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Chapter 221: The Trial of the Water (5)

As Ji Yuan decided on jumping into the chasm, he rolled his eyes as he asked Xiang Li quietly. “Xiang Li, do you know how to swim?”

Xiang Li chuckled. “Is it hard?”

Ji Yuan: …

“You obviously do not know how to swim…”

All of a sudden Feng Minyue had leapt down into the chasm below without a word.

When Ji Yuan saw that she had taken the first plunge, he forced a smile to the maidens in his group. “Well, what are you all waiting for?”

“If you are not afraid of jumping from this height then let’s go now.” Ji Yuan suggested.

All the maidens chuckled and said. “We’re not afraid.”

Bai Qianfeng chuckled as she took the initiative to jump down the chasm.

She was quickly followed by Ling Feiyue, Little Princess, Shui Xisi and Mu Wan’Er.

As the maidens had already jumped, Ji Yuan also jumped down into the chasm.

He was not afraid of heights but he was frowning that he had to take the plunge into the water which he hated.

All of a sudden he had noticed that Shui Xisi was taking the slow descend down while all the other maidens had already dropped into the fast moving waters below.

He was frowning with surprise now.

A cultivator’s profound animus could slow down their descend in the air but they would still descend quite rapidly below but Shui Xisi was different; Ji Yuan had suddenly remembered that she was the only one that was capable of flight with her hidden immortal-step divine sword that was wrapped around her waist.

He laughed as he grabbed her by the waist. “My dear Sisi, do you mind ferrying me across the river? Then I don’t need to get wet…”

All of a sudden Shui Xisi laughed jovially as she kicked him down into the river below. “We’re supposed to keep our relationship a secret so here you go…”

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

And Ji Yuan had dropped into the fast running river below…

As he fell into the running river below, he was cursing at Sisi while she hovered right above him with a soft chuckle.

Ji Yuan grinned as he looked up under her skirt. “You’re wearing pink am I right?”

All of a sudden Shui Xisi gasped as she attempted to pull her skirt down while trying to kick Ji Yuan.

However this time Ji Yuan was prepared and he had grabbed her ankle and pulled her down the river underneath.


“Let’s have a couple swim together then.” Ji Yuan laughed as he pulled down under the river.

Actually Ji Yuan did not know how to swim but he could definitely hold his breath for quite some time.

“I need some crash course on swimming. Can you show me?” Ji Yuan grabbed her.

Shui Sisi gave him a resigned look. She actually did not want to get wet and now Ji Yuan was caressing her body…

“You got to kick your legs like me and don’t look underneath my skirt.”

Ji Yuan chuckled. “But if I don’t look, how am I able to learn swimming from you?”

Shui Sisi gave a weak protest before she gave up on arguing with him. “Remember to hold your head above the water as you kick. Whenever you have the chance to exchange your vital breath, do so unless you want to drown.”

Ji Yuan did as he was told and he used his profound animus to lift his body and head above the water. “This is easy…”

“That is because you are a golden celestial or else you would have already drowned by now.” Shui Xisi said weakly.

“Haha. Luckily I am.” Ji Yuan laughed. “Swimming seems easy with a beauty like you.”

Shui Xisi said weakly. “You have better focused on getting ahead of the group first. We are now lagging behind.”

Ji Yuan grinned. “I’m not worried at all so why should you be? Shouldn’t we be enjoying our romantic swim together?”

Shui Sisi returned a shy look before she giggled. “Fat hope!” But she was actually enjoying it.

The reason why she did not dare to flirt openly with Ji Yuan was because there were now dozens of cultivators that had jumped into the river and they were just behind them.

Therefore they could only continue to swim in the rapid flowing river as they followed behind the other maidens that were in front of them.

After some time, Ji Yuan had improvised his swimming technique and he was even swimming alongside Bai Qianfeng who had leapt down to the river first.

“Haha. It seems that swimming isn’t hard at all.” Ji Yuan laughed as he swam past all the maidens.

This caused Shui Sisi to be a little startled as she did not know that Ji Yuan would turn out to be such a strong swimmer.

Ji Yuan of course had good reasons to be a strong swimmer. He was highly motivated to swim ahead of the group so that he could admire all of them.

In fact, he was drooling at the same time as he was swimming in the strong water currents.

Even Xiang Li too.

“How come Ji Yuan can swim so well?”

“He is like a duck now…”


“Who teach him how to swim?”

Shui Xisi protested almost immediately. “Not me…he just copied from me.”

“Haha. I am beginning to enjoy swimming.” Ji Yuan said as he looked lecherous at the maidens.

All the maidens, including Mu Wan’Er was flustered because they could see that Ji Yuan’s eyes were wandering on their body now…

Ji Yuan laughed as he swam ahead of them. “Well, let’s have a race to the finishing line first.”

As a matter of fact, he had swum ahead of them.

All the maidens: …

Ling Feiyue muttered, “Why is he in such a hurry to swim ahead?”

Shui Xisi frowned unhappily. “That is because ahead of us is a great beauty and he is trying to swim to her.”

Indeed, Ji Yuan was trying to catch up with Feng Minyue now and therefore he was highly motivated to swim ahead.

All the maidens: …

Little Princess muttered. “You know that is how babies are made. They always swim toward the eggs.”

“Sister Lingyun…” Bai Qianfeng could not resist a weak mutter. “This is too crude.”

Little Princess laughed. “My dear Sister Qianfeng, you got to get used to this.”

Mu Wan’Er and Shui Xisi were flustered by the awkward annotations that were used by Little Princess. It was also because the two of them were currently outsiders and they were not as close as Little Princess, Bai Qianfeng and Ling Feiyue in terms of their relationship with Ji Yuan.

Although Ji Yuan was now a strong swimmer but he was not yet a good swimmer because no matter how hard he had tried, he could not catch up with Feng Minyue. However he did have a good view of her in front of him and he did not mind.

The reason why he could not catch up with her was because she seemed to be able to swim like a fish and he was actually feeling he was growing tired the more that he had tried to use his strength to swim in the water currents.

After some time, they seemed to have reached a bank and Feng Minyue had leapt out of the water as she landed on the bank.

She had displayed her profound animus instantly to dry her clothing.

This caused Ji Yuan to be a little disappointed.

Feng Minyue smiled. “Do you know that the harder you try to swim, the more strength that you will require and you will end up getting yourself exhausted?”

Ji Yuan smiled bitterly. “Now I know.”

The two of them quickly took a quick look around and spotted hundreds of footsteps that led into a cave that was near the bank.

This must be where most of the fallen cultivators that were ahead of them had walked into.

As they concluded quietly, the rest of the maidens had swiftly leapt out of the waters to join them. They too, had quickly displayed their profound animus to dry their clothing.

“Where are we now?” Ling Feiyue asked curiously.

“Over there.” Bai Qianfeng said as she pointed at the cave ahead of them.

Little Princess nodded with a smile. “I was expecting a sea monster to appear but…”

Shui Xisi added teasingly. “But…so far only one lecherous monster has appeared.”

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

Feng Minyue had already begun to walk toward the cave when Ji Yuan called out to her. “Since senior you’re alone, why don’t we travel together in a group? There will be at least safety in numbers.”

Feng Minyue took a cautious look at Ji Yuan and his group before she muttered. “I appreciate it but…”

“Let’s go together then.” Ji Yuan said as he laughed as he marched toward the cave.

Feng Minyue was startled. “Um? I didn’t say that I will be…”

But Ji Yuan had already assumed that he was the leader as he took the lead into the cave, leaving Feng Minyue with no other choice but to follow his lead; she was already taking steps to the cave when Ji Yuan had suddenly interrupted her and stolen the march on her.

She sighed softly as she began to follow Ji Yuan.

Behind her were Ling Feiyue, Little Princess, Bai Qianfeng, Shui Xisi and Mu Wan’Er who were looking on with some awkward speechless expressions. It was because they did not expect that Ji Yuan would be so thick skin and so shameless…

Xiang Li was giggling inside Ji Yuan’s soul sea. “Yea. All of you! Come follow my Big Brother!”

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