Fluffy Cultivation


Fluffy Cultivation


In the endless vast mountains of the Black Borderless Continent that covered millions of miles, are thousands of celestial clans and its tens of thousands of cultivators that constantly pit against one another for rare resources and divine treasures, striving for the ultimate goal of immortality.

Within the Black Borderless Continent, is the Nine Celestial Fraternity and there are the celestial powers like the Nine Patriarch Celestial Clans and the Three Heretic Major Sects, there are also the three celestial consecrated places (the Goddess Palace, the Devil Isle and the Melancholy Valley) and the two celestial mysteries (the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth and the Endless Abyssal Sea).

There are a total of six celestial levels in order to cultivate as a celestial cultivator; Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Enlighten Celestial, Immortal Celestial, Golden Celestial and Sacred Saint.

In order to cultivate and progress, a cultivator would need to meditate and to absorb the spiritual energy of the mountains into their inner core. This may not be as easy as it sounds unless a cultivator happens to be born to the stronger celestial clans that have already occupied the best spiritual veins in the vicinity.

The Celestials are the true rulers of their domains where cultivation level is the only factor that decide the master and the servant.

The intrigues of the celestial clans are many and the alliances fragile.

Young Ye Jing returns from a 5 year reclusive cultivation to take over the position of the Holy Consort of the Holy Citadel City. But even before her return, she found herself screwing up on many things, making her road to cultivation extremely uneasy.

Note that this story is a Villainess Story in the ‘scheming’ world of cultivation. The FL isn’t your typical heroine but she can be equally good in being a villainess with plenty of screw ups.

In this story, there are many screw ups and things may not goes to the FL’s way.

If you want a story with pure goofy good heroine, this may not be the story for you in the first place. So just hop on and read if you are just reading it casually and just for the fun of it.

Unbelievable Screw Up… (Spoiler Alert)
– The MC (Female Lead) leads one of the nine most powerful celestial clans, losing her position…

– Premarital sex and unwanted pregnancy…

– Meet a super villainess and tries to screw her up…

– Tries to cement an alliance with a middle tier patriarch celestial clan but the scheme is backfired upon…

– And many more…

This is the ‘scheming’ world of cultivation where heroines and villainess are only at a flip of a coin.

But two screw ups make a right? Yes or No?

Have a happy fluffy reading (*chuckle*)

Chapter 1: The Hidden Recluse
Chapter 2: Celestial Yuehua
Chapter 3: Ascension
Chapter 4: Unmemorable Meal
Chapter 5: The Holy Citadel City
Chapter 6: The Holy Consort
Chapter 7: Fenghuang
Chapter 8: End of Spiritual Retreat
Chapter 9: Him Again!
Chapter 10: The Punishment Hall

Chapter 11: The Holy Consort Revenge
Chapter 12: The Winds of Change
Chapter 13: Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth
Chapter 14: Heavenly Decrees of the Gods
Chapter 15: Cultivation Cheats
Chapter 16: Triple Cultivation Method
Chapter 17: Shameless Betrothal Gifts
Chapter 18: Methods of the Dual Cultivation
Chapter 19: The New Elders
Chapter 20: New Sensing Ability

Chapter 21: The Emotion Divinity
Chapter 22: Tranquil City
Chapter 23: The Scarlet Heretic Sect
Chapter 24: The Shameless Duel
Chapter 25: Young Master Yun Xinghe
Chapter 26: Heavenly Temple of the Lord Tranquil
Chapter 27: The Great Emptiness Translucence
Chapter 28: Small City Indeed
Chapter 29: The Celestial Force
Chapter 30: The Ruler of Tranquil City

Chapter 31: Nefarious Plan
Chapter 32: The Tyrant Behemoth
Chapter 33: Emotionless Wither Plant
Chapter 34: Golden Mask Devil Goddess
Chapter 35: Teardrop
Chapter 36: Nuer Mountains
Chapter 37: Celestial Sword Clan
Chapter 38: Battle of the Wits
Chapter 39: Rainbow Saint Pill
Chapter 40: Sly Upon Sly

Chapter 41: Beitang Ying Intentions
Chapter 42: Aftermath of the Massacre
Chapter 43: The Golden Clans Congregation
Chapter 44: The Devil Isle
Chapter 45: Immortal Sword ‘Stellar Lights’
Chapter 46: Five Vs. One
Chapter 47: Inside the Labyrinth
Chapter 48: The Brahman Behemoth
Chapter 49: Yuqing Bloodline
Chapter 50: The Wonderland of Celestial Herbs

Chapter 51: Feng Minyue, Beitang Ying
Chapter 52: Xuan Danfeng
Chapter 53: The Martial Pinnacle Art
Chapter 54: Fighting Back
Chapter 55: Rejection
Chapter 56: Quiet Time
Chapter 57: Ridiculous Request
Chapter 58: Gambit
Chapter 59: Lofty Snow Palace
Chapter 60: Gong Nanyan Dilemma

Chapter 61: Practice Chamber
Chapter 62: Gong Nanyan Pleads
Chapter 63: Danfeng Real Motives
Chapter 64: Xiaofang guilt
Chapter 65: The Goddess Palace
Chapter 66: The Goddess Envoy
Chapter 67: Nightingale Divine Pearl
Chapter 68: What a coincidence! 
Chapter 69: Path of No Return
Chapter 70: Extorting Gong Nanyan

Chapter 71: Heavenly Fragrance Mountains
Chapter 72: Broken Sisterhood
Chapter 73: Daughter of the Heavens
Chapter 74: Saintess Ye Jing
Chapter 75: Villainess Saintess Yuqing
Chapter 76: Next Destination
Chapter 77: Dongfang Jun
Chapter 78: Willow Winds Manor
Chapter 79: Lofty Wind Mountains Painting
Chapter 80: Wedding and Funeral

Chapter 81: Goodbye Master Teacher
Chapter 82: The Mystic Realm Clan
Chapter 83: Ye Jing Innermost Heart
Chapter 84: Heroes of the Fraternity
Chapter 85: Divine Dream Monarchy
Chapter 86: Reunion
Chapter 87: Group Practice
Chapter 88: Divine Moon Manor
Chapter 89: The Devil Goddess Feast
Chapter 90: Ye Jing Heavenly Decree

Chapter 91: Road With Xuan Danfeng
Chapter 92: Patriarch Clans Meeting
Chapter 93: Outside the Banquet Hall
Chapter 94: The Treacherous Banquet
Chapter 95: Yuqing Vengenance
Chapter 96: Danfeng Humiliation
Chapter 97: Perfect Revenge
Chapter 98: Nine Tail Phoenix
Chapter 99: Mu Huiyin Challenge
Chapter 100: Duel of the Heroines (1)

Chapter 101: Duel of the Heroines (2)
Chapter 102: Duel of the Heroines (3)
Chapter 103: Heavenly Profound Pill
Chapter 104: Saintess Ziyue Visit
Chapter 105: Yuqing Fury
Chapter 106: Exiting Seclusion
Chapter 107: Saving Beitang Ying (1)
Chapter 108: Saving Beitang Ying (2)
Chapter 109: Saving Beitang Ying (3)
Chapter 110: Trivial (1)

Chapter 111: Trivial (2)
Chapter 112: Trivial (3)
Chapter 113: Lightning Tribulation (1)
Chapter 114: Lightning Tribulation (2)
Chapter 115: Lightning Tribulation (3)
Chapter 116: The Ascend Divinity
Chapter 117: Ancient immortal artefacts
Chapter 118: Xuan Danfeng Banquet
Chapter 119: Liang Ni True Colors
Chapter 120: Conference of the Gods

Chapter 121: The Unknown Visitor (1)
Chapter 122: The Unknown Visitor (2)
Chapter 123: Goddess and Devil Envoys (1)
Chapter 124: Goddess and Devil Envoys (2)
Chapter 125: Goddess and Devil Envoys (3)
Chapter 126: Yuqing Confession
Chapter 127: The Nine Celestial Goddess
Chapter 128: Two Difficult Choices
Chapter 129: Ye Jing Good Bye
Chapter 130: It Is Good to Be Alive

Chapter 131: Hidden Recluse Again
Chapter 132: Master Teacher is Back!
Chapter 133: The Mysterious Immortal
Chapter 134: Meeting Old Friends
Chapter 135: The Party is Formed
Chapter 136: New Beginning
Chapter 137: Familiar Place
Chapter 138: Mystique Core Divine Pill
Chapter 139: Xiaofang in Trouble
Chapter 140: Lost

Chapter 141: To the Next Level
Chapter 142: The Second Level
Chapter 143: We Are All Friends
Chapter 144: Ye Jing Confession
Chapter 145: The New Celestial Practice
Chapter 146: The Icy Frost Flame
Chapter 147: The Sword Trial (1)
Chapter 148: The Sword Trial (2)
Chapter 149: The Sword Trial (3)
Chapter 150: Jian’Er (1)

Chapter 151: Jian’Er (2)
Chapter 152: The Blood Dragonfruit (1)
Chapter 153: The Blood Dragonfruit (2)
Chapter 154: It’s Not Over Yet
Chapter 155: 9th Rank Dual Cultivation
Chapter 156: Ye Jing On Trial
Chapter 157: Portal to the 3rd Level
Chapter 158: The Turtle Citadel
Chapter 159: Mu Huiyin In Trouble
Chapter 160: The Mystic Stratosphere Skill

Chapter 161: The Devil Goddess
Chapter 162: Inside the Turtle Citadel
Chapter 163: My Name is Dongfang Jun
Chapter 164: Daughters of the Heaven
Chapter 165: Epilogue
Chapter 166: Author Note