lone great saintess from the Water Melody Palace do to them?

The three great saints from the three other major unorthodox clans were actually startled that the Water Melody Palace had come knocking. It was normal to be apprehensive about the Water Melody Palace because no single major celestial clan actually dared to mess up with the three heretic palaces alone.

Even the Celestial Orthodox Sect had to seek the aid of the other major orthodox clans in order to deal with the Evil Cultivation Palace.

These three heretic palaces are extremely secretive and powerful at the same time. Unless there is a reason to mess around with them, no one is foolhardy to do so.

Perhaps the three great saints had the same thoughts as Chen Yi and Ling Tianshui as well as they laughed. “It is only one great saintess. Do we even need to fear a lone trouble maker?”

Great Saint You Tianlong even put on some brave words in front of Ji Yuan. “Brother Ji Yuan, don’t worry. We are all here to support you!”

Ji Yuan returned him an awkward look and kept his thoughts secret; Yea. Support. So I am still the main cannon fodder. When things go south, all of you will switch sides as always.

In Ji Yuan’s lifetime, he had been betrayed by numerous ‘great supports’ from his so call ‘brothers’. But that is why he has always been a leader because he has always been a leading cultivator. This is actually his great quality because he can close his eyes to the numerous ‘bad deeds’ of ‘brothers’ and people trust him with the real leadership later on.

That was why after the epic desolate beast attack on the Five Heavens Peaks, there were still many cultivators that had missed Ji Yuan’s presence even though he was ‘not’ around.

Great Saint Gu Gui not wanting to lose to Great Saint You Tianlong immediately said with great righteousness, “Brother Ji Yuan, I will there to fight alongside with you!”

Ji Yuan laughed, “Thank you Brother Gu Gui. You are indeed my good brother!” But he was secret cursing; Alongside with me huh? So I’m still the main cannon fodder.

Great Saint Tian Shan was also patting his chest, “Brother Ji Yuan, you can trust me too. I will lend you whatever support you need!”

Ji Yuan laughed, “Brother Tian Shan, you are such a wonderful brother! Thank you in advance!” But he was cursing; why don’t you say you are just my moral support?

Ling Feiyue, Xue Qianxue and Little Princess said together, “My lord, we will fight with you together!”

Ji Yuan laughed as he tried to put on a manly front. “No need, I can handle it alone.” But he was secretly pleased. These maidens are willing to put their lives for me. Ji Yuan, as an alpha male, you can’t put their lives at risk. You ought to protect them.

Then he added a thought; one of these days, I will die because of I love my face more than my life.

Bai Qianfeng tugged him by his sleeve, “My lord, shall I settle this intruder for you?”

Ji Yuan was secretly comforted and even more delighted; Qianfeng, you’re the best!

But he replied shamelessly and full of thickness, “Qianfeng, I alone can handle this. You take a backseat and watch the show. It is only a lone cultivator and not the entire Water Melody Palace. Let see what she wants first.”

Bai Qianfeng whispered, “Alright my lord…” But she quickly added. “This foe is really dangerous. I can sense great danger outside.”

As an immortal cultivator, Bai Qianfeng’s extrasensory perception with her divine sense is more formidable than any celestial practitioner.

But Ji Yuan laughed it off, “Don’t worry! I can surely manage it!”

In front of Bai Qianfeng, all his manly vibes ballooned to ungodly levels. Even if she wants the moon from him now, he will answer. “I will get the moon for you, Qianfeng!”

And so, they went outside the inner citadel hall of the Dark Mistress’ Citadel and were shocked to see that the entire sun had been blotted out and the entire mountain peak was dark now even though it was now in mid-day.

A gigantic blue phoenix was fluttering above the palace grounds, blotting out the sun; its gigantic wings were so gigantic that the entire mountain peak was covered by the shadows of its wings.

This was an epic ninth rank divine beast!

Ji Yuan immediately gulped. An epic seventh rank desolate beast is already so hard to beat and now he is facing a ninth rank divine beast…

Not only was Ji Yuan stunned by the sight but everyone else was too!

All around the palace ground, dozens of cultivators on the side of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect were flung from their flying mounts to the ground and everyone was looking helplessly at the sight of the gigantic blue phoenix.

Even Ling Feiyue was flustered. It was because there were supposed to be several powerful defensive arrays in the mountains around.

Unless the Spirit Blue Moon Sect has permitted it, it is quite impossible for anyone to barge with their flying mounts in broad daylight but against an epic ninth rank divine beast, her sect is truly helpless.

“This is…” everyone was stunned and lost their wits all of a sudden.

Even ten great saints may not be able to contest against a single ninth rank epic divine beast!

Ji Yuan could only mutter helplessly, “Why don’t you bring the entire Water Melody Palace instead?”

Great Saint Gu Gui, Great Saint Tian Shan and Great Saint You Tianlong were now trying to show that they were friends of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect so they mouthed a weak protest. “Who dares to intrude here?”

But to Ji Yuan, it sounded like they were fanning the flames of war and he was cursing them silently: we should be keeping a low profile at this moment…

The oppressive aura that come from above the blue phoenix began to exert its profound strength on everyone as the powerful female cultivator on top of the blue phoenix’s head began to echo coldly. “Who is Li Yuan? Ask him to get out. How dare he seduce my core protégé!”

From her oppressive aura, everyone can tell that she is a peaked great saintess. That is her profound strength!

Although the intruder’s profound aura was extremely oppressive, Ling Feiyue had raised her profound aura to dispel the oppressive aura in an act of defiance. “Dark Mistress Ling Feiyue here. Who dares to intrude into my Spirit Blue Moon Sect?”

The blue phoenix lowered its head and a thin old woman with grey hair could be seen standing regally on top.

“Venerable Palace Mistress Shui Xisi from the Water Melody Palace. Where is Li Yuan?! Ask him to come out now!” This Venerable Palace Mistress Shui Xisi looked extremely upset today.

“Young lass, get out of my way! Get me Li Yuan here or don’t blame me for demolishing your mountain peak!”

Ling Feiyue was startled that someone else had actually dared to call her a young lass…

The three great saints from the other three major unorthodox clans were secretly muttering. “Who is this Li Yuan?”

Ji Yuan quickly stepped forward and announced awkwardly. “Erm, I am Li Yuan…”

Great Saint Gu Gui, Great Saint Tian Shan and Great Saint You Tianlong, Chen Yi and Ling Tianshui were all gasping with shock. Ji Yuan is Li Yuan?!

“So you are that beardless good-for-nothing Li Yuan that bullies my core protégé?” Shui Xisi immediately stared at him coldly.

Ji Yuan was stunned. When did I ever bully your core protégé? All of a sudden he had remembered Shui Qingqing. Yea, when did I ever bully her?

“Although I am a beardless cultivator but I am definitely not a good-for-nothing. And when did I ever bully your core protégé?” He had frankly remembered that he had shown her a great deal of care. He honestly can swear that he had never touched her or anything…

No wait, it is the opposite way! He had suddenly remembered that Shui Qingqing had grabbed him by his arms…

He smiled weakly to himself. Surely she isn’t that petty?

Shui Xisi hummed coldly, “Ever since my core protégé has returned to her sect, she has been praising your profound skills. How dare you belittle the profound arts of the Water Melody Palace!”

Ji Yuan was truly stunned. When did I ever belittle the profound arts of the Water Melody Palace? Did Shui Qingqing misunderstand something or what? Or is it a plot to seize the celestial sword that he had given to Bai Qianfeng?

Ji Yuan looked at the rest awkwardly, “Don’t look at me like this. I didn’t do anything funny at all…”

Shui Xisi raised her fingers before saying coldly, “Display your divine sword and we shall have a match to see who has the superior skills. Do you have the guts to fight an old woman or you are just a beardless child that needs milk?”

Ji Yuan immediately growled. “Who is the one that needs milk?!” He had displayed his celestial sword.

Shui Xisi smirked coldly, “Then let’s fight for a hundred rounds!”

Ji Yuan immediately rose to the challenge. “A hundred rounds it shall be then!”

Little Princess gasped, “My lord, don’t! She is dangerous!”

Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue were now holding onto his arms, “Don’t accept her challenge…”

But Ji Yuan has never one to shy away from a fight especially it is a challenge from the same cultivation level. So he had displayed his celestial sword.

Ling Feiyue cursed him softly, “My lord, you’re not her match…”

Even Bai Qianfeng was saying, “I can fight her off for you…”

Ji Yuan whispered to their ears, “I need to accept this challenge or our new allies will think that we’re weak. They are also watching me keenly now. If I back off from this fight then they may have second thoughts on becoming our allies. This won’t be good for the Spirit Blue Moon Sect.”

With a soft resignation, Ling Feiyue could only watch him with a helpless look. “Be careful, my lord.”

With a flash, Shui Xisi had already landed gently on the palace ground to coldly greet Ji Yuan with her malevolent air.

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Chapter 164: Diplomacy or War (2)

The envoys of the Dark Solstice Sect, the Black Iron Fortress and the Quad Alliance Sect had all gathered in the same hall and they all had an ugly expression.

Even when Ling Feiyue, Ji Yuan, Chen Yi and Ling Tianshui had arrived to greet them, they still maintain their ugly and unhappy countenance. After all, they were all great saints with a lofty status in their own sects.

As soon as Ji Yuan saw them, he greeted them with a soft chuckle. “Welcome, welcome!”

Great Saint Gu Gui from the Dark Solstice Sect frowned unhappily, “Who are you and who do you think you are? Do you think that you have a place to speak to us in the first place?”

Ling Feiyue immediately hummed coldly, “He is my lord! The Dark Lord Ji Yuan!” No one will be allowed to hurl insults at her lord in her presence.

Great Saint Gu Gui frowned. “Sword Saint Ji Yuan?”

Ji Yuan grinned. “I am Sword Demon Ji Yuan now.”

Great Saint Tian Shan from the Black Iron Fortress suddenly interrupted. “You are the one that had killed Sword Saintess Yuluo?”

Ji Yuan answered, “That is right.”

Great Saint Tian Shan said coldly, “Did you ambush her or what?” The reason why he was saying so was because he once had a duel with Sword Saintess Yuluo and had lost to her. He was a great saint yet he had lost to a middle-tier saintess.

“Of course not. I have won fair and square.” Ji Yuan answered confidently.

“I find it hard to believe. You are merely an initial saint.” Great Saint You Tianlong from the Quad Alliance Sect hummed coldly.

Ji Yuan immediately took out his half-step celestial sword and displayed his perfect harmony with it and he was grinning. “Not a problem if I have a celestial sword right?”

The three great saints were gasping immediately.

“Celestial sword…”

“Perfect divine harmony…”

“You are a great saint as well?”

Ji Yuan chuckled, “I am merely at the Upper Heaven-step Seventh Realm Sacred Saint Level and still far from being a peaked great saint.”

Ling Feiyue immediately rolled her eyes; Ji Yuan is boasting about his cultivation level again…how on earth did he advance so quickly. This is getting more and more outrageous…

The three great saints from the Dark Solstice Sect, the Black Iron Fortress and the Quad Alliance Sect were all gasping with shock again.

Actually Ji Yuan did not need to proclaim his cultivation level to them. The instant that he had unsheathed his celestial sword, his cultivation level was known to them through their divine sense.

“Upper heaven-step great saint…”

These three great saints were completely stunned. It was because they had thought that they would be able to pressure Ling Feiyue and the Spirit Blue Moon Sect by their presence.

They knew that the Spirit Blue Moon Sect had only one peaked great saint and that is their Venerable Patriarch Ling Fang. But other than Venerable Patriarch Ling Fang which they had to give some faces, the three of them would not care for any others.

The three of them were all mortal-step and earth-step great saints. In order to become a great saint, they had stepped onto the corpses of many and had consumed a great deal of cultivation resources. Moreover they had gone through four life and death tribulations. Whether it is luck or cultivation resources, they are at the top of the pecking order.

Therefore when they saw Ji Yuan, they had immediately disdained him.

But now they had suddenly realized that a super genius with a celestial sword had suddenly appeared in front of them and they were speechless.

In the celestial realm, those who have a celestial sword are few in between and they had a clear advantage.

Chen Yi and Ling Tianshui were stunned too; when did this Ji Yuan suddenly become a heaven-step great saint?!

Not long ago their divine sense had told them that Ji Yuan was a half-step great saint. Ling Feiyue had explained to them that Ji Yuan was actually at the upper earth-step sacred saint level but because he just had his breakthrough, his profound strength was not at his peak yet.

And now, he had not only regained his profound strength to the earth-step sacred saint level but he had also advanced to the heaven-step sacred saint level? They just could not believe it!

Ling Tianshui was secretly biting her lips and there was a slight flush on her countenance. She was actually thinking; Guess that I didn’t pick the wrong man. He is such a rare genius cultivator…

In order to become a heaven-step sacred saint level, it is estimated that it will take most cultivators one to three thousand years to reach this level. Most commonly, it will take three thousand years on the average and more for the majority.

Great Saint Tian Shan muttered, “Sword Saint Ji Yuan is so young and you’re already a great saint. This is kinda hard to believe. Your lightning tribulation must surely be the six-stage golden lightning for a genius like you.”

Ji Yuan laughed, “Actually my lightning tribulation is the nine-stage purple lightning tribulation. Haha.”

Great Saint Gu Gui, Great Saint Tian Shan and Great Saint You Tianlong: …

Nine-Stage Purple Lightning?!

Only one in ten thousand great saints will have the chance to experience the nine-stage purple lightning tribulation and their life span will be destined to be above ten thousand years. This is a monstrous existence!

All of a sudden the three great saints were all gulping.

Originally they had come to the Spirit Blue Moon Sect to demand answers and for reparations but all of a sudden they felt it was a little unwise to offend such a powerful figure. Moreover this Sword Saint Ji Yuan was so ruthless as to kill Sword Saintess Yuluo and he had even dared to offend the entire orthodox fraternity.

It was no wonder that he had dared to attack their sects!

“My lord. You have called for us?”

All of a sudden three beautiful maidens had entered into the great hall with their divine swords. They were Little Princess, Xue Qianxue and Bai Qianfeng.

Ling Tianshui and Chen Yi were suddenly blinking at Bai Qianfeng. Who is this maiden? They had never seen her before…

Ji Yuan rebuked them gently. “Why are you displaying your swords? They are our allies and not our enemies. Hurry and sheathed your swords into your spatial rings!”

Xue Qianxue giggled, “We are afraid that our lord may be in danger so we are here to check things out.”

Little Princess laughed, “That is right!”

The three great saints were suddenly staring at the three maidens one by one. It was because they were all great saintesses…

The three great saints looked at the maiden in white whom loveliness was so enticing that they were gasping with praises for her beauty. This maiden in white must be Xue Qianxue and she is a mortal-step great saintess.

The enchanting maiden in black that had a most bewitching look must be the real appearance of Little Princess. She is a heaven-step great saintess…

The three great saints had heard that Xue Qianxue and Little Princess were now guests at the Spirit Blue Moon Sect so these two must be them.

As for the heavenly and forbidden looking maiden with long silver hair, they were shocked that their divine sense had picked her to be a peak great saintess! They just could not believe their divine sense and moreover the divine sword that was in her hands was a full-step celestial sword!

One celestial sword is already extremely rare even if it is a half-step. But there are actually two celestial swords in the hands of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect.

The three great saints did not know whether to laugh or cry now…

The three maidens did not conceal their profound aura at all and had revealed their true profound strength through their divine swords.

Except for Bai Qianfeng; Xue Qianxue and Little Princess could actually lower their cultivation strength to a lower level because their heaven-step divines sword did not require as much profound strength to handle as a celestial sword. But they chose not to.

Ji Yuan suddenly asked, “Oh yes. I thought that we are on something today? What is it?”

The three great saints immediately answered at the same time. “Haha. Actually we are on a friendly visit. We thought that there may be some misunderstanding so we are here to clear it.”

If the three great saints had any doubts about the strength of Ji Yuan, it had completely dispelled now after the three maidens had shown up and were addressing Ji Yuan as their lord.

Ji Yuan nodded, “Of course we have a little misunderstanding. The five major unorthodox clans have always been united. If we are not united then even the lesser celestial clans can pick a fight with us.”

Great Saint Gu Gui agreed. “Even though the lesser celestial clans are not powerful alone but they number in the hundreds and they control the trading cities. How do you think we should clean up this mess?”

Ji Yuan blinked at them, “Do we even need to clean up the mess in the first place?”

“Meaning?” Great Saint Tian Shan asked.

Ji Yuan replied, “As long as the five major unorthodox clans form a close alliance, this matter will soon be forgotten. Although we have attacked the lesser celestial clans in Mayhem Rising City, no one has got killed. Don’t forget that we are not called the unorthodox cultivators for nothing.”

Great Saint You Tianlong clapped, “Right! Although these cultivators are numerous but in the unorthodox fraternity, it is normal for fights to break out. If we are united then this matter will soon be forgotten.”

Ji Yuan smiled, “Smart. Most of the cultivators are flaming the fire and hoping that the five major unorthodox clans will start fighting so that they can topple us. But if we don’t fight and stay united then they can only suck their thumbs. Haha!”

“You know. I have already made an alliance with the Astonishing Sword Manor. I will only be too glad to make alliances with your sects as well. That is why I have resorted to this to get your attention. I hope that you will forgive me for trying to get your attention.” Ji Yuan shamelessly said. “If the three of you do not mind, you can address me as Brother Ji Yuan. We can be brothers from now on.”

“Oh no, we don’t mind at all…”

“Brother Ji Yuan, we are honored to have you as our brothers…”

“We don’t see anything wrong with cementing an alliance together…”

“Brother Ji Yuan, when are you free to visit my sect?”

All of a sudden the three great saints were laughing with Ji Yuan together. None of them wanted to give an advantage to the other sects and was eager to cement an alliance with Ji Yuan.

“May we know what is the secret to your cultivation strength?”

Yuan Ji replied shamelessly. “I am really lucky to have lost my beard during my golden body transformation and chance upon this secret.”


“Why do you think we will lose our beards during our golden body transformation and it only happens to the few? The few are actually the lucky ones!”

“This…is this true?”

“Look at me. I am a living example of this great astonishing secret.” Ji Yuan pointed out to them.

Ling Feiyue rolled her eyes as she stole a glance to her aunt Ling Tianshui who had also stolen a glance at her. She was silently saying: I think that Ji Yuan makes a better sect leader than I. These envoys are supposed to be here to talk to me but they end up talking to only Ji Yuan…

Even Ling Tianshui was thinking. Why is that I feel that this Ji Yuan is the real leader of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect…

Ji Yuan was rubbing his chin; This entanglement isn’t too hard to solve. It is quite a common affair in the Five Heavens Peaks.

He was the highest level cultivator in the Five Heavens Peaks and he had often used the same trick. In the end, everyone was calling him Big Brother Ji Yuan.

The only thing that he cannot do is to regain his beautiful beard and reclaim his once respectful spot in the Five Heavens Peaks.

But there is a saying. If you cannot beat them, join them!

Therefore he is now working on his new plan of turning everyone into beardless cultivators and proclaiming the new virtues of being a beardless cultivator!

Then he can return to the Five Heavens Peaks as the most respectable cultivator again!

Ling Feiyue, Little Princess, Bai Qianfeng and Xue Qianxue had caught him rubbing his chin and saw that he had a wry smile. Somehow they had a bad feeling about it. They had been with him for far too long to realize that whenever Ji Yuan rubbed his chin and was smiling, he must have thought of something weird.

All of a sudden there was a panicky cultivator had rushed into the hall and was shouting, “Reporting to Dark Mistress, there is now an emergency!”

Ling Feiyue curiously asked, “What is it?”

“The Venerable Palace Mistress of the Water Melody Palace is here! She demands to see Li Yuan! But we have no Li Yuan here…”

When everyone had heard the panicky cultivator, they were all gasping with shock.

Ji Yuan could feel the cold gaze that were from Ling Feiyue, Xue Qianxue, Little Princess and Bai Qianfeng as they looked in his direction.

He said bitterly, “Don’t look at me like this. I didn’t do anything at all.”

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Chapter 163: Diplomacy or War (1)

Ling Feiyue and Ji Yuan were now talking to the five patriarch elders in the inner palace hall of the Dark Mistress’ Citadel.

Ling Feiyue smiled to the five patriarch moon elders, “Ji Yuan and I will be cultivating together behind closed doors for the next three months. Therefore, please help me to take care of the sect affairs for the time being.”

Ji Yuan laughed weakly, “That’s right.”

Patriarch Moon Elder Chen Yi laughed, “Please rest assures that nothing will go wrong in the next couple of months.”

Matriarch Moon Elder Ling Tianshui said, “I don’t understand. You have only gone for a trip to the Mayhem Rising City and had only met Young Master Shen Qin only once. Yet he is willing to cement an alliance with us? And he has even delivered a million high grade spirit stones to support us. Isn’t this a little too strange?”

Ling Feiyue had a gentle flush, “He says he is my admirer and I can’t stop him for admiring me. Do you agree?”

Ling Tianshui smiled weakly, “Niece, there is no free lunches in the world. We ought to exercise a little cautious on this. Maybe it is even wise to reject his alliance with us?”

Chen Yi added, “I don’t trust him too. I’m sure that you know very well how that Elder Zhong Hui had such an haughty air the last time when you had rejected the marriage proposal of his sect leader. But now this Elder Zhong Hui is even willing to be a guest here to ensure that the alliance will be going smoothly.”

Ling Feiyue smiled weakly. Until now, she did not dare to tell them what had happened at Mayhem Rising City. She had decided to quickly enter seclusion before the five patriarch moon elders could discover what Ji Yuan had done at the Mayhem Rising City.

Ji Yuan quickly said with a straight face, “I’m sure that the patriarch elders know what to do. We should enter seclusion now to prepare for the upcoming battle. After all, the time is short.”

Ling Feiyue stared blankly at Ji Yuan and did not know whether to laugh or cry. She knew that he was trying to enter seclusion as soon as possible before anyone could found out about what he had done.

All of a sudden a protégé had panicky arrived at the entrance of the hall, “We have a highest alert message for our Dark Mistress. It is the Purple Flag.”

Immediately all five patriarch elders were stunned. The Purple Flag is the highest alert in the Spirit Blue Moon Sect and it means that something critical had happened.

Ling Feiyue quickly said with a panicky look, “I will leave it to our patriarch elders to settle this. I shall take my leave first.”

Chen Yi immediately said, “This won’t do. This is the highest alert. Quickly summon the messenger.”

Ling Tianshui nodded, “I agree as well.”

The other three patriarch elders were all nodding as they muttered. “I wonder what has happened to have such a critical alert? Are we under attack?”

Ling Feiyue sighed heavily as she looked hatefully at Ji Yuan. Look what have you done? How am I going to clean up this mess now?

Ji Yuan smiled weakly, “Since this is the highest alert and may pertain to the secrets of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect, I shouldn’t be around. I shall take my leave first and enter seclusion first. Please pardon me for not staying…”

“No, you are the new Dark Lord now so you should stay here.” Ling Feiyue said unhappily.

Ji Yuan laughed weakly. “Since Feiyue wants me to stay, I shall stay then…”

Chen Yi was looking quite haughty. This was the perfect opportunity for him to show Dark Mistress Ling Feiyue and the new Dark Lord Ji Yuan that they could confidently pass the sect matters to him to handle. After all, he was the head of the five patriarch elders.

He immediately patted his chest to declare proudly to Ling Feiyue, “Leave it to us to handle this and you only have to just tell us your opinion. Nothing will be difficult or complicated in our hands. Haha.”

Ling Tianshui was smiling too, “Indeed. Will this be more troublesome than the troubles of the six major orthodox clans?”

Ling Feiyue rolled her eyes. I hope that you won’t get a shock later…

Ji Yuan immediately said. “In this case, we shall be glad to leave it to the patriarch elders to handle…”

Ling Feiyue had suddenly stepped on his foot before she whispered. “Stop adding oil…”

Ji Yuan put on a straight face. “I’m just impressed by the abilities of the patriarch elders…”

Ling Feiyue: …

Soon a messenger had arrived with panicky look, “My greetings to Dark Mistress and the patriarch elders…”

Chen Yi immediately said with an unhappy look, “What is it? This has better not be a false alarm.”

The messenger quickly stammered out, “Something happens at Mayhem Rising City…this…”

“Why are you stammering? Hurry and report it to us.” Chen Yi frowned.

The messenger really did not know how to put this into words and he was trying his best to report it properly. “This…the five major unorthodox clans have suddenly attacked Mayhem Rising City and declare war on hundreds of lesser celestial clans.”

Chen Yi immediately rebuked the messenger. “Nonsense! The Spirit Blue Moon Sect is part of the five major unorthodox clans. How come we didn’t know anything about this? Unless you want to say that we have been unceremonially removed from our position as a major unorthodox clan by the unorthodox fraternity.”

The messenger immediately kowtowed panicky. “I am speaking the truth. They say that the leaders of the five major unorthodox clans are the Spirit Blue Moon Sect and the Astonishing Sword Manor.”

Chen Yi: …

Ling Tianshui: …

“Rubbish! We only have a small presence in Mayhem Rising City. How the heck do we have the ability to lead an attack on so many celestial clans at the same time? This must be the plot of the Astonishing Sword Manor!” Chen Yi immediately concluded angrily. “These people must be blind to fall for the impersonators!”

The messenger wanted to continue but when he took a glance at Ling Feiyue, he was stammering. “Erm…there are reports that our Dark Mistress is there to lead the attack…”

Chen Yi shouted angrily, “Rubbish! Why should our Dark Mistress does something like this? Get our Spirit Blue Moon Sect Branch at Mayhem Rising City to investigate this and get hold of the impersonators. I will make sure that they will get slice by me personally for blackening the honor of our sect!”

The messenger’s head sunk even lower. “Our entire Spirit Blue Moon Sect Branch is involved in the attacks…this is not all…”

“What? Our branch is involved in the attack?! Not all? What do you mean this is not all?” Chen Yi frowned angrily and he had a most perplexed look now.

“The other three major unorthodox clans; the Dark Solstice Sect, the Black Iron Fortress and the Quad Alliance Sect are now accusing that we have attacked their sects and even forcing them to attack the rest of the lesser celestial clans.” The messenger broke into a cold sweat as he stammered out. “And they have just declared war on us.”

Chen Yi: …

Chen Yi: …

Chen Yi: …

Ling Tianshui was also stunned. “Who is the one that dares to activate our Spirit Blue Moon Sect Branch in Mayhem Rising City to do such a horrible thing?”

“Our…Dark…Mistress…” the messenger stammered nervously.

Ling Feiyue awkwardly said to the messenger, “You may go. I already know the details.”

When the messenger had left, Ling Tianshui turned to Ling Feiyue with a bewildered look. “Niece, what is going on here?”

Ling Feiyue had a flustered look on her as she said weakly. “This, I can explain…”

She turned to call out to Ji Yuan. “Ji Yuan…”

All of a sudden, she had discovered that Ji Yuan had secretly left the hall while everyone was paying attention to the messenger.

Ling Feiyue: …

Ling Feiyue: …

Ling Feiyue: …

She awkwardly said, “I only did this to find us an ally. The good news is, the Astonishing Sword Manor has agreed to lend us their support should the six major orthodox clans attack us.”

Ling Tianshui said with great exasperation. “You know we can’t afford to offend the Quad Alliance Sect. How do you expect us to clean up this mess now?”

Ling Feiyue turned to look at Chen Yi, “I thought that Patriarch Moon Elder Chen Yi will be able to handle this for me while I am away for my seclusion.”

Chen Yi: …

Chen Yi: …

Chen Yi: …

He made a deep sigh, “You know. Although the six major orthodox clans are all formidable celestial powers but they dare not encroached easily into the unorthodox fraternity. Therefore they had to isolate us from our allies and find a righteous way to attack us…”

“But the major unorthodox clans are different. They are right at our footstep and they can attack all our sect branches in the trading cities that are in the unorthodox fraternity. Without a branch at the trading cities, how do you expect our sect to thrive in the future?”

Ling Feiyue was really, really flustered. Ji Yuan had really completely isolated the Spirit Blue Moon Sect. She had never handled anything in this scale before and was completely at a loss.

“So what shall we do now?”

Chen Yi and Ling Tianshui smiled bitterly at Ling Feiyue, “We have no idea as well…”

All of a sudden another messenger had panicky rushed into the hall. “Dark Mistress, Patriarch Elders. I have something important to report!”

Chen Yi frowned. “What is it?”

The messenger said nervously, “The envoys from the Dark Solstice Sect, the Black Iron Fortress and the Quad Alliance Sect are all here now. They are all great saints. They want to speak to our Dark Mistress.”

Ling Feiyue said weakly, “I didn’t expect that they will be here so quickly. Someone go get Ji Yuan. Even if he is hiding in a hole, you must dig him up. He is going to clean up this mess or else I will kick him down the desolate mists.”

Ji Yuan had suddenly entered the hall as he smiled, “I am here. I have sensed some formidable auras so I have just gone out to take a look.”

Ling Feiyue stared coldly at him, “Tell me what I should do now?”

Ji Yuan rubbed his chin and grinned. “Trust me and leave it to me. I know what to do. I have been expecting them. They are quicker than expected. They must be quite nervous now. Haha.”

Everyone: ???

Ling Feiyue asked, “Explain?”

Ji Yuan laughed, “Because no one will believes them. Everyone only believes what they are seeing and they can only see that the attacks are made by the five major unorthodox clans. Therefore what we are facing now is precisely what they are facing now.”

He added with a grin. “We shall see all three envoys at once.”

Ling Feiyue sighed softly. “I really hope you know what you are doing…”

Ji Yuan smiled confidently, “You have forgotten that I have been a sect master for a long time.”

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Chapter 162: A Romantic Trip (3)

Ji Yuan was now hugging Shen Qin on his shoulder as he took him back to the jewelry building and they were now at the VIP fifth floor.

Behind them were Ling Feiyue, Little Princess, Xue Qianxue and Bai Qianfeng who had donned back their curtain veils.

Also standing behind awkwardly was Elder Zhong Hui.

Why were they now so friendly toward each other? It was because Shen Qin had completely surrendered earlier.

Ji Yuan said to Shen Qin as though he was an old friend, “Really. You don’t have to do it. You sure you want to pay for the tab for me.”

Shen Qin smiled bitterly, “It is my pleasure to do things for Brother Ji…”

“Li Yuan.” Ji Yuan corrected him with a smile.

“Yes, yes. For my Brother Li Yuan, I am most willing to do so. There is no question that I am most willing.” Shen Qin smiled weakly.

Ji Yuan promptly turned to the same steward that had served him earlier, “Where are my jewelries? Did you forget to wrap them?”

The steward panicky answered. “I will go and get it now for you. Please pardon me…”

Ji Yuan then turned to Shen Qin and said, “Alas, you know that the Spirit Blue Moon Sect is in trouble with the major orthodox clans.”

Shen Qin immediately said with great righteousness, “I will definitely be supportive of the cause of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect and will muster my sect’s strength to aid your sect.”

Ji Yuan chuckled, “Brother Shen Qin, you are indeed very righteousness. But if I release you, how do I know that you will not go back on your promises? So it is better that I shall invite you to be a guest of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect. Do you think that it is a good idea?”

“I will definitely keep my promise.” Shen Qin smiled weakly. “Elder Zhong Hui can stay behind to be your hostage.”

Elder Zhong Hui: …

Ji Yuan sighed, “But Elder Zhong Hui is a lowly saint cultivator and your sect has no lack of saints. What if you go back and muster your entire force against the Spirit Blue Moon Sect then won’t I be too young, too simple?”

Shen Qin protested weakly, “Brother Li Yuan is so smart and wise, I dare not try to pull wools over your eyes. I will definitely keep my promises.”

Ji Yuan seemed to ponder for a while before saying, “Why don’t you leave behind your arm? I will promise to preserve it perfectly so that you can re-attach it later. Then I will feel more secure.”

Shen Qin was now trembling with fear, “Please don’t…this will affect my cultivation speed…”

“You’re already a middle-tier saint. There is no need for you to cultivate in such a hurry.” Ji Yuan chuckled. “Moreover you are still a far way off from being a great saint. Maybe you will even get killed by the Lightning Tribulation.”

Shen Qin was speechless as he cursed Ji Yuan silently. Without my arm, I will surely get killed by the Lightning Tribulation…

Ji Yuan took a look at him before smiling, “Your heaven-step divine sword is quite a good sword. Why don’t you give it to me as well?”

Shen Qin was stunned. “This is my sect’s heritage sword. How can I give it to you just like this?”

Ji Yuan laughed, “Not give to me. I am only borrowing it until the day that you can fulfill your promise. Well, if you don’t want to then I am not forcing you. After all, I can take it for myself if I want to do so. I have also heard that you got a younger brother that will be interested to take over your sect leader position…”

Shen Qin immediately said, “You may take my heaven-step divine sword. It is my pleasure to lend my divine sword to a great hero like my Brother Li Yuan here.”

He added nervously, “So can I go now?”

Ji Yuan rolled his eyes and asked. “What do you think?”

“I can…go now?” Shen Qin asked with trembling lips.

Ji Yuan patted his shoulder and chuckled. “Not yet. There are more things that we are going to do next.”

Shen Qin was about to faint. How the hell did he offend this great malevolent star…

Ji Yuan grabbed Shen Qin’s shoulder like an old friend. “Because we are friends now and I think you ought to do a little bit more. I can only release you if you are able to prepare one million high grade spirit stones to the war cause of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect.”

Shen Qin was suddenly smiling. One million high grade spirit stones are nothing at all to the Astonishing Sword Manor. As long as he can get out of his present predicament, he can always take revenge on this Ji Yuan later. Even if Ji Yuan has ten lives, he cannot fight against the full might of the Astonishing Sword Manor.

“No problem! I can get it done immediately. To show my sincerity, I will leave Elder Zhong Hui in the Spirit Blue Moon Sect as a hostage.”

Elder Zhong Hui: …

Elder Zhong Hui: …

Elder Zhong Hui: …

“You’re such a great brother to me!” Ji Yuan chuckled. “It is a good thing that I have met you here.”

Shen Qin smiled bitterly, “This is for sure. So I can go now?”

Ji Yuan took an intentional look at him before grinning. “Not yet. There is something that we ought to do together before I will let you go.”

Shen Qin pretended to agree, “Naturally it is my pleasure to help Brother Li Yuan. What is it?”

“It is nothing really and will be easy for Brother Shen Qin to do so.” Ji Yuan laughed aloud before grinning. “We are going to attack the branches of the other three major unorthodox clans together.”

When Ji Yuan had said that, Shen Qin almost fainted on the spot as he stammered. “We…are…going to make enemies…of the three other major unorthodox clans?”

Even Ling Feiyue and the other maidens were gasping with shock. They really did not know that Ji Yuan will be this shameless and daring!

They had all thought that this was just a romantic trip to spend time together…

Ji Yuan patted Shen Qin on his shoulder, “What? You have dared to offend the Spirit Blue Moon Sect and you dare not offend the three other major unorthodox clans?”

Shen Qin was smiling bitterly now; he was completely speechless.

Even if he was not willing to throw his lot with the Spirit Blue Moon Sect, he would not have the choice anymore after he had attacked the three major unorthodox clans. This Ji Yuan was forcing him to throw his lot with the Spirit Blue Moon Sect completely!

Ji Yuan laughed, “Since Brother Shen Qin had already said that it will be your pleasure to help me then let’s not hesitate anymore. After I get the jewelries for my consorts, we will attack the other three major unorthodox clans immediately.”

Shen Qin smiled awkwardly, “Naturally it is my full pleasure to aid Brother Li Yuan…”

Ji Yuan laughed, “Brother Shen Qin, I’m so lucky to have you as my brother.”

“Me too…” Shen Qin replied bitterly. “Very lucky indeed….”

Ling Feiyue was blinking her eyes as she looked panicky at Ji Yuan. Is this really such a good idea? What if we have offended the other unorthodox major clans at the same time? Then won’t we be fighting on all fronts?

A short while later at the Dark Solstice Sect Branch;

“What? A beardless cultivator that claims to be Sword Demon Ji Yuan and a cultivator that claims to be the Young Master Shen Qin are attacking us? Haha. This must be the funniest thing that we have ever heard.”

“They can’t even get past our defensive arrays…”

“They must be courting their own deaths!”

“Please send someone with a beard. Haha…”

A while later…

“Merciful great heroes, we surrender…”

“You beardless son of a bastard…”

Ji Yuan frowned, “Who the ones that have no beards? Shave off all your beards.”

“Yes, yes…”

“Great Hero, please let us go…”

Ji Yuan grinned. “Sure I can let you go. Come join me to attack the other two major unorthodox clans.”

Everyone: …

Everyone: …

Everyone: …

A while later at the Black Iron Fortress Branch;

“What? We are under attack by the Spirit Blue Moon Sect, the Astonishing Sword Manor and the Dark Solstice Sect?”

“This means war!”

“How audacious! We have never crossed each other’s paths. How dare they attack us!”

“They must be courting their own deaths…”

“If we don’t teach them a bloody lesson today, then we are not the heroes of the fraternity but are tortoises and pigs….”

“We surrender…”

“Please spare us great heroes…”

Yuan Ji grinned. “Come and join me to attack the Quad Alliance Sect.”

A while later at the Quad Alliance Sect Branch;

“Who that idiot that is attacking us?”

“Must be some idiots. They didn’t know that the Quad Alliance Sect is the most powerful of the five major unorthodox clans?”

“What? We are being attacked by the other four major unorthodox clans? Did they form a quad alliance or what?!”

“Kill them all…”

“Great hero, please show some mercies to us…”

Ji Yuan chuckled, “If you value your lives then join us as we attack the lesser celestial clans in the city.”

Everyone: …

Everyone: …

Everyone: …

Ling Feiyue was shaking her head with disbelief. This is going to be a total diplomacy failure even without trying. She really did not know how to clean this mess anymore…

Hours later;

The news quickly spread that the five major unorthodox clans were bullying all the other celestial clans in Mayhem Rising City. Immediately several coalitions were formed to fight back against the five major unorthodox clans and all the old alliances were suddenly broken.

Many of the unorthodox cultivators were looking confused. “I thought that we have paid our protection money to the major unorthodox clans? Why are they attacking us?”

“I heard that Sword Demon Ji Yuan and Young Master Shen Qin have formed a powerful alliance together and they are bullying the rest…”

“The unorthodox fraternity is now in a turmoil…”

“Ji Yuan, what have you done…” Ling Feiyue said to him after they had returned to the Spirit Blue Moon Sect.

Xue Qianxue asked, “Ji Yuan, so this is your real plan to get the other unorthodox clans to join us?”

Little Princess smiled weakly, “I feel that the Spirit Blue Moon Sect will soon be the number one public enemy in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity.”

Ji Yuan muttered weakly, “I also didn’t want this to happen but that Shen Qin is trying to green me. My defense mechanics just got kicked in.”

“But at least that Young Master Shen Qin is going to be our real ally now.” He chuckled.

Ling Feiyue, Xue Qianxue, Little Princess, Bai Qianfeng: …

Indeed. When Shen Qin had returned to his sect, he did not dare to tell anyone that he had been intimidated by Ji Yuan. Therefore to save his face, he could only say to the elders that the other three major unorthodox clans had been stepping on the toes of the Astonishing Sword Manor for far too long. Therefore he had ordered an attack on them.

Because he knew that the Astonishing Sword Manor will not able to fight off three major unorthodox clans at the same time, he had really thrown in his lot with the Spirit Blue Moon Sect this time round.

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Chapter 161: The Romantic Trip (2)

After the four maidens had selected their jewelries, the steward smiled. “After your VIP discount, it will be a half a million high grade spirit stones. Your consorts really have good eyes. These jewelries are not ordinary jewelries but are all top notch profound treasures as well.”

Yuan Ji rolled his eyes. While I was at my Orthodox Sword Sect, I don’t even see a hundred high grade spirit stones in a single year.

But he forced through a smile and said, “Wrap it nicely first while I will go and collect the spirit stones.”

When he saw the doubting look that was in the steward’s face, he commented. “What? You think that I will carry so many spirit stones with me all the time?”

Then he smiled at the four maidens, “Come, let’s go now.”

The four maidens: …

They definitely had a look of disappointment on their faces even though Ji Yuan could not see through their veils.

When Ji Yuan and his group had left, Shen Qin immediately said to his elder. “He is definitely a poor cultivator. What do you think?”

The name of this elder was Zhong Hui and he replied, “He is not only a poor cultivator but also a fake golden saint for sure.”

“Why it that so?” Shen Qin immediately asked.

Zhong Hui smiled, “By the time a cultivator is a great saint, he will have amassed considerable wealth. Half a million high grade spirit stones is nothing but a speck in his eyes. But look at him. He is so skinny and youthful. Do you believe that he will be a great saint? He doesn’t look like a genius to me.”

Shen Qin had a sudden enlightenment, “You are right! Alas, I was almost fooled by him! He may be only trying to claim he is a saint to impress upon us. This sort of things frequently happens.”

“Precisely. Not everyone can be a saint and not everyone can be great saint.” Zhong Hui pointed out. “It will take a lot more than just cultivation to become a saint. A great saint is so rare that you can even count them by their names and I don’t remember hearing any great saint by the name of Li Yuan.”

Shen Qin was smiling now and he was nodding continuously. This was a brilliant analysis from his Elder Zhong Hui.

“Also, if he is a great saint then why is he not one of the five patriarch moon elders? We all know the names of the five patriarch moon elders of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect. Dark Mistress Ling Feiyue is already a genius of her generation and she is groomed by her sect with almost all their cultivation resources. Moreover she is only a middle tier saintess. So how can this Li Yuan be a great saint?”

Shen Qin smiled, “That is so right. Moreover he cannot be from the other celestial clans too because no one will be so foolish to claim that they are from the Spirit Blue Moon Sect at this critical time when the major orthodox clans are attacking it.”


Shen Qin sighed heavily before he said coldly. “Ling Feiyue, how dare you reject me! You can win yourself an ally against the major orthodox clans but you choose to reject me. I shall make you pay heavily for it. And this Li Yuan who is from your sect will be the first one to face my wrath!”

Elder Zhong Hui whispered, “It is not advisable to aid the Spirit Blue Moon Sect. Rather, it is best that we sit along the fences. Even if the six major orthodox clans can wipe out the Spirit Blue Moon Sect, they will definitely be limping from their wounds and this will be advantageous for us to expand our influences into the orthodox fraternity.”

Shen Qin laughed. “Of course I am not serious about aiding the Spirit Blue Moon Sect. Do you really think that I will be so foolish? Although Ling Feiyue may be a legendary beauty and I do wish to obtain her but the survival of my sect matters more to me. I am just playing her. Haha.”

Elder Zhong Hui nodded, “Our supreme leader is wise.”

“Come. The ambush should be ready by now.” Shen Qin grinned. “This Li Yuan is going to be a dead man soon.”

Ji Yuan and the four maidens were now walking in the cherry blossoms forest. They were laughing jovially and admiring the beauty of this forest now.

All four maidens had removed their curtain veils to admire the view.

Ji Yuan smiled as he admired them. Why am I so blissful to have four beautiful maidens as companions and they also getting along so well together.

“Ji Yuan.” Ling Feiyue suddenly giggled. “So can you tell us how you are going to pay for the jewelries that we have picked? Or are you pulling our legs?”

Little Princess and Xue Qianxue were laughing softly. “He must be pulling our legs…”

Ji Yuan chuckled softly as he shifted his eyes to the vicinity, “He will be delivering himself to us soon and he will pay for the tabs.”

Little Princess asked, “You mean that Shen Qin? Is that why you have purposely let slip that you will be here in the cherry blossoms forest?”

Ji Yuan nodded. Little Princess is smarter to his tricks.

“How do you know that he will take the bait?” Xue Qianxue asked curiously.

Ji Yuan laughed softly, “I saw his eyes constantly looking at your direction. Halfway through, one of his companions had left the place, presumably to setup an ambush for us.”

Xue Qianxue smiled, “How are you going to make him pay for our jewelries? You want the other man to buy us the gifts? Isn’t that the same as greening you?”

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

“This is not the same as greening me…” He growled. “It is called teaching him a lesson for trying to mess up with my women.”

Ling Feiyue smiled, “Oh well, let’s see how you’re going to handle this.”

They did not need to wait for too long; it was because from roughly three hundred cultivators were now approaching them from all sides of the cherry blossoms forest

Shen Qin and his two elders were naturally among them and they were at the foremost of the cultivators.

How did they muster so many cultivators that consisted of twenty golden celestials in such a short time?

Trading cities are rare in the Nine Celestial Fraternity and almost all the strong celestial clans will establish their presence in the place to exert their influences. The Astonishing Sword Manor and the Spirit Blue Moon Sect naturally have a branch in the Mayhem Rising City.

Therefore it was relatively easy for Shen Qin to muster the local cultivators to serve his nefarious cause.

When he had arrived at the scene, he was astonished at the four peerless maidens and he was suddenly smiling as their enchanting looks.

He just has to kill this Li Yuan and these four maidens will be his for the taking. It is really as simple as that.

Because the Spirit Blue Moon Sect is now in trouble, they will not have the strength to retaliate against the Astonishing Sword Manor for killing a mere elder. The repercussions for offending the Astonishing Sword Manor are not something that the Spirit Blue Moon Sect can afford now.

In his eyes, the Spirit Blue Moon Sect is now a beaten dog in the streets.

Shen Qin laughed as he approached them, “Brother Li Yuan! I didn’t think that I can see you so soon again. This road is owned by me and this forest is my domain. Since you’re here, do you think that you ought to pay me a little tax?”

Even if this Li Yuan is a great saint, he will not be able to deal with so many swords and moreover the Astonishing Sword Manor is renowned for its brilliant sword formations.

That is why Shen Qin is now behaving like a big bully.

Ji Yuan laughed when he saw Shen Qin as he whispered to the four maidens. “This Shen Qin is really too young, too simple.”

Shen Qin’s sharp ears had naturally picked up the soft whispers that were said by Ji Yuan and he was frowning. “I will give you a count of ten to recall your offensive insults.”

All of a sudden Elder Zhong Hui was stammering as he pointed at a maiden, “She is Dark Mistress Ling Feiyue. I had met her once when I was an emissary at the Spirit Blue Moon Sect.”

Shen Qin was somewhat surprise as he looked at Ling Feiyue. Soon he was smiling, “She is indeed more peerless than I have imagined. And who are the other three peerless maidens that are with her? I didn’t know that she has any sisters?”

Elder Zhong Hui replied, “I do not know.”

Shen Qin was now smiling, “So we have managed to snare Ling Feiyue here today. This is indeed such a good thing. Probably this Li Yuan is just a fake great saint and the rest are all Ling Feiyue’s protectors. But he has made a fatal mistake by offending me here.”

Ling Feiyue said gently as she lifted her eyes to stare coolly at Shen Qin, “Since you already know that I’m Dark Mistress Ling Feiyue, why don’t you leave now? This is your last warning and I will give you a count of ten to beat a nasty retreat.”

Shen Qin smirked coldly as he laughed, “What if I say no? I have five saints with me and ten golden supremacies. Also with me are the three hundred expert cultivators of my Astonishing Sword Manor. A hundred expert cultivators from my Astonishing Sword Manor are able to finish off any saint cultivator with the Astonishing Star Killing Array. Do you really think that your intimidation will work against us?”

“Why give him a chance to get away?” Ji Yuan was frowning.

He had already taken out his celestial sword and immediately there was a suppression that could be felt by everyone. Even his profound animus had quickly proclaimed him as a great saint.

Celestial swords require a great deal of profound strength to wield or else it will be too heavy to swing. Therefore the instant that Ji Yuan had unsheathed his celestial sword, the high level cultivators had already gauged his cultivation strength with their divine senses. It does not matter if Ji Yuan is hiding his cultivation strength or not because divine swords are able to able to reveal his true strength to the others.

Shen Qin and many others were startled to see a formidable celestial sword in Ji Yuan’s hand.


“He has a celestial-step divine sword?”

“Half-step celestial sword to be more exact…”

Elder Zhong Hui smirked coldly, “Young Master, today I will get you this sword as your trophy.”

Shen Qin nodded as he shouted back at Ji Yuan. “Who is the one that is not going to get away? Attack them!”

Immediately hundreds of swords were charged toward Ji Yuan!

Ji Yuan had immediately raised his sword and he had flashed into their midst to unleash dozens of sword energies.

Immediately tens of cultivators were shocked by the waves of sword energies that were exploding all around them. They had never seen anyone who was able to display sword energies to such an astonishing level.

“Who is he?”

“Our sword formations are like cheese against him…”

Elder Zhong Hui rallied his side and shouted, “Whoever can get me his head will be handsomely rewarded and will be made a core protégé! Don’t be afraid, there is no way he can break our Astonishing Star Killing Array…”

All of a sudden the attacking cultivators were all panicking…

“Saint Shu Daren and Saint Shu Dawan are both down…”

“Who is he…”

“We are no match from a great saint…”

Ji Yuan saw another saint and he had flashed toward a saint to deliver several powerful slashes that had forced him back. He was only stopped when several golden celestials were all attacking him from all sides.

“This guy is aiming all our high level golden celestials…”

“What is he trying to do? He is trapping himself in our formation…”

Shen Qin could not believe that this Li Yuan was crazy enough to jump into the middle of the formation where the golden saints were and where the defenses were the strongest.

“Isn’t he supposed to defend against the maidens?”

Shen Qin immediately shouted, “Group 4 and group 5, go get Ling Feiyue. Don’t entangle everyone with a mere cultivator. He is trapped anyway.”

As group 4 and group 5 charged at Ling Feiyue, all four maidens had unsheathed their divine swords and their profound strength were revealed to be at the upper sacred saint level; they were all great saintesses!

One of the maidens with the long silver hair even had a full-step celestial sword and she was a peaked great saintess!

She is Bai Qianfeng and she has already regained her full profound strength!

Shen Qin had turned ashen immediately. Five great saints?! How is it possible for five great saints to be in the same place at the same time?!

Elder Zhong Hui suddenly had a bad feeling as he stared at Ji Yuan; it is because his swordplay is too good and the Astonishing Star Killing Array did not seem to work very well against Ji Yuan because he is sword energies practitioner that can strike the behind the ranks of his attackers.

“True sword energies form…this is not possible…”

When Ji Yuan moved his sword forward, three perfect sword energies exploded on the ground before splitting into three more smaller sword energies from each of the perfect sword energies, creating nine more lethal sword energies that were flying all over.

A single sword energies from Ji Yuan was so powerful that it can split a cultivator into halve and it can still continue to move with an unstoppable force. It will take a cultivator of the sixth realm to block it completely.

But Ji Yuan was so fast that in a blink of an eye, he had raised his sword to unleash three perfect sword energies for a total of four times, creating thirty-six sword energies in a devastating killing path.

An unlucky saint cultivator was caught by five such sword energies and he was being ripped apart.

All the golden celestials on the side of the Astonishing Sword Manor were now panicking!

This ‘Li Yuan’ was aiming at them relentlessly!

Their advantage of three hundred cultivators was suddenly gone like the wind because there were none that dare to get close to Ji Yuan.

Even if they could get close to him, their profound strengths were sapped by the suppression of his celestial sword.  Moreover they were now shocked to see a perfect harmony between sword and man. The double halos that were being displayed were like rings of death all around Ji Yuan.

Elder Zhong Hui was now stammering to Shen Qin, “I think we are in trouble. This Li Yuan may be Sword Demon Ji Yuan himself…”

Shen Qin was also stammering, “The one…that kills…Sword Saintess Jian Yuluo?”

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Chapter 160: A Romantic Trip (1)

Ji Yuan was now at the nearest trading city, the Mayhem Rising City. With him were Ling Feiyue, Little Princess, Xue Qianxue and Bai Qianfeng who was in her human form.

He had never been to a city of the unorthodox fraternity and he was now walking along the city streets.

Although the four maidens all worn curtain veils but it could not hide their beautiful airs and they were inviting constant stare from the celestials that were around them.

As Ji Yuan walked to building that housed jewelries, he turned to smile at the four maidens. “Why don’t we enter this building and I buy some jewelries for you?”


“This is a good idea…”

“When did Ji Yuan become so romantic?”

As Ji Yuan walked to the entrance of the building, he chuckled. “Feiyue and Qianxue will pay of course.”

“I take back my words…”

“He is definitely unromantic…”

“He even wants us to pay…dream on…”

As he entered into the building, a steward immediately greeted him. “Great Celestial, what can I do for you?”

“Show me your most precious jewelries.” He grinned. “It is for the maidens that are behind me.”

The steward answered awkwardly, “We have several levels in this building. The fifth floor houses our most exquisite jewelries but you need a VIP access invitation. Why don’t we go to the fourth floor instead?”

Ji Yuan immediately said to the steward, “What VIP access invitation? Do you think that I am unable to afford your wares?  Take me to the fifth floor now or don’t blame me for messing up your shops. Do you want me to tell the whole fraternity that you are not doing business?”

The steward was speechless but he quickly said, “Great Celestial, please follow me.”

The four maidens could not believe that Ji Yuan had just gate crashed himself. This was a most boorish behavior. He was like an arrogant young master!

Xue Qianxue chuckled softly to the three maidens, “He sounds like a pro. Maybe he had done this quite often for the other maidens…”

Ling Feiyue laughed gently, “I totally agree with you sister!”

Little Princess and Bai Qianfeng were giggling softly.

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

Soon they were at the fifth floor and they had to enter several golden celestium doors to reach this floor.

On this floor, Ji Yuan could feel that his profound strength was being restricted; it was because the fifth floor had a powerful celestial array on this level.

The same steward took a look at his tattered robe before smiling. “We are the most renowned jewelry merchant in the entire Mayhem Rising City. Our most precious jewelry may be a little expensive for you.”

He had another meaning to his words; our most precious jewelry isn’t for the likes of you to view. Buy only what you can afford.”

Ji Yuan’s conversations with the steward immediately caught the attention of a fine looking golden celestial who was with his two golden celestial companions.

This golden celestial immediately chuckled as he appraised Ji Yuan, “I am Shen Qin, the Young Master of the Astonishing Sword Manor. I can see that you have four lovely maidens behind you. Are you thinking of buying them a gift or two?”

Ji Yuan immediately frowned and did the four maidens behind him; it is because the Astonishing Sword Manor is one of the five major unorthodox clans!

Shen Qin is not only the Young Master of the Astonishing Sword Manor but he is also the acting leader at the same time. Therefore he has an astonishing influential background!

“Yea. That is my intention.” Ji Yuan answered him. “And they are not just any maidens. They are my consorts.”

Technically Little Princess and Bai Qianfeng were not his consorts yet. Even Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue were not his official consorts yet because they had not gone through the proper rites yet. But in his heart, they were already his consorts.

Shen Qin had a look of disappointment in his golden eyes. It was because these four maidens had such a lovely figure and he was interested to look at their appearances.

But he smiled, “May I know how can I address this great celestial?”

Ji Yuan replied, “Li Yuan.”

Shen Qin smiled, “This saint here greets Brother Li Yuan here.” He had purposely said out his cultivation realm loud now because he wanted to impress upon this ‘Li Yuan’ and the four maidens behind. “May I know what is Brother Li Yuan’s cultivation realm and your celestial clan of origin?”

Ji Yuan frowned lightly. Can’t he see that I am not interested in talking to him?

But he replied nevertheless. “Golden saint. Spirit Blue Moon Sect.”

The steward who was listening to their conversations had turned pale immediately. He had never expected that this poor cultivator would be a saint! Now he really feared for his own life!

Shen Qin was startled. He had never expected that this beardless cultivator would be a saint cultivator. Moreover he was from the doomed Spirit Blue Moon Sect.

But he was extremely confident of his own cultivation so he continued to say. “I am a Middle Tier Saint. Haha. Although I can’t say that I have a high accomplishment but I have many talents in the Astonishing Sword Manor. Li Yuan, I think that you are also a talent. My sect will always have my doors open for you.”

At this point, he had not given up on trying to greening this Li Yuan yet. It was because his own father had taken another man’s wife as his own and he was the result of this union.

In the Desolate Celestial Fraternity, the strong will always get what they want from the weak and the weak will flatter to the strong.

Therefore he is expecting this ‘Li Yuan’ to flatter him for a chance to join the Astonishing Sword Manor. After all, the Spirit Blue Moon Sect is about to be flattened soon.

Ji Yuan grinned playfully, “Well, I am an upper heaven-step seventh realm great saint. I’m afraid that your sect is a little too small to accommodate me.”

The steward who was listening in almost fainted on the spot…

Shen Qin was suddenly speechless, including his two companions.

His two companions are actually initial saints and are the elders of the Astonishing Sword Manor. At first, they too had a disdainful look at this ‘Li Yuan’ who looked like a poor cultivator. But when they had heard that he is a great saint, their disdainful look had suddenly disappeared; it is because a great saint is equivalent to the three of them combined.

Shen Qin was now smiling bitterly, “Brother Li Yuan must be a high ranking elder of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect. It is my pleasure to meet you.”

Ji Yuan laughed, “Not really. Haha.”

He was actually thinking: if you want to green me, you are still ten thousand years early!

He turned to look at the steward, “Why are you still standing here for? Show me your most precious jewelries for my consorts to view.”

This time round the steward was immediately polite, “Great Saint, I will see to it now. Please pardon me for my impoliteness earlier.”

Shen Qin and his two companions did not leave yet. In fact they were doubting that this ‘Li Yuan’ was a great saint. Therefore they were staying put just to observe a little longer. Their confrontation with this ‘Li Yuan’ had caused them to lose their faces.

The steward had quickly returned with several more stewards and they were now carrying trays of precious jewelries and hairpins for Ji Yuan to view.

When the four maidens saw the precious jewelries, they made a jovial beeline for it. Even Bai Qianfeng was excited.

Their jovial and mesmerizing chattering had immediately attracted more than a dozen looks into their directions.

Even though they were in curtain veils, Shen Qin and many others could tell that they must be lovely maidens.

Shen Qin was naturally curious about their appearances because he was thinking of expanding his harem. But in front of a great saint, he knew that he had no chance.

Ji Yuan laughed as he said to the four maidens, “Go on and have your pick. After that, we shall take a walk in the beautiful cherry blossoms forest outside the city.”


“Our lord is so generous…”

“We really can pick any of these?”

“Who is paying for it?”

Ji Yuan smiled weakly, “Of course I will be paying for it.” Although he was saying so, he was discreetly looking at Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue but they pretended not to see his ‘hint’. Naturally this hint was to ask them if it was alright for them to pay for the jewelries themselves.

He took a quick glance at the pricing for the jewelries and was shocked. The cheapest jewelries were in the range of a few hundred high grade spirit stones!

This is daylight robbery! Why don’t they rob me instead?!

All of a sudden Bai Qianfeng had picked up an exquisite necklace and Ji Yuan sharp eyes almost fainted from shock; the tag on it listed this necklace as three thousand high grade spirit stones!

Bai Qianfeng took a look in his direction, “My lord, may I pick this? Is it really alright?”

Ji Yuan blinked his eyes and said with a straight face, “Qianfeng, you are more precious than any jewelry. Go on and pick it. As long as you like it, please do not hesitate to pick it. Haha.”

“Waa, our lord is so generous today…”

“He is only saying it to his Qianfeng and not to us…”

“This is so unfair…”

Ji Yuan turned to the rest of the maidens to say, “You are all my precious. Please do not be shy and pick whatever you want.”

“Waaa, our lord is so romantic today…”

Ling Feiyue giggled as she showed Xue Qianxue a beautiful necklace that was adorned with multiple blue spirit stones. “Sister, this spirit necklace is not only beautiful but can also aid us when we are cultivating…”

Ji Yuan was shocked when his eagle eyes picked up the tag. A hundred thousand spirit stones…

Little Princess had picked up a pair of spirit jade bangles, “I didn’t expect to find a pair of white celestium jades here. This one can even increase the profound strength of the cultivator by a little…”

Even though he was standing far away from them but his eyes were really too sharp. In fact Ji Yuan had such exceptional eyesight that he could even see subtle expressions of everyone around him.

His eyes began to roll when he saw the price tag of the spirit jade bangles that Little Princess had picked. Two hundred thousand high grade spirit stones…

Xiang Li was asking him in his soul sea, “I don’t remember that you even have a hundred high grade spirit stones…”

Ji Yuan answered weakly, “Yea, me too…”

“You can afford to pay?”

“I always have a plan.” Ji Yuan answered with a straight face.

While Ji Yuan was being distracted, Shen Qin took a subtle look at his elders and they had nodded immediately.

One of the elders immediately left the building; the hint was obvious. They were going to set up an ambush in the cherry blossoms forest for them.

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Chapter 159: The True Sacred Saint Profound Art

Ling Feiyue had gathered Ji Yuan, Xue Qianxue, Little Princess and Bai Qianfeng together to a secret practice chamber.

She smiled as she said to everyone, “Although three months are pretty short but it is good enough for us to work on some last minute cultivation practice, right?”

Ji Yuan rolled his eyes, “I am actually planning to work on being a romantic cultivator to prepare myself for my next meeting with Jiajia.”

Little Princess and Xue Qianxue immediately kicked him and threw their fists on him as they chuckled, “Soon you will be dead and yet you are thinking of being a romantic cultivator. Dream on!”

Ji Yuan laughed. “I was joking. I prefer to practice on my own sword art for the next three months instead.”

Ling Feiyue immediately frowned. “Don’t be too sure about that first.”

She quickly smiled as she took out the True Sacred Saint Profound Art. “We have a full three months now. I am willing to share with my lord and all my sisters for this divine profound art.”

Xue Qianxue gasped, “This is too precious. Are you sure?”

Even Little Princess was stammering, “Are you sure about it? This is a hotly contested cultivation treasure that the cultivators will give up their life to fight over for it.”

Ling Feiyue smiled, “This is not the time for sectarian divides. Moreover I may also need the help of my fellow sisters to delve into the mysteries of the True Sacred Saint Profound Art. I have barely formed the Gold Core at the foundational stage and because I had rushed it, I may have made some cultivation mistakes during my practice. Therefore I need my sisters’ help to get past the foundational stage.”

Ji Yuan smiled weakly, “This is an internal profound art. I don’t think I can even get past the basics in three months.”

That was the truth.

Bai Qianfeng suddenly said, “Ji Yuan is right. It will be hard for him. To form the gold core completely, it will take roughly 180 years. To form the spirit core completely, it will take roughly take 360 years. To form the soul core completely, it will roughly take around 720 years. This is only based on my own estimation. For the celestial practitioners, it will actually take a longer time.”

Ling Feiyue turned to look at Bai Qianfeng, “How did you know this much?”

Bai Qianfeng smiled, “This goddess has already formed my soul core.”

Everyone: …

Bai Qianfeng smiled, “Although it is impossible to completely form the gold core in such a short time but I can still guide everyone to form your foundational gold core in three months’ time.”

Ji Yuan was suddenly smiling, “Really? Haha! If there is really a shortcut then I will be interested to try as well…”

“Except for Ji Yuan of course.” Bai Qianfeng said coolly. “I’ve almost forgotten that he isn’t an internal profound art cultivator.”

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan rolled his eyes before he said weakly, “Why is it I feel that I am being discriminated by everyone.”

“However, I feel that Ji Yuan will be able to succeed with the foundation level of the soul core since his soul sea is extremely pure now.” Bai Qianfeng pondered for a while before adding.

“He can skip the gold core and the spirit core?” Ling Feiyue gasped as she asked curiously. “But according to the True Sacred Saint Profound Art, the gold core must first be formed to be the golden vessel of the spirit core and the spirit core is the outer nucleus of the soul core. Only then can the three cores be formed into the true saint core.”

Bai Qianfeng nodded. “This is not wrong. However, those with exceptional soul sea can first form their soul core first, then the spirit core before forming the gold core eventually. This is the reverse order. Moreover this reverse order need not require the practitioner to be strong in their internal profound art.”

Ji Yuan rubbed his chin and laughed, “Indeed my soul is extremely pure.”

Xue Qianxue chuckled, “I wonder if I may learn this reverse order as well?”

Bai Qianfeng nodded, “Yes, you can. Your soul sea is also extremely pure. However I will advise you not to do so because the soul core is quite fragile without any shells.”

Ji Yuan: …

“Why did you only give the warning to Qianxue and not me?”

Bai Qianfeng smiled, “That is because my lord has a strong soul sea and he always keep his promises. His soul sea will never be shaken.”

Ji Yuan had a weak smile. Only Qianfeng believes so strongly in me…

Xiang Li was sticking her tongue out to Ji Yuan in his soul sea, “Your soul sea is always fragile!”

“Says who?” He frowned.

“I can see the impurities of your soul sea, you know. You are always lying.”

“This is called cunning! Sometimes you got to fool your opponents, you know.”

“It is still lying.”


In order to salvage his face in front of Xiang Li, Ji Yuan solemnly proclaimed. “I shall cultivate the soul core then!”

Ji Yuan chuckled all of a sudden, “Ladies, why don’t we go to the city to relax first before we start to cultivate?”

Ling Feiyue answered weakly, “My lord Ji Yuan, we should begin as soon as possible since we don’t know how much time we are going to take.”

Xue Qianxue nodded, “I agree with Sister Feiyue.”

“Me too.” Little Princess agreed.

But Ji Yuan grinned. “It is only for a day. There is no need to rush.”

Xue Qianxue asked curiously, “Why are we going to the city for? What is the objective?”

Ji Yuan laughed as he suddenly grabbed all four of the maidens together. “Naturally, we are going for a romantic walk in the city. Also, I want to take Qianfeng around the city too.”

All four maidens were flushing all of a sudden before they weakly answered. “Alright then…up to you…it won’t hurt if we only go for a day…”

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Chapter 158: Venerable Elder Ling Fang

Ji Yuan was now standing in a grand hall that had golden seats that were circling high above him. With him were Little Princess, Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue.

The five Patriarch Moon Elders were sitting high in front of him and he saw that there were around three hundred others. Half of these cultivators were no longer young and some were even quite old, even by the standards of the celestials.

The entire hall had an imposing presence and Ji Yuan knew that they were the leadership of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect.

Ling Feiyue quickly whispered to him, “They are the elders and even grand patriarchs of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect. Today, they will make a final decision on Little Princess and you.”

Ji Yuan was smiling bitterly when he saw the imposing airs of these elders who were all probing him with their divine senses. They did not seem to care if they were unruly.

Ling Feiyue greeted them, “Greetings to all the elders, grand elders, patriarchs, grand patriarchs and venerable patriarchs. I have brought Ji Yuan here today.”

Patriarch Moon Elder Chen Yi responded, “As this matter involves the survival of our sect, we can’t make the final decision alone. Therefore our venerable patriarchs will like to meet you before we can make the final decision.”

Matriarch Moon Elder Ling Tianshui was secretly looking at Ji Yuan before shyly averting her eyes away. I have done my best to plead your case in front of the council of the elders. The rest is up to you now.

Chen Yi looked up to the highest stand toward an old cultivator with long white beard. “Respected Venerable Elder Ling Fang, this is Ji Yuan, Little Princess and Xue Qianxue.”

Ling Feiyue quickly whispered to Ji Yuan, “He is my grandfather’s grandfather. Be very respectful to him. I can’t even keep my position intact if he is unhappy with me.”

Ji Yuan nodded weakly as he looked up the stand.

Venerable Elder Ling Fang frowned when he saw Ji Yuan. “So you are that Ji Yuan that causes half of my elders to shave off their beards?”

Although his voice was soft but Ji Yuan could see him loudly as though he was just standing next to him. His first though was that this Venerable Elder Ling Fang really had a strong internal profound strength.

Ji Yuan immediately answered, “Indeed I am Ji Yuan. My respects to Venerable Patriarch Ling.”

As he greeted Venerable Elder Ling Fang, Little Princess and Xue Qianxue were humming softly while maintaining their smiles; they did not care about the outcome of their decisions. But out of politeness to Ling Feiyue, they continued to smile amicably.

Xue Qianxue and Little Princess were too used to disdaining the others; the imposing air of the numerous powerful cultivators in this hall could not change their usual attitude. Moreover, they were also great saintess with their own lofty airs.

As for Little Princess, even though she had not fully regained her profound strength due to her injuries but she was only a step to become a peak great saintess. In terms of cultivation knowledge and strength, she was better than most of the elders that were presented.

The only person that could cause her to be fearful was actually her father the Evil Cultivation Master.

But of course, the main reason why they were humming softly was because they did not like to be questioned in such an unruly manner. After all, they all had their prides.

Venerable Elder Ling Fang merely returned a nod as he stroked his long white beard. “I will go straight to the point. What make you think we will be willing to offer shelter to the three of you and end up offending the major orthodox clans?”

It was not only Ji Yuan who was startled by this straightforward question but it also caught Ling Feiyue, Little Princess and Xue Qianxue by surprise.

Ji Yuan began to laugh aloud before he said coldly, “Do you think that the major orthodox clans will give up such a good opportunity to get rid of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect? If you really think so, you are too naïve!”

“Your enemies are coming after you no matter what you will be doing to pacify them. But of course I’m sure that you will be willing on gamble on that, am I right?”

All of a sudden Ji Yuan had unsheathed his half-step celestial sword as he grinned. “Naturally the best way to pacify them is to surrender us to them.”

Ling Feiyue was shocked when Ji Yuan had suddenly unsheathed his sword and he was displaying his profound animus. “Ji Yuan, what are you doing…”

But Ji Yuan continued to say, “However, you have to get past my sword first before you can touch my women.”

Little Princess and Xue Qianxue were gasping. They had not expected Ji Yuan to unsheathe his sword all of a sudden and he was trying to provoke everyone.

“Ji Yuan, what are you doing? Nobody is saying anything about capturing us yet…”

“Upper heaven-step sacred saint level…” Venerable Elder Ling Fang gasped softly. “Aren’t you an upper half-step mortal-step sacred saint level?”

The elders above Ji Yuan were all muttering; it was because according to the hindsight that was given by the five patriarch moon elders, Ji Yuan was only an upper half-step mortal-step sacred saint level.

Even Ling Feiyue, Little Princess and Xue Qianxue were also gasping at the same time; when did Ji Yuan advanced in his cultivation realm? How come they were not aware of it?

Ji Yuan chuckled, “Surely you can see that the divine sword that is my hand is a celestial sword and that I am also a great saint. Therefore it won’t be easy for you to handle me. Moreover, Little Princess and Xue Qianxue are also great saintesses. Therefore you have to contest against three great saints. We can ensure you that we will bring as many of you down first before you can even slaughter us.”

Then he was added with a grin. “On the other hand, if you need three extra help to fight against the six major orthodox clans, we will be glad to help you. So what do you think?”

Venerable Elder Ling Fang hummed coldly, “I have another option. I can kill the three of you first and negotiate with the six major orthodox clans too. Although it may not be the best of all the options but it is still worthwhile to try.”

Ji Yuan grinned, “When I have come here, I have already known that I cannot escape.” That was the reason why he did not bring Bai Qianfeng along. It was because he thought that things may not be so simple and he was proven right.

Ling Feiyue was startled. How did he know?

The atmosphere in the air was suddenly extremely tense and there were killing intents in the eyes of several of the elders above Ji Yuan.

All of a sudden Venerable Elder Ling Fang was laughing jovially, “Ji Yuan, you have some guts to challenge all of us. Keep your guts for your showdown with the major orthodox clans then. A spirited and gutsy man like you is fit to be with my bold Feiyue. Very well, you shall be our new Dark Lord. As for Little Princess and Xue Qianxue, they shall be allowed to stay here.”

Ling Feiyue was suddenly flushing shyly as she muttered softly. “Venerable Elder Ling Fang has finally approved of us…”

Ji Yuan was quite surprised, “Um? You have approved of us?” It seemed that Venerable Elder Ling Fang was able to make the final decision.

There were a loud commotions among the elders.

“We are going to accept this Ji Yuan?!”

“We are going to battle the orthodox cultivators now?!”

“This is crazy…”

“Although this Ji Yuan has a celestial sword but he can’t defeat all of us here…”

“Why is Venerable Elder Ling Fang throwing his support for him? He didn’t even answer his questions.”

“I can’t believe it…”

Venerable Elder Ling Fang said, “All of you are dismissed except for the five patriarch moon elders.”

As Venerable Elder Ling Fang had spoken, all the remaining elders had no other choices but to leave the grand hall.

When everyone was gone, Venerable Elder Ling Fang frowned, “You must be wondering why I am throwing my support for this Ji Yuan.”

Ling Feiyue smiled weakly, “Indeed I am. Please enlighten me.”

Venerable Elder Ling Fang turned to the five patriarch moon elders and said, “I don’t know what trick you had used to turn half of my elders and the rest of the protégés into beardless cultivators. Before the battle with the orthodox cultivators, the Spirit Blue Moon Sect is already a laughing stock of the orthodox cultivators and by everyone else.”

All five of the patriarch moon elders were all smiling sheepishly. It was because they had voted to shave off all the protégés’ beards. Never did they expect that this will alarm all the reclusive leadership of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect, including Venerable Elder Ling Fang who commanded the highest status in the sect.

Venerable Elder Ling Fang turned to stare at Ji Yuan, “Therefore even I can’t clean up this mess for the sect so you have to become the figurehead to clean up this whole piece of shit.”

Ji Yuan laughed weakly, “Don’t worry, I will help to clean this shit for you. Haha.”

Ling Feiyue and the five patriarch moon elders were quite startled to hear that their Venerable Elder Ling Fang was speaking so vulgarly.

Venerable Elder Ling Fang rolled his eyes to stare at Ji Yuan, “Make sure that you are able to lead the Spirit Blue Moon Sect to survive for at least six months or else don’t blame me for coming after you.”

Ji Yuan laughed, “I can’t promise but I can try. But why six months?”

Venerable Elder Ling Fang laughed jovially, “Because I will be ascending in less than six months’ time and I won’t see the end of this shit anymore.”

Ji Yuan: …

Everyone: …

This Venerable Elder Ling Fang is too lame…

Venerable Elder Ling Fang added with a smile, “However, I’ve got a good news for you. The major orthodox cultivators have called for a truce for the next three months. And we have agreed. Therefore try to make the full use of it.”

Ji Yuan was startled, “Why did they suddenly call for a truce?”

Venerable Elder Ling Fang stroked his long white beard. “According to our scouts, they have a more important target than us.”

Ji Yuan, Little Princess, Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue were all looking at one another with the same question in their minds. More important target? What is it?

Venerable Elder Ling Fang could tell what they were thinking so he said, “It seems that they are suddenly going after the Evil Cultivation Palace. Or more precisely, to attack First Citadel Lord Yin Wei’s citadels.”

Then he was smiling, “They may probably need more than three months.”

Little Princess was startled, “They dare to attack Yin Wei? Then it is the same as declaring war on the entire Evil Cultivation Palace. Why is that so?”

Yin Wei is the prince and successor of the Evil Cultivation Palace. He alone commands 60% of the cultivators of the Evil Cultivation Palace. The number of golden celestials under his wings are also too numerous to be counted.

Venerable Elder Ling Fang answered, “I don’t know the exact reasons why but it seems that Zhao Songjin has declared that she will only marry the man that can bring her the head of Yin Wei. It seems that Jin Yilong and Zhan Zhong are pursuing her aggressively and they are supporting the Celestial Orthodox Sect in this new campaign.”

Little Princess: ???

“Are you sure?” Little Princess was smiling bitterly with disbelief. She had thought that Zhao Songjin and Yin Wei are lovers. Why is she after the life of Yin Wei?! This doesn’t make any sense…Is this a plot?

Even Ji Yuan was somewhat startled. “They have switched their targets now? Erm, they know where the secret citadels of the Evil Cultivation Palace are?”

Little Princess replied nonchalantly, “Zhao Songjin may know several of the secret citadels of Yin Wei. As for my second brother and the Evil Cultivation Master, she may not know.”

Ling Feiyue was frowning, “What is Zhao Songjin up to?”

But she was suddenly smiling, “Great! We have three more months to make our preparations. Isn’t that good?”

Xue Qianxue sighed softly, “Three months is too short to do anything…”

Ji Yuan laughed, “Three months is more than enough time for us to hide in the mountains. Haha.”

All of a sudden he noticed that everyone was staring at him.

He smiled bitterly at all the stares, “I didn’t say anything about running away.”

Venerable Elder Ling Fang turned to Ji Yuan with a wry look, “Sword Saint Ji Yuan, you are right. I have three months to hide myself in the mountains for my ascension tribulation. Haha.”

Ji Yuan: …

This Venerable Elder Ling Fang is actually the real joker…

Venerable Elder Ling Fang looked intently at Ji Yuan to say, “In this entire sect, only Ling Feiyue shares the same boldness as me. As for the rest, they are just beardless chickens even if they have beards. I have accepted you only because you have the guts to challenge all of us earlier. Do not disappoint me!”

Ji Yuan rubbed his chins with a weak smile as he thought; Feiyue’s boldness indeed can reach to the heavens but why is that I don’t see you having the same boldness as her? Old man, are you pasting gold on your face?

Venerable Elder Ling Fang took another look at him before smiling, “When I was younger, I was also constantly surrounded by many great celestial beauties and I had also the most beautiful beard. Alas, I am old now.”

Ji Yuan: …

He rolled his eyes and thought sarcastically; I am very sure that he is pasting gold on his face. He doesn’t look handsome to me at all…

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